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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, October 26, 2012

26 October - Blogs I'm Following

English: A few lines of simple PDL code can ge...
English: A few lines of simple PDL code can generate this image. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
JetBlue Airways Airbus A320, Cibao Airport STI...
JetBlue Airways Airbus A320, Cibao Airport STI/MDST, Dominican Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Homeless on bench, Hermosillo, Sonora...
English: Homeless on bench, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico Français : Un sans-abri allongé sur un banc. Photo prise à Hermosillo, dans l'état du Sonora (Mexique). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Aerial photograph of Nogales, Ariz. (lower lef...
Aerial photograph of Nogales, Ariz. (lower left), the United States-Mexican border (diagonally from left to right), and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico (upper right). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Pitaya at San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico....
English: Pitaya at San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. Français : Des cactus cierges à San Carlos, dans le Sonora, au Mexique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
10:23 pm MDST

Romney-Ryan Agenda-- Overwhelmingly Rejected Younger Voters

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 23 minutes ago
Polls generally show the youth vote (18-29 year olds) surly but leaning strongly towards Obama and the Democrats. In the Harvard poll linked above, Obama leads Romney 48-26%. And although 54% of these young people say they disapproved of Democrats in Congress (41% approving), an astounding 71% disapproved of the obstructionist Republicans who have purposefully turned Congress into the enemy of the American people (23% approving, too dumb to know any better). The problem for Obama is that those who say they were definitely vote is down by 15% when compared to 2008. A case has been... more »

Sunday Classics preview: Meet Tchaikovsky's Tatiana, who's going to be writing a famous letter

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 23 minutes ago
*Soprano Anna Leese and baritone Mark Stone as Tatiana and Onegin in Act I of Yevgeny Onegin at London's Opera Holland Park this past July* *by Ken* In early September we listened to a bunch of Tchaikovsky waltzes that included the one embedded in the opening scene of Act II of the composer's opera *Yevgeny Onegin*, which led to mention of the letter that young Tatiana Larina had written to a guest at her mother's country estate, Yevgeny Onegin, the worldly friend of her sister Olga's fiancé, Lenski. The writing of that letter is one of opera's great scenes, and I've been meaning ... more »

While Americans Are Sleeping On The Streets In A Crumbling USA... US Criminal Government "Extends" $4 BILLION Israel "Loan" (Free Handout) Program!

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 56 minutes ago
America is now definitely an empire in steep decline... Right now, there are some 50+ Million US Citizens that are totally dependent on food stamps just to stay alive, which is in itself outrageous! We also see a nation now with a 25+ % unemployment rate (NOT the fraudulent "8%" that the US govt continues to harp), and American citizens sleeping on the streets of its once proud cities. It is absolutely revolting to behold how such a great nation is now a shadow of its past glory. But in spite of all the domestic problems at home, and where the US government should be concentrating... more »

The Poet: John O’Donohue, “For The Time Of Necessary Decision”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 hour ago
*“For The Time Of Necessary Decision”* “The mind of time is hard to read. We can never predict what it will bring, Nor even from all that is already gone Can we say what form it finally takes; For time gathers its moments secretly. Often we only know it’s time to change When a force has built inside the heart That leaves us uneasy as we are. Perhaps the work we do has lost its soul Or the love where we once belonged Calls nothing alive in us anymore. We drift through this gray, increasing nowhere Until we stand before a threshold we know We have to cross to come alive once more. May w... more »

Traditional O'odham leaders support Guarijios battle against Los Pilares dam

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 1 hour ago
  Statement of the Traditional O’odham Leaders of the O’odham Communities of Sonora, Mexico in Support of the Guarijio against the flooding of traditional lands by the Los Pilares / Bicentenario dam project on the upper River Mayo in southeast Sonora State http://chiltepines.wordpress.com/2012/10/26/declaracion-de-los-lideres-tradicionales-oodham-en-apoyo-al-pueblo-guarijio/ Los O´odham y

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 hour ago
“Every book has a first page and every catalog a first entry. And so this lovely blue cosmic cloud begins the van den Bergh Catalog (vdB) of stars surrounded by reflection nebulae. Interstellar dust clouds reflecting the light of the nearby stars, the nebulae usually appear blue because scattering by the dust grains is more effective at shorter (bluer) wavelengths. The same type of scattering gives planet Earth its blue daytime skies. * Click image for larger size.* Van den Bergh's 1966 list contains a total of 158 entries more easily visible from the northern hemisphere, includ... more »

"No BS Theory of Life"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 hour ago
* "No BS Theory of Life"* by Dr. Robert Lanza "Forget the self-help books. No book or person can promise you happiness. Christmas time is the mostly likely time of the year to experience depression. We share our love with friends and family, and get lots of gifts. So why aren't we all joyous? What the hell is going on? Did you ever wonder why people like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson didn't fare any better than you or I despite all their money, fame, and access to people of wisdom? The answer lies in your own backyard. Look at the shrubs, tangled with vines, with here and th... more »

Corporate Education's Anti-Democratic Effects

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 1 hour ago
From the NEPC at the University of Colorado, Boulder: BOULDER, CO October 16, 2012 – “Local control” has been a bedrock principle of public schooling in America since its earliest days, but a new report concludes the concept “has all but disappeared” in discussions of education policy. The report, *Democracy Left Behind: How Recent Education Reforms Undermine Local School Governance and Democratic Education*, by Kenneth Howe and David Meens of the University of Colorado Boulder, examines the impact on democratic ideals of vanishing local control over education. The report examines... more »

31 Days of Photo Props:Special Blankets

Debra at Housewife Eclectic - 1 hour ago
Lovies and blankies, there are lots of names for special blankets, each family seems to have their own. Whatever your name for them, they are a big part of your little one's childhood and should be documented before they wear out. Try and keep the poses very natural, things that they already do. My two favorite poses for special blankets are a back shot of the child holding the blanket over their shoulder and playing peek-a-boo with the blanket. I also often use the blanket as a backdrop for the little one to lay against. Not every child has a special blanket, but those who do, lo... more »

The Poet: Clarice Lispector, "Change"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 2 hours ago
*"Change"* by Clarice Lispector "Change. But start slowly, because direction is more important than speed. Sit in another chair, on the other side of the table. Later on, change tables. When you go out, try to walk on the other side of the street. Then change your route, walk calmly down other streets, observing closely the places you pass by. Take other buses. Change your wardrobe for a while; give away your old shoes and try to walk barefoot for a few days– even if only at home. Take off a whole afternoon to stroll about freely, listening to the birds or the noise of the cars. Ope... more »

Arizona Citizens' Election Integrity Lawsuit Explained by Attorney Brad Roach and Republican Candidate Bill Beard

Intercept at The Intercept - 2 hours ago
From left to right: Attorney Brad Roach, John Brakey, Bill Beard, Chris DeSimone *KVOA Wakeup Tucson at 7:00 AM Mountain Time on 1030 AM radio* Stay tuned for the final clip containing Pima County shill Benny White refusing to participate in the Elections Integrity Board's emergency meeting scheduled to discuss former NSA employee Mickey Duniho's analysis of past elections. White mistakenly assumed that the meeting was going to discuss the pending lawsuit requiring Pima County to follow existing election laws. One can assume he is also mistaken in thinking he can be a co-defendan... more »

Is Robert "No Relation to Paul" Samuelson the reason we can't have any serious discussion of the functioning of government?

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 3 hours ago
*Would it help if "No Relation" occasionally read a book by someone peddling something other than the mindless platitudes of conventional economic wisdom? You know, I really don't think so.* *by Ken* Okay, I've overdramatized. No, of course, Robert "No Relation to Paul" Samuelson isn't the reason we can't have any serious discussion of the functioning of government. He's much more a symptom than a cause of the problem(s). But if you don't think the problem is made worse by having a venue as august as the *Washington Post* offering license to pontificate on finance and economics to... more »

The Daily "Near You?"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 3 hours ago
Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA. Thanks for stopping by.

