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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

27 November - iGoogle

All Things Considered - NPR
For Cyprus' North And South, A Reversal Of Fortunes
As Colleges Retool Aid, Can Entry Stay Need-Blind?
American Water Intelligence Project
Río Bogotá WWTP

Fes/Meknès WTP
Mass Cairo protest against Mursi
Tens of thousands of Egyptians take part in a rally in Cairo against President Mohammed Mursi, who last week granted himself sweeping new powers.  
Chavez back to Cuba for treatment
  • Concerns raised over python trade
    The global trade in python skins is often illegal and is threatening the survival of some species, says a new report.
  • Polar lake's clue to alien life
    The discovery of microbes living in the briny, sub-zero conditions of an Antarctic lake could raise the prospects for life elsewhere in the Solar System.
  • Ice Age warmth wiped out lemmings
    Lemmings became "regionally extinct" five times due to rapid climate change during the last Ice Age, scientists have found.
  • Second Saturn 'Pac-Man' spotted
    Astronomers see a temperature pattern on Saturn's moon Tethys that looks like the 1980s arcade icon Pac-Man - the second such find near Saturn.
  • First gas tanker crosses Arctic
    A large LNG tanker is set to become the first such carrier to sail across the Arctic taking advantage of changing climate conditions.
  • Nuclear site moves step closer
    The first nuclear site licence in 25 years is granted to Hinkley Point in Somerset, but the plans await a formal government go-ahead.
Blog of Rights - ACLU
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women – Fulfilling Our Promise to Say “No” to Violence
Does Using Certain Privacy Tools Expose You to Warrantless NSA Surveillance? ACLU Files FOIA to Find Out
NASA hedges on Curiosity's mystery Mars discovery
Chinese news site falls for Kim Jong-Un 'sexiest man alive' tale
Third attempt kills former Mexican mayor
Investigators are not ruling out any possible motives in the killing of Maria Santos Gorrostieta, said the Mexican state's deputy attorney general.  
President-elect: It's not just drugs
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
BC's water and hydroelectricity: more fragile than we might think
Impaired Judgement: The Economic and Social Consequences of Liquor Privatization in Western Canada
Carbon Farmers of Australia
Carbon Tax: Only Having Chicken Little Effect On Dairy
How do I love thee, oh terrestrial carbon - Let me count the ways
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Oil sands up close

We could find common ground on a carbon tax
Circle of Blue - water news
EU Climate Forecast Points to a Drier Future
The Stream, November 27: Doha Climate Talks Commence
Andrew Grice: 'Man or mouse' reshuffle has not magically created a Tory majority
Grace Dent: Andy dangles from a rope and we all yawn. It's time to downgrade this expensive blowhard
Common Dreams
We Want Our Cheap Stuff, No Matter How It's Made
Daily Bell
The Curious Case of the Georgia Guidestones and Ms. Carney
How to End the Tragedy in Gaza
Daily Galaxy
"No Jupiter, No Advanced Life? " --Evolution May be Impossible in Star Systems Without a Giant Planet"No Jupiter, No Advanced Life? " --Evolution May be Impossible in Star Systems Without a Giant Planet
CERN's Large Hadron Collider Reveals New Type of MatterCERN's Large Hadron Collider Reveals New Type of Matter
Ancient Microbial Life Found Thriving in Permanent Darkness 60 Feet Beneath Antarctica IceAncient Microbial Life Found Thriving in Permanent Darkness 60 Feet Beneath Antarctica Ice
Horsehead Nebula Found to Cloak a Vast Interstellar Chemistry LabHorsehead Nebula Found to Cloak a Vast Interstellar Chemistry Lab
"Origin of Life" --Astrobiologists Find Mechanism that May Have Triggered It"Origin of Life" --Astrobiologists Find Mechanism that May Have Triggered It

Democracy Now!
Eve Ensler on “The State of Female America,” Her Play "Emotional Creature" & Women Violence in Congo

Largest Predator Performs Acrobatics to Feed
Blue whales execute impressive 360-degree rolls to capture bigger mouth-fulls of krill.  

EPA Radiation News
EPA Finalizes Cleanup Plan for Diaz Chemical Superfund Site; $12 Million Spent to Date
EPA Releases Plan to Remove Lead at Raritan Bay Superfund Site in Old Bridge and Sayreville, New Jersey; Public Hearing to Take Place Oct. 17 in Old Bridge
EPA Water Science News
Final National Recommended Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Carbaryl--2012
2012 Beach Grants
Food and Water Watch
How Consolidated Agribusiness Harms The Organic Sector
food consumer
Atrial fibrillation risk higher in those with low serum magnesium
Poor diet linked to ADHD symptoms
Applaud Congressman for Joining Walmart Walkouts
Tell Poultry Farm to Treat Its Turkeys Humanely
FreakOut Nation
NSFW: Video of naked protesters at John Boehner’s office, “Boehner, don’t be a dick! Budget cuts will make us sick!”

