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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, December 28, 2012

28 December - The View ( on Facebook )

Church HDRChurch HDR (Photo credit: I_am_Allan)
Window at Parish Church of St Peter, Frampton ...Window at Parish Church of St Peter, Frampton Cotterell, England (Photo credit: DanieVDM)
Shakira and Usher joining Stevie Wonder for a ...Shakira and Usher joining Stevie Wonder for a performance of Wonder's "Higher Ground" at the We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial concert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is the Latin rite Church used by the Chal...This is the Latin rite Church used by the Chaldean Catholics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: St Edward's Catholic Church Mawnan Sm...English: St Edward's Catholic Church Mawnan Smith An interesting history here: http://www.mawnansmith.org.uk/HTML%20Sheets/StEdwardsChurch.htm on the Mawnan Parish Council website. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
PZ Myers from pharyngulaPZ Myers from pharyngula (Photo credit: laRuth)
Religions in Poland in 1750Religions in Poland in 1750 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Distribution of English Recusant Catholics, 17...Distribution of English Recusant Catholics, 1715-1720. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Creation Museum SignsCreation Museum Signs (Photo credit: Jeena Paradies)
Forgiveness: The Real F-BombForgiveness: The Real F-Bomb (Photo credit: bangart)
Catholics Vs. Convicts 3 BackCatholics Vs. Convicts 3 Back (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
www.social-consciousness.com/2012/02/law-of-attraction-fundamentals.html — “Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and... realizing you were the prisoner.” -Max Lucado

freethoughtblogs.comThere’s a bit of an argument going on at Ed’s blog, and as usual, one of the things coming up is the familiar complaint about the viciousness of the Pharyngula comments section. I’ve heard this many times before. I tend to bristle at the

Reuters is reporting some good news: in the Netherlands, you can go to a web site that will help turn Catholics into ex-Catholics, and the Church’s anti-gay stance is driving traffic to the site. Tom Roes, whose website allows people to download the documents needed to leave the church, said...
( Funny. I finally stopped my Disqus following Tom Usher of the - hey, it`s what he chose to call it - The Real Liberal Christian Church - after tiring of his rampant antihomosexuality - figuring his research into problems of the homosexual life wasn`t worth the tirades. You figure out where the `Love`is if you like. I`ve done my shift. )

Truth News Radio Australia ·
7 minutes ago ·
In the Western world truth no longer has any meaning. It its place stands agenda.

Agenda is all important, because it is the way Washington achieves hegemony over the world and the American people. 9/11 was the “new Pearl Harbor” that the neoconservatives declared to be necessary for their planned wars against Muslim countries. For the neoconservatives to go forward with their agenda, it was necessary for Americans to be connected to the agenda.

President George W. Bush’s first Treasury Secretary, Paul O’Neil, said that prior to 9/11 the first cabinet meeting was about the need to invade Iraq.

9/11 was initially blamed on Afghanistan, and the blame was later shifted to Iraq. Washington’s mobilization against Afghanistan was in place prior to 9/11. The George W. Bush regime’s invasion of Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) occurred on October 7, 2001, less than a month after 9/11. Every military person knows that it is not possible to have mobilization for invading a country half way around the world ready in three weeks.

The Orwellian “PATRIOT Act” is another example of planning prior to the event. This vast police state measure could not possibly have been written in the short time between 9/11 and its introduction in Congress. The bill was already written, sitting on the shelf waiting its opportunity. Why? Who wrote it? Why has there been no media investigation of the advanced preparation of this police state legislation?

Evidence that responses to an event were planned prior to what the government said was a surprise event does suggest that the event was engineered to drive an agenda that was already on the books.

Many on the left-wing are immune to evidence that is contrary to the official 9/11 story, because for them 9/11 is refreshing blow-back from the oppressed. That the oppressed struck back is more important to the left-wing than the facts.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

The right-wing can’t let go of the fantasy either. America in all its purity and wonderfulness was attacked because evil Muslims cannot stand our goodness. “They hate us for our freedom and democracy.” The right-wing vision of a great and good America wronged is essential to the right-wing’s sustaining ideology, an ideology that is prepared to commit violence in order to prove its righteousness.

