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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, December 3, 2012

3 December - Blogs I'm Following

English: Detailed map of Israeli settlements o...
English: Detailed map of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, January 2006. Produced by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - public UN source. Map Centre: http://www.ochaopt.org/?module=displaysection§ion_id=96&format=html (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Israel's "Security Fence", ...
English: Israel's "Security Fence", "West Bank Barrier", is a solid wall along 5% of it's length. 10 meters high and reinforced concrete. Español: El muro de hormigón supone alrededor del 5% del trazado total de la barrera de separación. Français : La "Barrière de sécurité" construite par Israël en Cisjordanie prend l'aspect d'un mur de 10 mètres de haut constitué de dalles de béton armé sur 5% de son tracé. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
West Bank Barrier (Separating Wall)
West Bank Barrier (Separating Wall) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Israel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
An Israel Border Police checkpoint at Jericho'...
An Israel Border Police checkpoint at Jericho's southern entrance, 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Beach at Pacific Coast
Beach at Pacific Coast (Photo credit: Frank Kehren)
English: The part of the Manila city, Philippines.
English: The part of the Manila city, Philippines. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Skyline of the City of Manila, seen from the C...
Skyline of the City of Manila, seen from the Cultural Center of the Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Street map of Manila, Philippines wit...
English: Street map of Manila, Philippines with points of interest indicated. This is an SVG version of Media:Ph map manila large.png. Updated for 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Roxas Boulevard in Manila, Philippines
English: Roxas Boulevard in Manila, Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
9:52 am MST

Hermosa rosa sobre una plataforma de color blanco

José Luis Ávila Herrera at FotoFrontera - 3 minutes ago
[image: Rosa Roja] *CODIGO HTML PARA PONER ESTA IMAGEN EN SU BLOG* (Un click para seleccionar, Control C para copiar y Control V para pegar) [image: Imagenes Gratis para Navidad y Año Nuevo 2013] *Nota:* Haga usted click aquí para ver más *Flores de colores* Por favor visite nuestra página oficial: www.fotofrontera.com

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN - 3rd December 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 3 minutes ago
Magnitude 4.6 Date-Time Monday, December 03, 2012 at 14:29:33 UTC Monday, December 03, 2012 at 11:29:33 PM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 28.077°N, 129.456°E Depth 47 km (29.2 miles) Region RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN Distances 31 km (19 miles) S of Naze, Japan

PubIt Score An Own Goal?

Martyn Daniels at Brave New World - 8 minutes ago
We welcomed the news, which was well broadcast and received, about Barnes and Noble finally breaking out of the US with PubIt. PubIt is their publishing response to Amazon’s KDP and Kobo’s publishing and self upload service. Until today, or should that be ‘still’, PubIt required all publishers to have a US address and bank account and was very US centric. It basically asked all to submit the same vendor details as if you were supplying physical books, but they are a bookseller so understandable to a point. We rushed to sign up and load up our ebooks, but our initial enthusiasm so... more »

Pacific nations alarmed by tuna overfishing – ‘The deployment of tens of thousands of drifting fish aggregating devices is extremely worrisome’

Jim at Desdemona Despair - 12 minutes ago
[image: Environmental activists hold slogans as others depict a school of tuna during a rally outside the Japanese Embassy in suburban Pasay, south of Manila, Philippines, on 29 November 2012. Aaron Favila / AP Photo] By JIM GOMEZ Associated Press 2 December 2012 MANILA, Philippines (AP) – Pacific island nations and environmentalists raised an alarm Sunday over destructive fishing methods and overfishing that they say are threatening bigeye tuna - the fish popular among sushi lovers worldwide. Palau fisheries official Nanette Malsol, who leads a bloc of Pacific island nations,... more »

Muñecos de nieve coleccionables

José Luis Ávila Herrera at FotoFrontera - 18 minutes ago
[image: Muñecos de nieve] *CODIGO HTML PARA PONER ESTA IMAGEN EN SU BLOG* (Un click para seleccionar, Control C para copiar y Control V para pegar) [image: Imagenes Gratis para Navidad y Año Nuevo 2013] *Nota:* Haga usted click aquí para ver más *Muñecos de nieve* Por favor visite nuestra página oficial: www.fotofrontera.com

World Outrage at Israel's Destruction of Palestinian Homeland. Harper, Naturally, Mute.

The Mound of Sound at The Disaffected Lib - 18 minutes ago
*Two Rotten Peas in a Pod* Even the United States is condemning Israeli perfidy in retaliating against the Palestinians by stealing more of their land, enough to sever the West Bank and end Palestinian hopes for their homeland, and now seizing $120-million of Palestinian funds. The Americans, the Brits, the French, the Germans, pretty much you name it, have been quick to protest the Israeli outrages. Britain may recall its ambassador over this. Others may follow suit. Israel is both a rogue and an apartheid state that flouts international law at will on the strength of nothing ... more »

Racist America Kills More of Its Black Children.

Eric Whitney at Reality Pimp - 22 minutes ago
Read this post; it's a rundown of the senseless racist murders of young black men that seem to be epidemic these days. If it doesn't make you furious, nothing will. When will these crimes stop? When we, white Americans, make it stop, that's when. We whites of good will and love toward our fellow human beings of all races must find a way to put an end to this racist murdering of our black brothers and sisters. Each individual among us must DO something to stop it. That's the only way the carnage of innocents will end.

Gato montes sobre las rocas

José Luis Ávila Herrera at FotoFrontera - 28 minutes ago
[image: Gato montes] *CODIGO HTML PARA PONER ESTA IMAGEN EN SU BLOG* (Un click para seleccionar, Control C para copiar y Control V para pegar) [image: Imagenes Gratis para Navidad y Año Nuevo 2013] *Nota:* Haga usted click aquí para ver más *imágenes de Animales Salvajes* Por favor visite nuestra página oficial: www.fotofrontera.com

The Mojo is the Message

Karen Garcia at Sardonicky - 41 minutes ago
I read the news today, oh boy, and found how badly we are being screwed. Ironies and paradoxes and incest abound in today's *New York Times*. The government is close to calling some of those bad Libor miscreants to account at the very same time one of the chief Libor enablers (Timmy Geithner) is negotiating with Congress on our supposed budgetary behalf. A former Goldman Sachs trader is close to being indicted at the same his unindicted boss is negotiating with Timmy Geithner on his own budgetary behalf: how deeply to cut the social safety net and further enrich himself and his fell... more »

Bernie unmasks Lloyd.

