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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

7 November - My Feedly!

Lake southeast of Lubbock, Texas.
Lake southeast of Lubbock, Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Texas Hill Country, on Route 187 head...
English: Texas Hill Country, on Route 187 heading North, just north of Garner State Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In These Times
In These Times (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
The EnvironmentaList
The Corbett Report
(title unknown)
Truth Frequency News
They gave us a republic... - Front Page
Texas Liberal
In These Times
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Chelsea Green Full Feed
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AAPL 558.25 -21.9495
Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day Highlights: Allstate, E.I. DuPont de Nemours, Microsoft, Google and Apple Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day Highlights: Allstate, E.I. DuPont de Nemours, Microsoft, Google and Apple • 5 hours ago
GOOG 668.03 -13.6899
Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day Highlights: Allstate, E.I. DuPont de Nemours, Microsoft, Google and Apple Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day Highlights: Allstate, E.I. DuPont de Nemours, Microsoft, Google and Apple • 5 hours ago
CRM 146.11 -1.61
Microsoft's Q1 Soft, As Expected Microsoft's Q1 Soft, As Expected • 18 days ago
F 11.08 -0.34
Superior Posts Mixed Results Superior Posts Mixed Results • 1 day ago
ORCL 30.8336 -0.7964
Teradata Reports Mixed 3Q Teradata Reports Mixed 3Q • 5 days ago
MSFT 29.185 -0.675
Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day Highlights: Allstate, E.I. DuPont de Nemours, Microsoft, Google and Apple Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day Highlights: Allstate, E.I. DuPont de Nemours, Microsoft, Google and Apple • 5 hours ago
GHDX 31.3 -1.35
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods Market and Genomic Health The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods Market and Genomic Health • 27 days ago
FB 20.43 -0.7412
LinkedIn's EPS Exceeds, Revs Jump LinkedIn's EPS Exceeds, Revs Jump • 4 days ago 

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Lessons We Can Learn from Jiro Ono
I have been re-watching the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi for the past couple of months. I've seen it at least 10 times, probably more, while writing drafts for this article. I've watched it alone, with my wife, with friends, and I don't tire of it; I've recommended it to everyone I know, and now I'm wholeheartedly recommending it to you. I have watched this film in fascination, trying to extract lessons from this master. What have I learned from him? And what questions do these lessons open up for me? More »
How to Get Out of an Unwanted Political Conversation
With the election taking place last night, everyone wants to talk about it. That's great, and political discussion, along with a little gloating or moaning, is certainly good for the soul. But what about when you just want to put your head down and get work done? Here's how to get out of those conversations and stay focused. More »
Explosion rocks Somali parliament
Early reports suggest car bomb outside Mogadishu's legislature may have killed at least one person.
Obama Re-Elected, Calls For Electoral Reform
"I want to thank every American who participated in this election ... whether you voted for the very first time or waited in line for a very long time ... By the way, we have to fix that." - President Barack Obama, November 6th, 2012

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Long Time Philadelphia Voters Reportedly Missing From Rolls, Forced to Cast Provisional Ballots
[Now UPDATED at bottom with comment from Philadelphia's election chief, City Commissioner Stephanie Singer .] Okay, this one is quite troubling. It's being reported that long time voters in Philadelphia have been showing up to vote today, only to find out that they are not on the voting rolls anymore at all. In the bargain, "large numbers" of voters are being forced to vote on provisional ballots
A Pennsylvania Surprise?
My last official campaign entry "Election 2012: What's the fundamental issue?" is still posted below. But it seems I must do one more.You see... I'm worried about Pennsylvania.  Mitt Romney just campaigned there and many in the press wondered why? Why take time from crucial swing states like Florida, Virginia, Ohio and Colorado, to campaign in a state President Obama has apparently sewn up? Th
Child Sex - Kick Down A Few Doors
Eileen FairweatherFor over 20 years, investigative journalist, Eileen Fairweather has been exposing powerful paedophile rings in such places as Islington in London, Essex, Hackney in London, Jersey, north Wales and Romania. Her work has led to numerous government inquiries. Every government inquiry confirmed that child abuse had taken place.Eileen Fairweather writes:"But did they bring child 
Fundamentals and the Triumph of Avoiding Disaster
John Sides has an excellent post up called "The Fundamentals Mattered in 2012." He's not saying that the campaigns didn't matter at all, but that the context for the campaign was a playing field favoring Barack Obama; as Matthew Dickinson reminded us before the polls closed, the consensus of fundamentals-based forecasts called for a narrow Obama victory.Absolutely true, and the place to begin. But


