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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Blogging News Sites ( and some MSM )

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What distinguishes 'Blogging News Sites' from 'Alternative News', for instance ?  Somebody who tracks the liars called MainStream Media for usable stories goes here : something I fancy I tend to do myself.
But - a lot of that ends up being futile punditry about fantasyland. 

1st Control Center - Blog News
1st Headlines
American Street
Antemedius - Formerly 'Out of Iraq Bloggers Caucus'
BBC - Editors'Blog
Image representing BlogHer as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseBaltimore Chronicle & Sentinel
Black Cafe Network News
Blogger News Network
Blogrunner - NYT Aggregator
Booman Tribune - Group Blog - Politics
Brad Blog - Voting Process
Breitbart - News MediaDaily KosImage via Wikipedia
Buzzflash - Topical Article Alerts
Buzz Machine - Media on Media
Cafe Sentido
Citizens for Legitimate Government
Cogitamus - ex Klein Kibitzers
Current News Updates,World Current News
Current TV

Daily Kos ( Markos' major op-ed site )
The Daily Parr
Digg - Hunting Scoops
Electronic Infinitada - Middle East News / Palestine
Emirates 24|7 
EMM News Explorer
European Tribune - Group Blog - Politics
ExpressBuzz - South India
Firedoglake Group News Blog
Global Voices Online International News Community
Hullabaloo - Digby
Infinite Unknown
Jesus General - Satire
Left of Center - News
Media Bistro - DC Gossip
MediaChannel - News Reporting Watch
Memeorandum River
OhmyNews International - Group Blog - Korea - English
Online Journal
Open Minds - News
Open Salon
Pandagon ( My first fave )
Personal Liberty Digest - Bob Livingston
Political Voices of Women Register of Female Political Bloggers
( BlogHer writer )
Rambhai - India
rediff - India Abroad
Road to the Horizon - Aidworker's Reflections
Scholars & Rogues Literati Vent & Report
Sinlung - NE India newsblogging
Stop the War Coalition - News
Suzie-Q - Hot Topics and Alternative News
TG Daily
The Atlantic
The Tyee - UBC - Canada
Towards Freedom - now includes COA News
TPM Cafe - Group Blog - Politics ( part of a cluster )
Unexplained Mysteries Unusual News
Washington Monthly - Political Animal ( comment meleé )
Watching Those We Chose - 'Political Animal' commenters
Winter Surfing - RSS Link Page
World Wide Hippies
YaYa Canada
Y! buzz
March 19 Blogswarm 2008 - Anti Iraq 'War'

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