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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

19 September - Blogs I'm Following II

CORNWALL, PA- JUNE 16: Supporters of President...
CORNWALL, PA- JUNE 16: Supporters of President Barack Obama exchange words with a supporter of Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney before his campaign event at the Cornwall Iron Furnace on June 16, 2012 in Cornwall, Pennsylvania. Mr. Romney continues hs campaign swing through battle ground states as he competes with President Barack Obama for votes. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

  The promised ( should I make that warned about  ) change has been made to Blogger Dashboard. Consequently the feed parameters are different. Here's a 10:30 pm SnapShot covering the past 10 hours )

 Israel stages largest snap exercise in years

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 50 seconds ago
*The Israeli army staged its largest snap exercise in recent years, deploying troops in the occupied Golan Heights as contingency planning for possible conflicts with Iran and Syria. * Thousands of soldiers were summoned from their homes during the night after the Jewish new year holiday and flown to the territory, which Israel captured from Syria during the Six-Day War of 1967. The unannounced manoeuvres come a week before Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York where he is expected to give warning that time is runn... more »

Tens of thousands of Israeli reservists called up for no-warning surprise Golan drill

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 50 seconds ago
Reservists drafted at no notice, Air Force, Central Command and other IDF units were flown to Israel’s northern Golan border early Wednesday, Sept. 19, for a surprise exercise called by Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz under the codename “National Asset.” The official IDF announcement tried to downplay its importance, describing it as a “planned, routine event.” However, debkafile’s military sources say the war game is the biggest the IDF has conducted in the eight years since the second Lebanon war on Hizballah in 2006, with tens of thousands of soldiers and senior officers, in... more »

Romney says his campaign's for "100 percent" of America

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 11 minutes ago
*(Reuters) - Seeking to recover from his disparaging remarks about the half of the country that gets government benefits, Republican Mitt Romney said on Wednesday his presidential campaign was about helping the "100 percent" in America.* In a fundraising speech in Atlanta and a television interview in Miami, Romney said he would do a better job of helping the poor than President Barack Obama. Advisers said Romney would step up the pace of his campaigning as the tight presidential contest enters its final seven weeks. "My campaign is about the 100 percent in America and I'm concerne... more »

Beto O'Rourke-- What Leadership Sounds Like

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 26 minutes ago
While the whole blogosphere was exploding Tuesday over the major *NY Times*editorial, Mitt Romney, Class Warrior, Blue America was showcasing the antidote to the kind of bigoted self-interest displayed in the Romney Campaign-- the next generation of American political leadership. Our guest was Beto O'Rourke, the 39 year old City Councilman from El Paso who came out of the blue-- deep blue-- and defeated longtime incumbent Silvestre Reyes in the Democratic primary and is now poised to bring his reform agenda to a place that needs it even more than El Paso ever did: Washington, DC. A... more »

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake LOYALTY ISLANDS - 20th September 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 26 minutes ago
A magnitude 4.7 earthquake has struck the LOYALTY ISLANDS at a depth of 31.9 km (19.8 miles), the quake hit at 03:32:40 UTC Thursday 20th September 2012 The epicenter was 157 km (98 miles) NNW from Tadine, Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

Pamela Geller: Anti-Muslim Adverts To Run In New York Subway

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 26 minutes ago
*The head of a group that has won its fight to run controversial adverts in New York subway stations referring to some Muslims as "savage" has told Sky News that she will fight "to the death" for the right to offend people. * Pamela Geller runs the American Freedom Defence Initiative (AFDI), which has taken out ads that read: "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad." The posters are due to appear in ten New York City subway stations next week. They were initially rejected by the New York City Metropolitan Transit ... more »

Battle of Armageddon For Dummies: How To Engineer A World War In Six Easy Steps

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 29 minutes ago
* 1. Create Mythologies of Terror* Set up competing mythologies, cosmologies, and totalitarian ideologies in different countries - political Islam in Iran, Zionism in Israel, and * Counter-Terrorism* in America. Facts and truths that contradict these three narratives and mythologies *must be suppressed* and discredited as *crazy "conspiracy theories."* *2. Produce False Flag Deceptions, Mass Kill Innocent People, And Exploit The Collective Grief * Stage false flag events that create division and hate between civilizations, and unity inside the country. *Politically exploit* the... more »

US Links Al Qaeda To Libya Attack

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 36 minutes ago
*Intelligence sources believe that the deadly attack on an American consulate in Libya was directly linked to al Qaeda, with a former Guantanamo inmate involved, according to US media reports.* Fox News said officials had revealed the connection on the same day a top Obama administration official called the assault in Benghazi a "terrorist attack", after it had previously been described as a spontaneous act. America's ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and three other US officials died as rocket-propelled grenades were fired into the compound on the 11th anniversary of the Septemb... more »

4.0 Magnitude Earthquake CENTRAL TURKEY - 20th September 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 41 minutes ago
A magnitude 4.0 earthquake has struck CENTRAL TURKEY at a depth of 22 km (13.6 miles), the quake hit at 01:10:29 UTC Thursday 20th September 2012 The epicenter was 27 km (16.7 miles) Southwest of Pazarcik, Turkey No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