Eric Whitney at Reality Pimp - 1 hour ago
Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein came to Capitol Hill this week to call for cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. As Congress and the White House are negotiating a year-end deficit deal, Blankfein sought to “lower people’s expectations” about their retirement and health care. He spoke with all the sympathy for someone struggling to get by on $14,000-a-year retirement that you’d expect from a Wall Street banker paid $16 million last year. “Think about the arrogance of these guys on Wall Street who were bailed out by the middle class of this country when their greed and re... more »

Even Brad Wall's Supporters Question His Phony Claim That Saskatchewan Has The 'Only' Balanced Budget In Canada

leftdog at Buckdog - 1 hour ago
* The following post was published at 'Saskatoonhousingbubble' blog on November 27, 2012. It is written by a supporter of the Saskatchewan Party and challenges Premier Wall's claim (repeated by every mindless MSM outletin the province)that the Sask Budget is 'balanced' :*-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=* **Is the Provincial Budget Really Balanced? * *Today we heard the "Provincial budget is balanced" but in reality The Province of Saskatchewan Statement of Debt has increased by $1 Billion in 6 months. What is going on here? Huh? What? I thought they said "balanced budget?" Before we g... more »

Just Say NO To Fiscal Extortion By UltraWealthy Crybaby Thieves

I just love calling it what it is: fiscal extortion (not any type of fiscal cliff - unless you support the idea of Rethugs constantly holding the country hostage to their cutting-all-federal-taxes-for-the-wealthy-to-zero wet dream)! My last hope before we go over this austerity cliff is that the Rethugs have pushed their luck over the line this time and finally overreached to such an extent

Hamas child abuse?

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 1 hour ago
'In a special broadcast of a Hamas TV children's program, the two young children of female suicide terrorist Reem Riyashi were invited to the TV studio to watch a video re-enactment of their mother's suicide bombing in 2004, which killed four Israelis. [Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), July 3, 2009]' Can you judge a people by their heroes?

Jeb Bush and Randy Best Team to Promote College Caste System

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 1 hour ago
Randy Best and the Bush Family have a long and profitable history to celebrate during this Holiday Season. Best has been a longtime supporter of the Bush political dynasty in Texas, and the Bushes have been generous in sharing insider knowledge with Randy on education initiatives that Best then exploited to get fabulously wealthy. In turn, Best became a Bush Pioneer (the $100,000 Club), connections became even more solidified, and today Randy appears poised to become Jeb Bush's enabler in the rush to push college for the non-privileged online. In an extravagant display of chutz... more »

Record US Intense Hurricane Drought Continues

noreply@blogger.com (Roger Pielke, Jr.) at Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog - 1 hour ago
The graph above provides an update to data on the remarkable ongoing US "intense hurricane drought." When the Atlantic hurricane season starts next June 1, it will have been 2,777 days since the last time an intense (that is a Category 3, 4 or 5) hurricane made landfall along the US coast (Wilma in 2005). Such a prolonged period without an intense hurricane landfall has not been observed since 1900. Some thoughts: Even with hurricane Sandy and its wide impacts, things will indeed get worse. The US coastlines as a whole have actually been very lucky with respect to hurricanes sinc... more »

Dispersant made oil 50 times more toxic to Gulf of Mexico microorganisms

Jim at Desdemona Despair - 1 hour ago
[image: A quad-engine plane applies dispersant on the oil slick at the BP Deepwater Horizon spill site. In spite of an EPA directive to cease the application of dispersants, BP continued to spray aerially and inject them at the well. J. Henry Fair / industrialscars.com] By Bob Berwyn 3 December 2012 The massive amounts of oil that spilled into the Gulf of Mexico after BP’s *Deepwater Horizon* drill rig exploded was devastating to marine life, but the dispersant used in the aftermath to try and break down the oil slicks may have been even worse for some species, according to new re... more »

Mohawk Nation News 'Palest'Indians, Indigenous Victory'

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 1 hour ago
MNN: THE PALEST’INDIANS, INDIGENOUS VICTORY   THE PALEST’INDIANS: INDIGENOUS VICTORY MNN. DEC. 1, 1012.  Mohawk Nation News http://www.mohawknationnews.com On November 22, 2012, 138 countries voted for Palestine to be recognized as a UN state. They can now use UN International Agencies, sign treaties and bring charges against war criminals. They ended the

Climate change: Africa is most affected

Jim at Desdemona Despair - 1 hour ago
[image: A family in Kenya treks across desert, 2 April 2012. Executive Briefing Book] By Catherine Mwesigwa Kizza 30 November 2012 Meeting after meeting, 18 times later, the world’s climate experts are at it once again in Doha, Qatar, to discuss climate change, but the problem continues unabated. “Climate change is the biggest challenge to humanity this century,” says Fanuel Tolo, the director of programmes of Climate Network Africa. He observes that African countries, who contribute least to emissions that cause global warming, are most hit. Global warming, a result of increase... more »

Concerning Rice, the best the Dems can do!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 2 hours ago
*MONDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2012* *One scapegoat gets swapped for another:* On yesterday’s Meet the Press, Claire McCaskill was asked if she would support Susan Rice for secretary of state. We thought her answer was sad. In this answer, you see a newly re-elected Dem advancing the basic GOP line, even as she *defends* Susan Rice: MCCASKILL (12/2/12): I think it’s terribly unfair what has happened to Susan Rice. I do not understand for the life of me—*the talking points came from the intelligence community, yet you don’t hear one criticism of David Petraeus.* *It was his shop that produc... more »

Luxury cars sold for a song after bubble bursts in ‘China’s Dubai’

Jim at Desdemona Despair - 2 hours ago
[image: Two men walk down a deserted street in front of the unopened Ordos Museum on 11 May 2011. In the wake of a coal boom, Ordos was built to house up to 1 million people but only 30,000 live there today. David Gray / Reuters] By Johanna Armstrong 1 December 2012 BEIJING (NBC News) – With miles of freshly paved roads, little traffic and some seriously avant-garde architecture, the Chinese city of Ordos provides a driving environment most car enthusiasts can only dream of. Yet rich Chinese who have invested in the resource-rich city are now frantically rushing to sell off their... more »

UN climate boss: No support for tough climate deal

Jim at Desdemona Despair - 2 hours ago
[image: A stretch of the California State Route 99 corridor in the San Joaquin Valley is shown busy with traffic in Fresno, Calif., 23 August 2011. Approaching the half-way point of two-week climate talks in Doha, Christiana Figueres, the head of the U.N.'s climate change secretariat, said Friday, 30 November 2012 that she didn't see 'much public interest, support, for governments to take on more ambitious and more courageous decisions.' Gary Kazanjian / AP Photo] By By KARL RITTER 30 Nov 2012 DOHA, Qatar (AP) – The United Nations climate chief is urging people not to look solely... more »

Monday Morning Linkage

PM at Duck of Minerva - 2 hours ago
Dan’s sick, so he’s asked me to put together three to five links … of doom! Unfortunately, I’ve been writing a lot recently and so I’ve missed out on great posts. So here’s what I found in a burst of searching; please suggest additional links in the comments. At Foreign Policy, Jack Carlson argues Continue reading

