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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

22 September - My Feedly



AAPL 700.095 1.395
Liberty Global Upgraded to Neutral Liberty Global Upgraded to Neutral • 1 day ago
GOOG 733.99 5.8734
Trimble Acquires Logicway Trimble Acquires Logicway • 1 day ago
CRM 155.2 -0.82
Oracle Agrees to Acquire SelectMinds Oracle Agrees to Acquire SelectMinds • 3 days ago
F 10.4 -0.04
TRW to Invest in Camera Technology TRW to Invest in Camera Technology • 1 day ago
ORCL 32.47 0.21
Oracle Misses 1Q Estimates Oracle Misses 1Q Estimates • 1 day ago
MSFT 31.19 -0.26
ATHN to Take Over Healthcare Data ATHN to Take Over Healthcare Data • 1 day ago
GHDX 36.15 0.16
Genomic Health, Inc. Enters Oversold Territory Genomic Health, Inc. Enters Oversold Territory • 10 days ago
FB 22.86 0.27
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and MoneyGram International The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and MoneyGram International • 3 days ago

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Joe Biden Misstates Number of U.S. Troops in Afghanistan | Video ...
Vice President Joe Biden on Friday dramatically misstated the number of U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan while hitting Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's comment about "the 47 percent. ... percent, they include the 650,000 troops still left in Afghanistan who, because they are in combat, being shot at, injured, they do not have to pay any federal income tax on their salary,” Biden said during a campaign stop in Concord, N.H. “I don't call that dependency.
DIY Nutella
If you love the chocolate and hazelnut taste of Nutella and have hazelnuts available you can make your own version of the beloved European spread using cocoa powder, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, salt, and coconut oil. More »
Curiosity Shows Off Its Credentials
Plaque on the exterior of Mars Science Laboratory, aka “Curiosity” (NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS)Curiosity drops a few rather big names in recent images taken with its MAHLI (Mars Hand Lens Imager) camera: here we see a plaque affixed to its surface bearing the names and signatures of U.S. President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Office of Science and Technology Director John Holdren, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and other key figures responsible for making the Mars Exploration Program possible.You never know… even on another planet it can’t hurt to have friends in high places! (...)Rea

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Intelligence, Uplift, and Our Place in a Big Cosmos
"A balanced and well-researched Wired article by Jason Kehe reveals the latest "yoo-hoo transmission to aliens" stunt.  Of course I consider these things to be at-best dopey, with a small but significant chance of being thoughtlessly dangerous for all of humanity.  Above all, to cast such noises outward, based on untested assumptions, without at least offering to discuss it first with our pla
Gangnam Style and IR
So North Korea has issued a "Gangnam Style" video to mock a South Korean presidential candidate, Park Guen Hye, from the ruling conservative party. According to Malaysia's The Sun Daily:"The parody, posted on the official government website Uriminzokkiri, shows a crudely photo-shopped image of Park doing the "horse-riding dance" created by South Korean rapper Psy on the original "Gangnam Style" vi
Mankiw vs. DeLong and Krugman on the CEA’s Real GDP Forecasts in Early 2009: What Might a Time Series Econometrician Have Said?
This post takes its title from a new paper at Econ Journal Watch.  Here is the abstract:In early 2009, the incoming Obama administration’s Council of Economic Advisers predicted real GDP would rebound strongly from recession levels. In a blog post, Greg Mankiw expressed skepticism. In their blogs, Brad DeLong and Paul Krugman sighed. Of course there would be strong growth, they maintained, because

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The Corbett Report
43 unread articles
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The Osama Myth Exposed
In this “Friday night highlights” edition of the broadcast James dips into the archives for some of the works highlighting the many holes in the official story of Osama Bin Laden’s life (and death).
Episode 243 – A Message to the Future
This is a message to the future, a digital message in a bottle cast out on the binary waves of 1s and 0s, out into that digital eternity… For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode. For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download).
Interview 543 – David L. Smith on the QE Madness
David L. Smith of the Geneva Business Insider joins us once again to talk about the latest rounds of quantitative easing in Europe, the U.S. and Japan, and their likely long-term impacts on paper currency values. We also talk about ways to protect wealth against inflation and reliable sources of alternative economic analysis.
A Message to the Future
This is a message to the future, a digital message in a bottle cast out on the binary waves of 1s and 0s, out into that digital eternity… CLICK HERE to download the audio mp3 of this podcast.