4.3 Magnitude Earthquake OFFSHORE EL SALVADOR - 20th September 2012

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 44 minutes ago
A magnitude 4.3 earthquake has struck OFFSHORE EL SALVADOR at a depth of 77.4 km (48.1 miles), the quake hit at 01:51:15 UTC Thursday 20th September 2012 The epicenter was 32 km (19 miles) South of Acajutla, El Salvador No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 46 minutes ago
“Gorgeous spiral galaxy NGC 3521 is a mere 35 million light-years away, toward the constellation Leo. Relatively bright in planet Earth's sky, NGC 3521 is easily visible in small telescopes but often overlooked by amateur imagers in favor of other Leo spiral galaxies, like M66 and M65. It's hard to overlook in this colorful cosmic portrait, though. *Click image for larger size. * Spanning some 50,000 light-years the galaxy sports characteristic patchy, irregular spiral arms laced with dust, pink star forming regions, and clusters of young, blue stars. Remarkably, this deep image ... more »

"12 Rules for Being a Human Being"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 hour ago
*"12 Rules for Being a Human Being"* by Marc "Don’t try to be perfect. Just be an excellent example of being human. Here are a few things to keep in mind: *1. Growth requires pain.* Be patient and tough, someday this pain will be useful to you. Those with the strength to succeed in the long run are the ones who lay a firm foundation of growth with the bricks that life has thrown at them. So don’t be afraid to fall apart for a little while. Because when it happens, the situation will open an opportunity for you to grow and rebuild yourself into the brilliant person you are... more »

US Navy's message on "Talk Like a Pirate Day" (And the Coming Crisis' Response)

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 1 hour ago
*The US Navy issued the following message today on Facebook: * "Today is 'Talk Like a Pirate Day.' We highly recommend that you DO NOT talk like a pirate." (Accompanied by the above image.) *May the Coming Crisis also offer a message:* "Today is 'Talk Like a Pirate Day,' and the definition of 'Pirate' remains highly subjective." *One should never let fleeting, fickle, and often over-estimated strength sap one of the humility needed to preserve the true victories of justice and truth. * *Tyranny and hubris, and not armies, are what ultimately hand empires their defeats.*

US Navy's message on "Pirate Day"

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 1 hour ago
*The US Navy issued the following message today on Facebook: * "Today is 'Talk Like a Pirate Day.' We highly recommend that you DO NOT talk like a pirate." (Accompanied by the above image.) *May the Coming Crisis also offer a message:* "Today is 'Talk Like a Pirate Day,' and the definition of 'Pirate' remains highly subjective." *One should never let fleeting, fickle, and often over-estimated strength sap one of the humility needed to preserve the true victories of justice and truth. Tyranny and hubris, and not armies, are what ultimate hand empires their defeats.*

King Pu-tsung is...new envoy to the US?

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 1 hour ago
Ma appoints longtime hatchetman and political strategist King Pu-tsung as envoy to the US. Say what? That's rather like Bush appointing Karl Rove as Ambassador to Russia. Former Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) secretary-general King Pu-tsung (金溥聰) will take over the position from Jason Yuan (袁健生), who will assume the post of secretary-general of the National Security Council, following the resignation of council head Hu Wei-chen (胡為真). ..... *King, 57, has been one of Ma’s closest aides since joining his campaign team and helping him win the Taipei mayoral election in 1997*. He pr... more »

The Poet: Rainer Maria Rilke, "Beyond Undoing"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 hour ago
*"Beyond Undoing"* "Why, then have to be human? Oh, not because happiness exists, Nor out of curiosity... But because being here means so much; Because everything here, Vanishing so quickly, seems to need us, And strangely keeps calling to us... To have been Here once, completely, even if only once, To have been at one with the earth - This is beyond undoing." ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Paulo Coelho, "The Mouse And The Books"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 hour ago
*"The Mouse And The Books"* by Paulo Coelho "When I was interned in Dr. Eiras Hospital, I began to have panic crises. One day, I decided to consult the psychiatrist in charge of my case: “Doctor, I am overcome by fear; it takes from me the joy of living”. “Here in my office there is a mouse that eats my books”, said the doctor. “If I get desperate about this mouse, he will hide from me and I will do nothing else in life but hunt him. Therefore, I put the most important books in a safe place and let him gnaw some others. In this way, he is still a mouse and does not become a mons... more »

IDEAS / Bill Meacham : The Human Virtue

thorne dreyer at The Rag Blog - 1 hour ago
Image from The Planning Notepad. The human virtue We humans have an ability that goes well beyond what any other animal can do: we can turn our attention to ourselves. By Bill Meacham / The Rag Blog / September 20, 2012 So far we have seen that humans are like other animals, but amplified significantly. We have greater intelligence and hence greater technology, greater culture, and greater

Neurolinguistic programming

Bill Robertson at GlobaLove Think Tank - 1 hour ago
Hackers are sending messages over the Internet that bypass the usual centers for linguistic processing. They travel along the optic or auditory nerve and go directly into the deep structures of the brain ..those areas responsible for carrying-out parsing operations native to all languages. These messages arrive in their native state ..just out of the reach of the predicates of logic. Like a Trojan horse ..they deliver instructions that basically shred conditioned passageways in the brain, which causes the recipient to start raving incoherently. Like a virus .. anyone hearing the rav... more » 
Like a virus .. anyone hearing the rav... more »

