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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

27 September - BFP and Feedly

Sibel's RSS quit on Yahoo! - which is why you haven't been seeing it

International Newsworthy

Iran’s Jews Reject Cash Offer to Move to Israel

Iran Pushes Ahead in Building Nuclear Reactor

EU Considers Sanctions against Iranian Banks, Energy Sector

China against Unilateral Bans on Iran

Iranian Authorities Jail Ahmadinejad’s Press Adviser

‘US Liable for Iran Diplomat Assault’

Iran Accuses West of Nuclear ‘Intimidation’

* * * *

Afghanistan Prognosis Looks Gloomier

Soldiers Learn Insurgent Tricks for Afghanistan

ICC Urged to Give Afghanistan Associate Membership

Putin Defers Pakistan Visit; Quadrilateral Summit Postponed

Zardari to Take China Ties to ‘New Heights’

Drone Attacks being Conducted with Government Connivance: Imran

Senior Pakistan Geology Official Shot Dead in Balochistan

Balochistan Govt. Urged to Evolve Strategy on Targeted Killings

* * * *

Syrian Rebels Defect to Government Forces

Syrian Rebel Chief Abandons Uprising

West Complicit in Syria ‘Massacres’: Rebel Leader

Armed Group Blow Up Oil Pipeline in NE Syria

Qatar Calls for No-Fly Zone in Syria

Egypt’s Mursi Opposes Foreign Intervention in Syria

Russia will not Grant Asylum to Syrian President

* * * *

Iraq Says Shell Denies Oil Talks With Kurdistan

Iraq Archives Chief Moves to Seal Saddam-Era Files

Turkey’s ‘Sledgehammer’ Verdicts Take the Military Down a Peg

Saudi Arabia Embarks on Massive Projects in Mecca and Medina

908 Female Pilgrims Held in Saudi Arabia

Yemen Ready for Dialogue with Qaeda if it Disarms

* * * *

Egypt: No Need to Amend Treaty With Israel

Libya’s Congress Gives New PM Ultimatum to Name Government

Families of Libya’s Missing Lead Backlash against Militias

Kenyan Navy Hits Somali Port Ahead of Main Offensive

Sudan, South Sudan Reach Security Deal

A Familiar & Painful Story Is Playing Out in Sudan

Somalia: ‘Planned Infiltration’ of Security Forces By Al Shabaab – Sources

* * * *

International Nuclear Terrorism Drills Kick off in Moscow

Russia, Kazakhstan Slow to Build Growth

U.S. Military Aid To Central Asia: Who Benefits?

Putin’s Advance Team Preps Tajikistan for Customs Union

Scandal and Change in Georgia

Uzbekistan: Swedish Police Open Corruption Probe into TeliaSonera Claims

Azerbaijan “Investigates” The New York Times for Karabakh Story

* * * *

The Dark Side of Drones: Big Brother in Germany’s Skies

Top UK Military Chiefs Go Cold on Nuclear Deterrent

Abu Hamza: UK High Court Halts Extradition to the US

Gas Row Looms Large Over Divided Cyprus

National Newsworthy

US Special Forces Deployed in Iraq-Again!

Decision to Evacuate Eastern Libya Divides US Intelligence Community

US Air Force Knew of Crippling F-22 Flaws for a Decade

Air Force Prepares Third Mission for Mysterious X-37B Spacecraft

LRAD Sonic Weapons To Be Deployed “Throughout” America For Crises

US Calls Assange ‘Enemy of State’

Guantanamo Not a Campaign Issue This Time

TSA Thumbs its Nose at the Law, Courts Say OK

The Last Battle: Efforts to Provide Mental Health Care for War Veterans Falling Short

Development of Fracking Helped by Government Funding and Tax Breaks

Lieberman Pushes Obama to Issue Cybersecurity Executive Order

Financial Disclosure for Senior Federal Executives Delayed until after Election

Taxpayers Spent $1.4 billion on Obama Family Last Year, Perks Questioned in New Book

Weak Orders Point to Sharp Slowdown in U.S. Manufacturing

Fed Virtually Funding the Entire US Deficit: Lindsey

Goldman Sachs: QE3 May Total $2 Trillion

California Screaming As 4th Muni Bankruptcy Looms in Atwater

Judge Orders Arrest of Google’s Operations President in Brazil

The Rank Hypocrisy of Barack Obama

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: Why Qatar Wants to Invade Syria

Paul Pillar: The Value of Free Speech

Andrew Bacevich: Joe McCarthy would Understand

Paul Craig Roberts: A Culture of Delusion

MEK: Our Favorite Terrorists

Drones: The View from the Wreckage

What’s So Special About Special Ops?

