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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

13 December - Feedly



AAPL 529.69 -9.31
Flextronics to Buy Motorola Assets Flextronics to Buy Motorola Assets • 7 hours ago
GOOG 702.7 5.14
Flextronics to Buy Motorola Assets Flextronics to Buy Motorola Assets • 7 hours ago
CRM 166.64 -0.39
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: IBM, Oracle, salesforce.com, SAP and Chevron The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: IBM, Oracle, salesforce.com, SAP and Chevron • 6 days ago
F 11.27 -0.2
China Auto Sales Approach 2-Yr High China Auto Sales Approach 2-Yr High • 11 hours ago
ORCL 31.61 -0.33
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Costco Wholesale, Dillard, Walt Disney, Wal-Mart Stores and Oracle The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Costco Wholesale, Dillard, Walt Disney, Wal-Mart Stores and Oracle • 2 days ago
MSFT 27.11 -0.13
Risk, Reward Balance Polycom Risk, Reward Balance Polycom • 8 hours ago
GHDX 27.57 -0.8
Genomic Presents Oncotype Results Genomic Presents Oncotype Results • 11 hours ago
FB 28.24 0.6599
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Yahoo, Walt Disney, Google, Microsoft and Facebook The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Yahoo, Walt Disney, Google, Microsoft and Facebook • 2 days ago 

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Google Maps for iOS Now Live in App Store
In line with a report from just a few hours ago, Google's new standalone Maps app for iOS [App Store] has just gone live in the App Store. The app offers iOS 6 users unhappy with the experience on Apple's new in-house Maps app the ability to switch back to Google's free offering. The new Google Maps also offers a number of enhancements beyond what was offered when it powered the built-in Maps
Google to Release iOS Maps App Tonight
AllThingsD reports that Google's highly anticipated iOS Maps app is set to be released later tonight. When Apple stopped using Google Maps in September with iOS 6, rumors immediately began that the search engine giant would release its own Maps app into the App Store. Since then, unhappy iOS users have been waiting patiently for the app, which didn't seem like it was going to materialize, until tonight. Google Maps for iOS will likely be a huge hit with iPhone users that have been plagued with problems using Apple's built-in mapping solution. Apple has received significant criticism over i
Roundup of Features in Google Maps for iOS: Better Design than Android Version, iPad Version Coming
The much-anticipated Google Maps for iOS is finally here. The app offers iOS 6 users who are unhappy with Apple's in-house Maps app an opportunity to switch back to Google's map platform. The new app includes turn-by-turn navigation, public transit directions, Google local search and more. There are a number of features and tidbits that come with Google Maps for iOS as well. Here's a selection. - Jesse Hollington notes on Twitter that Google Maps is now a transit routing app option that is linked from Apple's Maps app. - Google has created the Google Maps for iOS SDK, which allows deve
N. Joseph Woodland, Inventor of the Bar Code, Dies at 91
Mr. Woodland helped conceive of a technology that helped revolutionize the retail industry and today graces nearly every surface of contemporary life.


As Google Maps Humiliates Apple, The Silver Lining Is Millions Will Finally Upgrade To iOS 6
Apple is getting embarrassed right now as Google’s new iOS Maps app shoots to the top of the charts. But there is one upside to the beatdown. After three months of holding out to avoid Apple Maps, many people are now upgrading to iOS 6 or an iPhone 5. Last night I watched several people learn of the existence of Google Maps for iOS, and the first thing they did was update their phones’ firmware. S
Apple's App Store Is Getting Punked By A Mysterious Maker Of Crude Games, And We Don't Know How They're Doing It
There's something weird going on in Apple's App Store. Last week, I called attention to Dental Surgery, an unbelievably bizarre iPad app, which had somehow risen to become one of the most popular free apps in the store. Within hours, it was gone. This week, a new app called Nose Surgery found its way in the top ten, apparently from the same developer using a different name. What's the deal?  T
First human trials involving reprogrammed stem cells could come next year
John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka earned a Nobel Prize for breakthroughs that came from their decades of stem cell research. Now it appears their work may soon change lives. The Wall Street Journal reports that a biotechnology company plans to seek regulatory approval as early as tomorrow for human trials involving reprogrammed stem cells. Unlike traditional stem cells, which are s
US counterterrorism agency will store data on innocent Americans to look for future crimes
With new surveillance technologies and evidence of a nationwide NSA wiretapping program, it's already difficult enough for the average person to stay out of the ever-expanding crosshairs of the United States' counterterrorism operations. Now a Wall Street Journal investigation has unsealed records from the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) which reveal a list of expanded guide