Chet Raymo, “Moments of Being”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 2 hours ago
*“Moments of Being”* by Chet Raymo “A passage from the "Pensees" of Teilhard de Chardin: "Though the phenomena of the lower world remain the same- the material determinisms, the vicissitudes of chance, the laws of labor, the agitations of men, the footfalls of death- he who dares to believe reaches a sphere of created reality in which things, while retaining their habitual texture, seem to be made out of a different substance. Everything remains the same so far as phenomena are concerned, but at the same time everything become luminous, animated, loving..." Whatever we think of... more »

kim rivera to be deported from canada tomorrow. our struggle continues.

laura k at wmtc - 2 hours ago
As you may have heard, the Federal Court has denied Kimberly Rivera a stay of removal and leave to appeal. Kim and her family are scheduled to leave Canada tomorrow. We continue to call on Immigration Minister Jason to stop this injustice. Please continue to call and email Minister Kenney. Urge him to stop this deportation, which will result in a family being torn apart. Phone: 613-954-1064 Fax: 613-957.2688 Email: jason.kenney@parl.gc.ca, minister@cic.gc.ca If you are as angry about this injustice as I am, please consider responding to an important feature story about the Riveras ... more »

Mitt-wit Apologizes to 47%

2old2care at Because I Can - 2 hours ago
*NOT* This is snark – if you aren’t familiar with The Onion SALT LAKE CITY—Seeking to limit the fallout from a videotaped speech in which he asserts 47 percent of Americans “pay no taxes” and do not take “personal responsibility and care for their lives,” Mitt Romney hastily called a press conference today to apologize personally to the “150 million starving, filthy beggars [he] might have offended.” “First and foremost, I would like to offer a heartfelt apology to all the whores, junkies, bums, and grime-covered derelicts out there who make up nearly half our nation,” a visibly co... more »

The complete, unedited Romney fundraiser tapes

Libby Spencer at The Impolitic - 2 hours ago
By now you've probably seen Mother Jones release of the complete Romney tapes from his fateful fundraiser. I'm going to post them here anyway, for archival purposes. Part One Part Two There was a small camera glitch in the recording so about two minutes of the entire speech are missing. This *vital* omission was immediately seized upon by the Might Hit Trolling Brigade of the far right as proof positive of O'Keefe inspired deceitful editing. The valiant keyboardists of Wingtopia thus declared the video thoroughly debunked. Much chest bumping among the ranks ensured. Unsurpris... more »

Paulsen (MN-ALEC) Arrogant ALEC Congressional Candidate

2old2care at Because I Can - 2 hours ago
(my emphasis throughout) What happens when you get a cocky ALEC member in office – and the Koch brothers have told him he will win and the polls are telling him he is ahead – HE refuses to debate his opponent in an open forum. Erik Paulsen doesn’t say much - not to the people of Minnesota who pay the taxes - that pay his real salary. He doesn’t have time to explain himself to us mortals – he is one of the ALEC gods that hangs around with other ALEC gods. In fact if you look at his webpage for his run for re-election to Congress – he doesn’t even have an issues page. Why – cause hi... more »

EADS and BAE Systems discuss merger to create world’s largest defense and security group

Mark Daniels at GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING - 2 hours ago
Madison Ruppert, *Contributor* Two large defense contractors, BAE Systems plc and European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V. (EADS), are currently negotiating a potential merger which would create by far the world’s largest aerospace and defense company, dwarfing even the behemoth American war profiteers like Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman and Boeing. According to Defense Update, BAE Systems and EADS would actually operate under “a dual listed company structure” under which they would both be operating as one group while still being listed separately on exchanges. ... more »

"Iranian Quds Force poses threat to U.S. homeland": Fact or fiction?

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 2 hours ago
Iran’s extremist militias and their proxies were behind a recent string of terror attacks against Israeli diplomatic targets around the globe and might seek to strike the United States, U.S. counterterrorism officials said Wednesday. “We have seen an uptick in operational activity by the Quds Force over the last year or so,” National Counter-Terrorism Center Director Matthew G. Olsen told a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Mr. Olsen said the Quds Force, the elite division of the Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps responsible for ope... more »

Al Jazeera: Epidemic of violence against Native American women

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 3 hours ago
Justice denied for Native American women*Can legislation help end violence against indigenous women in the US?* ** *The Stream Al Jazeera* http://stream.aljazeera.com/story/justice-denied-native-american-women-0022344 In the US, Native American women are facing an epidemic of sexual assault and violence. One in three reports being the victim of a rape or attempted rape and Native American women are also 10 times more likely to be murdered than other groups of women in the US. Most of the attacks are also reported to be perpetrated by a person of another race. Why is this happening? ... more »

Will TN Dems Be the First to Discover That Segregated Charters May Be a Political Issue?

