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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 November - My Feedly!

Pinterest (Photo credit: stevegarfield)
[Edinburgh from the castle, Scotland] (LOC)
[Edinburgh from the castle, Scotland] (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)


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AAPL 547.06 9.31
When Growth Stocks Falter When Growth Stocks Falter • 1 day ago
GOOG 663.03 10.7401
Groupon Reports Mixed 3Q Groupon Reports Mixed 3Q • 1 day ago
CRM 141.14 -2.14
Microsoft's Q1 Soft, As Expected Microsoft's Q1 Soft, As Expected • 22 days ago
F 10.93 0.03
Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day Highlights: PerkinElmer, NYSE Euronext, Ford Motor, General Motors and PSA Peugeot Citroen Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day Highlights: PerkinElmer, NYSE Euronext, Ford Motor, General Motors and PSA Peugeot Citroen • 1 day ago
ORCL 30.35 -0.0701
Teradata Reports Mixed 3Q Teradata Reports Mixed 3Q • 8 days ago
MSFT 28.83 0.02
Microsoft to Invest in Brazil Microsoft to Invest in Brazil • 22 hours ago
GHDX 27.97 1.55
Mixed 3Q for Genomic Health Mixed 3Q for Genomic Health • 2 days ago
FB 19.21 -0.78
LinkedIn's EPS Exceeds, Revs Jump LinkedIn's EPS Exceeds, Revs Jump • 7 days ago 

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"A Person Becomes Old When His Mind Is More Occupied by Memories Than Aspirations"
This quotation comes from web designer Navin Kulkarni in a Quora thread about the point in life when a person becomes old. While old age must take some of its definition from the physical act, youth is also a state of mind. When you stop looking forward, you lose it. More »
CIA director resigns over extramarital affair
David Petraeus resigns from his position, citing "extremely poor judgment" over extramarital affair.
Teenage Girls Invent Pee-Powered Generator
This innovative power source, developed by four African teenagers, uses one of the world's ubiquitous waste products: urine.
BREAKING: Portland's Clear Channel-owned KPOJ Progressive Talk Station Flipped to Fox Sports
[UPDATE: As of 6:00pm PT, the KPOJ website has now flipped to "Fox Sports AM 620 Portland".] This is horrible. Tonight, without warning, Clear Channel Communications-owned 620 AM KPOJ in Portland, Oregon, one of the most progressive cities in one of the nation's most progressive states, has flipped from it's years-long progressive news and talk format over to Fox Sports as of 5:30pm local time. KPOJ was the only commercial progressive talk radio station in Portland. The city will still have several other Rightwing talk radio stations, including one owned by Clear Channel, and they already have

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Extreme heat in 1896: Panic stricken people fled the outback on special trains as hundreds die.
Photo: Jo Nova Post by: Lance Pidgeon with assistance from Chris Gillham and others. It is as if history is being erased. For all that we hear about recent record-breaking climate extremes, records that are equally extreme, and sometimes even more so, are ignored. In January 1896 a savage blast “like a furnace” stretched across Australia from east to west and lasted for weeks. The death toll reach
Rep. Allen West Refuses to Concede, Seeks Hand-Count, Impounding of Ballots and Voting Systems in FL-18 U.S. House Race
On Election Night, Democrats and progressives celebrated the reported defeat of far Rightwing Tea Party-backed Rep. Allen West (R-FL22) by his Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy in Florida's newly redistricted 18th Congressional district in Eastern Florida. With precinct votes unofficially tabulated in the three counties which comprise the new Democratic-leaning district --- Martin, St. Lucie an
Pearl Means: Honoring Russell Means
The  next honoring of Russell Means in FebruaryBy Pearl MeansCensored Newshttp://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.comHello our relatives. We have completed the four sacred days in preparation for sending Russell Means’ spirit on his journey and his ashes have been scattered at Yellow Thunder in the Lakota sacred holy land, the He Sapa (Black Hills).On behalf of the family I want to extend our appreciation
Skyfall and Cyberwar: James Bond Enters the Digital Era
This is a guest post by Brandon Valeriano of the University of Glasgow. The post contains mild spoilers, so considered yourself forewarned. Cyberwar is everywhere. I am sure there is some selection bias in my perspective, but I canít read the news without finding another ‘cyberwar will be the new 9/11‘article. The narrative? Our digital futures are in a precarious balance and threatened by the gre


The EnvironmentaList
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An Open Letter to Obama from the World’s Poorest Countries
"As president you have helped those who cause climate change more than those affected most by it. Helping the world's poorest adapt is now a matter of urgency, and it can be your great legacy"
Prop 37 Defeat Reveals a “Food Movement” that Is Still Half Baked
Good food partisans have much work to do to build a movement infrastructure
The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse: Hurrincane Sandy Rides In
Disaster has now become our national policy: we invite it in and it directs us, for better and worse.
The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse: Hurricane Sandy Rides In
Disaster has now become our national policy: we invite it in and it directs us, for better and worse.

