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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3 October - My Feedly

Chamberlin Observatory
Chamberlin Observatory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Survival Skills
Survival Skills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sunrise behind the Ritchie Center on the Unive...
Sunrise behind the Ritchie Center on the University of Denver's campus (07/27/06). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




AAPL 671.45 10.14
Apple's iPhone 5 in Legal Tussle Apple's iPhone 5 in Legal Tussle • 15 hours ago
GOOG 762.5 5.51
Apple's iPhone 5 in Legal Tussle Apple's iPhone 5 in Legal Tussle • 15 hours ago
CRM 157.04 4.1
Oracle Agrees to Acquire SelectMinds Oracle Agrees to Acquire SelectMinds • 14 days ago
F 9.94 0.15
U.S. Auto Sales Best Since March '08 U.S. Auto Sales Best Since March '08 • 9 hours ago
ORCL 31.82 0.17
Zacks Earnings Preview: Alcoa, FedEx, Oracle and Nike Zacks Earnings Preview: Alcoa, FedEx, Oracle and Nike • 2 days ago
MSFT 29.86 0.2
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Microsoft and Google The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Microsoft and Google • 17 hours ago
GHDX 35.76 -0.72
Genomic Health, Inc. Enters Oversold Territory Genomic Health, Inc. Enters Oversold Territory • 21 days ago
FB 21.83 -0.44
Digital Realty Expands in Denver Digital Realty Expands in Denver • 9 days ago 


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New, Bizarre Species of Small Dinosaur Identified
The species was found in a slab of rock collected in the early 1960s and was spotted in the early ’80s by Paul C. Sereno, a paleontologist, but unrevealed until now.
Clashes and Protest Over Iran Currency Plunge Hit Tehran
The first outbreak of public anger over Iran’s collapsing currency and other economic maladies jolted the heart of Tehran.
Fortune 500 Company Urging Employees Not to Upgrade to iOS 6 Over Exchange Bug
MacRumors has learned that at least one Fortune 500 company is requesting that its employees not upgrade to iOS 6 over a bug with Microsoft Exchange meeting invitations. The issue has also been reported on Apple's support discussion boards. The issue appears when users decline a meeting invitation from an iOS 6 device. Instead of simply sending a notification to the meeting organizer that the user will not attend, iOS 6 is sending meeting cancellation notices to the entire distribution list, effectively canceling the invitation for all attendees. We received this memo that was sent out to a
Starbucks Adds Passbook Support to Its iPhone App
Starbucks has added Passbook support to its iPhone app [App Store], as perhaps the highest profile app to embrace the feature. Starbucks customers can use its app to store gift cards and use QR codes on the phone to quickly pay for food and drinks without needing cash or credit cards. Additionally, the company keeps track of purchases for its rewards program. It's a near perfect use of Passbook; presumably why Starbucks is prominently featured in Apple's marketing. Passbook is designed to get users directly into gift cards or event tickets from the lock screen, using time and location inform


Zuckerberg to announce “historic milestone” tomorrow — does Facebook really have 1 billion users?
Tomorrow on the TODAY Show, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will announce what’s being called a “historic milestone” during his one-on-one interview with Matt Lauer. For the past couple of days, Zuckerberg’s interview has been the talk of the town and this will be the first television interview the social network founder has given since the ill-received IPO happened earlier this year. So what’s this
Confirmed: Google’s Motorola Mobility Acquires Image And Gesture Recognition Company Viewdle
Earlier this week, we heard rumors that Google was in the process of acquiring the augmented reality and image recognition firm Viewdle. Turns out those rumors were true. Google’s Motorola Mobility unit just announced that it has indeed acquired the company. Here is the statement we just received from a Motorola spokesperson: “Motorola Mobility today announced that it has acquired Viewdle, a leadi
Fresh from the rumor mill: Microsoft is in talks to acquire music startup Rdio
Sometimes, you hear something from someone that sounds like it would make sense if you take some time to think about it. But, 9 out of 10 times, unsubstantiated rumors don’t even stand a chance of getting published by The Next Web or any other tech blog worth its salt – especially not the really juicy ones. This is not one of those times. We’re hearing whispers from certain sources over here in Eu
Siri's strange movie reviews: it's tough being a robot
You may or may not have noticed that sometimes Siri says crazy things. We recently noticed that Siri summarizes movies in a pretty funny way, too. Siri seems to have a distinct preference for Sci-Fi (who can blame her?), though she also has a few words to say about the classic Wizard of Oz, as well as Pixar's Toy Story. Siri also has several different answers when you ask her about


