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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

24 November - My Feedly!

Signatories are asked to place this button on ...
Signatories are asked to place this button on their blogs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Blogs Cafund (Cafund ) (251341780)
Blogs Cafund (Cafund ) (251341780) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Prudencio Hernández Jr. Uruguayan wri...
English: Prudencio Hernández Jr. Uruguayan writer born in Montevideo on November 21, 1950. Storyteller and poet does his work through blogs. His personal blog http://enunmundonuevo.blogspot.com meets some of his most recent works Español: Prudencio Hernández Jr. escritor uruguayo nacido en Montevideo el 21 de noviembre de 1950. Cuentista y poeta realiza su obra a través de blogs. Su Blog personal http://enunmundonuevo.blogspot.com reúne algunos de sus trabajos mas recientes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Blogs on JoopeA
English: Blogs on JoopeA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
616455_501410869885444_81319128_o (Photo credit: Silent Tears Musical)

Featured Sources

The EnvironmentaList
The Corbett Report
Truth Frequency News
JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
(title unknown)
A Closer Look: Jody Paterson
Jay Allbritton
Housewife Eclectic
No Eco Twaddle- or other false policy (N.E.T)

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Salesforce Posts Wider Loss Salesforce Posts Wider Loss • 1 day ago
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Ford Joins with General Electric Ford Joins with General Electric • 1 day ago
ORCL 30.92 0.525
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and Expedia The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and Expedia • 1 day ago
MSFT 27.7 0.75
AMD's HD GPU for Nintendo's Wii U AMD's HD GPU for Nintendo's Wii U • 1 day ago
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Meditation Flash Mob Sits in Middle of Mall on "Black Friday"
A surprise gathering organized over the Internet gathers to meditate in a mall on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.
Israel limits Palestinian access to holy site
Access to Al-Aqsa mosque compound restricted as third day of Egypt-mediated Gaza-Israel truce is tested.
DIY Gifts Are the Ultimate Remedy for Black Friday
Black Friday seems to be firmly polarized between those who love the thrill of the hunt and those who view the year's biggest shopping day as selling out family, holidays, and leisure time for a few bucks less on imported goods. If you find yourself among the critics of Black Friday why not strike out against that symbol of greed and do something positive by making DIY gifts at least some of your friends and family this holiday season. More »
BREAKING: Skeptics equated to pedophiles — Robyn Williams ABC. Time to protest.
Hat tip to Graham Young editor of Online Opinion. “That is worse than anything Alan Jones said. ” Follow Graham Young on twitter. A bad-taste joke by Alan Jones in October created a national storm. These comments in the “science” show were supposedly considered, deliberate and researched. This morning on the “science” show Robyn Williams equates skeptics to pedophiles, people pushing asbestos, and drug pushers. Williams starts the show by framing republicans (and skeptics) as liars: “New Scientist complained about the “gross distortions” and “barefaced lying” politicians come out  with…” He’s


VIDEO Akwesasne Mohawks gather supplies for Lakotas at Pine Ridge SD
Akwesasne Mohawks deliver warm winter clothing and supplies for Lakotas at Pine Ridge. Funds are still being raised for the cross country travel to Pine Ridge to deliver the truckload. Thanks to Neddie Katsitsiaiohne and Leadhorse Choctaw for sharing the video with Censored News and for their efforts.
Guest Hosting 'Malloy Show' Wednesday!
[Now UPDATED below with tonight's audio archives.] It's our final night this week of guest hosting for the nationally-syndicated Mike Malloy Show. Mike will be back LIVE on Monday! (A grateful nation rejoices.) For the last time this week, we'll again be BradCasting LIVE from 9pm-Mid ET (6p-9p PT), coast-to-coast and around the globe from L.A.'s KTLK am1150 in beautiful downtown Burbank. Join us b
'Green News Report' - November 20, 2012
Welcome aboard to the GNR's newest affiliate partner on our public airwaves --- Ohio's Progressive Talk, WVKO 1580am in Columbus! TWITTER: @GreenNewsReport FACEBOOK: Green News Report VIA SMART PHONE: Stitcher Radio! IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Conservative World Bank warns of catastrophic climate change; For the first time, MotorTrend's 'Car of the Year' is all-electric!; CO2 emissions reach record
Buck McKeon, Drones And Your Rights As An American Citizen
Since he was first elected in 1992 to California's newly created 25th congressional district, Buck McKeon had never fared so badly in his reelect numbers as he did this year when he squared off against first time candidate, Dr. Lee Rogers. McKeon, losing the Antelope Valley entirely, wound up with 111,938 (55.5%) to Rogers' 89,460 (44.5%). McKeon, chairman of the powerful House Armed Service Commi

