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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, December 17, 2012

17 December - Feedly

1389 (Photo credit: A. Davey)
Dan Siegel, legal advisor to @JeanQuan told he...
Dan Siegel, legal advisor to @JeanQuan told her not to raid #occupyOakland (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)
german dailies about Muammar Gaddafi - behind ...
german dailies about Muammar Gaddafi - behind newspaper box bars (23rd February 2011) (Photo credit: quapan)
CNN features Tigerlillyshop!!!!
CNN features Tigerlillyshop!!!! (Photo credit: tigerlillyshop)
English: A speech in The New York Times newsro...
English: A speech in The New York Times newsroom after the announcement of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winners (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: New York, New York. Newsroom of the N...
English: New York, New York. Newsroom of the New York Times newspaper. Reporters and rewrite men writing stories, and waiting to be sent out. Rewrite man in background gets the story on the phone from reporter outside. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Newtown Village
Newtown Village (Photo credit: Newtown grafitti)
Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase


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AAPL 518.83 9.036
What is Apple's Fate in 2013? Whis Apple's Fate in 2013? • 2 hours ago
GOOG 720.78 18.8168
Earnings Preview: RIMM Earnings Preview: RIMM • 4 hours ago
CRM 168.91 2.1
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: IBM, Oracle, salesforce.com, SAP and Chevron The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: IBM, Oracle, salesforce.com, SAP and Chevron • 10 days ago
F 11.39 0.29
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: CVS Caremark, Walgreen, Express Scripts Holding, General Motors and Ford Motor The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: CVS Caremark, Walgreen, Express Scripts Holding, General Motors and Ford Motor • 12 hours ago
ORCL 32.32 0.36
Fiscal Cliff Resolution for Christmas? Fiscal Cliff Resolution for Christmas? • 7 hours ago
MSFT 27.095 0.285
EA's Dead Space 3 Goes Vocal EA's Dead Space 3 Goes Vocal • 1 hour ago
GHDX 27.71 0.62
Genomic Presents Oncotype Results Genomic Presents Oncotype Results • 4 days ago
FB 26.75 -0.062
Comcast Upgrades Xfinity TV Comcast Upgrades Xfinity TV • 3 days ago 

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Google Maps for iOS Downloaded More than 10 Million Times
According to a Google+ blog post from Jeff Huber, Google Maps for iOS turned out to be a success, with more than 10 million downloads just 48 hours after the app was released last Wednesday night. We're excited for the positive reception of Google Maps for iPhone around the world. Congratulations to the Maps Team on the recognition for the passion and hard work they poured into it, for this release and over the last 7+ years. If you already have it – thank you, and please tell a friend. Any feedback you have is welcomed, here in G+ or in the app (just shake it).Google Maps was highly antici
Talks Highlight a Structural Divide
Even as some party leaders urge rank-and-file House Republicans to concede on tax rates, most refuse for reasons that run deep in the structure of 21st-century American politics.
The Best 2013 Modern Calendars
It’s that time again – time for a whole new year. A fresh start. A new beginning. Or just more of the same old, same old. Any way you slice it, it’s time for a new calendar. For 2013, we’ve rounded up 25 of our favorite 2013 modern calendars. Which one will grace your wall or desk this coming year? The team from urbnCal is back with their 2013 calendar where they choose a city every year and photograph number plates they see around while on their bikes. They then turn those numbers into the days on the calendar. This year they went Nordic and shot images from five cities: Stockholm, Copenhage


Nara Adds $3M in New Funding to Expand Beyond Restaurant Recommendations
This week Cambridge, MA-based personalized restaurant recommendation tool Nara announced that it has added $3 million in new funding, adding to the $4 million in Series A funding it raised in June, and bringing its total Series A funding round to $7 million. The funding was led by angel investor Peter de Roetth, who also led the round in June, and the company plans to use it to launch new ap
ReadWrite Mix: Guy Kawasaki on Android vs. iPhone
Though Guy Kawasaki basically invented Apple evangelism, now he's an Android devotee. At last week's ReadWrite Mix event, Kawasaki explains his technology choices to ReadWrite editor-in-chief Dan Lyons.
YouTube launches Capture, a video recording and enhancing app for iOS
YouTube has just launched Capture, a new app for iOS. It lets users take quick video, make minor adjustments, and upload that video to YouTube, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. The app is built specifically for iPhone and iPod touch and is available in the App Store now. Google says that the app was built specifically with speed and convenience in mind — it's ready to shoot video
Google Launches Dedicated YouTube Video Camera App For iPhone and iPod Touch
Here is an interesting move by Google, which has clearly stepped up its mobile game in recent months: You can now download a dedicated YouTube camera app – YouTube Capture – for iPhone and iPod touch. The app lets you record a video clip and right after you are done filming, you can write a caption, select which networks you want to share to, and publish. One nice feature of the app, Google writes