A “Nest” For Humans Made From Bales Of Straw
Comprised solely of recyclable materials, Studio 1984’s Ecological Pavilion doesn’t have much in the way of modern conveniences, but it wouldn’t be a bad spot to spend a cozy afternoon. When asked about the name of his fledgling architecture collective, Studio 1984, cofounder Romain Gié replies with an Orwell-worthy “Big Brother is always watching.” Despite that dystopian implication, howeve
GrinOn Industries' System for Providing Immediate Beer-- By Filling Through the Bottom of the Cup
Many of us enjoy a beer after work (and some of you, during), but for the most part we're not in a rush; we understand the tap dispenses beer at a set pace, and I almost like the anticipation that comes with watching the glass slowly fill with amber up to the top. In a sports stadium, however, you want beer NOW. You sneak away from your seat because they called a time-out and you think you can
Daily Inspiration #1318
This post is part of our daily series of posts showing the most inspiring images selected by some of the Abduzeedo's writers and users. If you want to participate and share your graphic design inspiration, You can submit your images and inspiration to RAWZ via http://raw.abduzeedo.com and don't forget to send your Abduzeedo username; or via Twitter sending to http://twitter.com/abduzeedo Do you w
All The Best Things in Life
All the Best Things in Life by Wendy MacNaughton. (via explore)


Friday: CPI, Industrial Production
A couple of articles for light evening reading: From Derek Thompson at the Atlantic: The Best Idea for the Debt Ceiling? Abolish It Forever. It really should be called the "default ceiling". I've been arguing for years - since Reagan demanded a clean bill from Congress in the '80s - that the default ceiling is just for political grandstanding. From Suzy Khimm at the Wonkblog: New language, sam
When To Use Each Of Instagram's 16 Retro Filters
With more than 100 million users worldwide on both iOS and Android, Instagram’s success as a mobile platform is clear to see and now with its expanded web presence, there are now more opportunities than ever to show off your photography skills. However, how many times do you take a photo and use a filter without really thinking about it? For many of us, we just slap on a filter because it just hap
Here’s how startups can access the wisdom of 70,000 data scientists
Is your startup struggling to solve a tricky data challenge? Data science startup Kaggle is launching a program today to rally its community of 70,000 statisticians from around the world to solve your most enduring problems. The only catch? The new program known as “let the crowd be your cofounder” is only open to small startups, and founders will need to set aside $5,000 dollars in prize money o
Design like Apple, but name like P&G
Apple's naming approach is inconsistent, it begs for lawsuits (offensive and defensive) and it shouldn't be the model for your organization. iPhone is a phone, iPad is a pad, iPod is a ... (and owning a letter of the alphabet is i-mpossible). Procter and Gamble, on the other hand, has been doing it beautifully for a hundred years. Crisco, Tide, Pringles, Bounty, Duracell--these are fanciful names


8 Tricks for Lightening Up Holiday Foods
We heart holiday food, but holiday food doesn’t always show love our waistlines. Use these simple tricks to lighten up your favorites. #1: Baked Ham Ham is a lean meat but when recipes call for one pound per serving the calories skyrocket to 760 and the fat climbs to 44 grams! Also, when you’re talking smoked or cured foods, the sodium can get out of control. To lighten: Stick to 3 to 4 ounce por
Homemade Holiday Gift: Rum Balls
These deliciously decadent chocolate-flavored balls have been a family favorite for decades. Whip them up this holiday season for the ones you love. Food Safety Note These rum balls have been modified from the version my mom made when I was younger. The original version calls for a raw egg (the batter isn’t cooked). To make these rum balls kid-friendly and adhere to prevent salmonella, I use a pa
Roast Leg of Lamb with Apples and Fennel
SERVES 8-10INGREDIENTS1 (5-lb.) bone-in leg of lamb, shank bone exposed Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste10 cloves garlic, peeled and halved crosswise⅓ cup rosemary leaves6 small, firm, tart apples, such as Fuji, Gala, or Granny Smith, left whole and cored with an apple corer1 small yellow onion, quartered1 medium bulb fennel, trimmed and cut into ¾" wedges1 cup red currant je
There comes a time in everyone’s life when one needs a Manhattan. And during the past few weeks, that time had come for me. Actually, it came for me several times. I’ve recently been turned on to rye whiskey, and although folks online spoke up about various brands they like when I mentioned my sudden craving, I learned that it’s not something that one comes across every day in Paris. I went to t


p E T r o L
image notes: evie must have gasoline. (iPhone 5)        
The Dig
Construction at Adelaide and Princess.
Bryant Park in New York City
New eBook from Karen Hutton You all surely know Karen by now, yes? If not, here’s a way to get to know her through her work. And yes, for those of you joining us for our New Zealand Photo Adventure, she’ll be along with us as one of the instructors – fun! Grab the new eBook here! * 104 gorgeously laid out pages, with 100 photographs and the mindflash stories that go with them. * Kick back, rel
gar · lic
    ( larger view @500px )     It therefore should be possible for even the photographer; just as for the creative poet or painter, to use the object as a stepping stone to a realm of meaning completely beyond itself. — Clarence John Laughlin    