Implausible stories can be useful to other agendas and thus be sustained by their use in other arguments. For example, the Obama regime’s story of the killing of Osama bin Laden is central to Charles Pierson’s story in the November 16-30, 2012, CounterPunch in which Pierson writes about the growing strains on the US-Pakistan alliance. Pierson writes that bin Laden resided next to Pakistan’s largest military academy and that bin Laden “did go next door every Wednesday to use the pool. If the Pakistani government was unaware of bin Laden’s presence this would mark an intelligence failure of heroic proportions.”

Is it plausible that Osama bin Laden, a hunted man (actually a man dead for a decade), visited the Pakistani army, a bought-and-paid-for entity used by Washington to launch attacks on Pakistan’s semi-autonomous tribal areas, to go swimming every Wednesday?

Or is this a fairy tale made possible by ignoring the live interviews of the neighbors of the alleged “bin Laden compound.” According to Pakistanis who knew the person living in “bin Laden’s compound,” the person Americans were told was bin Laden was a long-time friend who imported foreign delicacies. An eye witness to the “assault” on “bin Laden’s compound” reported that when the helicopter lifted off it exploded and there were no survivors. If there were no survivors, there was no sea burial of bin Laden. http://www.globalresearch.ca/pakistan-tv-report-contradicts-us-claim-of-bin-laden-s-death/25915

How is it that the US media can produce a story as fact that is contradicted by the news on the ground? Is the answer that the bin Laden assassination story served an agenda by providing evidence that we were winning?

Consider the Sandy Hook school shooting. This shooting serves as an excuse for “progressives” to express their hatred of guns and the NRA and to advance their gun control agenda. Few if any of those hyperventilating over the tragedy know any of the parents of the murdered children. They have shown no similar response to the US government’s murder of countless thousands of Muslim children. The Clinton regime alone killed 500,000 Iraqi children with illegal sanctions, and Clinton’s immoral secretary of state, a feminist hero, said that she thought the sanctions were worth the cost of one half million dead Iraqi children.

Suddenly, 20 US children become of massive importance to “progressives.” Why? Because the deaths foster their agenda–gun control in the US.

When I hear people talk about “gun violence,” I wonder what has happened to language. A gun is an inanimate object. An inanimate object cannot cause violence. Humans cause violence. The relevant question is: why do humans cause violence? This obvious question seldom gets asked. Instead, inanimate objects are blamed for the actions of humans.

In one of its reports on the Sandy Hook shooting, Time noted that such events “inevitably reopen debates about gun control, or more tenuously lead people to complain about American culture itself. Yet on the very same day, a 36-year-old Chinese man attacked 22 children with a knife at a primary school in China, suggesting that there is a critical factor with mass homicides that gets far less attention.” That factor, “the core of these events,” is mental health and “our failure to address it as a society.” http://ideas.time.com/2012/12/15/sandy-hook-shooting-why-did-lanza-target-a-school/?iid=obnetwork

That factor remains unaddressed, because the agenda-driven media is determined to use the Sandy Hook shootings as a means of achieving gun control. One wonders if there is a “knife control” agenda in China. What follows is not an argument that the report of the Sandy Hook shootings is a hoax. What follows is an argument that suspicions are created when agenda takes precedence over reporting and discrepancies in reports are left unresolved.

Agenda-driven news is the reason that apparent inconsistencies in the Sandy Hook story were not investigated or explained. According to some reports, the medical examiner said the children were shot with a rifle, but other reports say the accused was found dead inside the school with two pistols and that a rifle was found outside in the car. The police capture a man in the woods who says “I didn’t do it.” How would a person in the woods know what has just happened? Who was the man? Was he investigated and released? Will we ever know? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovspEgeMXb4

Some reports say the school was locked and admission is via security camera and being buzzed in. Why would a heavily armed person be buzzed in? Other reports say he shot his way in. Why wouldn’t such a commotion have alerted the school?