The UNTITLED Motorcycles Of Camden Town
The UNTITLED Motorcycles Of Camden Town For the love of craftsmanship, mechanics, classics and a soul revival, there is only one world of existence the world of ‘UNTITLED’. A sure thing when it comes to satisfaction.
Ben Chapman's Clever 3D-Printed Knife Sharpener
Ben Chapman is a denizen of the Thingiverse, and his 3D-printed knife-sharpener is both inventive and ingenious. Obviously printed plastic won't yield a sharpening element, so Chapman designed the thing to fit onto the bottom of a standard coffee mug. Why a coffee mug? Because as it turns out, the bottom of every mug has an unglazed ring of exposed ceramic, the part of the mug that's contactin
The Reminiscent of Baroque in Greg Natale’s Residential Project
A bold signature style. Meet Greg Natale, one of Australia’s top designers and explore the universe he imagined for the Clarke Payne project. The designer achieved a stunning effect by mixing details of modern patterns with the artistic style of the 17th century. Overwhelming images filled with precious velvet populate the living space, giving birth to that perfect royal ambience, pictured in mov
Badass Digital Illustrations by Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown is a digital artist from Australia and his art is just simply incredible. If you're a gamer or a fan of popular series of film out there, Patrick will definitely give you a great load of inspiration. Here's a showcase of his latest work and it's totally badass! I have always been greatly inspired by many things, from games to movies and even TV series. If I like something I draw it.


Dear Apple: Deleting your users’ apps without notification is rude and arrogant
Yesterday, I pulled up the YouTube app on my recently updated iOS 6-sporting iPhone 4S. Or, I tried to. Not finding the video app in my “Watch” folder, where I could have sworn I had put it, I started searching other folders. Not in “Look Up.” Not in “Play” or “Share” or “Navigate.” Finally, I gave up and slow-double-clicked the iPhone’s one button to initiate a search for the app I knew I had. So
U.S. Births Decline for the fourth consecutive year in 2011
From the National Center for Health Statistics: Births: Preliminary Data for 2011. The NCHS reports: The 2011 preliminary number of US births was 3,953,593, 1 percent less (or 45,793 fewer) births than in 2010; the general fertility rate (63.2 per 1,000 women age 15-44 years) declined to the lowest rate ever reported for the United States. The birth rate for teenagers 15-19 years fell 8 percent
Meet Facebook’s newest advertiser: You
Get out your pocketbooks, people. Facebook today started offering some of its U.S. members a simple way to ensure that more of their friends see their super-important, can’t-miss status updates — that is, of course, if they’re willing to shell out cash for the privilege. Dubbed “Promoted Posts for People,” the pay-to-promote feature allows regular users to sponsor their own social network content
Amnesty for latecomers
"But what will I tell my neighbors?" Once someone makes a decision about your cause or your product or your resume, it's almost impossible for you to persuade them that they were wrong. You're no longer asking them to remake the first decision, you're asking them to admit an error, which is a whole other thing. Compounding this, organizations often make it awkward for someone who is trying to co


A Taste of Fall with my Apple Butter Pizza
Fall is definitely my favorite season.   I know there’s a lot to be said for spring especially coming out of a long hard winter.   But Autumn in all its glory, just can’t be surpassed.   Apples are coming into season, no matter how you like them there’s an apple for you, crisp, sweet, tart, and oh so juicy! Spending most of my life in the New Jersey, I’ve been spoiled by all of the wonderful produ
Harvest Tart
I was lucky to be at my friend Kate’s house and extensive fruit and vegetable gardens in the Lot a few weeks back, when the seasons were overlapping. The last of the red peaches were still clinging to the trees, while the branches of the nearby pear and fig trees were filled with wonderful fruit ripe for the picking – and baking. And I couldn’t resist spending my time wandering around the yard an
How to make an extract | Lemongrass and Kaffir lime
My friend Jen made an amazing vegan coconut ice cream for a food bloggers’ potluck a few weeks ago. It was a spring roll party inspired by this post from White on Rice Couple. Jen flavored the coconut milk with new-to-me lemongrass extract. After she told me it was fairly pricey to order, I decided [...]
Desert Island Dishes: A Contest
You've likely heard of Maldon sea salt, an English salt that comes in large, pyramid-shaped, flaky crystals, a format that makes them both very pretty, and easy to pinch and crush and sprinkle. The Maldon Salt Company is a fourth-generation family business that's celebrating its 130th anniversary this year, and they've invited me to participate in the Desert Island Dishes campaign* they've laun