University of Chicago Receives Package Addressed to Indiana Jones
There's been plenty of marketing for films like The Dark Knight Rises, Pacific Rim and more this year, but perhaps the best piece of viral marketing (if you can call it that) comes in the form of a mystery package sent to The University of Chicago. The school's Tumblr page recently posted an update with the details of a package addressed to Henry Walton Jones, Jr. It was shoved aside for their st
'A Few Good Men' Cast: Where Are They Now?
It's been 20 years since “A Few Good Men” hit theaters (on December 11, 1992), yet "You can't handle the truth!" is still one of the best-known movie quotes of all time. The Rob Reiner movie -- which starred Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Kevin Bacon, with appearances from Kiefer Sutherland, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Noah Wyle -- went on to grab four Academy Awards nominations, including
Chicken & Egg Pictures Announces $220,000 In New Grants To Women Directors
Amongst last year's grantees were a handful of projects we've been following since then - Buddha of Africa (a working title), a South Africa/Malawi production, and  The Supreme Price - a USA/Nigeria production; there were 2 or 3 others as I recall. Skimming over this year's list, I can see that there are, once again, a handful of projects that will be of specific interest to t
Two Teaser Posters Revealed for Studio Ghibli's Next Two 2013 Films
A few weeks ago we wrote about two new Studio Ghibli animated films in the works from the legendary Japanese studio. At the time, we were only finding out about the titles and preliminary details. Now the two films have been officially announced as the two Studio Ghibli 2013 films, and along with this announcement comes two official teaser posters - one for each movie. The two lovely, hand-drawn


Today's Gifts: Enter Now
Apartment Therapy: • Robert Abbey Mary McDonald Lamp ($374.91 value)• Alison Occasional Table ($389 value)The Kitchn:• Diamond Cut Bowl Set by DwellStudio ($300)• Bodum Bundle from JCPenney ($650 Value) Read More...
Before & After: Bedroom Transformation
I’ve really been enjoying Max’s dorm DIY posts; they serve as an excellent reminder that even if you have a small, single room, you can still transform it with creativity and make it a completely different environment. This Before & After project was based on exactly that task: Take a single room and make it amazing while on a tight budget. Good Shepherd Center, a women’s shelter in Los Angel
Expedit slim shift version
Materials: Expedit 2x2 shelving unit Description: Ever thought that the Expedit series took a bit too much space? My very small hallway had no space for a full version of the Expedit as the front door couldn't open... This is how I did it: First I marked up the cut plane on the assembled Expedit 2x2, the plane is a bit shifted in this case, as the shoes to the left are bigger than the shoes
A Bloggers’ Christmas
I was reading a favorite blog of mine that belongs to my friend Yvonne called Yvestown. Do you know this blog? If you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t, it’s time to know about Yvestown. This blog is such a pretty one and the blogger, Yvonne, is a very talented lady who loves to decorate and photograph her home for all to see on the “pages” of her fabulous site. Look at her gorgeous home… I
Alphabet Bags


Student-Built, Digitally-Designed Multifunctional Bench
Kyiv National University of Architecture and Construction in Ukraine hold a workshop within the framework of conference “Contemporary education”. It was organized by the team of KG’MGarchitects studio. The main topic of workshop was using Autodesk Maya software for the design of architectural objects. The first step served as a series of lectures designed to provide participants with tools (s
YAP MAXXI 2013: five finalists announced
The jury – composed of the directors of the MAXXI, representatives of the MoMA and Constructo in Santiago Chile – met on Wednesday 28 November to select the five finalists who, by January 2013, must present their projects for the realisation of a temporary space for live summer events in the MAXXI Plaza. The jury will meet once again to select the project to be constructed and inaugurated in June.
The Epanalepsis – The New Vienna Westbahnhof Train Station
The existing Vienna Westbahnhof train station lays in the end point of the Mariahilferstreet which is the shopping axis of Vienna. The “gürtel” which is a green band cuts the street and creates a undefined corridor.The neighbor on two sides; the Bahnhof City contains a lot of closed space with shopping, offices and a hotel. Mariahilfer street begins with a public space: Former court stables Museu
Boltshauser Architekten Wins Basel Aquarium Competition, Zaha Hadid only 3rd
In the international architectural competition for the new 'Ozeanium' Aquarium in Basel, Switzerland, the proposal 'Seacliff' by Boltshauser Architekten has been selected as the winning entry. The Zurich-based firm beat out tough competition from big architectural names, like Zaha Hadid Architects, who came in third, or David Chipperfield Architects, MVRDV, and Behnisch Architekten who only made t


