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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

19 September - Ascension Posts

Imam Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen October 2008, ta...
Imam Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen October 2008, taken by Muhammad ud-Deen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Here's what's happening on Twitter
  John Farnham


The Bush White House Was Deaf to 9/11 Warnings

The Bush administration was told, as early as May 2001, about the threat of an attack by Al Qaeda.

Jon Kyl: Embassy Statement Was Like Telling A Raped Woman She 'Asked For It'

Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ), the No. 2 Republican in the chamber, told reporters Wednesday that a U.S. Embassy statement condemning an anti-Muslim movie -- which was reportedly issued before the attack in Libya…

Embassy of the United States

September 11, 2012 The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all…

State Dept. Confirms Death In Libya; Romney Attacks ‘Disgraceful’ White House

Protestors attacked United States diplomatic compounds in Egypt and Libya on Tuesday, killing one State Department officer, the State Department confirmed late Tuesday night.

Chris Brown Tattoos An Image of a Battered Woman On His Neck

Chris Brown, having graduated from tossing chairs at windows after interviewers have the temerity to ask him about his battering of then-girlfriend Rihanna, has apparently decided that violence against…


Vaughn Sterling CNN @vplus 12 Sep


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Is that more credible than Anonymous sources or officials ?

pourmecoffee @pourmecoffee 11 Sep

Romney finally introduced himself to American people and is now losing. This happened to me with girls in high school and feels real bad.

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Sympathetic mourning

Laura Rozen @lrozen 11 Sep

US informed several capitals no Obama bilats w/ foreign leaders in NY. Netanyahu gov't only 1 that leaked turned down, US official tells me

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RT America @RT_America 12 Sep

[06] Civil Liberties Gone, Gitmo Dryboarding, Opium War in Afghanistan | Breaking The Set [VIDEO] on.rt.com/z78wyx

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Donald Rumsfeld @RumsfeldOffice 12 Sep

The attacks on our embassies & diplomats are a result of perceived American weakness. Mitt Romney is right to point that out.

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Thank you Mr. Rumsfeld for echoing convenient and meaningless fact free 'analysis'

Tolec – Emotional Healing on the way to Spiritual Awareness

100,000′s having symptoms from oil disaster, could be just the tip of the iceberg says doctor

Mar 1  2011  Some of  us saw this coming, now an unprecedented national health disaster is emerging along the Gulf Coast. A wide range of horrible symptoms are emerging in people of all ages, children as young as 2-3 yrs old are suffering, sick and in terrible discomfort, yet doctors can’t diagnose what’s going on. Dr Rodney Soto bravely comes forward to sound the alarm on what appears to be a health emergency in entire populations along the coast. The conventional medical system is offering no help and is clueless in treating chemical poisoning, Dr Soto recommends holistic detox programs and seeking holistic doctors for treatment. Also DO NOT EAT THE SEAFOOD OR SWIM IN THE WATER!


Freeman & Jamie Hanshaw ~ Hollywood Mind Control ~ Red Ice Creations

August 30, 2012
Freeman is a TV producer, film maker, radio talk show host and lecturer. He is considered an expert in the fields of the occult, trauma-based mind control, government conspiracy, and ancient civilizations. His partner Jamie also studies the occult activities of secret societies, the Freemasons, magic, sorcery, Kabalistic rituals, and Hollywood trauma-based mind control. She, with co-writer Freeman, is compiling all of this information into a fully illustrated, well-referenced compendium of the occult mind pattern programming of Hollywood and the Mainstream media in their new book, Weird Stuff Operation: Culture Creation. Lana from Radio 3Fourteen also joins Henrik in this interview. During the first hour, we’ll discuss occult Hollywood mind control and the use of pop culture icons for social engineering. Jamie also talks about princess programming, femininity, sexuality, vampires and magic.

