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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

4 November - Blogs I'm Following

1:43 pm MST

Greece Between Austerity and Fascism

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 21 seconds ago
Image: Members of the extreme right Golden Dawn party handed out food parcels outside Parliament on Wednesday, but made sure only Greek citizens received the assistance. ATHENS, Greece — The European Union has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. But it is today’s Greek anti-fascist movement that deserves an award for doing what European states have so far failed to do — confronting the rise of violent neo-Nazi movements on the continent.

Golden Dawn’s third place in the polls

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 minutes ago
Polls in Greece show the far-right Golden Dawn party would come third were an election held tomorrow. The party’s policies include putting landmines on the Greek border to kill illegal immigrants, and its logo is a Hellenised swastika. The country’s Prime Minister and BBC journalists alike have drawn chilling parallels between the rise of Golden Dawn and the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s. http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2012/11/golden-dawns-third-place-polls-not-all-it-seems

You’d be batshit crazy not to

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 23 minutes ago
Take the David Beckham IQ test. Because there are some things about which he knows more than you: - *Quiz: The Beckham IQ test* Content is copyright PC.BlogSpot.Com © Please contact author for permission to republish: (organon at ihug.co.nz)

Robert D. Skeels for LAUSD Board of Education

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 26 minutes ago
Robert D. Skeels has been writing at SM since June 11, 2011, and his astute, acerbic, and sometime acidic commentaries have effectively lifted many rocks where profiteer snakes hide, melted away many corporate leeches from their public hosts, and shamed many professional self-servers for their unwavering commitments to themselves. In doing so, he has shone his own true colors as a relentless advocate for public schools, democracy, and social justice. And so I was excited to hear that Robert is now campaigning for a seat on the LAUSD Board of Education, which will hold its primary e... more »

Fine Art Sale, with Jasmine Kamante & Jesper Sundwall

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 28 minutes ago
*[image: image]**“Seated Nude II,” by **Jasmine Kamante**, oil on panel 300 x 200mm* *[image: image]**“Memento Mori II,” by **Jesper Sundwall**, oil on canvas, 450 x 350mm* Artists Jasmine Kamante and Jesper Sundwall have been invited to exhibit at the annual King’s College Fine Arts Sale, along with a wonderful line up of artists, proceeds from which are used to promote the development of art and culture, and the improvement of student facilities. These are just two of the paintings they will be exhibiting there. They invite you to join them at the opening cocktail party on Nov... more »

Car bomb kills child, wounds 18 in southeast Turkey

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 31 minutes ago
The blast happened when a police special forces armored vehicle passed the entrance to the town of Semdinli, near Turkey's borders with Iraq and Iran, the scene of frequent conflict between Turkish security forces and Kurdish militants. Most of the wounded were believed to be passers-by, with two reported to be in a serious condition. Police in the armored vehicle suffered only light wounds, Dogan news agency reported. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/04/us-turkey-kurds-bomb-idUSBRE8A30CQ20121104

Avian Acrobatics

Way Way Up at Fort McMurray Adventures - 44 minutes ago
I must profess that my inner 5-year-old emerged yesterday when I noticed a blue jay (two of them actually) at the backyard feeders. Since I've lived here I haven't been lucky enough to see one in the backyard (or front yard for that matter). I would see them in other yards but never mine. Until yesterday. A tenant told me she had seen them earlier in the week but since she described them only as blue and white birds that scared the other birds away and could barely fit on the feeder, I assumed they were magpies and thought nothing else of it. Over the course of last two days this ja... more »

5.0 Magnitude Earthquake POTOSI, BOLIVIA - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 46 minutes ago
Magnitude 5.0 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 19:08:24 UTC Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 03:08:24 PM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 20.371°S, 67.922°W Depth 168.5 km (104.7 miles) Region POTOSI, BOLIVIA Distances 103 km (64 miles) W of Colchani, Bolivia

MOOC-ing Toward Epistemological Imperialism

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 49 minutes ago
The newest fad in digitized thought delivery is the MOOC (Massively Open Online Courses), and as soon as the politically-disinterested MIT engineers can hook up with the economically-rapacious profiteers of UofPhoenix, we are likely to see the "global economy" become underpinned by the new "global college." And just as the the global economy is about ferreting out the most vulnerable societies on Earth for exploitation, from production to consumption, the global college will be about stocking the cognitive shelves of tribesmen everywhere with the exceptionalist epistemologies that ... more »

The Joy that is Vancouver Island

The Mound of Sound at The Disaffected Lib - 58 minutes ago
It's grey and wet and windy and cold today on Vancouver Island or what we like to call "normal." An ability to tolerate these conditions month in, month out, for much of the year is a prerequisite for living here. There is a good reason the region is called the *Wet Coast*. We usually get two, occasionally three, good summer months when it can turn sunny and warm, even at times hot. We call that "tourist season." When the sun goes, the tourists don't linger. A good many of us just love the place, even during the Rain Festival (runs every October to July, tickets subject to... more »

America's Internally Displaced Refugees

The Mound of Sound at The Disaffected Lib - 1 hour ago
We became familiar with internally displaced populations in the wake of the American conquests of Afghanistan and Iraq and the sectarian violence that ensued. America suffered a bout of internally displaced people after Hurricane Katrina hammered New Orleans and many thousands were forced to leave the city to take refuge in FEMA trailer camps. Now the states of New Jersey and New York are faced with internal displacement challenges in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. It's estimated that 30,000 to 40,000 residents of New York City have lost their residences and need to be relocated. ... more »

Harper Stirs the Asian Pot

The Mound of Sound at The Disaffected Lib - 1 hour ago
*"Don't Let On You Want to Bomb His Country"* To Mittsy Romney, Russia is America's biggest geo-political foe. To Harpo, it's China that most endangers Canada. China, really? The same China we're selling our Tar Sands to, and in partnership with whom we're building our Northern Gateway pipeline to transport diluted bitumen across British Columbia to Kitimat where it will be loaded into Chinese state-owned and operated supertankers, that China? The same China that will be refining our bitumen into crude oil products that could be fueling its new, blue water navy, and its equally... more »

Sunday Question for Everyone

Jonathan Bernstein at A plain blog about politics - 1 hour ago
How are you planning to get election information Tuesday night? TV? If so, which network? Twitter? Who will you be following? What else? Do you try to follow lots of downballot races as they develop, or just the presidential contest, leaving everything else for the next day when you can catch up quickly?

Defeat Romney, Without Illusions about Obama

October 18, 2012 by Common Dreams Defeat Romney, Without Illusions about Obama Advice to progressives in swing states, vote for reelectionby Daniel Ellsberg It is urgently important to prevent a Republican administration under Romney/Ryan from taking office in January 2013.The election is now just weeks away, and I want to urge those whose values are generally in line with mine --

4.1 Magnitude Earthquake OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 1 hour ago
Magnitude ML 4.1 Region OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE Date time 2012-11-04 18:34:34.0 UTC Location 31.77 S ; 71.83 W Depth 32 km Distances 64 km W Illapel, Chile

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 1 hour ago
Magnitude M 4.5 Region QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION Date time 2012-11-04 18:27:22.0 UTC Location 52.44 N ; 132.22 W Depth 10 km Distances 244 km SW Prince rupert

'When are you gonna get us some f****** help?!' Bloomberg confronted by angry New Yorkers who are cold, hungry and still without power six days after the storm

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 1 hour ago
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was ambushed by angry constituents during a visit to one storm storm-ravaged neighborhood of the city on Saturday. 'When are we going to get some f****** help?' one woman demanded of the billionaire mayor. After six days without power, some New Yorkers are losing their patience with the response from the city. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227406/Michael-Bloomberg-Mayor-confronted-angry-New-Yorkers-visit-Rockaways-Queens.html

A 2012 election message for white people

Libby Spencer at The Impolitic - 1 hour ago
Everybody is posting this one. Just got around to watching it this morning. It really is good. So for the archives and anyone who might have missed it.

