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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9-11-2012 Night Surfing

Awesome for the Baby BoomersAwesome for the Baby Boomers (Photo credit: StreetStrider International)City Hall's main pyramid and fountain. To the ...City Hall's main pyramid and fountain. To the left is a cenotaph; in the background is the CN Tower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Chinese wallChinese wall (Photo credit: rvw)English: A LRT Train crossing the Saskatchewan...English: A LRT Train crossing the Saskatchewan River, Edmonton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Linked to Nuclear Technology Smuggling Ring - FBI Files

declassified files are now publicly available online at http://www.IRmep.org/ila/krytons/06272012_milco_mdr.pdf

 Wake Up 2 the Lies


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:25 pm    Post subject: EDMONTON ALDERMEN

These people hate senior tax-payers of Edmonton in my opinion. They would not let them have a vote on a city project costing over 500 million dollars. My world-class city will not have an inner-city airport anymore like the other world-class cities in the world. These money-mongers have made sure of that. They have snubbed the Chinese district with their LRT route through Chinatown. With many baby-boomers in Edmonton becoming seniors soon or already are seniors, the councillors still want them outside shovelling snow and would not pass a resolution to have the city clean the winter sidewalks like the city of Winnipeg does. This also would have helped people living on corner lots immensely. They seem to only know how to get more and more money out of us suckers

Climate Science in Schools: the Next “Evolution”

One of the biggest challenges to NCSE’s new initiative will be the distinctly political nature of the climate change debate. In their battles to allow science teachers to instruct on evolution, NCSE always leaned on the First Amendment and its directive to separate church and state as a backstop to its argument. “There is no constitutional amendment supporting good science

Jerry Brown’s Anti-Anti-Climate Science Site

Review says site is anticlimactic. Hmmm.

anticlimactic - definition of anticlimactic by the Free Online ...
an·ti·cli·max (n t-kl m ks, n t-) n. 1. A decline viewed in disappointing contrast with a previous rise: the anticlimax of a brilliant career. 2.

 Boards : Straight Dope

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So irrespective of someone's position, terms such as creationist, racist, truther, birther, conspiracy theorist, and denier (Holocaust or climate change) are off the table?

That strikes me as a fairly significant shift. I recognize that the terms can be used as a cudgel when not necessarily related to someone's position (e.g. calling someone a racist merely for wanting to end an affirmative action programme would be inappropriate), but when someone self-identifies as a member of a group it fits well within the scope of GD and debate in general.

I also recognize that it can be incorrectly applied. I do a lot of work in the field, and frequently excise large sections of text that over-predict, make unsubstantiated claims, are analytically faulty, etc. Most of the time my reputation precedes me, but occasionally I get into a significant back-and-forth. Calling me a denier at that point would be absurd.

Yet there are large numbers of people who, similar to creationists, flatly deny the preponderance of scientific evidence--and self-identify as such. They are not skeptics in the sense that they take issue with a particular set of predictions or dispute a particular model, they almost completely out of hand reject--deny--basic science.

Sorry to be pedantic about this; the chronic persistence of ignorance has decimated much of my interest in participating in climate change threads, but I do post to them. I'd hate to catch a warning over such a major shift without being thoroughly aware. 
Global Warming and Earthly Lies

 Zdravko Wrote: Feb 23, 2012 2:31 PM

The global warming conspiracy needs to be put in perspective to be properly understood. This far-left attack by government-paid drones started in the 1970's with the global cooling scam: we should disarm our nuclear bombers and fill them with soot to be spread over the poles and so prevent those new glaciers from descending south and crushing the New York skyscrapers to dust. When that did not work the same fakers invented the global warming hoax in the 1990's; we should nationalize all industries and organize a UN-sponsored world socialist government based on “social justice” with the fakers in charge. What with 12 years of substantial cooling the fakers switched to the climate change flimflam in the 2000's; so whatever happens we... 
Nick705 Wrote: Feb 23, 2012 2:20 PM
Lord Monckton used to be scientific adviser to Prime Minister Thatcher. After schools in the UK showed Algore's An Inconvenient Truth, several parents and Members of Parliament threatened to sue the (socialist) government for subjecting children to political indoctrination, complaining that their kids were panicking and weeping about dying polar bears, and having nightmares that they would soon be either drowned or roasted.

