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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

21 October - My Feedly

CRAIG, CO - MAY 29:  Coal miners look on durin...CRAIG, CO - MAY 29: Coal miners look on during a campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at Alice Pleasant Park on May 29, 2012 in Craig, Colorado. Mitt Romney will campaign in Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
CRAIG, CO - MAY 29:  Veterans look on during a...CRAIG, CO - MAY 29: Veterans look on during a campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at Alice Pleasant Park on May 29, 2012 in Craig, Colorado. Mitt Romney will campaign in Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)


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AAPL 609.84 -22.8
Things Look Bleak For AMD Post 3Q Things Look Bleak For AMD Post 3Q • 2 days ago
GOOG 681.79 -13.21
Three Tech ETFs Rocked by Google's Earnings Miss Three Tech ETFs Rocked by Google's Earnings Miss • 2 days ago
CRM 149.01 -1.09
Microsoft's Q1 Soft, As Expected Microsoft's Q1 Soft, As Expected • 2 days ago
F 10.1799 -0.2501
GM to Produce Cadillac ELR in 2013 GM to Produce Cadillac ELR in 2013 • 2 days ago
ORCL 30.475 -0.64
Stock Market News for October 19, 2012 Stock Market News for October 19, 2012 • 2 days ago
MSFT 28.64 -0.855
Things Look Bleak For AMD Post 3Q Things Look Bleak For AMD Post 3Q • 2 days ago
GHDX 34.42 -0.26
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods Market and Genomic Health The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods Market and Genomic Health • 10 days ago
FB 19 0.025
Zynga Provides Dull Outlook Zynga Provides Dull Outlook • 13 days ago 

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Five Worst Companies for Customer Service
In honor of evil week, we're switching up the Hive Five a little bit. Instead of picking the five best in a category, this week we want to talk about the five worst in a category, specifically customer service. Some companies excel at it, but others—specifically major companies—fail more often than they succeed. This week we're going to look at five of the worst, and show you how to beat them and get the answers you need. More »
Saudis say Syria crisis will not affect Hajj
Interior minister says Muslims travelling to Mecca for the annual pilgrimage will not be affected by regional events.
Gergis hockey stick withdrawn. This is what 95% certainty looks like in climate science.
In May it was all over the newspapers, in June it was shown to be badly flawed. By October, it quietly gets withdrawn.  The apology and press release are coming soon…right? Thanks to help from the Australian Research Council it only took 300,000 dollars and three years to produce a paper that lasted all of three weeks. But it scored the scary headlines! It was “confirmation”, it was “unprecedented warming”, and it was a scientific certainty that was based on “27 natural climate records” and  “over the last 1000 years”. What could possibly go wrong? They had 2 whole proxies that went right back
The Sync Book with Alan Abbadessa-Green
Tonight we talk to author and researcher Alan Abbadessa-Green, editor of The Sync Book (thesyncbook.com) about the study of synchronicity in politics and world events. We discuss “the killing of the king” meme as it pertains to the deaths of Lincoln, JFK and Osama Bin Laden. Related Links: The Fisher King The King As Osiris


In Memoriam: George McGovern, 1922-2012
GEORGE MCGOVERN, 1922 - 2012 As we mark the passing of a progressive icon, three-term U.S. Senator George McGovern (D-SD), and the last true anti-war candidate to be nominated for the Presidency by the Democratic Party, one can't help but think back to what Stephen Victoria labeled in his documentary as One Bright Shining Moment: The [...]
Volcanic Activity Rising Worldwide
Kilauea Volcano lava lake reaches highest level ever Posted on October 17, 2012 October 18, 2012 – HAWAII – Kilauea Volcano has been putting on quite a show lately… as the lava lake within the Halemaumau Crater has reached its highest level since the summit eruption began in 2008. The lava lake at Kīlauea’s summit was only about 150 feet below the floor of Halemaʻumaʻu crater on Sunday — the highe
Obama And Romney The Same? The Matter Of Supreme Court Appointments
Friday, Michael Keegan, president of People for the American Way, penned an OpEd for HuffPo about the dangers a President Romney would pose to women's rights. Like so many of us have noticed, Keegan points out that Romney has been covering up "his actual positions on everything from reproductive rights to women in the workplace, in a desperate attempt to convince voters that he actually cares abou
ZOA Seeks to Manipulate Global Jewish Communities
Zionist Organization of America, and a myriad of doppelganger organizations, incite fear amongst global Jewish communities, manipulates and exploits best and brightest. by Tony Cartalucci October 21, 2012 - The elite throughout history have thrived by dividing and conquering people who would otherwise pose an insurmountable obstacle united and self-determined. While it has been covered ad nauseum