Sailors, Marines Join USS Wasp for Sandy Relief

Obi-Wan Kabuki at American Kabuki - 2 hours ago
*Marines and sailors of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit deployed aboard USS Wasp, Nov. 1, 2012, currently afloat off the coast of New York City, to assist in disaster relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The 26th MEU can provide generators, fuel, clean water and helicopter lift capabilities to aid in disaster relief efforts. The 26th MEU is currently in pre-deployment training, preparing for their departure in 2013. As an expeditionary crisis response force operating from the sea, the MEU is a Marine Air-Ground Task Force capable of conducting amphibious operatio... more »

ALEC Scholarships - Not Just for Legislators

2old2care at Because I Can - 2 hours ago
*A little history about ALEC scholarships* The scholarships funded by big business to help your state legislator go to ALEC meetings at luxury hotels and posh resorts. Scholarships that allow corporate lobbyists close door access to your legislator – out side the public view in secret meetings. Here are some snips from ALEC document – my emphasis throughout. 1989 Wyoming Private Sector Chair asking for money from RJR ALEC activities in Wyoming have provided the opportunity for constant communication with legislators which has been most helpful in pursuing the interests of R . J . Re... more »

Simple good for your tummy Pesto...

Casey at The Adventures of Limited Eating - 2 hours ago
*Good for your tummy Pesto!* This weekend I really wanted a real comfort food, and the first thing that came to mind was pasta with pesto! So I have decided to swap out Parmesan cheese for Manchego cheese (Manchego is made of sheep's milk; sheep's milk and goat's milk are built up of smaller proteins than cow's milk and therefore are much easier for the stomach to digest, so if you have a sensitive digestive system, these could be better options for you!), add in some roasted pine nuts, garlic and olive oil, and Pesto, here we come! *What you need:* Serves 8 - 2 cups fresh basil... more »

Hundreds turn out to run NYC marathon route anyway after bosses blame the MEDIA for race cancellation

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 2 hours ago
A letter sent to 47,000 runners said the 'antagonistic' media coverage had made holding the 26.2-mile race though New York's five boroughs unsafe. Many runners understood the decision, especially with the death toll from the storm at 107, including 41 in New York City. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227638/Hurricane-Sandy-NY-marathon-bosses-blame-media-race-cancellation--runners-buses-help-victims.html

Catherine Gowing Remains Identified By Police

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 2 hours ago
Human remains found in a shallow pool last week have been identified as those of missing vet Catherine Gowing. Ms Gowing, who was originally from Clonlee, Co Offaly, in Ireland, was last seen on October 12 at a supermarket near her home in New Brighton, Flintshire, North Wales. A 46-year old man, from Gynnedd, North Wales, has been charged with her murder. http://news.sky.com/story/1006848/missing-vets-remains-identified-by-police

Millennium-- Why Do Some Normal People Vote For Republicans?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 2 hours ago
Last year the easternmost hill in Los Feliz that borders Griffith Park was like a flowerbed of Obama signs. Almost every house was festooned with one. The creator of the iconic Obama "Hope" image, Shepard Fairey, is one of the residents. Less so this year, however. Again, there's just one lonely Republican on the high end hill overlooking the biggest metropolitan park in the country-- or at least only one that displays. It's an old bungalow from the 20's and the people living in it aren't actors or directors or screen writers, lawyers or professionals. They're old and ratty and pis... more »

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 2 hours ago
Magnitude ML 4.6 Region OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE Date time 2012-11-04 17:35:47.0 UTC Location 31.77 S ; 71.86 W Depth 36 km Distances 67 km W Illapel, Chile

Cameron to demand EU budget cuts in bid to recover billions from Brussels after Commons defeat

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 2 hours ago
The Prime Minister will demand significant changes in how the EU's 'structural funds' are spent at a budget summit later this month, after pressure from his own rebellious backbenchers. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227590/Cameron-demand-EU-budget-cuts-bid-recover-billions-Brussels-Commons-defeat.html

2.6 Magnitude Earthquake ARKANSAS - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 3 hours ago
Magnitude 2.6 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 17:08:14 UTC Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 11:08:14 AM at epicenter Location 35.865°N, 89.942°W Depth 9.5 km (5.9 miles) Region ARKANSAS Distances 5 km (3 miles) N (1°) from Burdette, AR

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 3 hours ago
Magnitude 4.7 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 17:07:06 UTC Monday, November 05, 2012 at 05:07:06 AM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 24.365°S, 179.098°W Depth 353.6 km (219.7 miles) Region SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS Distances 413 km (256 miles) S of Ndoi Island, Fiji

3.1 Magnitude Earthquake GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 3 hours ago
Magnitude 3.1 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 17:03:01 UTC Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 09:03:01 AM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 34.176°N, 117.659°W Depth 0.4 km (~0.2 mile) (poorly constrained) Region GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA Distances 7 km (4 miles) N (359°) from Upland, CA

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 3 hours ago
Magnitude mb 4.9 Region MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES Date time 2012-11-04 16:28:24.0 UTC Location 5.56 N ; 125.52 E Depth 200 km Distances 11 km SE Butulan, Philippines

Elsewhere: My Endorsement; Contesting Elections

Jonathan Bernstein at A plain blog about politics - 3 hours ago
Over at Salon this weekend, I wrote my version of an endorsement column. Ah, but all of you regulars could have seen this one coming, no? And at PP, I went through some scenarios for what the norms should be on contesting presidential elections. It's consistent with my basic feeling about the 2000 election, which is that Bush stole it fair and square (I think SCOTUS was embarrassingly hackish and, on the merits, wrong -- but not in a way that really undermined democracy).

Terrance Nelson 'Jailing Chief Frank Brown'

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 3 hours ago
Chief Frank Brown Jailing Chief Frank Brown 'Chief Frank Brown's people have railway lines and oil pipelines in their territory that can be blocked in a matter of days after Frank Brown is jailed.' By Terrance Nelson First Nation Roseau River Ojibway To Brenda Norrell, Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com   With the death of Russel Means, an AIM leader who was courageous

Republicans Want ALEC GONE!!!

2old2care at Because I Can - 3 hours ago
Yes, even Republicans are waking up and want the American Legislative Exchange Council out of the Republican party!!! Yep - this may be one thing we all can agree on!!! I found a blog thread this morning snipped on Google and would have normally bypassed it – but was drawn in for some unknown reason – glad I went there. I thought – looking at the Google snip that this was probably a Dem site – but thought I’d look anyway. I left in all the nasty bits so you would truly understand that this was not written by a Dem/liberal/progressive or independent. *Let the Post-Mortems Begin:... more »

1987-1997 Puerto Rico's Incredible Decade

Inexplicata (IHU) at Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology - 3 hours ago
*1987-1997: Puerto Rico’s Incredible Decade* By Scott Corrales (c) 2010 [*Author's note: This feature appeared originally in the United Kingdom's sadly defunct UFO MATRIX magazine and formed part of my regular Orbis Tertius column -- its title being a nod to that extraordinary Argentinean author and translator, Jorge Luis Borges. The "incredible decade", too, is a nod to M.K. Jessup and his description of abnormal activity in the late 19th century. Some of the information presented may be "old hat" to readers of my work in Tim Beckley's UFO UNIVERSE or FATE magazine,... more »

Fat-Free Econ 29: Anti-capitalism, Fanaticism and the Poor

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 3 hours ago
* This is my article yesterday in TV5's news portal, http://www.interaksyon.com/business/47182/fat-free-economics--anti-capitalism-fanaticism-and-the-poor ---------- HONG KONG - One of the good things of our time, a daydream just a few decades ago, is the ease in communication among people from different countries and continents, the ease in getting information in just minutes without leaving our house or office. Online news portals like Interaksyon.com is one such product. These are all products of entrepreneurship, innovation, risk taking and capitalism. The profit motive under th... more »


