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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, October 29, 2012

29 October - Free People Free Trade Opportunity

NEW COMMUNIST PARTY OF NETHERLANDS (Photo credit: solidnet_photos)
English: Picture of Swedish conservative drawi...
English: Picture of Swedish conservative drawing that depicts ideological connection between Nazism and Communism Svenska: Foto av teckning som betecknar ideologisk gemenskap mellan nazism och kommunism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Revolutionary musket ball
Revolutionary musket ball (Photo credit: Picatinny Arsenal)
Understand The Chaos
Understand The Chaos (Photo credit: yelowcap)
Part of the permanent demonstration by Falun G...
Part of the permanent demonstration by Falun Gong at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
On October 1, 1949 a grand ceremony was witnes...
On October 1, 1949 a grand ceremony was witnessed by 300,000 people in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, and Mao Zedong, chairman of the Central People's Government, solemnly proclaimed the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Chinese Stamp, 1950. Joseph Stalin and Mao Zed...
Chinese Stamp, 1950. Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong are shaking hands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
HUAIAN, CHINA - JUNE 13:   Officers from the m...
HUAIAN, CHINA - JUNE 13: Officers from the municipal authorities of Huaian city perform red songs at the Huaian Great Hall of the People on June 13, 2011 in Huaian, Jiangsu Province of China. This year's celebrations will mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
BEIJING, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 28:  A Chinese girl...
BEIJING, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 28: A Chinese girl looks on the Tian'anmen Gate on September 28, 2012 in Beijing, China. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is proposed to convene on November 8 in Beijing. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
There's a pool party at sunset - everyone mark...
There's a pool party at sunset - everyone mark your chair with a towel (Photo credit: Stuck in Customs)
We Can Do It poster for Westinghouse, closely ...
We Can Do It poster for Westinghouse, closely associated with Rosie the Riveter, although not a depiction of the cultural icon itself. Pictured Geraldine Doyle (1924-2010), at age 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: California: The Cornucopia of the Wor...
English: California: The Cornucopia of the World. Room for millions of Immigrants. Propaganda Poster created to get immigrants to move to California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Conservative Party poster from 1909, ...
English: Conservative Party poster from 1909, in which socialism represented by the beast, is choking Britannia.How the Tories saw the socialist menace in 1909. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
CHICAGO, IL - MAY 19: A Chicago police officer...
CHICAGO, IL - MAY 19: A Chicago police officer watches protesters during a demonstration by Occupy Wall Street and other groups in downtown Chicago on the eve of the NATO summit on May 19, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. Sixty heads of state, 2,500 journalists and thousands of protesters have converged on Chicago for the two day NATO meeting which begins on Sunday and will look to address the situation in Afghanistan among other global defense issues. Chicago police are preparing for the worst with many officers in riot gear and with their numbers enhanced by police from outside the city. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 11:  Chicago public sc...
CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 11: Chicago public school teachers and their supporters picket in front of the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) headquarters on September 11, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. More than 26,000 teachers and support staff walked off their jobs yesterday after the Chicago Teachers Union failed to reach an agreement with the city on compensation, benefits and job security. With about 350,000 students, the Chicago school district is the third largest in the United States. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 16:  Chicago police recr...
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 16: Chicago police recruits salute during a flag-raising ceremony outside the Chicago police academy on October 16, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. This year about 450 recruits will complete the six-month training program at the academy and become Chicago police officers. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel attended the flag-raising ceremony, which is held every morning to honor fallen officers. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 17:  Striking Chicago ...
CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 17: Striking Chicago public school teachers attend a press conference by The Chicago Teachers Solidarity Campaign outside the office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel in City Hall on September 17, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. More than 26,000 teachers and support staff walked off the job on September 10 after the Chicago Teachers Union failed to reach an agreement with the city on compensation, benefits and job security. With about 350,000 students, the Chicago school district is the third largest in the United States. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Front entrance of the old Cook County Hospital.
Front entrance of the old Cook County Hospital. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Live in Cook County Jail
Live in Cook County Jail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Chicago Skyline 2008
Chicago Skyline 2008 (Photo credit: TomC)

 Chicago Muckrakers

Chicagoans say the biggest thing missing from public budget meetings is the mayor