Another puzzle is the video of a father whose child has supposedly been shot to pieces. Prior to the interview he is caught on camera laughing and joking, and then, like an actor, he pulls his face and voice into a presentation of grief for the interview. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urrRcgB581w and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMINqFGNr-w

The spokesman for the Connecticut State Police is anxious to control the story, warns social media against posting information contrary to official information, but provides little information, refusing to answer most questions. The usual “ongoing investigation” is invoked, but Lanza has already been declared to be the killer and the number of dead reported. About the only hard information that emerges is that the police are investigating where every component of the weapons was manufactured. The relevance to the shooting of where the components of the weapons were manufactured is not explained. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/people-spreading-misinformation-sandy-hook-massacre-face-charges-police-article-1.1221554

The medical examiner’s press conference is weird. He is incoherent, unsure of what he is supposed to say, hasn’t answers to questions he should have, and defers to police.

Perhaps the best way to avoid fueling suspicion is for public officials not to hold press conferences until they are prepared to answer the relevant questions.

And where are the bodies? Like the alleged murder of Osama bin Laden by a SEAL, the crucial evidence is not provided. Paul Vance, the Connecticut State Police spokesman, said that the “victims’ bodies were removed from the school overnight” and that detectives “were able to positively identify all of the victims and make some formal notification to all of the families of the victims.”http://www.kens5.com/news/Sandy-Hook-victims-identified-bodies-removed-from-school-overnight-183647091.html?ref=next

Allegedly, no parent wanted to see the body of their dead child, but how do you know it is your child if you do not see the body? It is a strange kind of closure when it is provided to parents by impersonal detectives. Has anyone seen a body other than a state medical examiner and a few detectives? Where are the media’s films of body bags being carried out of the school? Why would Obama’s gun control agenda forego the propaganda of a procession of body bags being carried out of a school?

Perhaps the sensitivity issue prevailed, but with all the suspicion that already exists about the government and its claims, why fuel the suspicion by withholding visual evidence of the tragedy?

There are reports that when emergency medical help arrived at the school, the medical personnel were denied access to the children on the grounds that there were no survivors and the scene was too gruesome. Yet, there is a conflicting story that one six-year old girl had the presence of mind to play dead and walked out of her classroom unscathed. If the story is true, how do we know that other survivors did not bleed to death from wounds because the emergency medical personnel were denied access? Did police exercise more control over the scene than was warranted?http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/united-states/121216/sandy-hook-shooting-girl-6-was-sole-survivor-her

It doesn’t seem to matter that questions are not answered and discrepancies are not resolved.http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-sandy-hook-school-massacre-unanswered-questions-and-missing-information/5316776 The story is useful to the gun control agenda. Progressives, in order to achieve their agenda, are willing adjuncts of the police state. The facts of the shooting are less important than the use of the incident to achieve their agenda.

Probably there are answers to the questions. Moreover, the news reports that are the basis for questions could be incorrect. But why aren’t the answers provided and confusions cleared up? Instead, people who ask obvious questions are dismissed as “insensitive to the tragedy” or as “conspiracy kooks.” This in itself deepens suspicion.

The Colorado movie theater shooting has its own unresolved discrepancies. One eyewitness claimed that there were two shooters. Apparently, the suspect was captured sitting in a car in the theater parking lot, which seems strange. There are claims that the accused, a graduate student in neuroscience, was involved with the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency in mind control research and that he doesn’t remember doing the shooting.

Do we actually know? Apparently not. Wouldn’t it be preferable to investigate these claims rather than to leave them as unanswered sources of suspicion? The loose ends of the Colorado movie shooting contribute to the suspicions caused by news reports of the Sandy Hook shootings.

A shooting incident occurs. The government puts out a story. Agendas form and take the place of the story. Unresolved issues disappear in heated dispute over agendas. Gun control advocates blame guns, and Second Amendment defenders blame other factors.

When the media permit agenda to take precedence over news, people lose confidence in the media and distrust spreads deeper into society. If the media and the government are opposed to conspiracy theories, they should not foster the theories by mishandling the news.

Neither the right-wing nor the left-wing has an interest in getting to the bottom of things. The right-wing is aligned with the police state in order to make us safe from “terrorism”– Muslim terrorism, not the terrorism of the unaccountable police state.

The American left is so feeble that it essentially doesn’t exist.
Its issues are gun control, homosexual marriage, abortion, and taxing “the rich.” Such misfocus cannot slow the onrushing militarized police state. American liberals have such an abiding faith in government that they are incapable of believing that beloved government would be culpable in crimes–unless, of course, it was Ronald Reagan’s government.

