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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, July 6, 2009

RSS Review - BlogNews

Sleep Tourism
Why aren't medical students taught about health care policy ?
Sobering lessons of health reform in Massachusetts
Should nonprofit hospitals be forced to stop acting like greedy corporations?
The incestuous circle of influence shaping health care reform
It's wrong to burn food of the poor to fuel cars of the rich
Agriculture : a stormy time for indigenous wisdom
The fall of civilization
Research suggests changing el Nino making hurricanes more frequent
Thousands flee China floods
California's ghastly peripheral canal
Ancient Drought and Rapid Cooling drastically altered climate
Colleges push online classes locally
U.S. and Russia agree to nuclear cuts
Why didn't Canadian banks go wild?
Lunchtime Linkage
A recession in dog years
Will Canada's tar sands make us choose between energy security and environmental disaster?
Let clean economy begin, global companies urge government leaders
Between culture and nature on planet Earth
G8 : Not everyone is following the leaders
Israel has the right to 'rein in' Iran
Ethnic Cleansing as as State PolicyLinkIsraeli blockade brings Gaza trade to standstill
Israel wantonly destroyed Gaza
Vengeance isn't theirs
U.S. sanctions against Iran?
Subsidies for Israel, Sanctions for Iran
Joint understanding for the START follow-on treaty
Americanism vs. Islamism - a personal perspective
Army Major disputes story of Chechen fighters in AfghanistanLinkWhy tolerance is not enough : a Muslim perspective
Regime change with a human face
Honduras thwarts Zelaya's return
No welfare for Sri Lanka's Tamils
Vietnam War architect McNamara diesLinkWill Douglas Murray now condemn Bishop Nazir-Ali?
Report to outline benefits of Alberta high-speed rail
The key to BC Rail sale lies in Premier Gordon Campbell's beginnings in Real estate and Land Development
There are some things that just shouldn't be on Facebook ( A proper OMG for this one! )
Free Microsoft Antivirus Software
The Web Browser is coming to save the day
Why Mozilla's new Firefox augurs great things for the Web
Dr. John's Hiding Place
New Minefield for Ubuntu

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