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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1 January - Feedly

The Next Web 2010
The Next Web 2010 (Photo credit: timdifford)
ios apps
ios apps (Photo credit: osde8info)


Developers begin seeing new Apple iPhone hardware and iOS 7 in usage logs
Currently under development, traces of Apple’s new iPhone and iOS software have begun surfacing in app usage logs. Developers have contacted The Next Web to share references to a new iPhone identifier and the next big operating system update for the smartphone and tablet devices: iOS 7. One developer showed us that Apple has been testing hardware relating to a new ‘iPhone6,1′ identifier, powered b
iOS Do Not Disturb mode fails to turn off for some on New Year's Day
Like clockwork, Apple's iOS devices are experiencing another time-related bug on New Year's Day. A new Do Not Disturb feature in IOS 6 is failing to disable itself for some today, leaving calls and notifications muted for longer than usual. Not everyone is affected, but one of our own iPads with the scheduled Do Not Disturb feature enabled has failed to turn off at the normal time.
IE10 below 1% market share, Firefox back under 20%, Chrome recovers from three months of losses
December 2012 finished off last year with quite some interesting moves from the top three browsers. It was the second full month of IE10 availability as well as the first full month of Mozilla Firefox 17 and Google Chrome 23. The latest market share numbers from Net Applications show that Chrome and Opera were the only winners at the end of 2012. Between November and December, Internet Explorer fe
Ubuntu touch-based OS teased for January 2nd
A countdown teaser has been posted to the Ubuntu homepage that’s currently set to expire on January 2nd. The banner bears a "So close, you can almost touch it" tagline, implying an announcement based on touch support for the OS. That shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering Canonical’s recent hints at the future of Ubuntu. In a Slashdot Q&A last month, Cano


The Saguaro Palm Springs
Happy 2013!!! To ring in the new year, we suddenly decided to hop in the car and escape to Palm Springs, relaxing and celebrating an incredible 2012 in the brilliantly colored Saguaro Palm Springs. While it still has the layout and feel of a roadside motel of day’s past, the classic Joie de Vivre style of livening and updating it certainly breathes new life into the space. From the hallways to th
UP Balloon Coffee Table by Duffy London
Duffy London always manages to surprise me – I mean, with designs like the Swing Table, how can your mind not be blown? Well, Christopher Duffy is at it again with the UP Balloon Coffee Table where golden balloons appear to hold up a glass tabletop. The illusion of gold helium balloons floating and suspending the glass mid-air is full of whimsy with a good dose of fancy thrown in for good measur
MOCO'12: the skatepark as fine art installation
For a subject that we rarely touch on, skateboarding was popular on MOCO in the summer of 2012. In June with a dramatic category defining design, and in July as an art form.
Fur Voice – All That
Fur Voice asked Pablo Maestres to direct the music video for the song “All That”, single on the Album Onto Endo. Visually stunning, this video manages to magnify the music with beautiful images to discover more.


Tax Bill: Cancelled Mortgage Debt Relief extended for one year in Senate Bill
Taxprof has posted the Senate version of the bill: H. R. 8 It appears that the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 will be extended for one year. Usually cancelled debt is considered income, but a provision of the Debt Relief Act allowed borrowers "to exclude certain cancelled debt on [a] principal residence from income. Debt reduced through mortgage restructuring, as well as mortgage debt forgiven
Watch for these 17 IPOs in 2013, starting with Box and Twitter
If there is a bubble in Silicon Valley, it’s showing no signs of bursting anytime soon. Analysts are predicting that 2013 will be a very good year for tech initial public offerings. In Ernst & Young’s Year-end Global IPO Update, global vice chair of strategic markets Maria Pinelli predicts that IPO activity in the financial and technology sectors will gradually escalate, spiking upward in the
The Fiscal Mess: Death By A Thousand Cuts
Whomever came up with the term fiscal cliff to describe the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and the simultaneous sequester of across the board spending cuts did not do us any favors. I honestly had hoped we would get both. But that was never going to happen once it was framed as driving over a cliff. Who wants to do that? Instead we got some small deal that essentially raises taxes on the highest
The Oldest Nobel Prize Winner Died This Weekend At 103
What may have been Rita Levi-Montalcini’s last paper was published almost a year ago in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. By no means a retrospective of a career that produced a Nobel Prize, the paper (“Nerve growth factor regulates axial rotation during early stages of chick embryo development”) added still one more bit of knowledge about the protein involved with the growth an