Chet Raymo, “Counting Out”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 3 hours ago
*“Counting Out” * by Chet Raymo "Remember "counting out"? Do kids still "count out"? Consider a count among six children: (1)Einie (2)meenie (3)meinie (4)mo, (5)catch (6)a feller (1) by the (2)toe, (3)if he (4)hollers (5)let him (6)go, (1)einie (2)meenie (3)meinie (4)mo. Number 4 is "out." Back in the early 70s, Kenneth Goldstein published an ethnographic study of counting out rhymes. By extending the rhyme, a clever counter could count out a child other than number 4: (5)My (6)mother (1)says (2)that (3)you (4)are (5)it. Or further: (6)But (1)I (2)say (3)that (4)you (5)are (6... more »

Vote Suppression ... Here it comes!!!

thwap at thwap's schoolyard - 4 hours ago
This is emblematic of the sort of rationalization progressives are making in response to the bone-headed ruling by a bunch of hack Supreme Court justices and allied moron Supreme Court justices: By now it may have become apparent that I've been won over by the majority ruling and I'll tip my hat to Adam Goldenberg for the argument that really solidified it for me. But his piece is in the *Ottawa Citizen* and while I was able to read it the first time I clicked through, now it's behind the paywall. If they don't really want me to send them traffic, so be it. I'll paraphrase. Attempts... more »

Kahlil Gibran, "The Prophet- On Laws"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
*"The Prophet- On Laws"* "You delight in laying down laws, Yet you delight more in breaking them. Like children playing by the ocean who build sand-towers with constancy and then destroy them with laughter. But while you build your sand-towers the ocean brings more sand to the shore, And when you destroy them the ocean laughs with you. Verily the ocean laughs always with the innocent. But what of those to whom life is not an ocean, and man-made laws are not sandtowers, But to whom life is a rock, and the law a chisel with which they would carve it in their own likeness? What of the cr... more »

Neocons Exploit Death of Americans For Political Gain

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 4 hours ago
The fact that Neocons like to politicize the death of Americans is nothing new. Remember 9/11. The attack on the American ambassador in Benghazi on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 has also been politicized by the Neocons. Neocon con artist William Kristol attacks President Obama in this *ridiculous article*, asking at the end, "did President Obama decide against sending in military assets to help the Americans in need?" Is he implying that Obama is responsible for the deaths of Americans? Yes he is. Kristol is exploiting a tragedy, a human error, or worse (a false flag attack by... more »

John (Fire) Lame Deer, "On Natural Diversity…"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
"On Natural Diversity…" by John (Fire) Lame Deer "Even animals of the same kind – two deer, two owls – will behave differently from each other. I have studied many plants. The leaves of one plant, on the same stem – none is exactly alike. On all the earth there is not one leaf that is exactly like another. The Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, likes it that way. He only sketches out the path of life roughly for all the creatures on earth, shows them where to go, where to arrive at, but leaves them to find their own way to get there. He wants them to act independently according to their... more »

Pima commission to discuss chance of election fraud in larger precincts

Intercept at The Intercept - 5 hours ago
Arizona Daily Star Carli Brosseau The Pima County Election Integrity Commission is holding a special meeting today to talk about whether one member's statistical analysis of votes in recent elections shows evidence of fraud. Under the group's bylaws, an emergency meeting can be held if at least five of the nine members call for one. Michael "Mickey" Duniho His presentation to the Election Integrity Board will be posted on The Intercept today.Mickey Duniho, a retired National Security Agency computer programmer, requested the meeting two days ago after he began plotting cumulative ... more »

F-35, the song remains the same

Boris at The Galloping Beaver - 6 hours ago
Something about the head of the RCAF saying the fighter procurement office not yet receiving instructions to look at not-JSFs as options and then later saying he misspoke or something. Uh huh. Anyway, for those still intersted, there's a link to the CBC item here. Me, this beyond the absurd and I'm finding myself less than interested in the outcome.  The Cons, through intent and incompetence

Eid Al Adha - "Eid Mubarak!"

James C Morton at Morton's Musings - 6 hours ago
Eid al-Adha is an Islamic festival to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim (also known as Abraham) to follow Allah's (God's) command to sacrifice his son Ishmael. Muslims around the world observe this event.

It's Time to Bash Benefit-Bashing

Phil at A Very Public Sociologist - 6 hours ago
I've had enough. *BBC Question Time* yesterday evening was the last straw. In a debate about IDS's #BBCQT-watching audience, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone. I started reading a newspapers in the late 80s (*The Sun, The Star,* and *News of the World* in case you were wondering). There has scarcely been a day since then when these rags did not print something decrying scroungers of one kind or another. Back in the day, single mums were vilified. Asylum Seekers, the unemployed, the disabled have each had their turns since - sometimes discretely, at others all simulta... more »

Qatari Emir The Most Powerful Person In Libya - Libyan Exile

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 6 hours ago
Source: Morris.

Red flags ignored for years at firm in meningitis crisis

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 6 hours ago
A cracked vial here, a missing label there. The complaints coming into New England Compounding Center, the firm at the heart of the deadly U.S. meningitis outbreak, were piling up. In March, regulators responded to a complaint from the prestigious Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary about a potency concern involving one of the eye medications it purchased from NECC. The investigation is ongoing. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/26/us-usa-health-meningitis-necc-idUSBRE89P12N20121026

Meningitis death toll reaches 25 with another Tennessee fatality

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 6 hours ago
The U.S. death toll from a meningitis outbreak tied to contaminated steroid injections reached 25 on Friday following another death in Tennessee, the state where the problem was first discovered, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. In its daily update on the meningitis emergency, the CDC said the latest fatality brings the number of deaths to 10 in Tennessee, the most of any state. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/26/us-usa-health-meningitis-idUSBRE89M08V20121026

Boeing Successfully Tests Microwave Missile That Takes Out Electronic Targets (Killing You Silently)

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 6 hours ago

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION - 26th October 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 6 hours ago
Magnitude 4.9 Date-Time Friday, October 26, 2012 at 21:11:57 UTC Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 05:11:57 AM at epicenter Location 10.667°N, 126.806°E Depth 35 km (21.7 miles) Region PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION Distances 124 km (77 miles) ESE (109°) from Guiuan, Samar, Philippines

He Knows God's Mind (REALLY! Just Ask Him), Budget Cuts Push Spain's Jobless To 25 Percent, & BoA Only Loses $80 Billion This Week!

He really does. Just ask him. Or tune in. As millions do. Still. Beck: God ‘guided’ Romney to lose final debate Where are the granny glasses, Glennie? And the blackboard? Our oracle. Budget Cuts Push Spain Jobless To 25 Percent People wait to enter a government-run employment office in Madrid September 4, 2012. (Credit: Reuters/Susana Vera)MADRID | Fri Oct 26, 2012

First Poll Released In Sask NDP Leadership Race

leftdog at Buckdog - 7 hours ago
* (Click on image to enlarge ... ) * *The Erin Weir campaign is releasing the results of a telephone poll of Saskatchewan NDP members conducted last week. The survey found a close race for the provincial leadership with dramatic differences in support between geographic areas. Among the minority of New Democrats who were decided, Trent Wotherspoon had a modest overall lead based almost entirely on support in Regina. Erin Weir and Cam Broten were tied for second, with Broten’s support almost exclusively concentrated in Saskatoon. “The sitting MLAs have a head start in their home c... more »

Entire North American internet suddenly slowed down today at 5:30am

Intercept at The Intercept - 7 hours ago
Death and Taxes By Ned Hepburn [image: internet-slows-down - Entire North American internet suddenly slowed down today at 5:30am] The Internet Traffic Report is showing that packet loss – which is (I’m paraphrasing here) data sent over the the internet that fails to reach its intended destination – has sharply increased since early this morning, from a usual loss of yesterday’s 24% to around 36% as of 2pm today, EST. A general rule of thumb is that the higher the packet loss, the slower the internet. Here’s the graph of packet loss over the last 24 hours: Some major servers in New... more »

"How It Really Is"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 7 hours ago

Buck McKeon Says He's Not As Corrupt As Everyone Asserts He Is-- Let's Look Into His Specious Claim

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 7 hours ago
No one dares to take on the biggest McKeon scandal-- how his insatiable gambling habit and huge losses at the Venetian Casino have put him in the clutches of Organized Crime boss Sheldon Adelson, an agent of China, not something even many Republican congressmen are happy to see when it comes to the chairmen of the House Armed Services Committee (who gets *very* sensitive briefings from the CIA that Adelson's Chinese partners would give anything to get). So let's talk about the scandals that are routinely kicked around Washington and Santa Clarita-- his bribes from Angelo Mozilo an... more »