Equate Dental Floss: Hitler
Remove before the problem grows up Advertising Agency: Avance WWP, Guatemala General Creative Director: Jordi Lucas Creative Director: Oliver Rodríguez Creative: Odiseo del Silencio Copywriter: Odiseo del Silencio Illustrator: Sergio Durini Published: November 2012
Garnier: Red
For any hair type. Advertising Agency: Publicis, Zurich, Switzerland Chief Creative Officer: Thomas Wildberger Creative Director: Grischa Rubinick Art Director: Tom Müller Copywriter: David Luebke Agency Producer: Derya Derdiyok Photographer / Production: Billy & Hells
Time Warner Cable: Rings
Advertising Agency: La Comunidad, Miami, USA Executive Creative Directors: José Mollá, Joaquín Mollá Copywriter: José Mollá Art Director: Rodrigo Butori Creative Director: Rodrigo Butori VP of Integrated Production: Laurie Malaga Production Coordinator: Marco Arguello Account Director: Marta Mordwinkin Directors: Samuel & Gunnar Production Company: humble Executive Producer
Architecture Museum at the Edge of the Edge
Set to open in June of 2013 in the rising city of Nanjing (pop. 6.5 million) in China, the Sifang Art Museum will be a 30,000-square-foot space devoted to contemporary design and architecture. Designed by Steven Holl, the museum is part of the Contemporary International Practical Exhibition of Architecture, a privately financed project that will also include a convention center and 20 villas eac

Design Thinking

GrinOn Industries' System for Providing Immediate Beer-- By Filling Through the Bottom of the Cup
Many of us enjoy a beer after work (and some of you, during), but for the most part we're not in a rush; we understand the tap dispenses beer at a set pace, and I almost like the anticipation that comes with watching the glass slowly fill with amber up to the top. In a sports stadium, however, you want beer NOW. You sneak away from your seat because they called a time-out and you think you can
Core77's Hand-Eye Holidays #6: Czeck Edge Ruler Stop
This is one of our favorites from Core77's collection of Workshop Workhorse gifts: when it comes to production, precision begets precision. This high-quality machined doodad will multiply the uses of your trusty ruler, turning it into a capable production aid. Slide it on and start quickly squaring things up and marking consistent depths. When done break down and stow it. Czeck Edge Ruler Stop
A Scintillating 'Retroreflective' City Cycle by Bike Safe Boston's Joshua Zisson
Photo by Adam Day The criteria for the ultimate urban bicycle varies widely from rider to rider, but cyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike can agree that visibility is paramount. We see plenty of lights—Sparse is just the latest of many—but there is growing interest in alternative illumination for alternative transportation. Photos ©2012 Constance Winters unless otherwise noted As a bike la
The Craft-Brew-to-End-All-Craft-Brews Available in U.S. for the First and Last Time, Today Only
A veritable holy grail... photo by Mark Lampert for NPR It ain't design, but a monastic lesson, of sorts, for modern artisans: any beer connoisseur worth his or her salt—or hops, as it were—knows that the trappist brew Westvleteren (pronounced as it's spelled: WEST-v'letter'n) is widely considered to be the rarest beer in the world. As the coveted product of one of six Trappist br

Graphic Design

Sojourn Identity
Designed by Wink Design Atelier Printed by Rohner LetterpressActive/Unique Graphics Resembling the natural materials that the store Sojourn celebrates, these identity materials may inspire you to sojourn there yourself. Production Details Client Sojourn
Jack Muldowney: The Katie Boyce Company Identity and Collateral
I’ve always loved emerald green, but being that it’s been declared Pantone’s 2013 color of the year, lately it’s been more prominently on my mind. So needless to say, this particular project, by Jack Muldowney for The Katie Boyce Company, immediately caught my eye. It’s such a fresh, vibrant color, and I love the embossed and stamped details found throughout.
Hum Creative Launch Party
Seattle-based Hum Creative recently threw this super fun launch party to celebrate their brand new website. Love those hum dog posters and tattoos. Always ready for a party, we celebrated the launch of our new Hum site with over 100 of our closest friends at Seattle’s Sole Repair Shop. We loved creating custom drinks and menus, and designing tattoos, Hum dog posters and business card tear-off post
Vintage Kids Book for the Holidays
Mi Diccionario Ilustrado - Illustrations by Acosta Moro If you’re looking for a fun gift for the holidays, we still have a few copies of Mi Diccionario Ilustrado in our Etsy store. Any remaining copies after the 23rd of December will be taken down in preparation of our new online shop. Mi Diccionario Ilustrado is a fun little dictionary for kids. Each page is filled with colorful illustrat




