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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, October 22, 2012

22 October - The View

Rizières inondées à la frontière entre le Viet...Rizières inondées à la frontière entre le Vietnam et le Cambodge (Photo credit: dalbera)
Latin America ConnexionsLatin America Connexions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Republicans won elections with a platform ...The Republicans won elections with a platform promising to firm up the containment policy. The Kremlin was not the only source of the growing number of international crises in the Middle East, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. Above, Colombian demonstrators protesting U.S. foreign policy attack Vice President Richard Nixon's car in Bogotá in 1958. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Ethnic composition of the Americas ac...English: Ethnic composition of the Americas according to Lizcano and the CIA World Factbook. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Latin AmericaLatin America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Latin-America and Caribbean Forum 2010Latin-America and Caribbean Forum 2010 (Photo credit: OECD Development Centre)
Latin-America and Caribbean Forum 2010Latin-America and Caribbean Forum 2010 (Photo credit: OECD Development Centre)
"Every war is a tragedy, but Vietnam was reprehensible. McGovern didn’t just feel anger about it; I think he felt guilt. He cut an ad in which he visited a veteran’s hospital, and what is remarkable about the film is the unedited anger of the boys he met. These kids were furious – with the Generals, with the President, but also perhaps with George. He represented a generation of failed leadership, of the grey men in Washington who sent the young to fight an unwinnable war on their behalf. McGovern’s greatest accomplishment was to earn the trust of boys like these – showing that a bridge between generations could be built and offering hope for progress and healing."

Map of U.S. Intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean: shows historical evidence of persistent, oppressive U.S. foreign policy towards Latin America under Republican and Democratic administrations. The map conveys a powerful message:
to create real change in U.S. foreign policy, it'll take the hard and continuous grassroots organizing that has brought about the victories that we are seeing throughout Latin America. To view a larger image of the map, visit: http://www.soaw.org/presente/images/stories/artists/ilcinkhighressm.jpg

Order a copy of the map here: https://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/727/t/10867/shop/item.jsp?storefront_KEY=777&t&store_item_KEY=3657

plz send this video to anyone voting for Obama after this #debate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxlngJMPXbU&feature=plcp

Spider Sense 

Cleaners & disinfectants

It's 99.88888% Deadly. Just not to you.

OPTIM products are made with a specially formulated blend of powerful and safe chemicals whose active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, a safe and exceptionally potent germicide that is fast acting, easy to use and biodegradable.
Boiling Mad Frog's photo.

►John Carpenter's masterpiece. Hidden beneath the illusion of everyday life, alien economists are developing the Earth as their own third world. Roddy Piper stumbles onto their plan and the shit hits the fan. A telling social commentary on greed, consumption, a crippled economy, propaganda and the growing schisms between the rich and poor. As relevant as ever.