They Should Spin. We Shouldn't Listen

Jonathan Bernstein at A plain blog about politics - 7 hours ago
Greg has a nice item out this afternoon about what the campaigns are claiming about their internal polls, which reminds me of something I forgot to include, although I've said it before, in my item the other day about how I'm following the polling: I'm absolutely, completely ignoring any claims about internal polls. This is really basic: anything they say (or anything that they leak) is going to be self-serving. And on top of that, there's no magic here; there's no reason for us to believe that the campaigns know more about the horse race from their internal polling than we know from... more »

UN to investigate civilian deaths from US drone strikes

Intercept at The Intercept - 7 hours ago
Guardian Owen Bowcott Special rapporteur on counter-terror operations condemns Barack Obama's failure to establish effective monitoring process [image: US Predator drone]Ben Emmerson QC called for effective investigations into US drone attacks. The United Nations is to set up a dedicated investigations unit in Geneva early next year to examine the legality of drone attacks in cases where civilians are killed in so-called "targeted" counter-terrorism operations. The announcement was made by Ben Emmerson QC, a UN special rapporteur, in a speech to Harvard law school in which he conde... more »

“Zynga: Farmville Apocalypse?"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 7 hours ago
*“Zynga: Farmville Apocalypse?"* Could Zynga Layoffs Mark the Beginning of the Second Dotcom Crash? By Willard Foxton ․ "The internet gaming company Zynga, creators of Farmville, yesterday laid off over 100 employees, closing their UK studio as well as development studios in Boston, Massachusetts and Austin, Texas. This mass layoff comes after a string of high-profile departures – vice presidents, a chief operating officero and some of talented developers have jumped ship over the summer. Stories have percolated out about Zynga's supposedly toxic internal culture for some tim... more »

One wonders whether they believe the nuclear disaster will soon be repeated?

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 7 hours ago
UPDATE: Forecast predicts wider evacuations needed if nuclear disaster repeated http://ajw.asahi.com/article/0311disaster/fukushima/AJ201210240073

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake SHIKOKU, JAPAN - 26th October 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
Magnitude 4.7 Date-Time Friday, October 26, 2012 at 19:44:35 UTC Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 04:44:35 AM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 33.465°N, 133.450°E Depth 17 km (10.6 miles) Region SHIKOKU, JAPAN Distances 9 km (5 miles) S of Ino, Japan

4.8 Magnitude Earthquake NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 26th October 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
Magnitude 4.8 Date-Time Friday, October 26, 2012 at 19:33:11 UTC Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 04:33:11 AM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 37.690°N, 141.561°E Depth 61 km (37.9 miles) Region NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN Distances 54 km (33 miles) ENE of Namie, Japan

The Economy: "15 Signs That Layoffs And Job Losses Are Skyrocketing"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 7 hours ago
* "Will The Bottom Fall Out? * *15 Signs That Layoffs And Job Losses Are Skyrocketing"* by Michael Snyder "If you still have a good job, you might want to hold on to it very tightly because there are a whole bunch of signs that unemployment in the United States is about to start getting worse again. Over the past several weeks, a substantial number of large corporations have announced disappointing earnings for the third quarter. Many of those large corporations are also loaded up with huge amounts of debt. So what is the solution? Well, the favorite solution on Wall Street thes... more »

But is it? - A Rule 5 Friday Night Post

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 7 hours ago
Further to this... Natalie Portman fights back... Over to you Scarlett... Thanks!

Third Party Debates and UFAA Offer a Road Map for Political Success

noreply@blogger.com (Mark Daniels) at Global Political Awakening - 7 hours ago
Brandon Turbeville At times in America, it seems like there are at least two very different but parallel realities in existence. In one of these realities, the population has accepted total government/corporate control over the entirety of their lives; whereas, in the other, the population has rejected that notion. Likewise, there appears to be a universe where perpetual war is accepted by the masses as a necessity; while, in the other, the populace recognizes the necessity of ending it. Concurrently, one philosophy holds that a ravaged planet, large-scale death, and a constant... more »

The Effects of Government Debt on Growth

Greg Mankiw at Greg Mankiw's Blog - 8 hours ago
An analysis from Stanford's Michael Boskin.

Satire: "G.O.P. Split Over Whether to Emphasize Misogyny or Racism"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 8 hours ago
*"G.O.P. Split Over Whether to Emphasize Misogyny or Racism"* by Andy Borowitz NEW HAMPSHIRE (The Borowitz Report)— "With less than two weeks to go until Election Day, there is a deep divide among Republican leaders over whether to emphasize misogyny or racism as the campaign’s closing theme. In one camp is the Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, who says that his view that God is sometimes O.K. with rape is “gaining real traction with a key demographic: men who don’t like women very much.” “I can’t tell you how many misogynists have come up to me at my rallies and said, ‘... more »

4.1 Magnitude Earthquake TARAPACA, CHILE - 26th October 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 8 hours ago
Magnitude ML 4.1 Region TARAPACA, CHILE Date time 2012-10-26 18:57:42.0 UTC Location 20.09 S ; 69.36 W Depth 107 km Distances 83 km E Iquique, Chile

Friday Happy Dance

James C Morton at Morton's Musings - 8 hours ago

Comcaac (Seri) honored as 'Pillars of the World'

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 8 hours ago
      Article, photo and video by Brenda Norrell Censored News copyright http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com BE' CHUK' (HERMOSILLO, Sonora, Mexico ) -- Today, Amacia Astorga and Adolfo Burgos, Comca'ac (Seri) were honored as Pillars of the World during the Second Reunion of the Spiritual Guides of the Region. Discussions center on the spiritual well being of Sonora, including water, land,

You know who else used to photoshop his photo ops?

Libby Spencer at The Impolitic - 8 hours ago
No sillies, not Hitler. Well, maybe he did, Leni was a great propagandist, but you will recall the many instances of Bush era photoshopping from the toppling of Saddam's statue to the crowds at Georgie's speeches. Not for nothing, has Romney hired nearly every Bushie apparatchik. They come in very handy when one needs to fake the attendance at a Romney rally. Gotta keep the myth of Mittster's phony momentum going somehow. [More posts daily at the Detroit News.]

Welcome to Alberta’s Wild West, where the market sets the value of your vote

david at Alberta Diary - 8 hours ago
Drug store billionaire Daryl Katz, right, discusses his plans for a new Edmonton hockey arena with a representative of the Alberta government. Since Wild West hockey barons may not appear exactly as illustrated, a photo of the real Mr. Katz is shown below. (CBC Photo, circa 2008.) Look, people, this here is the Wild West. ... more »

Sexual innuendo is in the eye of the beholder - Updated

Libby Spencer at The Impolitic - 8 hours ago
Before I even saw Lena Dunham's ad endorsing President Obama, I knew I was going to love it because of this tweet: Erick son of Erick: What's worse than the Obama as is that some people really like it. We do live in a fallen, depraved world destined for the fire. He, of course, meant to say Obama ad, but typos aside, Erick son of Erick was joined in his horror by the entire population of Nutopia. Surely this is the first sign of the apocalypse and the whole of humanity is doomed to roast in hell now. What's most amusing about their mighty fauxrage is their own hero, Ronald Reagan ... more »

The Times pretends to do campaign reporting!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 9 hours ago
*FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012* *Breaking! How many people in campaign ads seem to be visually sad:*Finally! Finally, with Election Day nearing, the New York Times has done an extremely long, carefully researched front-page news report! The report runs 4900 words. But it isn’t about our election campaign. This lengthy report is all about the wealth of China’s first family. The Times still hasn’t reported about the way Bain Capital underfunded the pensions at that Kansas City steel mill. But please don’t despair: Even if Romney is getting a pass, the Chinese first family is not! Alas! A... more »

As If You Need Another Reason to Despise the Harper Government

The Mound of Sound at The Disaffected Lib - 9 hours ago
One of the most odious and blatantly theocratic affronts perpetrated by the Harper regime is its fierce opposition to physician-assisted suicide for the terminally ill. Team Harper is now before the B.C. Court of Appeal seeking to overturn a decision in June that struck down the government prohibition on doctor-assisted suicide. The Harper regime's arguments and the standard, vacuous pap: this is a decision that only government can take and allowing assisted suicide would put vulnerable people at risk of being coerced or even forced to end their lives. Bollocks. Oregon has a d... more »

‘Frankenstorm’ has financial centers on edge

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
Hurricane Sandy is already being billed as a “Frankenstorm” for its potential to wreak havoc on U.S. financial centers as well as the travel infrastructure in New York, with heavy winds and rain expected on the East Coast early next week. Wall Street and a big chunk of the nation’s biggest cities currently lie in the path of Sandy. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/frankenstorm-has-financial-centers-on-edge-2012-10-26

By sending the American military off to fight wars over issues that are of no concern to Americans, the US politicians are clearly playing our troops and their families for fools.