Relevant links
MSMMLE and the Friendship Agenda
The Manchurian Candidate- Richard Condon (1969)
Physical Control of the Mind- Jose Delgado (1969)
The Brain Changers:Scientists and the New Mind Control – Maya Pines (1973)
Operation Mind Control – Walter Bowart (1978)
The Mind Stealers: Psychosurgery and Mind Control – Samuel Chavkin (1978)
The Mind Manipulators – Alan Scheflin and Edward Opton (1978)
The Search for the Manchurian Candidate – John D. Marks (1979)
I Swear by Apollo: Dr. Ewen Cameron, the CIA and the Canadian Mind-Control Experiments – Don Gillmor (1986)
Journey Into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse – Gordon Thomas (1989)
Mind Control/World Control – Jim Keith (1998)
U.S. Mind Control Experiments on Children – Jon Rappoport (1995)
Psychic Dictatorship in the USA – Alex Constantine (1995)
Satan’s Underground – Lauren Stratford (1991)
Stripped Naked – Lauren Stratford (1993)
Trance-Formation of America – Cathy O’Brien (1995)
The Only-Good Heart – Beth Goobie (1998)
Thanks for the Memories – Brice Taylor (1999)
Unshackled: A Survivors Story of Mind Control – Kathleen Sullivan (2003)
Related programs
Freeman – Space War, the Norway Spiral*, CARE, CERN, HAARP & EISCAT
Freeman – Obama, Cloning & The Coming Space War
Freeman – The Esoteric Adventures of Freeman
Freeman – Occult Movie Symbolism
Freeman – Anna Nicole Smith, Brittney Spears & Mind Control
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Pass Through Fear

* When Dr. John von Kampen wrote about it, I forwarded a link about an abortive Russian Missile launch from Braconneur using experimental spacewar anti-laser evasion techniques

Tolec on Ohio Exopolitics Radio 4-28-12…The Really Much Larger Picture… The Galactic Reptilian Agenda… MP3s and Video

In this Ohio Exopolitics Radio show of 4-28-12, Tolec presents information “regarding the Reptilian agenda for the entire Milky Way galaxy and all of its human populated planets, and the catastrophic future they had planned for us.” Tolec also prepared a pdf report of this information, entitled, “Reptilian plan to convert & transform the Milky Way galaxy and all genetically human planets to reptilian ones.”
I would have to say this report presents truly a much larger picture of our “real history” (or “potential” history) than we are used to considering, since most of the time we look at our state’s history, or our country’s history. This presents the galactic agenda which the reptilians had assembled for us. It will not happen. This is a very interesting story.

Failing Global Banking System & Healthcare - Tolec - YouTube

www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtVcrI_qx-M8 May 2012 - 103 min - Uploaded by TolecfromDakote
www.andromedacouncil.com May 6, 2012 Andromeda Council Tolec of the Andromeda Council and Dr ...

  18 2012

The manuscript of survival – part 197

If anyone out there has had success overcoming Hep C please let me know how you treated it and managed to get your energy back, also brain fog has been a problem too. They want to put me on interferon for a year, but I don’t feel comfortable with chemotherapy as a treatment and know there must be alternatives. Milk thistle hasn’t turned this around completely either, any suggestions from readers are welcomed at this point.