Medicaid contract raises questions of privatization, access to health care

What's Up This Week: Our latest investigation on crime; immigrants and domestic violence; and Kelly's departure

What's Up This Week: Our latest investigation on crime; immigrants and domestic violence; and Kelly's departure
Slammed. Crime is down, but a growing number of teenagers in Chicago are being tried on adult felony charges. In 2011, 15 percent more 17-year-olds were convicted in adult courts in Cook County than in 2007. Look out for our latest investigation in the November/December issue. Undocumented Life. Undocumented women who suffer abuse can face a difficult choice –... Read more »
By YanaKunichoff,


For every additional dollar a middle-class Chicago family makes, they're now facing an extra $2 in housing and transit costs

For every additional dollar a middle-class Chicago family makes, they're now facing an extra $2 in housing and transit costs
Everyone needs a place to live. And a job so they can pay for that place to live, and a way to get from where they live to where they work. But what if the cost of where you live and how you get to work is outpacing how much you earn on the job... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: Section 8 vouchers and analyzing this month's news

On our last episode of the Barber Shop Show, we talked about our latest investigation into discrimination against Section 8 subsidized housing voucher holders in suburban Cook County. Joining us in the studio was a tenant who chose to remain anonymous in name, but agreed to talk on video about the triumphs and pitfalls of... Read more »
By MeganCottrell,

Preckwinkle program to help people in jail who cannot afford bond payments

Preckwinkle program to help people in jail who cannot afford bond payments
Non-violent offenders stuck behind bars at Cook County Jail because they can’t afford to pay their bail will get a second chance to petition for their release. Under the latest developments in Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle’s “Motion to Reconsider” initiative, an increase in staff will focus on alternatives to incarceration for people who can’t... Read more »
By YanaKunichoff,

VIDEO: A peek at The Chicago Reporter's upcoming issue

More 17-year-olds are arrested for felony offenses in Chicago than any other major city across the nation. And those arrest carry harsh consequences because Illinois is just one of 10 states where the teens are automatically prosecuted as adults. Here’s a look at our upcoming investigation, “Minor misconduct.” ... Read more »
By AngelaCaputo,

CCP Central Committee Notice concerning Strengthening Propaganda and Ideology Work