Your Liberty & Your Money

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

Video 1: BFP EyeOpener Report-China: Menace, Accomplice or Boogeyman?

Video 2: They Have Rigged the System to Ensure Fraud: Tom Woods

Video 3: Israel Lobbyist – We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran!

Video 4: UN-Conventional: Assange attacks Obama in breakthrough UN address

Podcast 1: Empire, Power & People – “Managing the World: America, Germany and Japan”

Podcast 2: Corbett Report- Pandemic!

Podcast 3: Lew Rockwell Show- American Elections are Crooked!!

I just added Feedly to a Firefox clone : here's the standard fare

Seth Godin
A VC : Venture Capital and Technology
Pando Daily
All Things D
Calculated Risk
Harvard Business Review
Wall Street Journal

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Iran Close to Making a Bomb, Netanyahu Says
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel told the United Nations on Thursday that he believes Iran’s ability to make an atomic weapon will be irreversible by next spring or summer.
Herbert Lom, Boss of Inspector Clouseau, Dies at 95
The Czech-born actor’s long film career included roles in the “Pink Panther” franchise, Napoleon Bonaparte and a witch hunter in the horror film “Mark of the Devil.”
iPhone 5 Costs Roughly $0.41 Per Year to Charge
Energy efficiency company Opower today released a study calculating the annual energy cost for charging the iPhone 5 at just $0.41. While any user's actual cost would vary based on use and electricity rates in their areas, Opower's estimate assumes a full charge once per day at a U.S. average of 11.8 cents per kWh. But while an individual iPhone 5 uses a minuscule amount of energy, the massive popularity of Apple's devices results in significant energy demand in aggregate.Even if we consider just the 170 million iPhone 5’s that are projected to be sold globally in the next year, th
Luxurious Penthouse in the City of Fascination, NYC
  Take 5,000 square foot and give them to the architects Beyer Blinder Belle and Costas Kondylis! The output: an exclusive five bedroom duplex penthouse located in the city of fascination, New York. This  city is so vivid because it vibrates in the very own heart of it. A crowded-bohemian lifestyle, filled with luxury and exquisite tastes, this is what New York has to offer! The very own shelter of  many architectural wonders, Manhattan is probably the most coquette and chic place to be. Nearby Central Park, in a residential skyscraper  called Park Laurel, a stunning apartment with 360 degree


Gifts are about to completely transform Facebook
Today Facebook has announced something more important than you may realize: Facebook Gifts, and it’s happening just as we predicted. Facebook’s $80 million+ post-IPO acquisition of Karma was enough to raise questions as to what would happen next, considering that Facebook made it clear that this was not merely a talent acquisition. Now, the future of the Facebook may change. Long-term users will r
5 Reasons Steve Jobs Would Have Liked His New Statue
Dumpster diving. That's the secret behind a new sculpture of Steve Jobs.  Early last year, Los Angeles artist XVALA, nee Jeff Hamilton, used trash collected from Jobs' home to build a sculpture of the turtle-neck and mom jeans-wearing Mac guru, complete with iPhone in hand. That's right, the artist picked through Jobs' trash and turned it into treasure.   "I fi
NASA's Curiosity rover finds evidence of ancient stream on Mars
Since landing on Mars, NASA's Curiosity rover has brought us plenty of stunning views of the Martian surface, but now the machine has stumbled across something possibly even more exciting — an ancient stream bed. Researchers were able to determine that the rocks in the bed were carried by water based on their size and shape, and NASA estimates that the stream was anywhere from hip- to a
Testing the myth behind blowing into NES cartridges
Any gamer born in the 80s or earlier knows the routine all too well: if your Nintendo Entertainment System wasn't working, you pull out the game cartridge, blow into it, then try again until you achieve success. While many will defend the habit — citing the countless amount of times it worked — Mental_Floss set out to find the truth behind the myth by speaking with a number of indiv


