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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, October 1, 2012

1 October - My Feedly




AAPL 659.39 -7.715
Amazon to Sell Wine Online Amazon to Sell Wine Online • 9 hours ago
GOOG 761.78 7.28
BofA Testing Mobile Payment System BofA Testing Mobile Payment System • 3 days ago
CRM 151.14 -1.55
Oracle Agrees to Acquire SelectMinds Oracle Agrees to Acquire SelectMinds • 12 days ago
F 9.93 0.07
CAW Ratifies Chrysler Contract CAW Ratifies Chrysler Contract • 12 hours ago
ORCL 31.67 0.21
Zacks Earnings Preview: Alcoa, FedEx, Oracle and Nike Zacks Earnings Preview: Alcoa, FedEx, Oracle and Nike • 16 hours ago
MSFT 29.49 -0.27
EA's FIFA 13 Off to a Kicking Start EA's FIFA 13 Off to a Kicking Start • 15 hours ago
GHDX 35.89 1.2
Genomic Health, Inc. Enters Oversold Territory Genomic Health, Inc. Enters Oversold Territory • 19 days ago
FB 21.99 0.33
Digital Realty Expands in Denver Digital Realty Expands in Denver • 7 days ago 

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Youtube and Facebook 'blocked' in Kashmir
Local media reports that popular social media websites have been blocked throughout the restive state.
Dirty Dishes, Speaker Stands, and Gmail in Outlook
Readers offer their best tips for making sure the dishes get washed, getting your speakers at the right angle, and using Gmail in Microsoft Outlook. More »
Dozens of cancer victims settle tainted groundwater suit in Florida.
More than three dozen former factory workers have settled their multimillion-dollar five-year legal battle against Siemens Corp. and General Dynamics Corp. over trichloroethene and other toxic chemicals they allege the companies carelessly dumped into drinking water, causing them to develop cancer.

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Foreign Policy Is Hard
In today's Wall Street Journal, Mitt Romney takes to the op-ed page to offer his vision for a new American policy in the Middle East. Apparently, the tragic recent events in Benghazi have convinced Romney and his advisors that something is going on over there, and though they aren't sure exactly what, it's definitely something, and therefore Romney ought to come and say something about it, to show
Barry Commoner
"[W]hen a Times writer once asked [Dr. Commoner's] Queens College office to mail some material, it arrived in an old brown envelope with the crossed-out return address of the botany department at Washington University -- a place where he had last worked 19 years earlier."-- the conclusion of Daniel Lewis's NYT obit, "Scientist,Candidate and Planet Earth’s Lifeguard" (links onsite)by KenI'm sorry t
Did The Saskatchewan Minimum Wage Board Recommend Increase To Province's Min Wage OR Is Brad Wall Just Making Things Up As He Goes Along?
The Province of Saskatchewan has a Minimum Wage Board that reviews and makes recommendations to the Provincial Cabinet concerning minimum wages.Brad Wall has recently come under criticism for having the lowest minimum wage in Canada. Economist Erin Weir (who is a candidate for the leadership of the provincial NDP) recently co-authored an article with Saskatchewan Federation of Labour president, La
"What Is 'The Law of Prägnanz'?"
"What Is 'The Law of Prägnanz'?"by Mars Art Gallery "The Law of Prägnanz is one of the fundamental principles of gestalt perception and deals with the way in which people perceive visual information. In fact one could call the Law of Prägnanz the Occam's Razor of visual perception. In a nutshell, the Law of Prägnanz says that when confronted with visual information, people will attempt to orga


The Corbett Report
33 unread articles


Episode 245 – Slaying the Mythical Winged Unicorn Beast
We are enslaved in our minds by the most pernicious of creatures: one that doesn’t even exist. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we go in search of that mythical beast called government and imagine a world in which we simply stopped believing in it. For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode. For those interested in audio qualit
Interview 544 – Michel Chossudovsky on Weather Warfare
Professor Michel Chossudovsky of GlobalResearch.ca joins us to discuss climate manipulation, ENMOD, and weather warfare. We go over the history of the technology behind weather modification, the silence in the media and academia over this tool of warfare, and how it may already be being used in various conflicts around the globe.


