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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12 September - Morning Notes and Dr. Mark's Blog

If you were designing an infographic to explain Duverger's Law (the idea that a a plurality rule election system favors a two-party system) how would you do it?
K S  I teach it as such: it's not necessarily plurality all by itself, it's plurality combined with a single member district/single seat system.

Think about it this way. Let'
s say you have the first election ever, there's seven candidates running for some seat in a plurality system.

The election turns out as such:

A 30
B 20
C 15
D 10
E 10
F 10
G 5

In a plurality system, candidate A wins. Game over.

The catch is though that it's an iterated game. There's a new election some time in the future. People watched and learned, especially supporters of candidates B, C, and D, and they realized they had enough shared interest to back one candidate, H.

Of course, we're simplifying here, but now the next election comes around, candidate H wins 45%.

Of course, after that election, now E, F, and G, they're pissed, and they start talking to A.

You can see that sooner or later, this keeps on playing itself out into a two sided system, with small changes in outcome most of the time.

The only time there are large changes in political outcomes is when a big issue cross-cuts an existing coalition/support of exist groups (in real politics), we call that a realignment.

The last one of these realignments in the US was an ideological one. It started in the 1980s and continues to play itself out. It used to be that there were conservative Democrats (especially in the US South), and liberal Republicans (in the NE and elsewhere). Those folks have basically left for their ideological home in today's politics, leaving moderates/unaffiliated voters to swing back and forth responding to the political winds of the day.

Hope that helps.

Edited to add: the suggestion to include a PR example is a good one, including a threshold of some kind. Easiest example is a four party-system with a 40,30,20,10 outcome with a 15% threshold for 10 seats. That means the seat allocation ends up at 5,3,2,0 (the extra seat usually goes to the highest total if there is one). In an SMD-plurality system, the 40 wins the seat, end of story.
Monday at 10:49pm
Kevin R. Ryan began to investigate the tragedy of September 11th, 2001 through his work as Site Manager for a division of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). He was fired by UL in 2004 for writing to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), asking about its World Trade Center investigation and UL’s work to ensure the fire resistance of the buildings. He now serves as co-editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies, and is a former board director at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Ryan has co-authored several books and peer-reviewed scientific articles on the subject. Read more articles by .
OTTAWA - The air force will expand testing of drones over Canadian soil this year, giving itself — and potentially law-enforcement agencies — more eyes in the sky.But a legal expert warns the emerging technology needs close study and clear restrictions when it's not being used to

