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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

8 September - Facebook Notes by John


International Rivers

Evidence of assuring political conformity and suppressing free thought and public discussion.

If you are like most Americans, the weather forecast on tonight's evening news may be your only exposure to science all day. And there's a good chance that your trusted local weathercaster is your only regular source of information on climate change. This seeming monopoly on the public's exposure to a critical issue has consequences, according to environmental advocates. Recent studies have found that more than half...
60 years ago my grandfather, a retired cop who had had his share of 'domestics' when the complaining parent attacked interceding officers put it this way : Law which intrudes on family cohesion is against the public interest.
Did you ever actually read 'Oliver Twist' and understand that it was a real life example of the cautionary tale against the abuse of the state? For centuries families of the poor had ended up in workhouses because the cost of orphanages included maladjustment of the children as adults in society.
Regulations do not exist in a vacuum. They are tools of bureaucracy and corruption. It took 150 years of activism to close child prisons.

Have you ever considered the sanity of proposing that a client receiving nuclear fuel and technology from the country that spiked U.S. deployment of nuclear missiles in Turkey via NATO by preparing to equip Cuba the same way...is insufficient to control nuclear proliferation in its back yard?
That the client country has then instituted a voluntary program to show the world by inspection by a third party...funded lately by the USA...that it is not using technology geared to power generation to magically morph into weapons tech?
No. The insult that cannot be forgiven is that a subject state proclaimed its independence from its U.S. overseer...and proceeded to show itself as not being a danger to its neighbours via WMD. That light of truth is insufferable except it is supported by another country which does have WMD. Russia.
In 2007, Washington’s Mid East hawks went berserk over a National Intelligence Estimate (N.I.E.) which asserted that, in
Read up on the NPT TRAP The biggest problem about Iran is that it consistently affirms opposition to nuclear weapons technology...and criticizes Israeli illegal settlements and nuclear arsenal.
The hawks on the American Enterprise Institute’s foreign policy team are usually
He's locked into that by a protocol followed slavishly from one administration to the next. Recall Bush's 'Axis of Evil' They were the countries which tried to guarantee no weapons would come from atomic power...while using US technology which is based on creating them as a byproduct.The reasoning is laid out in the NPT TRAP ( and the acronym should surprise you at least mildly when you find what it really is ).


Apparently we can rely on Kevin Schmidt to repeatedly reiterate an obvious slur : that anyone following the principles of Scientific Method to properly dispute the idea that a change based on computer math games is immune to the usual caveat of G.I.G.O.; or Garbage In = Garbage Out; must of necessity be paid agent of environmental despoilers. After all, there is absolutely no way to verify that the whole scenario is not gobbledegook designed to raise an international energy tax payable to the IPCC.
Note that if the premise were real, this would result in less money available for adapting to other energy schemes - if any actually work. Not that there is any shortage of other people flogging the same trope - a Red Flag that free discussion is being impeded. Nor do Search Returns seem to cooperate with requests for dissenting views.
Ahem. You wouldn't consider a trial to be properly run if differing theories were not considered. Conflating allied concerns - environmental despoilation/resource depletion- with a tax scheme known to hinder business and run up charges on unproven schemes while opening up a market for trading in a chimera alleged to be consensus ( that's politics, not science ) and prosecuted for fraudulent trading since 2005 should raise hackles - especially when the economy can't operate under less restrictive terms.
How can one prove a model is properly constructed in the first place...let alone that there is valid technique of extrapolation when results are not available to be checked?
I've followed geopolitics and energy monopolism for a while now. This is very much market related....and the screams of anguish have scarcely started.
I can't deal with the topic properly in comments. Global Research.ca has kept a section on this - and Prof Chussdovsky is both a disbeliever and an intelligence analyst. CFACT is blunt about having corporate connections. Do not believe they have no concern for policies that work. And I continue to post related articles in addition to a file - though much of its content has been lost.
BTW The teacher who had his students assemble a study titled 'on the gargantuan lie of climate change science' http://activistteacher.blogspot.com/2011/03/on-gargantuan-lie-of-climate-change.html is fighting a wrongful dismissal at Carleton University. Nor is the only one to note a flogging of climate scaremongering at the highest levels. Meanwhile - the latest summary Predicting the Course of Climate Change Over the Next Decade http://www.co2science.org/articles/V14/N43/C2.php

