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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

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 Tonka Report
Retired 6 November 2012 
Oil well has been poisoning the Gulf of Mexico for 7 years
The Lockerbie Trial and Review of Evidence
Carbon Sequestration and its impact on forests in the Northeast
Analysis of Forest Carbon Sequestration as a response to Climate Change 
Dartmouth Toxic Metals Superfund Research Program
Current - Election 2012
What the Frack ?
Dump Harper
Climate Assessment 2011 pdf
On the gargantuan lie of climate change science
The Boy Who Cried Warming
The myth of global warming
Environmental Scientist Bails from Global Warming Movement
How to Make Reed Diffusers
Fences ( Desktop Icon Manager )
Zemanta Blog
Reviewing the NPT : U.S. War College
Outside 'armed entity' now operating inside Syria 
Prayer and Walking the Red Road
paper li
Harper criticism in media now being censored ?
The Pro Vax site NOT Redlisted
*Autism One
*Generation Rescue
Vaccine Side Effects*
Vaccines *
Pagan Style Music From Skyrim

Retired 30 June 2012
 Websites go black to protest Harper budget
 Personalize Feedly

How to remove Facebook timeline
Radioactive Nightmare : Fukushima's Buckyballs

Fukushima : the Pacific is Dying

These subjects will not be covered in today's sermon
 The President who told the truth about illuminati
Enhancement of absorbed dose from natural background gamma radiation due to photoelectron induction in uranium particles
Regan era envoy found Pakistan lied on nukes
The IPCC under the microscope
United Nations' experts doctor evidence ( 1996 )
Why CAGW is not 'settled science'
Keeping Global Warming Within Limits
Bing Translator

50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Foods
Mining groundwater triggering sea level rise
Who is Osama Bin Laden ?
 Retired May 22 2012

Bibliotecca Pleyades

Old Dominion University Digital Library Group

Secrets in Plain Sight

Current Events - Wikipedia

Branch Out - your professional network on Facebook

BP settlement sells out victims


Junk Food News

The Authoritarians

Stop Online Spying

Union Shop

9-11 Truth

American Architects 9-11 Truth

Dick Gregory got warning to leave New York night before 9-11

Supreme Court likely to endorse Obama's war on whistleblowers

Advertising Techniques

The fuck-it point
The difference between people talking and governments talking

J. Rosen on political possibility

Whitlam Dismissal
Deck.ly ( long Twitter posts )

Shareaholic Intro
Personalize Feedly

Activist Post
Alex Jones Channel

Anti Empire Reports : Blum

BioInfoBank Library

Biology and Marine Biology

The Fate of the Ocean

The Folly of Big Agriculture

Blue Girl Daily - paper li

Canadian Banking System Exposed

Canadian Perspectives

Canadian Think Tanks

Catholic Encyclopedia
Freethought Blogs

Global Research .ca



National Memo

Natural News Radio

Oil Spill Daily
RT America On Air


33 Minutes of Fearmongering

History of United States Naval Operations : Korea : Sources

The Lavon Affair : when Israel firebombed U.S. installations to make it look like the activity of Muslim extremists


Bin Laden, CIA contract agent,dead since December 13,2001
CNN - This Just In

Diigo Buzz


Empire`s Double Edged Sword : Global Military and NGO`s

Freedom Slips - Revolution Radio

Corrections Corporation of America


Bad Behaviour


Panda Safe Browser

Free Online Courses

Asana - Shared Task Coordination

A People's History of the United States - H Zinn

Competitive Intelligence Insight

The Problem with Patents

Libbe HaLevy, Simi Valley Nuclear Disaster, Post-Fukushima Activist Response
 Iran Sanctions ( U.S. Treasury )

Middle East Nuclear Weapons Free Zone 

Pro U.S. Information Must Prevail

Righteous Jews

United States War Crimes Against Iraq

Energy Realities

15th Field Artillery :Korean War Timeline

Turning History on its Head 

Pro U.S. Information Must Prevail

Righteous Jews

United States War Crimes Against Iraq

Energy Realities

15th Field Artillery :Korean War Timeline

Turning History on its Head 

The Suicide Files

Microwaved water kills plants in days

Researchers recreate bee collapse with pesticide-laced corn syrup

Occupy Monsanto


Monsanto declared worst company of 2011

Global harms of industrial ag

Military Industrial Agriculture

Battle against modified Eucalptus trees

Global opposition to REDD forest carbon offsets

7 Dangerous Lies About Plastic

Environmental toxicity and the effect on health

U.S. Senate Committee on Environment : 650 + scientists dissent on man-made global warming claims

Scientists questioning the accuracy of IPCC projections
Climate Change Reconsidered
Peer Reviewed Study Confirms No Warming From Carbon Dioxide

Science vs. Politics

Fraud : The Big Lie of Global Warming

Is skeptic Tom Harris a Dirty Denier of Climate Change 

Monsanto GM soybean open planting ( Canada )

Seeds of Destruction


Second Thoughts About Nuclear Power

DU - You don't have to inhale or ingest it to get sick

9-11 Who really did it ?

