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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

8 January - My Feedly!

English: TOKYO. President Putin on a tatami at...English: TOKYO. President Putin on a tatami at the Kodokan Martial Arts Palace. Русский: ТОКИО. На татами во дворце спортивных единоборств «Кодокан». (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: HAVANA. President Vladimir Putin with...English: HAVANA. President Vladimir Putin with Cuban leader Fidel Castro during a welcoming ceremony at the airport. This meeting was organized by Vincent B. Golitsyne, Special Advisor for Vadimir Putin Русский: ГАВАНА. С Председателем Государственного Совета и Совета Министров Кубы Фиделем Кастро во время встречи в аэропорту. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: THE KREMLIN, MOSCOW. President Vladim...English: THE KREMLIN, MOSCOW. President Vladimir Putin with Russian journalists. Русский: МОСКВА, КРЕМЛЬ. Встреча с российскими журналистами. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in th...The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in the cabin of strategic bomber ТU-160 before the beginning of military exercises by the long-range aircraft of the Air Forces and Northern Fleet, Chkalovsky Airfield, Moscow Region, Russia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Uzbek President Islom Karimov and Rus...English: Uzbek President Islom Karimov and Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: AGRA. Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin vis...English: AGRA. Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin visiting the Taj Mahal. Русский: АГРА. Владимир и Людмила Путины во время посещения мавзолея Тадж-Махал. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
20121221-Piraeus-Moskva-121 (PC210029)20121221-Piraeus-Moskva-121 (PC210029) (Photo credit: g7ahn)
USS Mount Whitney and Russian navy ship Kalini...USS Mount Whitney and Russian navy ship Kaliningrad underway. (Photo credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery)

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The EnvironmentaList
Going Ballistic
(title unknown)
JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
The Corbett Report
Truth Frequency News
The Straight Goods
Centauri Dreams
The Rag Blog
Welcome to Pottersville 2 (U.S. Says "Huh?")
Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

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The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Amazon.com, Apple, eBay, Barnes & Noble and Google The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Amazon.com, Apple, eBay, Barnes & Noble and Google • 20 days ago
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The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Amazon.com, Apple, eBay, Barnes & Noble and Google The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Amazon.com, Apple, eBay, Barnes & Noble and Google • 20 days ago
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The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: IBM, Oracle, salesforce.com, SAP and Chevron The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: IBM, Oracle, salesforce.com, SAP and Chevron • 32 days ago
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Imported Vehicles Drive AutoNation Imported Vehicles Drive AutoNation • 21 days ago
ORCL 34.225 -0.205
Earnings Preview: Red Hat Earnings Preview: Red Hat • 21 days ago
MSFT 26.5399 -0.1501
Earnings Preview: Micron Tech Earnings Preview: Micron Tech • 20 days ago
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Equinix Sells 16 Data Centers Equinix Sells 16 Data Centers • 20 days ago 

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The Best Time to Buy Anything During the Year
A bit of planning can save you a ton of money when it comes to buying throughout the year. Here's your comprehensive, always up-to-date guide on the best times to buy everything this year. More »
Families Fight Back Against the Computer and TV: Living Without Tech
Can you turn off and tune out? It appears to be a growing movement away from TVs, gadgets and computers in the home.
Alleged Teen Terrorist Was Openly ‘White Power’ in Alabama School
Weeks before Derek Mathew Shrout allegedly started building improvised hand grenades in his military family’s home, before the 17-year-old was arrested for plotting to use the devices against black and gay students and a teacher, he was committing racist acts in full view of everyone at an Alabama high school. Two of his former friends say [...]
The Big Russian Navy Exercise of 2013
Russian naval warships, submarines berthed at port in the eastern city of Vladivostok on Sept. 5, 2012. /AP Wired has a good article discussing the upcoming big Russian Naval exercise. The Russian navy is about to stage its largest war exercise in a long time — possibly the largest since before the breakup of the Soviet Union. It’s a chance for President Vladimir Putin to show off his military might, of course. But the exercise may also be a subtle warning to the United States: Stay clear of waters that traditionally lie in Russia’s sphere of influence. read more

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Israeli ex-security chief sees risk of Palestinian uprising
Israel faces the prospect of a new Palestinian uprising because of despair over the gridlock in peacemaking, a former head of the Israeli internal intelligence agency who is standing in the January 22 election said on Tuesday.Yaakov Peri, running for the centrist Yesh Atid party, told Reuters in an interview that the next government must make peace negotiations with the Palestinians its foreign po
10:31 a.m.
CKNW's Question of the Day  Do you think John Doyle should have been reappointed Auditor General of BC? Yes
Meet Debra Cooper, Blue America's First 2013 Candidate
The Blue America candidate we're introducing today-- 11am at Crooks and Liars-- is someone Digby, John and I have known for years, a colleague and a comrade in arms (metaphorically; she's not into actual arms, except for hugging)-- Debra Cooper. We didn't have to vet her in the conventional sense. We've been working with her for years as an activist and leader in the equality movement-- for women,
Tuesday Afternoon Linkage Club
In the wide world: Taylor Fravel lets us know about China’s surveillance fleet’s op tempo (learn more about the China Marine Surveillance) and the role of cell phone service in territorial disputes Thane Gustafson talks about Russia’s oil infrastructure Handy capsule history of the international oil market Closer to home: Congress more popular than Communism, less popular than cockroaches