Now there's a creative response to those nosy wankers!;)
The Human Antenna
Researcher Serena Roney-Dougal has gathered together some of the most compelling research into the biological means by which the geomagnetic flux of the earth might cause the pineal gland to allow us to psychically ‘tune in’.
Psychedelic gland Besides melatonine, the pineal gland also produces the ‘neuromodulator’ chemicals— called betacarbolines — which affect the brain. Beta-carbolines are both monoamine-oxidase (MAO) inhibitors and serotonin reuptake inhibitors, which means that they prevent the breakdown of serotonin by inhibiting its uptake into the brain’s synapses.
This is akin to what doctors claim is the action of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) like Prozac.
Some evidence also suggests that the pineal can also manufacture an hallucinogenic substance called 5-methoxydimethyltryptamine (5-methoxy-DMT) from melatonin. What might be the result is a pooling of these amines into the synapses of the brain, causing reactions that are similar to drug- induced hallucinations.
The current view is that neuromodulators need 5-methoxy-DMT and DMT in order to work and that, by blocking MAO, the pineal gland regulates and increases the concentration of serotonin. This regulatory function of blocking one chemical and promoting another is thought to be the catalyst for dreaming.
Several facts suggest that the production of serotonin and melatonin may be in some way involved in psychic phenomena. First, many hallucinogenic substances are chemical sisters to those made by the pineal gland. Yage, or ayahausca, a ceremonial drink made by some Amazon tribes to produce psychic effects for healing, clairvoyance and precognition, is produced from native vines (Banisteriopsis caapi) that are chemically nearly equivalent to the 5-methoxy-DMT in humans.
Tuning in and turning on When the pineal gland is stimulated geomagnetically, it produces chemicals that are similar to these plant hallucinogens, which help to alter consciousness. Other studies show that psychedelic drugs alter levels of melatonin and serotonin, resulting, in some cases, in psychosis.
So, how could the earth’s geomagnetic fluctuations affect these brain chemicals? Researchers have found that electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields strongly affect the production and activity of the enzyme hydroxyindole-O-methyltransferase (HIOMT). It is this enzyme that is centrally involved in the production of melatonin and possibly 5-methoxytryptamine (5-MT). Any changes in the the magnetic field can produce changes in this enzyme’s activity.
Studies in animals have also shown that any strong change in the ambient magnetic field—whether increased or decreased—will inhibit production of HIOMT.
Other research shows that serotonin N-acetyltransferase, the enzyme involved in the production of melatonin, is strongly affected by electromagnetic fields.
If this is the case, says Roney-Dougal, any strong change in the earth’s ambient magnetic field would produce a rush of natural hallucinogens in our bodies, enabling us to be more psychically receptive.
www.knowledgeoftoday.org/2011/12/what-bleep-do-we-know-down-rabbit-hole.html — “Matter flows from place to place and momentarily comes together to be you. Whatever you are, therefore, you are not the stuff of which you are made. If that does not make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, read it again until it does, because it is important.” -Richard Dawkins

You are made up of billions and billions of "programmed" beliefs about what is real and what’s not real, what you should or shouldn’t be or wear or say or do. You have downloaded beliefs about how attractive you are, about your body, your intelligence, about God, sin, life after death, morality and class.

You have been inundated with disaster scenarios about the future of humanity - a global depression, an apocalypse, Armageddon, end times, depopulation, nuclear war, an Antichrist ruler and other dis-empowering, fear mongering, toxic propaganda.

Very few people understand the programming of fear, and why it distorts our perceptions. While fear is a program used for our survival, fear also creates irrational beliefs that cause larger systems of fear like politics, religion and the media.

The collective thought waves of the 7 billion people on Planet Earth also create an atmosphere and it affects everyone either consciously or unconsciously. Like the Borg in Star Trek, you can tune into this “collective consciousness” and broadcast ideas to others who will receive and act on them. You are a drop in the ocean of thought and the ocean of thought is in every drop.

Any thought you have, when combined with emotion, vibrates out from you to the universe. Like a boomerang, it returns whatever you focus on. All you have to do is allow yourself to expect what you want. Sounds easy, right?

The hard part is becoming 'doubt-free'. You must expect what you want without doubt, act like you already have it and be grateful for it. Like drops in the ocean, each and every person is individually responsible for their contribution to mass consciousness.

“Our world is a reflection of our subconscious beliefs. Our subconscious mind can process 40 million neural impulses a second while our conscious mind can only process 40 neural impulses per second. We all know that if we focus on something long enough we can do it without thinking, it becomes part of our subconscious routine. Lets make compassion and understanding a part of our subconscious routine by consciously focusing on these higher aspects of the self in our everyday lives.” -Vito Santana

Continue reading ►www.knowledgeoftoday.org/2012/02/illuminati-secret-hidden-from-masses

You are part of a thing called Reality, which is constantly evolving through building more and more complex structures within itself. Remember that all things around you, especially the Awakening taking place on this planet, is caused by this Evolution of Reality, and the more you understand what it is, the more you become a Conscious part of it

Drag Them Off to the Hoosegow

“Federal regulators are considering giving mortgage lenders protection from certain lawsuits…
The potential move, which would be a partial victory for mortgage lenders, is part of a broader effort to write new rules for the U.S. housing market in the wake of the mortgage meltdown. The proposal for the first time would establish a basic national standard for loans, known as a ‘qualified mortgage.’ (“Home Loans May Get Shield”, Wall Street Journal)

No one has been picking on the poor-abused bankers. The banks have merely been asked to repurchase the crappy mortgages they made that exhibit “substantive underwriting and documentation deficiencies”. That’s all. Similarly, if they lent money to people who clearly didn’t have the ability to repay the debt, then the borrower should be able to plead his case before a judge. That’s fair, isn’t it? Only the banks don’t want “fair”; they want immunity. 