EPISTEMIC CLOSURE WATCH: Was Romney convinced he was going to win?

bob somerby at the daily howler - 2 hours ago
*MONDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2012* *Our tribe becomes more like their tribe:* A few weeks ago, Thomas Ricks said MSNBC was almost as bad as Fox. The Pulitzer winner went on Fox and aggressively said they were full of old shoes. But uh-oh! Even as our tribe’s cheering began, Ricks turned around and smacked The One True Channel: HENNEBERGER (11/28/12): When I talked to [Ricks] Tuesday, he said yeah, actually, he had had some other TV invites, but we shouldn’t waste too much time clicking around looking for his next appearance: *“MSNBC invited me, but I said, ‘You’re just like Fox, but not a... more »

greenwald on "both sides are wrong", hedges on the world as gaza

laura k at wmtc - 2 hours ago
There are always at least two sides to every story. Long ago, in the American West, some pioneers and cowboys were killed by "Indians". More recently, Iraqi "insurgents" have killed US soldiers. When I was growing up, Vietnamese "guerillas" - I believe the technical term was *gooks* - were killing American soldiers, too. Those deaths were not trivial. Death is never trivial to the victims and the people who love them. But we understand that, had the US not invaded Iraq, Vietnam, (etc. etc.) - and had Europeans and their descendants not believed it was their divine right to own an ... more »

Tories Admit Ed Balls Was Right

Phil at A Very Public Sociologist - 2 hours ago
How many times have you heard Tories say "you can't spend your way out of recession" or "you can't decrease the debt by raising public spending"? A fair few times I would wager. But ahead of this Wednesday's autumn statement, there is a sign of a welcome change from Gideon's incompetent orthodoxy from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of all places. Announcing extra funding for Britain's flood defences after yet another wet November, it says: £60 million of the funding will be targeted at areas where flood defences can unlock new opportunities for development a... more »

Are dogs racist?

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 2 hours ago
Racist Dogs from Peter Atencio on Vimeo.

Gang War On Capitol Hill

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 2 hours ago
Usually when we hear about congressional "gangs" that are going to solve some intractable problem, it signals a bunch of corporate whores from both sides of the aisle getting together to cut out the give and take of politics and negate the expressed will of the voters-- senators from conservative states. But now the Congressional Progressive Caucus has its own gang, the Gang of Six doing the exact opposite-- working to make sure the expressed will of the voters is exactly what *doesn't* get ignored in the lame duck debate when it comes to the Obama-Boehner Grand Bargain, a Grand ... more »

Progressives, Dutifully Taking Your Children to Be Genetically Engineered by Andrew Baker

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 2 hours ago
 Source: http://www.anh-usa.org/a-look-back/ Progressives, Dutifully Taking Your Children to Be Genetically Engineered by Andrew Baker Food Freedom News, 30 November 2012 In this time of exposure of endless corporate crimes, progressives have carved out a unique exception around health. And into this zone of corporate trust, they bring their small children to be injected with corporate-owned GMOs. Progressives perceive corporations as working beneficently and diligently to find cures for diseases and seeking the health of the world’s population through modern medicine – new... more »

Read Stuff, You Should

Jonathan Bernstein at A plain blog about politics - 3 hours ago
Happy Birthday to Damon Berryhill, 49. For those of us from my age cohort, the (apparent?) demise of Jamie Moyer is a very big deal; for me in particular, and well before Moyer became significant, there was this guy, who made it all the way to 1997. Ah well; could have been worse, I suppose. From there to the good stuff: 1. David Roberts interviews filibuster reformer Jeff Merkley. 2. How parties are stuck with the coalition that brung 'em, explained by John Sides. 3. No, winning a statehouse doesn't give a party an edge in the next presidential election; Eric Ostermeier on governo... more »

Joyce's Modest Proposal

Owen Gray at Northern Reflections - 3 hours ago
While the press follows Justin Trudeau everywhere, both Paul Adams and Andrew Coyne have chosen to give Joyce Murray some attention. Adams writes that what she proposes deserves serious consideration. Like her fellow British Columbian, Nathan Cullen, she urges opposition party cooperation. Adams writes: For Joyce Murray, the experience of the Cullen campaign for the NDP leadership is instructive. Cullen’s advocacy of joint nomination of candidates was met at first with derision. Many commentators, inside the party and out, felt it hobbled his candidacy. But after a while, the id... more »

this is what jason kenney's canada looks like: family deported to libya, father is tortured, court cites bias and lies

laura k at wmtc - 3 hours ago
A family that was ordered to leave Canada by Jason Kenney's IRB was - as they predicted - separated and detained, and the father was tortured by Libyan authorities. The Benhmuda family lived in Canada for eight years, and included two children born in this country. As horrific as this is, the implications are even more important: the Federal Court of Canada has ordered Immigration Canada to review the Benhmuda family's case, because the case was not heard and decided fairly. In a scathing decision late last month, Judge Mary Gleason ruled that visa officials at Canada's embassy in ... more »

Bicester Murder: Janee Parsons Found Dead, Husband in Custody

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 3 hours ago
A man is being questioned after his American beauty therapist wife was stabbed to death in the family home. Janee Parsons, 31, was found by police who were called to her detached home on Saturday after neighbours reported hearing a heated argument and screams. Despite attempts by officers and ambulance staff to resuscitate her, she was declared dead at hospital. http://news.sky.com/story/1019948/bicester-murder-janee-parsons-found-dead

walmart workers, marvin miller, rob ford: important stuff that happened while i wasn't blogging

laura k at wmtc - 3 hours ago
As the title says, here are some things I thought about while I was taking a blogging break. ● Marvin Miller died. Miller should be a hero of both the labour movement and baseball history. He should also be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Anyone interested in the intersection of sports and politics should read his terrific book, *A Whole New Ball Game*. Dave Zirin interviews Miller here; Joy of Sox muses on his passing here. During the 1994 baseball strike, I wrote to Miller via the players' union. Within two weeks, I received a reply: a typewritten letter, which included hi... more »

5.0 Magnitude Earthquake EASTERN IRAN - 3rd December 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 3 hours ago
Magnitude ML 5.0 Region EASTERN IRAN Date time 2012-12-03 12:53:24.0 UTC Location 30.47 N ; 57.43 E Depth 2 km Distances 39 km NE Kerman, Iran

Canadians less happy with their Democracy

thwap at thwap's schoolyard - 3 hours ago
All I could think of was "what democracy"?