Vool. The Wooden Laptop Stand.
Vool is a beauty of a wooden laptop stand brought to you by a member of Dopludo collective. It is made of pine that is grown on an eco conscious farm near the Finish-Russian border. Simply beautiful. (thank you Don)
Outstanding Graphic Projects by Atelier Olschinsky
Anyone who is a great fan of Sci-Fi and illustrations will get really attached to the projects of Atelier Olschinsky, a small studio based in Vienna, Austria. Their projects are just flawless, futuristic and way ahead of our time, hopefully we'll see more graphic inspiration like these in the futur from the community. You can see more awesomeness from this Studio on their Official Website or also
Calm Retreat in an Agitated City: Small and Fresh Apartment in Bucharest
We were recently sent photos of a small, but fresh apartment design in Bucharest, Romania. The creative minds behind the project are Monica Corduneanu and Paula-Maria Duta of Archinteriors. Here are some words from the designers describing their work: “This project is for a one room apartment with a living room, kitchen and bathroom. As soon as we saw the space we wanted to bring it to life and t
Smile Makers by Ramblin' Brands
Product news: whether you fancy the Frenchman, the Millionaire, the Tennis Coach or the Fireman, the characters in this range of designer sex toys have been created in response to stereotypical female fantasies. (more...)


Facebook Unleashes A New Feature To Fight Yelp And Foursquare
Facebook added a new location-based feature to its mobile apps that mimics much of what Yelp and Foursquare do. Under the "nearby" section of its mobile app, users will now be able to find local restaurants and small businesses. Josh Constine at TechCrunch got some hands on time with the feature. It's rolling it out to 1% of users today, with a wider release coming later. When Facebook killed off
Raspberry unveils the Pi Store, putting some tasty apps on the Raspberry Pi menu
Credit-card-sized computer Raspberry Pi now has an app store for games, programs, tools and tutorials. Raspberry Pi announced the Pi Store today on its blog, saying that the app store will make it easier for newbies to get into the Raspberry experience, and will also provide the ability to for people to share their creations … maybe even making a little money on the way. The tiny computer from the
All I Want for Christmas Is My Apple TV
Coming into 2012, with rumors and theories running wild, we all hoped for a new Apple TV in time for Christmas. While we did get spades of new tablets from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung and others, all Apple had for us was an upgraded iPhone and a handful of new iPad updates and sizes. The contents of our pockets may have changed, but Apple has left our living rooms largely untouched. Myriad
Ridiculous is the new remarkable
Click for more silly pictures Ten years ago, in Purple Cow, I argued that in a media-saturated marketplace, there was no room for average products for average people to gain the same foothold that they used to. Merely pushing an idea via relentless ad spend is no longer sufficient. The alternative: remarkable products and services, where 'remarkable' means something that someone is making a r


Enter for a Chance to Win FN Dish’s Collection of Cookbooks
It has certainly been an amazing year for cookbooks by Food Network chefs, and that also goes for the many talented contributors who write for FN Dish. We have their books piled high on our desks, but FN Dish editors thought it was time to share the love. Whether you keep them for yourself or gift them to a loved one, here’s the ultimate literary holiday treat. We’re giving away a collection of co
Pink Grapefruit-Avocado Salsa
Hooray for grapefruit season! There’s no question that the pink and red grapefruit varieties add a burst of sunshine during the shorter, darker and colder days of winter. One recent morning, my son Kyle decided he wanted to play “Chopped” for his breakfast. I closed my eyes while he selected a pink grapefruit, hot sauce and a Ding Dong (yes, I keep those in the freezer for sweet cravings). I halv
Conserva de Pimenta
MAKES 2 QUARTSINGREDIENTS1 lb. mixed Scotch bonnet, habanero, jalapeño, serrano, or other chiles½ cup red wine vinegar½ tsp. fennel seeds3 bay leaves2 whole cloves2 whole star anise2 juniper berries2 sticks cinnamon¾ cup canola oil¾ cup white wine vinegar1 tbsp. sugar1 tsp. kosher saltINSTRUCTIONSBring a 6-qt. saucepan of water to a boil, and add chiles; cook for 1 minute. Drain, and transfer to
White Vinegar
The most common bottle of crisp white that you’ll find in any Parisian apartment isn’t a musky Muscadet from the Loire, or a Petit Chablis from Burgundy. This one comes in a plastic bottle, has a screw top with a little opening just underneath so you can squeeze out a stream as needed, and costs less than a buck. It’s le vinaigre blanc, and it’s obligatoire to keep a squeezable plastic liter bott


The Secret Room, Deep in the Abbey
New Zealand Photographers hangout today Today’s live show will feature some New Zealand Photographers. Tune in live at 7 PM PT/ 10 PM ET! We’ll also give some background on the softlaunch of the new HDRSpotting.com! Daily Photo – The Secret Room, Deep in the Abbey Once you make it all the way up to the monastery at Mont Saint Michel, you have to pay to get inside and take the self-guided tour.
Subway Symmetry
One of Toronto's new subway cars.
Sunset over Island
Episode 1 for Free No, not episode 1 of Star Wars. This one is better! Hehe… Anyway, here is the full episode 1, and you can pop over to the Art of Photography page if you want to see the rest! HDR Stuff in Episode 4 The tutorial above only has a tiny amount of HDR at the end. The tool I use in there is Photomatix, just like the tool I used to make the sunset photo below. Daily Photo – Sunset o
To the City
Riverdale Park shot from Broadview Avenue. And here's a phone version taken at the same time posted on Instagram.