Launched in August 2012, Medium is a new publishing platform conceived by Ev Williams and Biz Stone, the minds behind Twitter and Blogger. With their most recent venture, they aim… to rethink how online publishing works and build a system optimized for quality, rather than popularity. Where anyone can have a voice but where one has to earn the right to your attention. A system where people work t
TDC type-design competition 2012
The Type Directors Club in New York City has been holding an annual competition for the best in typography (that is, the use of type in graphic design) since the 1950s. In 1997, James Montalbano and Paul Shaw founded TDC2, a second competition that dealt specifically with the design of typefaces. Together, they chaired the first two TDC2 competitions, and they have remained closely involved with i
365 Typography Calendar
  Designed by acclaimed graphic designer Kit Hinrichs and his team at Studio Hinrichs, the 365 Typography Calendar features twelve unique typefaces, with descriptions of the type and a biography of each designer. Now in its 12th year, the newest edition includes favorite typefaces chosen by several US members of Alliance Graphique Internationale, including Ivan Chermayeff, Bart Crosby, Louise Fili
Open Architecture Manifesto at Adhocracy
A couple of years ago I wrote about Kuka, the RobotLab project built to write the entire Martin Luther bible onto a long roll of paper. The robot emulates the calligraphic style replicated in the Schwabacher blackletter typeface, writing it using a pen as a (particularly neat and tireless) human might. It’s quite a lovely thing*. I was reminded of it when I saw this project by Walter Nicolino and

Web Design

FooTable: a jQuery Plugin for Responsive Data Tables
The following is a guest post by Brad Vincent where he introduces his new jQuery plugin for helping make data tables responsive. Responsive data tables has been a recurring topic around here, first with my early exploration and then a roundup. I thought this new jQuery plugin approach was worth a discussion for a number of reasons: a lot of people like utilizing flexible plugins like this rather t
Register Now, Save Big on Adaptive Path 2013 Events
It's that time of year again… time to be cheap! We're running our annual end-of-the-year events sale and now is the time to save big on next year's conferences and events. They won't get any cheaper. You won't get a better deal than this. So take it! The scoop: register for any of our events by December 31st, 2012 and we'll take 15% off the current early bird prices. You
The New Mobile Book Is Finally Here!
   Yes, our brand new Smashing Mobile Book has finally arrived, and it has almost reached your doorstep! If you’ve already pre-ordered the book weeks ago, then it’s really only a matter of days! Until then, the complimentary digital version is waiting for you in your Smashing Shop dashboard. And if you haven’t ordered just yet, make sure to get the book now and save 10% wi
REWORK (Philip Glass Remixed) by Snibbe Studio
Snibbe Studio’s biggest project since the Björk Biophilia, REWORK is a full-length app album treatment for the Beck/Philip Glass collaborative remix album featuring artists like Amon Tobin and Cornelius now available for the iPhone and iPad. The studio has built a REWORK app that includes interactive visualizations corresponding to 11 of the remix songs with [...]


OrgOrgChart: The Dynamic Organization of an Organization
The Organic Organization Chart [autodeskresearch.com], developed by Justin Matejka at Autodesk Research, shows what a Human Resources manager dreams at night. The animated force-directed network diagram shows how a company's structure evolves over time, here the daily organizational changes within the company Autodesk over the last 4 years. The entire hierarchy of AutoDesk is constructed as a
An ideal bookshelf
Thessaly La Force, with illustrator Jane Mount, recently published My Ideal Bookshelf, which is a look into the books that some people of interest, including Judd Apatow, Chuck Klosterman, and Tony Hawk, would like to have on their ideal bookshelf. La Force's boyfriend took a more data-centric look at the collections. In the network above, each node is a person who listed their ideal books, and co
An infographical look at Walking Dead kills over three seasons
Andrew Barr and Richard Johnson for the National Post took a detailed look at the who, what, and when of Walking Dead kills. While AMC lets The Walking Dead gang take a short mid-season break — the Post's Andrew Barr and Richard Johnson look at a few of the key statistics of two-and-a-half season's worth of undead mayhem. They find noteworthy — the gradual increase in the body count, the
Emotion of countries mapped
Max Fisher for the Washington Post mapped country emotion ratings, based on the results of a recent Gallup study. Singapore was ranked least emotional, whereas the Philippines was ranked most emotional. The United States was also relatively high. From Gallup: While higher incomes may improve people's emotional wellbeing, they can only do so to a certain extent. In the United States, for example, N


'Masculine Impression' by Amy Troost for Vogue China January 2013
Masculine ImpressionVogue China January 2013Shot by: Amy TroostFashion Editor: Alastair McKimmModels: Chiharu Okunugi, Ji Hye Park, Tian Yi, & Sung Hee Kim[...]
Orion Theory
Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2013: Digital Display
For Pre-Fall 2013, Prabal Gurung took a deep dive into the digital ocean, exploring that fascinatingly synthetic 90s-inspired aesthetic, which was so recently buzzed about during “Seapunkgate”. Continue reading »Follow Fashionista on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.