As tyranny envelops the land, the main goal of the left-wing is to disarm the population.

The American left is the enabler of the police state, and the American right is its progenitor.

Americans began their descent into deception and tyranny in the final years of the 20th century with the Clinton regime’s aggression against Serbia and murderous sanctions on Iraq. These war crimes were portrayed by the US media and foreign policy community as great achievements of Western democracy and humanitarianism.

In the first decade of the 21st century Americans lost their constitutional protections and had their pocketbooks opened to indefinite wars. The latest report is that Washington is sending US troops into 35 African countries. http://rt.com/usa/news/us-deploying-troops-order-749/print/

Worse is to come.


The reports are absolutely true. Facebook suspended the Natural News account earlier today after we posted an historical quote from Mohandas Gandhi. The quote reads:

"Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest." - Mohandas Gandhi, an Autobiography, page 446.

This historical quote was apparently too much for Facebook's censors to bear. They suspended our account and gave us a "final warning" that one more violation of their so-called "community guidelines" would result in our account being permanently deactivated.

They then demanded we send them a color copy of a "government issued identification" in order to reactivate our account. Our account was removed from suspension just minutes before InfoWars posted its article on this Facebook censorship, and the Facebook page is now functioning at:

This is a separate account from our primary Facebook account, which has nearly 250,000 followers at:

Logic is an enemy and history is a menace
That Facebook would choose to disable our account after we posted a Gandhi quote is incredibly shocking. The historical rise of oppressed Indian people against tyrannical British rule is apparently no longer allowed to be discussed on Facebook. The very IDEA of a free people overcoming tyrannical government rule now "violates community guidelines." The removal of this content is akin to online book burning and the destruction of history.

This post was not in any way malicious, nor encouraging violence, nor even describing guns or the Second Amendment. It merely reflected the words of one of our world's most celebrated rebel leaders who helped an entire nation throw off the shackles of oppression and British occupation. That Facebook would find this to "violate community guidelines" is nothing short of absolutely bewildering.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038484_Gandhi_quote_Facebook_censorship.html#ixzz2GLYmBxC1
Ladies and gentlemen, FB has declared war on info-warriors, shutting down the accounts of many prominent activists and alternative news reporters.

If you are a supporter of TNRA I urge you to register an account on our website as soon as possible.

You can sign-in or register here:
Smirking Chimp added a new photo.

More info: http://goo.gl/gn76P

Underground News Network shared a link.

Underground News Network and Center for Media and Democracy shared a link.

Underground News Network shared a link.

Truth. "Business as usual" is not working for this planet or for humankind. We need to push beyond the usual, stretch the norm, bring the best of the old to weave with the cutting edge of the best of the new. Let go of outdated labels and limitations. Expand. Bob Marley was spot on. Only ourselves can free our minds, and until we do the hamster wheel of our destruction will continue to spin.

Gary Null shared Occupy the FDA's photo.

www.knowledgeoftoday.org/2011/11/esoteric-agenda-documentary-produced-by.html — There is an Esoteric Agenda behind every facet of life that was once believed to be disconnected. There is an Elite faction guiding most every Political, Economic, Social, Corporate, some Non-Governmental or even Anti-Establishment Organizations. This film uses the hard work and research of professionals in every field helping to expose this agenda and put the future of this planet back into the hands of the people.
► www.knowledgeoftoday.org/2011/11/esoteric-agenda-documentary-produced-by.html — There is an Esoteric Agenda behind every facet of life that was once believed to be disconnected. There is an Elite faction guiding most every Political, Economic, Social, Corporate, some Non-Governmental or even Anti-Establishment Organizations. This film uses the hard work and research of professionals in every field helping to expose this agenda and put the future of this planet back into the hands of the people.

RT shared a link.

A father and mother kissing their dying little girl goodbye. If you are wondering why all the medic people are bowing. Read More: http://goo.gl/hbfgJ
A father and mother kissing their dying little girl goodbye. If you are wondering why all the medic people are bowing: in less than an hour, two small children in the next room are able to live thanks to the little girl’s kidney and liver. - Imgur

“Powerful” isn’t a good enough descriptor for this image series.
A father and mother kissing their dying little girl goodbye. If you are wondering why all the medic people are bowing: in less than an hour, two small children in the next room are able to live thanks to the little girl’s kidney and liver. - Imgur

“Powerful” isn’t a good enough descriptor for this image series.