The Newtown killings
(AP Photo/ Newtown Bee, Shannon Hicks) What's different about the Newtown Massacre? Not very much. On top of the Columbine tragedy, "The Dark Knight Rises" shooting and so on and so on, it still doesn't even have its own Twitter hashtag. I haven't had the heart to look for any theme music that has been drummed up for cable news. Of course there are already countless reports among innumera
'Broken City' Second Trailer: Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg Clash
Broken City, which stars Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones (all Oscar nominees, and 66% of those are winners) is coming out January 18. And it used to be if a film like this came out in January, it was because it was terrible. Nowadays, all it means is that it’s a B picture that features stars, and may deliver the goods, but can’t compete with superheroes and Katniss Everdeens
'Who loves ya, baby?' Vin Diesel To Star In Big Screen Adaptation Of 'Kojak' For Universal
Of they could just create a new crime drama project for Vin Diesel to star in; but, no, it has to be based on an already existing work, if only because there's an already existing fan base for it, and they hope that Diesel's popularity will also attract new, younger audiences who may have never watched a single episode of the original TV series - believed by some to be one of the grea
Bizarre news of the day: OPI is releasing a Modern Family-themed...
Bizarre news of the day: OPI is releasing a Modern Family-themed nail polish collection. It includes colors with these titles, which we did not make up: “Am I Making Myself Claire” “My Jay or the Highway” “Stand By Your Manny” “Luke of the Draw” “A Phil’s Paradise” “What’s the Mitch-uation”


One Minute Tip: DIY Painted Jars — Apartment Therapy Videos
Today's One Minute Tip is brought to you by Krystle Desantos, Media Campaign Manager for Apartment Therapy. (Many thanks to Martha Stewart and Canadian House & Home for inspiring the original idea!) More Read More...
2012 D*S Gift Guide: For the Photophiles
Since last year’s photophile gift guide, I have amassed quite a long list of photography swag. So when Grace asked me to put together a photo guide this year, I obviously couldn’t refuse. There are so many amazing new products emerging in the photography realm, and I am thrilled to share a few of my favorites with you. In the past year alone, there has been so much innovation in the world of photo
Time to Declutter: Smart Things To Do with Old Cables & Chargers
If you don't have a drawer full of old phone chargers and antiquated tech, then you must not be living in the 21st century. With the short life cycle of most tech, it's almost impossible to not end up with 10 chargers and cords for devices you no longer use. Good news: they can be reused or recycled. More Read More...
First View: House Doctor Spring 2013
Ready to see the never-been-blogged House Doctor collection for Spring 2013? Of course you are! My dear Danish friend and neighbor, Tinna Pedersen of Agentur Pedersen in Hannover, Germany also happens to be the rep for them in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This is why I always give decor8 readers first peeks at their latest collections – yeah, I have connections baby! :) Anyway, let us explor


Macalister Mansion by Ministry of Design
Singapore-based Ministry of Design have re-designed the 100-year-old Macalister Mansion in Penang, Malaysia, into a contemporary hotel. . . . . . . . . . . . Design: Ministry of Design Hotel: Macalister Mansion .
Luxurious Lived-In Beach House in South Africa
SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects) designed this contemporary house at the foot of the Robberg here in Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route, South Africa. This idyllic beachfront hotspot, overlooking the sparkling water, rolling sand dunes and lush plant life, demanded a carefully considered house plan that would make the most of this location while accommodating the family's needs, namely
Call for contributions zawia#01:Utopia
"... If history has taught us that the realization of a utopia is necessarily its destruction, Can we regard this process as a continuously failing attempt of architectural hallucinations? Or is it a way to promote escapism from an inevitable dystopic reality? ..." The call for contributions for the upcoming volume zawia#01:Utopia is out now. We are expecting abstracts until the 28th of January.
Shoffice by Platform 5 Architects
Platform 5 Architects have designed Shoffice (shed + office) for a house in London, England. . Description from Platform 5 Architects Shoffice (shed + office) is a garden pavilion containing a small office alongside garden storage space located to the rear of a 1950′s terraced house in St John’s Wood with the brief requiring the shoffice to be conceived of as a sculptural object that flowed int