As you have already noticed, things have started to heat up yet again, not only in your mass media, but also inside your own bodies. The energies seem to be almost running rampant at times, but although the respite you had may have been brief, it was enough to make you more than well prepared for what you have coming up. Let us explain. Even if it does not in fact feel like it, your bodies have become so well adapted to all of these surges in the energy fields around you, so now, they are almost instantly up to par no matter how high the voltage of the latest ”bombs” that hit your fields had. In other words, you have become very adept at absorbing and assimilating these new frequencies. And even if your physical and mental bodies still sound off their protests at this, they are in fact much more adaptable than before, and they take a much shorter time in equalizing out the balance as it were and finding a steady stance on the new level it has been hoisted too. In other words, beneath all of these aches and pains, grins and groans, your whole ”machinery” is working super fast to adjust, unperturbed by any superficial irritation. For it is only superficial, even if you feel the discomfort literally in your very bones, much like the surface of an ocean becomes very agitated when the force of the wind increases, while at the depths, total calm persists. So too it is with you, as you on the surface will feel like you are being tossed to and fro in an endless onslaught of breaking waves, while at your core, all is sailing along at a sure and steady pace, heading in the right direction, not about to be veered off course no matter how high the waves become. So you see dear ones, you will not drown in all of these super intense energy blasts, it only feels like it. And even if it feels very, very real to you that all of these bodily discomforts and mental downturns will literally make you run aground, you will not, for your core is super strong and can take anything we give you without even flinching. So trust that you are all on the course to the shore you so desperately want to climb on to, and know that you will not falter, even if at times it seems you are all grinding to a painful halt. You are not stopping, you are advancing at a steady pace, and you are keeping a true course, no matter how tossed about you feel.
This will indeed be important to keep uppermost in your mind, now that this selfsame mind is literally being inundated with ”bad news”. You see death and devastation, sadness and sorrow all around, and it is so easy to think that the plight befalling so many of your fellow men is a sure sign that everything is going into pieces. It is not, it is only a sure sign that all of this skewed ”reality” you have been living amongst for so many lifetimes is now literally falling apart at the seams. And what will emerge, will be so remotely removed from what your eyes and ears have to endure in ever larger doses every day now. So remember to keep your focus elsewhere, as you must not let yourselves be captivated by this show that the darker ones put on, as this will only serve to cut you off from the real truth. And the real truth is this: for every day and every second, the light is increasing, and with it, the distance to that fabled shore is diminishing as you are all closing the gap by being who you are. You are pulling yourselves – and your world – closer and closer to the light, and you are doing a formidable job of it too. So rest assured that even if you feel more than a little battle weary, you are well equipped to pull out all the stops now, as you are being called to stretch yourselves to your very limits for this final stretch out on the open sea.
Know that you are and always will be protected, so do not convince yourselves otherwise. Because it is only too easy to be duped into thinking that we have literally left you to your own devices out on the high seas, but that is not the truth.


Joseph Atwill, Fritz Heede & Nijole Sparkis ~The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus ~ Red Ice Creations

Atwill outlines the series of events in Jesus’ ministry that are parallels with the events of the battle campaign of Titus Flavius. His research has been made into a documentary. Through interviews with seven controversial Bible scholars, the “Caesar’s Messiah” documentary shows that Christianity was invented by the Romans as a political tool to control the masses of the day, and it is still being used this way today

 The Awakening 

Microsoft Windows: Malware Added to computers at Factories in China

2MIN News Sept 19, 2012


How Can the Wealthiest Industrialized Nation be the Sickest?

1 Vote

Please share this POWERFUL film with everyone on your contact list, it’s FREE for one week and is one of the most informative messages about the dangers of GMO’s to date!  Parents  with young children NEED to watch this film to be aware of the many ways in which GMO’s are adversely affecting childrens health.

 Dr. Mercola

The human race is the unwitting participant in a massive science experiment, as presented in this masterful new documentary by Jeffrey Smith. Smith is one of the world’s leading authorities on the health dangers of genetically engineered (GE) foods.
The film expands on his second book, Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods.
As a consumer advocate against GE foods, Smith’s authority is unrivaled. His meticulous research has documented how biotech companies continue to mislead legislators and safety officials.
The health of the environment in peril. Smith has made this information widely available via his Institute for Responsible Technology website, one of the most comprehensive sources of GE health information on the Internet.
Illnesses once rare are now common, with some approaching epidemic levels. For example:
  • Autism now affects one in 88 children (CDC1), compared to one in 25,0002 in the mid-1970s
  • Type 2 diabetes rates in the U.S. increased by 176 percent between 1980 and 20103
  • Celiac disease is four times more common now than 60 years ago4
  • Alzheimer’s disease is rising at alarming rates. It’s estimated that 5.4 million Americans (one in eight older Americans) now has Alzheimer’s disease, and nearly half of those age 85 and older have it; AD rates have doubled since 19805
  • New infectious diseases are increasing in number, according to a 2008 study6