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A chain blog – read it or you’ll have a gazillion years of bad luck
The Exhibit A logo Hey, remember me? The guy that used to blog here? So I get this thing from Ed Kurtz. Who got this thing from . . . ah hell, I can’t remember where he got it.  The deal is you answer these questions about your upcoming or most recent release, and then you tag some other folk so they have to do it too, and then you link back to the guy who tagged you, and, theoretically, you end u


The EnvironmentaList
13 unread articles
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Burmese Environmentalists Slam Proposed Economic Zone
Some Burmese worry that natural resource plunder will only increase in wake of Obama visit
Norway’s Plan to Kill Wolves Explodes Myth of Environmental Virtue
A proposed cull is indicative of the brutal treatment predators receive in Scandinavian countries
Campus Environmentalists Are Pushing their Universities to Divest from the Fossil Fuel Industry
Youth campaigns hope to replicate the success of the anti-apartheid divestment movement of the 80s
Campus Environmentalists Are Pushing their Schools to Divest from the Fossil Fuel Industry
Youth campaigns hope to replicate the success of the anti-apartheid divestment movement of the 80s

Obsidian Wings
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Thanksgiving + Black Friday open thread
by liberal japonicus Black Friday has really grown, it seems, since I left the US, but attaching it to the end of Thanksgiving? That seems a bit much. Thoughts?
Thanksgiving + Black Friday open thread
by liberal japonicus Is the juxtaposition of Thanksgiving and Black Friday usual? Or is this the new normal? I think that the whole Black Friday thing has grown since I left the US, but starting on the evening of Thanksgiving seems a bit much. What do you think?

Syria Comment
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Will Assad Soon Abandon the North to Rebel Control?
Syria: Rebels shut down key government supply lines Tom A. Peter | The Christian Science Monitor | Nov 20, 2012 After months of fighting, Syrian opposition forces in Aleppo say that in the past week they’ve captured several critical areas from government forces that may soon give them the upper hand in northern Syria. The new ground will allow opposition groups to strain or potentially cut off su
Announcement of Islamic State in Aleppo Met with Widespread Denials. Opposition Gains Ground and Recognition in Europe
Obama offers new Syria coalition praise but not weapons – LA Times “We have seen extremist elements insinuate themselves into the opposition, and one of the things that we have to be on guard about — particularly when we start talking about arming opposition figures — is that we’re not indirectly putting arms in the hands of folks who would do Americans harm, or do Israelis harm, or otherwise enga

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Happy Thanksgiving!
Today’s Thanksgiving is an American holiday. But other countries have their Thanksgivings and harvest festivals. I think there’s something we all can give thanks for: that we humans seem to be improving ourselves. Yes, I’ve been following the news of Israel and Gaza and the probably cynical calculations behind the deaths. We’re improving, and we’ve still got some way to go.But I think that Steven

Craig Murray
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BBC Vomit
I was trying to come up with a witty and apposite acronym for BBC to describe what I have just seen on TV, but all I could manage was Beyond Belief Cunts. Watching BBC World News here in Accra, I have just seen forty minutes of intense and non-stop Israeli propaganda. A live press conference by Netanyahu and Ehud Barak followed by a long, long interview with Mark Regev in which the most searchi

(title unknown)
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The Silence of America on the Murder in Gaza
Thanks to Sis. Deb. for introducing me to this powerful piece by Chris Hedges of Truthdig. Meanwhile back on the plantation, the “White House” Negro defends his master…
Obama and the Jews
Very insightful and telling article from 2008 on then Presidential candidate Obama and the dynamics of his long standing relationship with pro-Israeli Jews. Click on image below for article.

Centauri Dreams
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More on the Starship ‘Slingshot’ Maneuver
Although we ordinarily think of Stanislaw Ulam in connection with pulse propulsion — and in particular with the Orion concept, in which nuclear devices are exploded behind the spacecraft — the scientist was also investigating other propulsion ideas. It puts yesterday’s discussion of Freeman Dyson’s ‘gravitational machines’ into context to realize that Ulam was writing about obtaining ‘a velocity a

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Deterrence and the Unitary, Rational Actor
The theory and practice of deterrence between the United States and the Soviet Union were predicated on the unitary, rational-actor model. Life-or-death decisions in deep crises would be made by leaders driven by rational calculations of national interest and executed by coherent chains of command. The unitary, rational-actor model, from which the constructs of escalation control and escalation do