4.1 Magnitude Earthquake SOUTHERN PERU - 3rd December 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 3 hours ago
Magnitude M 4.1 Region SOUTHERN PERU Date time 2012-12-03 12:52:12.0 UTC Location 15.71 S ; 70.60 W Depth 218 km Distances 2 km E Santa lucía, Peru

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake OFFSHORE GUATEMALA - 3rd December 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 3 hours ago
Magnitude 4.4 Date-Time Monday, December 03, 2012 at 12:28:36 UTC Monday, December 03, 2012 at 06:28:36 AM at epicenter Location 13.523°N, 90.383°W Depth 70.9 km (44.1 miles) Region OFFSHORE GUATEMALA Distances 72 km (45 miles) SW (231°) from Ahuachapán, Ahuachapán, El Salvador

Israel Continues with their Peacefull Gestures and withholds Palestinian funds after U.N. vote

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 3 hours ago
Israel said on Sunday it was withholding this month's transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority, after the United Nations' de facto recognition of a Palestinian state. Under interim peace deals, which Israel says the Palestinians violated by unilaterally seeking an upgrade of their status at the United Nations, it collects about $100 million a month in duties on behalf of the authority. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/12/02/us-palestinians-israel-funds-idUSBRE8B108Z20121202

Syria says would not use chemical weapons against its people....Would the Rebels?

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 3 hours ago
Syria would not use chemical weapons, if it had them, against its own people, the foreign ministry said in a statement on state television on Monday. "In response to the statements of the American secretary of state, who warned Syria against using chemical weapons, Syria has stressed repeatedly that it will not use these types of weapons, if they were available, under any circumstances against its people," the statement said. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/12/03/us-syria-crisis-weapons-idUSBRE8B20GZ20121203

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake MYANMAR - 3rd December 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 3 hours ago
Magnitude 4.6 Date-Time Monday, December 03, 2012 at 11:55:25 UTC Monday, December 03, 2012 at 06:25:25 PM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 23.238°N, 95.926°E Depth 16.8 km (10.4 miles) Region MYANMAR Distances 68 km (42 miles) WNW of Mogok, Myanmar

Some Advice on Tax Planning

Greg Mankiw at Greg Mankiw's Blog - 3 hours ago
I don't normally give advice on personal finances, but in light of the fiscal situation we are facing, I will pass along one tidbit. *Consider converting some of your retirement savings into a Roth IRA*. Over the past few years, I have converted all that I can, which is about half of my retirement savings. To make the best of a Roth conversion, you need liquid assets outside of retirement accounts to pay the resulting tax liability. But if you can do this, you will shelter more of your savings from capital taxation, and you will avoid required minimum distributions when you turn... more »

Israel Keyes Kills Himself

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 4 hours ago
The FBI says Israel Keyes may have killed seven other people in three states, in addition to Alaska teenager Samantha Koenig. A man charged over the death of an Alaska coffee bar worker has been found dead in his jail cell. Israel Keyes died of an apparent suicide, authorities said on Sunday, without giving further details. http://news.sky.com/story/1019817/samantha-koenig-murder-suspect-kills-himself


New Orleans Ladder at New Orleans Ladder - 4 hours ago
*Things that won't be finished before the Super Bowl ~Library Chronicles* *Bounty appeal hearings resume in New Orleans today* *'True Blood' town evacuated after 6 million pounds of explosives found* *Jindal Admin: Unions in way of students* *Criminal probe of explosives company* *Behind a Call That Kept Nursing Home Patients in Storm’s Path* *Tchoupitoulas - Movie Review - 2012* *Beer Review: Bayou Teche Brewing Joie a Tous ~The Beer Buddha*

A Ronald Reagan Christmas

Libby Spencer at The Impolitic - 5 hours ago
There was a time when a carton of cigarettes was considered a thoughtful and tasteful gift. Especially if you got the brand right. These old graphics capture what America felt like when that was a popular gift. Mad Men ruled our world long before the series started.

May Defends Plans To Track Crime Online

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 6 hours ago
The Home Secretary has insisted new powers allowing police to monitor emails and internet use will save lives. Theresa May claimed the powers, which have been condemned by critics as a "snoopers' charter", will help catch paedophiles and terrorists and tackle organised crime. http://news.sky.com/story/1019836/may-defends-plans-to-track-crime-online *She should concentrate on kicking out the Known terrorists we have on our streets now, claiming benefits and making a complete mockery of our system.*

Population Control 15: Debate, Debate, on the RH Bill

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 6 hours ago
The pro-Reproductive Health (RH) bill camp has issued a public challenge today, nice press release, see below. One of my friends in facebook,, Louie Montemar, posted it in his wall. I replied with the following points. I want to join the debate. Here are my questions: 1. Condoms lang, we need legislation pa? 2. Asking the OB professionals to render services to the poor for free, we need coercion and legislation pa? 3. DOH will spend P2.5 B for various RH services in its 2013 budget, so it is being done already even without new legislation, why do we need more coercion and more legisl... more »

Finding Digital Needles In Digital Haystacks

Martyn Daniels at Brave New World - 6 hours ago
Remember those dark days before ONIX standards, search inside the jacket, or even picture of the jacket? Contextual data , or as it in know, Metadata, is produced to help consumers find the book, validate it and also to promote it. When the physical bookshelf was the only option, then we relied heavily on the touchie, feely approach and the promotional sell was to the bookshop. After all,'if it isn’t on the shelf you can’t sell it' and bookstores often have finite shelf space at all levels. Then came the internet and it wasn’t so much about getting it on the shelf, but making it ... more »

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake ATACAMA, CHILE - 3rd December 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 6 hours ago
Magnitude 4.9 Date-Time Monday, December 03, 2012 at 09:31:54 UTC Monday, December 03, 2012 at 06:31:54 AM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 28.734°S, 70.181°W Depth 81.3 km (50.5 miles) Region ATACAMA, CHILE Distances 59 km (36 miles) ESE of Vallenar, Chile

Typhoon Bopha heads towards Philippines

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
Typhoon Bopha is forecast to strike the Philippines at about 21:00 GMT on 3 December.Data supplied by the US Navy and Air Force Joint Typhoon Warning Centersuggest that the point of landfall will be near7.7 N,126.8 E.Bopha is expected to bring 1-minute maximum sustained winds to the region of around 231 km/h (143 mph).Wind gusts in the area may be considerably higher. According to the Saffir-Simpson damage scale the potential property damage and flooding from a storm ofBopha'sstrength (category 4)at landfall includes: - Storm surge generally 4.0-5.5 metres (13-18 feet) above no... more »

Nigeria Islamists slaughter 10 Christians in north

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
Ten Christians had their throats slit and militants killed two police officers during attacks on churches and border posts in a fresh wave of violence in northern Nigeria, officials reported Sunday. The Islamist group Boko Haram was thought to be behind the slaughter of the Christians late on Saturday in the northern town of Chibok, local officials said. http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5gEYBkWWsd4_3CLMqPR3aBSY7VKUA?docId=CNG.d4cf9b4fc4ea38459efa7921a7f92945.501