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President Obama’s Election Night Speech
The New York Times Published: November 7, 2012 President Obama spoke in Chicago on Tuesday night after winning re-election. Transcript: Tonight, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward. (Cheers, applause.) It moves forward because of you. It moves forward because you reaffirmed the spirit that has triumphe

The Corbett Report
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Corbett Report Radio 254 – Don’t Believe the Hype
Just because information comes from the “alternative media” does not make it true. Time and again, the alternative media peddles distortion, misinfo and outright hoaxes because they seem to confirm what we already believe. Join us tonight on The Corbett Report as we look at some of the stories the “truth” movement has gotten wrong, and why there is no shortcut to the truth. WORKS CITED: New World
Corbett Report Radio 255 – sElection Fallout, GMOs, Police State and Other News
Tonight on Corbett Report Radio James goes over the latest news from around the world, including the fallout from the 2012 Presidential sElection, the latest news on the GMO front, more signs of the pervasive police state and other news from Asia to South America to Europe. WORKS CITED: Voter Turnout Plunges Throughout the Western World Will Obama Fulfill His 2007 Promise to Label GMOs? New Varie
sElection Fallout, GMOs, Police State and Other News
Tonight on Corbett Report Radio James goes over the latest news from around the world, including the fallout from the 2012 Presidential sElection, the latest news on the GMO front, more signs of the pervasive police state and other news from Asia to South America to Europe. WORKS CITED: Voter Turnout Plunges Throughout the Western World Will Obama Fulfill His 2007 Promise to Label GMOs? New Variet
Don’t Believe the Hype
Just because information comes from the “alternative media” does not make it true. Time and again, the alternative media peddles distortion, misinfo and outright hoaxes because they seem to confirm what we already believe. Join us tonight on The Corbett Report as we look at some of the stories the “truth” movement has gotten wrong, and why there is no shortcut to the truth. WORKS CITED: New World

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The bishop!
In honour of the replacement of Beardie with Justin Welby... 
The barbecued testicles of a wombat await.
In the pot calling the kettle black stakes, the spectacle of Louise Mensch saying Nadine Dorries has demeaned the role of an MP has to be up there with the Daily Mail declaring the BBC had "woken up to decency", or that other hardy perennial, the Daily Star reporting on the "sick" Brass Eye paedophile special while on the opposite page leering at the 15-year-old Charlotte Church.Mensch's political
That much of the same then.
It was apparent by early morning our time that Obama had won a second term as US president.  Republican spokesmen were already reduced to pleading for journalists to wait for more districts to report in the swing states, ignoring the inevitable, while on the other news channels presenters were getting their excuses in early.  Bill O'Reilly no doubt spoke for much of his own constituency when he wh

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Elahe Mohtasham Decision
If you are not familiar with Ms. Elahe Mohtasham’s allegations against various persons associated with the University of Southampton, lucky you. Keep it that way and read no further.  I will not dignify the allegations by repeating them. If you have been exposed, however unwillingly, to this ugliness, then you ought to know that the UK High Court has issued a judgment against Ms. Mohtasham.  Here
Nuclear Nightmares Revisited
I’ve been enjoying the comments here at the blog on my piece at Foreign Policy regarding some scary moments involving nuclear weapons. I thought I’d devote a post to a few of my favorite suggestions. 1. CASTLE BRAVO. A US thermonuclear test in March 1954 at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The designers were expecting a yield of 4-6 megatons.  They got 15.  Fifteen megatons.  That will, as Da

Texas Liberal
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Who Can A Liberal Support In Harris County And Texas In 2012?—TPA Round-Up
Here is the weekly posting of the Texas Progressive Alliance round-up. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. TPA members are citizen-bloggers working for a better Texas. (Above–Texas and all the nation will be voting on Tuesday, November 6. Image by TUBS.) In addition to the fine posts linked to below, I’d like to also please offer the endorsement list for candidates
President Elect Romney—They Never Saw It Coming Because They Did Not View Obama Voters As Equals
Above is a picture from the Romney President Elect website that was up for a brief time. It seems the Romney campaign never saw the defeat coming. This is no surprise at all. Mr. Romney and Paul Ryan were clear that they saw a large portion of the nation as nothing but lazy moochers. The nearly all-white party they led denied the seriousness of rape in a view shared by Paul Ryan. How could such r
Taking It Easy—I’m Certain The Obama Second Term Will Be Nothing But Blue Skies And A Day At The Beach
I took it easy yesterday on the day after the election. I spent the day walking along the beach at Galveston, Texas. Was I able to do this because in a second Obama term many of us will be able to freeload and do nothing while the “wealth creators” and the “job creators” do all the work? No. I was able to take the day to drive to Galveston because I had the day off from work. The conservative ide