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Oh please, spare me this idiocy
By @BGinKC Sweet Jesus, this persecuted-Christian nonsense really pisses me off... "It's, well, Christmas all over again. The Grinch is trying to steal our holiday. It's been so beautiful, the nation comes together, we sing Christmas carols, we give gifts to each other, we have lighted trees, and it's just a beautiful thing. Atheists don't like our happiness, they don't want you to be happy, they
Et Tu, Think Progress?
By @BGinKC Exactly three years ago, a study was released that suggested that age forty was too soon for women to start getting routine mammograms, because 1900 women are referred for further testing and 1899 of them are in no danger. Personally, I was pissed, and I was pissed because I am that other one in that 1900. I'm the poster child for early detection and intervention. My brush with mortalit
Black Friday labor demonstration in Roeland Park, Kansas
"...So next Thanksgiving, when you're sitting at the, at the dinner table and some of your family's not there because they're at work this is why..." A Black Friday labor demonstration at the parking lot entrance of the Walmart store in Roeland Park, Kansas. Starting at noon today approximately one hundred people, a mix of union members, young people, and older activists, demonstrated in front of
This probably means that we can kiss filibuster reform goodbye. Again.
Last night, via Twitter: Claire McCaskill ‏@clairecmc In KC tonight the McCaskill and Blunt staffs have dinner together at one of their homes. Good stuff. #bipartisan [....] 10:25 PM - 19 Nov 12 Michael Bersin ‏@MBersin @clairecmc Why did I suddenly get the urge to check to see if my Social Security card was still in my wallet? 10:57 PM - 19 Nov 12 Previously: Filibuster Reform: We told you so. No

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Belfry tower.
Apparent inadvertent double entendre in satire of the week.
As a hardworking constituency MP, unlike some others I could mention from Planet Westminster, I can't wait to get back to my lovely people right away and share some of the amazing things I've learned on their behalf. Next time someone starts complaining to me about "food poverty", I will lead them to the nearest camel toe!
David Cameron is duly invited to the vomitorium.
All things considered, there are relatively few things I find so anathema that they make me feel physically ill.  Coming from someone who was so often throwing up at one point that I was ironically nicknamed "sick", factor in I barely feel comfortable in my own skin at most times, and this is quite the statement.  Compare me to David Cameron for instance, who finds the mere prospect of p
Neither one thing nor the other.
I realise it's a motif I've been over-dependent on recently, but such has been the scale of bullshit of late that it's been difficult not to feel like we've been mysteriously plunged into a parallel universe.  A couple of months back David Cameron appeared before the UN general assembly, and reaching for the most emotive imagery he could muster, he said the UN had been stained by the blood

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Why I Am Here
So that I would make a place, allowing this boy, to be here. Filed under: Into The Light
A Maine Thing
I am no longer certain that the people of Maine can claim to be Sane, or even Normal. First came recent news that a truck rumbled out onto a Maine airport runway, causing a nonplussed plane to crash into it, settle, and burn. Then, the Maine airways authorities pronounced that the truck had behaved in a way both Sane, and Normal. Now we hear of the Maine man who pistol-whipped his estranged wife w
I’m Alive
Another treat; another of the finest films ever made: Peter Weir’s Fearless. Based partially on the journey of United Airlines Flight 232: Dennis Fitch, who helped return that crippled craft to earth: “For the 30 minutes I was up there, I was the most alive I’ve ever been. That is the only way I can describe it to you.” Filed under: Cineman, Into The Light
Time Warp
Joe Ratzinger, the ex-Nazi who today wears the big hat in the Catholic Church, has written a book in which he ruefully admits that no one really knows when the hell Jesus of Nazareth was truly born. Seems it’s pretty certain the guy was born earlier than commonly assumed, and as a result all the Christ-centered calendars are completely out of whack. According to Rats, the Wrongness and Confusion b

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Cross over the River, a Confederate Collection wins Album of the Year
by Mark Vogl:    Not your normal subject matter, but Jed Marum composer, picker and singer created an album that trumped all telling the story of the South!
Free Money and Free Stuff is not the American Dream
by Kevin C. Caffrey:    The article discusses the fiscal cliff and why it may be better if Congress lets us go over it. Obama money is explained and is a fact
The Myth of Authority
by -savoy:    Agorism, Voluntaryism, Anarchism, self-ownership, et al, are diametrically opposed to a central authority, why?
2016: A thought on the future
by Joe Wendt:    A rant on the 2016 Presidential election, and some predictions based on my opinion.