Endless Robotic War

by Jamal Kanj

September 12, 2012

On the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a new “sanitized war” is reshaping America’s Military Industrial Complex’s future.
The drone war, or the new robotic war, is operated by a galaxy of military bases stretching from Creech Air Force Base in the desert of Nevada, traversing through the CIA headquarter in Langley, Virginia, before landing on new desert airstrips in the Middle East.
The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) main mission is tracking and target killing alleged terrorists.
Earlier this month, a drone using the newly introduced, more accurate, Small Smart Weapon or Scorpion missile delivered a direct hit, by mistake, killing 13 family members near the town of Rada, Yemen.
Following the raid, Yemeni activist Nasr Abdulla said, “I would not be surprised if a hundred tribesmen joined the lines of al Qaeda … This part of Yemen takes revenge very seriously.”
Last May, a Yemeni government official told the Washington Post, “There is a psychological acceptance of al Qaida because of US strikes.”
In modern history, no military power was able to unequivocally win a guerilla war. The hardest fought battle is for the hearts and minds of the average person; America is squarely losing this war. The drones’ killing of innocent bystanders, by mistake or utter recklessness, breeds resentments and new al Qaida recruits.
( Unwarranted assumption.  Al Qaeda recruits are much more likely to be a matter of CIA disbursement - and still are foreign mercenaries.  )
I am very sorry for the people who died on 9/11, but killing civilians who had nothing to do with the event will only make more people hate us. And, like Kennedy's death, I suspect we will never know the whole/real story of what really happened and why. R.I.P. to all our troops who have died in these idiotic wars, too. War is not a good way to solve problems. We've been using it for thousands of years with little success.
‎"No matter what BP's PR machine cranks out, especially on TV, the entire Gulf Coast is still reeling from the BP oil spill and its impact." -- Wendy King, New Orleans, LA
Real Coastal Warriors added a new photo.
The number 11 - for this day in September, and for the number of men who died on the Deepwater Horizon. Make a difference today - on the 11th, and sign the petition to bring closure to their families under the maritime laws that can help them. Make a difference today... or eleven of them. Thanks! https://www.change.org/petitions/department-of-justice-bring-bp-to-justice-for-the-deaths-of-eleven-men-on-the-deepwater-horizon
"As for the alternative and fringe media, there have been major battles going on from day one. See how BP has saturated the ad space of each and every website and blog with their BP ads claiming they have fixed the GOM, are fixing the GOM, will fix the GOM. What must be pointed out is the vast amount of financial allocation necessary to run all these ads 24/7 for two (2) years. Couldn’t that money have been much better spent on really fixing the problems instead of paying lip service? The extraordinary efforts by BP to coverup the ongoing BP oil spill challenges is now legend; their numerous and fierce initiatives to airbrush anything having to do with the cosmetic aspects of this oil spill are likewise unparalleled in modern industrial disaster history."
 ( Underappreciated in all this is the military assessment that dispersing oil - making it lose cohesion - means that said dispersal is uncontrollable...all with enhanced toxicity. Spraying is done by the Coast Guard and operational information is not public.  )


Coast Guard and Obama Administration Betrays
the People and Country it is Sworn to Protect
What we see is extremely low altitude Chemtrail spraying in the Gulf. And of course it’s considered safe as are all extremely dangerous chemicals and heavy metals by the government and the corporations that use them. This spraying of Corexit is certified by the EPA as being a safe hell to breathe in though early on in the disaster it was reported that the EPA warned BP not to use it.
Over 40% of adults living within ten miles of the coast said they have
experienced direct exposure to the oil spill or clean-up effort. Within
this group, nearly 40% reported physical symptoms of skin irritations
and respiratory problems, which they attributed to the oil spill.

Colombia University
Someone or a group of some ones should probably be shot for what they have done to the southern United States with Corexit for it is doubtful that any medical protocol, no matter how brilliantly designed, is going to be able to protect the animals, plants and people in a wide region around the Gulf of Mexico. Corexit is an agent that has been shown to break down lipid membranes, which cover and protect human skin and cover each and every human cell and absolutely no one on the planet has every worked with this kind of toxicity before.
Over one-third of parents report that their children
have experienced either physical symptoms or mental
health distress as a consequence of the oil spill.