Craig Murray
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CIA Plot Against Correa Funded by Drug Money
Hillary Clinton is repeating the methodology of the Iran/Contra affair, using “black” funds to finance the operation to ensure President Correa is not re-elected. I had two excellent sources for the news that the US/UK strategy against Julian Assange was to ensure the defeat of President Correa in Presidential elections next spring, and then have him expelled from the Ecuadorean Embassy. One sou
New Labour’s Franco Adventure
My friend Mike Arnott of Dundee TUC has done more than anybody to record the story of the outstanding Dundonian contribution to the early war against fascism; seventeen men from Dundee died in the International Brigade. I wonder what they would think about the alliance between the right wing Spanish “Popular Party” and the Tories plus, reportedly, New Labour to plan a demand for the expulsion of a
Mad Mel’s Hate Speech
I make mistakes. I have ocasionally regretted something I wrote. However I have never written anything motivated by hatred of another race or religion, yet I am too “extreme” for the mainstream media. But Melanie Phillips, darling of the Mail and the BBC, can write this kind of incitement to religious hatred: Romney lost because, like Britain’s Conservative Party, the Republicans just don’t unde

Obsidian Wings
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Your post-election thread
via liberal japonicus Well, that was fun. And I enjoyed this video, which I put below the fold.
by Doctor Science Over the past few years I've noticed more and more articles about people using books to make things, usually art but sometimes furniture. The architecture library at the Technical University of Delft had to be rebuilt after a devastating fire in 2008. This is the new front of the library -- now that's what I call an Information Desk. Photo by Ellen Forsyth. "Out of Narnia",
Your election thread
by liberal japonicus It's almost Wednesday here in Japan, so I already know what happened, but I'll let you folks tell me. Have at it.

Pesticide Action Network
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Two things about California's GE labeling fight
Amidst the food movement’s flurry of post-election analysis and reflection, here are two salient facts about California’s ballot initiative fight over the proposed mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) food: read more

Green & White
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Sharp Image – P@SHA’s Winner for Being the Best in E-Learning Applications
Sharp Image recently won at the 2012 P@SHA ICT Awards for being the best in E-Learning through their product Salah for Kids. Sharp Image has its own bi-monthly newsletter. With their animation team they have made commercials for Warid Bol Anmol, Chili Mili Qissa Kahani, Rani Fruit Edge, Menu Apna Apna, Anne French, Owsum Jeeto Dutt Kay, Warid Soil, Hero Bannay Ki Tarang, and Q Mobile Q500 Atif As

(title unknown)
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Taps For The Black Man
For the second time in four years, I did NOT vote for the anointed, black messiah. I never considered it; what I did consider, yet again, was my residence in a country full of black, white, red and yellow people who would vote for him – or his opposite – and trying to justify it?! What I know is that the only thing that keeps me here is my daughter. And, as Dr. King said: “how long? Not long!“ Whi

Syria Comment
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Clinton Effort to Create Syrian Government in Exile Collapses
Shortly before the Doha effort to put together a Syrian government in exile collapsed, Ambassador Ford, the State Department’s ambassador to the Syrian opposition, inisted to exiles that Syrians must find a “political solution and not a military solution to their problem.” He reportedly told Syrian Opposition leaders that the international community will not create a “no fly zone” over Syria and t
Kurds and FSA Fight as Clinton’s Efforts to Build New Government Stir Hornet’s Nest
Kurds and FSA Build Bad Blood The brewing war between Syria’s Kurds and Arabs may not wait until Assad falls. The murder of Nujeen Dirik, the 42 year old Kurdish female militia leader from Aleppo, by the FSA is likely to spark  revenge killings. The FSA in Aleppo lured Dirik into a trap by making a deal to exchange bodies of the dead and kidnapped supporters.  When Dirik led a group of Kurdish fig

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Whatever Happens Today
It's looking like we can expect an Obama victory.But even if Romney wins, we've had a good four years, and the campaign has brought out some good things.Bloggers, as usual, were ahead of the curve, but the New York Times and the Washington Post excoriated Romney's lies and refusal to release his income tax returns. Our two newspapers of record only brought themselves to a principled editorial stan

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Gary Johnson and libertarian Republicans
by George Dance:    Why liberty-minded Republicans should vote for Gary Johnson for President
Mr. President you get a second chance, be an American!
by Mark Vogl:    Stop with the socialism already, stop with only government can do, read some history, some economics, become an American for your legacy!
Wreck-It Ralph and Social Commentary
by Van Bryant, II:    A great movie, almost wrecked by one awful line of dialogue. (Spoilers)
"As You Were! Citadel Cadet Stories from The Past," by Ted Childress
by Mark Vogl:    Funny, descriptive, this brief concoction of Citadel life is a good read.

