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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

30 October - My Yahoo!

Geologic time scale Climate Change
Geologic time scale Climate Change (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: commemorating the creation of the Mos...
English: commemorating the creation of the Mosaic Web browser at , . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
photogamer on Yahoo! NEXT
photogamer on Yahoo! NEXT (Photo credit: mil8)
Yahoo! Hack Day
Yahoo! Hack Day (Photo credit: Scott Beale)
English: Apple's headquarters at Infinite Loop...
English: Apple's headquarters at Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Terence Corcoran: Frankenscience

At The New Yorker, Elizabeth Kolbert blogged: “Coming as it is just a week before Election Day, Sandy makes the fact that climate change has been entirely ignored during this campaign seem all the more grotesque.” 

A major effort to turn hurricane Sandy into an election issue is underway. Bill McKibben, author and co-founder of the radical carbon-reduction organization 350.org, was out Monday to describe Sandy as “really something that we haven’t seen before.” Frankenstorm, he said, “is really the right name for it,” as he linked the hurricane to man-made climate change, Mitt Romney and “the most powerful and richest industry on earth.” Big oil caused the big storm.
Along with others, Mr. McKibben offered up Sandy as proof of climate catastrophism — despite lack of any science to support such a claim. Welcome to the world of Frankenscience, where claims are made that have no substance and causal links are stated that are not supported by real scientists — including scientists who believe that man-made global warming is a problem.
The publisher of the official bibles of climate science, the IPCC, said it has little or no science to back claims that man-made climate change is responsible for current weather events.

Lingonbay 6 hours ago

As usual, there are so many pieces of misinformation in this climate change piece that it would be an arduous exercise to address them all. Sandy is not telling us anything about climate change? The disappearing Arctic ice is not telling us anything about climate change? Record high temperatures (still increasing despite what this column states) are telling us nothing about climate change? Increasingly unusual hydrological events (severe rainstorms) are not telling us anything about climate change? Ocean acidification which is already affecting important calciferous organisms is not telling us anything about climate change? Increasing droughts in important agricultural regions across the planet are not telling us anything about climate change? Rising sea levels are not telling us anything about climate change? These events were all predicted by climate change scientists and are occurring with increasing frequency and intensity. An honest observer needs no science background whatsoever to recognize their reality.
It is a feature of the climate change debate that many will, despite absolutely compelling and overwhelming evidence, continue to deny the importance and the reality of anthropogenic climate change. Those who are willingly deaf, dumb and blind to the events which are reshaping the world will doubtless continue to do so. This is neither honest nor helpful. Perhaps some of the willingly deaf, blind and dumb have other skills? Perhaps they can play a mean pin ball?

What Corcoran says. The meme promoted by the political entity the UN promoting scaremongering that underpins the generation of an international levy on the use of energy payable to themselves  ( that is a Fabius Maximus story ) is best exposed by one ridiculous gaffe. The only professional people who even attempt to run predictions of future conditions are unabashedly skeptical that such a feat was possible. Their sentiments about prognostication built on magic computer models ( no crystal balls allowed! ) were silenced.http://forecastthefacts.org/
This while the UN seeks immunity from damages. http://politicalvelcraft.org/2...
And what about scientists ? They are harassed if too mouthy. Here's one who lost his job over too much candour.
On the gargantuan lie of climate change science http://current.com/1372p4c
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