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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

30 September - Surfing

Electric bicycles Woosh in Southend on SeElectric bicycles Woosh in Southend on Se (Photo credit: Southend-on-Sea in Transition)
Yamaha FC Aqel,Yamaha FC Aqel, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Try fitting a family of 3 on one of these. The...Try fitting a family of 3 on one of these. Then do it every day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
XM3000 X-Treme scootersXM3000 X-Treme scooters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Electric scooter charging at a curbsi...English: Electric scooter charging at a curbside bike rack, Port Townsend, Washington, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Clean Energy Bike Français : Vélo Cle...English: Clean Energy Bike Français : Vélo Clean Energy Planet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A step up from the smaller pink bike. KinRi 中文...A step up from the smaller pink bike. KinRi 中文: 新日 Electric Scooter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Parking Electric Scooters @ ChengduParking Electric Scooters @ Chengdu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: An electric scooter is being charged ...English: An electric scooter is being charged - via a small charger and a regular Chinese 220 V plug - near a shop in Lanzhou (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Co.Exist.http://www.fastcoexist.com/ This site is focused on groundbreaking innovation, innovation that’s going to change the way we live and the resources we use. We’re for brash and creative solutions, that make everyone rich while helping the people of the world lead lovely, clean, and fulfilling lives.

Instead Of Oil Wars, What About Clean Energy Collaborations?

The Future Of Working From Home

Low-Income Housing That Anyone Would Love To Live In

This Is What A Toilet Looks Like When Bill Gates Is Involved

To Raise A Generation Of Creative Kids, Let Them Make Their Own Stories

What Exactly Is A Smart City?

An Extra Cheap Way To Get Salt Out Of Water Could Help Make The World Less Thirsty

Desalination is usually a hugely expensive and environmentally costly process, but this simple clay still just needs a little sunlight to render brackish water clean and delicious.


Forget Zipcar: Rent An Electric Scooter To Get There Faster

Electric Avenue

Forget Zipcar: Rent An Electric Scooter To Get There Faster

Is a new short-term scooter rental the true future of shared urban transportation?

 Zemanta -

5 reasons why you should consider blogging

I have learned over the past few years to doubt everything I hear and see in the media and every statement put out by police, goverments, NGOs, so-called "watch dog" agencies and "regulatory bodies". There is no organisation which can be trusted.

I have also learned that the police and the media have little or no interest in discovering the TRUTH about anything. They are only interested in strategically promoting their own interests. Sometimes this involves setting up a completely innocent person to take the fall in a criminal investigation.

If it is convenient, the media actually tell you something true, and sometimes the police actually do their job, but only when it suits them.

The point is, they don't CARE about the truth, but rather manipulate and exploit the public's naive faith in our institutions in order to assist their own criminal enterprises.

This dishonesty and amorality is like a cancer which has eaten right through to the core of the social framework, and yet, incredibly, the public is still naive and so easily led...
Reader Supported News shared a link.

  ( Case in point. We are taught to trust antibiotics, vaccines and toxins to the point where we think washing in germicide is healthful ! Yet proper nutrition is what poor countries use to fight disease. It works. )

Comparative anatomy of eating

Philip Wollen, Australian Philanthropist, Former VP of Citibank, Makes Blazing Animal Rights Speech

The Paleo Diet Is Uncivilized (And Unhealthy and Untrue)

Primates, including humans, have practiced hunting and gathering for millions of years. I know of no large populations of primates who have been strict vegans (ate no animal foods at all). However, plants have, with very few exceptions, provided the bulk of the calories for almost all primates. This truth has been unpopular in part because of a well-recognized human trait, sexism. Grandparents, women, and children did the gathering, while men hunted. Glory always goes to the hunters.

 Happy Cows : Behind the Myth

Global Classroom Update

Global Classroom Update: 22.9.2012

Are you ready for Global Classroom 2012-13?

It’s time to update your contact details, and start sharing your project ideas & stories with the world. We will be officially launching our new project in late October, early November 2012.



1) Welcome to Global Classroom 2012-13

The 2012-13 project is finally upon us, and is set to run from October 2012- July 2013.

I have yet to pin down the date and time for the official project launch presentation, but NOW is a great time for teachers to start contributing projects to our wiki, and to start joining & engaging in our online spaces, particularly after the Northern Hemisphere summer break.

We hope you will take the time to introduce yourselves in our teacher spaces, and share your goals, stories, and ideas for the year ahead.

This is the first of the occasional (usually monthly) #globalclassroom updates for 2012-13, so please feel free to share with your colleagues via email, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, etc.

2) “Working in the Global Classroom” - LIVE Presentation at the #ACEC2012 Conference in Perth, Western Australia.

On October 3, 2012 (evening October 2, 2012 - Americas), Michael Graffin (@mgraffin) and Nigel Mitchell (@1nbm) will be presenting on “Working in the Global Classroom: A Guide to Connecting & Collaborating Globally”.

We expect to stream this presentation LIVE on UStream, beginning at 10AM local time (GMT+8) - http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-mgraffin-channel#events.

Click here to find out when this is in YOUR time-zone (10.15PM EST).

We will be providing our international colleagues an opportunity to participate in the development of our crowd-sourced “Guide to Global Collaborative Projects” (in Google Docs). Links & information will be shared on twitter & our blog on October 1-2, 2012.

3) Changes to the #globalclassroom community spaces for 2012-13

  • We now have a presence on Google Plus (click here). Please add us to your circles - particularly if you’d like to participate in the upcoming #globalclassroom hangout series (launching by early 2013).

  • We have a new dedicated project Twitter account - please follow @gcporganisers.