Which One Works Best?
In honor of our still-going-on-but-gonna-end-soon 15% off Knoll sale, we thought we’d do a “Which one works best” involving a design classic, in this case the Bertoia Bird Lounge manufactured by Knoll. We’re wondering what kind of wallpaper to pair with it? Should we go for a traditional but fun Valencia Wallpaper print from Flavor Paper? Or perhaps a wood-inspired Scrapwood Wallpaper print from 
Taste: A New Designy Food Column by Pinch Food Design
Editor’s Note: Meet Pinch Food Design, dynamic designy duo of Bob Spiegel and TJ Girard, whose work we’ve admired for quite some time. I knew that one of my biggest passions seemed to be missing here on Design Milk: Food! Pinch is going to visit us each month with some delectable design for us to visually nosh on… enjoy! Presentation has always played an important role when it comes to food. We
Express to Impress: Spectacular Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates
“Knocking at the Curtain Door” is an expression that you probably won’t hear too often. The Matharoo Associates, an architectural firm from India completed one of the most interesting doors you will ever see. We have spotted this astonishing project on Design Milk and we decided to share this experience with all of you. The Curtain Door is a contemporary piece of art and as the name says it, unve
The Best of Habitare 2012
During Helsinki Design Week, I visited Habitare 2012, a furniture and design fair that drew about 57,000 people over the five days it was open. There was such great work on display including a large amount of student designs and work by Finnish designers. The Ecobol display from Jouni Leino really caught my eye. The bowls are made from recycled wood that is wedged between two pieces of colorful


China and India Are an Opportunity, Not a Threat
An interview with Michael Silverstein, cofounder of The Boston Consulting Group's global consumer practice and coauthor of The $10 Trillion Prize: Captivating the Newly Affluent in China and India. Download this podcast A written transcript will be available by October 5.
The 5 fastest-growing Israeli startups
This post is written by independent writer and researcher Kevin Ducoff. Considering it has been dubbed the “Startup Nation,” Israel is clearly an important player on the global tech stage. Not only does it have the highest density of tech startups in the world, but these startups attract more venture capital per person than any other country — 2.5 times more than the United States, 30 times Europe
Facebook launches Gifts: real products you can send to your friends, no addy needed
Facebook has just launched Gifts, a new feature that will let you send and receive gifts — real-world products, not animated cattle — with your friends. You don’t need to know where they live or work; Facebook will take care of that for you. The gifts are high-quality, hand-picked, and appropriate for all kinds of people (or furry friends) and occasions. Example: My friend Dena is as girlie as th
Say Hello to Gifts, Facebook's New Mobile Revenue Stream
Facebook on Thursday unveiled Gifts, the company’s major initiative into the world of social gift giving and e-commerce. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Users can choose, mail and pay for real-world, physical gifts — not the lame virtual ones Facebook offered a few years ago — to send to one another, all completely inside of Facebook. They’re tied to the significant event reminders that pop up


Coffee White Chocolate Blondies by Vintage Kitchen Notes
You may or may not have noticed that there were not guest posts the last two weeks….hmm   Honestly, with everything that’s going on in my life and at work, I simply forgot to schedule any…..sigh.  Of course I had the best intentions of using the post time to write some to tutorials on G+, but my good intentions were just not enough to finish the job. I have to admit when I was on Foodbuzz before i
Spicy Maple Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
This recipe for bacon wrapped shrimp is addictive and has the most delicious and easy spicy glaze. For the glaze, we combine sweet maple syrup and spicy sriracha chili sauce before brushing it all over smoky bacon [...]
Tasty Music, Catchy Tunes - September 2012
Just finished another small milestone on the way to my next cookbook and boy do I wish I could already share the recipe I just shot today. It might even end up on the cover… but we’ll see. Anyway, sorry for the long radio silence!  Speaking of radio, earlier today my eyes got stuck to my desktop notes – where I keep track of my latest music discoveries – and I decided to do a quick post and share
Brown Butter Pistachio Berry Cakes “Tu verras, quand ma soeur arrivera, il fera beau”, (You’ll see when my sister comes, it will be sunny again) my brother B. tells his wife G. My mother also tells me it’s raining a lot. And it’s not warm for July either. Every time we talk over the phone, I can hear frustration in her voice because I know that this means her daily walk to the next village becom