The EnvironmentaList
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Global Frackdown Seeks to Boost Public Opposition to Gas Extraction
International day of action set for this Saturday
San Francisco’s Plastic Bag Ban Expands in October
City to extend ban to include retailers, bookstores, and clothing stores. Opponents vow to appeal
Japan Drops Plans to Phase Out Nuclear Power by 2040
Cabinet fails to commit to no-nuclear option by agreed deadline amid pressure from business lobby
Sad News from Taiji, But Signs of Hope Too
It will be the Japanese people who end the dolphin hunts, not us Westerners

(title unknown)
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“Apartheid never died in South Africa. It inspired a world order upheld by force and illusion” by John Pilger
Excellent article by John Pilger The murder of 34 miners by the South African police, most of them shot in the back, puts paid to the illusion of post-apartheid democracy and illuminates the new worldwide apartheid of which South Africa is both an historic and contemporary model. In 1894, long before the infamous Afrikaans word foretold “separate development” for the majority people of South Afric
The Evolution Conundrum
I have been thinking about this proposition, the relationship between evolution and revolution since I read a recent comment by Amenta: “…This post is a reflection as to why my personal concepts center around an evolution rather than a revolution. The world is being revealed to an extent as never before. So many hidden agendas are being exposed that we are going to have to take personal account of

Amused Cynicism
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Facebook: snitchgate!
Reblogged from Paul Bernal's Blog: A story about Facebook went around twitter last night that provoked quite a reaction in privacy advocates like me: Facebook, it seems, is experimenting with getting people to ‘snitch’ on any of their friends who don’t use their real names. Take a look at this: Facebook has had a ‘real names’ policy for a while: this is what their ‘Help Center’ says on the s
Is This You?
Tom Scott did a presentation on what privacy (or lack of it) will be like in 10 years time:

Green & White
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UET will Establish Centre for Energy Research and Development in Lahore
A Centre for Energy Research and Development will be set up at Kala Shah Kaku by the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, to improve innovative and cost effective solutions to energy issues facing Punjab. The total cost of building such a dedicated research center is Rs.292 million and is expected to take two years for completion. The research would mainly be about discovering differ
PAEC Chairman Discussed Pakistan’s Nuclear Technology Prospects at IAEA General Conference
Two nuclear power plants of 340 MW each are under construction at Chashma according to the Chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), Dr. Ansar Parvez. They will be commissioned by 2016 with assistance from the Chinese. Currently, the PAEC Chairman is in Vienna to attend the 56th session of the General Conference of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). From Pakistan’s side, Dr. P
EGO Pakistan 2012 Concluded with International Energy Technology Experts
FAKT Exhibitions Private Limited organized EGO Pakistan 2012 at Lahore Expo Centre, which is the International Energy, Gas, Oil, and Power Exhibition and Conference. There were more than 100 exhibitors taking part in this conference, which included major global suppliers, regional agents and distributors of building and construction sector from states like China, Germany, USA, Italy, New Zealand,
The National Space Conference Concludes in Islamabad
The three-day National Space Conference (September 17-19) for space cooperation between the developing and the developed states was arranged by Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO). Countries such as Canada, Malaysia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Egypt, Russia, China and international organisations such as United Nations and Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organisation particip