Rashers: Pish
All food would be better if it were bacon. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto, Canada Chief Creative Officer: Ian MacKellar Art Directors: Todd Cornelius, Glen D'Souza Copywriters: Jamie Marcovitch, Mike Takasaki Illustrator: Steven Hall Print Production Manager: Chris Rozak Published: December 2012
Zierholz Premium Brewery: Baby
Bad things happen when you travel. Brewed fresh in Canberra Advertising Agency: Grey Canberra, Australia Creative Director: Matt Johnson Art Directors: Matt Tindale, Mike Jacobsen, John Attard Copywriter: Phil Selby Account Director: Ryhs Morrison Illustrator: Mike Jacobsen
Red Bull: Drive-Thru
Advertising Agency: Loducca, Brazil Creatives: Dude Tallia, Marcelo Rosa, Raphael Franzini Head of Design: Gustavo de Lacerda Creative Directors: Cássio Moron, Fábio Saboya, Sérgio Mugnaini Chief Creative Officer: Guga Ketzer Accounts: Wilson Negrini, Roberta Beltrão, Carla Figueiredo Media: Daniel Chalfon, Adriana Favaro, Rodrigo Tamer, Leandro Otsuka Planners: Ken Fujioka, An
“The Jägermeister logo has been interpreted erroneously as a symbolic representation of the phrase, ‘Oh dear God.’ Perhaps a familiar refrain to those who have partaken too freely. The surrounding circle is the ‘O(h)’, the stag is the ‘dear’ and the cross represents ‘God’.” Quoted from the book Champions of Design 2, by London-based jkr. Image via gagfun.com I featured the first Champions of Des

Design Thinking

IKEA's 'Life is Hard Without Textiles'
This is kind of funny: As part of a marketing push flogging their upcoming collection of textile-based products, IKEA has released a video asking viewers to imagine life without fabric. A place where comfortable pillows are replaced with tree stumps. Where curtains are made of sheet metal, rugs are made of sand, and sofas are made of cactus. That's a hard world. Literally. At IKEA, we have a so
Rethinking Solutions for the City
An iOS Google Maps Design Fail
Where am I? This past weekend I had a car trip to make into unfamiliar territory, and I finally got to try out the newly-accepted Google Maps on my iPhone. Google has dumped a lot of time, money and effort into amassing and updating the world's best consumer-targeted map database, and generously provided it for free. I don't want to be one of those people that complains about free stuff
The 'Aspirin Point': Micro-Ergonomics, Anyone?
It'll be a while yet before full-blown computers get there, but storage devices are finally starting to hit what I'll call the "aspirin point." I still remember being in a class taught by Karim Rashid at Pratt, where he was talking about immateriality and objects essentially disappearing. (This was in the early '90s, and this naive college junior thought he was crazy; turns out he wasn't.) He

Graphic Design

State of America
Julian Montague designed these posters for Print Collection that feature the official insignias of the every US state. You can purchase a copy here.
Jenny Bowers: Bloomingdales Holiday
I’m loving the colorful holiday decorations that Jenny Bowers developed for Bloomingdales this season. via Peepshow Collective
Two Times Elliott: Daniel Hopwood Identity and Collateral
Two Times Elliott developed this clean, modern identity for Daniel Hopwood, a London-based interior design practice.
The Little Friends of Printmaking: Unlucky 2013 Calendar
The Little Friends of Printmaking are greeting 2013 with “all the hostility it deserves” by way of their Unlucky silk screened calendar. Printed on gray paper, it features a menacing black cat, perfectly apropos for the coming year that bears that quintessential unlucky number. Pick it up right here.




Erik Spiekermann
Advice from Type Directors Club Medal Winner Erik Spiekermann (part 1) TDC Interviews Erik Spiekermann talks about the connection between type and culture. CLICK HERE TO ENTER » Advice from Type Directors Club Medal Winner Erik Spiekermann (part 2) TDC Interviews Erik Spiekermann talks about clients and proposals. CLICK HERE TO ENTER »
365 Typography Calendar
  Designed by acclaimed graphic designer Kit Hinrichs and his team at Studio Hinrichs, the 365 Typography Calendar features twelve unique typefaces, with descriptions of the type and a biography of each designer. Now in its 12th year, the newest edition includes favorite typefaces chosen by several US members of Alliance Graphique Internationale, including Ivan Chermayeff, Bart Crosby, Louise Fili
Open Architecture Manifesto at Adhocracy
A couple of years ago I wrote about Kuka, the RobotLab project built to write the entire Martin Luther bible onto a long roll of paper. The robot emulates the calligraphic style replicated in the Schwabacher blackletter typeface, writing it using a pen as a (particularly neat and tireless) human might. It’s quite a lovely thing*. I was reminded of it when I saw this project by Walter Nicolino and
Rosetta type specimen no. 1
Rosetta type specimen no. 1 presents eight type families supporting ten writing systems and over 300 languages, each of which deserves an independent specimen. The brochure has 36 pages and covers ten writing systems. Rather than show enormous character sets and fuss about little details and features, Rosetta attempted to tell the story of why each typeface family is special. The brochure was desi

