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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Evening BlogNews

In my mind I still need a place to go, all my changes were there

The rev knocked me out with expatriate reminiscing for Canada Day

While people go on about Michael Jackson, Supreme Court makes it harder for Black people to get promoted at work

Bush's 3rd term cont'd


Walking the Gay Walk : Not so much, Obama

What are you running there, MacKay?

Fort Fumble on the Rideau has done it again. Defence Department admitted Wednesday that it was wrong to withhold the future cost of the War in Afghanistan on the basis that releasing it would violate national security. ( Whose ? The denials that Canada will extend our period of wasting resources in the Graveyard of Empires seem like the saw...'you protest too much'. )

Having fun ? Go to Man of Steel, Government of Wobbly Bits for the rundown. I think it's unrelated that the Wobble splintered the NDP at one point.

Ya want change with that legal brief, Sir? Where Obama's policy continues Bush's

Beaver Bits

Now This is an anecdote! Funny and informative too.

Why the Harper Conservatives are not Tories

Bingo! Nor are they Conservative. Authoritarian, now...

Ikea's complaint of Russian mob rule

Is Wal-Mart leading the charge for health care reform ?

Indian Court overturns gay sex ban


Israel abducts Poet Laureate, former U.S. Congresswoman

Coalition of the Corrupt and Spineless - healthcare legislation

Henry Paulson and the great American bubble machine

U.S. - Israel's puppet government

Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury - Reagan administration

Chalmers Johnson : Baseless Expenditures 

$1 Bn for embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan ?

How to deal with America's Empire of Bases

( Is that out of the Education, Infrastructure,Pension,Healthcare or Job Creation budget ? )

While the U.S. dilly-dallies in Honduras, we continue to support a right-wing thug in Columbia

Iraq's National Sovereignity Day is U.S.-style Hallmark hype

Pakistani public turns against Taliban but still rejects US intervention

Pakistan was born in a struggle to throw off two centuries of British rule in South asia, and once you go through  a thing like that, having Western troops actively intervening in a Muslim neighbour is just not welcome.

( Now Those are words to note. )

As the DOJ pounces, Google makes Book Search even better

Web 2.0 warfare from Gaza to Iran

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