The Corbett Report
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Rings Within Rings: How Secret Societies Direct World Politics
by James Corbett BoilingFrogsPost.com January 8, 2013 The idea that global politics is directed by a small group of well-connected elite has long been decried as “conspiracy theory” by the establishment and their media outlets. As listeners to the most recent Corbett Report podcast will know, however, this idea is now openly discussed and acknowledged by those very figures that once sought to deri
Interview 574 – Taxes and False Flags: James Corbett on Radio Liberty
Every Monday afternoon James Corbett joins Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty to discuss world finance, economics, and geopolitics. This week they discuss the tax hikes surrounding the fiscal cliff deal, the situation in Syria, the possibility of a false flag event like an EMP attack to launch a war with Iran, gold and silver prices for the year ahead, and much more.

Craig Murray
4 unread articles
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Keeping up with Music Media
I have escaped from the cardiac care unit after six days. Hurray! To be fair to the QEQM hospital in Margate, they give patients individual freeview televisions with built in DVD players, rather than the ridiculous Patientline rip off, and they don’t pretend mobile phones interfere with medical equipment (or bring down low flying aircraft, which they would were the entirely fake airline warnings

Centauri Dreams
19 unread articles
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Earth-Sized Planets Widespread in Galaxy
Plenty of interesting news is coming out of the American Astronomical Society meeting in Long Beach CA, enough that I’ll want to spread our look at it out over the next few days. I want to start with Geoff Marcy’s investigations with grad student Erik Petigura at UC-Berkeley, the two working in tandem with Andrew Howard (University of Hawaii) on the question of Earth-sized planets and their distri

Green & White
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FAKT Exhibitions to Hold 2nd International Building and Construction Technology Conference in Lahore
Under Build Pakistan 2012, FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt) Ltd. were very successful. To continue with the useful platform, this year again the exhibitions will take place at the Expo Centre Lahore. The announcement for Build Tech Pakistan 2013-International Building & Construction Technology, Materials, Property, Stone, Interiors & Architecture Exhibition & Conference was made recently in the

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Teen White Supremacist Arrested for Planned Bombing of Alabama School
Authorities in Alabama may have averted another school massacre by arresting a 17-year-old white supremacist who allegedly was building homemade bombs to target African-American students at his school. The teen, identified by authorities as Derek Shrout, was to appear in court in Seale, Ala., today on a felony charge of attempted assault. Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor [...]
Anti-Racists Sentenced in Restaurant Attack on White Supremacists
Five Indiana men, all members of an anti-racist group, will serve between 3½ and 6 years in prison after striking plea deals for their roles in an armed attack on a group of white supremacists last May in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park. The guilty pleas came Friday on the eve of a trial for [...]

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2013: Chinese revolution?
by John Kusumi:    Massive protests have begun to disrupt both Hong Kong and mainland China.

WWF - Latest News
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Trawling ban in Hong Kong waters hopes to increase fish numbers
Since 2005, WWF-Hong Kong has tirelessly campaigned for a ban on trawling in Hong Kong waters. Finally this long awaited ban came into effect on 1 January 2013. WWF sees this as a bold and encouraging step taken by the government on local marine conservation. This first-ever fisheries management measure will safeguard the diversity of marine life and ecological integrity of the Hong Kong marine en

In These Times
42 unread articles
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It could have been worse. Had the November election gone differently, the United States could now be facing war with Iran, a budgetary tilt to expanded military spending offset by deeper cuts in domestic social and infrastructure programs, and a return to Bush-era unilateral militarism. However, it is easier to say what has probably been avoided than to predict what President Barack Obama’s rene

The Arabist
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Next up in Brotherhoodization, the governors
I'm burying most of this post after the jump considering its rather dry subject-matter. In my post on Egypt's recent cabinet shuffle, I noted the importance of nominating Mohammed Bishr, a senior Muslim Brotherhood figure who had previously been governor of Menufiya governorate (one of the FJP's biggest electoral challenge) to the Local Development portfolio. I see (via Beltone's newslette
The EU and its aid to Egypt
↪ #SOSEgypt - Save our Spring This is a petition urging the EU to show greater scrutiny in dishing out pledged aid to Egypt: On the 15th of November, only a week before President Mursi issued a dictatorial decree granting him immunity from law, the EU pledged €5 billion financial support to Egypt. This is European taxpayer’s money. President Morsi is following the same policies of Mubarak in repr
Though I know the river is dry
An independent Egyptian-Palestinian production needs help to finish post-production ahead of its festival release later this month: Starring Kais Nashif (Paradise Now) and directed by Omar Robert Hamilton (founding member of the Mosireen Collective in Cairo), the film tells the story of a man's return to Palestine, years after a fateful choice sends him to America.   WATCH THE TRAILER As wel
The Arabist / by Issandr El Amrani / 10 hours ago  
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