The Corbett Report
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Episode 247 – Requiem for the Suicided: Vince Foster
Who was Vince Foster? What was his relationship to Hillary Clinton at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas? What was he working on in the Clinton White House? And what secrets did he take to his grave? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the unanswered questions of the death of Vince Foster, the highest-ranking White House official to die on the job since JFK. For those with limited ba
Interview 547 – Deadline Headlines with Jack Blood
Jack Blood of DeadlineLive.info joins us to discuss the latest news and headlines from around the world, including: the death of Arlen Spector; more revelations about the Libya consulate debacle; and the latest moves toward war in Syria. Listen to The Jack Blood Show on the No Agenda Global Radio streams weekdays at noagendastream.com
Corbett Report Radio 241 – UN Agenda 21 Exposed with Rosa Koire
Tonight we talk to Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21 about the ideology and people behind Agenda 21. Topics discussed include: What is Agenda 21? What is communitarianism? What is the history of this agenda? How is it being implemented? And what can people do to combat it?
Corbett Report Radio 240 – Humanity is Rising
As we have been documenting for years, we are under attack on every level: physical, biological, spiritual, emotional and psychological. Yet despite this onslaught, humanity is rising and knowledge is power. Find out about the latest assaults and what you can do about it on tonight’s edition of Corbett Report Radio. Works Cited: Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury Autism Linked

The EnvironmentaList
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Five Wishes for the Clean Water Act on Its 40th Birthday
Our industry-controlled Congress is making it awfully hard to feel good about blowing out the candles
Prop 37 Opponents Have Holes in Their Loopholes
Much-hyped claims about measure’s exemptions don’t stand up to scrutiny
Ash Tree Threat Reminds Us That When We Lose Wildlife, We Lose Stories
Nature has far-reaching roots, not least the magnificent ash tree and its European mythology. Both could be lost to die-back

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Get things straight.
An absurd decision for an absurd institution.
In the year of Brenda's diamond jubilee, you expect there to be a certain amount of royal bum-licking, just as you expect those Tory MPs still over-awed by the sheer majesty of generations of inbreeding to jump on anyone daring to suggest the monarchy isn't the most magnificent institution on the planet.  When the brown nosing reaches the heights it did in David Cameron's Conservative part
Want a true legacy, Nick?
Whenever there's a new, in-depth, excellently researched and extremely carefully worded report released which calls for a reform of our increasingly antiquated drug laws, it's always worth going and seeing what the Daily Mail has written about it.  The influence of newspapers may well be in long-term decline, but when it comes to social policy it's still the right-wing tabloids that rule t

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Reclaiming Pakistan
A hyphenated word has hung like a shroud over Pakistan ever since its founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, vocalized what Great Britain produced in its hasty retreat from empire: a moth-eaten state. In 1947, a British barrister, new to the subcontinent, drew artificial lines on a map that carved up the Punjab, Bengal and Kashmir, producing a hopelessly divided independent state of Pakistan. Pakis
Banning Nuclear-Armed ABMs
I have my semi-weekly column up at Foreign Policy arguing that the impending demise of Nunn-Lugar is of a piece with the loss of monitoring at Votkinsk and obligatory telemetry exchanges with the expiration of the START treaty.  The Russians want us out as they modernize. I worry that the bilateral arms control process is dying a slow death in large part because we’ve failed to expand it beyond re
PSA: CTBT Advanced Science Course
One of the things I am terrible about is promising to post worthwhile public service announcements, then forgetting!  Anyway, I don’t want to forget this one.  Any chance to listen to Linton Brooks by day, and then hash it out afterward over beers with the big Swede, Andreas Persbo,  is not to be missed.  If I didn’t have two very small children in fussypants, I would register for this. The Compr

