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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

31 March - Blogs I'm Following - 5 of 5

 10:30 pm MDT

Luke Gromen: Understanding the Sovereign Debt Bubble
mosesman, Socio-Economics History Blog - 21 hours ago
Palisades Gold Radio Tom welcomes Luke Gromen back to the show to discuss the signposts in the markets. The global sovereign debt bubble is bursting, which last occurred a hundred years ago. They are nearly entirely out of options, and bond markets are beginning to understand this fact. end
Russian Guns Firing Plastic Bullets: Deadly Innovation or Old Hat?
Charlie Gao, The National Interest - 21 hours ago
*Charlie Gao* *Firearms, * While the use of plastic driving bands may be old hat to NATO militaries, it’s easy to see why the Russian military is getting excited over them. *Here's What You Need to Remember: * Recently Russian concern SPA Pribor announced it had developed plastic based ammunition for light artillery. While this may appear to be impressive and innovative at first, the trick is in the wording. Only a small portion of the ammunition is plastic. *(This first appeared last month.)* The majority of Pribor’s new 30mm ammunition is still made of metal. The case is stil...
New Fleet Needed: How the Navy Must Reform to Win the Next War
James Holmes, The National Interest - 21 hours ago
*James Holmes* *U.S. Navy, Americas* [image: U.S. Navy] America needs enough warships, and also the right kind and mix of those vessels, if it is to survive a major war. *Key point: *A good military can help deter future conflicts. But, if it needs to fight and win, then it needs to be ready to do so. Were the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps after the Cold War and the hippy movement of 1968 separated at birth? In a sense, yes. Both made it an article of faith that history had ended or was simply irrelevant. Both took to extremes Henry Ford’s quip that “history is more or less bunk”—a ...
Does the U.S. Air Force Need New F-15s?
Sebastien Roblin, The National Interest - 21 hours ago
*Sebastien Roblin* *F-15, Americas* The F-15X is specifically intended to replace F-15C and two-seat F-15D fighters. *Here's What You Need to Know: *The worthwhileness of the F-15X concept comes down to whether the Air Force should pay to maintain a lower-tier force of cost-efficient fighters to handle missions that don't require the F-35's special capabilities. *(This article first appeared in 2018.)* The aviation world is abuzz with rumors that the U.S. Air Force is evaluating the purchase of a brand-new F-15X model of the legendary 45-year-old F-15 Eagle twin-engine fighter....
Editor, Dances With Bears - 21 hours ago
By John Helmer, Moscow @bears_with The first session of the inquest into the death of Dawn Sturgess, held in London on Tuesday, was almost entirely predictable. The counsel for the coroner, like the lawyers for the Sturgess family and for the Home Office, repeated without qualification the allegation that a Novichok poison weapon they say was […]
“Two Fatal Errors in its Assessment of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic”. What SAGE Has Got Wrong
arclein, Terra Forming Terra - 21 hours ago
The really important take home is that prior exposure to the common cold made at least 30% of the population naturally immune to COV 19 before it ever showed up. This also means if you do then become exposed and have a scant reaction, you will still have the full immunity conferred without antigens showing up. Right now we have all likely been exposed with only a few susceptible been aware of it. The present arguement supports full global immunity in general and that the so called pandemic is long over. Crap testing has to now end. false positive sefrve no one. So far ...
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Prevent Implementation of ‘Vaccine Passports’ in His State
National File and Post Millennial, Need To Know - 21 hours ago
The Biden regime is developing a “vaccine passport” that would require Americans to present proof of vaccination before being allowed to engage in commerce. The regime is working with private companies that will apply the pressure for the passports and for Americans to take the Covid vaccines.
CDC Data Shows Almost Twice As Many Vaccine-Related Deaths in First 3 Months of 2021 than All Vaccine Deaths Combined over the Past Ten Years
Gateway Pundit, Need To Know - 22 hours ago
The number of US deaths related to vaccines in 2021 in less than 3 months totals 1,755, which is almost double the number of deaths that were recorded over the past decade, with a total of 994 deaths.
