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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

28 October - My Feedly!

Hurricane Carlotta Stands Out in Earth View
Hurricane Carlotta Stands Out in Earth View (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)
manhattan solstice 3
manhattan solstice 3 (Photo credit: Dave Kliman)
Diana Krall
Cover of Diana Krall
Diana Krall - A Case of You
A Case of You - a beautiful Joni Mitchell composition. Diana Krall sings to her own piano accompaniment. Breathtaking. (from Live in Paris)


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AAPL 604 -5.538
Shaw Communications Posts Strong 4Q Shaw Communications Posts Strong 4Q • 2 days ago
GOOG 675.15 -2.61
GDP Offers Salve for Q3 Earnings Wounds GDP Offers Salve for Q3 Earnings Wounds • 2 days ago
CRM 146.65 1.34
Microsoft's Q1 Soft, As Expected Microsoft's Q1 Soft, As Expected • 9 days ago
F 10.36 -0.03
AutoNation Misses Estimates AutoNation Misses Estimates • 3 days ago
ORCL 30.99 0.13
SAP Misses Estimates in 3Q SAP Misses Estimates in 3Q • 3 days ago
MSFT 28.21 0.33
GDP Offers Salve for Q3 Earnings Wounds GDP Offers Salve for Q3 Earnings Wounds • 2 days ago
GHDX 31.52 -0.77
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods Market and Genomic Health The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods Market and Genomic Health • 17 days ago
FB 21.9425 -0.6175
Zynga's Loss Narrows, but Guides Lower Zynga's Loss Narrows, but Guides Lower • 3 days ago 

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Afghanistan Insider Attack: Two U.S. Troops Killed In Uruzgan ...
KABUL, Afghanistan — A man in an Afghan police uniform shot and killed two American service members in what appeared to be the latest attack on international forces this year by their Afghan partners. The so-called insider ...
Build a Hidden Outdoor PVC Key Holder
Many people like to stash a hidden key to their house or workshop in a fake rock, under a potted plant, or in various other areas. Another good method is to build a small PVC pipe with cap and coupler—it's a waterproof storage area that will look like a standard access point to clean out your drain. More »
Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: October 29 – November 4, 2012
The Andromeda Galaxy Courtesy of Bob KocarGreetings, fellow SkyWatchers! Are you ready for some spooky targets this week? Then follow along as we take a look at the “Little Eyes”, the “Skull Nebula” and a star that’s as red as a drop of blood! If the weather permits, we’ll also be enjoying the Taruid Meteor Shower! Time to dust off those optics and meet me in the backyard… (...)Read the rest of Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: October 29 – November 4, 2012 (2,186 words)© tammy for Universe Today, 2012. | Permalink | No comment | Post tags: Andromeda Galaxy, hunter's moon, pleiades, Skull Ne

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Voter Suppression Mobile App of the Moment...
Now you can save time and be disenfranchised from anywhere!... [Hat-tip longtime BRAD BLOG commenter "Floridiot".]
'International Mafia' - Bankers And Child Abusers
Karima Keyek, friend of BerlusconiBerlusconi will not go to jail.He has links to Kissinger, the Rothschilds, top freemasons, top fascists and the Mafia.aangirfan: TEEN GIRL, CARDINAL, MAFIA, CIA"There is next to no chance that he will go to jail. "The three-tier judicial system operates so slowly that, even if a defendant is eventually found guilty in the highest appeals court, the case has been g
"Pro-Democracy" Groups Behind Myanmar Refugee Attacks
Supporters of Aung San Suu Kyi, leaders of the "Saffron Revolution," leading ethnic cleansing of Myanmar refugees. Tony CartalucciAltThaiNews October 29, 2012People don't just come out into the streets and begin murdering each other. There are always instigators on one side, perhaps both, leading the anger and violence. In the case of targeted Muslim Rohingya refugees in Myanmar's Rakh


The EnvironmentaList
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Petroleum Porn: The XXXL Pipeline
I want my fair share — and that’s all of it: Charles Koch
Fracking Fukushima Batman – Is that a Natural Gas Well Near a Nuclear Power Plant?
Chesapeake Energy given permit to frack one mile from Beaver Valley nuclear plant in Shippingport, PA
The Food Movement Rising
In the face of big-budget marketing campaigns, we have the truth — and taste — on our side
Thailand Theme Park Continues to Host Orangutan Kickboxing Matches
Endangered primates still exploited for amusement despite years of protests by animal welfare activists and anti-trafficking crackdowns

