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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

21 November - My Feedly!

Glastonbury Tor - distant view of St Michaels ...
Glastonbury Tor - distant view of St Michaels Church Tower, Glastonbury (Photo credit: ell brown)
NYC - Rockfeller Center: British Empire Buildi...
NYC - Rockfeller Center: British Empire Building - Industries of the British Empire (Photo credit: wallyg)
Trail to Chicken Wing & White Wing
Trail to Chicken Wing & White Wing (Photo credit: mjhbower)
English: Evening sun in the Jim Corbett Nation...
English: Evening sun in the Jim Corbett National Park Uttarakhand. Deutsch: Abendsonne im Jim Corbett Nationalpark Uttarakhand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Track in the Jim Corbett National Par...
English: Track in the Jim Corbett National Park Uttarakhand Deutsch: Weg im Jim Corbett Nationalpark Uttarakhand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
* Floating * (Dedicated to my dear friends Edd...
* Floating * (Dedicated to my dear friends Eddi & Alice) (Photo credit: pareeerica)
winged friend
winged friend (Photo credit: katmary)

The normalization of the domestic use of drones concerns me greatly.

As we have seen in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen, weaponized drones create massive carnage.

I would not want to bet against the coming of extrajudicial assassinations, courtesy of weaponized drones, to be coming home right here in the US, in the not so distant future.

Michael Rivera


*Yesterday, I posted the illuminating article by Chris Hedges titled "Elites Will Make Gazans of Us All" http://bit.ly/Sf9ses You might want to read it.


1 Billion AGAINST Indefinite Detention without trial law added a new photo.
No electronic stone shall be left unturned in the surveillance state...


The Barking Army's photo.

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Gaza truce announcement 'hours away'
Israel reportedly agrees to a ceasefire with Hamas after 149 Palestinians are killed in eight days of attacks.
Many injured in Tel Aviv bus explosion
At least 21 people wounded in what police call a "terrorist attack" in Israel's commercial capital.
AdjustYourPrivacy Locks Down Your Entire Internet Life from One Page
If it's been awhile since you looked at your privacy settings or googled yourself, AdjustYourPrivacy.com collects all the most important privacy settings for multiple services so you can opt out from everything you don't want—all from one page. More »

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What can we do? We can't even guarantee free and fair elections in our own country. We can't get our own government to respect the source of its own authority. How the fuck are we supposed to get our illegitimate government to do the right thing on Gaza? Instead, we have our coward Fucking Affairs Minister John Baird babbling like the idiot he is:Hamas is targeting innocent civilians with an onsla
Last Two Races In For House Seats-- Lord Charles Boustany (LA-R) and Mike McIntyre (Blue Dog-NC) Are Leading
With Allen West's anti-climactic concession yesterday, only two House races remain up in the air. One, in Louisiana's 3rd CD, pits two Republican incumbents against each other, Lord Boustany-- who is heavily favored to win the December 8th runoff-- and teabaggy freshman Jeff Landry. It isn't that Democrats have no interest in a race in which the 2 Republicans are fighting with each other over whic
Gaza War – Invasion Cancelled Or Just Postponed?
The agreement that came into effect just a few hours is not an accord for peace but merely a ceasefire. It is unlikely to be permanent and further talks are unlikely to yield much for the Palestinians. Meanwhile, the Israeli troops amassed at the Gaza Strip’s borders continue their build-up and they remain on alert ready to move a moments notice as Netanyahu warns “of possible additional military
Next Media: One of Many
Some people argue that Taiwan is being "Finlandized" but that view is incorrect. What is actually happening is that Taiwan is being Hongkongized. Commonwealth Magazine observes in another one of its excellent articles Will Taiwan go the way of Hong Kong?:Former Legislative Councilor and human rights activist Christine Loh wrote in her book Underground Front: The Chinese Communist Party in Hon


The EnvironmentaList
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The Environmental Movement Doesn’t Resemble the Obama Coalition
Notes on the Unbearable Whiteness of the Green Movement
This Thanksgiving, Consider Cooking with Acorn Flour
Acorn kernels provide a complete vegetable protein and they are full of minerals and vitamins that are absent in refined wheat

Obsidian Wings
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Finally! A good thing to come out of Romney's candidacy
by liberal japonicus Every cloud has a silver lining. From a Dem point of view, having Romney as a candidate may have been all silver lining, but it is hard to imagine the tiniest glimmer from the Republican side, as this Amy Davidson New Yorker piece makes perfectly clear. Of course, if you are a heighten the contradictions kind of person, you might argue that Romney's candidacy was the best

Craig Murray
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The Palestinian Genocide Continues
Strangely, even the sight on television of the body of a small boy, the same age as Cameron, being dug by hand from the bomb rubble, is not what has stayed with me strongest from the latest attack on the Palestinians. Instead, I recall most vividly a radio broadcast on the BBC World Service two days before the attack on Gaza began. It was a banal, everyday story of Palestinian villagers being evi
Thanks for the many good wishes. I am now quite well, even if a lot slimmer. The problem was purely physical on this occasion, though Nadira and Cameron flying out to join me certainly helped me feel a lot better. I shall be back in the UK at the weekend.