    one of these days health nuts will be lying in hospital beds dying of absolutely nothing. — i don’t know who said that    
hunter by Detlef Knapp
hunter by Detlef Knapp Detlef Knapp: Photos · Blog
Rainy Day
Queen Street West.
The Stars Above Grand Central Station
Your Worst Tripod Story? I have a few… the one below is not one of the better ones, btw.. but what are yours? Daily Photo – The Stars Above Grand Central Station I took this photo a few moments before getting kicked out for using a tripod. They said I could go sign up for a permit, but I told them I could not be bothered. I wasn’t mean about it, just sort of matter-of-fact. I asked if women w


A Supernatural-Related Giveaway! Win A Signed Poster from ‘Red Lights’
Do you want to believe? Or do you want to think you believe? In Rodrigo Cortes‘ Red Lights, paranormal researchers Dr. Margaret Matheson (Sigourney Weaver) and Tom Buckley (Cillian Murphy) make it their business to go after claims of the supernatural, from ghosts to faith healing to, well, whatever the hell it is that Robert De Niro‘s psychic Simon Silver does on stage. Obsessed with debunking Si
The Top 10 Time Travel Movies In Cinema
Hasn’t everyone fantasied about time travel at some point or another? Going back in time or getting a sneak peek at what the future holds is irresistible, and still impossible. Thankfully, we have movies that can hit rewind, fast forward and pause on time. Rian Johnson‘s Looper is opening this weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited. The movie uses time-traveling to show someone contracted to ki
Aurally Charming TV Trailer for Tom Hooper's 'Les Miserables' Lands
"I had a dream my life would be... so different from this hell I'm living!" Time to start your day with some Les Mis. Universal has unveiled a new 90-second TV spot for Les Miserables, the epic movie musical being directed by Tom Hooper. Most of this features a lot of the same footage we've seen in the teaser trailer and the most recent extended first look (when is the second trailer coming?). Bu
'Donnie Darko' Director To Helm Nicolas Cage Legal Thriller, Will Be Most Insane Film Of All Time
In what is sure to become one of the most bugnuts crazy films, well, ever, Richard Kelly (the man behind the colossal mind-twister Donnie Darko) is set to direct cinematic lunatic Nicolas Cage in a legal thriller in which a man hires a hitman to murder his entire family (including his quadriplegic son).  So, yes, this will likely be the most insane thing you ever see, assuming Cage brings his sub


Air Purifier Mimics the Benefits of Fresh Forest Air Inside the Home
Did you know in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, it's common for people to escape to the mountains and forests to go "forest bathing"? The popularity of the activity is based upon the belief being surrounded by tree-released phytoncides, antimicrobial volatile organic compounds emitted by certain plants and trees, might help improve health. It's probably why Korean brand Coway's design above not only hin
Wooden Computer Monitor Stand
Photo: IKEA.com Materials: RAST Nightstand Description: To make a handsome stand for your computer monitor, simply cut the top off of this little nightstand (i.e. cut the side pieces about 6" down from the top). Then, stain to your desired color. Total time for the whole process: 15 minutes. Total cost: $20. ~ Joe, VancouverMore hacks on IKEAHackers.net
Five Things to Completely Blow Out of Proportion
You hear all the time about the importance of scale and proportion in design — making sure the elements of a room are harmonious and work according to established and unassailable principles of design, such as the Golden Ratio. Coffee tables, as the familiar story goes, should be two-thirds the size of the sofa and yada yada yada. More Read More...
Georgian House Envy From Light Locations
I have TOTAL HOUSE ENVY right now. I mean, I’m super green. London is calling me in a major way and now this house is not helping me much. Just wait until you start scrolling down… Your eyes will pop out and roll onto your desk. You’ll salivate like a St. Bernard and feel all clammy. You’ll swear you’re menopausal. Yup, even if you’re a dude. Thing is, I cannot NOT show you this home despite the h

