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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1 January - Late Links

High tide at Nukutoa island, Takuu Atoll, Papu...High tide at Nukutoa island, Takuu Atoll, Papua New Guinea, a Polynesian outlier island. Island is slowly sinking as sea levels rise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Looking East over Oil - Spill Clean - Up Opera...Looking East over Oil - Spill Clean - Up Operation Area in Monument Valley, Utah, 10/1972 (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)
Environmental Protection Agency SealEnvironmental Protection Agency Seal (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Lame, Desperate Climate Alarm Logic

.....the real problem is the incredible bait and switch here.  They are talking about the dangers of anthropogenic global warming, but include the sea level rise from all warming effects, most of which occured long before we were burning fossil fuels at anywhere near current rates.  For example, almost half this rise was before 1950, where few argue that warming and sea level rise was due to man.  In fact, sea level rise is really a story of a constant 2-3mm a year rise since about 1850 as the world warms from the little ice age.  There has been no modern acceleration.

I would argue that one could find a far bigger contribution to Sandy’s nastiness in New York’s almost pathological refusal to accept in advance of Sandy that their city might be targeted by an Atlantic storm.  Huge percentages of the affected areas of the city are actually fill areas, and there is absolutely no evidence of sea walls or any sort of storm preparation.  I would have thought it impossible to find a seacoast city worse prepared for a storm than was New Orleans, but New York seems to have surpassed it.
As I wrote before, it is crazy to use Sandy as “proof” of a severe storm trend when in fact we are in the midst of a relative hurricane drought. 

Scottish witchcraft and the Second World War

As far as interrelated water and energy challenges go, the case of the natural gas drilling method known as fracking is a doozy. Natural gas has been touted as a relatively cheap, less-polluting replacement for coal and petroleum, and that’s fine as far as global warming management goes. But on a local level, here in the U.S., evidence is steadily mounting that the vast quantities of chemical-laced water used in fracking can contaminate local water resources, put public health at risk, and disrupt communities that are already under economic distress.
Surge in U.S. oil trains brings worries of a spill
Mile-long trains carrying oil out of North Dakota and Montana and across the country has experts and regulators concerned about the danger of a major spill.

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