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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

14 July - BlogNews

E-coli fears are sanitizing the landscape

Corporate fears of E-coli contamination lead to environment damage to the farmscape of America.  In the verdant farmland surrounding Monterey Bay, a national marine sanctuary and one of the world’s biological jewels, scorched-earth strategies are being imposed on hundreds of thousands of acres in the quest for an antiseptic field of greens. And the scheme is about to go national.  In pending legislation and in proposed federal regulations, the push for food safety butts up against the movement toward biologically diverse farming methods, while evidence suggests that industrial agriculture may be the bigger culprit.  Trees have been bulldozed along the riparian corridors of the Salinas Valley, while poison-filled tubes targeting rodents dot lettuce fields. Dying rodents have led to deaths of owls and hawks that naturally control rodents.  “It’s all based on panic and fear, and the science is not there,” said Dr. Andy Gordus, an environmental scientist with the California Department of Fish and Game.Crops, ponds destroyed in quest for food safety

Will food poisoning lawyer Bill Marler sue Weston A. Price Foundation over raw milk advocacy? — first noise from AVMA’s Seattle Raw Milk Symposium >  

Food Poison Lawyer Suggests He Might Sue WAPF, As Fireworks Start Early in Raw Milk Symposium

Ideal diet for people? — “Unprocessed”

Johnny Bowden, writing for Forbes.com, cuts through the noise around diet with a simple observation that humans have done well on a wide variety of diets, but that what these diets had in common was that they were “unprocessed”. One might add that they were also not genetically modified.

Housing sales bounce back nationwide

Construction activity fell in second quarter

How Citizen Journalism Changed My Life

I had always taken an interest in women's issues and as I learned more and more about the torture, injury and death of young girls and women around the world, I wanted to raise awareness. I wrote three articles on OhmyNews about the father's rights groups. I was attacked on all three, a tradition with these guys. I was even threatened with a law suit.
But these three articles were the catalysts for the changes that would take place in my life.

From participating in the family court reform movement, I have met some wonderful, passionate and committed people. I have shared in the highs and lows of our pursuit of justice. I have both provided and received support when verbally attacked,professionally maligned, or threatened.
And, lastly, I am working in my current position as a result of my activism and writing. I now work with a domestic violence agency.

Drawing Fire, China Seeks to Dominate in Renewable Energy

China is now building six wind farms with a capacity of 10,000 to 20,000 megawatts apiece.

Man uses 1800s technology to run car on trash

The technology is called gasification, and it's been around since the 1800s, when it was used for street lamps and cooking. It even powered some vehicles during World War II, but faded away under oil's dominance. Gasification works by heating organic materials to high temperatures without flames. The resulting chemical reactions produce a hydrogen-hydrocarbon gas mixture in vapor form that is almost as potent as gasoline.

Good news for gas

Airlines, Already Suffering, Brace for More Woes

Ecology Youth Corps gears up for summer clean up

Some insight into how the hollow-face illusion works

Military Prosecutor: 66 Ready to Be Tried at Gitmo

Afghan War’s Buried Bombs Put Risk in Every Step

This year, bomb attacks on coalition troops in Afghanistan have spiked to an all-time high, with 465 in May alone, more than double the number in the same month two years before. At least 46 American troops have been killed by I.E.D.’s this year, putting 2009 on track to set a record in the eight-year war.

Taliban hit Canadian model village

Manipur problem is political and economic, Armed forces have nothing to do with it: General (Retd) Shankar Roy Chowdhury

Khuga dam canal breached third time this year

The Last Pontiac

Fears grow CN could close ex-BC rail lines

With the fifth anniversary of the sale reached Tuesday, a clause expired that required CN to keep all of the BC Rail lines operating.
Mr. Krog said communities strung out along more than 2,000 kilometres of former BC Rail tracks need to know if their train service is now facing a shutdown.

Cheney's Secret CIA Program Revealed    

If Leon Panetta learned of the program on the first day at the helm of the Agency as a senior congressional aide claims, why did he wait four months after the outcome of the Iranian Presidential election, before shutting it down and brief the intelligence committee?

Why aren't Jews outraged by Israeli occupation?

The age of Barack Obama has unleashed a global wave of Jewish unease over 
Israel's future and the Diaspora's relationship to the self-described Jewish state. It's a debate that is long overdue.
The decades-old ability of Zionist groups to manage the public narrative of Israeli victimhood is breaking down. Damning critics has therefore become a key method of control.

Huwwara Checkpoint, Nablus

The queues lack any sense of order, designed simply to harass and dehumanize the Palestinians who in many cases can wait up to 10 hours to cross the checkpoint. Students are forced to do this daily (!) and many never reach their classes for days on end.

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