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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

30 October - Tweets

The Predator UAV is made by General Atomics af...
The Predator UAV is made by General Atomics affiliate General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Grey Butte Field, now used by General...
English: Grey Butte Field, now used by General Atomics as an operational testing facility for their , outside El Mirage, California, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
President George W. Bush signs the Homeland Se...
President George W. Bush signs the Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2004 on October 1, 2003. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Millions of terrified Americans wake to life after Sandy 

While the hurricane's 90mph winds registered as only a Category 1 on a scale of five, it packed 'astoundingly low' barometric pressure, giving it terrific energy to push water inland, said Kerry Emanuel, a professor of meteorology at MIT.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2225112/Superstorm-Sandy-devastates-East-Coast-leaving-Atlantic-City-underwater-16-people-dead.html#ixzz2AnzKTWl4

Mitt Romney In GOP Debate: Shut Down Federal Disaster Agency, Send Responsibility To The States

General Atomics lands $128M sole-source contract for continued operations and maintenance support of drones:

via Texas police spend millions on drones

MUST READ: Four reasons to oppose : morality, consequences, spread to other countries & US national identity.  

Texas officials ink a $7.4M contract for a high-altitude spy plane. reports:

has reportedly devoted $600M in taxpayer money to beef up since 2007, according to news accounts.
 ( Keeping out farm labour and porous to gunrunners )

RT : Over 1 in 3 TX vets died from drug overdose, a fatal combo of drugs or suicide. Median age at death: 28

vets disability claims investigation by cited in Congressional hearing

Disabled troops returning from Iraq, Afghanistan face unexpected battle: Accessing disability benefit claims:

Number of waiting on a disability claim increased this week by more than 800. See our map:

Female US in combat zone is more likely to be raped by fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire

Jessica Valenti on Ending Rape Illiteracy | The Nation

Is a Citizens United Democracy a democracy at all?  

Must-reading if you still believe 1st amendment involved: Jamie Raskin on 'Citizens United' & the Corporate Court |

RELEASE: New poll shows Americans overwhelmingly support strong transparency & accountability reforms

Joseph Stiglitz: "Some Are More Unequal Than Others" & Won't Do Enough to Fight Increased

Secret recording of a stop-and-frisk sheds light on practice that has put young people of color in 's crosshairs:

In post-Sadaam being , or even looking gay, can be a death sentence. Get more from on :

report: No matter the field of their degree, earn less than men (on avg. 28% less)

Watch "The Price of Sex" on ' playlist for a look into the shadowy world of sex trafficking:

Republicans talk about Iran having nukes like they talk about their daughters having sex: "We can't let that happen."

Hospital worker fired allegedly for refusing to sign off on inflated Medicare coding

Now on , stories dealing with an issue that deeply divides American society – gay rights and religion:

Another video: United Methodists gathered in FL to decide future of church, official policy on homosexuality

EVENT: Meet nation’s most honored investigative reporting team: Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele. 10/17 in :

Compelling response from secrecy expert to the Senate's newly published investigation of fusion centers:
U.S. Senate issues scathing report on anti- “fusion centers” -

Romney's Plans Would Trigger A War With Iran, Says Former Mossad Chief

Must end "war on terror" paradigm-- Shifting Mood May End Blank Check for U.S. Security Efforts

Don't Buy the Spin: How Cutting the Pentagon's Budget Could Boost the Economy | The Nation

Hold 'em accountable/ US sues Bank of America for $1B for mortgage fraud

Non-disclosing advocacy groups have dumped more than $200M into 2012 presidential, congressional races:

Where do big political donors give? Everywhere: INN collaboration on .

Republicans created the there had been almost zero voter fraud in ten years. Can you say ?

Nineteen out of 20 federal agencies ignore FOIA requirements, despite Obama openness order via

Chevron drops $4.5 million in pocket change to elect House Republicans

Group that helped kill ban on corporate $ in politics misled IRS on its political activities by

Get in-depth portraits of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in 's new film, "The Choice," featured on :

During GOP primary debate, Romney said federal disaster relief for tornado and flood victims is "immoral." WATCH:

This Nation story is moving/ Watch for new developments this week: Romney profited from auto bailout he opposed

What Romney’s moderation conceals--he sits atop the most extreme major US political party in history/

Inimitable Jim Hightower offers ideas to help Republicans Find Real Voter Fraud in America :)

Excellent Op Ed on why NY needs Fair Elections campaign finance reform

New studies are adding fuel to concerns over : via
( Years ago Blue Girl Red State aka Global Citizen pointed up the tip given by Mr. Robinson in the Graduate : plastics [on YouTube ]. She also noted side effects of mimicking sex hormones in the human body.  Don't worry about proliferation of humans in a time of sterility.) 

