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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Water and Resources - Political Engines

Invasion of the Coal Thugs
Targeting activists resisting irreversible destruction of Appalachian watershed
King Coal bridge in W. Va. nears completion
Me? I'm just a Blogger
"...there's the propaganda organ of the state..federal oligarchy ruled over by a Democratic Neo-Con who has begun a new war after promising to end the old war....our economy collapses into a red dwarf while we continue to bail out those at the top while abandoning all others. We present a dog and pony show called health care reform while lobbyists spend $1.4 million a day to make sure the only thing we get is screwed.
...what is the difference between journalists and I?
...they write what they are told to write and I write about what I damn well feel and think."
The cost of controlling the press
American Government is loyal to Israel before its own citizens
Biden's Situational Sovereignty
Another example of U.S. censorship of mainstream media
Amygdala : Why you're reading this
We Are All Writers Now
Is Piracy irrelevent to authors?
Time-Warp Invariant Neuronal Processing
(Built-In Pattern Recognition { in a template uncritical of input })
Why the Imp in your Brain gets out
Michael Phelps ads prove the new cultural tolerance of Marijuana..Digg
Lower taxes,less revenue,lower quality
The cost of the Global U.S. Military Presence PDF
Americans save a quarter billion dollars with energy efficient homes
'We want to protect them from the Enemy'
Waging war in an area which requires peace for exploitation...and Peace is nowhere in sight; the locals having a centuries-old record of throwing off attempts at foreign subjugation.
Question : Do you think the place being made uninhabitable is really an Unforeseen Consequence when waging Scorched Earth tactics?
Another Question : Aren't you at least slightly nervous at implementation of policies which not just conceivably but most likely will deprive Americans of water and food too - back in the U.S.A. ?
Celebrating independence from the U.S. food supply
USDA Organic label comes under fire
E-coli skinny dipping in L.A. water supply
Water-Energy Dependency may put a damper on Water Banking in California
Congress introduces twin bills to control drilling and protect drinking water
( Why worry about subterranean activities when masses of surface removal are in the offing ? )
The Green Nazis : Environmentalism in the Third Reich
The NYPD training elite group of officers to Fight Terrorism
Are Afghan Lives Worth Anything ?
'When it comes to Afghan lives...it doesn't matter if 5 wedding parties or 50 go down. 2 funerals or 25. Our media isn't about to focus real attention on the barbarity involved - the American air war over Afghanistan which has been a war OF, not on, Terror.
...We're ready to light out for the territories and start all over again. American forces are now moving in force deep into the Pashtun ( and Taliban ) areas of Afghanistan and their commanders are speaking from a new script about a 'holistic insurgency campaign.'
Afghan deaths, troop casualties soar in first days of new US offensive
Barbequing Iraqis on the Fourth of July
More signage regulation coming-Houston
Far Right Militancy is now a Real Threat
Protesters held ahead of G-8 meeting
Canada uses G-8 meeting to touch Iran
( 'Little Sir Echo' doing us proud )
Color Revolutions and political branding : a guide for the perplexed
Did the toppling of Saddam Hussein lead to recent events in Iran?
( Hm. Predicted by Post-Saddam Iraq - currently the address is at 'Documents' http://my.opera.com/oldephartte/links/ )
Journalists from more than 60 overseas media come to Urumqi after riot
Obama asks Russia to forge partnership with US
'Independent media have exposed corruption at all levels of business and government.' Obama!
The time is not right
Loudly 'not taking a position' in Honduras : Canada, OAS, USA
The test for Obama : The Pentagon is behind the coup d'etat in Honduras - with or without the approval of the White House ?
Dominionism - Yellow Dog at 'They Gave Us a Republic'
( Time was cartographers charted 'The Dominion of Canada'. Rather reminds me of the names of the protagonists in the sci-fi TV series DS-9 and its unfinished saga of destruction. Oops. 'Enemies'. My Bad.)
The CIA and rioting Uyghurs in Xinjiang
'some CIA contacts are in forefront of Uyghur secessionist movement'
Tehran closes down for the second day - dust in the air
Gasping for Breath
Fanshawe College researchers seek links between rapid changes in air quality and health
New class of Black Holes discovered
'I Know What I Saw' documentary exposes government UFO secrets

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