Continuing to do propaganda and education work well to stop the rebellion, put down the riot and stabilize the situation......All levels’ Party organizations propaganda departments and the whole body of ideological and political work cadres must vigorously take up this complex and important task......It is necessary to continue to organize Party members, cadres and the masses to deeply study the Central documents related to stopping the rebellion and putting the riot down. At the same time as earnestly resolving surface problems of ideological understanding, it is necessary to revolve around whether or not China must march the Socialist path after all, or whether it is necessary to persist in Communist Party leadership, and work to resolve deeper-laying ideological problems, fully understand the gravity of this struggle, which relates to the life and death of the Party and the country, fully understand the necessity of determinedly persisting in the Four Cardinal Principles and reform and opening up, fully understand the danger of the international monopolist capitalist scheme to overthrow the Socialist China through “peaceful evolution” schemes, fully understand the long-term nature and arduousness of the struggle against bourgeois liberalization.
t is necessary to target the ideological understanding problems of masses in different areas and at different levels, display facts, discuss reason, all sorts of vivid materials and forms that are easy for the masses to accept to explain this planned, organized and premeditated political rebellion, explain that this is the evil result of the excessive trend of bourgeois liberalization domestically and of anti-Communist and anti-Socialist forces intensifying their ideological and political infiltration. Relevant departments and localities must organize forces to write literary materials systematically exposing the truth of the rebellion and riot and its origins and development, produce a batch of image propaganda works and rapidly distribute them. Clear facts and distinguish right and wrong through exposure. It is necessary to both expose criminals engaging in beating, smashing, robbing, burning and killing, the heads and backbones of illegal organizations, and to expose the schemers, organizers, and inciters behind the screens, to expose these people who have obstinately persisted in their bourgeois liberalization viewpoints for a long time, who were involved in political conspiracy, who colluded with reactionary forces outside the country or the borders or provided Party and State core secrets to illegal organizations. The exposure and criticism of these people is an important content of the cadres and the masses engaging in vivid and realistic Four Cardinal Principles education, and to realistically oppose bourgeois liberalization.
The propaganda on stopping the rebellion and putting down the riot must both show clear colours and pay attention to policy. It is necessary to strictly differentiate two sorts of contradictions that are different in nature. It is necessary to determinedly struggle against and expose the extreme small number of counterrevolutionary rioters, our hearts and hands may absolutely not be weak and soft, softness will only bring disaster. Against people who do not understand truth or whose thoughts are extreme, who said something wrong at some point or made some mistake, it is necessary to, on the basis of united efforts, enthusiastically and patiently do persuasive education work well, as long as they understand and change, they are to be welcomed and may not be discriminated. It is necessary to as soon as possible release the absolute majority on the basis of distinguishing right and wrong. Propaganda and public opinion must fully reflect the gravity and maturity of the Party in guiding this struggle, strictly avoid any propaganda report going against laws or violating policies. The situation and methods in Beijing were not entirely the same as those in other regions, propaganda and reports must start from reality, and should be somewhat differentiated.
Following the suppression of the counterrevolutionary rebellion, the Party and government have effectively controlled the situation, work in all localities and areas has already been restored to normality, in newspapers, radio and television reports directly related to the rebellion and riots, the focus must be on raising quality, and progressively reducing quantity. All propaganda and public opinion departments must strengthen all regular propaganda and reporting with economic construction at the centre. It is necessary to correctly propagate the economic situation, guide the masses to both see that the problems that exist in economic life are progressively being resolved, incessantly strengthening their faith, and to see that resolving the problems that have been accumulating over many years requires a certain process, requires exerting great efforts, and requires going through a few years of tight days. It is necessary to vigorously promote all localities and all departments to even better persist in reform and opening up, continue to conduct clean-up and rectification, control process, stabilize the economy, firmly compress the scale of capital construction, firmly control the growth speed of consumer spending and deeply launch activities concerning the two increases and the two reduction, forcefully develop agriculture, energy, communications and basic industries, increase production of commodities urgently needed on markets, guarantee effective supply, and stimulate the healthy development of the planned Socialist commodity economy. It is necessary to forcefully strengthen the consciousness of relying on the working classes wholeheartedly, further muster the vigour of intellectuals, give high regard to giving rein to the function of small and mid-size enterprises, give high regard to giving rein to the function of science and technology, greatly raise economic efficiency and labour productivity, and ensure the continued, coordinated and stable development of the national economy.
It is necessary to vigorously reflect the achievements and models of clean government construction, grasp propaganda and reporting of punishments for corruptions well. It is necessary to vigorously and effectively do public opinion coordination work in regards to the implementation of policies established in this field by Party and government, and major campaigns that must take place in the future, making the people understand the firm policy of our Party in opposing corruption and the strict attitude of correcting mistakes.
In recent years, the broad cadres and masses working within the area of ideology have done large amounts of beneficial work and made great contributions in propagating the implementation of the Party line, principles and policies, and in promoting construction and reform. Among intellectuals, the large majority supports the Party and supports Socialism. But we must look at the facts that in the theoretical, news, culture, art and publishing spheres, the ideological trend of bourgeois liberalization is excessively grave. Mistakes in political orientation have occurred in a number of press and publications work units, social science research organs, culture and art academies and troupes. In this riot and rebellion, some newspapers have had the effect of adding fuel to the flames, with a very bad influence. We must adopt firm measures to realistically conduct ideological rectification and organizational rectification in a well-directed manner.
Press and publications work units, social science research organs, culture and art academies and troupes must conduct a one-time assessments of the behaviour of their cadres and Party members during this rebellion and riot. Those who behaved well must be rewarded; those who had doubts for a while, must be enthusiastically assisted and welcomed to follow; those who have mistaken words or deeds must, according to the different circumstances, be either criticized and educated, removed from key positions or subject to the necessary organizational punishment. The focus of work must be put on gaining and uniting the absolute majority. It is necessary to integrate the realities of work units’ work during these last years and especially the reality during the rebellion and riot, disseminate and earnestly conduct education on persisting in the Four Cardinal Principles and opposing bourgeois liberalization, and through patient and meticulous work, raise the ideological and political consciousness of cadres and Party members, rectify harmful tendencies, realistically strengthen the construction of theoretical, news, culture, art and publishing teams.
It is necessary to resolutely strengthen and adjust the leadership of some departments and work units in the ideological area. It is necessary to firmly cancel leadership positions or remove from leading positions those who opposed or resisted the Centre’s correct policy of stopping the rebellion and putting down the riot, or those who have propagated or supported bourgeois liberalization for a long time and have provided battlegrounds for it. These comrades who have truly persisted in the “one centre, two basic points” and have been able to maintain a high level of consistency with the Centre must be selected and appointed to undertake leading work in ideological departments. Comrades who consistently firmly opposed spiritual pollution and opposed bourgeois liberalization must be given free rein. Some comrades who are strong in politics and have a certain theoretical level and professional ability must be transferred from other departments to replenish propaganda and public opinion organs.
Propaganda departments must, together with press and publications management departments, organize forces to conduct analysis and clean-up of the present newspapers, periodicals and publishing houses, and put forward rectification plans. At present, there are excessively many newspapers and publishing houses, editorial force and paper supply is also difficulty, these should be greatly compressed, with a focus on raising quality and striving for a rational distribution. It is necessary to firmly cancel licenses of newspapers and publishing houses having made grave political orientation mistakes. It is necessary to resolutely resolve the problems that there are disastrously excessive numbers of books, periodicals and audiovisual products poisoning the youth and polluting the social atmosphere, and that this cannot be resolved by repeated bans. It is necessary to earnestly reform cultural markets, eradicate all sorts of publications and audiovisual products that are illegal, reactionary and gravely politically mistaken, or play up sex, violence and feudal superstition. At the same time, adopt measures to strictly manage publishing houses and printing plants (especially county and village-run printing plants), in order to cut off pollution at the source. It is necessary to realistically rectify social science research organs, culture and art troupes and associations or learned societies, all those where there are political mistakes with grave social impact or who are excessive in number must be cancelled or merged. Social science, literature and art associations and learned societies must be re-registered, the Ministry of Civil Affairs will put forward registration rules in consultation with relevant departments.
The responsibility for organizing the implementation of the above rectification and adjustment work lies with the relevant Central ministry or commission or provincial, autonomous region or municipal Party committees according to the relationship of subordination, propaganda departments must vigorously participate under the leadership of Party committees. This work must be grasped earnestly, and it is necessary to strive to grasp results within this year, and prevent going through the motions or carry out matters sloppily. Relevant departments, commissions and all provincial, autonomous region or municipal Party Committees must write reports for the Centre on the implementation situation.