Syria Comment
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Assad’s Army Unlikely to “Crumble”
WINEP and Wikistrat analysts predict that Assad and his army will “fall”, “crumble”, or “break”. I have argued the opposite in “Creating a Syrian Swamp: Assad’s ‘Plan B’“.  A likely outcome of the Syrian struggle is that Assad and his army will not break; rather, they will likely retreat to the coastal region, where Alawite and loyal troops have a social base. They would be very hard to destroy on
“State of the Internal Opposition,” by Ammar Abdulhamid
This report on the state of the Syrian Opposition is a must read. I have copied what I believe are the important parts, but do read the entire thing. I have long admired Ammar Abdulhamid for his independent and clear thinking. Many readers of Syria Comment have criticized Ammar in the past (See the comments on this post: “Ammar Abdulhamid Emerges as Face of the Syrian Revolution, according to Wash
Syrian Kurdistan: Can it Make a Peaceful Transition?
Kurdish Children wave Kurdish flags in Syrian Kurdistan to be. Muhammad Amin Penjweni,close friend of Ocalan, PPK leader PKK Advisor: PKK Wants to Liberate Parts of Turkey and Launch the Movement from There – 20/09/2012 Rudaw Interview with Muhammad Amin Penjweni,  a founding member of the Kurdish National Congress in Belgium and a member of the Presidency Council of the Kurdistan Parliament in E
News Round Up
Ghaith Abdul Ahad is superb. This is a must see. Watch The Battle for Syria on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE. Syria Orders Schools to Open, but Classes Give Way to War By an EMPLOYEE of THE NEW YORK TIMES in SYRIA and KAREEM FAHIM. DAMASCUS, Syria — At one Syrian school, in the Damascus suburbs, students were so scarce this week that teachers spent most of the last few days sitting around and dri

Pesticide Action Network
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First ever long-term study on GE food health effects
Very big news exploding across the papers yesterday. Eating genetically engineered (GE) corn has been strongly linked to serious health effects — including mammary tumors, kidney and liver damage. A team of European scientists yesterday released the first ever long-term animal feeding study of the health effects of eating GE foods in the peer-reviewed journal Food and Chemical Toxicology.  read mo
What would Rachel write: The top 4 untold pesticide stories
Silent Spring turns 50 next week, giving occasion for all manner of reflection on Rachel Carson's legacy as the author who catalyzed the U.S. environmental movement. The small, but vocal rightwing fringe continues in its campaign to paint Carson as the devil "responsible for more deaths than Hitler." But most mainstream reflections thus far have sought to contemporize Carson by drawi
Poised for global action on chemicals?
This week, PAN International is gathered with governments from across the globe in Nairobi, Kenya, pushing assertive and fair action on chemicals. Our goal: protect the health and well-being of our families and ecosystems the world over. The auspices for the gathering: it's time to check progress on the Strategic Approach to Integrated Chemicals Management (better known as SAICM), an agreed-up
Research links POPs & stroke
A recent study from Sweden shows that background exposure  — or long-term, low dose exposure — to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) may play an important role in the development or progression of stroke in the elderly. Research has shown that exposure to POPs can lead to such chronic health problems as diabetes, obesity and hardening of the arteries leading to cardiovascular trouble. The recent

Obsidian Wings
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Gon 2 Rivendell Brb
by Doctor Science Yesterday I happened to walk a mile almost first thing in the morning, and it felt so good I want to make a habit of it again. Since the family is doing a read-aloud of The Lord of the Rings (we just finished "A Knife in the Dark"), my thoughts naturally went to the Eowyn Challenge. What the heck, I said, I'll walk to Rivendell!. It turns out that my part of NJ has added a *lot
The video life of Mitt 'Doofenshimirtz' Romney
by liberal japonicus This title is inspired by this lede from the Guardian, Mitt Romney's campaign came close to hitting the self-destruct button when he stood by a secret video recording suggesting that 47% of Americans are government-dependent "victims" who do not pay taxes. I don't know if anyone is a fan of Phineas and Ferb, but the second story concerns the evil schemes o
Obama and energy independence
by liberal japonicus I fell for the double threadjack and messed up the last thread, but since Obama's approach to energy independence seems to be of interest, I wanted to pass on this article on. In preparing to write The New New Deal, Grunwald did extensive research on the Department of Energy's Stimulus-funded quest to uncover an energy alternative to fossil fuels. Recently, I talked

Did You Know
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Israelis can’t stop playing the victim card
Sept 12, 2012 By Jim Dean I guess you have figured out by now that I am challenging your moral standing. I don’t see that you have any. If I am missing something, please email me. I have not even gotten into yet about your special operations people who have been doing black flag operation in Iraq and Afghanistan, which include killing American troops and blaming the locals. That was nasty.Yes, I k
Innocence of Muslims, Protesters are telling the US to get out of their country
September 17 2012 Innocence of Muslims - The big lie told about and shown to the world. I have been attempting to keep a running record of all the protests. To Date Protests have happened  in Iran, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kashmir, Pakistan, Iraq, Gaza, Morocco, Syria, Kuwait, Nigeria, Kenya, UK, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Afghanista