Mozambique’s The Newest Front In The US’ So-Called Global War On Terror
Andrew KORYBKO, OrientalReview.org - 22 hours ago
Many observers missed the US’ designation in early March of Mozambique’s “Al Shabaab” as an ISIS-affiliated global terrorist organization and its subsequent dispatch of roughly a dozen Green Berets to the country to aid the national military in its counter-terrorist operations, but this development signals that the Southern African state […]
Australian Daily Wind Power Generation Data – Tuesday 30 March 2021
TonyfromOz, PA Pundits – International - 22 hours ago
By Anton Lang ~ This Post details the daily wind power generation data for the AEMO coverage area in Australia. For the background information, refer to the Introductory Post at this link. Each image is shown here at a smaller size to fit on the page alongside the data for that day. If you click […]
Happy Easter I am from Qld Health and here to help you
Editor, cairnsnews, Cairns News - 22 hours ago
Letter to the Editor Seeing a lot of us are under house arrest for Easter, here is a small paragraph from Qld. Health, you know, the “trust me” brigade, keeping us safe from that nasty covid flu. This little Gem of Wisdom from the Qld Health, transcribed directly from their website: “Total case numbers include […]
jonjayray, EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 23 hours ago
* College Debt & Military Service* An injustice against our military and veterans' communities is being prepared in the halls of Congress at the same time the men and women of the National Guard stand post outside the Capitol building to protect lawmakers from an unexplained threat. Senator Chuck Schumer is demanding the President forgive up to $50,000 of student debt for some 43 million Americans who borrowed for college beyond their means. More than nine million Americans have defaulted on their education loans, and an estimated one-third of those who borrowed federal money for ...
Drone Swarms and Star Trek: What SciFi Says About Future Naval Warfare
James Holmes, The National Interest - 22 hours ago
*James Holmes* *Future Warfare, Asia* [image: Future Warfare] Naval commanders could learn a lot from fiction and could be inspired on how to win future conflicts. *Key point: *Drones and computer viruses are potent weapons in the right hands. How might these technologies be applied among the world's navies? How would you punk the U.S. Navy if the lords of naval warfare handed you the keys to, say, China’s navy? Well, you might do the obvious thing: read or watch some science fiction! *This first appeared earlier and is being reposted due to reader interest.* In the latest *Star...
Why the Russia-U.S. Nuclear Arms Race Is a Huge Waste of Money
Michael Peck, The National Interest - 22 hours ago
*Michael Peck* *Security, Eurasia* Is this really the best use of America’s defense dollars? *Here's What You Need to Remember: *It is equally hard to see how GBSD will enhance American security. The Air Force says the Minuteman III force is becoming too vulnerable to attack. But if Russia were to contemplate launching a nuclear strike upon the United States, it seems unlikely that the age of U.S. ICBMs would make a difference. “If you go on with this nuclear arms race, all you are going to do is make the rubble bounce,” warned Winston Churchill. That was in 1952, just two years...
Five Times the British Military Suffered Tough Battlefield Defeats
Michael Peck, The National Interest - 22 hours ago
*Michael Peck* *History, World* As the saying goes, victory has many fathers, but defeat is an orphan. *Here's What You Need to Remember: * *More From The National Interest: * *Where World War III Could Start This Year* *How the F-35 Stealth Fighter Almost Never Happened * *Russia Has Missing Nuclear Weapons Sitting on the Ocean Floor * *How China Could Sink a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier * For centuries, the sun never set on the British Empire. But eclipses there were, and more than a few that stained British arms. Like the Romans, the British fought a variety of enemies. They a...
How Do Russian Tanks Fare Against American-Made TOW Missiles?
Sebastien Roblin, The National Interest - 22 hours ago
*Sebastien Roblin* *Missiles, Middle East* Syria offers a recent example. *Here's What You Need to Know: *TOW missiles have been able to inflict real damage in Syria. *(This article first appeared in 2018.)* The interconnected conflicts raging across the Middle East today have amounted to a dreadful human catastrophe with spiraling global consequence. One of their lesser effects has been to deflate the reputations of Western main battle tanks mistakenly thought to be night-invulnerable in the popular imagination. Iraqi M1 Abrams tanks not only failed to prevent he capture of Mo...
Tweets Of The Day
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 23 hours ago
Covid-19 has killed over 2.81M people and infected over 128.76M globally. Follow this thread for all the coronavirus-related developments for March 31: pic.twitter.com/3i2DyMRn05 — TRT World Now (@TRTWorldNow) March 31, 2021 Hospitals in Ecuador's capital overwhelmed by COVID-19 infections, doctors say https://t.co/H4vsjfXGUu pic.twitter.com/sJzRzhvGs6 — Reuters (@Reuters) March 31, 2021 WHO says further investigation needed to conclusively rule out theory that Covid-19 emerged from a lab in China https://t.co/Z9imcWdtvG — BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) March 30, 2021 Saudi Arabia pl...