scan the horizon
image notes: two photographs in kennebunkport, maine, 2005 & imagination         when you’re imagining a fantasy image you can always imagine more and then wonder if you should have gone with less. — i said that     So you see, imagination needs moodling. Long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering. — Brenda Ueland said that    
Queen Street West.
Sunken Ghost Ship in the Desert
Interview on Australian TV I was on Channel 7 a few days ago in Australia – here is the clip Backup Camera for Burning Man My main camera I use nowadays is the Nikon D800, and I was a bit afraid to take that out into the desert. Instead, I took out my Nikon D3S to get some of these shots. It’s one of the six different cameras I used at Burning Man this year. I didn’t get much dust at all ins
....y mañana será otro dia. by Ximo Capellino
....y mañana será otro dia. by Ximo Capellino Ximo Capellino: Photos · Blog


The Noteworthy: La Furia Umana + Wild Bill, NYFF, New Trailers
News. A new issue of one the most essential film publications, La Furia Umana, is now available online. As always, alongside a rich collection of disparate texts, the issue has separate dossiers devoted to specific filmmakers, including ones on René Vautier (edited by Nicole Brenez) and Ida Lupino with Claire Denis. The amount of must-read coverage is daunting: included, too, are homages to Ch
Watch: First Teaser Trailer for Rob Zombie's Horror 'Lords of Salem'
After giving the remake treatment to Halloween and then crafting an inferior sequel, horror writer and director Rob Zombie is back with original scares this time. His new film Lords of Salem also includes a bit of a musical influence as it follows a radio station DJ who receives a wooden box containing a vinyl record, described as “a gift from the Lords.” Of course, the record starts to have a st
Interview: Martin Short And Catherine O'Hara on 'Frankenweenie,' and Tim Burton
Martin Short and Catherine O’Hara go way back with director Tim Burton. But it’s been a while since they’ve all worked together. This week, they’ll reunite in the black and white, stop-motion version of Frankenweenie. Both Short and O’Hara were assigned three characters each. It was something Burton believed they could handle with ease. We recently spoke to the actors about the director, Frankenw
Marvel's Phase Two Kicks Off with 'Iron Man 3' Trailer on October 23rd
Briefly: If Halloween isn't enough to look forward to this month, a little over a week before the spooky holiday arrives, a superhero treat will becoming your way. Today production on Iron Man 3 resumed after a short delay following a small injury Robert Downey Jr. sustained on set. E! News reported the resumed production, and they also delivered this gem: "The first Iron Man 3 teaser trailer is


Home Office In A Box
Materials: Ikea table, steel tabletops, computer tower desk trays Description: I had to surrender my home office to make room for my new baby boy ;) I took an Ikea stainless steel kitchen "work table", some Ikea computer tower desk trays, two steel tabletops, and two grated steel shelves to make an "office" that I could pack away into a closet. p.s. I've still been looking for my old
DIY Project: Tiered Hanging Pots
When you collect as many things as I do, floor and table space can quickly become precious commodities. Having shelves full of plants is just not feasible in the studio, but I was not going to let that stop me from pursuing my dream of building a little greenhouse. If you have an interest in going vertical with your greenery, you could whip up this tiered hanging planter in a day. You just need a
Dorm Living: The Essentials
Illustration by David Saracino. College can be pretty exhausting. After attending classes, studying, working and socializing, sometimes all you want are the comforts of home — a quiet evening in a space that feels like your own. Unfortunately, dorms are not exactly the most welcoming or homey of places. In fact, with unfriendly security guards, flickering overhead lights, noisy neighbors and horr
DIY Hostess Gift: a hand-tied bouquet
We couldn’t be more excited to be sharing with you weekly inspiration and tutorials that focus on craft, flowers and the season! When Grace asked if we would be interested in joining the Design*Sponge team, our jaws nearly hit the floor. Thank you, Grace! And readers, please tell us what you like and what you would like to hear more about! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say. — The Ladies