Los Angeles Times:
“JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Wells Fargo & Co., the nation’s largest home lenders, each reported double-digit quarterly earnings growth Friday. The big jump in profit was thanks largely to a surge in their mortgage businesses, fueled by low interest rates and waves of refinancing.
At Wells Fargo, mortgage business revenue rose 55% to $2.8 billion during the third quarter from $1.8 billion in the year-earlier period. …JPMorgan’s mortgage business posted a 71% increase to $2.4 billion from $1.4 billion last year. This led the bank to beat expectations with an overall profit of $5.7 billion.” (“Banks see a housing rebound”, Los Angeles Times)
“The U.S. attorney in Manhattan has accused Wells Fargo of defrauding a government-backed mortgage insurance program, in another major civil case brought in the wake of the housing bust and financial crisis.
The mortgage-fraud suit, filed by U.S. attorney Preet Bharara, seeks “hundreds of millions of dollars” in damages for claims the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has paid for defaulted loans “wrongfully certified” by Wells Fargo.
The suit alleges the San Francisco banking giant falsely certified loans insured by the government’s Federal Housing Administration.
‘As the complaint alleges, yet another major bank has engaged in a longstanding and reckless trifecta of deficient training, deficient underwriting and deficient disclosure, all while relying on the convenient backstop of government insurance,’ Bharara said in a statement.
Adding ‘accelerant to a fire,’ Bharara said, was Wells Fargo’s bonus system that rewarded employees based on the number of loans it approved.
The lawsuit alleges the bank failed to properly underwrite more than 100,000 loans it certified to be eligible for FHA insurance. When Wells Fargo discovered problems with the loans, it failed to notify HUD, which administers the FHA program, as required, the suit said. The action alleges more than 10 years of misconduct.

Two feet on the ground, staring at the stars.

I started this blog with the simple intention of writing stories from my life. Over time I branched into fiction and currently I am writing a novel. I found myself drawing illustrations, making videos and creating my own choreographies to dance. Write, dance, paint …each one of these activities inspires the rest. They started as separate adventures, each one bringing mountains of joy into my life and now they are beginning to merge. My goal is to be a storyteller for the Web 2.0 generation. I don’t yet know what that means, but stay tuned as I experiment and figure it out. I have a feeling that something exciting is about to emerge.


Es-tee R. Miller shared a link.


From Wired Science: When a man tells you about the time he planned to put a vegetable garden on Mars, you worry about his mental state. But if that same man has since


The Tesla Star Gate for a Galactic Human

Artist for the Ocean 

 Deep Ocean Supplies Photo Gallery
Facebook photos

Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion

May 15, 2012
"Those who feel that like lemmings they are being led over a cliff would be well-advised not to read this book. They may discover that they are right."—Noam Chomsky
“Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank have skillfully smoked out the real Barack Obama . . . the technofascist military strategist disguised as a Nobel Peace Laureate, but owned, operated, and controlled by Wall Street, Corporate America, and the Pentagon.”—Thomas H. Naylor, co-author of Affluenza, Downsizing the USA
“The writers assembled here hit hard, with accuracy, and do not pull punches."—Marcus Rediker, author of The Slave Ship: A Human History
The Barack Obama revolution was over before it started, guttered by the politician’s overweening desire to prove himself to the grandees of the establishment. From there on, other promises proved ever easier to break. Here's the book that dares not let Obama off the hook. It's all here: the compromises, the backstabbing, the same old imperial ambitions. Covering all major "Obummer" categories since he took office, this fast-paced collection will delight the critical and offer food for thought for those contemplating the 2012 electoral circus—and beyond.
Jeffrey St. Clair is co-editor of CounterPunch, author of Born Under a Bad Sky and Been Brown So Long it Looked Green to Me, and co-author of Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs, and the Press.
Joshua Frank is an environmental journalist and co-editor of Red State Rebels: Tales of Grassroots Resistance in the Heartland. His investigative reports and columns appear in CounterPunch, Chicago Sun-Times, Common Dreams, and AlterNet.