North Korea urged to drop rocket launch plan

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
Russia and China urged North Korea on Monday not to go ahead with a plan for its second rocket launch of 2012, with Moscow saying the launch would violate restrictions imposed by the U.N. Security Council. North Korea's state news agency on Saturday announced the decision to launch another space satellite and reportedly told neighbors it would take a similar path to that planned for a failed rocket launch in April. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/12/03/us-korea-north-idUSBRE8B207Z20121203

Greece to buy back bonds via Dutch auction

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
Greece said on Monday it would buy back bonds through a Dutch auction as part of efforts to cut its ballooning debt, allowing it to assess the level of demand before setting a final price for the deal. The bond buyback is central to the efforts of its foreign lenders to put Greece's debt back on sustainable footing, and its success will pave the way for the country to get long-delayed funding to avoid bankruptcy. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/12/03/us-greece-buyback-idUSBRE8B206A20121203

Egyptian Protesters Scare Away Court Judges

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
A group of senior judges in Egypt has halted all work after crowds of protesters surrounded their building, delaying what is set to be a controversial ruling on a new constitution. They had been due to decide on the legitimacy of an Islamist-dominated panel that drafted the disputed constitution last week. But the ruling has been delayed "indefinitely" after several thousand supporters of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi gathered outside the Supreme Constitutional Court in Cairo. http://news.sky.com/story/1019499/egyptian-protesters-scare-away-court-judges

Taliban Suicide Bombers Attack US Base

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
Taliban suicide bombers have attacked a US base in Afghanistan, killing at least five people, and sparking a two-hour battle with American forces. Militants drove two vehicles packed with explosives at the gates of Jalalabad Airfield before American helicopters fired on the attackers. A guard said that after the initial explosion the airport had come under fire from rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and small arms. http://news.sky.com/story/1019408/afghanistan-taliban-suicide-bombers-hit-us-base

M1 Car Crash: Two Men Killed In Collision

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
Two men have been killed in a crash on the M1 which forced a section of the motorway to be closed, police say. The collision between two black BMW cars happened shortly before 2.40am on the southbound carriageway between junctions four and five, near Watford in Hertfordshire. The driver and his front seat passenger were killed, while another two male passengers in the car were taken to St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, central London, with "serious injuries", a Hertfordshire Police spokeswoman said. http://news.sky.com/story/1019768/m1-car-crash-two-men-killed-in-collision

Norfolk Shooting, 2 Dead

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
A man and woman have been found dead with gunshot wounds outside a Norfolk housing estate. The body of the woman, believed to be in her early 40s, was discovered in the front garden of a property in Compit Hills, Roughton, near Cromer. The man, believed to be in his late 50s, was found in a rear garden close by. http://news.sky.com/story/1019678/norfolk-shooting-two-found-dead

Japan Tunnel Collapse: Nine People Dead

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
Nine people are now known to have died after a tunnel collapsed on a busy highway west of Tokyo, officials have said. The bodies were found in three vehicles crushed by concrete slabs which fell from the roof of the Sasago Tunnel in Yamanashi prefecture. A fire broke out soon after the cave in and a number of survivors fled to safety on foot. Rescue work has been suspended while the roof is being reinforced to prevent more collapses. http://news.sky.com/story/1019746/japan-tunnel-collapse-nine-people-dead

Drivers Freeze In 120-Mile Traffic Jam, Russia

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
Tens of thousands of vehicles have been stuck - some for three days - in a huge traffic jam on a motorway northwest of Moscow. The length of the queue on the M-10 highway, which is one of the busiest in the country, was put at up to 120 miles (200km), according to media reports. Heavy snow has been blamed for the gridlock - with one driver reported as saying he had travelled just "one kilometre over 24 hours". http://news.sky.com/story/1019710/russia-drivers-stuck-in-120-mile-traffic-jam

UK considering Withdrawing Ambassador To Israel

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
The Government is expected to decide later today how to respond to Israel's plan to allow further settlement building in the controversial E1 area of East Jerusalem. Sources have told Sky News that the Foreign Office is considering what action to take saying "all options are on the table". This could include withdrawing the British Ambassador to Israel and the suspension of trade agreements. http://news.sky.com/story/1019832/uk-mulls-withdrawing-ambassador-to-israel

Dolphin Attack: Girl Bitten At Seaworld

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
Jillian Thomas was holding out fish to feed to dolphins at Orlando's SeaWorld when she got an unexpected surprise. While she was feeding the usually friendly mammals, a dolphin lunges at her and nips her hand. http://news.sky.com/story/1019790/dolphin-bites-girl-at-seaworld-theme-park

Global Giants 'Immorally' Dodging Tax In UK

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 7 hours ago
Starbucks, Google and Amazon have been accused of "immorally" avoiding paying their fair share of tax in the UK, as the Chancellor prepares a blitz on tax dodgers. MPs on the Public Accounts Committee criticised the companies for the "unconvincing and, in some cases, evasive" evidence they gave on why their corporation tax payments are so low. Starbucks told the committee it had made a loss for 14 of the 15 years it has operated in the UK, a claim the committee said it found "difficult to believe". http://news.sky.com/story/1019683/tax-starbucks-google-and-amazon-immoral

Super Dark Films Forecast An Apocalyptic Storm Ahead

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 7 hours ago
"Death closes all; but something ere the end, Some work of noble note, may yet be done, Not unbecoming men that strove with gods. The lights begin to twinkle from the rocks; The long day wanes; the slow moon climbs; the deep Moans round with many voices. Come, my friends. 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world." - Tennyson, *"Ulysses."* "Before the Heavens thou wert, and at the voice Of God, as with a mantle, didst invest The rising world of waters dark and deep, Won from the void and formless infinite. "Thee I re-visit now with bolder wing, Escap'd the Stygian pool, though long d... more »

Super Dark Films Forecast Apocalyptic Storms Ahead

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 8 hours ago
"Death closes all; but something ere the end, Some work of noble note, may yet be done, Not unbecoming men that strove with gods. The lights begin to twinkle from the rocks; The long day wanes; the slow moon climbs; the deep Moans round with many voices. Come, my friends. 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world." - Tennyson, *"Ulysses."* "Before the Heavens thou wert, and at the voice Of God, as with a mantle, didst invest The rising world of waters dark and deep, Won from the void and formless infinite. "Thee I re-visit now with bolder wing, Escap'd the Stygian pool, though long d... more »

Web and State 2: FOI Bill and Right of Reply

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 8 hours ago
This is my article today in the online magazine, http://thelobbyist.biz/index.php/perspectives/less-government/item/131-not-right-of-reply-but-privilege-of-publication --------- One deadlock in the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill is the proposal by some legislators that a “Right of Reply” should also be included in that proposed law, or the “Right of Reply Bill” should also be passed alongside the FOI bill. A proposal for instance by Cong. Rodolfo Antonino, is to insert his provision that: *Opportunity to Reply. – Any person natural or juridical who came to be involved directl... more »

Is The Event Near?

