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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, January 4, 2013

4 January - Netvibes 5, Sidebar Search

FAMILY OF SECRETS (Photo credit: Renegade98)
Project Censored Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
Project Censored Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (Photo credit: GreenIsTheNewRed.com)
A Free Syrian Army fighter mans an outpost on ...
A Free Syrian Army fighter mans an outpost on the Turkey-Syria border zone near southeast Turkish city of Hatay province (Photo credit: FreedomHouse2)
English: Map of Iran's Exports in 2006-2008.
English: Map of Iran's Exports in 2006-2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Picsel Browser.
Picsel Browser. (Photo credit: rianvanu)
Windows Desktop Gadgets
Windows Desktop Gadgets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Improving Federal Contract Auditing
Improving Federal Contract Auditing (Photo credit: Project On Government Oversight)
POGO Newsletter
POGO Newsletter (Photo credit: oschene)
Congressional Oversight
Congressional Oversight (Photo credit: Project On Government Oversight)

POGO feed is still at the URL for the old blog

The (POGO) Blog

January 4, 2013
By Ben Freeman, Ph. D.

Wheeler’s Dogfight with the F-35

By Neil Gordon

Gallup Fraud Probe Nabs Ex-FEMA Official

By Ben Freeman, Ph. D.

Congress’s Pentagon Pork Plan

(18) WhoWhatWhy


To Do

Natural Resources Defense Council (blog)
Some 37,000 wind energy jobs hung in the balance when the renewable energy production tax credit (PTC) expired on Tuesday. But in its last-minute deal to avert the fiscal cliff, Congress included a short-term extension of the credit, giving the nascent ...
Private Equity Hub (press release)
The San Diego-based power producer EDF Renewable Energy, formerly enXco, has completed financing on a think film photovoltaic project in California's Mojave Desert. Majority interest in the project was acquired by a group of investors comprising GE ...
Aspen Daily News
Other bills Schwartz plans to carry this session include a proposal to assign renewable energy credits to methane-capture power generation systems. Such projects convert the methane gas that leaks out of coal mines into electricity, a recent example ...
Solar thermal water heating systems atop campus buildings are among alternative energy projects supported by Appalachian State University's Renewable Energy Initiative. The student fee-supported REI will now fund faculty research beginning in Spring ...
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Human Habitat

Peninsula Daily
PORT ANGELES — After a letter was sent to the state Department of Ecology detailing the up to $65.2 million in environmental project costs the city could face over the next 20 years, the state agency has assured city officials that the city is a high ...
The Olympian
Ecology Director Ted Sturdevant will leave the job of running the state's environmental agency to become Gov.-elect Jay Inslee's policy director and emissary to the Legislature. Advertisement. Ted Sturdevant. Inslee said he would merge the governor's ...
Access Washington
OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) and Clallam County will co-host a public workshop Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013, to help property owners obtain mitigation water and apply for building permits under the new Dungeness water ...
Access Washington
OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) has adopted a new rule that increases the flexible thresholds local governments may adopt to exempt certain minor new construction projects from review under the State Environmental Policy Act ...
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Water Power

And for one Massachusetts town, that means doing away with disposable plastic water bottles. According to the EPA, in 2010, the U.S. generated 31 million tons of plastic waste. The town of Concord is fighting against those numbers by becoming the first ...
MiamiHerald.com (registration)
Stockton East and the neighboring Central San Joaquin Water Conservation District argue they are owed a total of about $43 million because the federal Bureau of Reclamation breached the districts' New Melones water delivery contracts. The districts say ...
Fox News
Virginia officials scored a key victory Thursday in their battle with the Environmental Protection Agency over what EPA critics describe as a land takeover. U.S. District Judge Liam O'Grady in Alexandria ruled late Thursday that the EPA exceeded its ...
ABC News (blog)
Two police officers in Boulder, Colo., have been suspended and are now under criminal investigation for their role in killing a large bull elk that wandered into a residential neighborhood. On Tuesday, a Boulder police officer was on patrol when he ...
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