Two Types of Genetic Engineering

Genetically engineered food comes from crops that have been altered by mixing and matching genes, usually from genetically modified organisms. They take genes from one species and force them into another species – even between species that have never mated in nature. There are two main types of GE foods:
  1. Herbicide-tolerant crops: Plants engineered to withstand heavy herbicide spraying without sustaining damage
  2. Pesticide-producing crops: Plants engineered to produce their own pesticides – so if a bug bites one, its stomach explodes and it dies
The process of genetic engineering is highly imprecise and riddled with unintended consequences. Viruses are typically used to genetically engineer the genes into a new species. Inserting the gene and then cloning it can triggers massive collateral damage – sometimes hundreds to thousands of genetic mutations down the line. The end result is a gene sequence that doesn’t exist anywhere in nature. What could possibly go wrong? Well, plenty can and does go wrong.

Your Immune System on Attack

Your immune system is a finely tuned system that has evolved over time to differentiate between “normal” and “foreign” matter. When it’s working properly, it can distinguish between potential threats circulating in your body that will help you and those that may harm you – and get rid of the latter.
When your immune system sees a gene sequence that’s supposed to be “food,” but one it’s never seen before, it attacks as if it’s a foreign invader. Food essentially becomes a toxin. This initiates an inflammatory response, and chronic inflammation is the underlying reason for most chronic disease.
One key site where inflammation occurs is your gut. Gut inflammation is a precursor to all sorts of chronic problems, from heart disease to thyroid dysfunction to arthritis to autoimmune disease – you name it. Since the introduction of GE corn and soy into the American diet in 1996, numerous disorders related to gastrointestinal inflammation have been on the rise.
In spite of America’s declining health, politicians and health, environmental, and agricultural officials seem to turn a blind eye to all of these concerns. A recent article in the GMO Journal7 addresses the profound influence of biotech lobbying on our political process. The article lists a number of facts showing how companies like Monsanto manipulate Washington to pass laws and regulations wholly in their favor. This includes preventing much-needed legislation to label genetically engineered foods. Thousands of ingredients must be listed on food labels, and yet genetically engineered ingredients, which have never been proven safe, do not need to be specified.
Certainly, it’s not because they are proud of their product and convinced of its superiority over conventional or organic products. And it’s not because it would be cost prohibitive.
There is a significant compilation of scientific evidence that casts serious doubt on the claims made by industry and government officials about the safety of GE foods. Consider a recent report by The Atlantic.8
The authors of the report “GMO Myths and Truths”9 took a science-based approach to evaluating the available research, arriving at the conclusion that most of the scientific evidence regarding safety and increased yield potential do not at all support the claims. In fact, the evidence demonstrates the claims for genetically engineered foods are not just wildly overblown – they simply aren’t true.
Not only are GE foods less nutritious than non-GE foods, they pose distinct health risks, are inadequately regulated, harm the environment and farmers, and are a poor solution to world hunger.


Three-year old revered as healer

“It has been two months since my grandson became a well-known healer,” says Yum. “There are at least three thousand people who have come to see him. All of them claim that they recovered from their illnesses.”
However, the grandfather also expressed his deep concern about his grandson’s health and safety given his young age and the amount of work involved in his services.


September 2012 Global Intentions Meditation

Have you ever dreamed about traveling the cosmos? Do you want to connect with home? Well now you can!  Join Lightworkers from all around the world in the monthly Global Meditation to create our New Earth paradigm.
Meg will take you on a journey to the Great Central Sun, thru the Galactic Core into the parallel Crystalline Universe of White Light to connect and reclaim our soul gifts for Ascension. As we integrate and activate the crystalline light in our energy, we will continue to adjust and reset our 2012 Global Intentions for a peaceful, loving New Earth.
Date: Saturday, September 22nd 2012
Time: 11:00am PDT/ 2:00pm EST in US/Canada
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