Obi-Wan Kabuki at American Kabuki - 8 hours ago
This was forwarded to me tonight by one of Cobra's readers. Notice there's only one sequence left. Most of the intervals are 18-20 days. There was only 16 days between Nov 14 and December 1. Looks like event happening somewhere from the 12th to the 21st.

Chinese Star Gate?

Obi-Wan Kabuki at American Kabuki - 8 hours ago
More HERE.

The world is not an elementary school - The latest Israeli/Palestinian spat explained....

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 8 hours ago
It's shame that the people who should watch and learn from this video won't because their minds are closed to the truth. I'm referring first to the majority of United Nations countries who support the Palestinians either because they are representing a Muslim nation and thus are opposed to Israel, are representing a Communist state who have allied themselves with the OIC in order to diminish the power of the USA or are so in thrall to/scared of Islamists that they don't dare stand up for what is right. I'm referring second to the majority of the western media, especially the BBC,... more »

Water and Organic Material Discovered on Mercury

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 8 hours ago
What this means of course is that Mercury is well situated for the creation of an underground habitat with ample raw materials available for sustaining life. Last week we had hard evidence that an artificial rectangular pit had been built on the surface to depth and likely to provide access to space transports and to protect them from the external flux. Unless it is somehow faked, NASA's silence on it is telling and compares to their silence on Phobos. Been a clam is an effective strategy if you do not wish to encourage public speculation. In 2007, I did a quick ... more »

Single Neuron Electrodes

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 8 hours ago
This is very much a successful proof of concept. It does mean that direct electronic access to specific neuron paths is feasible. What this really means is that prosthetic brain control is plausible and the real bionic man will likely step forth. We always thought as much, but the lab work is now catching up. As mentioned, it will be a decade before much of this is into the market but it is now known science and technology. *A better brain implant: Slim electrode cozies up to single neurons* * by Staff Writers* * Ann Arbor MI (SPX) Nov 15, 2012* * An artis... more »

Jet Engine Breakthrough Punches Into Space

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 8 hours ago
This is the problem that chilled any other group from even trying to try this approach and its outright solution is major. We suddenly can develop and engine system able to use atmospheric oxygen to the top of the available oxygen column and then transition over to internal oxygen to complete the trip into low orbit or possibly higher. We dreamt about but no one expected to see it solved. Now we are looking at a family of engines able to easily reach Mach 5.5 in the upper atmosphere and either punch out into space or alternatively land halfway around the globe a mer... more »

How the West Was Lost by Native Americans

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 8 hours ago
This is a neat presentation that displays the rapid process in which the USA established land tenure and extinguished aboriginal rights. We remember the conflicts, but the reality is that only a government can establish land title that allows alienation to the individual. Those same Indian bands today have reserves but have continually failed to address tenure for their members of lands within the reserves for fear that in the long term the land will be lost. The reality is that in the long term we are all dead and the land passes on. Regardless this was only possible be... more »

POOF: No Worries - 12-2-12

Obi-Wan Kabuki at American Kabuki - 9 hours ago
*Special AK note:* Since this week's post from Poof is pretty much about last week's video on American Kabuki, I thought I better fill in a missing part of the story in this saga. Brian contacted Poof on October 15th, paid his $50/hr consultation fee to ask him questions about the changes coming in the banking system. Brian recorded the call on his phone so that he could listen to it later in case he forgot something Poof had said. It was not his original intention for this to be an interview, which is why this has a wonderful spontaneous quality to it. The information P... more »


Anon at aangirfan - 9 hours ago
*Sofia Miliband, the code breaker, was part of the Soviet delegation to the 1943 Tehran Conference, attended by Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt.* Ed Miliband, leader of Britain's Labour Party, may be Britain's next Prime Minister. Ed Miliband spent two spells living in Boston, Massachusetts, one year when he was seven and one part of a year when he was twelve,[9]. Ed Miliband taught at Harvard and was friends with John Kerry. (Harvard) So, Ed may be part of the 'Secret State'? *LGBT - Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender...Website for this image. "Ed Miliband was a very unusual st... more »

Hillary wants to build (nuclear) Temelín 3, 4

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 9 hours ago
Hillary Clinton is visiting Prague today – and even the official Iranian newspapers took notice. Her visit has one goal: she will try to convince Karel Schwarzenberg, her Czech counterpart, that Westinghouse, Toshiba's U.S. branch, is the better candidate to complete the Temelín nuclear power plant. Both Clinton and Schwarzenberg are ministers of foreign affairs; both of them are potential future presidents, too. However, Hillary's candidacy isn't yet official while Schwarzenberg whose candidacy already is official doesn't have too high chances to win the office in the January 2... more »

Raj Sherman must’ve nailed it, or Fred Horne would’ve walked from talks with docs

david at Alberta Diary - 10 hours ago
CBC investigative journalist Charles Rusnell goes through Alberta Health Services expense accounts in the upcoming motion picture, All the Premier’s Relatives. Rusnell is played by actor Robert Redford, no relation. Don’t worry, people, I just made that up. But who could resist? Below: Dr. Raj Sherman, the Liberalberta leader, played by himself, and AMA President ... more »

Sweet Chariot v the haka

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 10 hours ago
Funny, when there’s 50,000 Poms singing over it, the All Blacks’ haka looks like nothing more than twenty-two white blokes slapping themselves and dancing arhythmically. At least from this view we’re blessedly spared the facial grimaces. The bloody thing’s well past whatever use-by date it ever had. Maybe instead of offering a determined opposition an ideal opportunity to wind up over-sensitive souls by “disrespecting” the stupid thing, the All Blacks should stop the overhyped non-dance, and concentrate instead on playing their sport right to the end of the season. [Hat tip Sta... more »

US NATO-backed Terrorists in Syria Mass Murder Unarmed Men

Land Destroyer at Land Destroyer - 10 hours ago
*December 3, 2012* (LD) - "18 USC § 2441 - War crimes - (d) Common Article 3 Violations - (D) Murder.— The act of a person who intentionally kills, or conspires or attempts to kill, or kills whether intentionally or unintentionally in the course of committing any other offense under this subsection, one or more persons taking no active part in the hostilities, including those placed out of combat by sickness, wounds, detention, or any other cause." *Video: (RT) "WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE. Gruesome footage has emerged apparently showing Syrian rebels executing loyalists while their v... more »