Let's get my position straight.
Big Oil is destroying the planet. International destruction by 'resource extraction' of all kinds is scarce to be believed. But...playing into a game where the thieves who cause the problem are going to sol
ve it is not credible.
So when I say motives are suspect, I have more than carbon credit fraud to go on. But first you have to be willing to examine the topic instead of claiming 'there is no dissent.'
I've found lots.
There's more than one file or post about this. Find what most ignore by using the guide opitslinkfest.blogspot.com > Topical Index>Climate in Contention
Now you have files with sample articles on both environmental assault and also political ballyhoo.
photo via flickr The climate change movement is bigger than any one man or woman, but like it or not, no one is more associated with global warming than Al Gore. He's spoken with a prophetic voice for decades
Dad 2059  I commented on your depleted uranium post on my page John. Criminal act it is.

Robots and UFOs

 Dominguez heard his dog bark. The family pet, ominously named “Satán”, was outside the house barking at an object near to fence that encircled the property. Dominguez realized described it as a box-like contraption resembling a washing machine or small refrigerator, taller than the fence by a few inches. It had neither head nor appendages. The curious object disappeared when Dominguez armed himself with courage and a flashlight and stepped outside for a closer look. However, he made a startling remark to J.J. Benítez: “the dog would bark at it and the object, from the very edge of the fence, would answer it with a very slow “bark” that was slower and muted. It may seem ridiculous, but I swear it’s true. We got the sensation that the thing was imitating our dog.”
The following day, while returning from school, Jose Francisco Dominguez excitedly told his father that a patch of burned vegetation was now in evidence at the site where the red “taillights” had been seen the night before: in fact, a patch measuring some five square meters of desiccated–rather than burned –grass was found in a field. The case attracted the interest of a number of local newspapers, which in turn prompted government ministries to take an interest in it. Subsequent analysis revealed no traces of radiation at the site.
Rodriguez is adamant that the silvery presence he saw in the spring of 1974 “wasn’t a person – it was artificial. I think it was a sort of robot that came out of a flying saucer and answered to its commands,” he told Iker Jiménez and viewers of the Cuarto Milenio television program.

Machines From Elsewhere: Robots and UFOs

Hat tip to the Daily Grail.

Is Ufology a Religion?

Throughout all this there has been little commentary about the permanent effect of the process : fracturing bedrock. There are reports of health effects from groundwater pollution and little thought to what we are to drink. That doesn't even begin to note the toxic substances injected into the wells. If Gasland didn't make you think there are other resources http://www.earthworksaction.org/pubs/DrinkingWaterAtRisk.pdf http://www.register-herald.com/marcellus/x962029419/Fracking-chemicals http://www.journeyoftheforsaken.com/fracpage.htm
The lead story in the New York Times 
Oil Found Deep in Gulf's Water and Food Chain
Researchers from the University of South Florida found oil in plankton in the northern Gulf. Plankton are tiny organisms which many larger species such as fish consume in order to stay alive. If plankton numbers plunge, there could be a similar impact on all the species which depend on them. One of the scientists from the University, David Hollander said, “The idea that this could have an impact on the food web and on the biological system is certainly a reality.”
Plankton contaminated with oil will also be ingested by fish, that will in turn contain trace amounts of oil. Toxins are thought to be passed on from smaller to larger fish that eat them. Eventually this process of  bioaccumulation can result in humans consuming the toxins. The FDA declared seafood from the Gulf safe to eat, but even some Louisiana fisherman said they had doubts about that being true at this stage.

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