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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, November 16, 2012

16 November - My Feedly

The poster reads "Firmly support the deci...
The poster reads "Firmly support the decision of the Central Committee to deal with the illegal organization of 'Falun Gong'" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cover of "Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Se...
Cover via Amazon


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AAPL 523.09 -2.53
Stock Market News for November 16, 2012 Stock Market News for November 16, 2012 • 6 hours ago
GOOG 648.27 1.01
Nokia to Share Mapping Technology Nokia to Share Mapping Technology • 23 hours ago
CRM 142.7 1.97
Oracle Set to Acquire Instantis Oracle Set to Acquire Instantis • 2 hours ago
F 10.5701 0.0001
Steel Industry Stock Outlook - Nov. 2012 Steel Industry Stock Outlook - Nov. 2012 • 19 hours ago
ORCL 30.02 0.0699
Oracle Set to Acquire Instantis Oracle Set to Acquire Instantis • 2 hours ago
MSFT 26.54 -0.1207
Just As Telling As the Fiscal Cliff Just As Telling As the Fiscal Cliff • 3 hours ago
GHDX 28.36 0.87
Mixed 3Q for Genomic Health Mixed 3Q for Genomic Health • 8 days ago
FB 23.54 1.37
Online Networking, Present & Future Online Networking, Present & Future • 3 days ago

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Rocket from Gaza lands near Jerusalem
Israeli army confirms that a rocket fired by Palestinian fighters lands in an open area without causing injuries.
'Ceasefire' collapses as Egypt PM visits Gaza
Explosions reported after Israeli military offers conditional halt to strikes during Hesham Qandil's solidarity meeting.
Have the Courage to Be Direct
There are many situations where nuance, subtlety, and carefully crafted diplomacy in communications are critical. But most of the time, plain directness can go a long way. More »


Top of the Morning: Gaza Conflict Widens; Big Changes at the Global Fund; Previewing Obama’s Asia Trip
Top stories from DAWNS Digest. Gaza Conflict Widens. Hamas Targets Tel Aviv; Israel Readies Ground Assault; Egypt Tries To Intervene At least 3 Israelis and 18 Palestinians have been killed so far in the violence, which is escalating rapidly and with no end in sight. The Egyptian prime minister visited Gaza in a bid to negotiate a truce, but to no avail. “Palestinian militants targeted densely po
'Book Don't Work!'
Yesterday we were invited by our good friend, author and futurologist Ray Hammondto hear him speak at the Adobe Digital Publishing and Marketing event in London. As usual Ray engaged with his audience and spoke about the immediate future and the potential some 20 years out. As usual he left us all with some gems. He told us of a recent experience in reading a bedtime story to his two year old godd
Firing Employees Because Obama Was Elected May Be a Felony
I wrote before the election about a group of CEOs who, prompted by their candidate, sent a series of threats to employees that, if President Obama were reelected, they'd have no choice but to (pick one) a. shut down, b. do layoffs, or c. move to another country. I wondered the day after the election why there hadn't been a wave of corporate shutdowns. But one guy actually did what he threatened.
All politicians can be bullies. But Stephen Harper has perfected the art. In fact, Michael Harris writes, he's been so good at it that his band of bullying deserves its own name -- Harpering. Harris then goes on to list several of Harper's victims. But he also reminds his readers of one of the victims who fought back and is still fighting back -- Bill Casey:Casey refused to vote for the Tory budge


The EnvironmentaList
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Coal-Fired Power Plants Disproportionally Impact Communities of Color, says NAACP
Seventy-eight percent of African Americans live within 30 miles of a coal-fired power plant, says new report by civil rights group

Syria Comment
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The Khatib Controversy – How Liberal is He? More Countries Recognize National Coalition
Washington (AP) — Obama says US not ready to recognize new Syrian opposition group as ‘government in exile’. France, Turkey, and Gulf States recognize the National Coalition. Foreign Affairs Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is urging the Syrian opposition to unite as France pushes for arming the opposition. Lavrov met with Arab foreign ministers on Wednesday in Saudi Arabia stressing the u

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Rare Earths
I am working on it! I have a post up today at ForeignPolicy looking at some of the issues relating to Burma’s nuclear program.  I promised to host a discussion here of the role of some of the equipment described here might play in in rare earths extraction. I am behind a bit — but I’ll try to finish the post on the plane.

Texas Liberal
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Waffle House/Wheel Of Fortune
This Waffle House sign I saw in the Houston area a few days ago with a burnt out  ”A” reminded me of a big Wheel of Fortune puzzle that nobody would buy a vowel to solve. I’ve not seen Wheel of Fortune lately, but apparently this season marks 30 years of the show.

