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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

22 November - iGoogle

The supertanker Hellespont Alhambra enters US ...The supertanker Hellespont Alhambra enters US waters for the first time on 16 May 2002. Now renamed the TI Asia, she is one of four TI class supertankers, the largest ocean going ships in the world as of 2008, since 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is a map showing the location and delinea...This is a map showing the location and delineation of Queen Charlotte Sound, Hecate Strait, and Dixon Entrance. I, Pfly, made it with ArcGIS, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hecate Strait, BCHecate Strait, BC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hecate Strait, BCHecate Strait, BC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Map of the coast of the Pacific Northwest --- ...Map of the coast of the Pacific Northwest --- Islands and major straits of the northern American pacific coast showing Prince of Wales Island (Alaska), Queen Charlotte Sound (Canada), Dixon Entrance, Hecate Strait, Baranof Island, Chichagof Island, Juneau Icefield, Stikine Icecap and other (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
watching the mainland recede behind us as we s...watching the mainland recede behind us as we sail off to the queen charlotte islands. can i still use the verb "to sail" if there is no sail on our boat? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Enbridge Northern Pipeline and Supertankers On Our Northern Coast, INSANE!

Hecate Strait

Marine Forecast


Issued 04:00 PM PST 22 November 2012
Tonight and Friday Storm warning in effect.
Wind southeast 40 to 50 knots diminishing to southerly 35 to 40 early this evening.


Hecate Strait - northern half

Issued 04:00 PM PST 22 November 2012
Today Tonight and Friday Seas 7 to 9 metres subsiding to 4 to 6 near midnight and to 3 to 4 early Friday morning.


Hecate Strait - southern half

Issued 04:00 PM PST 22 November 2012
Today Tonight and Friday Seas 7 to 10 metres subsiding to 4 to 6 near midnight.
Enbridge pipeline to Kitimat, and what about the supertankers..
With Tanker traffic of almost 1 supertanker per day...These winds on our North coast blow for days, that means these super tankers would either risk the wind and waves, or sit idle costing nothing but money for Enbridge...

Hurricane force winds today around Haida Gwaii, gusts 133 kilometers per hour, and just how would oil spill response teams be able to operate in that, they couldn`t..

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

All Things Considered - NPR

Burgundy's Yield Fails To Meet Grape Expectations
American Water Intelligence

Egyptian fury over Mursi 'coup'
Opposition groups denounce Egypt President Mursi's decree giving himself sweeping powers as a "coup against legitimacy" and call for protests.  

South Korea marks island attack
  • Carbon target not in Energy Bill
    The government publishes details of its long-awaited Energy Bill, but the absence of a target for reducing carbon emissions by 2030 is under fire.
  • Review hails citizen scientists
    A review of more than 230 "citizen science" projects says the involvement of volunteers offers "high value to research, policy and practice".
  • Giant bird was 'gentle herbivore'
    Footprints made by the giant bird Diatryma indicate it was a "gentle herbivore", not a fierce carnivore, scientists say.
  • MEPs close shark fin loopholes
    The European Parliament backs plans to close loopholes that allowed the practice of slicing off a shark's fins and discarding the body at sea.
  • Tit pox 'spread to UK by insects'
    A virus that can kill great tits was probably brought into the UK across the English Channel by biting insects, scientists believe.
  • Dwarf planet Makemake laid bare
    Astronomers make use of a chance event to get a look at Makemake, one of five "dwarf planets" that also include former favoured planet Pluto.
Blog of Rights - ACLU
Hamas, Twitter and the First Amendment

Samsung claims iPad Mini, latest iPod violate its patents

Rehydrated holiday at space station
The crew of the International Space Station marked Thanksgiving with zero-gravity-friendly packets of smoked turkey, rehydrated cornbread dressing...  

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
BC's water and hydroelectricity: more fragile than we might think

Impaired Judgement: The Economic and Social Consequences of Liquor Privatization in Western Canada
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Why not make Black Friday a Green Friday?

Circle of Blue water News
The Stream, November 21: U.S., Mexico Sign New Colorado River Water Deal

The Stream, November 19: Low Water Levels Threaten Mississippi River Barge Traffic
Matthew Norman: Cameron's carve-up reveals just how limp he has become

Common Dreams
Now It's Africa for Norway: Say Yes to Radi-Aid

Attention WalMart Shoppers: Cynical Hypocrisy In Aisle Two
Daily Bell
Is Bigger Banking Better?

Another Effort to Void Our Basic Rights
Daily Galaxy
Has 'Curiosity' Sniffed Signs of Life? NASA Prepares to Release a Big Mars DiscoveryHas 'Curiosity' Sniffed Signs of Life? NASA Prepares to Release a Big Mars Discovery
"Pandora's Cluster"  --The Most Colossal Known Galactic Collision"Pandora's Cluster" --The Most Colossal Known Galactic Collision
1st Planet Ever Observed Being Devoured by Its Star System1st Planet Ever Observed Being Devoured by Its Star System
Image of the Day: Searching for Higgs Boson --CERN's ATLAS "Camera" Snaps 40 Million Pictures Per SecondImage of the Day: Searching for Higgs Boson --CERN's ATLAS "Camera" Snaps 40 Million Pictures Per Second
 Dark Energy --"Galaxy Clusters Provide Proof of Its Existence" (Whatever "It" Is) Dark Energy --"Galaxy Clusters Provide Proof of Its Existence" (Whatever "It" Is)

Democracy Now!
A Tribute to Blacklisted Lyricist Yip Harburg: The Man Who Put the Rainbow in The Wizard of Oz

Rocky Exoplanets May Be 'Squishy' Worlds
'Super-Earths' may contain hot minerals that morph into liquid metals, potentially generating life-protecting magnetic shields.  