Baking Ahead to 2013
This has been a magical year for me. I wrote my first cookbook, Baking Out Loud, received a James Beard award nomination for Outstanding Pastry Chef, created seasonal recipes for the Cooking Channel, was featured on Season 3 of Unique Sweets, appeared on the TODAY show and most importantly, experienced having the love and support of so many people I’ve met along the way. Some of my favorite FN Dis
10 Best Recipes of 2012
Food Network users have spoken: traditional, tried-and-true recipes are best. From classic comfort food and side dishes to desserts and dinnertime favorites, Food Network’s top 10 recipes of 2012 are as diverse as they are flavorful. Make a New Year’s resolution to bring a few of these family-friendly dishes to your table in 2013. 10. Banana Bread — Best when topped with a pat of butter, drizzled
Hoppin' John Soup Recipe
SERVES 8-10INGREDIENTS1 lb. dried black-eyed peas1 smoked ham bone or two hocks¼ cup canola oil½ cup finely chopped cooked ham¼ tsp. red chile flakes2 cloves garlic, finely chopped1 jalapeño, stemmed, seeded, and finely chopped1 large carrot, finely chopped1 large onion, finely chopped1 rib celery, finely chopped1 bay leaf1 lb. collard greens, ribs removed, leaves roughly chopped2 tbsp. apple cid
Happy New Year-Free Download of Paris Pastry App!
To begin the New Year on a sweet note, the publisher, Fleur de Lire, and I are offering free downloads of my Paris Pastry Guide app on iTunes. There are over 300 bakeries, chocolate shops, ice cream salons, and more in this app, which features over 500 color photos of my favorite desserts and sweet treats in Paris. You’ll also get my Top 25 list of my recommended “must go-to” visit places, an e




First Look: Concept Art Teases for Pixar's 2014 Movies & Beyond
Happy New Year! To kick off 2013, Disney/Pixar have unveiled a reveal at their movies coming up in 2013, 2014 and beyond. Our friends at ComingSoon have discovered four pieces of new concept art for Pixar's next four movies, starting with Monsters University this summer, including their next few projects. In 2014 it's their if-dinosaurs-didn't-go-extinct movie titled The Good Dinosaur, directed b
"There is only this."
Tsai Ming-liang’s contribution to the 2001 Jeonju Digital Project, the short film A Conversation with God, is a journey filled with unexpected stops and detours. On his way to record a spiritual medium, in hopes the god would speak to his camera, Tsai found himself in the midst of a celebration for another god. Undeterred, he captured the madness he found himself in. The film opens with a pair of
The ten best films of … 1922
Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler, Part 1. Kristin here: As the end of the year approaches and critics are posting their ten-best lists for the year, David and I once again fail to follow that tradition. Instead, we follow our own custom, now six years old, and turn our historians’ eyes back ninety years to offer ten great films from 1922. Of course, there are many films from the silent era that are lurkin
Daria's Descendants: 5 Characters Who Owe Their Existence to MTV's Sardonic Animated Heroine
If only Daria Morgendorffer could see the world she wrought. It's been a decade since the Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn animated series went off the air, but the impact of its eponymous heroine and her deadpan journey through life in the suburbs is still felt. Some of the sharpest female protagonists on television right now can trace their identity, at least partially, to the central


In Cabinet Pot Lid Holder
Materials: IKEA Magazine Rack Description: I dismantled the rack into 2 halves, flattened and re-bent the legs, re-attached with rivets and screwed them stacked into inside kitchen cabinet door. ~ Ken, CanadaMore hacks on IKEAHackers.net
Happy 2013 and a quick walk down 2012
Happy New Year! Firstly, let me say a big thank you for your support through 2012. It's been awesome and I appreciate your visits, comments, emails and of course, hacks, without which, this site will not exist. Thank you, thank you. It's been a busy one for IKEAHackers - with over 1,200 posts this year. Here are the 12 most popular posts of 2012 along with the number of pageviews they garnered
Lack space combiner
Photo: IKEA.com Materials: Lack room divider Description: Having bought a second hand LACK room divider, it didn't really seem to fit in my room. The thick black beams were somewhat overexposed in comparison to my other furniture. But I did need a piece of furniture to store my administration, stereo and other stuff I could fit in there. First thing I did was lay down the room divider
When Being a Hack Is Okay: Hacking, Modification, and Customization — Best of 2012
The word "hack" has evolved to encompass a wide array of projects, whether it's to alter the function of an electronic device beyond its original intent, manipulate the form and design of furnishings, or even change our own behaviors. Hacking isn't just a geeky endeavor any longer, it's at the heart of the DIY spirit, as showcased by the ten projects below... • Sarah's Simple Yet Stylis