The Angry Black Woman
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I Got Your Book: Linky links!
Tu Books is looking for authors of color! Ken Liu’s story is lyrically beautiful.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Nnedi continues to rock out.  Letter to the black babies of the future. Pre-WWII black SF.  Black mermaids. Black Lit Magazine talks SF/F Mother/Daughter struggles in Parable of the Talents. I Got Your Book: Linky links! -- Originally posted at The Angry Black Woman

Obsidian Wings
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your gender confusion open thread
via liberal japonicus Sound interesting? Well, it's below the fold. Normally, I'm a guy who thinks that stuff that goes in the comments, stays in the comments, but a point came up there that would have taken the discussion far away from what it was originally, but was an interesting question. A commenter who shall remain nameless (of course, you can look around for the comment and if yo

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Meanwhile, in bizarro world...
The UK is considering whether to officially recognise the Palestinian opposition, sources say.Foreign Secretary William Hague is to meet leaders of Hamas and Fatah in London on Friday to discuss the "grave and worsening" situation in Gaza.Although high profile US figures such as John McCain have long been calling for the arming of the Palestinians, up until now Britain has only offered "non-

Centauri Dreams
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Conceiving the Laser-Fusion Starship
When young Rod Hyde, fresh out of MIT, started working on starship design in mid-1972, there were not many fusion-based precedents for what he was up to. He had taken a summer job that would turn into a career at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, but right off the bat he was involved with Lowell Wood and John Nuckolls in a concept that would use a battery of lasers to create fusion reactions

In These Times
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Climate Crisis: Do The Math
The night after the election, my climate-crisis activism group, 350.org, launched a 21-city tour of the country designed to pressure not politicians but the fossil fuel industry. That should give you some sense of how I weigh the outcome of the 2012 presidential race. Even with Barack Obama safely returned, we can expect only incremental progress—nothing at all on the scale necessary to cope wit
Ending the Drug War: No Laughing Matter
What's next? Amid all the munchie-themed jokes from reporters, political elites and late-night comedians, this remains the overarching question after Coloradans voted overwhelmingly to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana in the same way alcohol is already legalized, regulated and taxed. Since those anti-Drug-War principles are now enshrined in Colorado's constitution, only the feds can

WWF - Latest News
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Cameroon sends army to defend borders from Sudanese poachers
Cameroon announced Friday it has mobilized its special forces units to prevent Sudanese poachers from entering its territory to hunt elephants for their ivory, in an operation it called "a first of its kind". WWF congratulates the Cameroonian government for taking concrete steps to address poaching and illegal wildlife trade, a lucrative criminal activity that undermines the sovereignty, security
WWF praises people power in spurring Australia marine parks decision
Sydney, Australia - This morning, WWF congratulated the Federal Government of Australia on finalising the boundaries and basic layout of the world's largest network of marine parks. The conservation organisation also praised the high level of community support for the move."This is an historic moment for marine conservation in Australia. The establishment of this national network of marine parks i

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Drop, Kicked
The weirdity of humans: to this there is no end. Take New Year’s Eve. For reasons Unknown, the American variant of human has developed a tradition involving ushering in the new year by dropping things. This may have begun in New York City. Where, as the clock ticks into New Year’s Day, a large and colorful ball is, from a great height, dropped, while many humans, gathered below, shout and cheer an
Too Young To Really Know
Filed under: Into The Light, La Musica
The Said Admiral Is Dead
(I suppose I must have been consumed by a brain parasite, that I didn’t timely post this year’s version of this piece here. But, no matter. Mistah Admiral: he—still—dead. (For, as ever, Anacaona, and all the Taino.) ∞ They say it came first from Africa, carried in the screams of the enslaved; that it was the death bane of the Taino, uttered just as one world perished and another began; that it wa
I Give You Always
Wednesday night I had to drive down to the town for a file-switch with the lawyer. On my way back up the hill, I stopped at the cheap gas station for some fumes for the truck. While there, I thought I’d also pick up a pack of smokes. I asked the guy for some GPCs, and he crouched down to rummage around under the counter. He began emitting muffled language, but I couldn’t understand it: he hails fr

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Another late Fall moment of Zen
Morning in west central Missouri. Take a moment to reflect. Only a moment. Then get back to work, planning, and plotting. There's an election coming up in 2014.
The Nightowl Newswrap
By@BGinKC It was one of those days where I took multiple naps. Maybe next week I will get a few posts up other than the Newswrap. The people who make fun of Arugula  have something to show for their own deep-fried diets - a diabetes rate that has exploded, more than doubling in some southern and Appalachian states. Looks like McCain is showboating on Libya, because if he actually cared and though
Back To Normal
By @TomBales1  It's been one of those weeks when while there's nothing really huge going on, there a lot of not so huge stuff going on everywhere and you can't find time to get yourself around most it.  One thing that always emerges from the smoke and mirrors of American Politics though is that...  far from having learned any lessons from being soundly beaten by the man they've don

The Truth is Where?
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Roll-out of 4G leaves UK with £180m bill.
By Brian Brady  11th November 2012. Find Full Article Here:- Millions expected to suffer from interference. Thousands of British homes will have to be reconnected to the television network – at a cost of up to £10,000 a time – after it emerged that interference from the new 4th-generation mobile phone network would wipe out their TV signals. More than two million households near new base statio
Steve Bell on Mervyn King’s warning that UK is at risk of triple-dip recession – cartoon.
Steve Bell The Guardian, Wednesday 14th November 2012. Hey Merve! Tell us something we hadn’t already guessed!
Steve Bell on the arrest of a teenager over picture of burning poppy – cartoon.
Steve Bell The Guardian, Tuesday 13th November 2012. Teenager is arrested for burning a poppy on Facebook: Family brand him ‘idiotic’ but say police went too far.  Find Article Here:-
The Truth is Wher... / by The Truth is Wher... / 19 hours ago
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