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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Morning Miscellaney - BlogNews

Greek Life : Planet Earth ( BBC )

Greek Life  ( toon above linked from hers )

Human Mirror  ( neat prank )

A cautionary tale...

Mossy and Stina

( My son's kids' terripug ended up at grandpa's yesterday...whoops. I meant Grumpa )

UFOs, Hessdalen and Lights in the Skies

With more than 30 years investigation of the UFO phenomenon and after having written 5 books about it I am still puzzled by the Hessdalen observations. Lights in the skies are fascinating. Each year hundreds of UFO observations are reported to groups of people who have interest in them. Some from a scientific perspective, others from a more occult viewpoint. Unidentified Flying Objects, a few still calling them 'flying saucers', appear not to be examples of the explainable for their spurious occurrence and weird behavior. 

Tolerance,love and peace

Mixing it up with the Opera gang in Comments

Unplugging The Matrix: Generate Your Own Reality

One fundamental principle of the illusion is the false impression of separation; the idea that we are somehow separate from the material things in our world. This is still the foundation for much of our thinking today. Well to distil a thousand learned books into one comment: we are not separate. At the deepest level everything is connected to everything else.

Legalize It: Ammiano to Introduce Legislation Monday to Allow Pot -- and Tax It

From Comments :


(1.) 1 acre of hemp will produce as much fiber as 2 to 3 acres of cotton. Hemp fiber is softer, warmer, stronger, and more water absorbent than cotton, and lasts twice as long as cotton. Hemp is naturally hardy and drought tolerant and grows well without herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. Twenty-five percent of all the pesticides used in the U.S. are applied to cotton.

(2.) 1 acre of hemp will produce as much paper as 2 to 4 acres of trees. Trees take hundreds of years to grow and hemp only takes 4 months to grow. We just found a solution to saving the trees! Hemp paper can be recycled 7 times, wood pulp 4 times.

(3.) Hemp seed oil can be used to produce non-toxic diesel fuel, paint, varnish, detergent, ink and lubricating oil. We just found a solution to use alternative fuels for cars rather than being defendant on oil! (Or fossil fuels) HEMP ETHANOL! Here's Vanguard Video on Ethanol: http://current.com/items/89110290/food_fight.htm

(4.) Hemp seed is nutritious and contains more essential fatty acids than any other source. Soybeans come in second place. Hemp seed is not psychoactive and cannot be used as a drug because THC levels are too low to get high! Hemp is not marijuana.

(5.) Hemp fiber can produce cars. Over two million cars on the road today have hemp composite parts for door panels, dashboards, luggage racks, etc. They are doing it in Germany for Mercedes and BMW.

FACT: Hemp is Earth's number-one biomass resource. IT IS A BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY and would stimulus the economy and generate jobs in a massive way!

Marijuana FACT: 
-Deaths from marijuana use: 0 
-Deaths from aspirin (U.S. per year): 180 - 1,000 + 
-Deaths from legal drugs (U.S. per year) at doses used for prevention, diagnosis, or therapy: 106,000

Why not legalize marijuana? Why not use it as a medical use nationwide? It would be no diferen't for alcohol use. The harmless drug would hurt the black market. It would save tax dollars from nonviolence offenders. THE DEA SHOULD BE FOCUSING ON THE REAL HARSH DRUGS LIKE COCAINE AND HEROIN RATHER THAN HARMLESS MARIJUANA WHICH CAN BE USED AS A NATURAL RESOURCE OF MEDICINE.

marijuana is just another type of tobacco grown in the ground on every single continent,I am not sorry to say this but the tobacco company could label marijuana as a ground grown tobacco plant.Any time they want.Any plant that can be heated to a certain temperature and be smoked, would be classified ground grown tobacco.Two smoke-able plants where found growing right next to each other.each had a name called tobacco each with a different potentse and color.