Forgot about 2012 already? Google didn't.

Underground News Network shared a link.

Following our previous roundup of insane conspiracy theories regarding the mass murder, Michael Moynihan reports for the Daily Beast on the paranoiacs who variously claim that “the government was behind the school massacre. Wait, it was Obama, in a ruse to take our guns away. No, it was Iran! Israel! Batman!”:

In the mid-1990s, during the infancy of the World Wide Web, a visit to my local university library demonstrated that the Internet would be both a great tool of liberation and a megaphone for the fantastically mad. That small bank of Internet-connected computer terminals was reliably occupied by a few student researchers and an army of honking, snorting, flaky-skinned cranks, furiously posting to Internet bulletin boards. (I frequently traded pleasantries with one twitchy local who wore homemade body armor, claiming that it shielded his organs from computer smog while browsing the Internet.)

Almost 20 years later, behold how Tim Berners-Lee liberated…

Dear Catholics and The Roman Catholic Church… I understand many Catholics do not agree with the RCC on a

Underground News Network shared a link.


Nurse Rise ~ Nurses for Safe Water and Real Coastal Warriors shared a link.

    The State Gets Sued

    "She notes that a quarter of all the chemicals used in fracking are known carcinogens, and some people living near fracked wells have reported health ailments like vomiting, nausea and seizures..."

  • Presently, energy producers aren't required to tell anyone where or when they're using hydraulic fracturing, although many companies have started to do so on a voluntarily basis through industry-run site FracFocus.org after state regulators asked them to do so earlier this year. Under the new regulatory regime, reporting chemicals on FracFocus would become mandatory.

The Gas industry will not want this in the public domain.
Get it out there.

"Gelatinous well water has bubbles hanging in it....swirling suspension that smells like skunk". (SEE VIDEO)

"DEP gave permission to Cabot to "finish"(frack) seven wells in the Dimock (PA...AGAIN!) 9 square mile Moratorium area. So, now we have this instance of change in water quality after fracking only nearby this water well. This happened the past month. How many others are affected like this?"
The trees that were just starting to be impacted by a small pool of liquid are no longer visible at all, and the hole itself looks at least twice as large in diameter as it was back in August. But everywhere the water levels seem higher, so it's hard for us to tell whether the dramatic sight change is because the sinkhole has really grown so much larger or everything is covered more by water than it was last August. In any case, it's not a pretty sight, and homes in the vicinity do not look like they'll be homes again anytime soon. Check out these paired photos -- the ones on the left were taken last August 13, 2012; the ones on the right were taken today, December 24, 2012, a bit longer than four months later.

Real Coastal Warriors and Bridge the Gulf shared a link.

‎"Louisiana sinkhole grows EXPONENTIALLY BIGGER... Entire salt dome complex collapsing! Worst case scenario we talked about back in August, September... coming to fruition now. Water seen in the woods going out in all directions.. meaning the entire area is collapsing."

BOULDER—In a heavily guarded meeting Thursday evening, county commissioners here approved what they described as the strictest oil and gas development regulations in the state.
Specificically, the projects will: Protect nesting habitat for beach-nesting birds from disturbance in order to restore habitat impaired by disturbance from oil spill response activities. It is to be conducted on sandy beaches in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Bay, Gulf, and Franklin counties, Florida; Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge in Baldwin and Mobile counties, Alabama; and the Gulf Islands National Seashore (GUIS) – Mississippi District, and; reduce artificial lighting impacts on nesting habitat for sea turtles, specifically loggerhead turtles, to restore habitat impaired by disturbance from oil spill response activities. It is being conducted on Gulf State Park in Baldwin County, Alabama; and in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Bay, Gulf, and Franklin counties, Florida. http://summitcountyvoice.com/2012/12/28/environment-more-gulf-restoration-projects-coming-online/