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 3 hours ago
Since Billionaire Bill Haslam chose one of Jeb Bush's "Chiefs of Change" as his Education Commissioner, Kevin Huffman, or the former Mr. Michelle Rhee, has been working overtime to crush teachers' academic freedom, due process, and job security in Tennessee. He has zealously pursued, too, the expansion of segregated corporate charters, and with the help of Haslam's rubber stamp in the State Treasurer's office, of all places, 17 new charters that the Memphis Board had rejected in the early Spring were approved on appeal in April of 2012. Even though they knew better, the State of ... more »

This Pic Of Prince William Is In Many Ways MORE Disturbing Than Pics Of Prince Harry's Bare Arse

leftdog at Buckdog - 3 hours ago
*Prince William ... future King of England ... visiting former colonial minions in Africa. Abolish the Monarchy! Abolish privilege!*

Crazy like a fox: That Willard gins up an insanity defense! Plus hot graphics for the 2012 GOP campaign

KenInNY at DownWithTyranny! - 3 hours ago
*The style may be a trifle retro, but doesn't this cartoon by Syd Hoff capture the nuances of Republican thinking about unions -- and malcontents generally. (Hat tip to Mayor Mike and New York's Finest for their OWS work.) * *by Ken* What happens when one candidate in a presidential campaign has to be locked up in the booby hatch? Do they call the election off, or what? Bear with me for a moment. AmericaBlog's John Aravosis has a theory about the Incorporated Willard that seems to me almost irrefutable in its simplicity and plausibility: "Romney's poor management skills aren't a ga... more »

Jesus married? Who the hell knows?

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 3 hours ago
[image: image]Jesus married? Who knows? Why do I ask? Because a previously unknown scrap of ancient papyrus written in ancient Egyptian Coptic includes the words: "Jesus said to them, my wife…" And that news has made headlines, despite that being virtually *all* that’s said on that tiny scrap of papyrus, seen at right being cuddled by Professor King. That hasn’t stopped her making hay from her slim blade of grass: King said the fragment, unveiled at the Tenth International Congress of Coptic Studies, provided the first evidence that some early Christians believed Jesus had been ... more »

The Sacred and the Profane

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator - 3 hours ago

The Tungsten Filled Gold Bar Scam Is Back.... Tungsten Filled 10oz Gold Bar Found In Middle Of Manhattan's Jewelry District!

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 3 hours ago
About two years ago, I and others in the real truth movement informed everyone of the discovery of Tungsten filled gold bars, and what that swindle meant for the trading of physical Gold and the entire Gold market. We warned everyone that the United States and several other countries were behind this dastardly deed, and had carried out this swindle for years... But the story slowly disappeared and there has not been any more reports about this crime.. Until NOW!! I want to present the following article from the Blacklisted News website, at www.blacklistednews.com, entitled: "Tungste... more »

RAG RADIO / Thorne Dreyer : Storied Texas Civil Rights Attorney David Richards

thorne dreyer at The Rag Blog - 3 hours ago
Texas civil rights lawyer David Richards in the KOOP studios in Austin, Friday, Sept. 14, 2012. Photo by Thorne Dreyer / The Rag Blog. Inset below: Richards, right, with Rag Radio host Thorne Dreyer. Photo by Tracey Schulz / Rag Radio. Rag Radio podcast: Famed Texas civil rights and labor lawyer David Richards  By Rag Radio / The Rag Blog / September 19, 2012 Texas civil rights and labor

Human Rights Watch: "Syrian Rebels" Guilty of Torture, Murder

Mark Daniels at GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING - 3 hours ago
*As West's narrative unravels - cognitive infiltration begins. * Tony Cartalucci, *Contributor* US, UK, NATO, Saudi, and Israeli backed terrorists carrying out a campaign of systematic atrocities in Syria have finally been acknowledged and reported on by Human Rights Watch, who has for nearly 2 years intentionally portrayed the conflict as one-sided violence carried out by the Syrian government alone. With evidence and admissions emerging that the so-called "Syrian rebels" are in fact Libyan terrorists, armed, funded, and flown in by NATO to cross into Syria and attack government... more »

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - Episode 1

Mark Daniels at GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING - 4 hours ago
*YouTube - UCYTV* 50 Marines sent to Libya after American diplomats killed, Egyptians fly al Qaeda flag in Cairo - http://endthelie.com/2012/09/12/50-marines-sent-to-libya-after-american-diplo... *Central Banks are the Real Target for West's Imperial Wars: * http://globalpoliticalawakening.blogspot.com/2012/09/central-banks-are-real-target-for-wests.html For information on Brandon's brand new book, *Dispatches From a Dissident -- Articles From the Infowar,* visit: http://globalpoliticalawakening.blogspot.com/2012/07/dispatches-from-dissident-articles-from.html For Brandon Turbevill... more »

"The Consequences You Sow: Action and Effect"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
*"The Consequences You Sow: * *Action and Effect"* by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM "We should strive always to speak, think, and behave with great thoughtfulness and compassion. All motive and action affects the cosmos in some way. The principle of cause and effect is the truth that allows us to change ourselves and the world around us for the better. However, this same universal law is also at work when change is not at the forefront of our minds. Our intentions flow forever outward in the form of energy, affecting both the people closest to us and billions of individuals we wi... more »


mollymew at Molly'sBlog - 4 hours ago
*A MOLLY POINT OF VIEW:* *PREDICTABLE AND OTHERWISE PART 1:* For many years I have held a rather heretical (in the usual lefty point of view) opinion. I personally believe that we are living in a post capitalist society that is better described as "managerial" rather than "capitalist". This is, of course, a moot point, and I recognize that *no*society is *purely* dependent on only one mode of production and exchange. The inclusion of exchange is important to differentiate my point of view from merely another 'historical materialist' point of view, one that is solely focused... more »