Freeware Game Pick: Gray
Who here has wanted to laugh awkwardly at death in the company of a small, gray alien? If you've ever wanted to assist the aliens fix their ships and take over the planet in a four-color world, Gray is certainly going to be of interest to you. This point & click adventure has a 'hick with a gun', over 3500 mostly sarcastic lines and a protagonist who is certainly out of its elemen
Rockstar wants to connect all Grand Theft Auto worlds, bring more games to mobile
Rockstar Games would like to connect all the cities depicted in the Grand Theft Auto series into one explorable world, Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies said in a recent interview with Digital Trends. "Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas, and in that context reimagin
Earth Defense Force 2025 begins in 2013
Giant bugs are making their way back to Earth, and their disposal is in the hands of the usual extermination team: the Earth Defense Force. The PS3/Xbox 360 sequel Earth Defense Force 4 is being localized for North America and Europe as Earth Defense Force 2025, for release in 2013.The previous console release in the series, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, was handed off to frequent D3 co
Molyneux: Project Godus to release playable prototype tommorow
Legendary game designer Peter Molyneux has told Ars that he and his independent studio 22cans plan to release a playable prototype for the Project Godus Kickstarter effort tomorrow. It's an effort hoping to attract more funding for the group's still-struggling god game project. "I've seen the prototype, I've actually played it... I've got a few changes I'd like to be made, but the progr


Dell leaving the smartphone business
Dell is definitely pulling the plug on the smartphone business, globally. A tough decision, leaving a market that is expected to reach $150.3 billion in 2014, according to MarketsandMarkets. Now they just need to quit selling computers and we’re all set. ∞ Read this on The Loop
During next iCloud outage, check Apple’s shiny new systems status page
On Thursday, Apple quietly unveiled a new, very detailed and public systems status page for users and developers to monitor the status of the company’s sometimes unreliable cloud-based services. The page shows Apple Services, Stores, and Cloud and whether they are operating as normal or they are encountering an issue. While Apple had a more basic way of notifying of systems outages before, this ne
Jury finds iPhone infringes Nokia, Sony patents owned by “troll”
Flickr user Jesus Leon When MobileMedia Ideas formed in 2010, it was probably the biggest sign yet that the idea of "patent-trolling" had gone corporate. The company exists solely to get licensing fees from essentially the entire cell phone industry—it acquired about 300 patents from Sony and Nokia. It's headed up by Larry Horn, the same CEO who runs the MPEG-LA
Mailbox Is Ready To Bring Modernized Email To Your iPhone Next Year
We’ve been waiting for someone to make a great iOS Gmail app ever since the Sparrow team was bought by Google this year. Sparrow is still great, and the Gmail app has gotten better, but the experience of  using email on a smartphone still feels unnatural and archaic. A few apps have tried and failed to change mobile email, but app development company Orchestra thinks they have the right answer wi


Football Manager Handheld 2013 hits Google Play Store
Football fans, the global kind not the American football kind, may want to check out Sega’s latest update to their Football Manager Handheld series. Released yesterday, the new 4.0 version of the game is ready for the 2013 season. Football Manager Handheld 2013 has two different modes, a full career mode and a “Challenge Mode.” The challenge mode provides a series of short-term scenarios with ver
How to setup the Nexus 4 and Google Voice for Solavei
Since Google sells the Nexus 4 unlocked and without a contract, it makes the perfect smartphone for pre-paid wireless service. We already covered the best pre-paid plans for the Nexus 4, but I wanted to take a moment and explain my personal setup. After carefully reviewing all the options, I decided to go with Solavei since they have a clearly defined data policy and they offer bonuses for referri
Intel to acquire NVIDIA according to crazy rumors
In what sounds like one of the crazier rumors we’ve heard in a long, long time, the folks from Intel might be preparing to acquire NVIDIA. The mobile processing market is really getting competitive as of late and this could give Intel the edge they so badly need. What’s even crazier is the talk that Intel will make a switch at CEO and have NVIDIA’s own take charge of the entire ship. First off
Want to attend CES 2013 for Free? Now's your chance, thanks to the The Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience!
Do you love mobile gaming? Are you active on Twitter and Facebook? Do you spend hours on end posting in Mobile Nations' communities? More important, have you ever wanted to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and are available the second week of January next year? If you answered YES to all of these questions -- have we got an experience lined up for you! There's no d