Inexplicata (IHU) at Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology - 4 hours ago
*1987-1997: Puerto Rico’s Incredible Decade* By Scott Corrales *[Note: This article appeared as part of my regular column - "Orbis Tertius", a nod to the extraordinary Argentinean author Jorge Luis Borges - in the UK's defunct UFO MATRIX magazine. The information will be old to those who have been following my reporting since the early '90s, but new audiences may be startled at the intensity of the UFO-related manifestations taking place at the time. -- SC]* Looking back at major outbreaks of UFO activity always has a dream-like effect. In later years it becomes hard to believe t... more »

Welcome to Canada!

thwap at thwap's schoolyard - 4 hours ago
: Welcome to our piece-of-shit home and [stolen from the] natives' land! The first image is a picture of Wally Pickton. A misogynist creep who killed women and fed their bodies to the pigs on his farm. The official count is six convictions for second-degree murder, but it's likely there were dozens more. Here was the response of the guardians of public order, the RCMP and the Vancouver Police Department: The overall police attitude towards sex workers and Aboriginal women (60 per cent of the Missing and Murdered Women were Aboriginal) was one of indifference and disrespect,... more »


Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 4 hours ago
"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Sandy shows hospitals lack crisis preparedness

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 4 hours ago
Kim Bondy was in New Orleans seven years ago when Hurricane Katrina devastated the city, and scores of patients died in flooded hospitals cut off from power. She never thought that she might face that danger herself. But on Monday night, as superstorm Sandy submerged parts of New York City, Bondy was one of 215 patients evacuated from New York University's Langone Medical Center after basement flooding from the East River cut off its electricity. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/03/us-storm-sandy-hospitals-idUSBRE8A20AV20121103

Sandy: 'Tens Of Thousands In NY Need Housing'

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 4 hours ago
Andrew Cuomo issued the warning as New York City residents were urged to guard against the increasing risk of hypothermia New York mayor Michael Bloomberg estimated between 30,000 and 40,000 people in the city alone would need housing in the wake of the storm. http://news.sky.com/story/1006640/sandy-tens-of-thousands-in-ny-need-housing

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 4 hours ago
Magnitude ML 4.4 Region OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE Date time 2012-11-04 14:33:06.0 UTC Location 31.73 S ; 71.89 W Depth 43 km Distances 69 km W Illapel, Chile

Martial Law Officially Declared in Parts of New Jersey As Hurricane Sandy Brings Massive Damage, Flooding

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 4 hours ago

Electronic notice may be effective

James C Morton at Morton's Musings - 4 hours ago
*Grewal v. Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara Society*, 2012 BCCA 430 deals with specific provisions of British Columbia legislation – however, it has broader statements about the giving of notice, especially electronically, which are relevant nationally: [15] In the modern electronic world we inhabit, the giving of notice of something might properly be given in a more innovative manner than mailing. It was obviously in pursuit of such an objective that amendments concerning methodologies of notice were proposed and approved in 2010. I consider that courts must be alive to the times in which... more »

4.1 Magnitude Earthquake SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 5 hours ago
Magnitude mb 4.1 Region SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA Date time 2012-11-04 14:31:53.0 UTC Location 40.23 N ; 75.22 E Depth 15 km Distances 105 km NW Kashi, China

4.8 Magnitude Earthquake JUJUY, ARGENTINA - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 5 hours ago
Magnitude ML 4.8 Region JUJUY, ARGENTINA Date time 2012-11-04 13:40:47.0 UTC Location 22.56 S ; 66.84 W Depth 310 km Distances 138 km SW Villazón, Argentina

The more things change...

Jody Paterson at A Closer Look: Jody Paterson - 5 hours ago
Cuso International brought me to Honduras to do communications work for a Honduran non-profit organization, a job that is both strikingly similar and completely different to communications work in Victoria. On the one hand, communications is ultimately about finding effective ways to talk to the people you need to talk to, whether you’re in Honduras, Canada, East Timor or Uzbekistan. But in Canada that largely means focusing your efforts on those with money or influence, whereas in Honduras the whole game changes because the country doesn’t have a responsive government or much of ... more »

Rival Libya militias battle in streets of Tripoli

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 5 hours ago
Rival state-sanctioned Libyan militias fired guns and rocket-propelled grenades at each in the Libyan capital on Sunday, leaving the police powerless to protect locals. At least five people were wounded and a stray bullet entered a hospital, causing panic and increasing concerns about Libya's precarious security situation a year after the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/04/us-libya-attack-idUSBRE8A306420121104

Crucial votes will end talk of Greece exiting euro: PM

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 5 hours ago
Talk of Greece exiting the euro will end after critical votes in parliament this week on new austerity measures, labor reforms and the 2013 budget, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said on Sunday. The three-party government will submit the package of measures to parliament on Monday and must approve both it and the 2013 budget to receive aid from the IMF and European Union that it needs to avoid bankruptcy. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/04/us-greece-samaras-idUSBRE8A305820121104

Callum Hilton Killed in Hit and Run: Arrest Made

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 5 hours ago
Victim Callum Hilton, 16, suffered a serious head injury after he was thrown 20ft by the impact with a car that failed to stop. A man has been arrested over the hit-and-run death of a 16-year-old boy in Bury, Greater Manchester Police has said. http://news.sky.com/story/1006755/arrest-over-callum-hilton-hit-and-run-in-bury

Callum Hilton Killed in Hit and Run: Arrest Made

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 5 hours ago
Victim Callum Hilton, 16, suffered a serious head injury after he was thrown 20ft by the impact with a car that failed to stop. A man has been arrested over the hit-and-run death of a 16-year-old boy in Bury, Greater Manchester Police has said. http://news.sky.com/story/1006755/arrest-over-callum-hilton-hit-and-run-in-bury


New Orleans Ladder at New Orleans Ladder - 6 hours ago
*Sean Payton contract voided ~Adam Schefter* Bobby Hebert Kicked Out of LSU-Alabama Press Box After Excessive Cheering for Tigers Read more at: http://www.nesn.com/2012/11/bobby-hebert-kicked-out-of-lsu-alabama-press-box-after-excessive-cheering-for-tigers.html Bobby Hebert Kicked Out of LSU-Alabama Press Box After Excessive Cheering for Tigers Read more at: http://www.nesn.com/2012/11/bobby-hebert-kicked-out-of-lsu-alabama-press-box-after-excessive-cheering-for-tigers.html Bobby Hebert Kicked Out of LSU-Alabama Press Box After Excessive Cheering for Tigers Read more at: http:/... more »

Mitt Romney-- A Car Guy?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 6 hours ago
Mitt Romney blurted out a fatuous statement a few weeks ago about being "a car guy." Well... his father was. And owns lots of them (cars, not guys)-- and even an elevator for some-- but the closest he is to being a car guy is that he kind of resembles a used car salesman-- in the worst sense of the term. The most recent polling in Michigan shows him losing, 52-46%. That's not unexpected. But the polls have also shown Obama consistently ahead in Ohio-- and Romney has always known that that would be a death knell for his campaign. Tuesday they either steal Ohio or they have zero cha... more »

rtod: i ain't marching (to the u.s. polls) anymore

laura k at wmtc - 7 hours ago
I spent the summer and fall of 2004 working on a Get Out The Vote campaign for the Democrats, not because they were my party of choice, but because I was angry at the prospect of another stolen election, and I wanted to make a difference in the popular vote numbers. After that election was stolen, too, I stopped voting in the US. Now, in 2012, voter suppression has reached new depths. If I still lived in the US, I don't know if I'd vote Green or not at all. Voting Green can be seen as a protest against the duopoly, and it shows support for a progressive agenda. Voting for any cand... more »

New Blogs

Phil at A Very Public Sociologist - 7 hours ago
In my 18 month or so-long sabbatical from regular posting, many writers who once shone brightly in the blogging firmament have faded away or pulled into the orbits of big collective blogs. Precious few 'independents' now shine in their place. Thing is because I've been hiding in the warm, cuddly cave Stoke Labour made available to me, I don't know a great deal about "the scene" as it currently stands. When AVPS was a Y-list'er as opposed to its present Z-list status, a feature here did provide a new blog a small audience and Wikio/ebuzzing boost. Now? I suppose repeating the exerci... more »


Owen Gray at Northern Reflections - 7 hours ago
Mitt Romney has been the ultimate political chameleon. He has reversed every significant political position he held when he was Governor of Massachusetts. But, Robert Reich writes, there is a coherent philosophy behind his reversals. Reich calls that philosophy Romneyism: Despite its contradictions and ellipses, Romneyism has an internal coherence. It is different from conservatism, because it does not intend to conserve or protect any particular institutions or values. It is also distinct from Republicanism, in that it is not rooted in traditional small-town American values, na... more »

He's just . . .