Military Law in America: A Call to Action

Mark Daniels at GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING - 4 hours ago
*YouTube - ASecond0pinion* The 2nd District Court of Appeals has just granted a temporary stay of Judge Katherine Forrest's injunction against the NDAA. Since May, Judge Forrest had prevented the NDAA from being used anywhere in the world. Now, the NDAA is back in full effect, bringing with it the Law of War. Military law, as authorized under the NDAA, grants you no Constitutional rights whatsoever. There is no First Amendment rights in the Law of War There are no 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th Amendment rights in the Law of War. The Law of War is anathema to our Constitution, our Bil... more »

Study Confirms BPA is Making You Fat

Mark Daniels at GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING - 4 hours ago
Lisa Garber If you know about bisphenol-a (BPA), the estrogen-mimicking chemical found in plastics and other produce, then you probably know it isn’t safe. Well, a study out of NYU School of Medicine links BPA to obesity. The study involved analyzing surveys from 2,938 young people, and is another of a long list of studies coming to the same conclusions. While taking important factors like the children’s race, age, gender, family income and education, activity level, and calorie intake into consideration, the researchers found that obese children made up 22 percent of individua... more »

The Fed Now Owns Your Foreclosed Property Under QE3 Purchase of Toxic Assets

Mark Daniels at GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING - 4 hours ago
Susanne Posel, *Contributor* On ABC’s “This Week”, George Will, columnist for the propaganda news outlet *Washington Post*, spoke out against Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve and his decision to instill QE3 which is essentially, “the government printing money.” Will pointed out that this latest move is covert “trickle-down economics” where citizens are forced to invest in equities in order to continue to prop up the economy to perpetuate the false sense of reality the American public lives under. Last week, Bernanke announced that the Fed would purchase $40 billion ... more »

West Attempts to Trigger Clash of Civilizations

Mark Daniels at GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING - 4 hours ago
*Al Qaeda & Islamophobic bigots working in tandem exploiting fear and ignorance.* Tony Cartalucci, *Contributor* In France where people are sent to jail for "Holocaust denial," considered by law a religious hate crime, it seems strange then that well-timed, raunchy cartoons designed solely to insult and inflame hate against and amongst Muslims worldwide would be defended vigorously by French politicians who claim, according to the Christian Science Monitor, that "freedom of the press should not be infringed." With Neo-Conservative warmongers behind a recent inflammatory film titl... more »

New Study Finds GM Corn and Roundup Causes Cancer In Rats

Mark Daniels at GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING - 4 hours ago
Sayer Ji, *Contributor* In an alarming new study published in the journal *Food and Chemical Toxicology*, researchers from The Committee for Research & Independent Information on Genetic Engineering (CRIIGEN) reported on the results of a 2-year feeding study in rats given either NK603 Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize, cultivated with or without Roundup, and Roundup alone, at levels permitted in drinking water and GM crops in the United States. The authors of the study pointed out that currently no regulatory authority requires mandatory chronic animal feeding studies... more »

What?! "EPA Mandates 4-Gallon Minimum Gasoline Purchase?"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
*"EPA Mandates 4-Gallon Minimum Gasoline Purchase?"* by John Rolls "The latest mandate handed down from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is so ridiculous, even I was shocked. The EPA has now mandated how much gasoline you must buy at certain gas stations. Say hello to the Obama Administration’s *four gallon minimum*. This unprecedented EPA overreach applies when filling up at a gas station that provides both E15 and E10, gasoline with 15 or 10 percent of ethanol, respectively, from the same hose. At the insistence of the ethanol industry, the Obama Administration is pus... more »

Pol. Ideology 35: Why Liberty

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 4 hours ago
In 2007, I was invited by another free market thinker, *Marc Guttman*, to contribute a story, personal stories and experiences on how I became a free market thinker, or a libertarian, a classical liberal, related terms, to a book that he would edit and publish, "Why Liberty". Marc knew me through a good friend,* Jo Kwong*, who was the VP for Institute Relations then of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. Lucky me, I was the only Filipino who was invited to contribute to that project. After several revisions to my contribution, and after several glitches with his publisher, the b... more »

The Daily "Near You?"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
Bournemouth, United Kingdom. Thanks for stopping by.

“The Truth Behind the Romney ‘Gaffe’”

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
*“The Truth Behind the Romney ‘Gaffe’”* by Jeffrey Tucker "Cover the kids’ ears! Hide their eyes! Shuffle the weak and frail from the room! A politician running for president has uttered a heresy that brings into question the holy grail of democratic politics. Romney has failed to pretend as if the country is one big happy family that uses our glorious voting system to discover ever better ways of governing ourselves. Which is to say that Romney made a gaffe. You know the definition of a political gaffe: inadvertent and unscripted truth. That’s what the supposed scandal of Ro... more »

"King Mitt Meets The 47%"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 5 hours ago
*"And thus it was that King Mitt did venture forth amongst his subjects..." * - "The Mitten Chronicles" *Monty Python, "The Annoying Peasant"* "Imagine if I went 'round sayin' I was the Emperor just because some moistened bint lobbed a scimitar at me! They'd put me away!" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rAaWvVFERVA • Hat tip to Teresa Evangeline for this material.