 Cuimmigration News
November 16, 2011
Caribbean teachers recruited to work in the United States two years ago, are protesting the New York City Department of Education’s failure to keep its promises.
Housing assistance, reimbursement for travel and a pathway to permanent residency were among the promises not kept according to an article in the Trinidad Guardian.
Instead, teachers were given several incorrect visas and now those whose children came with them  and are now turning 21, are facing deportation.

The Indonesian Family Refugee Protection Act’s purpose is to aid a group of Indonesian immigrants in New Jersey as well as smaller groups in New York and New Hampshire, who, despite a special agreement with immigration officials to work legally, have received deportation letters.
Most are Indonesian Christians who fled the country in the late 1990s because of religious persecution, according to Reuters. When they came to the U.S. they were allowed to get Social Security cards and work legally. But in 2003, following 9/11, a special government program which required foreign-born adult males from a group of mostly Muslim countries (Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world) to register with the government. When these Christian Indonesians registered, however, the Reuters article said, and started the process of applying for permanent status, they were told it was too late to apply for asylum because it has to be done within one year of arrival. Starting in 2006, the government began deporting these Indonesians.
Read more here.

Alabama Utility Company Cuts Off Power to Illegal Immigrants

Alabama has been in the news recently for laws recently passed restricting the rights of undocumented and illegal immigrants. Part of the law made it illegal to enter into contracts with undocumented or illegal immigrants. The U.S. Department of Justice charged that this portion of the law might be unconstitutional, citing, in part, that it could prevent illegal aliens from receiving power and water services.
Indeed, Decatur Utilities, which provides power and water services for over 164,000 Alabama residents, announced recently that it will double-check the immigration status of all its customers and cut off service to those found to be illegal.
If the law is upheld, Decatur Utilities actions could set a precedent for the denial of basic services to undocumented and illegal immigrants in America.
Read the full article at the Decatur Daily.