Edstock at The Galloping Beaver - 7 hours ago
WHITE AMERICAN MEN over forty are the core of Rmoney's support. So, Chris Rock offers this piece of reassurance:

The days the lights went out...

address-withheld@my.opera.com.invalid (Dr. John v. Kampen) at - 7 hours ago
Link: http://youtu.be/iEoZJE2G7wc How "adaptable" people are with their flashlights..., but: ooooh that gas for their cars. Somebody said to me: 'Wow, that looks like Russia some 30 years ago!' Nature can be a killer indeed. Nothing we can do about that, or can we? What might happen next? John

Free Online Viewing Of The Video Documentary, David vs. Monsanto Until November 10, 2012

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 7 hours ago
*Mercola.com is PROUD to offer a FREE Viewing of this Documentary for a LIMITED TIME. Please show this documentary with all your friends and family! The free viewing expires on November 10th, 2012.* *By Dr. Mercola* Monsanto has long been trying to establish control over the seeds of the plants that produce food for the world. They have patented a number of genetically altered food crops, which can only be grown with proper license, and the seeds for which must be purchased anew each year. Alas, genetically engineered (GE) crops cannot be contained. And rather than being found ... more »

5.2 Magnitude Earthquake QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
Magnitude 5.2 (Preliminary magnitude — update expected within 15 minutes) Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 12:27:43 UTC Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 04:27:43 AM at epicenter Location 52.544°N, 131.154°W Depth 20 km (12.4 miles) set by location program Region QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION Distances 204 km (127 miles) SSW (197°) from Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

5.1 Magnitude Earthquake SOUTHEAST OF THE LOYALTY ISLANDS - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 8 hours ago
Magnitude 5.1 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 12:13:01 UTC Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 11:13:01 PM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 22.278°S, 171.432°E Depth 94 km (58.4 miles) Region SOUTHEAST OF THE LOYALTY ISLANDS Distances 376 km (234 miles) ESE (104°) from Tadine, Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia

NC officials investigate hanged Obama effigy at early voting site

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 8 hours ago
North Carolina election officials have asked prosecutors to investigate reports of a trailer parked at an early voting site that held effigies of former and current elected officials with nooses around their necks. Photographs show eight effigies and signs on the trailer side naming President Barack Obama, Gov. Beverly Perdue and state and local law enforcement officials. http://www.wtsp.com/news/watercooler/article/280771/58/NC-officials-investigate-hanged-Obama-effigy


Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 8 hours ago
*One Sacramento pastor, whose congregation has thousands of members, voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but won't be doing the same in 2012. * * **Video = * http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2012/11/03/Black-Pastor-Receives-Death-Threats-For-Reversing-Support-For-Obama

Bill Maher Warns Romney Supporters: 'Black People Know Who You Are and They Will Come After You'

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 8 hours ago
*Bill Maher on HBO's Real Time Friday might have said one of the most disgraceful things uttered during the 2012 campaign season.* http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2012/11/03/maher-if-you-vote-romney-black-people-know-who-you-are-and-will-come

British Press Association Publishes Known-To-Be-False UK Government Flu Death Figures

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 8 hours ago
British Press Association Publishes Known-To-Be-False UK Government Flu Death Figures – In A Story To Promote Known-To-Be-Ineffective ‘Flu Vaccines To UK ElderlyChild Health Safety, 3 November 2912 An irresponsible scaremongering UK Press Association story published today in the British Media falsely claims a grossly inflated known-to-be-false invented figure for UK ‘flu deaths of 4700. This was in a story intended to promote ‘flu vaccines to the elderly when numerous repeated peer reviewed papers show the vaccines are ineffective and when the risk of ‘flu death is often nil and... more »

What To Make of a Diminished Thing

Storm at Schools Matter - 8 hours ago
Please forgive this presentation of something akin to an "*ars blogetica*." Paul's recent post, "Slaying the Two-Headed Dragon...,"points up a kind of fallacy as regards the reformation of the social management of large systems: when one moves towards a "critical" pedagogy one discovers that these systems are manifestations of the the very "evil" we have attempted to move against--the authoritarian state. It is only an evil from a particular orientation of course. The authoritarian state can surely be praised for many advances, even in the realm of humanitarianism. This impulse t... more »

B’klyn bat man: Run, looters!

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 8 hours ago
Hardened New Yorkers are ready to battle lowlife criminals to protect their homes and stores in storm-ravaged areas plagued by looting and break-ins. In Coney Island, several residents were loading up their guns, sharpening their machetes and brandishing other deadly weapons. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/klyn_bat_man_run_looters_VxfnY8FAH2MYZZ9GrKM6eJ

FEMA Out Of Water, No Delivery Until Monday...

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 8 hours ago
FEMA's vaunted "lean forward" strategy that called for advanced staging of supplies for emergency distribution failed to live up to its billing in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/11/02/FEMA-Still-Doesn-t-Have-Bottled-Water-to-Distribute-Finally-Places-Large-Order-Today-for-Delivery-Monday

Thanks Mrs Notasheep

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 8 hours ago
Mrs Notasheep sings whilst doing other things, and she often fixates on one song. So thanks to her, the Kinks 'Come Dancing' is rattling through my head most of the time...

Obama Refuses to Answer About Storm Victims’ Frustrations

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 8 hours ago
President Obama this morning ignored a reporter’s question about the mounting frustration victims of Hurricane Sandy are having with the response to the storm, refusing to let a question from the press interrupt a FEMA photo op in which he was on display taking action. An excerpt from the press pool report, which starts with a quote from Obama: *“There is nothing more important than us getting this right. And we’re going to spend as much time, effort and energy as necessary to make sure all the people of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut know that the entire country is behind the... more »

British Soldier Stabbed To Death In Cyprus by English Tourist

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 8 hours ago
A British soldier has been stabbed to death during a fight with UK tourists in a Cyprus nightclub, police have said. Cypriot police said four off-duty soldiers stationed on the island got involved in an altercation with three tourists in the early hours of Sunday morning. http://news.sky.com/story/1006778/british-soldier-stabbed-to-death-in-cyprus

Sandy WAS more powerful than Katrina - and it ranks as the second mightiest storm in modern history

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 8 hours ago
Researchers have found that Sandy's Integrated Kinetic Energy index, or IKE, which quantifies the power of a hurricane based on how far out tropical-storm force winds extend from the center, ranked second only to Hurricane Isabel in 2003. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-2227487/Hurricane-Sandy-Storm-WAS-powerful-Hurricane-Katrina.html

Boy, 10, Tasered by Officer Chris Webb 'for not cleaning his patrol car' during school career day

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 8 hours ago
The alleged victim, identified only as R.D., passed out after receiving a 50,000-volt jolt of electricity while attending a careers event at Tularosa Intermediate School in New Mexico. The family of the boy from New Mexico has filed a lawsuit against a police officer who they say used his Taser gun on the 10-year-old as punishment for refusing to clean his patrol car during a school career day. Police report filed by Webb tells an entirely different story. According to the document, Webb said a group of students had asked him to show them his Taser gun, and when he pulled it out, i... more »