Monckton assembled a panel of eminent climatologists who essentially destroyed Gore's inaccurate and misleading movie.


Since then, the BBC has screened two programs (one was “A Convenient Lie”) debunking Gore and his ilk. No TV station in the US will... 
Sweet Remedy :

The World Reacts to an Adulterated Food Supply



Texas Education - Science Instructional Materials Debate

2011-07-19 - I've completed my letter to Mrs. Lowe, for anyone interested in reading it.

Attn: Gail Lowe - Science Instructional Materials Mrs. Lowe,
I am a resident of Wichita Falls, and so you are my representative on the Board of Education. I have been disappointed in some of your past actions and votes that have weakened our children’s science education, but you have a chance to vote in support of sound science this Friday when it comes time to approve the new science instructional materials. It’s no secret that some of the submitted resources are sympathetic to creationism and Intelligent Design. Such resources do not accurately reflect mainstream scientific views, and would do our children a disservice by miseducating them.
I have written you before on science education, but considering your actions since that time, I feel obliged to repeat myself on certain issues.
First of all, evolution is accepted as true by the vast majority of mainstream biologists. Consider the following statement from the summary of the National Academy of Sciences’ 2008 report, Science, Evolution and Creationism (available online at http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=11876):
"Scientists no longer question the basic facts of evolution as a process. The concept has withstood extensive testing by tens of thousands of specialists in biology, medicine, anthropology, geology, chemistry, and other fields. Discoveries in different fields have reinforced one another, and evidence for evolution has continued to accumulate for 150 years."
Rather than go on at length listing scientific organizations and agencies that have issued similar statements endorsing evolution, I'll direct you to the following page on the website of the National Center for Science Education, which does list such statements:

Similarly, I could go on at length describing all the evidence supporting evolution - both the fact of common descent with modification, and the various theories describing how evolution happens. Instead, I'll point out few very informative websites where you can find this information:
I hesitate to bring up the legal issues involved with the teaching of creationism, because we should simply be concerned with teaching our children the best science that we can, which evolution most certainly is, and raising other points seems a bit of a distraction. However, it cannot be ignored that when other states have provided openings to allow the teaching of creationism and intelligent design, it has resulted in costly court battles. Consider the Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover trial in Pennsylvania, the Selman et al. v. Cobb County School District et al. trial in Georgia, or the Rodney LeVake v. Independent School District 656, et al. trial in Minnesota (which is relevant to the "strengths and limitations" tactic). These types of battles are completely unnecessary, as they could be avoided entirely simply by keeping science classes limited to well founded science. I think it hardly needs to be said that I will not vote for a representative who puts their own biases above the recommendations of experts in the appropriate field. I urge you to vote in favor of the evidence based resources, and to reject the resources that would miseducate our children.
Jeffrey R. Lewis


100 years before Darwin sailed on the Beagle 'creationism' and evolution were at Galileo-style loggerheads. The links between religion and church are still as vital as they were when devout Church of England adherent Darwin contested interpretation of his records as relevant to church dogma - a scientific position common to times when state and church walked lockstep in ensuring conformity.
We risk similar confusion over the operation of the 'Denier' meme in public discourse : whether it be over evolution, history of Nazi work camps as revealed by Israeli Holocaust supporters or dynamics of climate change. It is an attack on Scientific Method reduced to political absurdity.

 'Links between religion and church'  LOL Freudian slip there :) Coming from a state religion background definitely leaves one with certain assumptions about systemic corruption as being axiomatic, incontrovertible, and obvious

Millard Fillmore's Bathtub


Teaching the personal meaning of 9/11: Welles Crowther, the man with the red bandana

September 10, 2012
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On Facebook, Duncanville Superteacher Medgar Roberts said:
I am using this in my classroom to teach the personal impact of 9/11 on real people. If you have fifteen minutes to spare it is worth the time. You might want to have a bandanna nearby, though. It is a bit of a tearjerker.
Don’t believe him.  Get at least two bandanas.
ESPN produced the film about Welles Crowther.
Ten years later: remembering the man who led people to safety after terrorists struck the World Trade Center on September 11th — a former Boston College lacrosse player whose trademark was a red bandanna.
If you use this film, please tell us about it.


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