If Iran tries to attack, Israel will reportedly target its missiles before they get off the ground

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 11 hours ago
With the help of the US-made X-band radar, Eitan drones stationed in Azerbaijan will attempt to hit the missiles ‘the moment their engines are ignited,’ Sunday Times reports. http://www.timesofisrael.com/if-iran-tries-to-attack-israel-will-reportedly-target-its-missiles-before-theyre-fired/

Huh? GOP Donors Won't Fund GOP-ers

2old2care at Because I Can - 11 hours ago
Interesting post tonight on The Hill. Puzzling to say the least. Strangest thing I've read in awhile. Maybe the election has finally fried the white matter inside the Republicans head. (It would be an insult to the white matter to call it a brain inside a Republican's head.) Conservative activist threatens to steer donors from RNC if GOP raises taxes By Alexander Bolton - 11/29/12 05:00 AM ET Brent Bozell, a prominent conservative activist and fundraiser, is threatening to steer donors away from the Republican Party if GOP lawmakers sign a deal to raise taxes. Bozell sent a letter... more »

You Mean NOT Born This Way?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 11 hours ago
The argument will rage for eternity about why some people self-identify as being gay and others don't. But one argument I had never heard before is that GlaxoSmithKline has a drug that makes you not just gay, but a gay sex fiend. 52 year-old Didier Jambart has Parkinson's Disease and has been taking increasing doses, at his doctor's instructions, of Glaxo's ReQuip pills (AKA- Ropinirole, Adartrel, Ropark). A court has ordered the drug manufacturer to pay him over a quarter million dollars for... well, bad results. It didn't start out that bad, but the more he took, the worse the ... more »

Fun Time

Lori Anne Haskell at Adventures with Kurt and Lori - 11 hours ago
Had a fun weekend. Saturday night, we went to my friend, Nicole's fundraiser at a local bowling alley to raise money for the 3 day breast cancer walk she does each year with her Mom. We bowled two games, had pizza, there was a raffle and a 50/50 drawing. Had a blast bowling, and hanging with Kurt, Nicole, Harry and Chris. Chris somehow took over the sound system at the bowling alley with his iPad, so we had great music all night as well. The rest of the weekend was spent at home, working and grocery shopping. I worked the bulk of the day today, and have crazy busy schedule wit... more »

Vegas for Thanksgiving

Lori Anne Haskell at Adventures with Kurt and Lori - 12 hours ago
Kurt and I took a trip to Vegas for Thanksgiving. Had an awesome time, as usual. We stayed at the MGM Signature. Pros: the room was HUGE, we had a balcony overlooking the Strip, two bathrooms, including a huge master suite, quiet, great fitness room for working out. Cons: only valet parking. That annoys us, as we hate waiting for our car and would rather walk to a parking spot. another pro was the room was free with airline miles. A con for some would be it was slightly off strip, but since we rent a car, this is actually a pro for us since the Strip is so traffic filled. I... more »

Iran/J Is Not Cooperating With. . .

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 12 hours ago

Sunday Globe Special: The South Hadley Conspiracies

Rocker at MSM Monitor - 12 hours ago
"A festering wound" by Kevin Cullen | Globe Staff, December 02, 2012 Darby O’Brien believes the *bricks were a message*, O’Brien believes. A message that he is hated because he was a whistleblower. He was the guy who first went public in January 2010, demanding that his town take a look in the mirror after a 15-year-old girl named Phoebe Prince hanged herself after *relentless bullying* at the hands of fellow students at South Hadley High School. It’s been almost three years since Prince used the scarf her little sister had given her for Christmas to put herself beyond the reach o... more »

Sunday Globe Special: Saint Hillary

Rocker at MSM Monitor - 12 hours ago
*Sigh.* "Hillary Clinton: The Secretary of 1,000 Things" by Stephanie McCrummen | Washington Post, December 02, 2012 WASHINGTON — This might really be it for *one of the most iconic figures in American political history*.... *Hillary Clinton* is more beloved than at any point in her long career, commanding soaring approval ratings, a vast fund-raising machine, and supporters who gush more than ever that she should run for president again. The truth is, though, that no one is sure what Hillary Clinton will do, possibly not even Clinton herself, who has said her plans include sleep... more »


brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 12 hours ago
Pe' Sla Returns to Oceti Sakowin 11-30-12 This afternoon at 2:00 pm MST in Rapid City, South Dakota, full ownership and control of the sacred site Pe’ Sla, located in the Black Hills, was officially returned to the Oceti Sakowin (Great Sioux Nation). We would like to offer our sincere and heartfelt congratulations to the Oceti Sakowin on its return of the control of this sacred

Sunday Globe Special: A Lew(d) Biography

Rocker at MSM Monitor - 12 hours ago
"Obama’s budget director at heart of fiscal cliff talks" by Sheryl Gay Stolberg | New York Times, December 02, 2012 WASHINGTON — Jacob J. Lew, the master of the Washington budget deal.... At 57, Lew may be the *most unassuming power broker* in Washington. He is *deeply religious (an Orthodox Jew*, he leaves work each Friday before sundown, when the Sabbath starts) and so strait-laced his colleagues feel compelled to *apologize when they curse* in front of him. He brings his own lunch (a cheese sandwich and an apple) and eats at his desk. With his owlish glasses and low-key manner,... more »

This Is Our Land, Our Water. Leave it Alone!

rc at GlobaLove Think Tank - 12 hours ago
This Is Our Land, Our Water. Leave it Alone! - YouTube The people of Northern Saskatchewan continue to raise their voices against plans to turn their lands into a nuclear waste dump. Clean Green Sask - youtube see also whats up: First Generation of 7000 Generations Defend Their Land & Waters in Northern Saskatchewan

Sunday Globe Special: Eliminating One of the Three Rs

Rocker at MSM Monitor - 13 hours ago
*They want to eliminate writing in favor of typing.* "Some states preserve penmanship despite tech gains" by Christina Hoag | Associated Press, December 02, 2012 LOS ANGELES — The pen may not be as mighty as the keyboard these days, but California and a handful of states are not giving up on handwriting entirely. Bucking a growing trend of eliminating cursive from elementary school curriculums or making it optional, California is among the states keeping longhand as a third-grade staple. The state’s posture on *penmanship* is not likely to undercut its place at the leading edge ... more »

Sunday Globe Special: When The Levee Breaks

Rocker at MSM Monitor - 13 hours ago
*A flood of posts! * "Big bill for levee upkeep comes to New Orleans" by Cain Burdeau | Associated Press, December 02, 2012 NEW ORLEANS — Engineers consider it a *Rolls-Royce of flood protection* — comparable to systems in seaside European cities such as St. Petersburg, Venice, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam. Whether the infrastructure can hold is less in question than whether New Orleans can be trusted with the keys.... At current funding levels, the region will run out of money to properly operate the high-powered system within a decade unless a new revenue source is found.... On No... more »

Teacher Tells ALEC - What She Thinks!!!!

