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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, November 5, 2012

5 November - My Feedly!


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AAPL 584.6211 7.8211
Yelp Cuts Loss in 3Q Yelp Cuts Loss in 3Q • 9 hours ago
GOOG 682.96 -4.958
ValueClick's EPS Beats; Falls Y/Y ValueClick's EPS Beats; Falls Y/Y • 11 hours ago
CRM 145.09 -1.51
Microsoft's Q1 Soft, As Expected Microsoft's Q1 Soft, As Expected • 17 days ago
F 11.25 0.08
Superior Posts Mixed Results Superior Posts Mixed Results • 5 hours ago
ORCL 31.25 0.04
Teradata Reports Mixed 3Q Teradata Reports Mixed 3Q • 4 days ago
MSFT 29.63 0.1302
Digital River Easily Beats Digital River Easily Beats • 5 hours ago
GHDX 32.52 0.29
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods Market and Genomic Health The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods Market and Genomic Health • 25 days ago
FB 21.25 0.07
LinkedIn's EPS Exceeds, Revs Jump LinkedIn's EPS Exceeds, Revs Jump • 3 days ago 

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The Most Useful Apps You've Probably Forgotten
Technology moves fast. So fast, in fact, that great apps often get left in the dust if they don't come out of the gates full-featured and ready for primetime. With that in mind, here are a few apps that all but disappeared from our radar, but still offer a great feature-set. More »
Dirty Tricks: iPad 'Vote at Home' Suppression Scheme Reported in Ohio
Here come the dirty tricks. This one courtesy of Ohio's Plunderbund... An Obama volunteer in Greene County reports some mysterious canvassing activity whereby people are coming by asking if the resident has voted and if not offering them the fraudulent ability to vote in their doorway via an iPad. The story was relayed to us by Obama campaign volunteer Anita Dobrzelecki, who says she was calling committed Obama supporters to confirm they had voted. She reached a woman who said she had not, but that she “wanted to vote like my fiancĂ©e voted.” When asked, the young woman said that a man came to
Corporate School Boarding Indy Style
Guest Post by Doug Martin, author and contributor at The Common ErrantDoug Martin is doing the heavy lifting in Indiana--the work our Fourth Estate seems to have been hired to ignore.  There is one very bright exception (shining much more so because so isolated in the journalistic sky): Karen Francisco who writes "The Learning Curve" at the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.It happened in New Orleans, it happened in Denver, it happened in Florida with the Vice President's brother, and now the mega-rich are buying the Indianapolis Public School Board race, with many of the same hedge fund manager
Dozens of cancer victims settle tainted groundwater suit in Florida.
More than three dozen former factory workers have settled their multimillion-dollar five-year legal battle against Siemens Corp. and General Dynamics Corp. over trichloroethene and other toxic chemicals they allege the companies carelessly dumped into drinking water, causing them to develop cancer.

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Sandy Price Gouging Probed: $7 Loaf of Bread, $10 Box of Matches
More than 400 possible cases of price gouging of gasoline and other essentials, including a $10 box of matches and $7 loaf of bread, have been reported in New York before and after Sandy.Reports are being investigated in New York City, the Hudson Valley and on Long Island by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.Schneiderman said Monday that he's investigating an increasing number of reports of
Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension
I was forwarded this amazing document. It ties together many mysteries in our modern world and confirms ascension of the planet.  They knew! And they didn't plan on telling the rest of us!  -AK Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension --daniel Background I was listening to exopolitics expert Alfred Lambremont on a radio show 1, discussing the “
Pima County Judge Refuses Citizen's Request that Pima County Elections Follow the Law
J.T. WaldronPima County Judge James E. Marner denied every request by citizens concerned about election integrity in Pima County. Parroting the previous Pima County Judges' claims about the lack of jurisdiction, Marner has paved the way for Pima County to continue subverting efforts to improve election integrity. Key auditing functions like the simple placement of election returns receipts in e
Stop paying the ferryman ~American Zombie
Stop paying the ferryman ~American Zombie


The EnvironmentaList
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Green Party Presidential Candidate Urges Voters to Resist the “Politics of Fear”
Dr. Jill Stein talks with Earth Island Journal about her vision for the US

The Corbett Report
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Interview 553 – Deadline Headlines with Jack Blood
Jack Blood of DeadlineLive.info and No Agenda Global Radio joins us for our monthly news and headline updates. This month we discuss the Sandy aftermath and the 2012 sElections, including Jack’s (non-)prediction for Tuesday and a discussion of the complete lack of third party candidates worth voting for this time around.