visual design

CanIUse on GitHub
CanIUse.com has the most comprehensive browser support charts for web features. Now we can help Alexis Deveria keep it that way by contributing on GitHub. Direct Link to Article — PermalinkCanIUse on GitHub is a post from CSS-Tricks
PHOTO: Trademark overload.
Trademark overload.
Factories in China
Photographer Stephen Wilkes takes beautiful photos of factories in China that are reminiscent of a less ostentatious, more documentary Andreas Gursky. See his full body of work at his Web site. Also, Quartz his an article about these photos. To follow me on Twitter click here.
Mini House by Jonas Wagell
After writing about the re-thinking of the classical cottage-box shape garden shed in the form of COTTAGE N°1 by De Castelli, it is time to go to the next level. Meet this modern prefab concept called Mini House after the jump. A modern prefab concept Mini House brings us to Sweden where many people own something near a lake. In 2008 the law changed and said that people are allowed to build home


Comparing Energy Efficiency in the San Gabriel Valley
[pmcworld.com] by San Francisco-based Stamen Design, reveals how the people living in several cities in southern California perform in terms of energy efficiency, such as how much electricity and natural gas they use, how far they drove, how much waste they generated, together with other metrics. The map features custom-made terrain background tiles, with outlines loosely following the municipa
Every Lost episode visualized and recreated
Santiago Ortiz visualized every episode of the show in the interactive Lostalgic. It's a set a four views that shows character occurrences and relationships and the lines they said during various parts of each episode. The first view, shown above, is a bar chart vertically arranged by time, where each row represents an act. A profile picture is shown whenever the corresponding character says some
Lostalgic: Revealing the Networked Narrative of 'Lost'
Lostalgic [intuitionanalytics.com], designed by Santiago Ortiz, is a comprehensive visualization tool to explore the story and characters of the popular television series Lost. Based on data scraped from the popular fan site Lostpedia, the website offers access to a long list of every single line of dialogue from the 115 episodes during 6 seasons of the Lost. Zooming in (that is: moving the mo
Game: Match states on a blank map
In case you're interested in learning how much you suck at US state geography, here's a game to help. The goal is to match up states on the blank country map, and you end with an average error in miles. I did not do well. [via kottke]


Shopping For: The Capsule Weekend Wardrobe
Shop The Look: 1. Helene Berman olive trench coat // 2. Mulberry tiger-knit beanie // 3. Acne purple knit jumper // 4. J.Crew pavé link bracelet // 5. Equipment colour block shirt // 6. J.W. Anderson for Topshop aztec jeans // 7. Topshop crepe skirt // 8. Supra cheeta print trainers // 9. Diane von Furstenberg heart print earbudsWhat do you wear on the weekend? I attempt to stay in pyjamas for as
Emily Blunt Covers Harper's Bazaar Australia
Emily Blunt covers the November 2012 issue of Harper's Bazaar Australia. The 29-year-old actress shows off her lighter hair colour (I like the honey blonde highlights) and models a low-cut printed gown on the cover. It's a fun shoot for Emily, who doesn't usually look this vampy.Note the addition of fashion's cult-favourite, the YSL 'Arty' ring...I believe Emily is currently promoting Looper, whic


Cliff Bleszinski leaves Epic Games
Cliff Bleszinski is leaving Epic Games, a company he co-founded and has been working with for 20 years. Most recently, he held the title of Design Director."I've been doing this since I was a teenager, and outside of my sabbatical last year, I have been going non-stop," Bleszinski said in a letter to colleagues, a selection of which Epic posted on its website. "I literally grew up in this busines
GameMaker: Studio Hits Steam with Workshop Support, Achievements
YoYo Games and Valve have partnered to release a Steam version of the popular game creation software GameMaker: Studio, now available as part of the newly launched Steam Software Store. Better still, Steam users can now play, rate, and recommend GameMaker games via Steam Workshop for free. Steam offers Free, Standard, and Professional editions of GameMaker, along with versions specifically tail
iFixit: "Super Slim" redesign improves access to PS3 internals
iFixit The gadget teardown artists at iFixit have posted a comprehensive disassembly of the new "Super Slim" PS3 units that launched late last month in a pricier bundle with Uncharted 3. While the system packs its components into a much smaller volume than previous PS3 systems, the site found those internal pieces were relatively easy for hackers to access
Support Your Local Indie MMO
Eric of Elder Game has a Kickstarter up for his game Project: Gorgon. I felt like I needed a picture here The game is summarized as: Project: Gorgon – An Indie MMO by Industry Veterans Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) for PC & Mac with a quirky, old-school feel. It is designed for players who want to explore a deep world with complex game