The Corbett Report
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Interview 550 – Paul Schreyer on the 9/11 Air Defense
Paul Schreyer, author of Inside 9/11, joins us to discuss his new paper in the Journal of 9/11 Studies, “Anomalies of The Air Defense On 9/11.” We break down the many anomalies of the air defense on 9/11, from the absent commanders to the radar gap hijacking of Flight 77 to the enigma of Vigilant Warrior, and much more.
Corbett Report Radio 245 – How to Outgrow the Government with Andrew Gavin Marshall
Even amongst the alternative media, we are often taught to fear our would-be overlords and their presumed omnipotence. But what if what we are fighting are not families and bloodlines but ideas and institutions? What if the answer is not to focus on what “they” are doing to us, but what we can do for ourselves? Don’t miss tonight’s fascinating conversation on power, politics and solutions with And
Nato’s Global Expansion – Rick Rozoff on GRTV
As NATO continues to expand across the globe through a series of partnerships, initiatives and dialogues, what was once a collective security agreement is increasingly becoming a global military strike force capable of bombarding, invading and occupying countries anywhere in the world. Through STOP Nato International, activists like Rick Rozoff are performing the thankless task of raising awarenes
Corbett Report Radio 247 – Nightly News and Classified Woman
Tonight James continues Boiling Frogs Post week on the program with a look at the Nightly News round-up from last night featuring news and information from those parts of the globe that the corporate media would rather pretend didn’t exist. James also reads an excerpt from Sibel Edmonds’ recently published memoir, Classified Woman, detailing her remarkable story uncovering and trying to blow the w

Did You Know
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Fugitive Nathan Jacobson, a friend of Harper, you decide
Fugitive businessman with Tory ties arrested in Toronto By John Nichol Oct 26, 2012 Fugitive Nathan Jacobson, whose ties to the federal Conservatives made him the subject of recent Question Period queries from opposition benches, was arrested at his home in Toronto Thursday afternoon. The Winnipeg-born businessman had his bail denied in Toronto court Friday and remains in Toronto’s West Detention
Turkey: Jailing is the Agenda to silence critical Journalists
Stop the presses: Turkey tops list of jailed journalists October 23, 2012 As the situation in Syria intensifies, its neighbor Turkey, which is at the frontline of the offensive against President Assad’s government, is being dubbed as the world’s leading jailer of journalists by a New York–based media watchdog. ­The latest investigation says that 76 journalists were detained in Turkey as of August
Canada: Coroner’s Inquest of Ashley Smith’s death in Prison
In and out of youth jail since she was 14 for disturbing the peace in her Moncton neighbourhood — playing chicken in the streets with traffic, pulling fire alarms, making harassing telephone calls and breaching probation —She also threw crab apples at a postman and stole a CD. There may be a couple of other things I missed, but she was not a hardened criminal, by any scene of the word. Smith was r
Japan: Radioactive cesium levels in most fish has not declined
Cesium in fish off Fukushima suggests continued contamination from seabed or nuclear reactors ByMalcolm Foster, Mari Yamaguchi also contributed to this report October 25, 2012 TOKYO – Radioactive cesium levels in most kinds of fish caught off the coast of Fukushima haven’t declined in the year following Japan’s nuclear disaster, a signal that the seafloor or leakage from the damaged reactors must

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Nuclear Competition, Asian Style
There has been no shortage of remembrances and lessons learned from the 50th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis. It’s easy to forget – unless your country codes are 86 and 91 – that this is also the 50th anniversary of the war between China and India. The United States and the Soviet Union managed to avoid direct combat. Instead, as Raymond Aron observed, crises became the substitute for dire
The Battle of the Khans
There was no love lost between Munir Ahmad Khan and A.Q. Khan. Munir was chosen by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to ramp up the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission’s work on nuclear weapons. AQ offered his services to Bhutto from Europe, and was tasked with collecting useful plans for manufacturing centrifuges. When AQ arrived in Pakistan, he found it difficult to work under Munir or anybody else. He secured

Obsidian Wings
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Your sick of talking about drones, so let's talk about feminism post
by liberal japonicus Sapient's guest post still seems to be giving off heat, but as that slowly dies down, we need something else, I suppose. So below the fold (cause there's a video down there too), some things to keep the home fires burning. The feminism point was prompted by this New Yorker piece Yael Kohen’s “We Killed: The Rise of Women in American Comedy,” out today, is an oral history tha
What globalization looks like: Halloween in China
by Doctor Science The Atlantic’s James Fallows got to tour and take pictures inside notorious Chinese manufacturer Foxconn.This is the Foxconn "campus" in the Longhua area of Shenzhen, north of Hong Kong. Some 220,000 people work there; about a quarter of them live on site; and several thousand new employees are recruited, trained, and brought onto staff each week, because turnover at Foxconn and
an ownership society
by russell This is a short and sweet post, mostly just in the interest of putting something out there for discussion.  My personal stance on the topic will most likely be obvious, and so likely requires little elaboration. So, here ya go. The "ownership society" was a common slogan during the Bush years.  But, somehow, we never quite arrived there. What would it actually look like to hav