do it yourself

Nativity in Outer Space
Make: Projects user Papydom and his grandkids have an annual tradition of making new scenery for their Christmas Nativity scene. This year, they transported the scene into outer space. Rad!Read the full article on MAKE
Photos of the Raspberry Pi model A – tonight! @Raspberry_Pi #raspberrypi
We’re going to debut some photos of the Raspberry Pi model A tonight on our new Google+ community page. It’s called Makers, hackers, artists & engineers – a place for learning and sharing. Join the community now and the moment the photos are posted you’ll see them!
20 Inventive Gifts for Baby Boomers
Still stumped on what to get mom and dad? Or your sister, brother, aunt, uncle, or spouse? No matter what your age, it's likely you've got a baby boomer on your holiday shopping list. Lucky for you, we've rounded up 20 great gift options to choose from, from a self-watering flowerpot to teas inspired by wine. Here we go! Read More...You Might Also Like20 Gifts, Goodies & Gadgets for Grads10 Gi
3D Printed Webcam Controller
The camera controller box is an easy way to rotate a webcam from a PC or remotely through the internet. Materials and 3D files In this project I used a Teensy 2.0 micro-controller since it was available, but you can use any other MCU like an ATtiny85 or an atmega328. The servo model nu...By: tlevisContinue Reading »


Zombies ate my garden—ch-ching! by James Roush
Zombie gardener image courtesy of Shutterstock As near as I can tell, the gardening industry has overlooked a vast area of marketing that has the potential to start a gardening revolution among young folk and thus grow a new generation of gardeners in this country.  Following in the footsteps of a current wildly successful television series, The Walking Dead, and alongside the frantic marketing sp
Homegrown and Homemade Lavender and Honey Caramels
Here’s a homemade holiday gift from the garden that there is still time to make. It took me about an hour and a half to make the caramel slab and I’ll probably be cutting and packaging individual caramels until the second coming, but it will have been worth it. To say that these are gorgeous and addictive is an understatement. The best way to savour them is to put one in your mouth and let it melt
Holiday Cactus in Peach (How to Keep It Alive and Coax It to Rebloom Next Year)
It was bought impulsively; one of those corner market jobs that catches your fancy from out of the corner of your eye. And it did, and I did, while walking home slightly inebriated from a decadent restaurant meal. (Worse things have happened under the influence of alcohol, I am sure.) It shouldn’t have been outside in such cold weather, but that’s how they get you. And let’s face it, I can’t walk
how fresh are leftover seeds? viability, and vigor
THE SEED CATALOGS are arriving, and I’m getting organized. Step 1: taking inventory of what’s on hand. But how many of the seeds I have left over are still not just viable, but also have sufficient vigor to perform well start to finish? That’s the sort of “advanced” question I’m wondering about now, after a little episode with a packet of leftover collard seeds that I was feeling so smug about—a f


Lovely Mr. & Mrs. Chairs | Photography By Clary Photo
Lovely Mr. & Mrs. Chairs | Photography By Clary Photo
Location Scout: Hidden Bridal Shower Spot in NYC
On the quiet Upper East Side, down a flight of unassuming stone stairs, lies Samuel Shriqui Salon. I visited it for a manicure (it's also home to Essie's ...
New Year’s Wedding Inspiration Table
This tablescape designed by Spread Love Events is one delicious set of wedding inspiration, perfect for a New Year’s Eve nuptial. Shot by Rebecca Amber Photography and with gorgeous florals by Celsia Florist, this beyond chic, modern romantic table is making us go gaga over every little detail! View all images in the gallery From Ashley of Spread Love Events:If Kate Spade and Pottery
Sexy, Sultry & Sensational Inbal Dror Wedding Dresses Part 2
It’s Inbal Dror day here on Bridal Musings! The Israeli designer’s sexy, figure hugging, skin baring, low back wedding dresses have set pulses racing all over Pinterest and the wedding world. I shared my favourite gowns from her 2011 wedding couture collection here but I think it’s fair to say that Inbal Dror upped the sex factor even more [...]


Streisand: I scream but am no diva
Barbra Streisand talks to CNN's Piers Morgan about her star status and says she's not a diva.
Massive bank cyberattacks planned
CNN's Brian Todd reports on "Project Blitzkrieg," a massive cyberattack planned for next spring.
Feather pulled from baby's neck
Doctors were stunned after a feather started poking out of a 7-month-old girl's neck. KWCH has more.
Senate committee approves report on CIA interrogations, revives torture debate
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Senate intelligence committee approved a report on Thursday that the panel's chairwoman said included "startling details" about counter-terrorism practices used by the CIA under former President George W. Bush.