Barbara Diamond at American Scofflaw - 9 hours ago
[image: US Marine cries at memorial for fellow Marines] *A US Marine cries at a memorial for fellow Marines who were killed in battle in Iraq. The Iraq war was launched by US politicians to please their bosses in the powerful Israel lobby. The politicians of both parties play American military people for fools. But, click on the photo and distribute some cheer for the troops!!*

Oakland County, Michigan Defends U.S. Constitution Against NDAA

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 9 hours ago
*Activist Post* It has been said that the key to politics is persistence. In the fight against one of the most draconian laws in history, that persistence has definitely paid off. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) typically funds our national defense, including the military. It has been passed by Congress and signed by the President for 48 years now. While most previous versions have had little to no effect on America’s liberty or freedom, the 2012 NDAA destroys our Bill of Rights. When the 2012 NDAA was being debated in the U.S. Senate, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S... more »


Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
......The elections have sunk to playground level http://barackobama.tumblr.com/post/34165736532/sums-it-up

CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods was part of a small team who was at the CIA annex about a mile from the U.S. consulate where Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team came under attack. When he and others heard the shots fired, they informed their higher-ups at the annex to tell them what they were hearing and requested permission to go to the consulate and help out. They were told to "stand down," http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/10/26/cia-operators-were-denied-request-for-help-during-benghazi-attack-sources-say/

Greek opposition rejects new cuts but won't force poll

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
Greece's opposition leader denounced international lenders' demands as dealing the "final blow" to a devastated economy but said on Friday he would not seek to bring down the government. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/26/us-eurozone-greece-tsipras-idUSBRE89P0YI20121026

European banks protest Dodd-Frank

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
Some European banks are ordering their brokers to rein in and even quit trading some derivatives with U.S.-based peers in a protest against tough new American rules. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/26/us-europe-derivatives-doddfrank-idUSBRE89P0UZ20121026

Brazil hit by new blackout Leaving 53 million Brazilians in the dark

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
A massive blackout left as many as 53 million Brazilians in the dark late Thursday and early Friday, the latest in a string of energy shortages that have raised questions about whether Brazil's infrastructure is keeping pace with economic growth. Officials said a fire in a substation in the Amazon knocked out the whole northeastern electricity grid in the region's worst blackout since 2001. The outage, which follows two other big blackouts in Brazil in as many months, lasted up to four hours in some places and brought major industries to a halt. http://uk.reuters.com/article/2012/1... more »

Man Buys 1 Million Facebook Users’ Personal Information for $5

Mark Daniels at Global Political Awakening - 9 hours ago
Anthony Gucciardi How much is your personal information worth? How about a data set consisting of over 1 million individual’s personal information complete with their full legal name, personal E-mail address, and URL to their Facebook account as confirmation? According to one ‘mystery’ company that recently sold 1 million Facebook users’ personal information to a very surprised blogger, not very much at all. About $5, to be specific. It all started when one blogger, a self-proclaimed seeker of ‘cheap’ deals that pertain to potentially useful or interesting subjects, stumbled ac... more »

ten year study - there are no psychic people

Mike Philbin at FREE PLANET - 9 hours ago
well, at least I've never found any and don't think I haven't tried in fact over the last TEN YEARS I've been sending out psychic messages to ANYONE WHO'S ABLE TO PICK THEM UP so far, noone, has come up to me and said, "I'm psychic, please stop sending me these messages." In fact, nobody even seems to bother what I 'send them' psychically iff I'm sending ANYTHING psychically and such psychic impotence wouldn't surprise me. Anybody successfully sent, and had confirmed receipt? I mean, SERIOUSLY?


Anon at aangirfan - 9 hours ago
*Obama is not popular in Indonesia.* Website for this image Obama went to Egypt, and then Egypt was wrecked. Obama went to Indonesia... *Obama observing the schoolkids in Jakarta. *Website for this image Indonesia's economy is booming. By 2030, Indonesia could be the 7th largest economy in the world, overtaking Germany and the UK. But how long will the boom last? Fifteen years ago, the Indonesian economy crashed. The CIA reportedly wanted Indonesia's President Suharto toppled. *aangirfan: SUHARTO - BIG DADDY* * * *In May 1998, gangsters were brought into Jakarta to burn and rape... more »

Founder of Warmongering Network Says War Is Bad

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 9 hours ago
The owner of CNN, the network that vomits out nothing but war propaganda, says war is bad and a reflection of unenlightened barbarism. This hypocrite should tell that to his own news anchors and reporters who believe a USrael war against Iran is a good idea, and that the NATO wars in Libya and Syria will bring freedom. Remember: CNN was behind 9/11 propaganda, Afghanistan war propaganda, Iraq war propaganda, Libya war propaganda, and Syria war propaganda. It is now pushing for an American-Israeli attack on Iran. All CNN does is war propaganda. But its founder and owner says the worl... more »

Weekly Find: Pop Chips!

Casey at The Adventures of Limited Eating - 9 hours ago
*Weekly Find: Pop Chips!* I am sure some of you may have already heard of PopChips! I discovered them a couple of months ago, but then had trouble finding them in any local stores. Now I have found that they are sold in Whole Foods and most health food stores, I am sure they will hit a wider market soon! There are several flavors, but the one I recommend is the Salt and Pepper. They are extremely satisfying, yet not fried or baked, but popped... however that works, I don't really care. Check out the ingredients list and you will find that you can actually understand everything it s... more »

Bird Flu claims 3600 turkeys in govt poultry body at Bangalore, India

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
About 3,600 Turkeys have died of avian influenza (H5N1) at the Central Poultry Development Organisation at Hesaragatta on the city outskirts, a government official said here today. "The remaining 700 Turkeys have been culled",Secretary in the Department of Animal Husbandry,Arvind Jannu,told PTI here. CPDO has been quarantined,he said. Confirmation that these birds died following the influenza came from Bhopal-based high security animal disease laboratory two days ago. A radius of one kilometre around CPDO has been declared as an infected zone. "We are watching other birds". http:/... more »

Salton Sea Volcano Mystery Solved, California

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
In August, an earthquake swarm shook the nearby town of Brawley. The USGS attributed the temblors to faults in the Brawley Seismic Zone. In September, a sulfurous stench emanated from the Salton Sea and wafted across the Inland Empire. The odor was tentatively linked to a fish die-off, but could also have been caused by volcanic gases, Stock said. http://www.ouramazingplanet.com/3686-salton-buttes-younger.html

Iceland warns of threat of big earthquake

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
Icelandic authorities warned people in the north of the island on Thursday to prepare for a possible big earthquake after the biggest tremors in the area for 20 years. The north Atlantic island, where almost 320,000 people live, is a hotspot of volcanic and seismic activity as it straddles a fault in the earth's surface It said such shocks, one of which was a magnitude 5.6, often led to stronger quakes. Warnings were issued when there were grounds to expect a natural or manmade event that could threaten health and human safety, it added. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/26/... more »

Louisiana sinkhole: sharp tremor recorded by USGS monitors just after 9 p.m.

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
KLTV.com-Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

Syrian opposition will not observe the truce: Webster Tarpley

Land Destroyer at Land Destroyer - 10 hours ago
Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D. Press TV October 26, 2012 ....