EPA Radiation News
EPA Finalizes Cleanup Plan for Diaz Chemical Superfund Site; $12 Million Spent to Date

EPA Releases Plan to Remove Lead at Raritan Bay Superfund Site in Old Bridge and Sayreville, New Jersey; Public Hearing to Take Place Oct. 17 in Old Bridge
EPA Water Science News
Final National Recommended Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Carbaryl--2012

Food & Water Watch
Cobbler and Gobbler Spared the Fate of Privatized Meat Inspection

New Risks Cited for Popular Sleeping Pill

Urge President Obama to Veto Construction of Natural Gas Pipeline Through New York

Uphold Sex Offender Registration Law
FreakOut Nation
Ecstasy helps post-traumatic stress

Scientists urge ministers: tell truth on 'over-hyped' flu vaccine
Guardian UK
Morsi grants himself new powers
Egyptian president angers opponents with measures preventing courts from challenging any laws passed since he took officeEgypt's president, Mohamed...  

Nicolas Sarkozy before judge over claims he took illegal campaign donations
ELLIOTT ABRAMS: Winners And Losers In The Israel-Gaza War

SOME TRUCE, EH? No Less Than 12 Rockets Hit Israel After ‘Cease-Fire’
( Wonder if this time they killed the chap it was brokered with ? )

Inside Facebook
Facebook proposes data-sharing with Instagram, end to site governance voting

The Inside Network Job Board: King.com, Tetris, Velocidi and more

Hack a Dead PC Power Supply Into a Rechargeable Lantern
Israel, Gaza and Iran: “The Rockets’ Red Glare, the Bombs Bursting in Air”

Gaza, Iran and Israel’s Never-ending War with Reality
Israel dominates the new Middle East (Fareed Zakaria/Washington Post)

The Vatican on Gaza: Israel is a Baby-Killer" (Giulio Meotti/Arutz Sheva)
Steve Munro
Dufferin Street Track Construction (Update 2)

Spadina Reconstruction News (Updated November 18, 2012)
12-125: ASLB to Hear Oral Arguments Dec. 5 in Rockville, Md., on Request for Hearing on San Onofre License Amendments

New Scientist
Today on New Scientist: 22 November 2012

News 24
Israel ready to attack if truce fails
Defence Minister Ehud Barak has warned that Israel may resume its attacks on Gaza at any time if a truce that ended a week of bloodshed fails to hold.  

Education crisis a threat to democracy - Jansen
Obama Oonspiracy Theories
Is Obama after your 401-K

Open Channel
One email exposes millions of people to data theft in South Carolina cyberattack
A report is expected to be released Tuesday detailing how an unknown cyber hacker broke into South Carolina's computers and stole millions of tax...  

Study finds breast cancer risk for women in auto plastics factories
Open Secrets
Capital Eye Opener, Nov. 22: Thanksgiving Special

Capitol Eye Opener Nov. 20: Sequestration Puts Cloud Over Defense, Allen West Concedes, and More
Why Should I Rejoice?

Mamata's Mantras For The Monkey

Payvand Iran News
ANIMAL PLANET: The Law of the Jungle

Pesticide Action Network
Pass the (pesticide-free) green beans, please!

Philippines News
Singaporebound dolphin dies on flight

Political MoJo | Mother Jones
We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for November 22, 2012

Politics Security Secrecy
Conference on Government Secrecy & National Security at Fordham ...

“Secrets kill democracy” — Activists protest oppressive secrecy bill ...
Psychology Today
Giving Thanks

Ecstasy helps post-traumatic stress

Science Daily

Scientific American
Savory Science: Jelly Bean Taste Test

Planting Seeds of Dementia
Shaleshock Media
Elected Officials to Protect New York, Press Conference

Star Online

Portal will match the right givers to appropriate charities

How Darius Weems became a rap star and clinical trial maverick: ABC Nightline to feature this TED Fellow

A new playlist: The joy of eating
So Long And Thanks For All The Turkey Patents

This Week in Science
Protein Folding: Past and Future

Moscow, Beijing firm on G5+1 talks with Iran
Moscow and Beijing are of the opinion that dialogue is the only option for resolving Iran's nuclear standoff with the West, IRNA reported.  

First EU summit session lasted 1,5 hours
USA Today
2 dead in Texas highway pileup of 140 vehicles

Thanksgiving parade brings cheer to storm-hit NYC
Unexplained Mysteries
Should 'killer robots' be banned ?