The EnvironmentaList
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Vote — for Hope
Amid the lies and the attempts at voter suppression, the most important thing you can do is cast a ballot
The Next President Must Act on Climate
Nowhere in the world is the rising number of natural catastrophes more evident than in North America, says new report

The Corbett Report
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Corbett Report Radio 253 – A Tale of Two sElections
The leadership of a great nation hangs in the balance. Even now, decisions are being made in secret that will influence the course of the world’s finances and geopolitics in the years to come. The people have been told that their votes play a part in this process, but no one believes it. The real leadership decision is made behind closed doors, with zero transparency, by a self-appointed “elite.”
Anomalies of the Air Defense on 9/11 – Paul Schreyer on GRTV
The systematic failure of every level of the US air defense on the morning of September 11th provides one of the clearest “smoking guns” in the full complicity of key elements of the US government and defense department in those attacks. In his new peer-reviewed article published at the Journal of 9/11 Studies, author and researcher Paul Schreyer outlines many of these key anomalies and the way th
Psyops 101: Psyops on the homefront
by James Corbett BoilingFrogsPost.com November 6, 2012 The proponents of psychological warfare tactics by modern-day governments argue that fears about government propaganda are misplaced as there are laws in place to prevent the US government from propagandizing to its own citizens. Indeed, legislation prohibiting government-sponsored domestic propaganda has been in place for nearly one century.
Interview 554 – Ian Henshall on the London SCAD Conference
Ian Henshall of Reinvestigate911.org and AccountableDemocracy.org.uk joins us to talk about the upcoming State And Corporate Crimes Against Democracy Conference in London. Set to take place this Saturday at Friends House near Euston Station and featuring guest speakers such as Cynthis McKinney, Niels Harrit, Lars Schall, Dan Glazebrook, Michael Ratner and many others, tickets for the event are now

Texas Liberal
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On Mr. Obama’s Reelection
The outcome of the election yesterday was hopeful enough. When I reflect on the liberal leanings of many I know, and when I think about how these are hard-working, tax-paying folks who value longterm friendships and the virtues of honesty and inclusion—I’m mystified at the screaming and anger on the other side. And I’m mystified by the anger at a moderate center-left President. This is the 5th ti
Election Day
Today is Election Day. I worked a poll today for my candidate for State Representative. Soon we will know the results. Unless for whatever reasons we don’t know the results due to whatever circumstance. In any case, the work of freedom will be up to each of us no matter who wins the Presidential election and the very many other elections other across Texas and across the nation. It is up to everyd

(title unknown)
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Craig Murray
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Obama Drones On
Four more years of drone killings, Guantanamo, crazy FBI agent provocateur plots, whistleblower prosecutions and surveillance of citizens were going to come whoever won. Goldman Sachs funded both candidates royally. I probably prefer the slightly tempered or disguised neo-con to the red meat neo-con, but let nobody pretend it makes a vast difference. A respected retired African President told me

Did You Know
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Afghanistan, Heroin, Addiction, Death
Thought it was time to do a post on Heroin. Seems we have a world wide epidemic now. The profiteers are happy .Billions of dollars happy. The addicts and those who have to deal with them, are not so happy. The farmers who grow it do not make a lot of money, but everyone after them does. They make a fortune. Typical in the profiteering business however. Nov 5, 2012 $8.8M worth of heroin seized at