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Why Does Romney Talk The Way He Does? He's a Consultant!
Steven Walt today ponders a Mitt Romney mystery that occurs to me off and on. And then I come up with the answer, which I will now share with you.The mystery is why the guy says so many dumb, fact-free things; sometimes counterfactual, in fact. Then there's the tin ear, which is part of it, but perhaps more difficult to understand through my hypothesis.Back in the eighties, when management consult
Bits and Pieces - September 18, 2012
Cool photos of Helsinki then and now. Plus captions in Finnish.As I noted yesterday, the Romney videos have been around for a while. Here's the story.Climate change may have driven humans out of Africa and into later migrations.The Swiss family who worked with A. Q. Khan to distribute nuclear knowledge and then worked with the CIA to nail the recipients of that knowledge avoid prison.
Bits and Pieces - September 17, 2012
Well, let's help spread this:I first saw this maybe a month ago, but it was being handled carefully because the provenance wasn't clear. I don't know if David Corn has convinced himself it's legitimate, but I would hope so. Charles Cameron compares the Muslim reaction to that other video clip to Christian reaction in 1988 to the film, "The Last Temptation of Christ.Marc Lynch compares the reaction
Diplomacy - The Work We Don't See
We don't hear much about ambassadors and other foreign service officers unless something goes wrong, as it did in Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen last week. Their job is to keep things going right, and we don't hear much about that. Embassies are the liason between the United States government and the host country's government, the people on the ground for rapid response.Nicholas Kralev looks at the man

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Brodie’s Weakest Book
This space has periodically sung the praises of Bernard Brodie, but even All Stars occasionally go into slumps. Brodie was off his game in Escalation and the Nuclear Option (1966), in which he argued the case for tactical nuclear weapons. One cringe-inducing example: Imaginative use of special types of nuclear weapons much earlier in the [Vietnam] campaign might have gone far toward defeating the

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The world is too tough for President Obama
by Mark Vogl:    The world is getting tougher every day, and our President has proposed massive defense cuts and is telling US Marines to unload their guns.
Diversity fractures America, what a surprise!
by Mark Vogl:    Tens of millions of illegals, trashing of Christianity and an influx of Moslems, socialism offered as an alternative to capitalism...etc.
Gaffe? - Don't Make Me Laugh
by Richard in Japan:    Conservatives say what they mean. Liberals are just plain mean.
Are the polls falsified to save some Democrats in Congress?
by Mark Vogl:    Daily headlines paint a dismal picture of President Obama's performance but polls are stacked with Democrats to create mirage. Why?

News Center PK
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Rapid Weight Loss Diets
Now a day our life style is such that it is not easy to loose weight instantly. So many weight loss programs are working. The person needs healthy diet as well as the diet includes less caloric values. So different weight loss diet plans working for different period of days. Common diets regarding plans of weight loss include First of all replace 1-3 big meals to the 5-6 smaller meals per day. It
Chanelle Hayes Topless photoshoot on Nuts magazine
I do not know if the light falls Chanelle Hayes tasty topless on Nuts magazine in August, or if that halo effect around the body of the curves is a hidden message of libido crushing my optic nerves in me says that i see a angel boobtastic which should be ready to give up just about anything. I think Joan of Arc was the same kind of thing that can happen here, but perhaps not to see outtakes nuts.
Controversy over Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting
There is no doubt that Pregnancy and Parenting are very controversial subjects because of the fact that several stereotypes are applied to teenage parents. As people know that the teenage parents are uneducated, irresponsible. A majority of the people agree that teen pregnancy and parenting are not ideal conditions. The pregnant teen girls face a storm of issues, not only from the world around the
Holly Madison hot bikini and display unconcerned body pictures on the scene
Holly Madison a pregnant mother who is a non-style bikini adventurer will love seeing her swollen body naked? Well, let us preggo fetishists, proud and strong and difficult to start with a minority much anymore these days, fertile woman jumps for joy on seeing the fans out of the experience of female parts Holly Madison curving. In addition, Madison fans of girls next door nekkid type and various