The project came in reaction to the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the recognized need for a more effective, yet environmentally friendly dispersant. The work focuses on developing less-toxic materials, called surfactants, which are important ingredients in many household products and in oil spill dispersants. Chemicals are classified as surfactants if they have surface properties that allow them to help oil and water mix.
( Dispersant spreads the toxins in a greater volume....which is one mechanism increasing toxicity effects. That`s my first reaction. Aggregate results moderation is what we need....a tough call with unknown biota like whatsits complicating matters of ecosystem effects. )

* Rules, according to past performance, are meant to be perverted, ignored, and otherwise evaded and useless. Financial incentives like oil reserve tax depletion easement on deepwater oil drilling...are candy. You figure out the likely result. 
Is BP administering this fiasco too!  Not likely. A new shill will be assigned.
2013 New Year's Resolution: Here are the new offshore drilling rules* BIG Oil. Now, WHO is going to enforce them? US, so call your elected officials and DEMAND that they be enforced by BSEE! http://documents.nytimes.com/ending-the-deep-water-drilling-moratorium#document/p52

A property-rights group is trying to strip away Endangered Species Act protections for the last remaining killer whales in Puget Sound. Help protect these beautiful creatures! http://bit.ly/ReOU88
A property-rights group is trying to strip away Endangered Species Act protections for the last remaining killer whales in Puget Sound. Help protect these beautiful creatures! http://bit.ly/ReOU88
Three species of bats found in North America — the little brown bat, the tri-colored bat and the Northern long-eared bat — are being considered for federal endangerment listing by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service due to a disease that was discovered in 2006, White Nose Syndrome, caused by a fungus known as geomyces destuctans.

Today I'll Be Chatting With Jill Stein of @GPUS. Tune in at 12:00PM on http://PRN.fm/
Coming Up "The @[256364589688:274:Gary Null] Show" w/ @DrGaryNull

Today's Guest: Dr. Jill Stein is a medical physician of internal medicine and a pioneer in advocating environmental health issues in Massachusetts. This past November election, she was the Green Party presidential candidate. 

Tune in at 12:00PM on http://PRN.fm
Coming Up "The Gary Null Show" w/ @DrGaryNull

Today's Guest: Dr. Jill Stein is a medical physician of internal medicine and a pioneer in advocating environmental health issues in Massachusetts. This past November election, she was the Green Party presidential candidate.

Tune in at 12:00PM on http://PRN.fm/

Underground News Network shared a link.
Perhaps a note is in order. When I first did a `vanity search` online, all I could find were what seemed endless returns around an Australian singing icon. I needed a name of my own...and Olde Phartte In Training struck my whimsy. Which is where Opit came from...an acronym reflecting almost no English writers. Even today I do not share my personal photo file on Picasa or Google as I define personal as private - and have copyrighted files for my own use, but which may be illegal for me to share.  If I want to post a picture you will most likely find it here or on the shareable file at My Opera, which is mostly populated by Creative Commons material.
I know a Glen Miller. Seriously. Confusion like that is why I don`t post under my own name and will resist doing so. A Nom de Plume is a perfectly sensible, historically proven artifice. But for those who for some reason never made the connection,  these blog contents are collected and posted by John Farnham, a Canadian living in Red Deer, Alberta.

freethoughtblogs.comJaron Lanier, a kind of web reverse-guru, perhaps the Anti-Shirky, talks to Smithsonian magazine about what he sees as the existential threat of Internet anonymity. “This is the thing that continues to scare me. You see in history
I will not sit down. I will not shut up. This is a broken world. It has gone too far. I am not afraid of what I say, who I say it to or where I am.
Live Free!

Underground News Network shared a link.

It's no secret that a healthy nervous system is important for well-being and longevity. The spinal nerves are responsible for controlling most of the muscles in your torso, arms, and legs, along with bowel, bladder, and reproductive functions.

Important discussion w/ journalist Ashley Carey on the FISA amendments crisis in the Senate, which could end Fourth Amendment privacy protections for YOUR emails, text messages, Facebook, and phone calls.

Some of the same names behind FISA are behind the NDAA.


freethoughtblogs.comA new Pew report with all sorts of nifty data on tablets and e-reading suggests that the sales of dedicated e-readers themselves, like Kindles and Nooks, have stalled, and may be headed downward. I think this is interesting, because

'Idle No More' – Around the World
December 31 at 9:30pm in CST
On your Facebook wall... this is a virtual event

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