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In danger, as ever, of forgetting the real victims.
There's something almost touching about the way the vast majority of the media gave George Entwistle a kicking for his performance in front of the parliamentary media committee yesterday.  Far from the image of hacks, and editors especially being grizzled, tough and all but impervious individuals, it turns out that their feelings are really rather easily hurt.  Why else would they have been so hys
Just an ambulance at the bottom of a cliff.
We are, apparently, out of recession.  It has to be apparently as, depending on where you live, your job or lack of one and your other personal circumstances, it's never been clearer that the official statistics tell only the slightest of stories.  For a hell of a lot of people, there hasn't been any uplift since the crash of 2008 whatsoever: only on Tuesday the ONS released statistics on
The BBC leaves an open goal. Again.
It's all but impossible to overstate just what a catastrophic decision the now ex-Newsnight editor Peter Rippon made when he spiked the Jimmy Savile investigation pieced together by reporter Liz MacKean and producer Meirion Jones.  Working barely a month after Savile's death, it now seems apparent that there was just enough evidence for a report to have been broadcast. Indeed, on its own the revel

Pesticide Action Network
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Talking about kids' health
We're excited. The report we released earlier this month — A Generation in Jeopardy — is getting people talking about how pesticides are harming our children, and what we can do about it. A national conversation is a first, important step. Next up? Decisive action that gets harmful pesticides out of kids' daily lives. read more

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The United Nations will monitor election, do you feel 3rd world
by Mark Vogl:    Life is about choices. Usually we are chosing colors, or things, but this time we chose the future. Will you keep your liberty, or ,,,
Gary Johnson wins first Free and Equal Elections debate.
by George Dance:    Johnson and Green candidate Jill Stein advance to a second debate in Washington, D.C., October 30.
OBAMA MISERY INDEX a legacy of policy choices
by Mark Vogl:    Two visions for America, one we are living is best described by the Obama Misery Index. Romney's vision diametrically different!
Will liberal media bias hide the importance of US foreign policy?
by Mark Vogl:    Does US weakness in the world merit a fair debate? Or is our media complicit in the decline of the United States in the eyes of the world?

Syria Comment
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Syrian War Spillover in Iraq Will Be Much Worse than in Lebanon
The Spillover from the Syrian civil war will be much greater in Iraq than Lebanon. by Joshua Landis, Syria Comment, Oct 28, 2012 Many Western journalists are based in Lebanon, few in Iraq. This explains why relatively small events in Lebanon get dramatic reporting and much larger increases of violence in Iraq, are largely overlooked or elicit little concern. Already in response to the growing civ
The Kurds and the PKK in Ashrafiye, Aleppo
Aron Lund from Sweden writes: (See his excellent Syrian Jihadism) Dear Joshua, I saw your latest post on Aleppo. Big things going on, but the situation in Kurdish Ashrafiye may have been misreported. The PYD/PKK is insistent that it remains in control of Ashrafiye, with no FSA or government presence at all. They blame the regime for indiscriminate artillery fire on the area which killed 15 people,
Rebel Troops Take Two Christian and One Kurdish Neighborhood Thursday Morning
Reports from friends inside suggest that Aleppo is falling to rebel troops. Both major Christian areas – al-Syriaan al-Jadide and al-Syriaan al-Qadime have fallen. The regime’s largest Mukhabarat station is in the second area. FSA sharpshooters have gone to the tops of all buildings in these areas with no government opposition. The major Kurdish neighborhood – Ashrafiya – gave no resistance. The g
The US Must Supply anti-Aircraft Missiles to the Syrian Opposition
The US Must Supply anti-Aircraft Missiles to the Syrian Opposition by Joshua Landis October 22, 2012 The US government should tell Assad that he must launch serious negotiations for a transition government. If he does not, Western governments should supply opposition militias with ground to air missiles in sufficient numbers to bring down the Syrian air-force. Circumstantial evidence suggests tha