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Code Unknown
Three weeks or so ago the spirit vacated the corporeal container known as “Russell Means.” This is what his Kossack companero, cacamp, had to say about Means: Russ was my brother-in-arms He and I were both AIM leaders and led our people together in many fights and struggles. We stood shoulder to shoulder all across our great land, we had many hard times but also the most wonderful times of our liv
Just Us
“Why is it us? Why us?” “Because we’re here, lad. And nobody else. Just us.” —Zulu Filed under: Ala, Cineman, Into The Light, Wyrds
Fall Out
So it turns out that General David Petraeus has a pee-pee. Who knew? Certainly not I. I figured the thing had been whacked off, long ago. Isn’t that what they do, when you go into the military? Grab the pee-pee and whack it right off? They should. You enter the military, you have chosen to act as an agent of death. So no sex for you, bub. Eros doesn’t want you. You’re a Thanatos boy. So: so sorry.
Make It Stop
Below is a photo documenting a hideous Dr. Moreau-like experiment in which some demented doctor sought to cross a human with a turtle and a scrotum. The result: Mitch McConnell—Senate minority leader, five-star glow-in-the-dark racist, de facto head of the Confederate States of America, the de-evolved retrovert obstructionist who called together the CSA faithful in the days after Barack Obama was

The Arabist
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✚ The Middle East greets Barack Obama's re-election with a shrug
✚ The Middle East greets Barack Obama's re-election with a shrug My article for The Guardian on the Middle East and Obama's re-election.The basic take: no one should be expecting to Obama to offer solutions to Arab problems, and many in the Arab world simply no longer care about who's in charge in Washington as they once did. And that's a good thing.
✚ Don't celebrate the fall of the Caliphate!
✚ Don't celebrate the fall of the Caliphate! Says Yasser Burhami to Emad Abdel Ghaffour, reviving the very recently buried split between the spiritual and secular leader of the Salafi Nour party: The deputy head of the Salafi Dawah movement strongly criticized the chairman of the Salafi Nour Party, Emad Abdel Ghafour, for attending the Turkish Embassy’s celebration of the 89th anniversary of the
✚ Cameron Gulf tour to mend trade links
✚ Cameron Gulf tour to mend trade links From the FT: Mr Cameron will sidestep concerns over regional security and human rights as he pushes British military exports in an effort to get the UK economy moving again. Although the prime minister is expected to raise issues such as Saudi Arabia’s record on suppressing minorities and political opponents, the overwhelming focus of the trip will be comme
Filiu talk on Gaza in Cairo
I blogged about Jean-Pierre Filiu a few days ago. Turns out he's giving a lecture at the Institut Français in Cairo this Wednesday — see details after the fold, in French, on his new history of Gaza. (Get it from Amazon UK.) Mercredi 7 novembre à 20 hInstitut Français d’Egypte, Le Caire, MouniraOrganisé en collaboration avec le CEDEJ (traduction simultanée vers l'arabe)Pour la parution de

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Here we are, stuck in the middle with you
Clowns to the right of me, jokers to the far right... One of my favorite sequence of photos from the 2012 campaign - Senator Claire McCaskill (D) going door to door in her old neighborhood in Kansas City on November 2, 2012. Here's the thing. There are now fifty-five Senators (if you count Angus King, the Independent from Maine) in the Democratic Party caucus in the United States Senate. Elizabet
Nobody Liked Him
BY @TomBales1 I've been sitting here all day laughing my ass off at the pundits and talking heads with their multitudes of reasons why the Republicans lost big time this past cycle.  Given some of the excuses I've seen coming from some of the more "respected" right wing analysts... and I use that term very loosely... I figure my opinions are at least worth the same two cents ther
GOP a Dying White Man's Party
By @TedFrier The rush to buy Canadian real estate after an American presidential election is the hardy quadrennial among the devastated supporters of the losing side who commence the four stages of grief by first threatening to flee the country. But in 2012, Republicans got an early start on denial as even experienced conservatives who should have known better, such George F. Will, were confidentl
Follow The Bucks
By @TomBales1  I know I'm doing a lot of these on the subject of hate lately but I don't think there's ever been any better example of a hate based society than many of the examples produced by a large number of Americans during the presidential election just concluded and since I'm getting to experience the fallout from it in a more up close and personal way than many, it's a