2old2care at Because I Can - 13 hours ago
Inside the ALEC Education TAsk Force Meeting this past week in DC. She showed the courage each and every one of us needs to replicate.

Sunday Globe Special: Senior Citizen Cell

Rocker at MSM Monitor - 13 hours ago
*With an agenda-pu$hing $ell if you know what I mean.... * "The ‘Granny Pod’: High-tech dwelling could change elder care" by Fredrick Kunkle | Washington Post, December 02, 2012 WASHINGTON — A high-tech *shed-size cottage* might *revolutionize* the way Americans *care for their aging relatives*.... The *MedCottage*, designed by a Blacksburg, Va., company with help from Virginia Tech, is essentially a *portable hospital room*. Virginia state law, which recognized the dwellings a few years ago, classifies them as ‘‘temporary family health-care structures.’’ But many simply know the... more »

ACTION Item - Support Letter Carriers

2old2care at Because I Can - 13 hours ago
The legislation being considered by Congress truly threatens to dismantle the Postal Service. We encourage you to e-mail your friends and family to spread the word about the services cuts Congress has proposed so they can take action to support USPS, too! Connecting Americans America’s Postal Service is a cornerstone of our society and a vital part of our economic infrastructure. The Postal Service is facing real challenges. Changes are required to meet the needs of an ever-evolving American market economy. But rather than cut services and destroy a national treasure, the American... more »

Israel Vs. The UN

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 13 hours ago
Israel embodies the law of the jungle.

Interview With Screenwriter John Logan

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 14 hours ago

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 14 hours ago
Yes, I was on the Oracle Broadcasting Network, Truth Hertz show as a guest on Friday morning, November 30th, 2012. Everyone can listen to that broadcast by accessing the Oracle Broadcasting Network ( www.oraclebroadcasting.com) Truth Hertz archives, or to my article pertaining to that show via the link here. I have been listening to Charles Giuliani's Truth Hertz internet radio show on the Oracle Broadcasting Network for a few years now, and for the longest time Charles has wanted me to be a guest on his show for the full 2 hours from 7-9am CST. I have had to decline many times, ... more »

Life after "Life After Top Chef"

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 14 hours ago
*Yes, this is a dumb clip, but at least you get to see the four chefs together, and you also get a swell commercial! As for the official "content," well, when I looked at the Life After Top Chef clips offered by Bravo, this was the one I noticed that featured all four chefs -- Fabio, Jen, Spike, and Richard -- which didn't have them answering some pointless and offensive as well as stupid question about sex.* *by Ken* I see that the Bravo webpage for *Life After Top Chef* is already referring to the season we just witnessed as "Season 1." I guess we've seen the final episode of th... more »

What about the Restaveks? Restavek Hotline? Let's Get Real....

John Carroll at Dying in Haiti - 14 hours ago
Back to previous page ------------------------------ Haiti to overhaul adoption laws to protect its children, curb child trafficking and neglectBy Associated Press, Published: November 30PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Haiti is overhauling its adoption laws for the first time in nearly 40 years in an attempt to end practices that have allowed thousands of children to be trafficked out of the country or suffer from neglect as they languish in squalid orphanages. The proposed legislation is meant to bring Haiti in line with international laws that seek to protect children under consideration ... more »

Obama Campaign Still Asking for Contributions

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 15 hours ago

"Why is the Coming Crisis posting less lately!?" -- Answered by Matt!

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 16 hours ago
Hey guys, As you all know, Lynsey is the executive researcher and poster and handles all the quake and volcano information for the website (for the most part). You probably also noticed the number of posts for December has been sporadic, and quake / volcano information has been scant. The truth is, Lynsey has been kidnapped by Syrian rebels. By which I mean, she's been indisposed for the last week or so, and this will likely continue for at least the next week, so please bear with us. After that, things should get back to normal. We're not closing, there's no trouble, and everythin... more »

The politics of nude jogging

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 16 hours ago
If you like to run around the house naked, that’s your business. If you like to run naked through shopping malls, however, then that’s the business of lots of other people—especially the owners and shop-owners of the shopping mall. When you’re running naked through “public property” however—that is, when there’s no real owner to make decisions on standards of behaviour thereon—we all appear to face a conundrum. Should it be allowed? At what hours? And if not, why not? Nude jogger Andrew Pointon gets his kicks jogging nude around the McLaren Falls Park outside Tauranga. A public ... more »

Update: At least 9 killed in Tokyo tunnel collapse

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 16 hours ago

Teacher charges 2nd graders to use bathroom, one runs out of "Boyd Bucks" and pees self in front of classmates

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 16 hours ago
View more videos at: http://nbcdfw.com. http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Teacher-Charges-Second-Graders-for-Bathroom-Breaks-181634781.html

Daily Links, Dec 3, 2012

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 16 hours ago
*My man Michael Cannon tests a recumbent bike at a factory in Da-an.* Links for this week.... enjoy! *BLOGS*: - Drew recounts our awesome ride up Alishan on Day 2. Really wish you could have come along. - Jenna visits a drag show. - Under the Radar News from AsiaEye - Craig Ferguson's December calendar - Letters from Taiwan on the MoE's attempt to pressure students not to protest - Traveling Taiwan goes to Ershui. Not a bad little town. - Richard on hiking outside Taipei: don't litter and other pleas... - Filipino worker in dispute about pay forcibly depo... more »

Bo gets in the Christmas spirit

Libby Spencer at The Impolitic - 16 hours ago
I suppose everyone on the internets watches dozens of cute animal videos in any given week. I'm so jaded now, I don't even make it through all of them. Usually the more people that say this is the best, cutest ever means it's really not that special. But this one really is sweet. Good old Bo is a big dog now but still just as cute as a puppy. And something about that breed, he doesn't look that much more real than the giant stuffed toy.

Nader: War Criminal Obama Worse Than Bush

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 16 hours ago

Howard, Lisa Gray: Couple faces $97,000 in fines for using their own driveway

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 16 hours ago

Turkey requested Nato missile defences over Syria chemical weapons fears

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 16 hours ago
Turkish officials say they have evidence Assad regime could resort to ballistic missiles if air campaign against rebels fails. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/dec/02/turkey-syria-chemical-weapons-fears

Vatican clergy and employees will be issued with an identity card complete with a microchip-tracking device in sweeping new security measures designed to prevent a repeat of the Vatileaks scandal

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 16 hours ago

How checking our phones 60 times a day is driving away friends

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 16 hours ago

Not just 4 texting: 1 in 3 middle-schoolers uses smart phones for homework

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 16 hours ago
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