The Forgotten Mapmaker
Alexis Madrigal: As I described last month, Google has spent literally tens of thousands of person-hours creating its maps. I argued that no other company could beat Google at this game, which turned out to be my most controversial assertion. People pointed out that while Google’s driven 5 million miles in Street View cars, UPS drives 3.3 billion miles a year. Whoever had access to these other
The Noun Project
The Noun Project has just launched a great redesign and aims to collect every icon, pictogram and symbol from everywhere, even from you. [Via Coudal] ∞ Read this on The Loop
Apple revising MFi program to limit third-party Lightning accessories
The tiny "authentication chip" buried inside each Lightning connector. AppleInsider Manufacturers feared that Apple would use licensing rules to restrain the availability of non-Apple Lightning accessories. Now, those fears appear to have been valid. Sources for iLounge have confirmed that Apple has significantly altered its MFi Program rules,
Why Apple Should Buy Nokia To Fix Their Mapping Disaster
Yes, we know, Apple Maps sucks. You hate it. It’s the biggest screw up the company’s seen since MobileMe. Maybe even worse. But it’s totally fixable, and Apple might not need to do anything more than just open up their wallet and buy one of the most intriguing tech companies right now that is struggling big time – Nokia. Right now there are three major players in the mobile maps business: Google,


Rumor: Nexus program to see “huge changes”, LG Optimus G Nexus coming in November
WARNING: This post contains rumors and speculation from Android Insiders. If you do not want to know about the next Nexus device then do not read this story and unplug from the Internets. You have been warned – the goods are after the jump. The Rumor Google will formally introduce Android 4.2 in November at a co-event with LG where they will announce the “LG Optimus G Nexus”. As previously reporte
Is the next wave of Google Nexus products advancing?
  According to a leak from UK based phone retailer Carphone Warehouse, our Nexus 7 storage problems are soon to be over. The image above clearly lists a 32gb version of the flagship Google tablet and although it doesn’t say how much the new version will cost, I’m willing to bet it’ll be around $300, which is still less than its rival, the 32gb iPad. So it finally seems Google is listening to our
Parrot details 3 new Android devices for in-car entertainment
Parrot released their first car stereo powered by Android last year known as the Parrot Asteroid, but today they’ve just detailed three brand new devices that will bring Android to your car entertainment needs. The first being a 6.2-inch Double-Din full out system known as the Parrot Asteroid Smart, then they have a few tablets as well. The first Parrot Asteroid wasn’t all that great and had a
Galaxy Nexus 2 and 32GB Nexus 7 coming?
Are you planning to buy the Google Nexus 7 but are backing off because you are looking forward to something with more storage?  Say, perhaps, a 32GB variant? Then maybe you will hear good news soon, as that may be in store.  What’s more, we have some evidence on a Nexus 2 as well. The source of this juicy news is Carphone Warehouse’s internal system, and our friends over at Droid-Life who were luc

do it yourself

Season 3 of Large Dangerous Rocket Ships to Premiere
For the third year running, SCIENCE takes viewers inside the high-flying, fuel injected competition of LARGE DANGEROUS ROCKET SHIPS. = LDRS (as it’s known to insiders) brings together junkyard geniuses who love the thrill of danger and have a knack for all things explosive for one of the nation’s largest competitive rocket launching events. Audiences will be blown away by the ingenuity of these
DIY Table Number Jar Lights
I love these jar lights, found on Brooklyn Bride by Brittany Watson Jepsen, that act as table numbers for a wedding or dinner party. Numbers are used here, but what about initials to give to friends as gifts? Lots of possibilities. Filed under: Weddings
LVDS on an FPGA could make it possible to reuse laptops LCDs and the like
Search around the Internet and you’ll find a landfill of forum threads asking how to drive the LCD screen from a dead laptop. The answer is always that there is just no way to do it. That’s because most of them use a Low-Voltage Differential Signalling protocol that just isn’t available through the hardware used in hobby projects. But the appearance of this board could signal that things are abou
How to Create Geometric Leather Pendant Necklaces
You know we love us a little statement, especially when it comes in necklace form. And we happen to love finding new uses for seemingly useless materials, like those really small scraps of fabric, leather, and vinyl you keep collecting but have no idea how to use. Well, with a little inspiration from this necklace found on Etsy, a bit of glue, and fabric scissors, we turned scrap materials into go