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Bomber Cameron's on tour again.
Last year, while on his previous jaunt around the Middle East selling weapons to autocracies, David Cameron had a sudden attack of the vapours.  There he was, pimping himself out for the country, going to a godforsaken land where his only home comfort was Fruit Ninja, and the journalists who'd travelled with him had the temerity to question whether he should be there at all!  Didn't these

Texas Liberal
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Election Day Is Here—Jill Stein For President—The Work Of Freedom Is Up To Each Of Us
Tomorrow is Election Day in the United States. (Above–The Bald Eagle is a symbol of our nation.) I have already voted for Green Party nominee Jill Stein for President of the United States. I believe that Ms. Stein is the only candidate for President speaking honestly about climate change, our economy that is rigged for the few at the expense of the many, and about the ongoing attacks in our natio

Syria Comment
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Clinton’s Effort to Build a Syrian Government in Exile Seems Doomed
Clinton’s Effort to Build a Syrian Government in Exile Seems Doomed by Joshua Landis, Nov. 3, 2012, Syria Comment Already the Syrian opposition’s back biting and emulous factions seem determined to sink Washington’s latest effort. Hillary Clinton is having a last go a putting together a “secularish,” upper-class leadership for the Syrian rebel effort. A swansong? Washington’s Plan A, which was to

In These Times
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In Ohio, Battle of the Super PACs
Everyone loves to hate the Super PACs, those well-heeled sources of political influence trying to get voters to see things their way. With the election just a day away, here is how the Supers (along with the legally murky 501c(4)s) are duking it out in Cleveland, the second biggest city in battleground state Ohio. On the left side of the ring, it's the American Federation of State County M
Voting for Obama with No Illusions
Ah, the weeks before the General Election: the season of panic when presidential campaigns hit their fever pitch, and the Left is at its most tortured. To vote or not to vote for the Democratic candidate, that is the question. But frankly, for me, the answer this time is simple and straightforward: Yes. Sure, I wish Barack Obama had used the historic opportunity of a congressional majority i

WWF - Latest News
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150,000 people demand better EU fishing laws
Brussels, Belgium - Today WWF presented 150,000 signatures to the European Parliament from citizens across Europe demanding healthy oceans and sustainable fishing practices.For decades, Europe's Fisheries Ministers have made poor decisions that have sent Europe's fish stocks and fishing industry into decline. Presently two out of three fish stocks in the EU are depleted and jobs as well as income

Green & White
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Pakistan will be Amongst Top 5 Motorcycle Producers and Exporters in a Few Years
According to the Senior Managing Director of Honda Motor Company Japan, T Oyama, Pakistan will be amongst the top five countries in the world which will produce and export high quality motorcycles in the coming next few years. This pleasant prediction has been made at the launch ceremony of the firm’s new model Pridor in Karachi recently. Atlas Honda has achieved a lot of success in Pakistan and
P&E Computer Centers Set Up for Energy Management
USAID Power Distribution Programme recently inaugurated a Planning and Engineering (P&E) Computer Centers at Gepco and in Islamabad. The USAID Power Distribution Programme is helping DISCOs to build up similar computer centers. It is also involved in providing training to P&E managers of all the nine power distribution companies (DISCOs) owned by the government. Through P&E project wi
Cure MD – P@SHA’s Winner for Being the Best in E-Health Applications
Cure MD recently won at the 2012 P@SHA ICT Awards for being the best in E-Health applications. It provides cloud technology for every physician. It basically caters to healthcare technology. It provides services and products which are helpful for healthcare providers around the world. It has the SMART Cloud solution which gives specialty EMR, practice management, patient portal within affordable

Centauri Dreams
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Vesta: A Protoplanet’s Mutable Surface
I remember having a particularly strong ‘sense of wonder’ moment when reading Poul Anderson’s “The Snows of Ganymede” when I was a kid. Anderson was good at this kind of thing, but really my reaction was not just to this story but to the whole notion of taking a distant astronomical object and placing people in it. A bright point in the telescope suddenly becomes a landscape and you feel your sens
Centauri Dreams / by Paul Gilster / 11 h 

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