Profiteering hotels and landlords make a quick buck from Sandy charging $700 a night for a single room in New York

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
Greedy landlords and hotel owners looking to make a quick buck from the thousands without power or displaced by Hurricane Sandy were exploiting people's desperation by demanding outrageous prices for a shelter. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-2227424/Hurricane-Sandy-Hotels-landlords-make-quick-buck-charging-700-night-single-room-New-York.html

Dramatic new pictures reveal the scale of the task in clearing out flooded subway tunnels. . . as commuters are promised nearly a full service by Monday

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
Amid a severe gas shortage that has left many New Yorkers stranded in their cold, dark homes, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority continued draining the waterlogged tunnels in hopes of having much of the service restored by the end of the weekend. The transit agency has released photos on Saturday showing workers draining two of the seven tunnels beneath the East River that have been flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227401/Hurricane-Sandy-New-pictures-reveal-flooded-subway-tunnels-East-River-Gov-Cuomo-promises-train-service-... more »

Misery for 2.5 million STILL without power after six days as lawlessness and fear take over New York's outer boroughs

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
- Residents claim they are the 'forgotten victims' of Sandy - Also say that lack of power and law enforcement means more looting and violent crime - Those in stricken areas stockpiling weapons like kitchen knives, machetes, and bats to protect themselves - Coney Island residents say they are forced to 'scavenge for food like animals' - Power unlikely to be returned to Brooklyn, Queen's and Staten Island until sometime next week http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227307/Hurricane-Sandy-Misery-2-5-million-STILL-power-days-lawlessness-fear-over.html

Historic photograph captures the moment New York City was left powerless by Hurricane Sandy

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago

Will lawyers chose next US president?: America on a knife-edge as neck-and-neck Romney and Obama fly legal eagles into key states to contest 'fraudulent' early votes

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
A bitterly cold wind whips through the throng of 30,000 cheering fans. Singer Kid Rock has just strutted off stage and the crowd is on its feet. It feels for all the world like a rock concert. But on this freezing Ohio night, the presence of dozens of heavily armed Secret Service agents, together with snipers on nearby rooftops, makes it clear that this is no ordinary gig. The cheers reach an ear-splitting crescendo as a greying middle-aged man walks in from the wings. ‘Good evening, Ohio!’ yells Mitt Romney as the crowd goes wild. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227519/W... more »

Panic at the pumps! Police make arrests as frenzy for free gas proves too much for thousands of desperate drivers in New York's outer boroughs

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
- Police had their hands full in the Crown Heights neighbourhood of Brooklyn as the promise of $10 in free FEMA gas caused line jumpers to clash with the police leading to arrests - Many gas stations still closed from lack of fuel - New York Gov Andrew Cuomo announced today that 28 million gallons of fuel will be delivered to stricken tri-state region in next few days http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227297/Crown-Heights-Police-make-arrests-frenzy-free-gas-proves-desperate-drivers.html

Fabio Malpeso 'stabbed 25 times in his sleep by roommate' at American university in Rome

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
The alleged attacker, Reid Alexander Schepis, also attends John Cabot University. He is an American-born student with both U.S. and Italian citizenship and was arrested early on Thursday Reid Alexander Schepis is currently in police custody as they probe the attack. Police have said a motive for the attack is unclear, but they suspect ‘drug- and alcohol-related delirium’ might be a factor. Attorney Vincenzo Comi, who represents Schepis, told NBC News that his client told the judge that he ‘did not remember anything of the episode.’ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227499/U-S... more »

North Sea Mk II: Britain is sitting on a £1.5 trillion gas goldmine which could bring huge economic benefits... but is it safe?

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
- Although only about ten per cent of the gas is in unpopulated areas suitable for extraction, it would still be worth £150 billion - The level of untapped shale gas will be confirmed next month in a study by the British Geological Survey - Ministers are then likely to give the go-ahead for drilling, hoping the enormous economic benefits can win over environmental concerns http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227460/North-Sea-Mk-II-Britain-sitting-1-5-trillion-gas-goldmine-bring-enormous-economic-benefits--safe.html

Your local London cabbie with Human Rights... the Rwandan called Modeste linked to a million murders (Woman, Children and men without Human rights)

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
Modeste Kennedy Hakizimana, 41, who works as mini-cab driver in Redbridge, east London is alleged by the UK Border Agency's War Crimes Unit to have helped Hutu soldiers kill members of the Tutsi ethnic group during the genocide in 1994. As a prominent member of the ruling party which is accused of planning the genocide in the central African country, he is also alleged to have made speeches in favour of the massacre. *Home Office believes he is a war criminal - but he can’t be sent home because trial would breach his human rights* http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227440/You... more »

Vote Independent or Stay Home by Stephen Lendman

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 9 hours ago
Vote Independent or Stay Homeby Stephen Lendman Global Research Canada, 3 November 2012 Voting for Obama or Romney is like choosing between death by hanging or firing squad. Either way you’re dead. The same goes for choosing Republicans or Democrats. Each party replicates the other. On issues mattering most, not a dime’s worth of difference separates them. They’re pro-corporate, pro-war, pro-Israel, anti-populist, anti-civil and human rights, and anti all values real democratic societies cherish. Post-November 6, nothing will change. Duopoly power assures harsher times ahead. Expec... more »

Prisoners have landlines installed in their cells despite Government pledge to crackdown on perks behind bars

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
Inmates at a young offenders’ institution in Rochester, Kent, have become the first in a state-run jail with personal landlines. If the pilot scheme is deemed a success it could be copied in public sector prisons across England and Wales, having been used for several years in privately run institutions. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227545/Prisoners-landlines-installed-cells-despite-Government-pledge-crackdown-perks-bars.html

Civil Rights Ads: Liars, Damned Liars, And Republicans

Manifesto Joe at Manifesto Joe's Texas Blues - 9 hours ago
By Manifesto Joe Living in a state like Texas, which is considered safe for Scumney, we don't get to see these kinds of bullshit ads very much. I hear that the Republican Party is taking credit for getting the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed, and for Lincoln freeing the slaves. I've got news for however many innocent Republicans remain out there: This is not your grandfather's GOP. (I'll steal a line from my bud Cletis Stump-- it is if your grandfather was Benito Mussolini.) For one thing, the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is something that Republicans can disingenuously c... more »

Tory rebel says Cabinet Minister was 'on brink of quitting' to bring down Cameron over EU debacle

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
A senior Minister was on the brink of resigning from the Cabinet to join the Tory revolt against David Cameron over the Brussels budget, it was claimed last night. The Mail on Sunday has been told that the unnamed Minister 'weighed up the pros and cons' of resigning to lead a new anti-EU faction in the Tory Party, before backing off at the last minute. It also emerged that: - Two Eurosceptic Cabinet Ministers, Iain Duncan Smith and Owen Paterson, believe the vote will be seen by Germany as a sign that Britain is moving towards quitting the EU. - l Pro-EU Tory warhorse... more »

Angela Merkel: 'German Thatcher' comes to UK, why Cameron’s EU budget headache is about to become a migraine

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
German chancellor Angela Merkel and David Cameron are set to meet this week to discuss the EU budget summit and it is the British Prime Minister who could need protection. The ‘Merkelator’ has him in her political sights and when she knocks at the door of No10 at 7.15pm on Wednesday, having earlier addressed the EU Parliament in Brussels, Mr Cameron will be expecting one of their most strained encounters yet. They are meeting to discuss November 22’s EU budget summit and the personal stakes are high. After last week’s humiliating defeat in the Commons – when Tory rebels voted with... more »

Inside the rat-infested Gestapo-like prison where eight guards fatally beat lawyer who exposed Russia's gangster regime

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky (pictured in his casket, right) was imprisoned after exposing a corruption scandal within the Russian government. On November 16, 2009, underweight and ill with pancreatitis and gallstones, he was handcuffed and beaten to death by eight riot guards at the notorious Moscow prison Butyrka http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227309/Tortured-death-Putins-jackboot-state-Last-words-Moscow-lawyer-death-screams--chilling-truth-Russias-terrifying-gangster-regime.html