Perils of States taking over illegal immigration

 Leading Spanish media outlet, Univision, reports that there is consternation and uproar among civil liberty and advocacy groups about a proposed Utah state law, known as HB497, that would give law enforcement agents broader powers, including the ability to request immigration documents from an arrestee and to report an arrestee with the ICE. Critics charge that this expansion of law enforcement authority is dangerous since it can pave the way for racial profiling and harassment. Now, critics are urging the Department of Justice to intervene as law suits are flying all over the place.
Scores of Puerto Ricans have been exposed to secondhand treatment and potentially discriminatory practices. For example, there is a woman named Carmen who was asked by her employer to submit a legitimate US birth certificate. A miffed Carmen retorted that as a Puerto Rican she is an automatic US citizen. Her boss continued to press on by asking, “what area of New Mexico or lower California is Puerto Rico located?”

Perry says will deport all detained illegal immigrants

“My policy will be to detain and deport every illegal alien who is apprehended in this country. And we’ll do it with an expedited hearing process so that millions of illegal aliens are not released into the general population with some hearing date down the road.” Mitt Romney and others have criticized the Texas governor for being too soft on immigration, the article said.
Read more at Reuters.com

Constituents oust author of AZ law

16 Latin American countries rail against South Carolina immigration law

Puerto Ricans, regardless of their automatic US citizenship status, can potentially be subject to some of the trappings of the S20 law.
Summary by Luis Perez
More information can be found at: http://bit.ly/s2mKP4

2011: more than 2,000 immigrant deaths in the Mediterranean Sea

Immigrant children benefit from Finnish education

A Guardian article, published November 21, discussed how well immigrants assimilate into Finnish culture because of its education system. According to the article, just 5 percent of Finland’s population is foreign born, but it’s diversifying faster than other European nations. The Finnish education system is already admired around the world for its high standards. Those standards also exist for helping immigrant children reach the same level in language as their Finnish peers. Tough requirements for teachers and government funding are responsible for the excellent education system. Schools receive money for being in a poor area, having special need children or having students who have lived in the country for less than four years.
Read more at Guardiannews.com
I always find it interesting to read about how Europe, which unlike America doesn’t have a long history of immigration, is dealing with an increase in immigrants. Since the article was in a British newspaper, the writer discussed how the Finnish education system compared to the English one when it comes to educating immigrant children. The article did a good job of discussing the merits of the Finish system, yet pointing out that with more immigrants, England has a different approach to educating student immigrants. After reading this article, I would like to know more about how the U.S. education system handles immigrants.
-Cristabelle Tumola

Education Secretary Supports In-State Tutition for Children of Illegal Immigrants

Read more here.
The article did a good job of using this statement by the Secretary of Education to discuss the ongoing debate of in-state tuition for immigrants. It not only gave statistics on the increase of of Hispanic college students, but also how the topic has impacted the Republican debates.
-Cristabellle Tumola

Mexican village serves as purgatory for the deported


Over 30 mothers search for missing immigrant children/relatives

Reality shatters dreams of immigrants’ children

The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times’ article, Reality shatters dreams of immigrants’ children, tackled two of today’s biggest news topics—immigrants and the economy. The article did an excellent job of discussing how the economic situation impacts the children of immigrants. It mixed personal stories with a lot of good data to throughly illustrate its premise. The article is relatable to any young person who is struggling in this economy and any parent who worked hard to give their children a better life than they had.
-Cristabelle Tumola


Colorlines recently reported on President Obama’s comments regarding children stuck in foster care due to deportation. This comprehensive, deeply reported article deftly placed these comments in context by providing accurate data to support them. While Colorlines makes no claims of total objectivity, the reporting here is obviously principled — because the organization is transparent about its bias, readers know what they’re getting when they read a story like this one.
— Marianna Nash

New Canadians take the oath of citizenship during a ceremony as part of Canada Day celebrations. Photo credit : CBCNews.com
New Canadians take the oath of citizenship during a ceremony as part of Canada Day celebrations in Vancouver. Most new Canadians arrive in better health and stay healthier than the rest of the population. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)
Posted by
Dervedia Thomas
Immigrants are generally healthier than Canadian-born citizens according to  a Statistics Canada study released this week.
The findings published in CBC News shows that immigrants have a lower mortality rate, even though some immigrants have seen a decline in their health after moving to Canada.

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