In These Times
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Bain’s Birth by Death Squads
Mitt Romney has a debilitating condition that won’t show up in his medical report: severe cognitive dissonance—simultaneously holding conflicting ideas, beliefs and values.   His problem goes deeper than routine hypocrisy and expedient “flip-flopping.” Romney believes that free enterprise serves justice and the public good—and that he and Bain Capital embody beneficence. He also believes tha
Honey, We Shrunk the Parks
What is the value of delight, or joy, or a space where people come together?” asks Paul Chasan, an urban designer with the city of San Francisco. Chasan helps manage the city’s Pavement to Parks program, which promotes communal outdoor culture in underutilized urban spaces by creating “parklets”—miniature parks snuggled into one or two roadside parking spaces. Parklets can range from a simple
Occupy Gotham City
The Dark Knight Rises attests yet again to how Hollywood blockbusters are precise indicators of the ideological predicament of our society. Though Rush Limbaugh and other right-wing commentators have criticized the film for naming its villain Bane—as in Bain Capital—most progressive critics have read the film as a denunciation of Occupy Wall Street. But the film warrants a closer reading, with a
Deferred Action: the Stuff of DREAMs?
On the day that the Obama administration’s “deferred action” program took effect, an estimated 13,000 young undocumented immigrants lined up outside an application workshop in Chicago. In a testament to the enormous hopes pinned on the program, many had brought sleeping bags and queued up the night before. But it’s unclear yet whether the policy will live up to the expectations raised by its s

Texas Liberal
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A few years ago I read a few pages of an autobiography of Laurence Olivier. I don’t recall the title of the book. (Above—Laurence Olivier with Peter Ustinov in Spartacus.) I remember reading that when filming scenes in Spartacus that required him being outside, Mr. Olivier felt that his words were lost into the air. He felt the impact of his acting was muted off of a sound stage. As I also recall
I’ve Never Seen A Car Loaded So Full
I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a car loaded as full as was this car that I saw on I-45 in Houston a few weeks back. I was not driving when I took this picture. I can only extend my peace and blessings to the person transporting all this organic matter on our Houston highways. Though I might also please suggest that next time this motorist haul such a load in—at least— two trips.
Sewage Treatment Plant And Asphalt Plant In Houston—It Is Interesting To Just Go Out And Look Around
Here is a picture I took in Houston a few weeks ago of a sewage treatment plant with an asphalt plant in the background. I enjoyed this scene. In both cases materials were being treated and changed. All around us things are happening and changing. I like to drive around and look at things. Everyday stuff is often the most interesting stuff.
I Sent $50 To Both Green Presidential Nominee Jill Stein And To The Obama Campaign—We Each Must Choose Our Own Course
Above are the Barbara Jordan stamps I bought at the Barbara Jordan Post Office here in Houston today. Here are facts about the great Congresswoman Barbara Jordan of Houston. The two missing stamps were used to send a $50 donation to the Obama campaign and $50 to the Green Presidential campaign of Jill Stein. There is a big difference between Obama and Romney and the election is not close to over.

Centauri Dreams
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A Lab Experiment to Test Spacetime Distortion
Sonny White’s work on exotic propulsion has galvanized the press, as witness this story in the Daily Mail, one of many articles in newspapers and online venues. I was fortunate enough to be in the sessions at the 100 Year Starship Symposium where White, an engaging and affable speaker, described what his team at Eagleworks Laboratories (Johnson Space Center) is doing. The issue at hand is whether
Keeping the Worldship Alive
One of the challenges of explaining why a starship project is worth doing even though its final goal may not be realized for a long time is in showing how this work can have an impact on improving things on Earth. Technological spinoffs have acquired a bad name because of the stigma of Teflon and Tang — NASA hasn’t made the strongest case for how advanced work changes lives (and in any case, Teflo
A Space Telescope Enmeshed in History
It’s been heartening to see renewed interest in the space program’s past. Neil Armstrong’s death surely had something to do with it, for the scattering of his ashes at sea, which occurred while the 100 Year Starship Symposium was in session, was a reminder of the dramatic days when public fascination with space was intense and the whole world rejoiced at Apollo 11’s success. The memorial ceremony
Wrapping Up the Houston Starship
Because I utterly lack their skills, I have huge admiration for practical-minded people who can organize things well. Eric Davis’ work as track chair for the ‘Time and Distance Solutions’ track in Houston is a case in point. The challenge is in coping with a key fact of interstellar studies: We are so early in the game that we have not remotely figured out which propulsion method makes the most s