visual design

ShopTalk Episode 36
A RAPIDFIRE episode of ShopTalk where Dave and I answer questions with no guest, no news, no drama. Well maybe some drama. Big thanks to ConvergeFL (coming up next week in Tallahassee, Florida!) and CSS Dev Conf for sponsoring. Direct Link to Article — PermalinkShopTalk Episode 36 is a post from CSS-Tricks
Mo’ Pixels Mo’ Problems
Repeat after Dave Rupert: Use CSS and web type whenever possible. Use SVG and icon fonts whenever applicable. Picturefill raster graphics. Direct Link to Article — PermalinkMo’ Pixels Mo’ Problems is a post from CSS-Tricks
Keita Onishi – Forest and Trees + Dynamics of the Subway
The following two works Forest and Trees and Dynamics of the Subway are by Japanese artist Keita Onishi. Born in Kamakura in 1980, Keita completed postgraduate studies at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2006. He is interested in the representation (auditory / visual), how image and music coexist. Full screen recommended.�Continue reading.... Keita Onishi – Forest and Trees
Tour de France 1927
Tour de France 1927, when things were so different.via biCyCle Store Paris


Close Votes: How Similar do Dutch Cities Vote?
Close Votes [tulpinteractive.com], developed by data visualization designer Jan-Willem Tulp, reveals the similarities of voting patterns between different cities in The Netherlands. Based on the results of the recent national elections, the size of each city bubble can be configured to correspond to its population size or voting similarity, while its location on the map can be determined by eit
I really need your help here…
We’re in the final stages voting for the winners of the Information is Beautiful Awards – and I really need your brains.The votes from the official judges votes are in – and man, it’s so tight. We’re biting our nails down to the wrist.The community acts as a meta-judge on the panel. Your votes will literally tip the balance one way or another.You get just one vote, for one piece across the whole
Open Data Cooking: Data Visualization that You Can Eat
The results of the long-awaited Open Data Cooking Workshop [data-cuisine.net] in Helsinki have been posted online. The workshop, organized by some very open-minded visualization fanatics, investigated new ways to represent data through the inherent characteristics of food, such as color, form, texture, smell, taste, nutrition or origin. The workshop encouraged participants to express data in con
Level of arousal and armadillo population density
It's another label-your-axes joke from SMBC. Yep, still funny. See also: this, this, and this.


Book Signing at Colette in Paris this Friday, September 28
I’m looking forward to meeting you there!
Chiara Ferragni Milan fashionweek series: day 5
Video of my fifth day of Milan fashionweek: Trussardi, Msgm, Calvin Klein, Missoni, Salvatore Ferragamo and Giorgio Armani. Enjoy! Video del quinto giorno di settimana della moda milanese: Trussardi, Msgm, Calvin Klein, Missoni, Salvatore Ferragamo e Giorgio Armani. Enjoy! You might also like:Thailand day 5On Glamour Italy, February issueDay 5: Niagara falls


Fans requested bigger breasts in Dead or Alive 5
Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi said earlier in the year that for Dead or Alive 5, the team was "trying to focus on the real women that surround us" and "being realistic" in the character designs for the new game.This may have been inspired by response from Tecmo's operations outside of Japan, according to a Gamasutra interview with DOA5 director Yohei Shimbori. "We were getting feedback from the
Quote of the Day – Lord British and a Fondness for Zynga
“Not just Zynga’s, but lots of social games use monetization strategies that, as a hardcore gamer, I find offensive, frankly,” Garriott admits. “I really don’t like games that constantly pester me to pay. I find it radically interferes with my suspension of disbelief. So, I’m devoted in the Ultimate RPG game to finding novel monetization strategies that don’t offend me like some of these do. Yet,
NBA Live 13 canceled by EA
EA Sports has canceled NBA Live 13. The company plans on taking a full year off to work on the next game in the series."But making great games is not easy, and we're just not there yet on NBA LIVE 13. Having continued to look at the game over the past few days, it's clear that we won't be ready in October," EA Sports Executive Vice President Andrew Wilson wrote in a news release today. "And rathe
Browser Game Pick: Game Developer Life
Jacob White's Game Developer Life may not offer a lot of variety, but it may very well offer a reality for a lot of developers. This not game for the Mini LD 37 jam also incorporates the real time theme. Depending on when you play the game, the developer could be up late at night or beginning a new day, ready to work on his or her project. The comments from the users also change slightly dependin