Vote for 2012 Building of the Year
Part of the work I do with World-Architects.com involves the Building of the Week feature on the American-Architects page. For 2012 there were 50 such buildings, and now voting is open to determine the Building of the Year. Below is a peek of the buildings in the running, but head over to American-Architects to vote. Only one vote is allowed per person, and the deadline is January 28, 2013.
H3 / 314 Architecture Studio
Architects: 314 Architecture Studio Location: Athens, Greece Architect In Charge: Pavlos Chatziangelidis Consultant Engineer: Fotini Karagianni Construction: Mohamed Ahmed Area: 1,000 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Courtesy of 314 Architecture Studio This private house of a total 1000m2 is located on a plot of land of 7000m2. The house was designed in order to give the sense of hovering over
Eco-Resort by Luis Rebelo de Andrade & Diogo Aguiar
The new eco-resort of Parque de Pedras Salgadas, Portugal, designed by Luis Rebelo de Andrade and Diogo Aguiar, consists of a set of seven small houses in perfect harmony with the surrounding outstanding nature. . Designed in a modular prefabrication system but flexible to adapt to the specific places within the park, these houses result in several different combinations of the same three modul
Best of 2012: Most Popular Projects
As probably you were expecting, here are the 10 most popular projects of 2012! Thanks to all our readers and collaborators for this great year. Happy 2013! #1 Moses Bridge by RO&AD Architecten / Halsteren, The Netherlands #2 Ningbo Historic Museum by Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture Studio / Ningbo, China #3 Tverrfjellhytta by Snøhetta / Hjerkinn, Norway #4 Reading Between the Lines by Gijs


The Best and Worst Identities of 2012, Part IV: Best of the B-Side
Some nice, simple surprises emerged from the B-Side this year. See also:Part I: The BestPart II: The WorstPart III: Most Liked Friday Likes No. 12: Tulsa International Airport N/A Tulsa International Airport
Don't Drink & Drive this New Year's Eve
Don't Drink & Drive this New Year's EveivanMonday, December 31, 2012 - 10:51
Moor, by Hahmo
“A non-standard ‘o’ for a business that allows homebuyers to customise the interiors of their industrially manufactured homes using a web-based application.” Quoted from Michael Evamy’s Logotype. Client: Moor Agency: Hahmo, Helsinki, Finland Designer: Pekka Piippo Year: 2007 Related posts worth a lookFiji AirwaysDynamobel brand identity by SaffronBehind the New York Cosmos logo7×7Creative Lo
Orange Young: Freedom Colors
Advertising Agency: Publicis Communications Schweiz AG, BSW, Zürich, Switzerland Creative Director: Grischa Rubinick Art Director: Nicolas Vontobel Copywriter: David Lübke Published: September 2012

Design Thinking

Turning Old Barns Into New Furniture
The furniture pieces you see here all look quite old, but in fact, they're brand new. They're all made by Furniture from the Barn, a Pennsylvania-based outfit that gets their raw material, as their name implies, from no-longer-used barns. The family-run business works with a local Amish concern that takes down dilapidated 18th-Century barns in the Pennsylvania and Maryland areas. The raw wood
Me Yourself with 3D Printing
The first batch of Mixees arrive from the printer. All images courtesy of MixeeMe. Custom avatars have always been an addicting form of participatory making. From the famous Nintendo Miis to Mad Men Yourself and South Park Avatar Creator, avatar-making has proven to be a popular practice online time and time again. But while we ourselves wander around a three dimensional wonderland, our avatars
Elaborate Set Designs Saved by Magic
As an industrial designer, it's gratifying to see something you worked on sitting on a store shelf or showroom floor. Conversely it's depressing when a project you toiled over gets axed and never sees the light of day. But it is set designers who must experience the most mixed emotions of all: They will spend months creating props or environments that will definitely get made--but that will th
Philips Tests the New, Improved Times Square New Year's Eve Ball
It's hard to believe the Times Square ball that NYC drops every New Year's used to be a five-foot affair (above) made of wood, iron and incandescent bulbs. Now, of course, it looks like this: The iconic sphere ballooned to 12 feet in diameter, like it's chasing Indiana Jones. It also weighs a whopping 12,000 pounds, covered as it is in 12,256 Philips LED bulbs that can change color. It's also