The fact that it can cause rupture of red blood cells indicates that it can severely damage cell membranes. Cell membranes consist of a mixture of lipids (about 30%), proteins (about 50%), cholesterol, and some carbohydrates. A key portion of the membrane is the lipid bilayer that consists of phospholipids. Any disruption of this lipid bilayer is likely to cause dysfunction of the membrane that lead to membrane rupture (as is known to be the case with red blood cells and corexit), increased cell mebrane permeability (allowing toxins to penetrate the cell), and disrupted cell-cell communication causing overall organism disfunction and possible death. Since corexit has been designed to disrupt and disperse lipids/oils, exposure of the body’s cells to this chemical through inhalation, skin absorption, or ingestion is likely to cause severe organ disfunction.
We are beginning to get reports as far as 800 miles north of the coast in Missouri of wide-scale damage to plant life that can only be coming from one source – dispersed airborne oil. Oil toxicity is one hugely damning thing but oil mixed and dispersed with Corexit is quite another.
Dispersants have never been applied on this scale, leaving
environmental scientists guessing about the consequences.
Popular Science.
The EPA asked BP to stop using Corexit, which is banned in
18 countries due to its toxicity, but the oil transnational refused.
The Coast Guard routinely approved BP requests to use thousands of gallons of the chemical per day to break up the oil in the Gulf, despite a federal directive to use the dispersant rarely
Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., released a letter Saturday that said instead of complying with the EPA restriction, “BP often carpet-bombed the ocean with these chemicals and the Coast Guard allowed them to do it.”
Back at the end of June Yobie Benjamin, writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, was reporting about a mysterious disease that has stricken crops in Mississippi. “It seems like damage brought by the oil gusher has spread way beyond the ocean, coastal areas and beaches. Collateral damage now appears to include agricultural damage far into inland Mississippi.” The disease has caused widespread damage to plants from weeds to farmed organic and conventionally grown crops.
On July 20th I got a letter from a woman living in Missouri who wanted to let me know that the wild vines that are on her property were dying and look like rusted lace. She started noticing these around June 22nd and they continue to die especially after a rain. Also now other leaves are dying and seem to have holes and brown spots in them. Leaves from hickory trees, poison ivy and basically almost all other vegetation seem to have this. She has lived on this property for 14 years and has never seen anything like this. She felt sure that this is from the oil spill and the chemicals used. “I really do feel that it is from the rain.”
Researchers at Tulane say it appears they’ve detected a Corexit fingerprint in the orange blobs found lodged in the bodies of tiny blue crab larvae collected from marshes that stretch from Texas to Florida so we can begin to assume that the toxic blueprint of this particular oil disaster will be enormous; the effects will be measured for many years or decades to come. Corexit is banned in the United Kingdom but was approved for use in the Gulf of Mexico by the Environmental Protection Agency. Oil dispersants trap oil and hold it in globules in the water instead of allowing it to rise to the surface where it can evaporate or be more easily collected. By keeping the oil away from the surface and therefore away from the shore, BP is minimizing its costs of cleaning up oil that reaches the shore and minimizing the amount of the fines that can be imposed upon them.
Chemist Kim Anderson of Oregon State University in Corvallis heads a team tracking how much of the worst toxins in the oil – organic chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – have been dumped in the water by the spill. They’ll be measured at four sites off the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Earlier samples from Louisiana alone showed that by June 7, concentrations of the toxic chemicals had risen 40 times higher than levels on May 1, although the water looked clear of oil.
The greatest concern, added Ouchley, is what impact the undersea oil concentrations could have on the billions of tiny larval fish, shrimp and other organisms that are at the bottom of the whole marine food chain – and we may not know that for many years. And it’s the same for the health effects on adults and the future for many children in the northern Gulf.
No one in the Gulf is calculating the damage or the threat accurately for residents there are already under heavy attack from mercury-polluting smokestacks. The government has never admitted the true dangers of this heavy metal, which is a potent neurotoxin. Add the exposure to a large percentage of the local population due to mercury-containing dental amalgam, and now it’s almost flu season meaning the government is going to want to swoop into the area with its mercury-containing vaccines.
One 33-year-old woman said that upon seeking medical advice at a clinic, she was told she had scabies. Hours later, she was told by an area hospital that she had a staph infection. The woman was treated with a shot of penicillin and Elimite cream, a topical agent for the treatment of scabies mite infestations, and an oral antibiotic. In addition to the lesions, the woman reported aching bones, weight loss, stomach pains, inflammation in her leg and sties developing in her eyes. No consideration is given to toxin exposures from the Corexit mixed with the oil.
The active ingredient of the toxic chemical dispersant, which is up to 60% by volume, being sprayed by BP to fight the Gulf oil spill is a neurotoxin pesticide that is acutely toxic to both human and aquatic life, causes cancer, causes damage to internal organs such as the liver and kidneys simply by absorbing it through the skin and may cause reproductive side effects.
In fact the neurotoxin pesticide that is lethal to 50% of life in concentrations as little as 2.6 parts per million has been banned for use in the UK since 1998 because it failed the UK’s “Rocky shore test” which assures that the dispersant does not cause a “significant deleterious ecological change” – or to put that in laymen’s terms, it can kill off the entire food chain. But since the American government feels threatened by its own people, and takes great pride in treating us cruelly while lying about so many things, it comes as no surprise that they would create the greatest gas chamber the world has ever known for its own people. Corexit has earned the highest EPA warning label for toxicity, which means the effects of the toxic chemicals to the eye are corrosive resulting in irreversible destruction of ocular tissue and other tissue with corneal involvement along with burning that can persist for more than 21 days. Effects to human skin are corrosive resulting in tissue destruction into the dermis and/or scarring. Yet you will be astonished to see at the end of this chapter that the company who makes Corexit says it’s no more toxic than chocolate or ice cream.
Corexit was widely used after the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill and according to a literature review performed by the group, the Alaska Community Action on Toxics, Corexit was later linked with widespread long-lasting health impacts in people including respiratory, nervous system, liver, kidney and blood disorders. While writing Sound Truth and Corporate Myths, Dr. Riki Ott uncovered Exxon’s clinical data showing 6,722 workers, out of a total of 11,000, reported upper respiratory illnesses. In 2003, a Yale grad student, Annie O’Neill, conducted a pilot study that showed roughly one-third of these workers continued to suffer symptoms of chemical exposure.
Cleanup workers were the first to experience dizziness, fainting, nausea, nosebleeds, vomiting, coughing, headaches, stomach upset, and difficulty breathing, compounded by heat, fatigue, hydrocarbon smell, and combined toxicity of oil and dispersants.
Besides other toxins, crude oil contains benzene (which even in small amounts is associated with leukemia), Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, other serious blood and immune system diseases, ventricular fibrillation, congestive gastritis, toxic gastritis, pyloric stenosis, myalgia, kidney damage, skin irritation and burns, swelling and edema, vascular congestion in the brain, and lethal central nervous system depression among others, depending on length and degree of exposure.
The EPA’s safe level is 4 parts per billion (ppb), yet Gulf levels reach or top 3,000 in some areas, and has been smelled and “felt” hundreds of miles away, meaning residents inhaling fumes are ingesting dangerous toxins and raising their risk for serious future health problems, some potentially lethal.
Long-term exposure to benzene, ethylbenzene, xylene, toluene and other solvents may cause infertility, low-birth-weight babies, miscarriages, decreased cognitive function, psychomotor coordination problems, weakened immunity, and increased risk of depression, insomnia, certain cancers, and other diseases