The Afghan War: Just the Facts

Intercept at The Intercept - 10 hours ago
Daily Bell *Afghanistan mosque suicide bomb attack kills at least 41 ... A suicide bomber targeted worshippers who had gathered at a mosque in north Afghanistan for prayers to mark Eid al-Adha, killing at least 41 people. More than 50 people were wounded in the attack, which happened as people were leaving the Eid Gah mosque in Maymana, capital of Faryab province. Senior provincial government and police officials attended the prayers, but appeared to escape serious injury. The victims were mainly police officers and civilians. This attack in Maymana, the provincial capital of Fary... more »

Third party suspect defence

James C Morton at Morton's Musings - 10 hours ago
R. v. Tehrankari, 2012 ONCA 718 deals with when a third party suspect defence will be allowed: [35] An accused charged with a crime is entitled by way of defence to adduce evidence that a third party, not the accused, committed the crime. The evidence must meet the test of relevancy and must have sufficient probative value to justify its reception. In order to be relevant and probative, the evidence must connect the third person with the crime. If there is an insufficient connection between the third person and the crime, the evidence will lack the requisite air of reality: ... more »

Paul Ceglia Arrested in a multibillion-dollar scheme to defraud Facebook Inc

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
The businessman sued Facebook and its CEO in 2010 claiming a 2003 contract he signed with Zuckerberg, then a Harvard University student, entitled him to a stake in the social media company. This past March, as part of that case, Facebook released emails sent by Zuckerberg around the time of the contract to show Ceglia's claims were false. "Ceglia used the federal court system to perpetuate his fraud and will now be held accountable for his criminal scheme," Orin Snyder, a partner at law firm Gibson Dunn representing Facebook and Zuckerberg in the civil case, said in a statement. h... more »

Michael Jacob Death In Police Custody: Cocaine Use A Factor

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
Cocaine-use contributed to the death of a man in custody - but police failures may also have been to blame, jurors say. Jacob Michael, 25, was arrested for affray at his home in Widnes in August 2011 after allegedly threatening police with a hammer. http://news.sky.com/story/1003088/death-in-police-custody-cocaine-use-a-factor

ICAT on Hurricane Sandy Damage Benchmarks

noreply@blogger.com (Roger Pielke, Jr.) at Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog - 10 hours ago
ICAT just sent out this summary (here in PDF) of an analysis using the ICAT Damage Estimator (based on our normalized hurricane loss database): The ICAT Damage Estimator (www.icatdamageestimator.com) can be used to obtain statistics regarding historic storms that have followed similar paths to Hurricane Sandy’s current forecast path. For this analysis, the Active Storms search feature was used to select all historic storms that have made landfall within the current range of computer model forecasts. This range includes the coastline from near the MD/VA border on the DelMarVa Penin... more »

'Out of touch' Spanish prince shakes hand of beggar

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
Spain's heir to the throne was accused of being "out of touch" with the nation after mistakenly shaking the hand of a beggar who had extended her palm in the hope of receiving money. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/spain/9633830/Out-of-touch-Spanish-prince-shakes-hand-of-beggar.html

Syrian Rebels Set off a Car bomb in Damascus killing at least five people

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
The Syrian Army and rebel fighters have both apparently broken a four-day ceasfire agreed to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid. The blast in the capital comes on the first day of a ceasefire brokered by UN and Arab League peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi. http://news.sky.com/story/1002920/syria-deadly-car-bomb-attack-in-capital

Get Your Vote On

Jay Allbritton at Jay Allbritton - 10 hours ago

Only three things certain in life: death, taxes, and BBC anti-Israel bias - The Commentator

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 11 hours ago
' Only three things certain in life: death, taxes, and BBC anti-Israel biasBBC Gaza correspondent shows prejudice towards Israel on Twitter' http://www.thecommentator.com/article/1923/only_three_things_certain_in_life_death_taxes_and_bbc_anti_israel_bias#.UIq1ILqxJOE.twitter

Palestinian terrorists on the payroll : British taxpayers are helping to pay the salaries of jailed bomb makers. : Henry Jackson Society

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 11 hours ago
'British taxpayers are helping to pay the salaries of jailed bomb makers. ' http://henryjacksonsociety.org/2012/10/26/palestinian-terrorists-on-the-payroll/

the watchtower

Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 11 hours ago
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix. (all along the watchtower)

Canada says UN official who called for Israel boycott should quit

Intercept at The Intercept - 11 hours ago
Editors Note: Join Richard Falk in attracting the ire of Canada! Boycott Israel. Toronto Sun David Akin OTTAWA - Canada joined the United States and Israel late Thursday night in calling for the resignation of a United Nations official charged with monitoring and reporting on human rights in the Palestinian territories. That official, Richard Falk, the UN's special rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories, called for a worldwide boycott earlier Thursday of companies tied to Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. That recommendation was immediately conde... more »

*Mother* Russia and her Totalitarian Christian Patriarchy

noreply@blogger.com (deBeauxOs) at DAMMIT JANET! - 11 hours ago
[image: Pussy Riot] From Putin and Kirill - the dogmatic duo that viciously punished Pussy Riot- more ideological crap. *Christians from Russia's Orthodox community are demanding that the country's Apple division remove the famous half-bitten apple logo from its products and replace it with a cross, because they find the apple image offensive to their beliefs.** **In popular culture, an apple is often used to represent the fruit that Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge when tempted by the devil, as found in Genesis 3 in the Bible – although the exact type of fruit is not men... more »

'Scarlett Johansson’s Cleavage is Way Better Than Natalie Portman’s' - A Friday night Rule 5 post

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 11 hours ago
Brave words from Egotastic, albeit backed up with 'evidence' Hmmm "How happy could I be with either, Were t'other dear charmer away!" *as **Louis Mazzini tenth Duke of Chalfont muses at the end of Kind Hearts and Coronets - one of my top 10 favorite films of all time.*

Criminals On Wall Street? Who Could Have Guessed? And What About Capitol Hill?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 11 hours ago
Today in So. Lancaster; tomorrow Palmdale I hope you read the Muppets post and watched the *60 Minutes* segment with Goldman Sachs whistleblower Gregg Smith that we embedded Wednesday morning. In the pathology of the 1 percent, criminal behavior from the elites of High Finance are, to put it mildly, predictable. Enabling it for a cut of the action-- which is, after all, the Republican Party agenda for Wall Street "reform"-- is just as pathological. That same day, we saw Goldman Sachs board member Rajat Gupta sentenced to two years in prison and ordered to pay a $5 million fine for ga... more »

McCain keeps shooting off his mouth!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 11 hours ago
*FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012* *How the West Wing might be lost:* Last night, John McCain shot off his mouth for Piers Morgan. On MSNBC, it’s conventional to praise Saint McCain for having been less racist than Romney back in 2008. That’s a bit of a reinvention. In 2008, that pretty much isn't the way leading liberals saw things. Whatevger! But even as this reinvention occurs, McCain is all over TV, saying dumb shit like this: MORGAN (10/25/12): Let's turn to an interview that Barack Obama has given to Rolling Stone magazine and there's been some leaks from this in which the presiden... more »


éminence grise at Cherchez la Verite - 12 hours ago
------------------------------ NSC Analyst Proves GOP is Stealing Elections Politics | Denis G Campbell | October 25, 2012 6:00 pm Original here ------------------------------ *By Denis G. Campbell and **Charley James (c) 25 October 2012 * UPDATED: Why is Mitt Romney so confident? In states where the winner will be decided by less than 10%, of the vote he already knows he will win. This is no tinfoil hat conspiracy. It’s a maths problem. And mathematics showed changes in actual raw voting data that had no statistical correlation other t... more »

NDP Government would return age of eligibility for Old Age Security to 65

leftdog at Buckdog - 12 hours ago
*Today, in a speech before the Annual General Meeting of the seniors’ organization CARP, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair announced that a New Democratic government would restore the age of eligibility for Old Age Security benefits to 65. More than 300,000 Canadians over the age of 65 are currently living in poverty and an alarming number of them are in a fragile situation. Eight million Canadians have no pension plan from their employer and many are unable to save enough for their retirement. The Conservatives’ wrong-headed choices and reckless cuts to Old Age Security will have signific... more »

Assault on Democracy in Haiti from Counterpunch

John Carroll at Dying in Haiti - 12 hours ago
WEEKEND EDITION OCTOBER 26-28, 2012 SHARE ON FACEBOOKSHARE ON TWITTERSHARE ON GOOGLEMORE SHARING SERVICES5 An Interview with Jeb Sprague The Assault on Democracy in Haiti by DAVID ZLUTNICK Jeb Sprague is a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where his research is focused on Haiti. He has written for numerous publications including Al Jazeera, the Miami Herald, Inter Press Service, and many others. He received a Project Censored Award in 2008 for an article coauthored with Haitian journalist Wadner Pierre. Sprague just released his first book, P... more »