Graphic Design

/Sponsor/ Squarespace
A Huge thanks to squarespace for sponsoring this week’s RSS Feed! Squarespace is a beautiful, intuitive website publishing platform that makes innovative web design more accessible than ever before. Create and maintain a professional website with responsive, magazine-quality layouts – all without touching a line of code. Try Squarespace today with a free 14-day trial. Interested in sponsoring the
Ty Mattson: Homeland Vintage Jazz Record Covers
I usually restrain from posting self-initiated TV/movie themed projects because they’ve become rather ubiquitous. However, being a fan of Homeland, Ty Matson’s latest project is hard to resist. Inspired by 1950s & 60s jazz, Ty created twelve LP covers that pay tribute to the popular tv show. See the complete series here. —– Also worth viewing: TY Mattson Allan Peters Tim Boelaars Not signe
Hilary's Identity, Business Cards, and Tags
Designed by Ghost Printed by Mama's Sauce Delivering a hand-made look and feel by combining traditional printing methods as well as a few DIY details to the identity materials for Hilary's, the team at Ghost dutifully delivered a stunning range of bits and pieces that come together beautifully. Produ
To Resolve Project 2013
Chris Streger has just launched the 2013 edition of the To Resolve Project, where designers submit their resolutions for the new year in the form of phone wallpaper designs. Only a few designs have been submitted this far, but you can keep track of the project right here.




365 Typography Calendar
  Designed by acclaimed graphic designer Kit Hinrichs and his team at Studio Hinrichs, the 365 Typography Calendar features twelve unique typefaces, with descriptions of the type and a biography of each designer. Now in its 12th year, the newest edition includes favorite typefaces chosen by several US members of Alliance Graphique Internationale, including Ivan Chermayeff, Bart Crosby, Louise Fili
Open Architecture Manifesto at Adhocracy
A couple of years ago I wrote about Kuka, the RobotLab project built to write the entire Martin Luther bible onto a long roll of paper. The robot emulates the calligraphic style replicated in the Schwabacher blackletter typeface, writing it using a pen as a (particularly neat and tireless) human might. It’s quite a lovely thing*. I was reminded of it when I saw this project by Walter Nicolino and
Rosetta type specimen no. 1
Rosetta type specimen no. 1 presents eight type families supporting ten writing systems and over 300 languages, each of which deserves an independent specimen. The brochure has 36 pages and covers ten writing systems. Rather than show enormous character sets and fuss about little details and features, Rosetta attempted to tell the story of why each typeface family is special. The brochure was desi
The Voice of all the Gods
Today I’ve released two limited edition prints along with some originals. The prints are based on words penned by William Shakespeare and Dylan Thomas. ‘The Voice of all the Gods’ is a quote from Shakespeare’s ‘Loves Labours Lost.’ The first time I read the passage in which this phrase occurs I couldn’t get it out of my head for weeks. The words are extraordinarily rich, and I wanted my visual int

Web Design

The Design Lesson
I like these thoughts by Andy Rutledge: In graphic design, nothing is what it actually is. Everything other than content is representative of something else. A line isn't a line, it's a boundary. Don't need a boundary? Or is that boundary already clear by some other means? Don't use a line. Same goes for boxes, gradients, white space, scale, font, and any other design element there is. Direct Lin
Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: January 2013
   We always try our best to challenge your artistic abilities and produce some interesting, beautiful and creative artwork. And as designers we usually turn to different sources of inspiration. As a matter of fact, we’ve discovered the best one—desktop wallpapers that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd. This creativity mission has been going on for over fo
Talks To Help You Become A Better Front-End Engineer In 2013
   Many of us care deeply about developing our craft. But staying up to date can be a true challenge, because the quantity of fresh information we’re regularly exposed to can be a lot to take in. 2012 has been no exception, with a wealth of evolution and refinement going on in the front end. Great strides have been made in how we approach workflow, use abstractions, apprec
The Top 5 Website UX Trends of 2012
User interface techniques continued to evolve in 2012, often blurring the lines between design, usability, and technology in positive ways to create an overall experience that has been both useful and pleasurable. Infinite scrolling, for example, is a technological achievement that also helps the user by enabling a more seamless experience. Similarly, advances in Web typography have an aesthetic d


