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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

8 September - Facebook Updates

Reader Supported News shared a link.
What Happens When You Defund Planned Parenthood
'A closer look at regional access to women's health services reveals the devastating effects of hampering Planned Parenthood's work.' Tara Culp-Ressler, ThinkProgress
Comedian Rob Schneider strongly opposes Democrat Assembleyman Dr. Richard Pan’s AB2109 which takes away Californian parents’ rights to getting a personal belief vaccine exemption for their child without a signed form a health care practitioner.

Recently, he, NVIC’s Dawn Winkler, and Democract Tony Amador was interviewed by News10 on AB2109. Here’s the link to the News10 interview: http://www.news10.net/video/1824491466001/1/Rob-Schneider-discusses-his-stance-on-AB-2109-with-News10
Reader Supported News shared a link.

'The American people should not be fooled by the misinformation that will be spread.' Sen. Bernie Sanders, RSN

South Korea is the most wired place with an internet that sizzles into 90 per cent of homes and a national obsession with cybergames. And North Korea is one of the most paranoid and unpredictable place around. Are they on a virtual collision course?
Could North and South Korea be heading for a spectacular collision in both the real and virtual worlds?

Remember to buy organic bananas - they make great snacks and breakfast smoothies!

Cannabis. Banned In Canada for medicinal purposes since 1923.

On behalf of all life that is sustained in, on and around the Gulf of Mexico and for the future - please call or email the Department of Justice and commend them on their filings. Encourage them to continue to prosecute BP for their crimes against our US shores, our people, or economy, our way of life. Please - for the future: Department of Justice Main Switchboard - 202-514-2000 or email: AskDOJ@usdoj.gov
On June 6, 2010, Thad Allen KNEW what the use of Corexit would mean in breaking down the oil, and making it impossible to contain, control, or clean-up: "U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen talks about the latest efforts to contain the gulf oil spill Sunday on CBS's "Face The Nation." "The problem we have is it's not a large monolithic spill anymore. It's an aggregation of thousands of spills that can come ashore at any particular time based on wind and currents."
Federal prosecutors state clearly that a multi-year, multi-million-dollar assessment of damage to natural resources caused by the Deepwater Horizon shows what it calls “indications of harm” to the environment along the Gulf Coast. It notes — in a stark rebuttal of BP’s claims of a major recovery in the Gulf ecology — that “while it is true that many resources are in a better condition than at the height of the spill, — after all, they are no longer slathered in layers of BP’s oil — it is also true that they continue to suffer significant harm…”

Real Coastal Warriors
While fishermen and families and businesses starve... only 5% of claims have been paid as of September 7, 2012. http://keywest.legalexaminer.com/toxic-substances/bp-settlement-offers-made-in-5-of-claims.aspx?googleid=304134

‎"That such a simple, yet fundamental and safety-critical test could have been so stunningly, blindingly botched in so many ways, by so many people, demonstrates gross negligence," the government said in its 39-page filing.

BP rejects the charge. "BP believes it was not grossly negligent and looks forward to presenting evidence on this issue at trial in January," the company said in a statement. A Transocean spokesman had no immediate comment.

On Aug. 13, BP urged U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier to approve an estimated $7.8 billion settlement reached with 125,000 individuals and businesses, asserting its actions "did not constitute gross negligence or willful misconduct."

The government said Barbier should avoid making any finding about BP's potential gross negligence when he rules on the settlement. Barbier will hold a fairness hearing on that settlement on Nov. 8.

Barbier should also disregard claims made by BP that minimize the environmental and economic impacts of the spill, the government said, citing environmental harms like severe ill health of dolphins in Louisiana's Barataria Bay, which saw some of the heaviest oiling from the spill.

  • "Just as BP attempted to have the public, Congress and others focus only on what happened on the rig or in other offshore offices of its contractors, the BP engineers and executives who drafted these and other documents were the people who actually exercised the direct authority and control over nearly every aspect of what ultimately went wrong with the rig on April 20th. The behavior, words and actions of these BP executives would not be tolerated in a middling sized company manufacturing dry goods for sale in a suburban mall. Yet they were condoned in a corporation engaged in an activity in which no less a witness than Tony Hayward (the former CEO) himself described comparable to exploring outer space." -- US Justice Department *

    From direct testimony in the House Investigation into the Disaster, asked directly what BP had learned about safety from the gulf accident, Hayward, as he had noted in his opening statement, would say only that “our
    investigation is ongoing.”

    “You have not reached a conclusion that BP cut corners?” Stupak asked.

    “I think it's too early to reach conclusions, Mr. Chairman,” Hayward replied.

    “I'm amazed at this testimony, Mr. Hayward,” Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Beverly Hills) said at one point. “You are not taking responsibility. You are kicking the can down the road.”

    Hayward said he was “not prepared to draw conclusions until investigation is completed.”

    “I'm not stonewalling,” he said.
 * It's that difficult. And a good reason why one should expect 'accidents' that are inevitable consequences of going beyond known limits of engineering capability. The pressure differential between ocean water and ocean bottom is a function of density : roughly 2 - 1 = 1 leaving the acceleration of a mass of water 5 miles high as a  theoretical vertical vector differential driving blowouts when drilling 6 miles down into a sea floor one mile down ...and excluding complications of methane deposits and high pressure pockets. That's a towering column of 8 km of seawater which is denser than fresh pushing blowout and sea floor or pipe rupture.

Real Coastal Warriors
Scientists in the Arctic are warning that this summer's record-breaking melt is part of an accelerating trend with profound implications.

Reader Supported News shared a link.

This is Heidi's [www.heidivilkman.com
] beautiful roundhouse in Finland (not quite finished yet). It has an earthbag stem wall with a birch bark damp proof membrane to protect the straw bale wall on the north side of the house and cob walls on stone on the south side. The green roof is supported by round timbers that interlock in a self supporting ring. It's known as a reciprocal roof [some example
s here www.naturalhomes.org/fbr.reciprocalroofs
]. Heidi first started making sketches of her home and then a clay model [video here http://youtu.be/_60lscNSGUk]. What you see in this picture is her work this summer with her family and friends. Please visit her blog [www.cobdreams.blogspot.co.uk] to see more pictures and video.
Thanks to our friend Irene Bonilla for her blog on the Chile festival in Temaca, Mexico and the continued resistance to El Zapotillo Dam!

Gracias a nuestra Amiga Irene Bonilla por su blog sobre la Feria de chiles en Temaca, Mexico y la resistancia sobre la presa El Zapotillo.


Reader Supported News shared a link.
America's Police State on Steroids at the Conventions
'Protests in Tampa and Charlotte have been surrounded by media, swarmed by police and enveloped in surveillance.' Arun Gupta, AlterNet
Only three per cent of all financial transactions in Sweden are made using cash. Even public transport tickets can now be pre-paid using mobile phone technology, and most people use similar services to pay for everything from groceries to major purchases.
With just three per cent of all financial transactions involving cash, country moves to eliminate physical legal tender.


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