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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, November 19, 2012

19 November - My Feedly!

Amazon Hero
Amazon Hero (Photo credit: Duda Arraes)
the Sustainabilitists …
the Sustainabilitists … (Photo credit: bjornmeansbear)
Sweden, Kenya and Norway
Sweden, Kenya and Norway (Photo credit: franz88)
English: Photo of Peter Seidel, environmentalist
English: Photo of Peter Seidel, environmentalist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: A photo of Amit Jethva, an Indian env...
English: A photo of Amit Jethva, an Indian environmentalist who worked in Gir Forest area in Gujarat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Anadish Pal, Indian inventor, poet, a...
English: Anadish Pal, Indian inventor, poet, and environmentalist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Deepakbhai P. Mehta was well-known Ed...
English: Deepakbhai P. Mehta was well-known Educationalist and Environmentalist from Bhavnagar city, Gujarat, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Svatomír Mlčoch, Czech barrister, env...
English: Svatomír Mlčoch, Czech barrister, environmentalist and regional politican Česky: Svatomír Mlčoch, český právník, ekolog a regionální politik (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Definition of irony? A billboard enco...
English: Definition of irony? A billboard encouraging protection of the environment, right beside the construction of a new motorway. Environmentalist or no, one has to see the funny side! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
(title unknown)
Truth Frequency News
The Corbett Report
Reality Pimp
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Housewife Eclectic
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Centauri Dreams
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Zacks Earnings Trends Highlights: Cisco, Amazon, Google, Apple and Intel Zacks Earnings Trends Highlights: Cisco, Amazon, Google, Apple and Intel • 5 hours ago
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Zacks Earnings Trends Highlights: Cisco, Amazon, Google, Apple and Intel Zacks Earnings Trends Highlights: Cisco, Amazon, Google, Apple and Intel • 5 hours ago
CRM 146.78 2.48
Oracle Set to Acquire Instantis Oracle Set to Acquire Instantis • 3 days ago
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Mass cyber-war against Israel over Gaza raids
Officials say there have been more than 44 million hacking attempts on government websites since Gaza airstrikes began.
Why Black Friday May Not Be the Best Time to Shop for Bargains
Black Friday is at the end of this week, and while there will certainly be bargains at some of your favorite retailers, they may not be the best, and they may not even be worth shopping for. The Wall Street Journal points out that Black Friday isn't the best time to get a bargain. Here's why. More »
Brighter Than the Moon: Camera Captures Brilliant Leonid Fireball
The Leonid Meteor shower is usually notorious for the bright fireballs it can produce, but this fireball exploded with unexpected brilliance. Fortunately, an all-sky camera captured the event. NASA said there were numerous reports of a bright fireball over northwest Alabama on Sunday, Nov. 18 at approximately 7:30 p.m. EST. A check of the southeastern cameras operated by NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office recorded the fireball, and its outburst was brighter than the Moon. If anyone happened to see this or capture anything similar with your camera, let us know!Astrophotographers did manage to


Catalyst: climate astrology in your very own backyard
The ABC tv program Catalyst was quite special last Thursday. Was that a science report, or an advertorial? Forget gloom and doom it’s “kinder” climate now The ABC team have shifted gear. They heard they should stop being all gloom and doom (it’s climate fatigue you know) and make it simple. So they did, and everything was delivered in a cheesy canter, like an episode of Playschool. Smile everyone!
Weekly Find: Gina's, Tisno, Croatia!
Weekly Find: Gina's, Tisno, Croatia!This summer in July I went with the amazing Mr. DJ Konvex, Evan the Great, Sassy Sinead and the lovely Wah Wah 45's to Tisno, Croatia for the Soundwave music festival. I have been to Croatia before and remember it for the lovely scenery, nice people, and quite cheap prices. It's a really cool country because each city can look totally different. You have
Monday Morning Gaza-Related Linkage
I’m at the end of a rather long trip to London, which is why I haven’t been able to process or upload either Duck of Minerva or NBN podcasts yet. Nevertheless, I’ve got some good stuff coming on both fronts. So stay tuned. Today’s linkage focuses on Gaza. Al-Jazera reports that 92 Palestinians have now been killed by Israeli attacks. The Washington Post leads with essentially the same story. CNN i