  • Teachers who sign into Skype on a regular basis, at home / school are invited to join the Global Classroom Skype group.

  • If you’re new to the Global Classroom, please visit our updated “Community Spaces” wiki page for a complete overview of how we work.

Please add the Global Classroom Logo to your website / professional / class blogs. We have purchased a copyright license for use for promoting the Global Classroom community

You can find instructions & HTML embed code here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i5tli7mmiqanhze/How%20to%20add%20The%20Global%20Classroom%20Logo%20to%20your%20Blog%20Sidebar.docx

4) Updating our Teacher Contact Directories

2012-13 will be the first year we share our Teacher Contact Directories on the wiki - these will be available to signed-in wiki members ONLY. Instructions on how to access will be posted on the wiki by the end of next week.

These directories will be EDITABLE until early November 2012. Direct links will be shared by email today.

Please take this opportunity to update, modify, or remove your contact details from our database as you see fit.

5) NEW --> Events Calendar & Participant Map

Please add our Events Calendar to your personal calendar. We are using this calendar to share event announcements, twitter chats, presentations, etc.

We’d also appreciate if you’d take a moment to add a pin to our Participant Map. Please email me @ globalclassroomorganisers@gmail.com if you have any problems.

6) Global Classroom Scrapbook Update

The #globalclassroom scrapbooks are continuing their journeys around the world. Having visited Romania, Brasil, Guatemala, the United Kindom, South Africa, and Australia, they are currently visiting schools in Australia & the United States.

Future destinations include Greece, Taiwan, India, Nepal, Japan, Indonesia, Honduras, and New Zealand. It is expected that this project will run at least until Dec 2013, early 2014.

This project has been expensive to set-up, so I’d like to thank those members who contribute to the project fundraiser. You have helped to ensure the long-term viability, and expansion of this project, with a third scrapbook recently embarking on its international journey.

You can see pictures of the books on our Google Plus page, and new photos will be added shortly. If you have a few dollars to spare, I’d sincerely appreciate any donations via my PayPal widget on the Global Classroom Mementos Wiki. Thank you.

7) Guest Posts on The Global Classroom Project blog

  • If you write about global collaboration, or have a #globaled story or experience to share, we would be delighted to feature your work on the project blog. If you have been added as an author in the past, you are more than welcome to blog for us on a more regular basis.
  • I will occasionally ask people to share their stories, but would prefer the suggestions to come from you - our teachers. If you see / write something interesting in #globaled,  please drop me a link on Twitter (or just use the #globalclassroom hashtag) …
  • This year, I am particularly keen to feature students’ writing / learning products / blog posts / videos, sharing them with authentic global audiences.
  • With your help, I can continue transforming this blog into a shared, vibrant community resource. Thank you.

8) New Project Email List / Google Group

We have replaced the separate #globalclassroom google groups with one single email address for K-12 teachers. This address is used to share occasional news updates, project opportunities, and requests to connect with #globalclassroom teachers.

This group makes it a LOT EASIER for Project Organisers to keep in touch with you, particularly now this project now involves nearly 350 teachers from 35 countries around the world.

You can sign up, and modify your delivery options, here. Please include your name / Twitter ID, to help us fight spammers. If we have added you to the group, and you don’t want to be there, please email  globalclassroomorganisers@gmail.com.

9) Do you have any photos - of skype exchanges, projects, your classrooms, students, that we can use in upcoming presentations?

With no less than 3 upcoming presentations, I’m looking to build up my library of #globalclassroom project images. Any pics / videos you can spare would be greatly appreciated. Please email them to globalclassroomorganisers@gmail.com,

Thank you!

10) Global Education Conference 2012

We are proud to announce that The Global Classroom Project is now an official Conference Partner for #GlobalEd12, which will be held from November 12-17, 2012.

We strongly encourage teachers in the #globalclassroom community to submit a presentation. You can find the submission instructions here.

We will be presenting on The Global Classroom Project. See our presentation proposal for more information.



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And a post noted by Mack 

.All people of this planet know what i am typing, we are ALL waiting on America to wake up for this country has forgotten the most and is blinded by distractions left and right... this is the nature of the new world order, england and american military take all your money and give it with arms in foriegn countries to disrupt their life so said military can go in and take over! Do you know as of yesterday, america has given over 200 million dollars to syria over the last couple months... that syria is a neutral sovereign country, has been forever and these foriegn countries create and arm opposition groups to create instability! If This doesn't get people in the streets, So 174 million has gone to this oppostion, this is what our military accuses the terrorist of doing and america and england is doing the same... i'll tell you the truth and let it be known that Amreica and England has always been doing this and they a

re the ONLY ones doing this and just pegging others for the deed, This is why they are running scared because they realize you don't win when you go to war with truth, hate is shown the Exit door this time! for the remainder of the millions aboutone third has gone to what they called"non violent groups and two thirds of 76million went to humanitarian causes.


Reader Supported News shared a link.


  Godlike Productions

Report: Water Scarcity Necessitates Near Vegetarian Diet

( This is a very 'politically correct' idea. Not that drinking water is not becoming ever more scarce due to chemical pollution such as that liberated from underground containment by  fracking bedrock, for example. Years ago when I lived in the Camrose area, a well that spurted uncontrollably unless equipped with special check equipment for dissolved nitrogen, also developed coal sediment after seismic crews worked their magic.  )

T.A. McDonnell a month ago

This magnificent speech by ex-Citibank financier Philip Wollen is a
mere 10 minutes in length, but its breadth and depth are


Other excellent links:


"As long as there are
slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields."
Leo Tolstoy
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