Next 93 nailed it in comments. 'Green' pundits have no regard for accuracy when quoting their own sources, let alone those of others. The list posted at Grist of arguments against 'climate deniers' is a classic case of talking 'opposing views' while ignoring the reality of being confounded by the size of the task, oversimplification of modelling, omission of processes, ignorance and ignoring of background natural cycles....etc. This is not a 'scientific' discussion at all - but Chicken Little taxes the world.
Antarctic crossing: Do or die
Adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes says his bid for the world's first Antarctic winter crossing, with no option of rescue, is a trip into the unknown...  
50 doomiest stories of 2012
Safe Responsible Fracking is a Myth
NRA has compiled a list of every organization, journalist, actor, and corporation who funds the "anti-second amendment movement". What could possibly go wrong? [Interesting]