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The Second Presidential Debate
There's plenty of commentary out there now that I don't need to repeat. Obama won. Romney looked like death warmed over by the end, and his family Were Not Amused.So I'll go with a few comments I haven't seen in other places yet. It seems strange to me that some commentators are only now seeing Romney's bullying. It seemed quite clear to me in the first debate. Perhaps it's that he was bullyin

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Television Journalism Is A True Oxymoron
By @TomBales1 Progressives often seem to miss the entire point of having a multi-party system or even the reasons behind the desire of the people to have at least two clear choices to choose from.  They don't seem to understand that this turn the other cheek thing only gets both sides of your ass kicked.  They instead try to forge "compromises" or come to "mutually agreeable&quo
Republican's Double Standards on Libya
By @TedFrier Here is my two cents on Libya consulate controversy. It is important that we get to the bottom of this story so that we can learn how much security is appropriate in this volatile region of the world and prevent it from happening again. But historical context is also important. There is a real issue of whether the administration dropped the ball in not providing more security at that
Yes, Mittens, Government Can And Does Create Jobs
Mitt Scumney lost Tuesday night's encounter with President Obama on points, and Obama showed more fire than he did in their lackluster first debate. Scumney, though, seemed prepared for a more spirited show from Obama and didn't do badly, on the whole. But one "point" he emphasized stuck in my mind because of how dead wrong he is on it. "Government doesn't create jobs," Scumney said repeatedly, wi
Same Crap, Different Century
By @TomBales1  I've been a science fiction nut for over 60 years now, ever since an aunt gave me a box containing 40-50 of her old SF paperbacks and pulp magazines.  Science fiction has been my crutch for all those decades, propping up my relief that things were going to be a whole lot better in my future than they were in my past and that the 21st century was going to be when it all came toge

(title unknown)
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“Imagine If” by Ian Ki’laas Caplette
This is so deep I had to share it! Ok, Let’s do a little exercise in contextualizing. Imagine if: There was a caucasian relocation program specifically targetting caucasians to remove them from the areas where Indigenous peoples lived and where they desired to make a profit from the trees, minerals, fish, and to have “green spaces”. If there was a caucasian reservation system where caucasians co
sat’day riddymz

Texas Liberal
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Lloyd Oliver Is Just The Harris County District Attorney Candidate That The Democratic Primary Electorate That Voted Him Merits —Two Lousy Candidates For An Important Office
Democratic Harris County District Attorney nominee Lloyd Oliver is not qualified for the office he is seeking. (Above–A display of support for Mr. Oliver in a Downtown Houston window front.)   A recent Houston Press article details many reasons why Mr. Oliver is not qualified. From The Press— “I got some skeletons in the closet,” he (Oliver) said. “And some of them got some meat on ‘em.” Beyond t
Green Party Candidates On 2012 Texas Ballot—Give The Green Party A Look
There are a number of Green Party candidates on the Texas ballot in 2012. Below you see the names of these candidates as listed by the Green Party of Texas. I’ve said on the blog that I’m voting for Jill Stein for President here in Republican Texas. I believe that Greens are best on the issues of our economy that is rigged for the benefit of the few, climate change, and in protecting our right to
Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up—The Work Of Freedom Is Up To Each Us
Here is the weekly posting of the Texas Progressive Alliance round-up. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. TPA members are citizen-bloggers working for a better Texas. (Above–It was a rough week for Big Tex at the Texas State Fair.)   Every Texan and every American has the ability to attend a public meeting, attend or organize a protest, write or call an elected of
When Is Early Voting In Texas In 2012?—What Are The Requirements To Vote In Texas?
Election Day is approaching here in Texas and across the nation. Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. Early voting in Texas for the 2012 General Election begins on October 22 and ends on November 2. The Texas Secretary of State says the following about 2012 voting in Texas— Here is a link to the State of Texas website that discusses voting requirements in Texas. You can find information here abou