Web Design

My UX Week 2012 Mixtape
For almost any conference, the talks that linger most with me are those that help me see things from different perspectives, especially if they give me insight into how design challenges are solved in other fields. Three talks bubble up to the top in this sense, and if I could make a UX Week mixtape to hand out, three talks would definitely be on it, covering toy inventing, spacesuits, and the que
Why I learned to "make things"
Two years ago this week, I started working at 37signals. I couldn’t make a web app to find my way out of a paper bag. When I started working here, my technical skills were in tools like Excel, R, and Matlab, and I could muddle my way through SQL queries. I had the basic technical skills that are needed to do analytics for a company like 37signals: just enough to acquire, clean, and analyze data
Weird Faces Study by Matthias Dörfelt using PaperJS
Created by Matthias Dörfelt aka mokafolio, Weird Faces Study uses PaperJS library to produce computer generated faces that have a certain aesthetics and are immediately recognisable. Weird Faces Study is an attempt to combine my old interest in illustration with programing, to create something procedural that has a truly individual artistic touch to it and is not instantly recognisable
The New Mobile Book Is Finally Here!
   Yes, our brand new Smashing Mobile Book has finally arrived, and it has almost reached your doorstep! If you’ve already pre-ordered the book weeks ago, then it’s really only a matter of days! Until then, the complimentary digital version is waiting for you in your Smashing Shop dashboard. And if you haven’t ordered just yet, make sure to get the book now! At this very


Facebook’s Network of Worldwide Affiliates
From BusinessProfiles.com, this Facebook infographic takes a look at the complex virtual network of affiliates behind Facebook. Earlier this week, Facebook’s proposed revisions to its legal agreements with users went into effect following a vote by the social network’s users. One of the changes means that Facebook can now share your data with its affiliates. But who exactly are Facebook’s affili
Getting Started with Charts in R
So you want to make some charts in R, but you don't know where to begin. This straightforward tutorial should teach you the basics, and give you a good idea of what you want to do next. Install R I know, I know, the R homepage looks horrible, but just ignore that part.Of course, you need to actually have R installed and running on you computer before you do anything. You can download R for Windows
Eat Like A Caveman With The Paleo Diet
The Paleo Diet infographic from DrVita.com shows readers what it would take to eat like a caveman! For those of you who keep asking yourself, “is there a diet that is right for me?” There are hundreds of diets to pick and choose from. One popular diet is Paleo. Below is Paleo in a nutshell. The paleo diet, sometimes referred to the caveman diet is based on the diet of ancient humans. Getting nut
Nintendo MBA: Gaming Success
Looking at the state of the video game industry today, it’s hard to believe that it was ever in any sort of trouble. The norm these days is for several huge, big-selling blockbusters to come out every year (i.e. Assassin’s Creed III, Black Ops II, Halo 4, etc.), but it wasn’t always like that. Once upon a time (namely the mid-1980′s), the video game industry was in a sharp decline and things were


YouTube Capture
YouTube blog: Making sharing fast and easyYouTube Capture is ready to record as soon as you open it. When you’re done filming, write a caption, select which networks you want to share to, and hit Share. Even if you minimize the app, the video will keep uploading in the background. You can control who sees your video by setting it to private (only you can view it), unlisted (only people with
I am so excited to be teaming up with OpenSky for the next couple months! We've been working very closely to create my own shop filled with things I'm loving at the moment... Here I'm wearing By Terry lipstick in "Narcotic Sienna" and nail polish in "Rich Ruby" which are both available in my shop. Be sure to check it out here!
Check ✓
The Winklevoss Twins Get Into the Fashion Tech Startup World
The Winklevoss twins, known best for their legal battle over Facebook and being a couple of identically strapping young rowers, are getting into the fashion tech world. Continue reading »Follow Fashionista on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.


Half Price Jagdpanzer IV
I have not been very good at climbing the tiers in World of Tanks. It is easy to climb up a short ways.  It tanks minutes to get to tier II, and not much more to get to tier III.  Even tier IV can be had with an evening’s undisturbed focus and a 50-50 win streak.  But once you get to tier V, impulse buy time is over and you have to focus a bit. And so it was that I got my Hetzer in short order, bu
Mario voice actor Charles Martinet narrating Bit.Trip Presents... Runner2
At a Nintendo press event last week, Gaijin Games revealed that its upcoming Bit.Trip Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien will feature a narrator familiar to Nintendo players. Long time Mario voice actor Charles Martinet will voice seven cut-scenes in the downloadable side-scrolling running game, playing himself. The developers at Gaijin Games say that initially, the plan wa
All Halfbrick games free on App Store now
Go buy every Halfbrick game on the App Store, for your iPhone or iPad. We don't normally make such direct demands on our readers' finances, but as it turns out, this won't affect your finances much.For a "very limited time," all Halfbrick games on iPhone or iPad are free. That includes stuff like Fruit Ninja, Age of Zombies, Jetpack Joyride, and Monster Dash. Halfbrick games are among the most cl
Street Fighter X Mega Man out today, Mega Man 1-6 coming to 3DS
Street Fighter X Mega Man, the Capcom-supported fan crossover game by Seow Zong Hui, is available for download now. We're guessing there's significant interest in a new, semi-official, free Mega Man game, because Capcom's site seems to be getting overwhelmed. Mega Man fans know how to be patient when waiting for a new game, of course, so we know you'll be able to get it eventually.In other exciti