What are the true social and environmental costs of coal power? Watch this excerpt from 's "Dirty Business."

RT : In Pennsylvania on college campuses gets the green light:

As a kidney disease epidemic sweeps Sri Lanka, organ donors offer help. Watch 's video, featured on :

RT : Investigations intensify into pharmacy linked to outbreak

Just because it's too good not to share, the report, Citizens Actually United:

RT : Compare countries' food situations w/ this interactive food map via
Report: “progress in reducing the proportion of hungry people in the world has been tragically slow”:  

The nation's salad bowl is facing serious challenges from climate change: Heat & Harvest from &

CA's farmers may be on collision course with changing . Find out what's at stake for this $30B industry:
( Have a look at their problems with water. Those are critical enough. Do you know how Saudi Arabia was transformed from plenty to desert ? Irrigation. )

How green zealots are destroying the planet: The provocative claim from a writer vilified for denying global warming

The turning point towards some semblance of sanity in the great climate war came in November 2009 with the leak of the notorious Climategate emails from the University of East Anglia.
What these showed is that the so-called ‘consensus’ science behind Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) — ie the theory that man-made CO2 is causing our planet to heat up in a dangerous, unprecedented fashion — simply cannot be trusted.
The experts had, for years, been twisting the evidence, abusing the scientific process, breaching Freedom of Information requests (by illegally hiding or deleting emails and taxpayer-funded research) and silencing dissent in a way which removes all credibility from the scaremongering reports they write for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
(The IPCC is the heavily politicised but supposedly neutral UN advisory body which has been described by President Obama as the ‘gold standard’ of international climate science.)
Since Climategate, the scientific case against AGW theory has hardened still further. Experiments at the CERN laboratory in Geneva have supported the theory of Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark that the sun — not man-made CO2 — is the biggest driver of climate change.

Like what you see in supermarket produce section? Enjoy, b/c things may be changing there. Our collab w/ has more

. reports that many cases of child sacrifice in not being followed up by . Watch on :

RT : schools set race-based math, reading goals; highest for Asian students, lowest for blacks

Have low-income students struggling in school? Give them added Adderall, doc says via

The hidden costs of hamburgers. Revisited this great CIR rpt getting ready for today's show on child obesity

Want to see how Romney’s Austerity Economics would work. Read this and weep.

This is news? RT : Study finds chem industry spends hundreds of millions lobbying against safety regs

Modern supermarkets could lift millions of African farmers out of poverty – or ruin them. reports:

Whoa Whole Foods agreed to buy leases for 6 Foodmaster locations, which will close by 11/30 as part of the deal

Volatile weather creates dramatic changes for California farmers

Ten miles outside of Modesto, in the farming town of Hughson just off Highway 99, the Duarte Nursery is at the front line of dramatic changes now under way in California’s immense agriculture industry.
The family-run nursery, founded in 1976, is one of the largest in the United States, and there’s a good chance the berries, nuts and citrus fruits eaten across the West began their journey to market as seedlings in Duarte’s 30 acres of greenhouses, labs and breeding stations.
The nursery’s owners have built a thriving business using state-of-the-art techniques to develop varieties adapted to the particular conditions and pests California farmers face.
These days, according to John Duarte, president of the nursery, that means breeding for elevated levels of heat and salt, which researchers say are symptoms of climate change – even if Duarte doesn’t necessarily see it that way.
“Whether it’s carbon built up in the atmosphere or just friggin’ bad luck,” he said, “the conditions are straining us.”
The cause of Duarte’s woes might be in dispute among farmers in California’s $31 billion agriculture industry. But the symptoms are clear. From the vast fields of fruits and nuts in the Central Valley to the wineries of Napa and Sonoma, the increasingly volatile weather is altering the fundamental conditions for growing food, California’s largest industry.
Farmers are in many ways at the front line of climate change. They conjure food from soil, sunlight and water – all of which are profoundly affected, scientists say, by climate change. Stresses have emerged across the state as water supplies tighten. Rain is coming at unexpected times. Winters aren’t getting cold enough. And salt from the rising ocean is making its way into Central Valley water.


Are you a interested in video? You should read this.

Also, keep your eyes on the movement. Lots of smart people getting behind it

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RT : In , an estimated 1.7 million people live as bonded laborers. Get more information:

( Look at the uranium files and Depleted Uranium - it isn't. Poor Fallujah ! ) 
Judge explains: "How Mandatory Minimums Forced Me 2 Send More Than 1,000 Nonviolent Drug Offenders 2 Federal Prison"
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