30 geeky ways to spruce up your nerd pad
BuzzFeed: Home decor for the inner nerd in all of us. Come on, admit it. You’d like at least half of these in your own nerd pad, wouldn’t you? I love #2 but #6 would make me break the door down. ∞ Read this on The Loop
Pogue on iOS 6 Maps
David Pogue: In short, Maps is an appalling first release. It may be the most embarrassing, least usable piece of software Apple has ever unleashed. Typical fanboy.  ★ 
Google faked NY address to make Apple Maps look bad
Stay classy Google. ∞ Read this on The Loop
Seen in the wild: An Apple trade show booth
Here at the Surge Conference in Baltimore, Md. I stumbled upon this Apple booth on the trade show floor. Sure, many of the developers and operations engineers attending the conference toted MacBooks of some sort, but Apple doesn’t show up at trade shows pitching its wares anymore. No, the guy was here recruiting for engineers to help with Apple’s iCloud product, which has had struggles that seem o


Sony brings Xperia Tipo and Xperia Tipo Dual to the US
Following the company’s Xperia acro S release, Sony has announced the impending US availability of its budget-level Xperia Tipo and Xperia Tipo Dual handsets. Currently available in Europe, the smartphones both sport an 800MHz single-core Snapdragon CPU, 512MB of RAM, a 3.2-inch HVGA (480×320) display and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The Xperia Tipo Dual, however, will feature two SIM slots, w
Google MyTracks updated, now supporting “pause” function and other goodies
After months of community comments and focus on the knowledge of traveling, it looks like Google MyTracks has been updated to give users a more enjoyable, and accurate atmosphere. For those who have never used MyTracks before, it is essentially a distance and speed recording tool. People that find more interest in riding bikes, running, or perform other types of recreational activities will be qu
Cricket Wireless adds ZTE Engage to Android roster
Cricket Wireless today announced that they will soon be offering their second Android 4.0 smartphone in the form of the ZTE Engage. Set to arrive on October 2, the handset features a 4.0-inch display, 1.4GHz processor, 8-megapixel camera, and mircoSD expansion. Priced at $249.99 without a contract, the ZTE Engage also comes with MUVE Music support, a 4GB microSD card with music, Bluetooth 2.1, and
Samsung postpones production of flexible AMOLED screens
Flexible AMOLED touch screens might be the next big thing in smartphone technology, but sadly, it looks like we’ll be waiting a bit longer for their arrival. Samsung is reportedly delaying the production of its flexible AMOLED screens due to issues with yields. Since Samsung has been aggressively pursuing these new screens, it stands to reason that we won’t see these flexible screens featured in s

do it yourself

Lazy Yet Crazy Tasty Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
The secret is that they aren't actually grilled, they're baked.  The only dishes that need to washed afterward: butter knife, a spoon, and a cookie sheet.  While it bakes, the house smells like an Italian restaurant. Gather Ingredients and Preheat Oven You will need: Bread (2 slices for each sand...By: iamtauniContinue Reading »
Recycled Tire Coffee Table
Repurposing my used truck tire into furniture was a great way to put a durable, used item to work for another lifetime. We haven't had a coffee table for a couple of years.  My need for one and my desire to build one met up one day while I was surfing the Internet.  I read a blurp about someone who...By: bigern00Continue Reading »
Hooray! Brit + Co. is Now Available on iPad and iPhone 5
Hot on the heels of the initial release of our Brit + Co. iPhone app, we’re already launching some big updates!First and foremost, all of you iPad fans out there can now download the Brit + Co. app for iPad. The structure is relatively similar to the iPhone app, but you will notice a much more iPad-friendly layout of the design and much bigger article pages for easy reading. We recommend lying in
Paper Triangle Web
This paper triangle web by Three Nations blog artist Marsha Golemac is reminding me of our own post right here on CRAFT and MAKE of my 3D Geometric wall sculpture. This trend is definitely growing with more and more geometric paper art sprouting up all over the place. Inspiring and so cool! Filed under: CRAFT, Home Decor, Home Decor, Paper Crafts