Taliban target students with acid attacks

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
It's the latest cruel tactic in the Pakistani Taliban's battle to stop girls and women from getting an education: acid thrown in their faces to scar them for life and deter others from following in their footsteps. A doctor who treated the victims of an acid attack on a college van in the city of Parachinar in northern Pakistan last month told CNN that two girls had been left with severe burns to their faces. http://edition.cnn.com/2012/11/03/world/asia/pakistan-acid-attack/index.html?hpt=hp_t4

Mum used bleach to cleanse demons from her Daughter

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
A BELIEF that her nine-year-old was possessed by demons had led a woman to try to pour bleach down her daughter's throat. The 36-year-old woman, who is not named to protect the identity of the child, arrived in Toowoomba from an African nation with her husband and children in 2010, Toowoomba Supreme Court heard. Her barrister Robbie Davies told the court that in the third world country from which his client came, witchcraft was prevalent. http://www.thechronicle.com.au/news/mum-used-bleach-cleanse-demons-toowoomba/1549138/

As society unravels in wake of Sandy, politicians endorse more power for FEMA

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
News wires across the spectrum are filled with harrowing signs of unfolding social collapse in the wake of Sandy that could exacerbate in the days to come as power outages are expected to last a week, pitting residents against each other over access to gasoline, food and other necessary supplies in large pockets of the most densely populated area of the nation. That desperation is sure to further intensify in proportion with strained resources, as order has already started to dissolve under reported limits on cash and commerce as electronic payment is suspended and those on food st... more »

desperate New Yorkers digging through dumpsters for food

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
- Families, elderly people and young residents were seen sifting through garbage outside a Key Food supermarket in the East Village yesterday - Store had discarded piles of food that had gone bad after Hurricane Sandy - Both Lower East Side and East Village neighborhoods have been in dark since Monday and power isn’t expected to be restored before tomorrow - Death toll passes 90 and continues to rise http://www.pakalertpress.com/2012/11/03/shocking-images-show-desperate-new-yorkers-digging-through-dumpsters-for-food-as-downtown-manhattan-embarks-on-fourth-night-wi... more »

Shirley MacLaine says Ronald Reagan turned politician spotted a UFO in the 1950s... and the extra terrestrial being told him to switch careers

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
Reagan had a close encounter of the third kind back in the 1950s when he was still an actor, MacLaine says, and the extra terrestrial being told him to ditch Hollywood for politics. The 78-year-old, who claims to have seen many UFOs from the front porch of her New Mexico home, says the 40th President of the United States was a fellow believer. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2205360/Screen-legend-Shirley-MacLaine-says-Ronald-Reagan-spotted-UFO-1950s--alien-told-switch-careers.html

4.3 Magnitude Earthquake GULF OF CALIFORNIA - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
Magnitude 4.3 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 09:53:09 UTC Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 02:53:09 AM at epicenter Location 24.504°N, 110.183°W Depth 10.4 km (6.5 miles) Region GULF OF CALIFORNIA Distances 38 km (23 miles) NNE of La Paz, Mexico 161 km (100 miles) ESE of Ciudad Constitucion, Mexico

Low temperatures, heightened anger and fear in Sandy's wake

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
The National Weather Service forecast temperatures would dip into the 30s in Belle Harbor, New York, and Cape May, New Jersey. And even after the sun rises Sunday, residents may be lucky if the thermostat tops 50 degrees. http://edition.cnn.com/2012/11/03/us/tropical-weather-sandy/index.html?hpt=hp_t3

CIA's role in Libya

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago

Chickweed Has Anti-Cancer Properties and May Help with Hemorrhoids by Brad Chase

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 10 hours ago
*Chickweed is edible, nutritious and delicious. It is a leaf vegetable often included raw in salads.* THIS Plant Has Anti-Cancer Properties and May Help with Hemorrhoids by Brad Chase Hive Health Media, 2 November 2012 Chickweed or *Stellaria media* is known by other names such as Winterweed, Maruns, Tongue grass and Chickenwort. Native to Europe but found in every part of the world, chickweed is a plant pest that is difficult to control. However, while gardeners and farmers may detest it, it is beloved by chefs and natural medicine practitioners. As a herb, chickweed is easily... more »

FBI to question Benghazi attack suspect

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
The FBI is expected to question a suspect in the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, "in the coming days," according to a U.S. official. The United States first became aware of Ali Ani al Harzi when he apparently posted details of the attack on social media while it was happening. At the request of the United States, Turkish officials detained al Harzi when he entered that country after leaving Libya. Turkey then transferred him to Tunisia, where he is being held. http://edition.cnn.com/2012/11/03/us/benghazi-attack-suspect/index.html?hpt=hp_t1

France to oppose those creating instability in Lebanon: Hollande

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
Lebanon has been threatened by spillover from the 19-month-old conflict in neighboring Syria in which 32,000 people have been killed as a peaceful pro-democracy movement morphed into an armed uprising after Assad tried to crush it by military force. "I want to remind all those who have an interest in creating instability in Lebanon that France will oppose that because Lebanon is an example of unity," Hollande said during a joint press conference with Lebanese President Michel Suleiman. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/04/us-lebanon-hollande-idUSBRE8A304620121104

G20 flags U.S. fiscal cliff, Europe's debt woes

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
Finance chiefs of the world's 20 leading economies are ringing alarm bells over the U.S. fiscal cliff and Europe's debt woes at a meeting in Mexico this weekend as they look to push back deficit reduction targets to help boost growth. Unless a fractious U.S. Congress can reach a deal, about $600 billion in government spending cuts and higher taxes are set to kick in on January 1, threatening to push the American economy back into recession and hit world growth. But with the U.S. presidential election looming on Tuesday, dealing with the fiscal cliff has been delayed. http://www.r... more »

Syrian rebels attack air base to secure north-south corridor |

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
Syrian rebels attacked a military airport in the country's north on Saturday in a push to cut off Syria's biggest city Aleppo from the capital Damascus, and secure a strategic north-south corridor. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/03/us-syria-crisis-idUSBRE88J0X720121103

Cold hits storm victims ahead of election

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
Victims of superstorm Sandy on the East Coast struggled against the cold on Sunday amid fuel shortages and power outages, two days ahead of an election that polls suggest is a dead heat between President Barack Obama and his Republican rival. Fuel supplies were rumbling toward disaster zones and a million customers regained electricity as near-freezing temperatures descended on the U.S. Northeast overnight. But New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned the city that it would be days before power was fully restored and fuel shortages ended. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/04/u... more »

Israel complains about Syrian tanks along Golan Heights border

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
Three Syrian tanks entered a demilitarized zone Saturday afternoon along the border with the Golan Heights, spurring Israel to file a complaint with the United Nations, Israeli officials said. Although the tanks did not enter the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, Israel officials said the Syrian military presence is restricted from the border area under a U.N.-monitored cease-fire agreement. The Syrian tanks were battling Syrian rebel forces when the fighting moved into the demilitarized area, Israeli media reported. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/world_now/2012/11/israel-complains-a... more »

Yoselyn Ortega Charged with first- and second-degree murder for stabbing Lucia and Leo Krim

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
Ortega didn’t acknowledge the horrific act during a bedside interview yesterday with cops and prosecutors at New York Hospital. But she admitted that she was having money troubles, law-enforcement sources told The Post. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/kid_slay_nanny_charged_ho8oYOdhScqCsmTz2EujGJ

Chinese ships enter disputed waters: Japan

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
Four Chinese government ships temporarily sailed into the territorial waters of disputed Tokyo-controlled islands in the East China Sea on Sunday, Japan's coastguard said. The maritime surveillance vessels entered the 12-nautical-mile zone around Uotsurijima, the main islet in the disputed chain called the Senkaku Islands in Japan and the Diaoyu Islands in China at about noon (0300 GMT). http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5gVwIovr2nxlKayeoxogZGIJT4O0w?docId=CNG.576899a3b855ce2049cb5b64172fb008.51