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The President Of The United States, Redux
Filed under: Destry
It Is Accomplished III
(continued from here) 6:22 p.m. The farcical kabuki that the rag doll could prevail in Pennsylvania is over. With about two votes counted, Fox Radio News has called the state for Obama. The announcer relayed this news in the same tones as he would adopt if he just heard that his son had perished in an automobile accident. Similarly, the pathetic delusion that the people of Michigan might hug Ass B
It Is Accomplished II
(continued from here) 12:53 p.m. The older he gets, the less concerned is “Bob Dylan” with concealing the fact that he is a space alien. Consider the accompanying photograph. Probably soon he will just let his antennae sprout. No one who writes something so precise and exact as “the ghost of electricity howls in the bones of her face” could be wholly of this world. Anyway, Dylan has pronounced the

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4 more years of much the same.
It seems all but redundant at this point to say almost anything about the US presidential race.  Someone, somewhere, will have had the exact same thought and either blogged or tweeted it or posted it on Facebook.  In all likelihood, everything that could have been said was said months ago, and the only thing that's even slightly enlivened the contest was Obama's hopeless showing in the fir

Syria Comment
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Syria Disintegrating
Syria Disintegrating Joshua Landis, Syria Comment Nov. 6, 2012 Syria is disintegrating ever more quickly into every more factions. This week we have reports of Palestinians killing Palestinians in Yarmouk and Tadamon. Kurds and Arabs are fighting, although, it appears the rebel woman commander Dejik Nurin is NOT dead. There is an urgent effort afoot to smooth over the hostilities between FSA and t

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At the Polls Today
via @BuzzFeedAndrew

Green & White
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Monet Collaborates with IBM SmartCloud for Mobile Banking
Monet is one of Pakistan’s leading mobile-commerce providers. It is using IBM cloud-based solution to enhance service efficiency and establish its brand across Pakistan. Monet has recently started its services providing banks, mobile network operators and branchless banking agents with a technology platform. It offers end-users a simple interface to access a variety of financial services through
Gmail Becomes the World’s Most Used Email Service Surpassing Hotmail the First Time
Microsoft seems to be facing a hard time in the world of internet technologies today. Recently, its email service, Hotmail, was surpassed by Google’s email service, Gmail, to be the world’s most used email service. Both the email services have been on a head-on competition for the past eight years. After coming closer, Gmail has now gone past Hotmail to be the world’s most favourite email service
TunaCode – P@SHA’s Winner for Being the Best in Security Applications
TunaCode recently won P@SHA’s ICT Award for being the best in security applications. Its product ‘gKrypt’ made it a winner. TunaCode is a company providing computing solutions with state-of-the-art Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and specializes in GPU based Image Processing/Computer Vision solutions. Their GPU team of developers has made CUVI Lib which gives Imaging functionality and GPU Accele

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Is another Tip O'Neill, Ronald Reagan Grand Bargain Possible?
By @TedFrier The hidden winner in last night's historic election may be Republican House Speaker John Boehner whose home state of Ohio put President Barack Obama over the top for a second term. If Boehner plays his cards right he may be able to reprieve the role made famous by Democratic Speaker Tip O'Neill and conservative icon Ronald Reagan back in the early 1980s when these two old fashioned Ir
Reflections On The Election: 'Get Over It'
I'm going to try to restrain myself from being ugly to the vanquished, but only up to a point. For one thing, the defeat is not complete. They still have control of the U.S. House of Representatives. Orange Julius will remain Weeper of the House, and therefore it's not likely that much will be done in Washington for at least the next two years. But also, being ugly is just no-class, even when I do
Hate Will Be The Winner
Well, the day has finally come and there's nothing to do now but wait for the outcome.  Or possibly the Supreme Court deliberations that will once again award the presidency to a loser that the majority of us didn't want.  I suppose that If I were a true moderate but left leaning blogger I'd be posting all kinds of deep and profound analyses of the poll results and the apparent trends

In These Times
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Robin Hood Goes To Capitol Hill
Take from the rich, give to the poor. The legendary robber’s credo found new expression in U.S. law on September 14, when Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) introduced the “Robin Hood tax” bill. Formally known as the Inclusive Prosperity Act, it proposes a small financial transaction tax on Wall Street to ease the economic burden on the rest of us—a measure that has the backing of economists such as P

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America lost the 2012 election, there was no mandate for America!
by Mark Vogl:    How long can a House divided stand? Where do Americans who believe in old America go? Has the light gone out?
7 NolanChart.com / 8 hours ago  
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