Guardian UK
Morsi refuses to back down
Egyptian president's offer to limit his new powers to sovereign issues failed to placate judges and protestersMatthew WeaverHaroon SiddiqueBen Quinn  
Bangladesh factory fire 'was deliberate'
The Truck, The Brewer, And The Blogger II: Louisiana Re-Imagined
STEVEN CROWDER: On Marijuana Legalization
Inside Facebook
CityVille 2, Subway Surfers, Stormfall, Snapchat, Twitter and more on this week’s top 20 Facebook apps growing by MAU
How to Avoid a Clogged Bathtub Drain
Turn an Empty Milk Jug Into an Emergency Dustpan
Report: Iran Sanctions Harming Iranian-Americans
Where is the old Kissinger when we need him?
Geithner Keeps Withholding Freeze as Weapon to Curb Cliff (Richard Rubin/Bloomberg)

Steve Munro
Jerry Waese Street Scenes


New Scientist
Gas explosion in Springfield points to ageing pipes

DailyDirt: Help For The Mathophobic

News 24
Youth learn about sex from friends
Most young people learn about sex from their friends as opposed to their families, according to a survey.  
SA fans go Gaga over Mother Monster
Obama Conspiracy Theories
Taitz wants to turn US into third-world country
Orly’s Indiana receipt
Open Channel
Jeb Bush's reputation as education reformer gets a second look
Steve Cannon / AP fileFla. Gov. Jeb Bush looks at a chart showing Florida's Comprehensive Assessment Test results in Tallahassee on May 10, 2004...  
One email exposes millions of people to data theft in South Carolina cyberattack
Open Secrets
Drones: Despite Problems, A Push to Expand Domestic Use
Capito Announces 2014 Senate Bid After Congressional Re-election
Why Should I Rejoice?

‘Bigfoot’ DNA Sequenced In Upcoming Genetics Study
Republicans pin their hopes on a third George Bush
paper.li blog
Is Your Blog Ready for 2013?
We have some fun and really exciting news! Paper.li is the official sponsor this December for Mack Collier’s #BlogChat  -- and we can’t...  

Payvand Iran news
Brzezinski: US Should Not Follow Israel on Iran Like a "Stupid Mule"
Pesticide Action Network

Philippines News
Malaysia offers template to resolve conflicts worldwide
Philippines to Buck Global Downgraft in Growth Report
Political MoJo | Mother Jones
Servicewomen Sue Dept. of Defense Over Ban on Combat Roles
We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for November 27, 2012
Politics Security Secrecy
Secrecy surrounds TPP trade deal - Stuff
India-U.S. Security Relations, and More from CRS | Secrecy News
Psychology Today
Compatibility Collisions

Live pigs 'blasted with explosives and monkeys infected with anthrax during cruel experiments'

Science Daily

Scientific American
Growth of Ethanol Fuel Stalls in Brazil

Shaleshock Media
Post debate discussion after industry insiders face off against Cornell scientists and Walter Hang
MacGeorge Flare plus FLIR video of alternate flare
Star Online
Pakistani held over RM375,000 drugs
Life on Mars: A Q&A with aerospace engineer (and meme-magnet) Bobak Ferdowsi
New TED Book: The Science of Optimism
DailyDirt: Help For The Mathophobic

Texas Politics
Pollster: Share-the-wealth law dampens support for school tax hikes
Texas school districts, such as Austin and Eanes, that are considered wealthy under the state ...  
Senate panel considers tighter open records law
This Week in Science
Protein Folding: Past and Future
Watching a Breakdown
Iran, Turkmenistan discuss bilateral relations
Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qassemi and Turkmen Foreign Minister Rasit Meredow in a meeting in Ashkhabad on Tuesday discussed enhancement of...  
Hackers post IAEA data, refer to covert attacks on Iran
USA Today
Wednesday's Powerball a $500 million (or more) payoff
Sandusky abuse may change laws
Unexplained Mysteries
US planned to detonate nuke on the Moon
Australia beaches turn blood red
Web MD
HIV Hits 1,000 Young Americans Each Month
Every month, 1,000 more young Americans ages 13 to 24 get an incurable infection that's deadly unless held at bay by daily doses of costly drugs --...  
Sunscreen: Are You Really Covered?
Chinese website falls for Onion spoof over 'sexiest man alive' award for Kim Jong-un
Bangkok inmates perform Gangnam Style dance ahead of Psy concert
White House
Statement by the President on the 100th Anniversary of Albania’s Independence