EU 'good child' must get bolder

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
A FUNDAMENTAL dishonesty has infected Europe and Ireland's response to the ongoing economic crisis. No amount of communiques about Ireland, the 'shining example', can disguise the inability of the twin fiscal horsemen of austerity and appeasement to cure the Irish disease. Last week Germany may have smiled, but Enda returned once again with empty saddlebags. And the time is fast approaching when that particular ongoing feature of Mr Kenny's and Mr Noonan's foreign sojourns will lose its charm. Ireland's status as the Prodigal Son of European economics mean we richly deserve the curr... more »

New Jersey rations gas as post-Sandy shortages persist

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
New Jersey imposed a form of gas rationing Saturday and New Yorkers overwhelmed temporary gas stations set up by the military as exasperated residents of the storm-damaged metropolitan region formed long lines to get gas for their cars and generators. Officials in New York offered 10 gallons of free gas per person, but so many people showed up they had to plead with the public to hold off until first responders could refill their tanks. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/new-jersey-rations-gas-as-postsandy-shortages-persist-8280895.html

Syria opposition groups hold crucial Qatar meeting

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 11 hours ago
Syrian opposition groups have gathered in the Qatari capital, Doha, for a key meeting on how to form a more united front against President Assad. The meeting could lead to a replacement body for the Syrian National Council (SNC), the main opposition in exile. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-20196107

David Cameron's constituency want a referendum on whether the UK stays in the EU....Warn of Backlash without it

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 11 hours ago
More than half (53%) of Tories in the electoral district said the vote would be pointless unless it included an option for Britain to leave the EU. Chris Bruni-Lowe from the People's Pledge said: "The Prime Minister can't afford to ignore support for an in/out EU referendum. http://news.sky.com/story/1006717/pm-warned-of-backlash-without-eu-vote

Atlanta: Two police officers die after a helicopter crashed during a low altitude search for a missing boy

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 11 hours ago
Police spokesman Carlos Campos confirmed both officers were killed, but said no one was hurt on the ground after the aircraft landed close to Interstate 20 in a neighbourhood populated by fast food restaurants and other outlets. The helicopter went down around 10.30pm on Saturday in the west of the city. The missing nine-year-old child was subsequently found unharmed. http://news.sky.com/story/1006737/deadly-police-helicopter-crash-in-atlanta

Bury, Greater Manchester: Teenager Killed In Hit-And-Run Crash

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 11 hours ago
A 16-year-old boy has died following a hit and run crash in Bury, Greater Manchester. http://news.sky.com/story/1006755/teenager-killed-in-hit-and-run-crash-in-bury

4.1 Magnitude Earthquake QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 11 hours ago
Magnitude 4.1 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 07:42:15 UTC Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 12:42:15 AM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 52.741°N, 131.859°W Depth 10 km (6.2 miles) Region QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION Distances 142 km (88 miles) S of Masset, Canada

5.4 Magnitude Earthquake SOUTHERN PERU - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 11 hours ago
Magnitude 5.4 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 06:37:36 UTC Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 01:37:36 AM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 15.948°S, 71.968°W Depth 122.6 km (76.2 miles) Region SOUTHERN PERU Distances 11 km (6 miles) N of Lluta, Peru

Seven years and still no book deal...

Roobin at THROUGH THE SCARY DOOR - 11 hours ago
What's it going to take, HUH? No, but life goes on and so does this blog. Say what you like (you can't btw - it's a figure of speech) but Through the Scary Door has outlasted: Shoot Johann Hari Dead Men Left Heckles Cakes 64 Slices of American Cheese The Prophet Rage History Needs a Push City Centre Socialist Workers Tottenham SWP Theft is Good (but it depends who you're stealing from) The Sharp Side... Par En Bas... Fear of a Red Planet... And many other sites runs people who could string a sentence or two together. We definitely hope Red Bed Head, Monuments Are for Pigeons and P... more »

3.1 Magnitude Earthquake UTAH - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 11 hours ago
Magnitude 3.1 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 06:04:19 UTC Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 12:04:19 AM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 39.429°N, 111.888°W Depth 5.2 km (3.2 miles) Region UTAH Distances 14 km (9 miles) S (189°) from Levan, UT

4.0 Magnitude Earthquake QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 11 hours ago
Magnitude 4.0 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 05:07:53 UTC Saturday, November 03, 2012 at 10:07:53 PM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 52.617°N, 131.957°W Depth 10 km (6.2 miles) Region QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION Distances 155 km (96 miles) S of Masset, Canada

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 11 hours ago
Magnitude 4.7 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 04:16:39 UTC Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 04:16:39 PM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 29.942°S, 177.704°W Depth 18 km (11.2 miles) Region KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND Distances 77 km (47 miles) SSE of Raoul Island, New Zealand

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 11 hours ago
Magnitude 4.6 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 04:14:03 UTC Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 12:14:03 PM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 5.777°N, 126.267°E Depth 147.6 km (91.7 miles) Region MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES Distances 65 km (40 miles) S of Pondaguitan, Philippines

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake CENTRAL PERU - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 11 hours ago
Magnitude 4.9 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 01:52:11 UTC Saturday, November 03, 2012 at 08:52:11 PM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 11.978°S, 75.687°W Depth 94.3 km (58.6 miles) Region CENTRAL PERU Distances 30 km (18 miles) SW of Jauja, Peru

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake VANUATU - 4th November 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 11 hours ago
Magnitude 4.9 Date-Time Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 00:16:33 UTC Sunday, November 04, 2012 at 11:16:33 AM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 14.857°S, 167.316°E Depth 147.4 km (91.6 miles) Region VANUATU Distances 35 km (21 miles) NE of Port-Olry, Vanuatu

DTCC: Trillions in Stock Certificates Damged by Hurricane Sandy

        AMERICAN KABUKI at American Kabuki - 11 hours ago
*Prediction: Suddenly millions of people will find out they no longer own the stock they thought they owned, because its not in the computer and there's no paper trail! -AK* http://buzz.money.cnn.com/2012/11/02/stock-certificates-sandy/ Stock certificates feared damaged by Sandy By Ben Rooney November 2, 2012: 11:52 AM ET Lower Manhattan suffered severe flooding from Superstorm Sandy. Trillions of dollars worth of stock certificates and other paper securities that were stored in a vault in lower Manhattan may have suffered water damage from Superstorm Sandy. The D... more »


Anon at aangirfan - 12 hours ago
[image: [Channel+Islands.png]] Chris Johns believes that his two brothers were murdered - for trying to expose the massive paedophile ring linked to former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Adrian Johns, 32, died in an arson attack before he had a chance to give a statement. Leander Johns, 34, was found dead in mysterious ­circumstances, during the trial of one of his abusers, John Allen. Labour MP Tom Watson, who spoke out against the same paedophile ring in Parliament, has said that he is afraid for his safety. *Daily Star - Paedo scandal covered up* *The Dutroux gang supp... more »

dream - spirit in the sky

Mike Philbin at FREE PLANET - 12 hours ago
another stupid seaside overcast hotels, luggage collection, elevators, departure times and train stations/airports. The highlight of it was the big laser that came out of a cloudy sky and carved a dotted line onto the surface of the sea. The laserline caught me in a ball of red, green and blue laser light. The ball of light lifted me off the floor, lifting me up into the sky. Woke up with 'spirit in the sky' playing in my head. Daft.