Map of every person counted in 2010 US Census
In the 2010 United States Census, 308,745,538 were counted, and Brandon Martin-Anderson from the MIT Media Lab mapped almost all of them (308,450,225 points to be exact). I like the flow-like pattern in the east, which you can see matches the terrain by comparing against a geographic map. See here for more on the methodology. In a nutshell, he used block-level data as the starting point, uniforml
Is the Console Dying?
Although console games today are still selling remarkably well in some cases (notably the Call of Duty and Halo franchises), it seems that they are quickly being caught up to by mobile and tablet games. Mobile and tablet games offer the advantages of being both numerous and inexpensive; 67% of tablet users spend their time playing a game. Today’s infographic from DailyFinance.com outlines the boo
Water Changes Everything
I have heard it argued that clean water has been the single greatest medical advancement in mankind’s history.  With effects including longer lifespan, reducing diseases, reducing birth defects and generally improving health, it’s easy to undertand how important clean water is.  Water Changes Everything is an infographic promotional for the Charity Water organization. I’ve started the “Start 2013
18 Amazing Facts About the Human Body
Did you know our bones are four times stronger than concrete? I didn’t, but I’m not surprised – the human body is a magnificent thing and today’s graphic will blow your mind a little more. I have always been amazed at the ability of our body to heal itself. Massive cuts, broken bones and nasty viruses happen all the time, but we seem to usually get better. I’m sure back before the human race figu


Hide & Chic: The January 2013 Edition
Happy New Year! There's lots to look forward to this year, and January 2013 is packed full of exciting events. Awards Season officially kicks off in a weeks' time, and at the end of the month the Spring 2013 Haute Couture collections will show in Paris. Stay in the loop with all the must-know news with the latest Hide & Chic edition...Olivia Rubin's Cruise Collection: Olivia Rubin's fa
New Year’s Eve Hangover Cures From the Hard Partying Fashion Industry
The amount of fried food involved may surprise you. Continue reading »Follow Fashionista on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.
- Vogue Italia January 2013 Fei Fei Sun by Steven Meisel- Harper's Bazaar Brazil January 2013 Lais Ribeiro by Bob Wolfenson- VIP January 2013 Rhaisa Batista- Elle Brazil January 2013 Ana Claudia Michels by Eduardo Rezende
A Year Through Instagram: Coco's Tea Party in 2012
It's been an amazing year. So good, in fact, that when I looked back through my Instagram photos from 2012 I realised it was impossible to pick a highlight. There have been some amazing trips (from Madrid to New York), unforgettable experiences (my River Island collaboration) and great company along the way (I love the fashion bloggers in London). Here's a look back at some of my favourite moments


Top Indie Games of 2012: Dev Redux Part 2
[More developers from our Top 10 Indie Games of 2012 (+2!) list have agreed to share their must-play games of 2012. Today's list features the picks of Andy Hull, Derek Yu, Dean Dodrill, Robin Hunicke, Jamie Cheng, Nels Anderson, and Jonatan Söderström.] Spelunky HD developer (pictured right) Andy Hull's picks: Hotline Miami by Dennaton Games "GTA: Vice City is one of my favorite games of all
December in Review
The Site WordPress.com continues to fiddle with the site interface.  They have very much the same attitude as Google on this sort of thing, where it often seems more important for them to get a cool new feature out than to check to see if it is actually better than what was in place… or even if it breaks what was already in place.  Oh, and they always implement features first then wait half a day
Fez headed to other platforms in 2013
Fez, developer Polytron's faux 2D, faux side-scrolling platformer released earlier this year exclusively on Xbox 360, is headed to other gaming platforms in 2013, according to a post by designer Phil Fish on the developer's website. In a post called "State of the Polytron" published today, Fish takes a look back on 2012, concludes that it was "crazy," and filled with "abyssal lows, but al
Torchlight 2 sells over a million copies
Runic Games has been relatively quiet since the launch of Torchlight 2 in late September, but the company popped up on this New Year's Eve to note its game sold over one million units during 2012.Repeated delays of Torchlight 2 caused inescapable comparisons to the long-awaited Diablo 3, which released earlier in March. The two games were never intended to launch in the same year.Torchlight 2 is