When Apple Did Attempt to Buy Dropbox
Worth a re-link, Victoria Barret’s 2011 profile of Dropbox for Forbes: Jobs presciently saw this sapling as a strategic asset for Apple. Houston cut Jobs’ pitch short: He was determined to build a big company, he said, and wasn’t selling, no matter the status of the bidder (Houston considered Jobs his hero) or the prospects of a nine-digit price (he and Ferdowsi drove to the meeting in a Zipca
Watch out, Apple: YouTube wants to replace your iPhone camera app
Forget all that talk about the Instagram of video: YouTube wants to be the next default iPhone camera app. The Google-owned video service just released a really simple and basic video recording app for iOS that automatically uploads each and every clip to its site, with options to share it on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The app has a number of useful options baked-in, and a sneakily convincing
iExplorer – Save your iPhone’s text messages
From texts, to music, playlists, photos, and everything else — iExplorer lets you access, transfer, and copy everything from any iPhone or iPad. If you’re getting a new computer, iPhone, or iPad this holiday season, iExplorer is a must-have app to help you get everything backed up off the old device so you can get going with your new one. ∞ Read this on The Loop
Ars readers talk back on mapping apps for iOS
If there's anything Ars readers like to talk about, it's (apparently) mapping apps. And when it comes to iOS, there are plenty of opinions on what constitutes the best app for different scenarios. On Friday, we asked Ars readers to vote in a poll on which mapping app was their most preferred under iOS 6—the distinction is important thanks to Apple's decision to roll its own mapping solu
Jason Kottke


Samsung Mobile audio dock images leak before CES reveal
While speaker docking stations are nothing new, it looks like the folks from Samsung are preparing to release a few dual-speaker docking stations to accompany their popular Galaxy smartphones. Some new photos have leaked out, while a bit fuzzy, showing a Samsung branded speaker dock for their mobile devices that we could be seeing next month at CES. According to SamMobile these speaker docks ar
Foxconn rumored to be making the Amazon Phone
Amazon has had quite a lot of success selling their Android-based Kindle Fire tablets, and we’ve long heard rumors that the online mega-store will continue to build on that momentum by adding an Amazon Smartphone to the mix. Well, today those rumors are heating up.  According to industry sources, Amazon has struck an exclusive deal with Chinese manufacturer Foxconn (who is famous for manufacturin
Facebook announces Nearby updates to Android app
Facebook today announced new updates to the Nearby feature in the moble (Android and iOS) apps.  Slated to go live later this afternoon, it makes it even easier than ever to discover new places that your friends are into. Details include: Find New Places - From the app menu, open the tab to find local spots your friends have recommended, checked into, or liked. If you’re looking for a place to e
Google, It’s Time to Get Serious About Tablet Apps!
It’s been exactly one year since I bought an Android tablet and throughout this year, I have enjoyed setting it up, using it, evangelizing the 7″ form factor and watching Android tablets rise in popularity with Google’s official endorsement of the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10 later on. The iPad had dominated the tablet market for quite some time, but it seems as though Android tablets are finally gett

do it yourself

Flashback: Sparkling Thread Spool Ornaments
Make some last-minute vintage thread spool ornaments with this exclusive CRAFT project. They're quick, sparkling, and of course, crafty!Read the full article on MAKE
DIY Your DNA With 23andMe
If you haven’t heard of 23andMe before, you’re in for a Jetsons-esque treat. The service is one of the first (and most popular) consumer-friendly kits to decode your DNA, detailing your personal health traits (ex: eye color, height, weight, etc), disease risks, and ancestry information. The great news? It’s currently on sale — down from $299 to $99! Um, hello Christmas gifts for the family!?I was
NEW PRODUCT! littleBits Teaser Kit
NEW PRODUCT! littleBits Teaser Kit – Curious about littleBits but don’t know where to start, or what it is? Want to offer a friend a tiny touch of magnet magic, you’ll love the teaser kit! Tiny enough to fit in your purse or pocket, but still big enough to impress. Each bit has a simple, unique function (light, sound, sensors, etc), and modules snap to make larger circuits. With a growing number
NEW PRODUCT! Make: Lego and Arduino Projects
NEW PRODUCT! Make: Lego and Arduino Projects – Make amazing robots and gadgets with two of today’s hottest DIY technologies. With this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll learn how to build devices with Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 and the Arduino prototyping platform. Mindstorms alone lets you create incredible gadgets. Bring in Arduino for some jaw-dropping functionality—and open a whole new world of possi