Steven Weinberg defends linear collider, science

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 12 hours ago
Last week, Steven Weinberg gave a talk in Arlington, Texas. This is the questions-and-answers part of the talk: It's 28 minutes. At the end of the regular talk, he mentioned various indirect advantages from building a new linear collider etc. He makes a good joke when they prepare an award for his memorable talk: How did you know in advance that my talk would be memorable? I would be inclined to make exactly the same comment. A person asked about new physics. Weinberg focused on the identity and detection of the dark matter particle. The same person and another one wanted to... more »

Barack Obamavision, The Second Coming

Grant G at The Straight Goods - 12 hours ago
The big errors came late to this contest, looking for a rose garden fumbled ball gotcha moment during debate number II, not denouncing the one candidate he endorsed over the "life can begin at rape" comment followed by the late, not fashionably late but the re-arrival of Donald Trump, along with special guest appearances by..Jack Welch..Rudy Guiliani.. Mitt Romney had to be perfect in the homestretch to have a snowball`s chance in hell of becoming president, he also needed shackles, chains and muzzles to keep gnashing fangs and forked voices of Republican reptilian relics from as... more »

Pima County Circumvents It's Own Election Integrity Commission to Get a Waiver that Removes Proper Audit of County Elections

Intercept at The Intercept - 13 hours ago
J.T. Waldron A key document has surfaced in a recent lawsuit in Pima County, Arizona, that suggests much more activity affecting the reliability of elections took place in secret meetings with Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett. When the 2011 revision of the state elections manual added a sentence requiring presorting of early ballots by precinct, the County secretly went to the Secretary of State and got a waiver, without any disclosure to their own Election Integrity Commission. This activity certainly falls within the purview of the Commission and presorting had been frequen... more »

"One Vile Task After Another..."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 14 hours ago
"In life you have to do a lot of things you don't ****ing want to do. Many times, that's what the **** life is... one vile ****ing task after another.” "Pain, or damage, don't end the world- or despair or f---in' beatings. The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you've got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man- and give some back." - “Al Swearengen”, Ian McShane's character in “Deadwood”

The New Nixon To China: Will Obama Go To Iran?

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 15 hours ago
*Will these two men ever meet?* Hillary Mann Leverett, a former National Security Council official, spoke at the Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference in Washington on October 26. The title of the talk is called, *"U.S. And Arab Strategies Toward Iran."* Here is an excerpt from her remarks: "I have two important points to make. One is that what the United States desires or what is necessary is different. It is necessary for the United States to have a strategic realignment with the Islamic Republic of Iran, like it was necessary to do so with China. And how it affects our allies in ... more »

Blue America's Last Contest Of The 2012 Cycle... Frank Sinatra

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 16 hours ago
This is a chance to win something by the Chairman of the Board... and defeat the current Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee at the same time. Monday we're picking the winner of the VERY GOOD YEARS Frank Sinatra R.I.A.A.-certified double platinum award as part of our efforts to help independent progressive Democrat Lee Rogers replace corrupt old Establishment hack and warmonger Buck McKeon in California's 25th CD. You know, Tuesday we're going to have some wins and we're going to have some losses and Blue America is very proud of all the candidates we backed this cycle ... more »

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 18 hours ago
“A Full Moonset can be a dramatic celestial sight, and Full Moons can have many names. Late October's Full Moon, the second Full Moon after the northern hemisphere autumnal equinox, has been traditionally called the Hunter's Moon. *Click image for larger size.* According to lore, the name is a fitting one because this Full Moon lights the night during a time for hunting in preparation for the coming winter months. In this scene, last week's Hunter's Moon shines with a rich yellow light, setting as dawn comes to the Italian Alps. Topping out at over 11,000 feet, the snowy peak k... more »

The Daily "Near You?"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 18 hours ago
Arroyo Grande, California, USA. Thanks for stopping by.

Satire: "Romney Airdrops Two Billion in Small Bills Over Ohio"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 18 hours ago
*"Romney Airdrops Two Billion in Small Bills Over Ohio"* by Andy Borowitz CINCINNATI (The Borowitz Report)— "In an all-out effort to claim Ohio’s precious eighteen electoral votes, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney today airdropped two billion dollars in small bills over the Buckeye State. The Romney campaign is hoping that the crisp currency, shipped directly from Las Vegas to Ohio by casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, will help close the gap with President Obama in the waning hours of the campaign. Using a fleet of twin-engine aircraft, Mr. Romney littered the skie... more »

Clocks go back tonight

James C Morton at Morton's Musings - 19 hours ago
You'll lose an extra hour of light but gain an hour back this weekend as daylight saving time officially ends. As standard time resumes at 2 a.m. Sunday, it's time to "fall back," so set your clocks *back*one hour when you go to bed tonight.

Arizona Signs of the Times

Roberto Rodriguez at Dr Cintli - 19 hours ago
Messsage from above Re-Elect Arpaio? Read the Fine Print The Return of Chicano Batboy!

What you do now. My opinion.

Eric Whitney at Reality Pimp - 19 hours ago
I think what you do is vote Obama. I initially wrote about why one should vote Obama in this post. Voting Obama, even though he has many, many drawbacks for us progressives, will provide time to fight back against an adversary who is possibly less prone to open violence than a Republican president. Down ticket you vote for progressive candidates, and if you are able, you monetarily support progressive candidates. You work against Blue Dog Democrats and Republicans in any and every way that you can. Remember that Congress must be taken back from the crazy right wing. Congressional ... more »

"Letters to the Future"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 19 hours ago
* "Letters to the Future"* by Olaf Stapledon "In 1917 the author Olaf Stapledon published “Letters to the Future,” a series of 4 letters addressed to his great grandson in the year 1999. This post is Letter 1, excerpted. How remarkably relevant they seem today..." - CP “To my Great Grandson in early manhood. Sir, If ever you come upon this letter, forgive its preglacial dialect, and have patience to spell out its meaning. How gladly would I address you in whatever speech lives in your ears! The thoughts which follow must, I know, reach you only as dead and fragile specimens; b... more »

The Great Walnut Heist

Photo courtesy: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported | J.Dncsn Two truckloads of walnuts, worth around $300,000 in total, have gone missing out of Northern California, and local deputies are after a man with a Russian accent who they say is the prime suspect. Sheriff's deputies in Tehama County, an area noted for its walnut orchards, got a call from a freight brokerage firm on Oct. 26, reporting that a shipment of 42,000 pounds (19,050 kilograms) of unprocessed walnuts was still unaccounted for two days after it was scheduled to arrive in Miami, according to the ... more »

Willard Romney on Climate Change: He knows what to do!

Eric Whitney at Reality Pimp - 19 hours ago
This ad created by the great folks at Climate Silence. Romney is such an asshole.

Ripped from the headlines -- The New Yorker's "Daily Cartoon" Web feature debuts

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 19 hours ago
*by Ken* This week in his Wednesday e-newsletter-slash-blogpost *New Yorker* cartoon editor Bob Mankoff introduced a new Web-exclusive feature, "The Daily Cartoon." The new feature's introduction was apparently swallowed up by Hurricane Sandy. However, says Bob, we’ve recovered our wits, and now one particular wit, the cartoonist David Sipress [*whose work we've sampled here* -- Ed.), will aid in the recovery from Sandy and from pre- and post-election fatigue by drawing a cartoon every weekday for a month. As you can see, David has everything serenely under control. "These carto... more »

"How It Really Is"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 19 hours ago

Drone Strikes: "OK, Fine. Shoot Him."

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 20 hours ago
*"‘OK, Fine. Shoot Him.’ * *Four Words That Heralded a Decade of Secret US Drone Killings"* by Chris Woods "The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) usually gets all the credit for the first US drone targeted killing beyond the conventional battlefield. But it was the military which gave the final go-ahead to kill on November 3 2002. Lt General Michael DeLong was at Centcom headquarters in Tampa, Florida when news came in that the CIA had found its target. The deputy commander made his way down to the UAV Room, showing live video feeds from a CIA Predator high above Marib provinc... more »

Republicans and Rape.

Eric Whitney at Reality Pimp - 20 hours ago
Reposted, with permission, from Brainwrap at DailyKos
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