Osama Who ?

The Black Hole of Guyana

Pentagon finds no fault in its ties to TV analysts

Detention of U.S. citizens PDF

Real Jews against Israel

My Life as a Holocaust Denier
Architecture of Perpetual War

Destruction of Poppy Fields in Afghanistan

Australian Anti-Bases

Ban the Bases

The Day the War Came Home

What is Propaganda ?

Committing Seymour Hersch

Weight of Chains ( Yugoslavia )

Opium Wars

Home Invasions Sept 21 2011

The Big Fix - Trailer

Three Mile Island, Global Warming and the CIA

The Tragedy of the Commons

Icecap : Logic-Gate

What the "skeptics" of global warming are skeptical of: Nordhaus reconsidered

More than 1000 international scientists dissent over global warming claims

CATO Institute: Global Warming and Climate Change

 Retired 30 March
 Omitted Variable fraud : solar climate driver

How Much of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Accumulation is Anthropogenic ?
  Shame on US : The story of Mayer Arar
Addressing Uranium Contamination in the Navajo Nation
 Society to review climate message
 Smart Defrag 2 ( for XP )
 Collusion for Firefox ( Wait. It needs time to work )
Dynamic Views
Open ID
YouTube Web M Plus - Opera Browser
 Cuban Missile Crisis
American Airlines exposes Bush's Big Lie : Flight 11 did not fly on 9-11 !
1999 War Game : Post-Saddam Iraq
 Opits LinkFest! Tumblr Microblog
 Host a StartPage
 Archived 21/2/2012
 Tmi Me
XL Tweets
Wendell Barry Quotes
Thomas Paine Quotes
What happened to Yahoo!
The Hutterian Brethren
The Policy Advisor's Dilemma - R Pielke, Jr
When scientists politicize science R Pielke Jr
 JoAnn Nova discusses Global Warming
Terms that have different meanings for scientists and the public
Google Lightbox
Google Transparency Report
Mitigating Ozone Pollution and Climate Change Through Methane Control
Fighting the Democrats' complicity with Bush
 Archived 14/1/2012
Rick Mercer Explains Canada ( tongue in cheek )
U.S.malls use shoppers' cellphones to track them
You deleted your cookies...think again
 Pilger : Courage of Julian Assange
The Crisis of Misdirection - Time to Get Off the Bus
`Conspiracy Theory`
Foreign Policy & War Profiteering
Social Security Privatization and The War on Women
Muslims of France
Is Free Energy a National Security Issue ?
Secrecy and Witholding of Patents
The Problem with Patents
Libbe HaLevy, Simi Valley Nuclear Disaster, Post-Fukushima Activist Response
Can We Switch to Electric Cars ?
Why startup Aptera collapsed
Jeff Kroll makes movies that Matter

 Information Warfare and Deception
For Dreamers and Fools
Information Operations in Iraq
Iraqis who aided U.S. left behind and fearful
 The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
Big Media's Double Standards on Iran
Iran isn't the only one misbehaving
U.K. cuts ties with Iranian banks

IAEA's Iran Report Spins Intelligence
Battle of Kabul and Retreat to Andemak
Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World
Dumbing Down Society
Anthromorphic economics disease
Free Speech
Backing up your Blogger blog
Porton Down
Who killed the Water Car
Top Secret Patents
BP buys Google
Gulf of Mexico is Dying 
 General Wesley Clark explains Libyan invasion,Syria,Somalia planned years in advance
Fighting the Democrats' complicity with Bush
George Orwell on the Evil Iranian Menace
Sick Gulf residents continue to blame BP
on the gargantuan lie of climate change science
More opposed to ETS

Archived 9/11/2011

RAW Replay
Logorama - a world of Capitalism
E News Japan Energy News

Desiree Rover
Leadership Day 2011 Aug 5 K-12 Educators' online briefing
Educate Yourself - Global Warming

Synthetic Nitrogen Destroys Soil Carbon,Undermines Soil Health
Care2 News Network - Brain Food found by John F. RSS Feed

Nutrition and Food Web

Food Freedom
Food Renegade
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New way to surf
Bloglines ( Beta )...it's back
Deck.ly ( long Twitter posts )
XL Tweets
paper li
Revolutionary Politics
Colonial Scrip
U.S. Debt Clock
Water Defense
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