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Lie detection.
The lost art of the political apology.
It's become an increasingly bizarre thing, the political apology.  Our representatives tend to be rather good at saying sorry for things they weren't responsible for, whether it was the Irish potato famine, the slave trade, Bloody Sunday or Hillsborough, and bloody awful by contrast at doing so for things they actually were.  And in contrast to the idea that modern politicians don't apolog
Two for the price of one.
There was widespread outrage today when a foreign publication published not just the paparazzi shots of Catherine Middleton sunbathing topless, but also a collage which superimposed her naked breasts onto an image of the prophet Muhammad.The Albanian satirical magazine, Horatio Longoria, estimated to have a circulation of approximately 6 copies, went ahead with the printing out of this month's iss
The point of no return.
Have we at long last reached the point of no return on Afghanistan? It's a question worth asking, not because of the decision made by the Americans to put an immediate stop to joint patrols and training in the country as a result of the ever increasing number of "green on blue" attacks, or to put it in English, Afghans in uniform we're meant to be handing control over to killing their trainers, b

WWF - Latest News
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WWF mourns passing of "towering figure" in conservation Russell Train
 WWF is mourning the passing of leading conservation pioneer Russell Train, the founder of WWF-US.  Mr Train,  also noted for his role in establishing some of the basic elements of environmental regulation in the US as an early head of the US Environment Protection Agency, died Monday aged 92. “Russ Train was a towering figure in conservation for more than half a century," said Jim Leape, Di
African religious leaders join forces to help stop illegal wildlife trade
WWF and the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) today announced a first-ever partnership with faith leaders from across Africa to unite against the killing of endangered species caused by illegal wildlife trade. In an unprecedented move, 50 African religious representatives from different faiths and countries have come together to call for the end of illegal wildlife trade which is annihi
NZ govt fails Maui’s dolphins on global stage
Wellington –The New Zealand government has come under fire for opposing action to save the critically endangered Maui’s dolphin at the world’s largest conservation summit – with leading conservation groups calling New Zealand’s actions on the international stage ‘shameful’. A motion to stop the extinction of the world’s rarest dolphins and porpoises, including New Zealand’s Hector’s and Maui’s do
House reforms to Brazil’s forest code open loopholes for continued deforestation
contributed by Aldem Bourscheit / WWF-Brazil The alterations to the Interim Presidential Edict on the Brazilian Forest Law approved Tuesday by the Brazilian House of Representatives would render the legislation impossible to enforce, according the analysis by WWF-Brazil. The new text may go before the Senate for voting as early as next Tuesday, 25 September. WWF-Brazil’s expert on public poli

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Amish Leader, 15 Others Convicted of Hate Crimes in Beard-Cuttings
The leader of an Amish splinter sect in Ohio and 15 of his followers were convicted of federal hate crimes today for forcibly shaving the beards and hair of breakaway members of the religious community.
Sovereign Citizen ‘President’ Indicted for Tax Crimes
James Timothy Turner, the self-styled “president” of the Republic for the united States of America (RuSA), was indicted today on charges of conspiracy to defraud the federal government and several other tax charges, including attempting to pay taxes with a fictitious financial instrument and attempting to obstruct an Internal Revenue Service investigation.
Anti-LGBT Propagandist Published Again in Academic Journal
Psychologist Paul Cameron has been bashing LGBT people for at least 30 years. His continued demonization of LGBT people and the shoddy and suspect research methods he uses to advance his claims have earned his Family Research Institute (FRI) a place on the SPLC’s anti-LGBT hate group list. They have also earned him censure from a number of professional organizations and harsh critiques of his work
SPLC Urges U.S. Government to Take Domestic Extremism Seriously
U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin is convening an important hearing in Washington today to examine the threat of domestic extremism and hate crime in the wake of the horrific attack on Sikh worshippers in Wisconsin last month. If the hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights does nothing else but put additional pressure on the Department of Ho
100+ Hatewatch | South... / by Booth Gunter / 3 days ago • 

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