Herbaria (September 14, 2012)
I took a break from posting the Herbaria recently. I did continue shooting the photos so I am resuming where I left off a few weeks back. This week marks more tomatoes. All varieties have come in and many were already starting to wane at the time of this photo a few weeks back. It’s turning into a hustle to ensure that the remaining varieties as well as other frost tender plants make it into these
Tomato and Sage Bread Soup
These last days of the tomato harvest are fast approaching and I am finding myself increasingly careful about how I use up the remaining fresh fruit. This is it and then I am back to another 8-9 month wait before I get to taste the good stuff fresh again. It was with this late season panic infecting my brain that I decided I’d better get on enjoying a few last-minute tomato soups. My go-to, there-
garden resolutions: what i’ll do differently
AUTUMN, NOT NEW YEAR’S, is when I make my gardening resolutions. As I gradually pull things and cut others back, I’m deliberately contemplating what I’ll do differently next year: more of this, less of that—you know the thinking. I’m saying them out loud (well, here in print), in the hopes that I’ll actually track down some unusual-colored Nicotiana to add to the existing jumble here, explore more
finally! learning how to make vegetable soup
LIKE THE BEST RECIPES, it’s a hand-me-down, delivered in the best oral tradition: told to me over a meal, and recorded on a paper napkin. At breakfast with my old friend Irene Sax recently—a longtime food writer, and my former “Newsday” colleague—I was panicking about my late-summer vegetable glut, and she said: “Vegetable soup. I make it all the time, freeze it, and eat it every day for lunch.” A


Will The Future of Weddings Be Balloon-Free?
Imagine a world without balloons!  We love all kinds here at Martha Stewart Weddings: Giant 3-foot showstoppers, tiny mini ones, balloons that are tie-dyed, swirled, clear, metallic, and ...
This gay wedding at a children's museum wins the internet today
Daniel and Sauce were the first LGBTQ wedding at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. And let me tell you, their adorableness combined with that epic venue means this wedding will not disappoint. I had a perma-smile the entire time I looked at these photos. Daniel and Sauce are magnetic with their obvious love, match-y glasses, bow ties, and suspenders, and infectious laughter. I'm jealous o
Healdsburg Wedding at Barndiva from Leah Lee Photography
Wedding weekends fill my heart with happiness and maybe a huge dose of crazy envy. Because I adore weddings and I also adore a great vacation so when those two are all smooshed together into one fun-filled weekend surrounded by wine country and all your loved ones, it just makes sense. Leah Lee Photography captured all the Healdsburg festivities that include rosé sipping on the lawn and a stripe a
Pixelated Wedding Ideas
We were so delighted to see this little beauty of a shoot designed by Sweet Sunday Events and captured by Caroline Joy Photography land in our inbox! How fantastic is the giant impact of their large-scale paper backdrop? You can see how it immediately transforms the space, and better yet — Katy will be back shortly to help you make your very own pixelated backdrop! From Katy of Sweet Sunday Even

world news

Fernández visita Harvard tras un nuevo 'cacerolazo' en Buenos Aires
Las cacerolas han sonado de nuevo este jueves en los barrios más adinerados de Buenos Aires, como La Recoleta, contra el Gobierno de Cristina Fernández, informa desde la capital argentina Francisco Peregil. Desde el mes de junio se han sucedido este tipo de protestas para criticar la política económica del Ejecutivo y en especial sus restricciones a la compra de dolares y su salida al exterior. Ni
Binyamin Netanyahu demands 'red line' to stop Iran nuclear programme
Israel's prime minister tells UN general assembly that Iran is more than 70% of the way to producing a nuclear weaponIsrael's prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has called on the international community to set a "clear, red line" to stop Iran making a nuclear weapon, a line he claimed would be reached as early as next spring.To illustrate those claims, Netanyahu presented the UN general assembly
Raising Frogs for Freedom, Prison Project Opens Doors
Washington State’s Sustainability in Prisons program enlists inmates to help rescue imperiled species like the Oregon spotted frog.
Author: Rape a gift you didn't ask for
"This is How" author Augusten Burroughs sits in the CNN Red Chair to discuss sexual abuse, death, and surviving.