Lori says:
I was a waitress in an Open Air restaraunt in Destin Florida. I was at work one day , while all the BP workers were on the beach and we had long stream puddles of water in the middle of the beach, i went down to check out…..take pictures, while working i didnt notice that the reason i was scratching my arm was because i had a rash all the way up it. One of my coworkers noticed and said, ” what in the world happened” i didnt put two and two together till later. Several times i went into work i would get sick, nausea, headache, till one night working on the deck, an overwhelming sense of dizziness, disorientation, nausea hit me. I had to leave , no way i could have functioned. From that night, i had major burning in my mouth, throat, stomach…found it hard to breath for 2 weeks. after that i was constantly getting sick at work. Even when it rained at my home i would get sick…. nausea. ( i am soooo trying to make a VERY long story short)! I called BP nurses who told me ” GO TO EMERGENCY” If this happens again”………so i did…….only to be PATRONIZED by the emergency phycisian…….telling me, it was only acid reflux…. told me i must not like to work……. got short with me after giving me something to NUMB my throat and stomach he asked if i felt better…….told him i still had headache. He responded” That IS NOT WHAT I ASKED YOU!!” I was in tears the whole time, knew at that point, i couldn’t fight the anger i had inside. He said that they have had NO ONE come in with Resperatory Problems….. Even though later i noticed that on the very last page of my release papers, after he said i was fine………it said that they suspect COPD….??? Is that NOT a resperatory condition?? I did however make a complaint with the hospital.
I decided to move to get out of what i considered “Ground Zero”. Moved to Texas…. but before i left BP nurse got with me to get me to doctor before i left. Had only a week left and was suppose to get an appt. I never heard from her again.
that week i got rearended by a Military SuV……..( which compounded my emotional state) i moved to Texas…..two weeks after i get a call from a BP nurse….really pushing me to go see thier doctor. I told her please give me time to settle in, my car was in shop. I asked where Burnadette was, the original nurse that was helping me. She said….oh, she is not with us anymore. (?????? HMMM) She continued to hound me till i got upset with her.
Since then……..i have not seen any doc for this. My health has been horrible!! finally got on Inhaler, has helped……but now having stomach, throat and bowel problems. I DONT KNOW WHO TO TRUST!
The rest of the world has NOOO iDEA what the government and BP are covering over!!!! The Media Blackout……..HELP????
Lacey says:
Hi Lori,
I also work in Destin at the Back porch which is open air, and have experienced the hives, glazing of the eyes, headaches and depression which began in may of 2010. I have worked there since march of 2009 and never experienced those symptoms until after the spill and obviously when the chemical Corexit was being dumped. Within the past year my sypmtoms have worsened leading to abdominal stabbing pains, weight loss, severe fatigue, naseau, sinus sensitivity, stabbing chest pains, difficulty breathing, migraines, heart palpitations, and strange muscle spasms that occur several times throughout the day. I wish I could have just one day when I actually felt good and did not have one of these symptoms. I am only 24 and should not be feeling like I am 80. I can not afford health insurance and until I can am affraid to seek treatment because if i am found to be chemically poisoned no insurance company will accept me. The BP health benefit package is a crock, they are only offering it to residents who live within one mile from the shore line, which i have since 2009, and its only for Checkups which are by their doctors. This will not include coverage of your medicine or health insurance. And once you submit to be approved for this package you sign away your rights to sue for future bodily injury such as cancer which will happen eventually to us all its sad to say. There is no way anyone in my workplace will be around in 20 years because we had to breathe in the ocean mist everyday that the chemicals were being dumped. And we could even see the boats just a mile out dumping the dispersants for 4 straight months in summer 2010. My advice is to get a lawyer and sue. notice that the deep water horizon webpage now offers paperwork for intent to sue, because they know whats about to go down. do not join a class action because you’ll sit around for 10 years and get a measily pay out. I hope things turn out ok for you Lori! -Lacey

