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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

23 October - Bits of Knowledge

Micrograph of chronic sialadenitis, with a pat...Micrograph of chronic sialadenitis, with a patchy lymphocytic infiltrate and fibrosis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
acute pain rt inflammation of skin integrity r...acute pain rt inflammation of skin integrity rt infectious process (Photo credit: TheSimple1)
180 px180 px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Bermuda Triangle of insults leads to neurond...A Bermuda Triangle of insults leads to neurondeath in Parkinsons Disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Most lifespan influencing genes affect the rat...Most lifespan influencing genes affect the rate of DNA damage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A macrophage of a mouse forming two processes ...A macrophage of a mouse forming two processes to phagocytize two smaller particles, possibly pathogens. From magnaram on flickr, user has agreed to release it under a cc license. Українська: Макрофаг миши розтягується, щоб полготити дві частинки, можливо патогенні. 中文: 巨噬細胞伸出觸臂吞沒兩個粒子。活性氧促進低密度脂蛋白的氧化,而多酚抗氧化劑抵抗這種發炎反應。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Single-strand and double-strand DNA damageSingle-strand and double-strand DNA damage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Illustration of mechanism of DNA repairIllustration of mechanism of DNA repair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Major cellular sources of ROS in livi...English: Major cellular sources of ROS in living cells. Novo and Parola Fibrogenesis & Tissue Repair 2008 1:5 doi:10.1186/1755-1536-1-5 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Nuclear integrity and genome stability in norm...Nuclear integrity and genome stability in normal and HGPS cells (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
DNA repair rate is an important determinant of...DNA repair rate is an important determinant of cell pathology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Epigenetic mechanismsEpigenetic mechanisms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Stop Chronic Inflammation : the Best Treatments for Cancer

Inflammation Triggers DNA: Damage, Epigenetics, And Stage 4 Cancer

Inflammation triggers an immune response and alerts the body’s vasculature to release inflammatory cells into a damaged tissue environment. The cellular activity involved in the inflammatory response can increase the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), such as free radicals, and reactive nitrogen species (RNS). Cells are normally able to defend themselves against these two types of molecules. However, when production of these two types of highly reactive molecules is increased due to chronic inflammation, cells can no longer protect themselves, resulting in: extensive damage to the essential enzymes involved in DNA repair, actual cell DNA mutation, and mitochondrial damage. These various insults are linked to causes of cancer and often bring about epigenetic changes.
Research suggests an emerging link between infection, epigenetics, and cancer. Changes catalyzed by pathogenic inflammation can transform cells into cancerous tumors. Many cancers are linked to viruses/bacteria that promote reversible, epigenetic changes in the body’s cells that lead to tumors. At minimum, 20 percent or more of cancers are linked to infectious disease according to JAMA, Journal of American Medical Associates.

( Now according to the fact that I have zip medical training I should STFU. With that out of the way I would like to note that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" . Specifically I have in mind  the following unnatural risks re: allergic response

1) the assaults on our immune systems from indoor air pollution ( especially artificial scent and cleaning chemicals ) which is made worse by lack of filtration and shortage of  'make up air'
2) dysfunctions and culturing exotic diseases caused by abuse/overuse of germicides and antibiotics, including in food production/agribusiness
3) the effects of GM foods in the body : especially the possibility of migration of DNA stimulation of pesticide production to the human gut
4) corn starch and acidic soda pop use, especially with toxic 'sugar replacement' 'diet' formulas
5) fluoride in water
6) proliferation of vaccination past caution : contraindicated except in urgent necessity or known extreme virulence of infectious agent coupled with ease of transmission

And all this without reliable oversight.  I haven't paid much attention to him considering I once subscribed to the newsletter, but  Mike Adams has at the very least noted common problems )

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He's too wild ?  LOL 

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 I had fun with that. Here's something more mainstream

13 Things You Didn't Know About Being Canadian

 WakeUpLive at Agape by Angel Travis

And something not


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