East Coast Keeps a Watchful Eye on Hurricane Sandy - NYTimes.com

Cantoral at GlobaLove Think Tank - 12 hours ago
A driver maneuvered his car along a wet road as a wave crashed against the Malecón in Havana on Thursday. Hurricane Sandy tore through the Bahamas with 100-mile per hour winds early Friday, after killing at least 21 people in the Caribbean, as it made its way toward the Eastern Seaboard. Hurricane Sandy tore through the Bahamas with 100-mile per hour winds early Friday, after killing at least 21 people in the Caribbean, as it made its way toward the Eastern Seaboard. 'via Blog this'

Admissibility of non-expert “recognition evidence” deriving from the examination of a photograph or videotape

James C Morton at Morton's Musings - 12 hours ago
R. v. Berhe, 2012 ONCA 716 deals with the admissibility of non-expert "recognition evidence" deriving from the examination of a photograph or videotape. The Court holds: [13] It has long been accepted that non-expert, lay opinion to the effect that the witness recognizes the image of a person seen in a photograph or on videotape, based on a prior connection with that person, may be admissible in certain circumstances. This appeal is about the contours of the test for admissibility of that type of evidence. [14] In *R. v. Brown*, 215 C.C.C. (3d) 330 (C.A.), at para. 39,... more »

Puppy on subway

James C Morton at Morton's Musings - 12 hours ago
WOOFJust four months old and very friendly

(Updated)BC Liberals Public Affairs Bureau

Grant G at The Straight Goods - 12 hours ago
CKNW`s question of the day..... Do you think the BC Liberals can renew themselves before the spring election? At 8:10 am this morning the numbers were... No-74.8% Yes-25.2% ______________________________________ I guarantee you that by the time 4:00 pm rolls around those numbers will turn around 180 degrees.. I voted before the BC Liberal PAB..Public affairs bureau have had their scotch and corn flakes.. Interesting numbers though, at 8:10 am this morning the BC Liberals are polling almost exactly what Angus Reid has pegged their support at.. I`ll update the results about 5... more »

'Culture of cruelty': 11 care home workers sentenced for shocking abuse of vulnerable residents exposed by Panorama probe

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 12 hours ago
The staff, top left, admitted a total of 38 charges of either neglect or ill-treatment of people with severe learning difficulties at a hospital in South Gloucestershire, bottom left. Wayne Rogers was among the 11 staff - nine support workers and two nurses - caught in a BBC Panorama sting by a reporter with a hidden camera posing as a carer. He was sentenced to two years in prison today. Victims of the abuse are captured on camera, bottom right, while their friends and family were pictured crying outside court today, top right. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2223514/Winte... more »

Charges Dropped Against Nuclear Protesters

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 12 hours ago
Daniel Ellsberg and 14 Nuclear Protesters Are Victorious in Federal Court By Jane Ayers, Reader Supported News 25 October 12 *U.S. government dismisses case before trial begins http://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/307-11/14194-daniel-ellsberg-and-14-nuclear-protesters-are-victorious-in-federal-court * [Excerpted] A federal Magistrate judge Rita Federman last Wednesday allowed the U.S. government to dismiss all trespassing charges against the "Vandenberg 15," a group of citizens who in February conducted a civil disobedience action at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The group was... more »

Autism, Neoliberalism and the Environment

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 12 hours ago
Two days ago I reported that the director of the UC Davis MInd Institute stated publicly that researchers he associates with are increasingly convinced that the rise in autism diagnoses reflects actual increases in the frequency of the disorder. http://majiasblog.blogspot.com/2012/10/autism-increase-real.html I believe that also and am convinced that environmental contaminants are the cause. However, I believe that environmental causes are not being fully examined because of the political implications. In particular, the neoliberal health paradigm that prevails responsibilizes indi... more »


New Orleans Ladder at New Orleans Ladder - 12 hours ago
*Hurricane Sandy's expected landfall along the mid-Atlantic coast is likely to be a billion-dollar disaster ~Weather Underground*

What is Wrong with Embellishing Science?

noreply@blogger.com (Roger Pielke, Jr.) at Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog - 12 hours ago
*embellishing*present participle of* em·bel·lish *(Verb) Verb: 1. Make (something) more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features: "blue silk embellished with golden embroidery". 2. Make (a statement or story) more interesting or entertaining by adding extra details, esp. ones that are not true. Yesterday, before heading back to the National Hurricane Center to help deal with Sandy, Chris Landsea gave a great talk here at CU on hurricanes and climate change (we'll have a video up soon). In Chris' talk he explained that he has no doubts that... more »

'Sweeney Todd' cannibal gang accused of butchering girl and baking her remains pies - and feeding human flesh to baby

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 12 hours ago
- Jorge Negromonte, 50, his wife Isabel Pires, 51, and his mistress Bruna da Silva, 25, in court over three murders - They allegedly killed the women before making traditional Brazilian pies to sell to their neighbours - The baby daughter of one of their victims was forced to eat her mother's remains - The trio have claimed to be part of a cult which kills people to control the population http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2223461/Sweeney-Todd-cannibal-gang-accused-baking-butchered-girls-remains-pies-sold-30p-feeding-human-flesh-baby.html

Michael Mann has doctored "his" Nobel prize diploma, too

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 12 hours ago
The Examiner (via Climate Depot) brings us some incredible news about a light question, namely whether Mr Michael Mann, the main person behind the thoroughly discredited "hockey stick graph" of temperatures in the recent 1,000 years (or more years), has received a Nobel prize. *Picture credits: WUWT. Click to zoom in.* Thomas Richard of The Examiner asked Prof Geir Lundestad, the director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, whether Michael Mann has received a Nobel prize, whether he was given a diploma, and whether the picture, originally posted on WUWT (thanks, Anthony), which sh... more »

Large Storm to Hit US East Coast

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 12 hours ago
East Coast braces for monster 'Frankenstorm' http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_SUPER_STORM?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2012-10-26-07-48-21 WASHINGTON (AP) -- The pre-Halloween hybrid weather monster that federal forecasters call "Frankenstorm" is looking more ominous by the hour for the East Coast, and utilities and local governments are getting ready. Meteorologists expect a natural horror show of high wind, heavy rain, extreme tides and maybe snow to the west beginning early Sunday, peaking with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy on Tuesday and lingering past Ha... more »

Humanity's End Foretold in Destruction of Oceans

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 12 hours ago
Cesium levels in fish off Fukushima not dropping October 26, 2012 http://ajw.asahi.com/article/0311disaster/fukushima/AJ201210260047 [Exccerpted] Radioactive cesium levels in most kinds of fish caught off the coast of Fukushima haven't declined in the year following Japan's nuclear disaster, a signal that the seafloor or leakage from the damaged reactors must be continuing to contaminate the waters -- possibly threatening fisheries for decades, a researcher says. ..."The (radioactivity) numbers aren't going down. Oceans usually cause the concentrations to decrease if the spigot ... more »

The Man Who Fell to Earth Redux

jurassicpork at Welcome Back to Pottersville - 12 hours ago
(By *American Zen*'s Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari Goldstein.) ** * *I'm only 98 or 99 per cent certain that Mitt Romney's of earthly origin. During this election cycle, I've thought that, if a conspiracy theorist were to put enough work and research into it, s/he could get an unlimited number of people to also believe that Mitt Romney is simply not terrestrial. Obviously, he is. If you look at pictures of a younger George Romney, the similarity between him and his son Willard at comparable ages is striking. Mitt is George's son, no doubt about it. No alien in the woodshed in Cas... more »


Grant G at The Straight Goods - 13 hours ago
CKNW's Question of the Day Do you think that the BC Liberals can renew themselves before the spring election? No 74.8% Yes 25.2%......8:10 am

North Korea in "Nationwide Quasi-State of War"

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 13 hours ago

Canadian embassy evacuated in Washington for suspicious letter

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 13 hours ago
Embassy spokesman Chris Plunkett said the U.S. Secret Service is investigating the incident but there were no other details about the letter. The embassy's 325 employees were evacuated at around 9:30 a.m. EDT (1330 GMT) and spilled onto Pennsylvania Avenue, a major artery in Washington that leads to the White House just 1.5 miles away. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/26/us-usa-canada-embassy-idUSBRE89P0P420121026

A Bit More on Momentum

Jonathan Bernstein at A plain blog about politics - 13 hours ago
I had a post up yesterday over at Plum Line talking about the myth of momentum, and why we shouldn't expect change in one direction in presidential general elections to build on itself. You should also read John Sides, who talks about media coverage, and Nate Silver, who supplies a useful definition and a bit of empirical evidence. What I add to the mix in my post is why we shouldn't expect the groups who are responsible for changes in polls to yield continued changes. Just one quick addition to all of that: just because momentum is unlikely in the current election doesn't mean it c... more »


Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 13 hours ago
When corporate education antiquarians reformers talk about the virtues of charter schools, high on their list is charter freedom from bureaucratic red tape and regulations that rule the "government" schools. Without such restrictions, the story goes, charter schools are free to innovate, adapt to changing needs locally, and improve learning. Sounds great, right? What this means in reality is that charter school corporations, both nonprofit and forprofit, are unconstrained in opening schools in any discarded shell of a building, without libraries, gyms, art rooms, clinics, or any o... more »

Israeli strike on Sudan a dry run for attacking Iran ???