 Dr. Mark's Blog
          Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD
      From Fukushima With Love
September-12-12 5:55 AM
Tokyo Electric Power Co. officials use a scale model on Aug. 30 to demonstrate how they plan to cover the No. 4 reactor building of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. (Takashi Sugimoto)
I am told over and over again that chemtrails pose a far greater risk than does radiation from Fukushima. That might be true in the short-term but it speaks nothing of the coming centuries when humanity will pay the piper for all its nuclear mistakes. When the economy and credit bubble finally fully bursts, we can take some solace in that the governments are not going to have the money for [...]Related posts:
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TSA Detains Woman Due to “Attitude” – What’s Next?
September-11-12 1:00 PM
A woman who claims the Transportation Security Administration detained her from her flight because the agent didn’t like her attitude has posted a video of the confrontation on YouTube. Federal employees are now feeling empowered to harass Americans for no other reason than having the wrong attitude. The 22-second video has 45,000 views as of Monday morning. It is posted under the name AirportVideoofTSA. The person who uploaded the video wrote, “I was not allowed to board a plane (even though I had already been through airport security) because I drank my water instead of letting the TSA ‘test’ it. The TSA agent finally admitted [...]No related posts.Dear IMVA, (Natural Allopathic Protocol)
September-09-12 12:46 PM
I have been in a writing frenzy as I finish my Treatment Essentials book as well as many new essays and additions to my cancer work. In publishing Treatment Essentials I will be casting into stone my entire protocol for the safe practice of Natural Allopathic Medicine. I’ll be talking about this and about Fukushima on the radio tonight Sunday at 9:00 CT. I have had the audacity to develop a new system of medicine that anyone can learn and practice easily, safely and effectively. It is a humanitarian form of medicine in that it does not forget billions of souls who simply cannot afford [...]Related posts:
Natural Allopathic Medicine
Natural Allopathic Medicine Cures
Dear IMVA,
Using Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) for Kidney Cancer
September-06-12 12:50 PM
Dear Dr. Sircus, My name is Annmarie and I’d like to thank you for your research and for making it available to us. My children were able to enjoy another summer with their Grandfather, 74, who had been diagnosed with 4th stage kidney cancer last November, and we give glory to the Lord for helping us to find your Sodium Bicarbonate book, which we believe helped save his life. My father-in-law was declared cancer free this past May! We spent two weeks with him in northern WI boating and fishing and just enjoying spending time with him. I thought I would share this good news [...]Related posts:
Baking Soda & Cancer (The Last Laugh)
Baking Soda
Mighty Mallet of Baking Soda