Dallas Diminishes JFK, His Legacy, And Those Who Care About Democracy

Nothing Political—And Plenty Nice

More prescription drugs are on the market that can interact with grapefruit juice with potentially serious effects including sudden death, Canadian doctors warn. David Bailey, a clinical pharmacologist at the Lawson Health Research Institute in London, Ont., ...
Clues gleaned from the most recent infections with the new coronavirus are behind the World Health Organization's decision to warn countries to broaden their surveillance for cases, an expert with the agency says. The Geneva-based global health body now ...
People who worry that a cheaper version of the painkiller OxyContin will lead to more abuse will have their fears put to the test. A generic form of the drug has been given the green light by Health Canada, despite calls for a delay from provincial health ...
The disturbing discovery of a suicide pact involving dozens of East Vancouver youths has community groups demanding immediate government intervention to prevent an inner-city tragedy. The pact was formed by children from Grandview-Woodlands, ...
Why do humans hiccup? - Globe and Mail
You drink too much, you eat the wrong thing – and suddenly you're battling a bout of the hiccups. What's up with that? Why do seemingly insignificant triggers sometimes prompt your body to produce weird and irritating noises in sequences? Why in some rare ...
Dr. Andrew Maitland says a new procedure to repair leaky heart valves results in less pain, smaller scars and shorter hospital stays for patients, and has the potential to save on health costs over the long term. Photograph by: Marianne Helm , Calgary Herald ...
VANCOUVER — A 2010 Statistics Canada survey found 64 out of 100 Canadians age 16 years or older searched the Internet for medical and health related information. Usage in United States is even higher; a 2011 survey found eight out of 10 Americans go ...
On Nov. 23, these hospital workers pointed to flaws for them, "Workers in communit
After meeting with Susan Rice, Republican senators say they aren't reassured - Washington Post
Protests Continue in Egypt - Voice of America

Press TV

To Do

NPR (blog)
Waves constantly thrash the fishing village of Mutriku on Spain's northern coast. Records from the 13th century describe the dangerous surf and shipwrecks here. Until recently, water occasionally hurled debris through windows of homes, before the local ...
Jerusalem Post
By initiating a bachelor's degree in renewable energy at Ben-Gurion University's Eilat campus, the region will really be able to stand out as the clean-tech center that it aims to be, according to Hevel Eilot Regional Council Chairman Udi Gat. “We can ...
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho's renewable energy landscape is strewn with failed projects, but more casualties may soon be added to the list after Idaho Power Co. demanded state regulators cancel the utility's contracts to buy electricity from two ...
Financial Times
Sir, The announcement by Ed Davey that a robust levy control framework will be included in the energy bill is a step in the right direction (“Energy truce after coalition infighting”, November 23). It will at least give more confidence that the UK will ...
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Human Habitat

Huffington Post
Continuing my series on being 'A Yogi at Union' with an exploration on the need for an urgent and compassionate call from the spiritual/theological tradition concerning our existential ecological crisis. You can check out more at the Union In Dialogue ...
OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) will conduct two hearings in Lacey on Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2012, to gather public comment on a draft rule that would provide more flexibility for local governments to exempt minor new construction ...
PCT Magazine
The number of genetic mutations that follow host shifts in rabies virus impacts the speed of disease emergence in new host species, according to new research by ecologists at the University of Georgia and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and ...
Red and Black
Odum School of Ecology, Auditorium. Athens, GA. Event Contact. Name: Beth Gavrilles Phone: 706-542-7247. Contact Beth Gavrilles by phone at 706-542-7247 for more information regarding the Ecology Seminar.
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Water Power

Washington Post
ONEKAMA, Mich. — For more than a century, easy access to Lake Michigan has made Onekama a popular place for summer visitors and a refuge for boaters fleeing dangerous storms. Now the community itself needs a rescue, from slumping lake levels that ...
Mississippi River barge traffic is slowing as the worst drought in five decades combines with a seasonal dry period to push water levels to a near-record low, prompting shippers to seek alternatives. River vessels are cutting loads on the nation's ...
ABC News (blog)
Sydney's famous beaches, popular with surfers, looked more like a scene out of a horror movie today when the waters were stained blood red from an algae bloom. Bondi Beach, nearby Clovelly Beach and Gordon's Bay were closed while authorities tested ...
Chicago Tribune
Village officials do not expect to lift a boil water order until sometime Wednesday, more than 24 hours after the break caused the water tower in Spring Rock Park to drain to nearly empty. A public works crew was on the site Tuesday morning using a ...
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