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Are you better off today than you were four years ago?
by Mark Vogl:    No main stream journalist will ask this question! Simply put, President Obama cannot run on his record, so he dances with the stars
Will New York sit with the losers?
by Mark Vogl:    New York is not considered a state in play. The last time it voted Republican for President was Ronald Reagan. Will New Yorkers wake up?
Profits Rise While Unemployment Remains High.
by Gene DeNardo:    Why is there such a disconnect between corporate profits and employment or as some would say: Wall Street and Main Street?
Disrespecting the Vice President is unamerican.
by Patrick Adkins:    The right's disrespecting of a 69 year old man is troubling and telling

Green & White
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Some in Pakistani Social Media Give an Incorrect Image to Western Media
According to a leading German news outlet, Deutsche Welle, Pakistanis love conspiracy theories. The western media was compelled to say this after the view that Malala’s shooting was part of the conspiracy between the U.S. and Israel was spread across in the media. Although the numbers of people believing in this theory are not many since there has not been any constructive evidence toward it, how
Pakistan Needs Cross-Media Collaboration to Promote Peace
In a two-day peace building workshop held in Islamabad, the need for cross-media collaboration was highlighted in order to bring peace in the country. The workshop was organised by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) and Search for Common Ground Pakistan, and was in collaboration with Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA). The workshop was attended by 27 TV anchorpersons an
Social Media in Pakistan Can be the Best Tool for Female Journalists
According to the Deputy Director of CIPE Pakistan, Hammad Siddiqui, social media can be helpful for female journalists in Pakistan for promoting gender sensitive reporting of events. There are many dedicated social networking sites, created for mothers to join together and share their views, and also for women rights activists on specific issues concerning women from all around the world. There m
The Swiss Knife Social Media Convention in Karachi Highlighted the New Media’s Success
Recently, the Swiss Knife Social Media Convention organised by Navitus, a management consultant firm, was held in Karachi’s Pearl Continental Hotel on October 16. The convention was focused on improving and inspiring businesses and up-coming entrepreneurs. The event was attended by Philip Morris, Google and Engro Foods. The Convention was thoroughly interactive and the participants were asked to

In These Times
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Mothering Hypes
For women, the question of whether or not to have a child can feel less like a personal choice than a litmus test. Having (or not having) children serves, even in 2012, as a measure of one’s womanly value, a more or less final statement as to whether one has succeeded at being properly alive and female. In Why Have Kids?, Feministing.com founder Jessica Valenti demonstrates this pressure with a
A Heathcliff We Haven’t Seen Before
The new film adaptation of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, directed by Brit newcomer Andrea Arnold, is a redoubtable piece of work, but its fierce Yorkshire mood and evocative on-location shooting are not its primary selling points. Even Brontë’s ür-Victorian story, massaging the hearts of tragic romantics for 150 years, is sublimated by a stroke-of-genius casting concept: the reimagining of H
Rich Deserts
On the first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protests, Americans got a pointed reminder of the country’s steady drift into plutocratic rule: Mother Jones magazine released the now-infamous video of GOP nominee Mitt Romney speaking at a Florida fundraiser. In his remarks—inconveniently delivered at the Boca Raton estate of hedge-fund manager Marc Leder, renowned for hosting raucous summer s
Was It Something I Said?
Where but America? Where else could a man whose ancestors lived in Mexico and who spent two years of his youth as a Mormon missionary in France, and who is now a mega-millionaire with Swiss bank accounts and tax shelters in the Cayman Islands, and whose company has outsourced jobs to nations all over the globe—where else could such a man dream of becoming president? And where else could his