Join Leonardo DiCaprio to help create the world’s largest marine sanctuary around Antarctica. Click below to sign now and share this with everyone!

Lesson: a company that cheats shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders can parade as a paragon of corporate ethics, and win multiple awards. Allocating some profits for rural development and health is no indicator whatsoever of ethics. Rather, the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) allocation can camouflage lack of ethics. Corporate Social Responsibility is easily identifiable - granting to schools, organizations, communities, pretending to be something you are not.

Many consumers have been duped by CSR awards. They are willing to pay more for products from such award winners.

The worst has been the oil multinational, BP. It caused the biggest environmental disaster in history when its Maconodo well exploded in the Caribbean Ocean after it failed to observe many safety procedures. This exposed as fraudulent its campaign to paint itself as a green saviour. Once called British Petroleum, it change its name to BP and launched a hugely su
ccessful image-building makeover calling itself "Beyond Petroleum". It got a new logo of a green and yellow sun (representing solar energy) to emphasise its green credentials. It boasted it was among the world's biggest producer of solar panels and windpower, although these accounted for barely 3% of its business, and actually represented public relations spending. "Beyond Petroleum" won two "Campaign of the Year" awards from PR Week, and an award from the American Marketing Association.

BP won the 2007 Prime Minister's CSR award in Malaysia for aiding a turtle sanctuary. Fortune magazine has an annual corporate accountability rating for CSR. BP topped the Fortune list in 2004, 2005 and 2007, and came second in 2006. The Chinese were taken in too: in 2007 they gave BP the "The Most Responsible Enterprise" award organized by China News Weekly and the Chinese Red Cross Foundation. BP won the Corporate Citizenship Award for Chinese enterprises several times.

Yet behind this image-manship, BP had a horrendous record of cutting corners and neglecting safety. Its poorly maintained refinery in Texas exploded in 2005, killing 15 and injuring 180. In 2007, a BP pipeline got corroded through neglect and leaked 200,000 gallons of crude into the pristine Alaskan wilderness. BP was fined $303 million to settle an accusation of conspiracy to manipulate the price of propane gas. Between 2007 and 2010, BP refineries in Ohio and Texas ran up 760 "egregious, willful" safety violations, while rivals Sunoco and ConocoPhillips each had eight, Citgo had two and Exxon had one comparable citation. So, BP accounted for 97% of all corporate refinery violations.

Lesson: don't get fooled by corporate spending on CSR. Far from being evidence of ethics, it's often a cloak for gross misgovernance.

Gulf Spill Dispersants Surprisingly Long-lasting Dispersant impacts on environment a major concern, expert says. "These organisms have developed capabilities to live under high pressures, with low oxygen levels, and with no sunlight. It's a more rigorous and perhaps less changing environment, and all of a sudden a wave of chemical dispersants comes by. What does that mean for the environment? I don't know. I really don't. But it concerns me significantly." Read more here: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2010/11/110127-gulf-oil-spill-dispersants-environment-science/

Real Coastal Warriors added a new photo.

Real Coastal Warriors added a new photo.

Crews continuing to move hydrocarbons from the breached cavern under the giant sinkhole in Assumption Parish Thursday morning spotted more than shocking chemicals. They also saw that the monstrous sinkhole had grown to 300,000 square feet, approximately the size of five football fields.

BP's lies are effective... do you really put your trust in this?