Craig Murray
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CIA Look to Swamp Correa
About a month ago I asked a former colleague in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office what Hague saw as the endgame in the Julian Assange asylum standoff, and where the room for negotiation lay. My friend was dismissive – the policy was simply to wait for the Presidential election in Ecuador in February. The United States and allies were confident that Correa will lose, and my friend and I
Those Despicable Foreigners
I have travelled this world much more extensively than either Obama or Romney, and I still do. I find everywhere, even in areas of conflict and economic difficulty, the vast majority of people are friendly, even kind, and have very similar aspirations, across cultures, to personal development and emotional fulfilment. The striking thing about tonight’s US Presidential “foreign policy” debate, is
Wholesale Murder of Africans
Of 110 containers of pharmaceuticals entering West Africa searched in a special operation coordinated by the World Customs Organisation (WCO), 84 were found to contain fake pharmaceuticals. 82 million doses of fake medicine were confiscated which included anti-malarial and anti-HIV drugs and antibiotics. Here in sub-Saharan Africa, over two children die every minute of malaria – which in 98% of
Behind Imran’s Hounding
Pulling Imran Khan off a plane in Canada, and making him miss his Eid fundraising lunch in New York, is pretty crass of the United States, a country that claims its foreign policy is motivated by freedom. The idea that low level US immigration operatives needed clarificiation on Khan’s well-known views on killings by US drones in Pakistan is plainly nonsense. But this wasn’t routine or an error;

In These Times
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Romney’s 9-Point Plan to Annihilate Unions
Except for one quick swipe at teachers unions by Mitt Romney on Monday, neither of the major-party presidential candidates—nor their running mates—mentioned workers’ rights, collective bargaining or organized labor during any of the four presidential-campaign debates. Usually, anything happening in the swing-state-rich Midwest gets scrupulous attention from presidential candidates. Given the m
The Welfare State of America
Mitt Romney was ridiculed by the liberal media when he complained to wealthy donors, “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what.” To Romney, these voters are united by a dependency on government and a belief that “they are entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.” Seething with contempt for half of America, Romney is a caricature of a
Karen Lewis Drops Knowledge
There’s no bulldozing Karen Lewis. As the president of the Chicago Teachers Union and the public face of its historic strike, she held her ground against opeds by billionaires, liberal media scrutiny and the education “reform” establishment. She was direct, biting and funny. She had the nerve to call Mayor Rahm Emanuel not only a “bully” (which he is) but also a “liar.” Given that the man has a
For the Welfare of All
In this month’s cover story, “The Welfare State of America," Peter Frase and Bhaskar Sunkara propose that the Left inaugurate an anti-austerity campaign that focuses on the expansion of government social welfare programs. I agree. The Left should fight for programs that provide health services, educate children, bolster the income of the less-well-off and subsidize housing. The reasons ar

Texas Liberal
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Texas Attorney General Abbott Threatens To Arrest United Nations Election Observers In Texas—I’ll Buy Any U.N. Election Observers In Houston A Glass Of Texas Wine
United Nations observers will be in the United States to monitor our upcoming elections. ( Above–The United Nations General Assembly Hall. After all the ballots are cast in Texas, they will be flown to New York to be counted by the U.N. The election will be official when U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon declares the winners. Photo by Patrick Gruban.) Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot
Richard Mourdock’s View On Rape Is The Same As Paul Ryan’s View On Rape–Romney/Ryan Would Redefine Rape
(Blogger’s Note 10/26/12–This is a post I ran on the blog last month. It seems appropriate  to run this post again given the comments of Republican Indiana U.S. Senate nominee Richard Mourdock. Mr. Mourdock said that pregnancy that results from rape are “something God intended.”  Mr. Mourdock is one of a number of Republican candidates across the nation in 2012 who oppose abortion even in cases o
Common Cause Looking For Grassroots Poll Monitors in Harris County—Protect Our Right To Vote
With early voting beginning in Texas, it is important that the right to vote be protected. Common Cause has been working in Texas to make sure that one of our most basic rights is not wrongly threatened. Read below to learn about Common Cause training to become a poll watcher in this election. What you see below is a Common Cause press release. If you can’t make one of the training sessions, call
Ann Johnson Is A Hopeful And Moderate Voice Consistent With Texas House District 134
Above you see Texas State Representative District 134 Democratic nominee Ann Johnson. I took this picture a few weeks ago. Here are the boundaries of District 134. I am a resident of District 134 where I live in the Memorial Park area of Houston. Ms. Johnson is running to unseat first term incumbent Republican Sarah Davis. Ms. Davis defeated then-incumbent Ellen Cohen in the Tea Party wave of 201