The Great Potting Soil Debate
For the last several years I’ve written a series of articles for Garden Chic magazine (a business magazine for owners of independent garden centers) in which I call up owners of independent garden centers and ask them a whole bunch of questions about how they promote organic gardening. As the owner of a retail business myself, I’ve always found these conversations to be fascinating.  It doesn’t ma
The Gardens of San Miguel
There’s one garden in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico that’s known to residents and visitors alike and it’s “El Jardin” right in the center of the Colonial city.  What’s interesting and even iconic about this city park is the way the trees are pruned – into always-perfect flat spheres.  Here you see them behind Miss San Miguel in the recent Independence Day Parade.  (On my visit I was disabused of
downy mildew: don’t compost sickly impatiens
DID YOUR IMPATIENS appear yellowed, weak, or even give up and collapse early this summer? (Thankfully, the pot above did not.) If there were any issues, don’t compost the plants’ remains this fall; bag and discard them–root system and all–in the trash. Impatiens downy mildew, a relatively recent but very serious fungal disease affecting plants in seven states in 2011, spread in 2012 from Florida u
how to grow garlic, a q&a with filaree farm
MY FIRST EXPLORATION INTO growing garlic was also my first encounter with Filaree Farm. I hate to confess how long it has been since I first read “Growing Great Garlic,” the popular book by Filaree’s founding farmer, Ron Engeland (hint: publication date, 1991). Today, it’s Alley Swiss who farms the venerable Filaree acreage in Okanogan, Washington, where organically grown seed garlic has been prod


Keep your eyes open for pocket wedding dresses! - 2013 wedding...
Keep your eyes open for pocket wedding dresses! - 2013 wedding trend
Getting the Most from Inspiration Shoots to Real Weddings
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we absolutely love styled shoots. They inject some creativity and inspiration into the wedding world in often unexpected ways, but often times it’s difficult to see how shoot ideas can translate into real weddings and their real budgets. In order to show how to use wedding inspiration shoots for your own wedding, we’ve asked some talented wedding professionals
Halter Dressing
Believe it or not, the halter we see in so many bridal collections evolved from early 20th Century swimwear. Golden Age Hollywood designers popularized the look for evening, dressing stars like Garbo and Harlow. Actually the look was so radical and daring back then, tongues clucked as the etiquette police of the time declared, 'no nice lady wore such things out at night'. Ladies had different idea
Indianapolis Wedding at Coxhall Gardens from Lucky Heart Photography
We always get a little giddy around SMP HQ when one of our own ties the knot. We become like a bevy of faux bridesmaids oohing and awwing over the newest Mrs. in our crew. Today we get to do just that for one of our darling as they come LBB sales sweethearts, and her walk down the aisle to say I do to her handsome hubby definitely deserves a station ovation. So stand we shall – here’s to a lifetim

world news

Yankees 14, Red Sox 2: Yankees Clinch A.L. East Title With Win and Orioles Loss
The Yankees routed the Red Sox to finish the regular season with the best record in baseball, but they had already clinched the American League East title because the Orioles lost.
Watch good Samaritans catch thief
Cameras capture a purse snatching but the would-be robber didn't get far. Affiliate WBNS has more.
Romney: I love Big Bird but...
At the first presidential debate in Denver, MItt Romney says he would cut funding to PBS despite his like for Big Bird.
Presidential debate: no zingers, but Romney finally gets off the ground | Gary Younge
Republican candidate manages to stay competitive with aggressive performance against a tired President ObamaIn the end there were no zingers; no knockout blows; no major blunders. But there was a winner: Mitt Romney. After several reboots and roll-outs he finally, finally found his voice. He wasn't likeable, but he was believable. Gone were the gaffes, the stiff, wooden persona and the excessive c