iOS 6's 'Do Not Disturb' Not Shutting Off Automatically on New Year's Day
iOS 6 users who use Apple's scheduled "Do Not Disturb" feature may find that their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch hasn't automatically disabled the feature on New Year's morning. The issue was reported on Whirlpool forums as well as our own MacRumors forums. The "Do Not Disturb" feature silences calls, alerts and notifications when it is enabled. Users may optionally schedule "Do Not Disturb" to a
2012 Apple Year In Review
2012 was a great year for Apple, and one of the most exciting for them in years. This year brought not only a myriad of new products, like the iPad mini and iPhone 5, but innovative software and services as well such as OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6. As 2012 comes to a close, let’s take a look back at Apple’s accomplishments for the year. If you’d like, you can also take a look back at 2011′s year
‘I’d Rather Be Hit in the Head by an iPad Mini Than a 650-Page Book’
Nick Bilton continues his crusade against the FAA’s mindless rules regarding consumer electronics: These conflicts have been going on for several years. In 2010, a 68-year-old man punched a teenager because he didn’t turn off his phone. Lt. Kent Lipple of the Boise Police Department in Idaho, who arrested the puncher, said the man “felt he was protecting the entire plane and its occupants.” An
Why TNW Decided to Stop Publishing the Android Version of Their Magazine
The Next Web: All of that wouldn’t have been a problem if we had seen a market for our magazine on Android. And we did believe there would be one. We had gotten enough requests for it and had gotten the impression there were thousands of anxious Android tablets owners holding their breath for an Android version of our magazine. Unfortunately we’ve found out that although Android users are very


Android Central's 2012 Editor's Choice awards
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the 2012 edition of the Android Central Editor's Choice Awards. Tomorrow is your day, when we list your picks for the year's best smartphone, tablet and apps. But right now, it's our turn. Our choices might be the same as yours. Or they might not. Either way, it's cool. That's part of what makes Android great. Diff'rent strokes and all. So
LG's latest Smart TVs to include NFC and Miracast compatibility
Not content with waiting until next week to unveil CES bound products, LG has pulled the wraps off some of their latest Smart TV's. We already know that LG is taking some new Google TV hardware to Las Vegas, but these TV sets aren't those. But, despite lacking a direct Android connection, they still give us cause for interest.  The new LG Cinema 3D range includes this rather handsome loo
Google’s Nexus 7 gets a taste of webOS
Ever since HP killed off webOS only to later make the project open source, we’ve been seeing it slowly show up for a few of our favorite Android devices. It was ported to the Galaxy Nexus, as well as the NOOK, but today the popular Nexus 7 tablet is getting a taste of webOS — even if it isn’t too functional. Check it out below. Obviously this is completely a work in progress, and a total hackjo
Android in 2013: Expectations and Predictions
The world of Android was pretty exciting in 2012, but prepare yourself for even more come next year. We welcome a whole new generation of 1080p quad-core smartphones, flexible AMOLED displays, tons of Android devices, and surely round after round of rumors. Expectations will undoubtedly be high, and we’re expecting a strong start at CES in just a few weeks. Read on for our thoughts and expectation

do it yourself

3 Ways to Make and Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions
The beginning of a new year is always a great time to re-focus your creative energy, both in your personal and professional life. Last year, we served up 20 ideas for resolutions to inspire daily creative living. This year, it's all about how to keep those resolutions in 3 creative and practical ways. Read More...You Might Also Like12 Tech Resolutions for 20123 Ways to Make a Statement Headband20
How-To: Scalloped iPad Case
Get your New Year's organization off to a pretty start with a scalloped iPad case!Read the full article on MAKE
Bottle Cap Zipper Pull, in 15 minutes or less!
Ah, the zipper pull, an age old ally. Sometimes hideous, bulky or ill-suited, but always useful… until it falls off. Whether to banish a bad one, or replace one that went MIA, this intractable is for making a new zipper pull. Its fast, nearly free, and another way to show solidarity for your favor...By: SuperfluousInEverySituationContinue Reading »
[Jason Scott] throws down a preview of his DEFCON documentary
Let’s face it, we all love DEFCON. Even if you’ve never been there before, we think it would be a huge struggle to find a reader who hadn’t been enchanted by at least one of the many hacks and talks that come out of the conference every year. We’ll prove it to you in a second, but first let’s get to the business at hand. Internet historian and all around good-guy [Jason Scott] has set his documen