More New Books Highlight Plight of Middle Class

Kenneth Thomas at Middle Class Political Economist - 5 hours ago
The situation of the middle class is a hot topic these days, and rightly so. In addition to James Carville and Stan Greenberg's recent book, *It's the Middle Class, Stupid*, new books are out by Donald Barlett & James Steele, Jeff Faux, and Mike Lofgren.Together, they advance our understanding of middle class issues significantly. Barlett and Steele have been sounding the alarm about middle class decline since they wrote the first newspaper articles forming the core of 1992's *America: What Went Wrong?* In *The Betrayal of the American Dream*, they tell the stories of everyday Ameri... more »

Up, up and away . . .

Edstock at The Galloping Beaver - 6 hours ago
FLY WITH MITT: Enter for a chance to join Mitt on board the campaign plane for an exciting day on the campaign trail -- at 30,000 feet! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go behind the scenes and see the campaign from the inside. Donate $3 for a chance to take off with Mitt for a day on the campaign plane. Second prize is two days on the campaign trail.

Cartoons, courage and surviving Muslim rage

Peter Cresswell at Not PC - 6 hours ago
[image: image]*Cartoon by **Bosch Fawstin* French publisher Charlie Hebdo has published nude cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, prompting the Muslim Brotherhood to call for further restrictions on freedom of speech. In response, French authorities are not arresting him (in contrast to the former land of the free, where the videographer whose short and flaccid film became the pretext for murders, burnings and attacks on western embassies right across the Middle East was “escorted to a police station for FBI questioning”); they’re not calling for an end to free speech (like one trial... more »

New Books in Science Fiction and Fantasy: D.B. Jackson's Thieftaker

Dan Nexon at The Duck of Minerva - 7 hours ago
My second NBinSFF podcast is live. “D.B. Jackson” is David B. Coe’s pen name for his new historical-fantasy series, The Thieftaker Chronicles. Thieftaker (Tor Books, 2012) centers on Ethan Kaille, a private detective and conjurer, as he investigates a murder in colonial Boston. David, who received a Ph.D. in U.S. history from Stanford University before embarking on a career as a novelist, weaves in plenty of period details and historical personages into an alternate Boston where conjuration is real, albeit suppressed by the authorities. David maintains a page of resources for thos... more »

Quick Way to Tell Your MP How to Vote on M312

noreply@blogger.com (fern hill) at DAMMIT JANET! - 7 hours ago
For people not on Twitter, leadsnow.ca has an automated email to PMSHithead and your MP on Woody's Wank. It's gratifying to see so many different people on the #M312 hashtag making the announcement 'Stop the covert attempt to criminalize abortion' and the link to leadnow. The fetus fetishists infesting that hashtag have numbered about five, twit-spamming the same message over and over: 'I love #M312. Please vote for it' aimed at today's short list of MPs. Amusingly, the NDP Communications Twitter account is almost always included. So, if you haven't yet emailed your MP, this is a ... more »

Nobel Predictions

Greg Mankiw at Greg Mankiw's Blog - 7 hours ago
From Thomson Reuters.

Satire: "Poll: Romney Still Doing Well With Voters Who Have Never Heard Him Speak"

noreply@blogger.com (CoyotePrime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 7 hours ago
*"Poll: Romney Still Doing Well With Voters * *Who Have Never Heard Him Speak"* by Andy Borowitz NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)— "Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney got a rare piece of good news today, as a new poll showed him faring well among voters who have never heard him speak. According to the poll, which has a margin of error of three points, Mr. Romney garnered positive ratings among voters who agreed with the statement, “I have never seen Mitt Romney say or do anything.” The poll showed Mr. Romney doing especially well among certain demographic groups, includi... more »

In the northern Paris suburb of Sarcelles, one person was slightly hurt when two masked men threw a small explosive device through the window of a kosher supermarket.

James C Morton at Morton's Musings - 7 hours ago
A French magazine publishes immature and stupid cartoons - so blow up a kosher supermarket? Doesn't the illogic demonstrate something? http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSBRE88I0BU20120919?irpc=932

Rove Ready To Turn His Big Guns On The House

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 7 hours ago
Rove may act like a clown on Fox from time to time but he's no fool, and he knows that Romney's chances of capturing the White House are, at best, slim. There's been a lot of talk lately about how he's thinking of shifting money away from the presidential race and towards capturing the Senate and holding the House. Romney's recent woes appear to be impacting Senate races in Massachusetts and Wisconsin, where progressives Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin have pulled ahead of their conservative opponents, Scott Walker and Tommy Thompson. Three brand new polls are showing Elizabeth ... more »

Beware the Poll Write-Ups!