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Bits and Pieces - November 21, 2012
It seems to me that there are some deep psychological roots to survivalism. We all live with a variety of uncertainties, ranging from death to whether our car will start to finding we're out of cereal. And that's just on the personal side. Outside factors include storms and wars. Focusing on survival from whatever externalizes the anxiety on all these fronts and, perhaps, makes it easier to manage

Green & White
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54 Hours – Lot of ideas, Passion, and Action. It was Islamabad Startup Weekend 2012
Three days, fifty-four hours, a lot of  ideas, some very amazing minds and a passion to be better than the rest; that is what we were given on Friday November 16th, 2012. We didn’t even know what we were going to do with that medley of items from such different sources. But now, I’d like to think that we achieved a lot more than we expected. We were never sure about where we were going. We just h

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Already looking forward to the next.
The news coming through this evening that a ceasefire has been agreed between Israel and Hamas is undoubtedly welcome.  Any halt to the violence, however short-lived, is to be applauded.  In practice however, the agreement brokered by Egypt has done little more than return us to the situation prior to the assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari last Wednesday.  While in theory the deal calls for the open

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Banking institution Won’t Give Your Cash? Try A Payday Advance!
Get urgent $ 800 payday loansonline Lubbock Texas low apr . When you are confronted with economic problems, the entire world may be an extremely chilly spot. When you may need a brief infusion of money and never sure where you can turn, the next write-up provides sound guidance on online payday loans and the way they will often support. Consider the information cautiously, to see if this cho
When To Take Out A Pay Day Loan
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All You Need To Learn About Present day Pay Day Loans
fast payday loans online Get secured personal loans in Memphis, TN by using fast $ 300 payday loans online no faxing . While you are dealing with the chance of eviction or dropping your automobile, rather than inside the position to ask a bank for the money, you must know how many other choices are for sale to you and fast. For several, online payday loans give a quick and feasible option.
Payday Loans Could Save The Morning For You Personally
instant payday loans online Get cash loans in Albuquerque New Mexico by using instant $ 900 payday loans online within overnight . You possess possibly heard about payday loans, nevertheless, you aren’t certain when they are right for you. These firms provide brief-expression lending options to those people who are having a difficult experience economically. Seems excellent, right? It could

In These Times
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Educate All Kids Like Sasha and Malia
Now that Barack Obama has been re-elected president, it’s time that he start making good on the education issues he emphasized during his campaign. While in speeches and in ads the president seized on Romney’s statement that class size doesn’t matter, the truth is that Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan has dismissed the importance of class size nearly as strongly. Worse yet, Duncan propose

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And They Call US Takers?
By @TomBales1 As income inequality continues to grow in this country, it isn't about the gap between the rich and poor, but the gap between the insanely wealthy and everyone else._Sam Williford, Economy in Crisis Far from being the land of the free, The US has become the land of financial slaves in which millions of serfs toil in conditions of near servitude for the sole purpose of making the very
Neocons Exploiting Benghazi to Regain Their "War on Terror"
By @TedFrier Conservatives always need their dragons to slay. And so, to fully appreciate the furor which has erupted on the Right over the tragic deaths of four Americans at that remote consulate in Benghazi on September 11th it is necessary to recall the right wing outrage four years ago when the Obama Administration dropped "The War on Terror" as the organizing construct of US foreign policy. R
The Nightowl Newswrap
By@BGinKC I'm still getting on top of the school work I'm catching up on, but I did have an appointment with my neurosurgeon today and he is as pleased as I am with my progress, so I haven't been deluding myself about that. I also handled the stairs getting out of and back into my building better than I have at any other point since coming home from the hospital. It's a long slow process, and I a

Texas Liberal
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The Tables Of Self-Respect And Respect For Others Are Always Set—Will Folks Show Up?
The tables of hope, self-respect and respect for others are set. They are always set. The question is will the people show up? (Picture taken at the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati.)

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“Born Without The Ability To Consider Others”
(Now that noted slave-holder and Hebrew-fearer Ron “Rugs” Paul has retired from Congress, and would-be veep Paul Ryan has been adjudged The Loser, slinking back into the House, where the Orangeman is giving him the back of his hand, there is Hope that the Americans may no longer need to hear, at least for a time, incessant references to the late and unlamented howling imbecile Ayn Rand. (Unlike th
Out Of Gas
Captain Underpants is still out there, touring the land, his long-suffering family strapped to the roof of the car. He is traveling the regions of the nation that made him The Loser. Of these there are many. Unconfirmed reports indicate that he may be considering purchasing all or some of these regions. It is then believed that he will transform these properties into toxic waste dumps, deep-dish c

Centauri Dreams
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Interstellar Propulsion Exotica
It was back in 1950 that Arthur C. Clarke looked at electromagnetic methods for getting a payload into space. The concept wasn’t new but Clarke’s paper in JBIS set out to examine what he saw as a practical use of it, an electromagnetic catapult on the lunar surface that could accelerate payloads back to Earth. The system was built around a three-kilometer long electromagnetic launcher that could a

WWF - Latest News
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Pioneers for responsibly farmed pangasius recognized
Vietnam's pangasius sector will achieve its target to certify ten per cent of the country's pangasius production under the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) standard by the end of 2012. This achievement was recognized during an event in Ho Chi Minh City today to share progress across the sector and commend certified Vietnamese pangasius producers. In 2010, WWF, the Vietnam Association of Seafo
WWF - Latest News / 21 hours ago  
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