In These Times
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Once Upon a Fiscal Cliff
Once upon a time, America’s political leaders understood that a fair, prosperous, life-giving society was one where corporate interests were trumped by the need for decent jobs, collective bargaining and community well-being. Every four years, political leaders looked at their reflections and asked, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, will the deficit crush us all?” The answer was always, “No way, dud
Beyond the DREAM Act
After November 6, Obama is beholden to the voters who kept him in the Oval Office, and to one group especially: Latinos. Latinos make up 10 percent of the electorate, and a whopping 71 percent voted for Obama. Voters of color—and Latinos especially—were the wind beneath Obama’s wings. It’s essentialist to call immigration the Latino issue—healthcare and education were hot election topics for
"Thanks-giving," said Mr. K., my seventh grade English teacher. "Repeat after me: Thanksgiving." "Ssshthanks give in," I said, but the word tumbled and hissed, turning my mouth into a wind tunnel. A funny word, "Ssshthanks give in," hard on my Vietnamese tongue, tough on my refugee's ears. "That's good," said Mr. K., full of encouragement. "Very good. Th
Peace in Palestine Now
After a week of strafing, rocket fire and death, a ceasefire appears imminent between Israel and Hamas. Everyone—most obviously the residents of both places—will breathe a sigh of relief, but if that is all we do, that will be insufficient, for this is merely a pause before the next violent eruption.  The only agreed-upon facts of the conflict that has taken center stage over the past week are

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End Having a Lower UGG Boots,Trendy folks of each sexes are actually going insane in the unisex ugg boot british
Stylish men and women of the two sexes are now going insane over the unisex Uggs They are really clear that genuine Uggs are by no means cheap. So many people are looking for reduced uggs uktoday. Goods fact, there are few reduced Uggs and they also are not always really readily available. Prior to buying, you must ask yourself a number of crucial Ugg sheepskin boots-associated concerns. Are avail
What You simply must Learn About Ugg boots Shoes or boots Available For Sale Snow shoes or boots suitable for everyone
Low cost Uggs – Uggs on discount sales For 2012Here you are at Uggs store. We provide Low cost ugg boots with excellent at very best low cost price ever. You do not be repent to get ugg boots bailey button in these amazing price. We provide enterprise to worldwide without purchase levy. The delivery payment has limitations for any get things. Welcome majority get for uggs on sale too. Uggs usual
Low-cost Ghd Head of hair Hair styling – Ideal for Dark Comes to an end Quarterly report Hair Salon Owners
GHD hair straighteners straightforward, free hairstyling and curly hair Cheap GHD help you get the range mixture locking mechanism. Advanced clay engineering. This excellent and straightforward-to-control flat irons warmth element for a person using the finest design towards the developed-in micro-processor is very easy to keep cozy. An execllent function is the shade mix model GHD Australia Chea
Believe You Understand Payday Cash Loans? Reconsider!
urgent payday loans online Get payday loans in Chesapeake Virginia by using urgent $ 500 payday loans online no checking account . Do your income not expand with regards to you needed it to the full week? Are you presently looking for a little financial loan? A cash advance might be the choice you possess been searching for. The next post can present you with details you should use while

WWF - Latest News
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Poaching still biggest threat to recovery of world's tiger populations
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Serious gaps in protection are leaving tigers exposed to poachers, a new WWF study says, but this could be reversed if more investments are made in staff, equipment, and training programs for rangers that are working to protect the scattered populations of the endangered species in the wild. WWF released the findings today to mark the 2nd anniversary of the historic St. Pe
WWF: UN assessment confirms world is standing on the brink of climate catastrophe
Gland, Switzerland – Governments are falling far short of their commitment to keep global average temperature rise below the accepted 2°C goal, putting the world on the brink of climate catastrophe.The UN Environment Program's Emissions Gap Report 2012, released today, identifies a huge gap between current pledges to cut polluting greenhouse gas emissions for 2020 and the benchmark of 44 gigat
WWF: Private investments can make a world of difference for climate entrepreneurs
Gland, Switzerland – Financing for entrepreneurial clean energy initiatives are the single biggest inhibiter of a boom in energy efficiency and the renewable energy sector. Innovative clean energy technologies abound worldwide in an unprecedented wave of climate entrepreneurship. The primary barrier to their success is the lack of sufficient funding, says Samantha Smith, leader of the WWF's Global
WWF: Trust will be the turning point of Doha
The UN climate change negotiations - which kick off their next round of discussion next week in Doha, Qatar – must lay the basis for a fair, ambitious and binding agreement by 2015.WWF's head of delegation Tasneem Essop says while it is widely expected that this round of negotiations is unlikely to deliver significantly on any issues, now is the time that expectations must be proven wrong."Governm
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