Jonathan Bernstein at A plain blog about politics - 7 hours ago
Oy, Pew: At this stage in the campaign, Barack Obama is in a strong position compared with past victorious presidential candidates. With an eight-point lead over Mitt Romney among likely voters, Obama holds a bigger September lead than the last three candidates who went on to win in November, including Obama four years ago. In elections since 1988, only Bill Clinton, in 1992 and 1996, entered the fall with a larger advantage. That Barack Obama was winning by 8 points last week -- the poll was taken September 12-16 and released today -- is a pretty good reading for him. But, c'mon. ... more »

Wayne Watson Wins $7M In ‘Popcorn Lung’ Case: Your Food is Killing You

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 8 hours ago
A Centennial man has won a $7 million verdict in the so-called “microwave popcorn lung” case. 59-year-old Wayne Watson had sued the manufacturer Gilster-Mary Lee, also Kroger and Dillon Foods. He had purchased the popcorn at King Soopers. Watson’s attorneys claimed there should have been a warning on the label. But lawyers for the supermarket chain responded saying they “might have well have warned that there are aliens popping out of the bags because there’s just as much support for that.” Watson was diagnosed with respiratory problems in 2007 after years of inhaling the smell o... more »

West Attempts to Trigger Clash of Civilizations

Land Destroyer at Land Destroyer - 8 hours ago
Al Qaeda & Islamophobic bigots working in tandem exploiting fear and ignorance. *by Tony Cartalucci * *September 19, 2012 *- In France where people are sent to jail for "Holocaust denial," considered by law a religious hate crime, it seems strange then that well timed, raunchy cartoons designed solely to insult and inflame hate against and amongst Muslims worldwide would be defended vigorously by French politicians who claim, according to the Christian Science Monitor, that "freedom of the press should not be infringed." With Neo-Conservative warmongers behind a recent inflammatory... more »

Interesting Article By Jim Stone: Slogging Through The Pit Of Lies

Northerntruthseeker at Northerntruthseeker - 8 hours ago
When the "attack" on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, happened last week, I like others was immediately perplexed by the information coming forward from both the mainstream and the alternative media. There so so much conflicting information, and everyone was pointing fingers in all different directions as to who did the deed. I had assumed, as in my previous articles, that the attack was done by Libyan supporters of the late Muhammar Gadaffi who were fighting to take their country back from the US/NATO occupiers. Others pointed the finger straight at the Israeli Mossad, wh... more »

Jim Simons : Ralph Nader Was Right

thorne dreyer at The Rag Blog - 8 hours ago
Graphic from AboveTopSecret.com Ralph Nader was right: No more voting for the 'lesser evil' When will we stop doing the same thing every four years and marveling that the results are not different? By Jim Simons / The Rag Blog / September 19, 2012 “Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon Going to the candidates debate Laugh about it, shout about it When you’ve got to choose Ev’ry way you

Second person in Vermont dies of fatal brain infection spread by mosquitoes

Matt at The Coming Crisis - 8 hours ago
A second Vermonter has died from the eastern equine encephalitis, a rare and potentially fatal brain infection spread by mosquitoes, Health Department officials confirmed on Tuesday. Scott Sgorbati, 49, of Sudbury, died within the last few days after fighting the virus for several weeks. Two weeks ago, Richard Hollis Breen, 87, of Brandon died of EEE, after being sick with the disease for five days. Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Harry Chen on Tuesday offered condolences to the families of both men and reminded Vermonters that EEE is a very rare virus. On average there are only s... more »


Anon at aangirfan - 8 hours ago
Reports show that at least 100,000 children are exploited in the sex trade in the US each year. Polls show a recent surge in child prostitution; a 40 percent increase in Michigan, a 20 percent jump in New York, a 64 percent in Minnesota Think of a time of "terrorist bombs, sex trafficking, establishment corruption and a tabloid war". Unwitting young girls are regularly tricked and sold into prostitution. Some are trafficked to Brussels, Paris and beyond. Mary Jeffries, trafficker and brothel owner, has Cabinet members and royalty among her clientele. Young virgin girls are... more »


éminence grise at Cherchez la Verite - 9 hours ago
A Rare Look at Why The Government Won't Fight Wall Street POSTED: *SEPTEMBER 18, 10:28 AM ET* Original here Read more here Wall Street sign in New York Michael Evans/Getty Images The great mystery story in American politics these days is why, over the course of two presidential administrations (one from each party), there’s been no serious federal criminal investigation of Wall Street during a period of what appears to be epic corruption. People on the outside have speculated and come up with dozens of possible reasons, some plausible, some tending towa... more »

Smoke a little tea with Brucie

Capt. Fogg at The Impolitic - 9 hours ago
By Capt. Fogg Life provides some tasty moments, even in lean and hopeless times: delicious little bonbons like the news that the Romney campaign had to borrow $20 million last month and is still $11 million in the hole. Of course that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for that socialist Obama. Say, maybe he can pay off that debt by cutting costs and quitting now! Nah, he'll have to raise some revenue by going after the very, very, very rich. Irony is sweeter than Tupelo honey. But it's the disconnect, the discontinuity at the interface between reality and the wild and hyperb... more »


New Orleans Ladder at New Orleans Ladder - 9 hours ago
*Proposal would create fee for vendors at second lines, prohibit alcohol sales ~Uptown Messenger* *Big Red Cotton on the Mayor's latest assault on 2nd Line Parades *

Ignore The Electoral College! Follow-Up

Jonathan Bernstein at A plain blog about politics - 9 hours ago
I've been saying for months that it's best to completely ignore the electoral college until at least after the conventions. Well, unless you're making decisions about where to put resources if you're a presidential campaign; then you don't have much choice. A little confirmation that it's good advice comes from Nate Silver's latest big look at the electoral college bias. He's been reporting for months that the electoral college had a slight bias for Barack Obama -- that is, if the election was a 50/50 tie nationally, the odds favored Obama to win the election because his votes were ... more »