WWF - Latest News
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Governments make good progress on marine, slow on finance at Hyderabad biodiversity meet
Hyderabad, India – 'Painfully slow' seems to have been the mantra adopted by governments in their sluggish quest to agree on key targets to protect our planet's natural resources at the UN Convention on Biological diversity in Hyderabad this week, with a hard-earned agreement on a doubling of international financing by 2015 arriving early on Saturday. But even before plenary got underw
WWF Urges Oil Company SOCO To Abandon Exploration Plans In Congo National Park
Why is the profit of a small oil exploration company taking precedence over the safety of thousands of people and the survival of species found nowhere else on earth, WWF asked SOCO in an open letter published today.Despite a commitment to honest and ethical business and in face of widespread opposition, including from the UK government, SOCO refuses to abandon its exploration plans in Virunga, a
Protection needed for critical East Antarctic marine habitats
Canberra, Australia: An alliance of 30 global environment organisations today launched a report calling for greater protection for the East Antarctic marine environment, on the eve of an international meeting where the future conservation of this region will be decided. The Antarctic Ocean Alliance (AOA) report Antarctic Ocean Legacy: Protection for the East Antarctic Coastal Region, supports a pr
WWF: Agreement on finance key to success at Hyderabad biodiversity meet
Hyderabad, India  - The first week of negotiations at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Hyderabad closed with governments from developed and developing nations locked in difficult discussions on critical issues including setting clear finance targets, conserving valuable ocean areas and its relationship with the UN climate convention, the UNFCCC. 

Summarizing the key challen

Obsidian Wings
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Welcome to the future
by Doctor Science ALPHA CENTAURI HAS A PLANET! Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy put it in all caps, and I don't blame him one bit. ALPHA CENTAURI B HAS A PLANET. European Southern Observatory artist's impression. The planet (currently euphoniously called "Alpha Centauri Bb") is only a hair larger than Terra: 1.13 Earth masses. Alas, like many known exoplanets it is *way* closer to
I'll tumblr 4 ya
by Doctor Science I just started using Tumblr: doctorscienceknows.tumblr.com. Mostly I'm using it for keeping track of images: when I'm working on an Obsidian Wings post, I tend to flip through lots of images, save a few, then forget where I got them from. No more of that! she said optimistically. Demon Tumbling Downstairs, by Erica Van Horn. Part of Yale University Library exhibition The Book

Pesticide Action Network
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Talking POPs in Geneva
PAN and our partners have been on the ground in Geneva this week, participating in the Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC8) Here at this annual gathering of scientists and policymakers from around the world, chemicals are considered for addition to the Stockholm Convention. This international treaty bans or restricts use of chemicals deemed to be "persistent organic polluta
GE labeling: The world wants it
What do over 60 countries in the world, representing over half the world’s population — including member nations of the European Union, Russia, China, Brazil, Australia, Turkey, Saudia Arabia, Indonesia and Japan — have in common? A national requirement for mandatory GE food labeling. And the global movement continues to grow, with India’s GE labeling laws coming into full force in 2013. Last wee
For Christians & food, the devil is in the details
This is a global Week of Food Action, and as part of the push, a broad alliance of Christians from around the world has released a set of recommendations for ending world hunger.  Despite best attempts by the chemical industry to use "feeding the world" as moral justification to sell pesticides and proprietary, genetically engineered (GE) seeds to farmers worldwide, members of the Ecumen
PAN Partners launch nationwide report
Last week PAN released a new report, A Generation in Jeopardy: How pesticides are undermining our children's health & intelligence with events in 10 cities. The report has landed well, with media outlets across the country spotlighting the growing body of evidence that pesticides are one of the reasons that children are less healthy today. We're excited this national conversation is un
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According to filings released by the California Secretary of State last week, the world’s six largest pesticide corporations are now the six largest funders of opposition to Proposition 37.
Collectively the "Big 6"  have contributed more than $20 million to oppose the measure that would label genetically engineered food, including an intensive advertising campaign over the past two weeks.
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