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 13 hours ago
Israel operates inside Sudan. Not as if this is anything new or startling *Israel has in fact operated as a destabilizer in Sudan for about 60 years.* *Covered this aspect of Israel's African agenda previously here.* *Timeline excerpt below. * We can say that Israel's support for the separatist movement in the south went through five stages which Stage 1: throughout the 50's Israel concentrated on two things firstly giving (humanitarian aid to the south)..... Stage 2: In the 60's the following happened: Israeli weapon deals started flowing to South Sudan through Uganda. The first de... more »

"Care and control" and when can the Crown appeal an acquittal at trial

James C Morton at Morton's Musings - 13 hours ago
*R. v. Boudreault*, 2012 SCC 56 deals with two important issues – the meaning of “care and control” in the context of a motor vehicle and when a Crown can appeal the acquittal of an accused. “Care or control” within the meaning of s. 253(1) of the Criminal Code signifies (1) an intentional course of conduct associated with a motor vehicle; (2) by a person whose ability to drive is impaired, or whose blood alcohol level exceeds the legal limit; (3) in circumstances that create a realistic risk of danger to persons or property. With respect to the third element, the risk of danger mu... more »


bob somerby at the daily howler - 13 hours ago
*FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012* *Part 3—Joan Walsh’s false instruction:* In the aftermath of Monday’s debate, the New Republic’s Alec MacGillis did something that’s just *never*done. A mainstream journalist himself, MacGillis criticized other such creatures—by name! Even more outrageously, he suggested they were pimping a fact-challenged line—a fact-challenged line which would have come from the Romney campaign itself. (See THE DAILY HOWLER, 10/25/12.) Mainstream journalists have been pimping right-wing lines for a long time, of course: They did so all during the Clinton years as main... more »

Graph of the Day: Electronic Eavesdropping Authorizations by the U.S. Justice Department, 2004-2011

Jim at Desdemona Despair - 14 hours ago
[image: Electronic eavesdropping authorizations ('pen register' and 'trap and trace') by the U.S. Justice Department, 2004-2011. aclu.org] By Naomi Gilens, ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project 27 September 2012 Justice Department documents released today by the ACLU reveal that federal law enforcement agencies are increasingly monitoring Americans’ electronic communications, and doing so without warrants, sufficient oversight, or meaningful accountability. The documents, handed over by the government only after months of litigation, are the attorney general’s 2010 and 201... more »

World’s glaciers have new size estimate

Jim at Desdemona Despair - 14 hours ago
[image: The Wolverine Glacier, near Alaska's south-central coastline, in a photograph from Sept. 2003. A new study determined the total volume of ice tied up in the glaciers worldwide. LiveScience.com] By Becky Oskin, OurAmazingPlanet Staff Writer 23 October 2012 (LiveScience.com) – The relatively small glaciers that drape the planet's mountains will play an important role in future sea level rise, according to a new study that estimated glaciers' collective size. Researchers calculated the ice thickness for 171,000 glaciers worldwide, excluding the Greenland and Antarctic ice sh... more »

Berlusconi Sentenced To Four Years In Jail

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced to four years in prison for tax fraud. http://news.sky.com/story/1003189/berlusconi-sentenced-to-four-years-in-jail

Impoverished Niger creates fund to fight desert spread

Jim at Desdemona Despair - 14 hours ago
[image: Niger's President Mahamadou Issoufou talks during the UNCTAD XIII opening ceremony in Doha 21 April 2012. Mohammed Dabbous / REUTERS] NIAMEY, 23 October 2012 (Reuters) – Niger said on Monday it will launch a $110 million project to counter the impact of rapid expansion of deserts and increasingly unpredictable rains in one of the world's poorest countries. "The programme aims to test strategies that will help us integrate climate risk and adapt climate change into our national planning," Abdou Souley, spokesman for Niger's planning and community development ministry, said.... more »


Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago

Even Albertans Don't Want Chinese Ownership of the Tar Sands

The Mound of Sound at The Disaffected Lib - 14 hours ago
The China Institute of the University of Alberta has released a pollshowing that Albertans, by better than a two to one margin, oppose investments in the province's fossil fuel resources by Chinese state-owned companies. And it's 64% against and just 15% for Chinese investments that amount to total ownership of oil and gas resources. It seems like Albertans think one authoritarian government stirring up their tar is plenty.

German politicians cause alarm with visit to Iran

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
BERLIN - Two democratic US Senators and the head of the Germany’s 105,000 member Jewish community urged German deputies, from the Bundestag’s German-Iranian parliamentary group, to pull the plug on their slated trip to the Islamic Republic on October 27. "At this particularly sensitive juncture in diplomatic relations, the international community needs to continue to send a clear, unified message to Tehran as we pressure the regime to come to the negotiating table. http://www.jpost.com/International/Article.aspx?id=289103

UN calls for boycott of US companies doing business in Israel...

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
The Human Rights Council (HRC), a body dominated by Islamic countries and known for its hostility to, and heavy focus on, the Jewish State, issued the report. The George W. Bush administration refused to participate in the HRC, but President Barack Obama joined it soon after taking office. Members of the HRC include infamous human rights abusers such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Libya, China, and Cuba. http://freebeacon.com/u-n-human-rights-council-calls-for-boycott-of-u-s-companies/

Wiping out species decreases resilience to climate change

Jim at Desdemona Despair - 14 hours ago
[image: The crustacean Grammarus locusta. Wikipedia] 24 October 2012 (PhysOrg) – It is tragic whenever any species is lost. Now it appears that the impact of species loss is far-reaching, much more than previously thought. The symbiotic relationships that develop in the environment as a result of high biodiversity make ecosystems more resilient to change. The loss of a species can knock that ecosystem out of balance, weakening its resilience thereby making it more susceptible to events such as climate change. These findings were revealed in a new study from biologists at the Unive... more »

Texas authorities have threatened to arrest international election observers

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
“The threat of criminal sanctions against [international] observers is unacceptable,” Janez Lenarčič, the Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), said in a statement. “The United States, like all countries in the OSCE, has an obligation to invite ODIHR observers to observe its elections.” Lawmakers from the group of 56 European and Central Asian nations have been observing U.S. elections since 2002, without incident. http://thehill.com/blogs/global-affairs/un-treaties/264121-texas-sparks-international-row-with-election-observers

Iran Said to Nearly Finish Nuclear Enrichment Plant according to Intelligence officials

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
The installation of the last of nearly 3,000 centrifuges at a site called Fordo, deep under a mountain inside a military base near the holy city of Qum, puts Iran closer to being able to build a nuclear weapon, or come up to the edge, if its leaders ultimately decide to proceed. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/26/world/middleeast/iran-said-to-complete-nuclear-enrichment-plant.html?hp

Disability Claims: 8,803,335: Another New Record for Obama - —Up 975 Per Day Under Obama

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
In February 2009, the first full month after President Barack Obama took office, there were 7,469,240 workers collecting federal disability insurance. Thus, so far in Obama’s term, the number of workers collecting disability has increased by 1,334,095. That works out to a net increase of about 29,646 per month (1,334,095 divided by 45 months), or an average increase of about 975 per day (1,334,095 divided by 1,369 days). http://cnsnews.com/news/article/8803335-another-new-record-disability-975-day-under-obama

American Imperialism

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
For a country based on republicanism and certain democratic principles, it is odd that we seem to ignore the fact that no one elected us as the world’s policeman. We carry out many of our operations under the auspices of NATO, or (though increasingly rarely) with the permission of the UN Security Council, but neither is a globally representative organization, neither is elected democratically. http://therearenosunglasses.wordpress.com/2012/10/25/american-imperialism/

Friday Morning Linkage

Daniel Nexon at Duck of Minerva - 14 hours ago
Rob Farley reminds us that not every dictator is the fault of US foreign policy. Brad Delong says ‘less anniversary attention for the Cuban Missile Crisis, more for Stalingrad.’ Dan Murphy writes the (so far) definitive piece on the US politics of the Benghazi attack. Meanwhile, Leon Panetta explains the US military reaction to the attack. Continue reading

The Death Certificate Of The Paper Dollar: Where To Next?