Tumors As Big As Ping-Pong Balls Developed On Rats Fed With GMO Corn From American Giant Monsanto

Obi-Wan Kabuki at American Kabuki - 9 hours ago
Tumors as big as ping-pong balls developed on rats fed with GM maize American giant Monsanto. Picture: AFP PHOTO / CRIIGEN Translated from French at this Swiss Website: http://www.24heures.ch/savoirs/sciences/etude-choc-relance-controverse-ogm/story/24423274 *A French Study Causes Shock and Stimulates Controversy Over GMOs* Updated at 7:03 p.m. 10 Comments In the greatest secrecy, researchers at the University of Caen followed for two years a group of rats fed corn from GMO giant Monsanto. Huge tumors occurred in guinea pigs. "For the first time ever, a GMO and pesticide we... more »

Christy Clark Runs in Fear from Vancouver Island BC Liberal Eating Zombies

Grant G at The Straight Goods - 9 hours ago
Well, the cat is out of the bag, Christy Clark has once again shoved both feet firmly into her mouth, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Christy Clark.... Before we get down to the Straight Goods, jealousy rages across the bloggosphere, quality musing versus pigbreath, when will the stench stop rising from the sewer, could it be that those who embarrass themselves over and over again, those Wildrose victory predictors, those who flopped by calling Conservative victories in Chilliwak, the same hacks who declared a Mitt Romney victory, those who vowed to crush the BC NDP, all the while produc... more »

Nigerian Benefit fraudster who claimed he earned just £700 a month as minicab driver in London owned £1million mansion in Africa

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 9 hours ago
*A minicab driver who claimed he was earning just £700 a month but was living a luxury of life in his Nigerian mansion, has been ordered to pay almost £1.2million. * Ovo Mayomi and his wife Juliet Ubiribo were convicted of fraud in 2010 after using an identity and immigration scam to falsely claim £43,000 in benefits. Mayomi, 44, claimed he was earning £700 a month and was living in Croydon, south London, while his wife, 32, claimed benefits after telling benefit bosses she was a single mother and a victim of domestic violence. But fraud investigators found Mayomi and his wife wer... more »

Human Rights Watch: "Syrian Rebels" Guilty of Torture, Murder

Land Destroyer at Land Destroyer - 10 hours ago
As West's narrative unravels - cognitive infiltration begins. *by Tony Cartalucci* *September 19, 2012* - US, UK, NATO, Saudi, and Israeli backed terrorists carrying out a campaign of systematic atrocities in Syria have finally been acknowledged and reported on by Human Rights Watch, who has for nearly 2 years intentionally portrayed the conflict as one-sided violence carried out by the Syrian government alone. With evidence and admissions emerging that the so-called "Syrian rebels" are in fact Libyan terrorists, armed, funded, and flown in by NATO to cross into Syria and attack go... more »

Benefit cheat asylum seeker from Sierra Leone stole more than £180,000 while holding down two jobs

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
*A benefit cheat asylum seeker from Sierra Leone fraudulently stole more than £180,000 in benefits while holding down two jobs.* In a scam carried out over nine years, Fanta Sesay pocketed £20,800 in income support, £121,000 in housing benefit and £38,700 in child tax credits between 2005 and her arrest in April this year. Not legally entitled to work, the Sierra Leone national gave a false name, National Insurance number and date of birth in order to work as a nursing assistant at Homerton Hospital and at St Thomas’ Hospital in South London, earning more than £240,000 from her emp... more »

The Federal Reserve, a Privately Owned Banking Cartel, Has Been Given Police Powers, with Glock 22s and Patrol Cars

Lynsey at The Coming Crisis - 10 hours ago
*By mid morning today, as Occupy Wall Street protesters marched around the perimeter of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, all signs that an FRPD (Federal Reserve Police Department) existed had disappeared. The FRPD patrol cars and law enforcement officers had been replaced by NYPD patrol cars and officers. That decision may have been made to keep from drawing attention to a mushrooming new domestic police force that most Americans do not know exists.* Quietly, without fanfare or Congressional hearings, the USA Patriot Act in 2001 bestowed on the 12 privately owned Federal Reser... more »


Obi-Wan Kabuki at American Kabuki - 10 hours ago
It looks like a giant, glass marble. But this globe is no game. It's a sun-tracking, solar energy concentrator created by Barcelona-based architects Rawlemon and, according to the designers, is able to collect not just sunlight but moonlight as well. The weatherproof sphere is designed to rotate and follow the sun across the sky. It's so sensitive to light that at night, it can even harvest moonlight and convert it into electricity. Andre Rawlemon, the architect and designer, says his spherical, sun-tracking glass globe is able to concentrate sunlight and moonlight up to 10,00... more »


Anon at aangirfan - 10 hours ago
*COLIN PARK* - *ARTIST* *Painting by Colin Park.* 'At one point, I saw a picture I particularly liked - a painting of Solway Firth by a fellow named Colin Park..... "I was prepared to buy it then and there even if I had to carry it all the way to John O'Groats under my arm." - *Bill Bryson*, Notes From A Small Island. *Colin Park at work* * * *Paintings by Colin Park* om a Small Island"from: "Notes from a Small Island"
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