How to get a Messy Side Bun: #THIS. w/ Elizabeth Holmes
How to get a Messy Side Bun: #THIS. w/ Elizabeth Holmes The holidays are here, and that means it's time to party! For the perfect festive updo, it's all about the messy side bun, seen on celebrities like Michelle Williams and Eva Longoria. The Wall Street Journal's Elizabeth Holmes visited stylist Mahogany Grace at the John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman to find out how to get th
Tornado Survivor Stephanie Decker Walks on Stage
Tornado Survivor Stephanie Decker Walks on Stage The last time she was here, Stephanie Decker told Ellen how she saved her children from a tornado by shielding them with her body. She lost both her legs, and promised to come back to walk on the show. Today, she made good on her promise. From: TheEllenShow Views: 6579 650 ratings Time: 05:34 More in Entertainment
Situational irony: The opposite of what you think - Christopher Warner
Situational irony: The opposite of what you think - Christopher Warner View full lesson: ed.ted.com Leaps and bounds separate that which is ironic and that which many people simply say is ironic. Christopher Warner wants to set the record straight: Something is ironic if and only if it is the exact opposite of what you would expect. Lesson by Christopher Warner, animation by Ben Pearce. From: T
Mike Birbiglia on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1
Mike Birbiglia on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1 Jimmy Kimmel Live - The first part of Jimmy's interview with Mike Birbiglia Jimmy Kimmel Live's YouTube channel features clips and recaps of every episode from the late night TV show on ABC. Subscribe for clips from the monologue, the interviews, and musical performances every day of the week. Watch your favorites parts again, or catch-up on an


The bench / le banc , de Kitty Crowther & Bruno Salamone
"Le banc" film d'animation réalisé , dessiné et animé par Kitty Crowther et Bruno SalAmone musique de Sissi Lewis, dans le cadre de l'exposition "Aller Retour" rencontres graphiques franco belges wapedia.mobi/en/Kitty_Crowther brunosalamone.comCast: Bruno SalAmoneTags: animation
Modern/Love, directed by Lee Toland Krieger
Two 20-somethings take the next step in their long-distance cyber romance: meeting in person for the first time during an exotic vacation in Doha. Will their tech-enabled feelings hold true in real life? Why it was chosen: "Loved its warmth in dealing with contemporary ideas in regards to relationships and the internet. In contrast to the others, it had a more narrative approach that I thought w
Quechua - On a tous besoin de chaleur
On a tous besoin de chaleur... Evadez-vous au coeur des montagnes de Slovénie et partagez ces moments de tendresse avec nous. #besoindechaleur We all need warmth... Travel in the mountains of Slovenia and share these lovely moments with us. #needwarmth Making of : quechua.com/campaigns/on-a-tous-besoin-de-chaleur Credits Advertisor : Quechua (Oxylane Group) Advertiser's supervisors : Christian Oll
The Broken Flute
Cast: Robbie JohnstoneTags:


Teacup - Ceramic Mug - Cup with turquoise and purple pattern by dawndishawceramics
$36.00 USDThis cup holds approximately 8 oz of liquid and stands 2.75" tall and is 3" wide. The double lattice pattern is hand drawn in a turquoise underglaze with purple stripes.All of my work is wheel thrown and functional. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. Even though it's dishwasher safe, it's best to hand wash them as friction in the washer can damage them over time. They
Han Solo Carbonite iPhone 4 or 4S full color hard case includes screen protector and cleaning cloth. Available in black or white by skinblaster
$9.99 USD**** CUSTOM ORDER AVAILABLE.*****If you want your name on my design, or you want your photo or art, let me know.********************************************INCLUDES SCREEN PROTECTOR & CLEANING CLOTH. Full Color case for your iPhone* Made from durable plastic and aluminium* Image printed in full color and high resolution with a thermal process. * Suitable for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s* Li
iPhone 4/4S case includes screen protector and cleaning cloth.Watercolor set paintbox. Available in black or white by skinblaster
$9.99 USD**** CUSTOM ORDER AVAILABLE.*****If you want your name on my design, or you want your photo or art, let me know.********************************************INCLUDES SCREEN PROTECTOR & CLEANING CLOTH. Full Color case for your iPhone* Made from durable plastic and aluminium* Image printed in full color and high resolution with a thermal process. * Suitable for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s* Li
Flirt - Original watercolor 5x7 by claireswilson
$25.00 USDTitle: FlirtThis is an original watercolor piece!Materials: Pen & Ink/ watercolor on watercolor 140lb coldpress paperSize: 5x7Date & Signature on back.Watermark will not be on original piece.Art piece will be sent to you via Priority Mail in a clear acid free sleeve and a photo mailer for safe delivery.Copyright © Claire S. Wilson

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