Organic Farming vs Industrial Ag — time to change the debate?
We need to reframe the debate from “conventional” versus “organic” to diverse, small-scale farming vs large-scale, industrial agriculture


WWF supporters visit the frontline with interactive Africam.com snapshot experience
Poaching and illegal wildlife trade are an extremely dangerous threats to rhinos, elephants and tigers and to combat this crisis WWF has launched a global campaign to bring awareness to the issue. During the month of October, WWF will be partnering with Africam to spread the #killthetrade message through an interactive online wildlife photo sharing experience on the Africam.com website. WWF's cam


Student Group at Towson University to Host White Nationalist Tomorrow
Anyone wondering what the future of organized hate might look like need cast their eyes no further than Matthew Heimbach, the outspoken and energetic former president of Youth for Western Civilization’s (YWC) erstwhile chapter at Towson University in Maryland and the aspiring leader of its newly proposed but as yet unsanctioned White Student Union. Heimbach’s [...]
Hammerfest Racist Rock Festival Planned for Boise on Saturday
The annual neo-Nazi skinhead rock concert known as Hammerfest will be held this Saturday in or near Boise, Idaho, where authorities say they are worried about the potential for violence at or after the event. Hammerskin Nation, one of the largest and most-dangerous neo-Nazi skinhead groups in the United States, is sponsoring the 25th annual gathering after patching up differences with a former ri
Washington Bomb-Maker Who Tried to Help Jihadists Pleads Guilty
A terrorist sympathizer, a college dropout who idolized both American terrorist Timothy McVeigh and Islamic jihadists while learning the hard way how to build bombs, likely faces a lengthy prison sentence after confessing to two terrorism-related crimes. Joseph Jefferey Brice, 22, who nearly died when one of his eight-pound homemade bombs exploded in April 2010, pleaded [...]

ntra-Alawite fighting in Qardaha not Confirmed; Turkey Denies Syria Captured Pilots Alive
Minister Calls on People to Raise Backyard Chickens as Subsistence Economy Takes Hold in Growing Parts of the Country – Syria Report The Minister of Agriculture has called on Syrian citizens to raise chickens as formal economic patterns are gradually disappearing in growing parts of the country. Jihad Yazigi has an excellent report on the Syrian economy given in London by the London School of Econ

SPACE: A Personal Vision
by Shen Ge Coming up this January is a two-week long “minds-on ties-off” research workshop at Callao Salvaje on Tenerife on the Canary Islands. I learned about the organization behind the workshop — the Scientific Preparatory Academy for Cosmic Explorers — in Houston when I had the good fortune to have dinner with its young co-founder Shen Ge. Shen’s organization is a nonprofit academic and resear


Debate could be turning point if journalists do their job!
by Mark Vogl:    Both candidates have said this election offers a clear choice, will the debate moderators facilitate those differences objectively?
The lesser of Two Evils
by Joe Wendt:    Why people should vote for Mitt Romney

In Person: Sister Activist
Thanks to Pope Benedict, Sister Simone Campbell has become famous. On April 18, on orders from the Pope, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (popularly known as the Holy Inquisition) ordered that the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (an association of American nuns) be reformed. An archbishop from Seattle was given five years to change the nun’s heretical habits, specifically

Craig Murray

Politicians’ Private Profit from NHS Sell-Off
A truly horrible example of how corporate interests own our politicians and control government policy. Private health providers have donated £16,285,437 trousered by the coalition parties who are privatising NHS services to them. Fantastic work by Eoin Clarke. When I tell audiences that corporate interests control politicians, they want to agree but, having seen any establishment-critical analys
100+ Craig Murray / by craig / 18 hours ago  

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