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Scumneys, Already Rich Off Others' Sweat, Apparently Plan To Turn Money Into Power
So, who would name their son Tagg? For that matter, who would name their son Mitt? I suppose it doesn't matter what one's name is, provided that one conducts oneself with a modicum of honor. That, it seems, is too much to expect. Tagg Scumney is a major investor in a company that owns a lot of voting machines in Ohio, a presidential election battleground state. Can you say conflict of interest? He
Romney's Epitaph: "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt"
By @TedFrier The funniest line from the third and final debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney wasn't the President's riff about "horses and bayonets" which he used to sink Mitt Romney's hilarious suggestion the US Navy has gone to rot on Obama's watch because America has fewer dreadnaughts than it did in 1917. No, the funniest line was when Romney tried to defensively repulse one of Obama
Republicans Suffer Empathy Gap
By @TedFrier The sorry spectacle of Richard Mourdock reminds us why putative "Massachusetts moderates" like Mitt Romney and Scott Brown have been trying to step away from today's Republican Party as if it were an ugly fat man who just farted. The Indiana Republican whose name rhymes with those light-deprived cave creatures from H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, is a candidate for U.S. Senate attemptin
Syria-Iran Gaffe Shows Scumney Too Stupid To Be President
Haven't we had enough stupid MFs as our presidents? Monday night, Mitt Scumney repeated a gaffe that he'd committed several times before. Unfortunately, Obama chose not to drive a Mack truck through that one. I guess he didn't have time to get to all of them. Syria, he said, is Iran's route to the sea. He gets an F in geography, and if his staff doesn't get a grade that low, he obviously hasn't be

WWF - Latest News
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WWF deeply saddened by death of Virunga park protectors
WWF is saddened to hear about the violent deaths of more people, who died while protecting one of the world's most precious nature reserves. The conservation group expresses concern that oil exploration in this fragile region such as the one planned by London-based oil company SOCO, would only contribute to further destabilisation of the area.Some 150 Virunga rangers have died in the line of duty
Peru creates three new Amazon protected areas
Lima, Peru – Peru has created three new protected areas in the northern Amazon territory of Loreto, covering an area of nearly 600,000 ha, roughly the size of Brunei. The new areas of protected Amazon rainforest harbor one of the highest biological and cultural diversities worldwide and comprise the Huimeki Communal Reserve, the Airo Pai Communal Reserve, and the Güeppi-Sekime National Park along
Central African Republic begins independent ivory audit
Bangui, Central African Republic - The Central African Republic's decision this week to undergo an independent audit of its ivory stocks is a sign the country is serious about addressing rampant elephant poaching and related illegal wildlife crimes. WWF and TRAFFIC congratulate the government of the Central African Republic for this bold move and strongly urges the country to completely destro
Support from Local Communities Needed to Protect Endangered Mekong Dolphins
Kampi, Kratie town, Cambodia  – Five Cambodian fishermen representing their communities will publicly express their support for a ban on gillnet use in a ceremony highlighting the importance of the Mekong River Irrawaddy dolphin.The event organised by the Commission for Dolphin Conservation and Development of the Mekong River Dolphin Eco-tourism Zone, the Fisheries Administration and WWF is expect

Centauri Dreams
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Wanderers Between the Galaxies
The idea of planets outside their normal settings is unsettling. It implies that beyond the stars all around us there may be worlds without suns, dark planets presumably pushed there by gravitational instabilities in their home systems. We’ve looked at such ‘nomad’ worlds before, noting that ice overlaying a frozen ocean might trap enough geothermal heat to create life-sustaining conditions. Estim
SETI: Rummaging in the Data
Astronomy is moving at a clip that sees more data accumulated than can possibly be examined at the time they’re collected. We’re creating vast storehouses of information that can be approached from various angles of study. Now ponder how we might use these data for purposes beyond what they were collected for. In a new paper submitted to the Astronomical Journal, Ermanno Borra (Université Laval, Q
On Missions and Nearby Stars
Sara Seager’s thoughts on who might join a crew bound for Alpha Centauri have had resonance, as witness Dennis Overbye’s story Discovery Rekindles Wish for a Journey to the Stars in the New York Times. Overbye, a touchstone in science journalism, has probably been pondering the issue because of Seager’s response to his question about Centauri B b. The MIT astronomer laid it out starkly: “I think w
Deck Hands for a Four Decade Journey
If you were offered a chance to make an interstellar journey, would you take it? How about a garden-variety trip to low-Earth orbit? I’m often asked questions like this when I make presentations to the public, and I have no hesitation in saying no. Though I’m no longer doing any flight instructing, I used to love flying airplanes, but getting into a rocket and being propelled anywhere is not for
4 Centauri Dreams / by Paul Gilster / 5 days ago  
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