In Which I Redeem Myself in the Eyes of the Neighbourhood with a Decorative Door Swag From the Garden
The entire block is festively adorned with swaying animatronic santas, flashy light extravaganzas, and colourful wreathes. There are plastic moulded nativity scenes, herds of wire-frame deer, fences wrapped up to resemble presents, and branches stuck into urns and tied around with oversized velvet bows. There are garlands, enough to form a line across the world and back. Garlands wrapped with ribb
Smart seed porn—with a message by Elizabeth Licata
Despite the fact that I have no intention of growing any plants from seeds—not in this garden, anyway—I love a good seed catalog. Baker Creek is one of the classics.  Over 200 pages long, the bulk of the book is devoted to vegetables, with much smaller sections on flowers and herbs, some gifty booky stuff, a few announcements of events I might attend if I lived in California, and essays. My one q
doodle by andre: bored as a gnome?
NOBODY TUCKED ME IN THE SHED, but even so, I’m starting to get bored like the gnome in doodler Andre Jordan‘s cartoon. It’s mostly neither here-nor-there weather so far locally, not winter but not fall, either. What we all need is a good chill period. Bring it on; let’s gets some proper, deep sleep so we can wake up in the coming spring all full of stored-up energy and ready to really blossom.
Loving David Culp’s Layered Garden. Scheming to see the garden. by Susan Harris
The Ruin in the Culp Garden, by Rob Cardillo I’d never heard of perennials expert David Culp until his long-awaited book finally came out and I started seeing raves everywhere.  Then I learned that garden centers up and down the East Coast have long been fans of David through his work for Sunny Border Nurseries, a respected perennials supplier.  A story I wrote for one garden center reveals their


Classic Pink New York Wedding
It is no secret that I love anything and everything pink. So when I saw today’s wedding, I pretty much fell instantly in love with everything about it- from the amazingly gorgeous florals, to the fun bridesmaids dresses, and of course the fabulous photography by Casey Connell Photography! In my mind, this bride did pink just right. 
Woodsy Engagement Photos: Brilane + Daniel
These sweet engagement photos by Priscila Valentina for Brilane + Daniel are some of my absolute favorites! Gorgeous couple, gorgeous setting and you can see they are so in love! Brilane is a dancer for the Los Angeles Lakers and Daniel is a high school teacher and they are planning their wedding for next year. Big congrats you two cuties! Thanks so much to Priscila Vale
In A Clutch: Last Minute Gift Ideas
I'm looking at the kinds of Etsy gifts I'd love to get. Yes, clutches make great gifts especially for the bride who will be needing to stash lipstick, mints and touch ups on her wedding day (or maybe all those pre-nup parties).  You can bestow these little gemmies on bridesmaids, special guests or anyone special in your life who wants something chic and unique.  Top Left: Rosa Iceberg Clut
Toronto Wedding at Home from Lavish & Light Photography
I couldn’t picture anything more perfectly intimate than saying “I do” to the love of your life right in the living room your childhood home surrounded by a small group of family + friends. This emotional day, captured to utter perfection by Lavish & Light Photography, was filled with laughter, tears, lots of love and the prettiest bouquets by Laurel Munro Floral Design!  See the rest for your


Gunman's aunt speaks out
The aunt of gunman Adam Lanza talks to the media about her nephew, saying he was "well-educated, different."
£5bn illegally taken out of Zambia over past decade, says report
Campaigners say most of the siphoned money ends up in tax havens and can be traced to mining multinationalsMore than £5bn has been illegally siphoned out of Zambia over 10 years, with most of it ending it up in offshore banks and tax havens, according to a report by financial transparency campaigners.Washington-based group Global Financial Integrity blamed "crime, corruption and tax evasion" for t
Deutsche Bank: Kratzer an der Teflon-Bank
Jahrelang perlten Skandale und Prozesse an der Deutschen Bank ab. Doch nach den jüngsten Enthüllungen fürchtet Deutschlands größte Bank um ihr Image. Von Malte Buhse
Argentina inventa las estadísticas
El Gobierno de Argentina lleva varios años recibiendo avisos para que adecúe sus cifras sobre la inflación a la realidad. En 2004, un prometedor profesor de Economía de la Universidad de Buenos Aires fundó el Centro de Estudios para el Desarrollo Argentino (Cenda). Cuatro años después, su centro publicó un informe que decía: “Como es de público conocimiento, a partir de la intervención política de