Do apes experience a midlife crisis ?
Web MD
ADHD Drugs Keep People on the Straight & Narrow?
People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who are taking medication to help control the symptoms of this illness may be less...  

Lawyer's former lover 'tried to kill him with 38DD breasts'

Eyeballs the owl resettled after unwelcome visits to Devon homes
White House
Weekly Address: Wishing the American People a Happy Thanksgiving


Big Brother, Kill Lists, and Secrecy: What to Expect from Obama’s Second Term
Israel Makes Arrests For Tel Aviv Bus Bombing
Having sex during the later stages of pregnancy doesn't speed up the start of labour, a Malaysian study finds. There's a folk belief that sexual intercourse helps induce labour, and scientists have reported several biological explanations: Semen contains ...
Mammograms have done surprisingly little to catch deadly breast cancers before they spread, a big U.S. study finds. At the same time, more than a million women have been treated for cancers that never would have threatened their lives, researchers ...
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning consumers not eat a certain type of cherry tomato sold in British Columbia because they may be tainted with Salmonella. The products affected by the alert include Krown brand cherry tomatoes in the 551 ml ...
OTTAWA should delay the upcoming regulatory approval of a generic form of the powerful and addictive painkiller OxyContin, Manitoba Health Minister Theresa Oswald said Wednesday. Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq has already told her provincial ...
Health innovators in Canada will use their new $100,000 federal grants to deliver life-saving and inexpensive medications to children living in developing countries. Grand Challenges Canada announced 68 grants worth $7 million in total on Thursday so ...
Dr. Michael Cassidy, anesthesia section president with the Alberta Medical Association, said there is “potentially a very, very strong detriment to patient care,” if the province pushes ahead with proposed cuts to the specialty fee code. Photograph by: Stuart ...
The federal government is proposing changes to the Criminal Code for offenders found not criminally responsible for crimes they've committed while suffering mental disorders. The intention is to make it harder for those who've been violently mentally ill to be ...
Don't let the Beach bed bugs bite - Beach Metro News
The bed bugs are here. The reported cases of bed bug infestations in Toronto have been increasing yearly and it may be going critical. Bed bugs have been compared to miniature little vampires. They are small parasitic insects that live on human blood.

Middle East shifts may weaken Iran's influence with Palestinians - Los Angeles Times

Egypt President Mohamed Morsi expands authority in power grab - Los Angeles Times

To Do

Energy Secretary Ed Davey will allow utilities to triple the renewable energy levy that comes through in household and business power bills to 7.6 billion pounds ($12 billion) by 2020, according to a spokesman at the Department of Energy and Climate ...
Power Engineering Magazine
KOLKATA/BANGALORE: A fledgling market in clean energy certificates has crashed as state distribution utilities have failed to honour their purchase obligations, putting entrepreneurs and investors in the sunrise sector at risk and portending trouble ...
Electric Light & Power
The increased use of renewable energy across Ireland would bring both environmental and economic benefits, according to a report launched today. WWF's Positive Energy document highlights how renewable energy could potentially reduce costly carbon ...
The Renewable Energy Fuel Standard was set forth in 2005, and in 2012, according to the American Farm Bureau Federations survey, stated that a full turkey dinner with all the side dishes for 10 people, this year, will cost $49.48. That's a significant ...
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Human Habitat

Next article. Nature. Computational materials science: Substitution with vision. Plant ecology: Forests on the brink. Bettina M. J. Engelbrecht1. Journal name: Nature; Year published: (2012); DOI: doi:10.1038/nature11756. Published online: 21 November ...
Access Washington
OLYMPIA – Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) Director Ted Sturdevant has signed a new water management rule for the Dungeness watershed that secures water supplies for current and future uses in the Sequim area for the benefit of people, ...
Scoop.co.nz (press release)
“We currently have over 230 registered participants, including professional ecologists, local and regional government officials, academics, and postgraduate and undergraduates students from around New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe,” says ...
Redford creates ecology program with Calif college. Los Angeles Times / November 20, 2012. E-mail |; Print |; Reprints |. Text Size: –; +. E-mail. E-mail this article. To: Invalid E-mail address. Add a personal message:(80 character limit). Your E-mail ...
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Water Power

The temporary closure of the Mississippi from St. Louis to Cairo, Ill., could result from an Army Corps of Engineers plan to reduce water flow from a reservoir into the Missouri River starting today, shipping companies and industry groups warn. The ...
Sacramento Bee
OROVILLE, Calif. -- A fire has broken out at a California water pumping plant but isn't expected to delay delivery to residents. Ted Thomas, a spokesman for the state's Department of Water Resources, said the fire began early Thursday at the Ronald B ...
New York Times
For Op-Ed, follow @nytopinion and to hear from the editorial page editor, Andrew Rosenthal, follow @andyrNYT. “The Problem Is Clear: The Water Is Filthy” (news article, Nov. 14), about contaminated drinking water in California, really resonated with me.
Washington Post (blog)
The United States and Mexico on Tuesday signed a pact for new rules on sharing water from the Colorado River, capping a five-year effort on how to spread the pain of drought and reap the benefits of wet years. The far-reaching agreement gives Mexico ...
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