Sneak Peek: Ellen and Rebel Start a Rap Group
Sneak Peek: Ellen and Rebel Start a Rap Group You don't want to miss this epic performance of the Salt-N-Pepa classic, "Shoop." Tune in Thursday to see the whole incredible performance! From: TheEllenShow Views: 301 329 ratings Time: 00:16 More in Entertainment
Things to Watch For in Tonight's Debates
Things to Watch For in Tonight's Debates Ahead of the first presidential debate, WSJ's Jerry Seib joins the News Hub with primers on what to look for. (Photo: Getty Images) Follow our Election Coverage: www.youtube.com Subscribe to the WSJ Live YouTube Channel - www.youtube.com More WSJLive YouTube: www.youtube.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com WSJ: www.wsj.com From: W
Gabriel Barcia-Colombo: Capturing memories in video art
Gabriel Barcia-Colombo: Capturing memories in video art Using video mapping and projection, artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo captures and shares his memories and friendships. At TED Fellow Talks, he shows his charming, thoughtful work -- which appears to preserve the people in his life in jars, suitcases, blenders ...TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED
Jason McCue: Terrorism is a failed brand
Jason McCue: Terrorism is a failed brand In this gripping talk, lawyer Jason McCue urges for a new way to attack terrorism, to weaken its credibility with those who are buying the product -- the recruits. He shares stories of real cases where he and other activists used this approach to engage and create change. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED C


Dishonored: Tales From Dunwall - Chapter 2
Character Animation, EFX AnimationCast: Blake PatrickTags: Dishonored, Dunwall, Bethesda, Softworks, Animation, Efx, Traditional, Cel and Psyop
The Event
Love and a severed foot at the end of the world. Hand drawn pencil animation motion tracked to live action footage shot in Montauk. Random Acts Production Directed by Julia Pott Poem by Tom Chivers Conceived and Produced by Carrie Thomas Animation Production: Hornet Inc. Executive Producer: Michael Feder Producer: Zack Kortright Director of Photography: Adam Wissing Additional Compositor: Tom Br
Zorra | MusicVideo "Cronofobico"
A journey throughout time, light guided with the immersive sound of Zorra Directed by | Edgar Ferreira DOP | Edgar Ferreira, Nuno Francisco da Silva Production | Filipe Miranda, Lobomau Special Thanks | Pedro Alegria, Hugo Tornelo lobomau.ptCast: Edgar FerreiraTags: timelapse, light, smoke, clock, melt, zorra and cronofobico
The Boy Who wanted to be a Lion
Max is a seven-year-old deaf boy growing up in the 1960s. One day he goes on a school trip to the zoo, where he sees a lion for the first time. A feeling begins to grow inside him that will change his life forever. Directed by Alois Di Leo (blog.aloisdileo.com/) more info: blog.theboywhowantedtobealion.com/Cast: SINLOGOTags: the boy who wanted to be a lion, alois di leo, animation, short fil


iPhone 5 case includes screen protector and cleaning cloth. Han Solo Carbonite. Available in black or white by skinblaster
$13.99 USDPRE ORDER. STARTS SHIPPING ON OCTOBER 8th.**** CUSTOM ORDER AVAILABLE.*****If you want your name on my design, or you want your photo or art, let me know.********************************************INCLUDES SCREEN PROTECTOR & CLEANING CLOTH. Full Color case for your iPhone* Made from durable plastic and aluminium* Image printed in full color and high resolution with a thermal process
Minty Cupcake - Original watercolor 4x4 by claireswilson
$12.00 USDTitle: Minty Cupcake This is an original watercolor piece!Materials: Pen & Ink/ watercolor on watercolor paperSize: 4x4Date & Signature on back.Watermark will not be on original piece.Painting (iIlustration) will be sent to you via Canada Post in a clear acid free sleeve and a photo mailer for safe delivery.Copyright © Claire S. Wilson
Tea Time - Art Print 5x7 by claireswilson
$15.00 USDTitle: Tea TimeThis is an Art Print!Materials: lightweight cardstock art paperSize: 5x7Date & Signature on back.Watermark will not be on original piece.Print will be sent to you via Canada Post in a clear acid free sleeve and a photo mailer for safe delivery.Copyright © Claire S. Wilson
Purple Garlic watercolor painting original, Big Purple Bulb , vegetable series, 4 x 6, garlic art by SharonFosterArt
$10.00 USDA big garlic blub featuring great shades of purple and green, accented with whiteAn original watercolor on watercolor postcard by Sharon Foster -ME! A Mississippi artist. Painted this in my northeastern Mississippi studio. (c) Sharon Foster 20124 x 6 watercolor on watercolor paper. ~ This is an original -not a reproduction. ~ Signed and dated. Thanks for looking!
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