Is the Right Wing Ready to Break Off?
August-30-12 7:39 AMIs the right wing of the world financial systems ready to break off, plunging the world economy to its death? We are a world system, a huge jumbo jet flying at 35,000 feet and the pilots [the government] has announced turbulence ahead (but they are not telling us to buckle up—so I am). Though most of us are still sitting in our seats and are comfortable—if the right wing suddenly falls off there will be not a second before everyone is screaming and the plane heads down to disaster. Two weeks after writing this essay the mainstream press was warning—Euro Crisis Revving Up – Fasten [...]No related posts.

What Happened to Global Cooling?
August-28-12 6:23 AM
Hard to believe anyone these days can talk about global cooling when it is so darn hot. So it’s a surprise when we see charts like this suggesting a slight downward slope to global temperatures. Don’t get too excited because HadCRUT still insists that we are up a degree F in temperature over the last century. But based on readings from more than 30,000 measuring stations, the data issued by the Met Office and the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit confirms that the rising trend in world temperatures ended in 1997. As recently as May Forbes Magazine wrote, “Natural climate cycles have already [...]Related posts:
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Heat & Drought
August-27-12 12:33 PM
The United States and many other heavily populated countries face a growing threat of severe and prolonged drought according to a new study by National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) scientist Aiguo Dai. The detailed analysis concludes that warming temperatures associated with climate change will likely create increasingly dry conditions across much of the globe. Though scientists are still talking in terms of decades, we are seeing the threat already rearing its ugly head in 2012, but blaming it on gradual global warming caused by human-related greenhouse gases does not explain the extreme nature of recent changes in the world’s climate. What exactly does explain [...]
No related posts.

Fukushima Dangers Lurking
August-21-12 3:21 PM
A large earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.7 hit north of Japan early in August. The epicenter of the quake was off the coast of Hokkaido in the Sea of Okhotsk but no further damage to the completely destroyed Fukushima mega nuclear plant was reported. Japan is constantly bombarded with earthquakes putting all the best plans of mice and men in jeopardy in terms of saving humanity from further disaster at Fukushima. “On top of being exposed to significant trauma by experiencing a huge earthquake, witnessing an explosion, and losing colleagues and family, the residents in Fukushima are currently living under the fear of [...]Related posts:
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Dangers of Wi-Fi & the iPad
August-20-12 1:31 PM
I got quite a few letters in response to my endorsement and use of Apples iPad so I want to address the issues of danger that come from living in our modern world. A few people were actually shocked that I would give my kids an iPad. (What you are about to read is a record of my internal process over the last three days. It’s almost a book so watch out.) On my side I am shocked to be in civilization at all and would have been happy to spend the rest of my life at the end of the world at my Sanctuary. [...]Related posts:
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iPad Knowledge Machines & Autism
August-16-12 1:14 PM
No matter what the stress and distress of life is, we need to move forward no matter what—especially if children are part of our lives. For my part I am pressing forward with the best that life has to offer in the area of education. This past week brought me some unexpected delight—the realization of an old dream—the creation of the Einstein Galileo School, which is based on the use of knowledge machines as predicted by Seymour Papert, co-founder of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT almost 25 years ago. “Monotonous and uninteresting classes repel students and make it unpleasant to learn. The possibility of [...]Related posts:
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Autism Spectrum Disorders



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