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Bits and Pieces - November 19, 2012
If you read only one thing on the situation between Israel and Gaza, read Dahlia Lithwick's article in Slate.Something easier - using computer translation algorithms to crack an 18th century secret society code.Steven Pinker summarizes nicely his argument from The Better Angels of Our Nature, and commenters ask some of the questions I had about the book.President Obama's speech at University of Ya

Centauri Dreams
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The Interstellar Gravitational Assist
While Rod Hyde, Lowell Wood and John Nuckolls were working on laser-induced fusion to drive a starship back in 1972, the range of options for advanced propulsion continued to grow. One we haven’t talked about much in these pages is the use of gravitational slingshots in exotic settings. We’re used to the concept within the Solar System because spacecraft like Voyager and Galileo have used a ‘sling

WWF - Latest News
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WWF applauds the news that the decision on bluefin tuna followed scientific advice
WWF congratulates decision makers from the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) for taking scientific advice and not increasing Atlantic bluefin tuna quotas to unsustainable levels. At the closing of the 18th Special Meeting of ICCAT the 48 Contracting Parties decided to follow advice provided by the Scientific Committee and agree on annual fishing quotas of 13,5
WWF: World Bank must fight climate change and stop funding fossil fuel projects
Gland, Switzerland –The World Bank and its member governments must move funding out of fossil fuel projects and into renewable energy if they are to fight the worst impacts of climate change on the poor, says WWF in response to a report released today by the Bank.The report, Turn down the heat – Why a 4°C world must be avoided, summarizes the latest climate science and describes a world that is 4°

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It’s Turned On Already
It is odd that this is even being here. I planned to shut it down. This site. It was a drag, to expend so much blood sweat and tears, over so many years, for so few readers. Faithful, the few, were; but, when I arose, a morn, on a morning after, I knew there was less life-force in me, than when I began. I could feel it. Bleeding away. Dying, myself, doing this. For what? Nothing. and we’re extreme
My Tongue Gets Tied
Human beings, best current guess, have been around for about 100,000 years. During most every one of those years, they did not speak. There are deer, every day, and every night, on the grounds of this Manor. They do not speak. But they know, exactly, what they mean. Filed under: Animal Matters, Eros, Into The Light, La Musica, Sunday Services, Variations In B-Flat, Wyrds
My Eyes Are Slits
Filed under: Eros
In A Split-Pea Shell
“Have you got a secret, Alexandra?” he asked. She heard his question, and smiled at it, and nodded a couple of times as if to someone a long way off. “My secret is called Tatiana,” she said. “That’s a good name,” he said. “Tatiana. How did you come by that?” Raising her head, she smiled radiantly at the icons on the wall. “It is forbidden to talk about it,” she said. “If you talk about it, nobody
Days Of Heaven

In These Times
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Help Obama Find His Shoes
President Barack Obama’s re-election is a huge relief—we dodged the Romney/Ryan bullet. However, that’s not the same as winning a better future. If Obama’s first term is a prologue to the second, we should not expect to see much progress in strengthening the rights or bargaining ability of workers. Therefore, in Obama’s second term, we need to be: • Smarter about the policies we advocate.

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Monday Morning Quad Shot
By@BGinKC Here are some of the things that held my attention for a bit over the weekend: * How the hell are we supposed to negotiate with these people? It's simply not possible. Not when you have the majority of Americans and all the Democrats in Congress saying the free ride for the rich is over, they've had 30 years and now they have to pay some freakin' taxes. Then you have the House GOP putti
These Buzzards Think They're Eagles
Just a quick word on Pizzagate and then on to more important matters.  I've only eaten Papa John's Pizza once in my life.  Fact is, their pizza totally sucks and once was enough, so while I can't really lay claim to being part of any boycott, I almost wish I'd liked the food so I could actually boycott the place.  John Schnatter is to me the epitome of the "I want it all so %^
3 They gave us a re... / by Tom B / 22 hours a 
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