my january events: will I see you there?
WITH A NEW BOOK TO SHARE, my traditional winter event season kicks off with extra vigor—just as I hope the garden will in its time. I’ll be in Darien, Connecticut (January 8th); Madison, Connecticut (the 19th); Millerton, New York (the 20th); Manchester, Vermont (the 26th); Cohasset, Massachusetts (the 27th) and Newton Highlands, Massachusetts (the 30th). All details on those dates—some garden lec
the january garden chores: 2013
I’M LIKE A KID UNDER A CHRISTMAS TREE, though what I can’t wait to sit down on the living room floor and open aren’t gifts, but all the 2013 seed catalogs. Their arrival ushers in another garden year—and with the browsing comes dreaming (maybe not of sugar plums, but oh, all those “new” varieties) and also concrete planning involved in getting ready for the season ahead. That’s what fills our litt
slideshow: simple was best in the 2012 garden
IT WASN’T ONE OF THOSE “KA-POW!” YEARS in the garden, visually (well, unless you were my dear old rhubarb, above). In fact at many moments it was more “ka-bam!” (as in things crashing and burning, rather than showing off in bursts of glory). I’d lost 23 big shrubs and three trees in late 2011, in a freakish 18-inch October snow, so between that and the far-too-early, way-too-dry season of 2012, it
2012: Fads, fancies, and realities by Elizabeth Licata
A still image from the Farrner Pirates Kickstarter video. (It will not play.) Admitted: I don’t pay as much attention to the gardening scene as those who actually make their living from it—designers, growers, retailers, full-time gardening writers. But maybe that’s a good thing, because for me to notice, a phenomenon has to achieve at least a dull roar. So here’s what caught my attention over the


Real Weddings Round-Up: A Year in Review
Though 2012 has come and gone (Happy New Year!!), the real weddings we featured will inspire for years to come. We've put together a round-up of some of ...
Happy 2013!
Happy New Year’s lovelies! Hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a wonderful start to the New Year today! We’re enjoying the holiday with family today, but wanted wish you all a Happy New Year and if you are looking for some pretty inspiration today, here is a gorgeous New Year’s Eve styled shoot we shared last year. See you back tomorrow when we’ll be sharing our Favorite Wedding Deta
Carrie & Simon's vintage-inspired wedding
Photos by Ashton Ray Hansen The Offbeat Bride: Carrie Her offbeat partner: Simon Date and location of wedding: DANK HAUS, Chicago, IL — May 19, 2012 Our offbeat wedding at a glance: When Simon asked me to marry him, he presented me with his grandmother's wedding ring, so that kind of started me on the path to wanting something more vintage-inspired. We were pretty much on the same page from
Creating A New Bodice Out Of A Strapless
Alvina ValentaSo many choices out there for turning that strapless into something different whether it's a slip on and off option like a bolero or an alteration you make to your dress that turns it into a permanent look.  The easiest transformation you can also make is via jackets, boleros, capelets, shawls.  The above dress with an asymmetrical neckline I can totally see once upon a time as a


L’homme qui « tweetait » pour Melenchon jette l’éponge
Sur son compte Twitter, Jean-Luc Mélenchon a annoncé mardi : "Chers amis, pour des questions de disponibilité, @clemsenechal transmet aujourd'hui les manettes de ce compte à un autre camarade". Revoici le portrait-interview que nous avions publié en juin dernier sur Clément Sénéchal, l'homme qui s'exprimait sans filet au nom du leader du Parti de gauche.
MoD compensation log illustrates human cost of Afghan war
List obtained under Freedom of Information Act shows payouts for civilian injuries and deaths alongside frequent crop damageThe killing of six members of a family, including a mother and her children, when a rocket overshot a target and hit the compound in which they were living are among the incidents in recent months for which the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has paid out compensation to Afghan civ
US-Haushalt: Lasst sie doch von der Klippe springen!
Der Kompromiss im US-Etatstreit löst das eigentliche Problem nicht: Die amerikanischen Staatsfinanzen sind auch weiterhin in einem desolaten Zustand, bloggt D. Wermuth.
Robados 1.000 kilos de hachís en un depósito de Aduanas de Huelva
Una banda de ladrones ha robado 1.000 kilos de hachís la medianoche del 31 de diciembre en las instalaciones del Servicio de Aduanas de Huelva. Los ladrones acudieron encapuchados al depósito oficial de drogas mientras sonaban las campanadas de Nochevieja y se llevaron 30 fardos que contenían la tonelada de hachís. Hace solo tres meses desaparecieron 290 kilos de cocaína del depósito judicial de C