Man Of Steel - Official Trailer
Man Of Steel - Official Trailer [HD] Partner your channel with the VISO Network: viso.tv Become a VISO Affiliate: viso.tv Become a VISO Recruiter: viso.tv Subscribe ow.ly | Facebook ow.ly | Twitter ow.ly Release Date: 14 June 2013 Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy Cast: Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe, Amy Adams Directors: Zack Snyder Writer: David S. Goyer Studio: Warner Bros. Plot: An alien inf
CeeLo Performs 'What Christmas Means to Me'
CeeLo Performs 'What Christmas Means to Me' Here to perform a song from his new Christmas album, check out "The Voice" judge, CeeLo Green! From: TheEllenShow Views: 308 29 ratings Time: 03:52 More in Entertainment
Robin Chase: Excuse me, may I rent your car?
Robin Chase: Excuse me, may I rent your car? A decade ago, Robin Chase founded Zipcar in the US, now the largest car-sharing company in the world. Now she's exploring the next level of car-sharing: Buzzcar, a French startup that lets people rent their own cars to others. The details are fascinating (how does insurance work, exactly?), and the larger vision (she calls it Peers, Inc.) points
Is it Outer Space or Underwater?
Is it Outer Space or Underwater? Under the Arctic ice is a cosmos of spectacular and rarely seen bioluminescent creatures with an otherworldly quality. From: NationalGeographic Views: 303 156 ratings Time: 04:27 More in Entertainment


The Polo of the Future
80 years ago, René Lacoste invented the polo. Its code name: L.12.12 Imagine the Polo of the Future. Connect to lacoste-future.comCast: LacosteTags: Polo, Future, Polo of the future, Lacoste, René Lacoste, Vision, L1212, L.12.12, Paris, France and Next to you
A lonesome xylophone player finds a viciously growing tumor under his arm. In his attempts to get rid of the tumor he discovers that it has some unconventional qualities. Stop Motion Animation, 2009, 7 min 49 sec, 16:9 Directors: Elli Vuorinen, Jasmiini Ottelin, Pinja Partanen Producer: Eija Saarinen / Turku Arts AcademyCast: Elli VuorinenTags: Stop Motion, animation, animaatio and puppet
C2C - Happy Feat. Derek Martin
Video of C2C - Happy directed by Wendy Morgan (wendymorgan.net/) Executive production : Believe Media Buy the album 'TETRA' or EP here : umusic.ly/C2C facebook.com/C2Cofficial Twitter : @C2Cdjs soundcloud.com/c2cdjs Choreographer: King Charles Dancers (in order of appearance) : Story Basquiat King Charles Kemo Worm Outrage Cedric GardnerCast: On And On RecordsTags: C2C, Derek, Martin, Happy
Die Eierbrecher
Two creatures inseparably connected are gambling with their senses. It`s a game of life and death. Year: 2006 Director: Emanuel Strixner Production Company: Filmakademie BWCast: Emanuel StrixnerTags: experimental, cg, animation, surreal, egg, gambling, game, the senses, emanuel strixner and filmakademie


Espresso Cup - Ceramic Mug - Cup with Bright Pink, Red and Purple Pattern by dawndishawceramics
$28.00 USDThis cup holds approximately 4 oz of liquid and stands 2.25" tall and 2.75" wide. The lobster claw arch pattern is hand drawn in a bright pink underglaze with purple stars and red stripes. Perfect for a strong cup of coffee!c-31All of my work is wheel thrown and functional. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. Even though it's dishwasher safe it's best to hand wash them
Bazinga iPad 2 Case Big Bang Theory Custom hard case shield protector and screen protector for Apple iPAD 2. by skinblaster
$16.99 USD**** CUSTOM ORDER AVAILABLE.*****If you want your name on my design, or you want your photo or art, let me know.This design is also available for iPhone 4 / 4S. ********************************************INCLUDES FOR FREE A SCREEN PROTECTOR AND CLEANING CLOTHFull Color case for your iPad2.* Made from durable plastic and aluminium* Image printed in full color and high resolution with a t
Macbook netbook or laptop skin decal sticker made on cast vinyl and UV laminated Tardis by skinblaster
$9.99 USDSkinblaster skins are thin, laminated vinyl decals designed as scratch protection from everyday wear and tear. The 3M adhesive is repositionable, and won't leave any residue when you choose to remove it. - Each design is digitally printed in vibrant, art-quality resolutions onto cast vinyl.- Once printed, the skin is manually covered with a glossy clear laminate layer to protect the d
Darla by TFrancisco
$30.00 USDSigned 8x10 photograph with white border. Color archival pigment print of a rescued Boxer named Darla. She actually looks like Pete from the Little Rascals TV series, due to her brown patched eye. Since she's female, we settled on the name Darla.Available in Note Cards 5 x 7 or your preferred size. Convo me with your request.Darla is a rescue, a boxer. We've had her now for 6 yea
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