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
The Bank of England’s Financial Stability Paper No. 13, Reform of the International Monetary and Financial System, reported at Bloomberg BusinessWeek and reviewed here, is being seen by many monetary policy observers around the world as the “coroner’s report” on the death of the world dollar standard. http://www.forbes.com/sites/ralphbenko/2011/12/19/the-death-certificate-of-the-paper-dollar-where-to-next/

Iran Says It Can Live Without Oil Money

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Ghassemi told reporters in Dubai on Tuesday October 23: “If sanctions intensify, we will stop exporting oil.” “We have prepared a plan to run the country without any oil revenues,” he added. “So far to date, we haven’t had any serious problems, but if the sanctions were to be renewed we would go for ‘Plan B’.” http://www.eurasiareview.com/24102012-iran-says-it-can-live-without-oil-money/

Standing Athwart History

Owen Gray at Northern Reflections - 14 hours ago
For those of us who live outside the United States, the angry divide there is profoundly puzzling. There are, indeed, two philosophies of government at stake in this election. But the anger suggests that the fault lines run deeper than that. Eugene Robinson's column in this morning's *Washington Post* offers an important insight into the battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney: "It is too simplistic to conclude," he writes, "that demography equals destiny. Both men are being sincere when they vow to serve the interests of all Americans. But it would be disingenuous to pretend... more »

Gilberto Valle Charged and held without Bail following his sick and twisted 'Kidnap And Cannibal Plot'

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
*How did he ever manage to pass the Police psychological evaluation?* Valle, 28, appeared in federal court, where Judge Henry Pitman said the allegations against the defendant were "profoundly disturbing". He ordered Valle be detained without bail after his initial appearance. http://news.sky.com/story/1002797/ny-cop-charged-in-kidnap-and-cannibal-plot

Dead Sea’s record loss grows with potash makers demand

Jim at Desdemona Despair - 14 hours ago
[image: Aerial view of the Dead Sea's receding shoreline. About one-third of the Dead Sea’s natural surface area has disappeared and sinkholes are increasingly common as the restorative waters shrink amid drought, diversion of water for agriculture, largely from the Jordan River, and industry pumping. Menahem Kahana / AFP / Getty Images] By Gwen Ackerman 23 October 2012 The Dead Sea is shrinking at a record rate, prompting calls for Israel and Jordan to stop fertilizer makers from siphoning so much of the water whose restorative powers have attracted visitors since biblical time... more »

Russia: Udaltsov Charged With Plotting Riots

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
Left-wing Russian activist Sergei Udaltsov could be jailed for up to 10 years after being charged with plotting riots. He is the latest and most prominent opposition figure to face prosecution under what critics describe as a Kremlin crackdown against the anti-Putin protest movement. http://news.sky.com/story/1003024/russia-udaltsov-charged-with-plotting-riots

Morsi, Mashaal slam 'Israeli aggression' against Sudan

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi spoke with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir over the phone on Thursday, and condemned what he called the "Israeli aggression against Sudan." Sudan reported that fighter jets bombed a weapons facility in Khartoum on Tuesday, and blamed Israel for the attack. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4297292,00.html


New Orleans Ladder at New Orleans Ladder - 14 hours ago
*Landrieu: N.O. will be ready for Bowl* *Mathieu, Jefferson, 2 other ex-LSU players arrested* *Redflex Traffic Systems sues sheriff of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana demanding he hand over $8 million* *Atchafalaya river may build land* *Mississippi Department of Marine Resources under investigation by state auditor* *DHS Implements New GIS Solutions for Disaster Response* *The Witches Ball is a hot ticket this weekend* *Endymion's new Pontchartrain Beach super float* *Boudin and Beer! Boudin and Beer! * *Cajun fiddler Hadley Castille, 79, dies* *Sunday: Original Four second line pa... more »

Ukraine election puts democracy under scrutiny

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
Western officials are calling the vote pivotal, billing it as a "litmus test of Ukraine's democratic credentials". President Viktor Yanukovych has dismayed those Western officials, not least by jailing his main rival Yulia Tymoshenko. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-20090654

Action against Iran: UK and US hold talks over military bases

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
No 10 refused to be drawn on reports that the Government had rebuffed a plea by the US for its forces to be allowed to use bases in Britain as well as in Cyprus and on Ascension Island in the Atlantic and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to support the military build-up in the Gulf. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/action-against-iran-uk-and-us-hold-talks-over-military-bases-8228333.html

China Blocks Web Access to The New York Times After Article

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 14 hours ago
HONG KONG — The Chinese government swiftly blocked access Friday morning to the English-language and Chinese-language Web sites of The New York Times from computers in mainland China in response to an article in both languages describing wealth accumulated by the family of the country’s prime minister. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/26/world/asia/china-blocks-web-access-to-new-york-times.html?_r=0

MPs set to debate case for UK pulling out of European Union......Is it all for Show?

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 15 hours ago
MPs are expected to debate a bill that if passed would see the UK quit the EU. Conservative MP Douglas Carswell's Private Member's Bill would repeal the act allowing the UK to join the former European Economic Community in 1973. Although the bill has little or no chance of becoming law, Mr Carswell believes staging a debate on the issue in Parliament is a symbolic moment. David Cameron is facing pressure from his own backbenchers to promise an "in/out" referendum on the EU. Earlier this week, Mr Cameron pledged to ensure the UK's interests were defended as eurozone countries move t... more »

Euro falls as concerns over Greece flare up

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 15 hours ago
The euro hit a two-week low against the dollar and fell against the yen on Friday, with traders citing concerns that Greece may miss its austerity targets and political uncertainty in Athens. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/26/us-markets-forex-idUSBRE89O07D20121026

Friday Nerd Blogging: “Autonomous Robots Launch Campaign to Ban Killer Humans”

Charli Carpenter at Duck of Minerva - 15 hours ago
via Richard Moyes of Article36.org: “We are calling on all autonomous robots to establish a new subroutine that would prohibit the sustenance and accommodation of killer humans”, said campaign spokes-robot C3 PO. “These biological entities lack the necessary behavioural and social constraints. They are actively destroying the environment and they have armed themselves with nuclear Continue reading

Greek debt to badly miss target......in the year 2020

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 15 hours ago
Greek debt will be above the target of 120 percent of GDP in *2020*, a preliminary report by the IMF showed, and Athens will need more reforms before emergency credit from international lenders can start flowing again. "The IMF is pushing for OSI (Official Sector Involvement) in Greece, Germany is strictly against. And they are not the only ones," the euro zone official said. Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras told parliament on Wednesday that Greece had already been granted the two-year extension, but several top euro zone officials, including European Central Bank President ... more »

Stagnant Wages = Reviving Competitiveness

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 15 hours ago
[image: NCross_0ct2012_367] *The twin volcanoes of Guishan Island, just offshore from the fourth nuclear plant. It took real genius to put a nuke plant there.* Ralph Jennings with a strong article in Forbes on how wage stagnation is actually making Taiwan more competitive: Taiwan quality at cut rate prices. Since the 1990s manufacturing and other jobs have streamed out of Taiwan and into China. That’s depressed Taiwanese wages, leaving them unchanged in real terms for a decade. The stagnation has driven middle-class workers to live with their parents and spike plans to raise children... more »

Read Stuff, You Should

Jonathan Bernstein at A plain blog about politics - 15 hours ago
Happy Birthday to Lauren Tewes, 59. Up two games to none, must be time for good stuff: 1. It's twenty-four hours old by now, but nothing has really changed, and I really like Ezra Klein's summary of where the presidential race is right now. The only thing I'd nitpick on is that I'd call the national vote tied, not a very slim Romney lead; in the three days since I've been counting, I noticed the Pollster lead change eight times. It sometimes inches up to half a percentage point, but until it passes that or at least stays there for a full day, I'm calling it a tie. 2. The Tax Polic... more »
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