How photography connects us - David Griffin
How photography connects us - David Griffin View full lesson: ed.ted.com The photo director for National Geographic David Griffin knows the power of photography to connect us to our world. In a Talk filled with glorious images, he discusses how we all use photos to tell our stories. Talk by David Griffin. From: TEDEducation Views: 247 37 ratings Time: 14:57 More in Education
I Didn't Know That - Lifting a Man with Helium Balloons?
I Didn't Know That - Lifting a Man with Helium Balloons? Is it possible to lift someone off the ground using just helium balloons? Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips battle gravity and the weather in hopes of executing a balloon lift. From: NationalGeographic Views: 301 106 ratings Time: 03:20 More in Shows
The moral roots of liberals and conversatives - Jonathan Haidt
The moral roots of liberals and conversatives - Jonathan Haidt View full lesson: ed.ted.com Psychologist Jonathan Haidt studies the five moral values that form the basis of our political choices, whether we're left, right, or center. In this eye-opening talk, he pinpoints the moral values that liberals and conservatives tend to honor most. Jonathan Haidt studies how -- and why -- we evolved
National Geographic Live! - Tim Laman and Ed Scholes: Amazing Avian Evolution
National Geographic Live! - Tim Laman and Ed Scholes: Amazing Avian Evolution All 39 species of New Guinea's spectacular birds of paradise have now been captured on film by renowned photographer Tim Laman and ornithologist Ed Scholes. Upcoming Events at National Geographic Live! events.nationalgeographic.com Explore More Birds of Paradise birdsofparadiseproject.org From: NationalGeographic


An Olympic short film 'Beneath360' in association with ICCI and Arts Council England. Featuring Tom Daley, Brooke Graddon and Victoria Vincent. Cameras Neil Hope, Vince Knight and Danny Cooke, music by John Hendicott, edited by Vince Knight, directed by Amanda Bluglass. Beneath360 - a unique immersive film in 360° with 6.1 surround sound audio, created for exhibition at the Weymouth Maritime Mix -
The Soil & The Sun - "Prolegomenon"
A stop motion animation music video for The Soil & The Sun. We spent 3 days animating colored peppers, rice, peanuts, kale, Coffee beans, and spices to create a beautiful mandala that was used for the cover of the bands new album "What wonder is this universe! " Special thanks to the band and everyone who helped move around food for hours. We couldnt have done it without your support. To he
The main idea of the project was to develop an antithesis of other benchmark productions which are mostly boring and aesthetically weak. Michał Staniszewski from the demoscene Plastic group came to us with a draft of an interesting, action-filled story with a unique design and aesthetics that would be as close as possible to an animated movie on one hand and to a video game on the other. Credits:
Suur maja / Big House
Ühel täiesti tavalisel sumedal ööl kogunevad ühe täiesti tavalise kortermaja elanikud oma maja hoovi. Tekkinud situatsiooni kasutab ära kahtlaste kavatsustega kodanik. Lõpp on loomulikult etteaimatav. One totally ordinary warm summer night the residents of a totally ordinary apartment house happen to gather in the yard. A citizen of questionable motives takes advantage of the situation and the end


iPhone 5 case includes screen protector and cleaning cloth. Minecraft TNT. Available in black or white by skinblaster
$9.99 USD**** CUSTOM ORDER AVAILABLE.*****If you want your name on my design, or you want your photo or art, let me know.********************************************INCLUDES SCREEN PROTECTOR & CLEANING CLOTH. Full Color case for your iPhone* Made from durable plastic and aluminium* Image printed in full color and high resolution with a thermal process. * Suitable for iPhone 5* Lightweight; wei
5 Large Nesting Bowls in Clean Matte White by Sara Paloma by sarapaloma
$400.00 USDSet of 5 Large Nesting Bowls, thrown on the wheel with a low fire, eco-friendly clay. The pieces have carved edges giving them a beautiful organic feel and then glazed in a creamy off-white matte glaze that is non-toxic and food safe. These sets look great with food, or displayed in a row, holding found objects such as rocks or shells.They also work well as wedding gifts. (Please let m
Original Sunflower Watercolor Painting - Orange and Purple Sun flower by SharonFosterArt
$18.00 USDAn original watercolor painting on watercolor paper.The entire painting is 4 inches by 6 inches wide. The painting is not framed or matted.Signed by me, Sharon FosterAll rights reserved. (c) Sharon Foster 2012
Large White Modern Ceramic Bottle Vase Trio by Sara Paloma by sarapaloma
$420.00 USDA dramatic set of 3 LARGE, modern, white matte, wheel-thrown stoneware vases in 3 bottle shapes. This very classic collection looks wonderful on a fireplace mantel, coffee table, or as a dining room table center piece. These can be ordered in any glaze color you see in my shop, the most popular being White Matte and Slate. Clear glaze inside to hold water. Openings just wide enough for

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