In These Times
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Gaza, The World’s Largest Open-Air Prison
Even a single night in jail is enough to give a taste of what it means to be under the total control of some external force. And it hardly takes more than a day in Gaza to appreciate what it must be like to try to survive in the world's largest open-air prison, where some 1.5 million people on a roughly 140-square-mile strip of land are subject to random terror and arbitrary punishment, wi
The GOP’s Year of Magical Thinking
If you were a conservative listening to and reading primarily conservative media, the presidential race was never, in truth, very close. Romney would win—and probably win big—all along.  No wonder that Sarah Palin, speaking on behalf of conservatives, expressed disbelief at the results last night. "It's a perplexing time for many of us right now," she said.  Indeed. What follow
Obama, The Post-Colonial President
SAN FRANCISCO—As a refugee from Vietnam, a country colonized by the French and then fought over by the Americans and the Soviet Union, I see the Obama presidency as spelling the end of a 500-year-old colonial curse. Decades ago, English still unruly on my tongue, I read a spinoff of Daniel Defoe's The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, but I read it not as most of my American peers did. I saw
Post-Election, The Revolving Door Swings Open
There are two types of money that corrupt our politics. After a national election that cost more than $2 billion, most of us know about the blatant kind that floods into politicians' campaigns, typically with quid pro quo strings attached. This is the most obvious form of legalized bribery—cash goes in, policy positions and legislative favors eventually come out.   As powerful as that mo

Centauri Dreams
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Re-Envisioning the Telescope
An inventor named Tom Ditto has been casting a serious look at diffraction gratings as large primary collectors for telescopes, work that has been getting a bit of a buzz on the Internet. See, for example, An Old Idea Gives Telescopes a New Twist, and ponder how much the eponymous Dittoscope sounds like something out of a Tom Swift story. Nonetheless, an instrument based on a diffraction grating a
Exomoons: A Direct Imaging Possibility
It’s good to see that David Kipping’s work on exomoons is back in the popular press in the form of A Harvest of New Moons, an article in The Economist. Based at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Kipping’s Hunt for Exomoons with Kepler (HEK) culls Kepler data and massages the information, looking for the tug of large moons on transiting exoplanets. The basic method will by now be fam
Possible Habitable World in a Six-Planet System
At 42 light years from Earth, the star HD 40307 is reasonably within the Sun’s neighborhood, so the news of a potentially habitable planet there catches the eye. HD 40307 is a K-class dwarf, one previously known to be orbited by three super-Earths — with masses between the Earth and Neptune — that are too close to the star to support liquid water on the surface. Now we have the discovery, announce

WWF - Latest News
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Laos pushes ahead with Mekong dam and risks destroying the region's lifeblood
Gland, Switzerland – The Lao government's determination to plow ahead with construction of the controversial US$3.5-billion Xayaburi hydropower dam in northern Laos puts the mighty Mekong River's spectacular biodiversity, rich fisheries and livelihoods - vital to nearly 60 million people - in grave danger, warns WWF.Despite fierce opposition from neighbouring countries, and some concerns r
Major rhino horn trader sentenced to 40 years behind bars
A Thai national, Chumlong Lemtongthai, has been sentenced to 40 years imprisonment for his involvement in the illegal trade of rhino horns from South Africa. This is the harshest sentence given for a wildlife crime in the country to-date. Lemongthai pleaded guilty to charges relating to the illegal export of rhino horns in Johannesburg's Kempton Park Magistrate's Court earlier this week. WWF-Sout
Mozambique creates Africa's largest coastal marine reserve
The Primeiras and Segundas have been approved as a marine protected area in Mozambique making this diverse ten-island archipelago Africa's largest coastal marine reserve. Comprising ten islands off the coast of northern Mozambique, and featuring abundant coral and marine turtle species, the protected area will cover more than 1,040,926 hectares. WWF has worked for eight years to secure this import
WWF applauds Hillary Clinton's call to stop wildlife crime
Washington DC – WWF applauds U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her call to stop illicit wildlife trafficking, which she emphasized as a major foreign policy and security issue in a speech on Thursday."Over the past few years wildlife trafficking has become more organized, more lucrative, more widespread, and more dangerous than ever before," Secretary Clinton said. "We are increasingly se
WWF - Latest News / 2 days ago  
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