The birth of the "Too Big to Fail" banks. This is a great graphic charting the consolidation of banking by the Big Fou: Citi, JP Morgan Chase, BoA, and Wells Fargo. All in the public's interest.... of course :-/


Interesting article...

An ignored but hugely important study shows that we can grow food on a large scale, profitably, with far fewer chemicals.

Homesteading / Survivalism added a new photo.
Obama may be a disappointment, especially on the environmental front, but Romney (who has essentially promised to devastate the environment) is a fucking psycho. There is a difference.
‎(M) Do YOU think this is creepy? Thanks to Massholes Against Mitt Romney for sharing this with us. Image from Democratic Underground.
 Descit - funny stuff's photo.


‎ Nearly 150 years later, people still gather on a hilltop in Virginia to commemorate the deaths of hundreds of soldiers killed in the Battle of Saltville, where one of just a few all-black regiments in the Union army fought. http://www.southernstudies.org/display/remembering-the-saltville-massacre

West Texas is on the front lines of a changing climate, and scarce water is the most obvious symptom. Everyone – ranchers, farmers, water engineers – is talking about it....


After 8 years Al Jazeera asks what killed Arafat !?

And amazingly Al Jazeera international made us forget for couple of hours our internal issues in Egypt and made us ask on twitter What killed Arafat after nearly 8 years of his death.
The channel presented an investigative documentary that says the late Palestinian iconic leader and president Yasser Arafat was poisoned by Polonium based on tests for his clothes as well medical records and testimonies

Egyptian X-file : And I though that Mowafi was Qaddafi’s man in Egypt !!

I remember that heated interview for Libyan dissident and NTC executive member Mahmoud El Shamam on Al Hurra TV when he said that Safwat Al Sherif aka Mowafi was the Qaddafi’s man in Egypt and that the day would come when Safwat Al Sherif pays for the crimes he participated in against the Libyan people. Of course the day came already and Safwat Al Sherif is paying and insh Allah will pay for the crimes he committed against the Egyptian people before the Libyan people.
Now after the continuing fall of the Qaddafi regime  we found out that Mowafi was not the only Qaddafi’s man in Egypt as according to Abdel Rahman Shalgam , the former FM of Libya and its UN representative Omar Soliman was also Qaddafi’s man in Egypt !!

Hassan Nasrallah And His Evidence : It Depends on Where You Stand

Hassan Nasrallah spoke yesterday in that press conference , he revealed what he considered as a circumstantial evidence on Israel's involvement in Al Hariri's murder or to be accurate not only involvement but standing behind the assassination from A to Z.
Before going in to details of the press conference which was aired in almost all Arabic and Lebanese news channels except Future News for  unknown reason despite the fact that that press conference is related directly to the founder of the network himself ; before analyzing the juicy parts of the press conference from spies' profiles and UAV's clips we must agree on something :
  1. Neither the tribunal nor Hezbollah has got a real direct evidence in Al Hariri's assassination because simply that assassination is just like JFK's assassination ; it was planned and executed in a way not to incriminate any party what so ever.There is no gun with fingers print on it here I am afraid , also news' reports leaks in international press based on intelligence sources are not that enough 'it is a joke actually'
  2. The tribunal has turned in to a political means of blackmail against both Syria and Hezbollah ; there is no doubt if Hezbollah and Syria were pro-west side , things would be different totally and they would overlooked even if they were behind it !!
  3. If you believe in the innocence of Hezbollah , if you support Hezbollah , you will believe its theory or rather its case against Israel.
  4. If you believe in the involvement of Hezbollah , if you hate Hezbollah , you will not buy its theory or case easily or at all.
  5. It is all about Hezbollah and its resistance , not about Al Hariri , Israel will not rest except Hezbollah is striped from its military powers whether through international interfere or even better through a civil war.
  • Pakistan Foreign Minister: Drones Are Top Cause Of Anti-Americanism
  • Israel PM Draws Red Line (Literally) on Mythical Iranian Bomb
  • Gloomy Prognosis: US Has Set Fuse for Prolonged Afghan Civil War
  • Report: "Counterproductive" US Drone Program "Terrorizes" Pakistan
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