Share, chat and browse anonymously on the Free Network

( Just noticed the ad. Informative comments would be nice. )

To The Struggle Against World Terrorism – A Gift From Russia to the USA


They had their day in court

For some of the guys in the gallery this man had been plaguing them for most of their working lives. The faceless corporations which employed him and financed the Consulting Association as their front were less tangible. Here was the physical embodiment of the secret blight that had been visited upon them.

If they were unsure at first that disappeared as the facts of the case were read out. There were regular heckles from the gallery. The TCA was funded, at one time or another, by some 40 construction companies - pretty much all the big names - and for 15 years it acted as private vetting agency collating gossip, newspaper clippings, union minutes, toilet graffiti and info from companies.

Warning for firms that set up trade union blacklist

Geoengineering: fact and fantasy

In response to the global-warming crisis, some scientists advocate intentionally manipulating the earth’s climate with elaborate schemes and unusual technologies. How feasible are their proposals?

Sweden plans “green” labels for food

Locusts add to Gansu’s drought plight

China’s bag ban, one year later

"I think the results have been clear and, in the main, positive."

A survey published on May 20 by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association found that while plastic-bag usage in foreign-invested supermarkets had dropped by 80%, the fall was only 60% in Chinese-owned stores. The overall drop was 66%, and about 40 billion fewer bags had been used. Mr Dong also has a set of figures.

China encounters factory farming

On the Chinese mainland, there have been at least 441 cases of swine flu, but as yet no deaths.  

The crowding, wastes and stress create conditions in which diseases can spread from animal to animal – and sometimes beyond – often rapidly. China today has more than 60,000 of these factory-style facilities.

while China is not yet a bona fide "factory-farm nation" like the United States and most of Europe, the strains of its fast-growing livestock sector are becoming harder to ignore. Indeed, swine flu comes on the heels in China of recent, deadly outbreaks of avian flu, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and 2007’s “blue ear” scare that killed tens of thousands of pigs, all of which have rattled food markets around the world.

“The present system of producing food animals in the United States is not sustainable and presents an unacceptable level of risk to public health and damage to the environment, as well as unnecessary harm to the animals raised for food.”

the World Health Organization warns that many "first-line" antibiotics, such as penicillin, are no longer effective against more than 90% of certain bacteria in Asia due to the drugs' overuse in farmed animals

What would you tell the G8?

Dialectical thinking is out of fashion these days, but we need it now. What the world needs more than ever is for the United States and China to each move forward on a serious long-term programme to rein in greenhouse-gas output over the rest of this century.

China boosts sustainable palm oil

A consortium of China-based producers and buyers of palm oil has pledged to support the purchase, promotion and use of sustainably made palm oil at a time when Malaysian manufacturers are complaining of low sales because of high prices, BusinessGreen reported. The move by China -- the world’s largest importer of palm oil -- is seen as an important step in efforts to halt tropical deforestation.

China’s creeping sands - slideshow

In the US, a changing climate?

Last Friday’s approval by the US House of Representatives of the Waxman-Markey bill (or American Clean Energy and Security Act) deserves a moment of quiet reflection. As someone who has followed the internal politics, it is hard to convey quite how dicey this looked a few months ago. The bill is far from perfect: the 2020 target is too low and too many permits are assigned gratis. But none of that matters.

If something like this bill survives the Senate, it will be good enough to set the United States on a unilateral path to de-carbonisation. Never mind that the levels will likely turn out to be too conservative. With a basic mechanism in place to internalise the costs of carbon, we can always ratchet up the targets as reality sets in.
Putting cities at centre stage
The world’s cities can be laboratories of low-carbon innovation and need to be factored into a future climate-change framework, says London’s former deputy mayor.

Cities are very vulnerable, so citizens immediately come to city governments when there are floods and droughts and the sea-level rises. We have huge opportunities – and we want nations to realise that unless they put cities centre stage, they are not really going to be able to deliver what is needed, because cities have the levers. They do need more powers and more resources in order to do that.

War on plastic bags is a waste of time - Monbiot

Why worry about shopping with plastic bags if your carbon emissions go through the roof every time you fly?

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