Kent Larson: Brilliant designs to fit more people in every city
Kent Larson: Brilliant designs to fit more people in every city How can we fit more people into cities without overcrowding? Kent Larson shows off folding cars, quick-change apartments and other innovations that could make the city of the future work a lot like a small village of the past.TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the wor
Paul Ryan, Deerhunter
Paul Ryan, Deerhunter When it comes to deer hunting, Mr. Ryan has casts himself as a die-hard. Now, that part of his profile is taking on more importance as the Republican presidential ticket looks to states like Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio, where Mr. Ryan and Mitt Romney are trailing in the polls. Janet Hook reports on the News Hub. From: WSJDigitalNetwork Views: 16 1 ratings Time: 04:03 Mor
Chasing Mavericks Frosty Trailer
Chasing Mavericks Frosty Trailer Chasing Mavericks in theaters October 26. Gerard Butler and Jonny Weston star in the inspirational true story of real life surfing phenom Jay Moriarity. From: NationalGeographic Views: 1 0 ratings Time: 02:32 More in Entertainment
Wholly Whack-a-Mole!
Wholly Whack-a-Mole! Ellen loves Wholly Guacamole, and she wanted to show all of the delicious foods it tastes good with. She demonstrated by showing some of her favorite people Wholly Guacamole looks good on. From: TheEllenShow Views: 2307 423 ratings Time: 02:01 More in Entertainment


Dishonored - Chapter 1
For the highly anticipated multi-platform title "Dishonored," Psyop and ROKKAN created an engrossing prequel series for Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios. The online series gives gamers a first-hand glimpse into the steampunk-inspired, shadowy whaling city of Dunwall, where plague is rampant and the city is in disarray and on the verge of dystopia. ROKKAN and Psyop worked very closely with
Isle Of Kaua'I :: Hawaii
Scuba diving, cliff jumping, doors-off helicopter, 8-hour waterfall hike, sea caves rafting, surfing, lei-making, and more! Testing out the capabilities of the GoPro Hero2 on a recent trip my girlfriend and I took to the gorgeous island of Kaua'i, Hawaii. 99% shot with GoPro Hero2 [720p, 60fps, 170º] 1% Canon 60D [18-135mm f3.5] Music: "Afternoon" by Youth Lagoon Edited with FCP7 and Magic Bullet
burn PRESENTS: Black Snow
Pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology, BLACK SNOW takes snowboarding to a new dimension. With the use of black light, LED and laser lights, burn Units Stale Sandbech, Ulrik Badertscher and Gigi Rüf are captured tearing it up inside of Europe’s largest snow dome alongside guest rider, Gulli Gudmundsson. Watch BLACK SNOW above. Step out of the darkness. burn.com for more info. Twit
Power Ball Trailer
An ancient evil threatens Planet Earth and 12-year-old Storm Curtis is the only one who has the power to summon Earth's defenses. Using the force of the earth's Underground Sun, he is thrown into an epic duel! Storm will answer the call of destiny, learn about team spirit and face the ups and downs of communal living - not so easy sharing the bathroom with a monkey! Get ready for Football like you


Original Hen watercolor painting - Chicken Art by SharonFosterArt
$25.00 USDOriginal watercolor painting on watercolor paper painted by the artist, Sharon Foster - ME! (c) Sharon Foster 2012 All rights reserved This is an original. Always 4 by 6 inchesOriginal - not a reproduction.
Chanel Vintage Bag - Art Print 8x10 by claireswilson
$20.00 USDTitle: Chanel Vintage BagThis is an Art Print!Materials: lightweight cardstock art paperSize: 8x10Date & Signature on back.Watermark will not be on original piece.Print will be sent to you via Canada Post in a clear acid free sleeve and a photo mailer for safe delivery.Copyright © Claire S. Wilson
iPhone 5 case includes screen protector and cleaning cloth. Pink Tardis design. Available in black or white by skinblaster
$13.99 USDPRE ORDER. STARTS SHIPPING ON OCTOBER 8th.**** CUSTOM ORDER AVAILABLE.*****If you want your name on my design, or you want your photo or art, let me know.********************************************INCLUDES SCREEN PROTECTOR & CLEANING CLOTH. Full Color case for your iPhone* Made from durable plastic and aluminium* Image printed in full color and high resolution with a thermal process
The Best of Chanel - Art Print 8x10 by claireswilson
$20.00 USDTitle: The Best of ChanelThis is an Art Print!Materials: lightweight cardstock art paperSize: 8x10Date & Signature on back.Watermark will not be on original piece.Print will be sent to you via Canada Post in a clear acid free sleeve and a photo mailer for safe delivery.Copyright © Claire S. Wilson

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