A Light Shines Beyond - Three Variations Of The Same Theme - Three Poems by M.N. Hopkins
Stranger in a Strange Land, Stranger in a Strange Land - 23 hours ago
*Version # 1* *A Light shines beyond* *Shining through the heart while* *Cancelling hoaxes* *© **2021 M.N. Hopkins* *Version # 2* *A Light shines beyond* *Shining through the heart while* *Revealing hoaxes* *© **2021 M.N. Hopkins* *Version # 3* *A Light shines beyond* *Shining through the heart while* *Bringing back balance* *© **2021 M.N. Hopkins* *Note: Choose your hoax to be cancelled. Much of what is now being portrayed as reality is nothing more than a web of lies. The sad thing is that people are so disconnected from Light as to never clearly see. The...
One Of The Greatest Challenges Of Being Alive - A Quotation from The Oxherd Boy
Stranger in a Strange Land, Stranger in a Strange Land - 23 hours ago
*To learn more about Oxherd Boy, please click on the link below:* *Oxherd Boy*
Y2Kyoto: Supreme Court Of Climate Cult
Kate, Small Dead Animals - 23 hours ago
Anthony Furey; Take a look at a couple of sentences about climate change that appeared Thursday concerning the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling on the carbon tax. Here’s one: “It is a threat of the highest order to the country, and indeed to the world.” And here’s another: “The undisputed existence of a threat… Continue reading →
The Healing Oracle Team, Healing Oracle - 1 day ago
Last Saturday, 20th March 2021 in Museumplein, Amsterdams capital city a group of roughly 6,000 gathered to protest against the COVID-19 vaccine and the newly introduced global guidelines regarding the ongoing pandemic. They were heard... The post PEACEFUL PROTEST IN AMSTERDAM LEADS TO RESIDENTS BEING DEPORTED appeared first on Healing Oracle.
Musical Interlude: The Grateful Dead, "Touch of Grey"
CoyotePrime, Running 'Cause I Can't Fly 2 - 1 day ago
*The Grateful Dead, "Touch of Grey"* Despite it all, We *will* survive...
"Commercial Real Estate Collapse Plunges Property Value By 75% As Debt Wave Trigger Mass Foreclosures"
CoyotePrime, Running 'Cause I Can't Fly 2 - 1 day ago
*"Commercial Real Estate Collapse Plunges Property* * Value By 75% As Debt Wave Trigger Mass Foreclosures"* by Epic Economist "The commercial real estate collapse is rapidly accelerating, and economists are warning that the sector is about to suffer a double-whammy with the reopening of the economy. After almost one year of experiencing extensive losses - with hundreds of thousands of tenants who went bankrupt due to government-mandated shutdowns being ruthlessly pushed out of the market, property owners and lenders haven't felt the full force of the impacts of mounting rental delin...
March 31, 2021: Reader Tips
Kate, Small Dead Animals - 1 day ago
Classic Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side. Tips thread is open.
Greg Hunter, "CV-19 Vaccine Warning – CV-19 Cure – Must Watch Videos"
CoyotePrime, Running 'Cause I Can't Fly 2 - 1 day ago
*"CV-19 Vaccine Warning – CV-19 Cure – Must Watch Videos"* By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com "The Covid 19 (CV-19) headlines out so far this week are downright confusing and contradictory. One says “Covid-19’s Fourth Wave is hitting the U.S Hard.” Another says, “Texas Hits Record Low Covid Cases 3 Weeks After Lifting All Pandemic Restrictions.” What are you to believe? The mainstream media (MSM), CDC and most politicians have been lying about almost everything. The idea they are pushing that only a vaccine is the answer to what many people call a “Plandemic” is a huge lie. Let me pro...
March 27, 1913 – “Greatest Cataclysm In American History”
tonyheller, Real Climate Science - 1 day ago
This week in 1913 had some horrific weather in the US. Floods, tornadoes, fires and a blizzard in Florida. Thousands dead and half a million people were left homeless.
Ice Free Wyoming?
tonyheller, Real Climate Science - 1 day ago
Experts fear that Cheyenne may become ice-free sometime this summer if the current warming trend continues.
Saudi F-15 Fighter Swoops In Low To Blast A Houthi Rebel Drone (Video)
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 23 hours ago
*Warzone/The Drive:* *Watch A Saudi F-15 Fighter Swoop In Low To Blast A Houthi Rebel Drone Out Of The Sky * *The action-packed clip underscores the immense expenditure of resources on the part of the Saudis to respond to these relatively low-cost threats. * Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen launching suicide drones, as well as ballistic and cruise missiles, at targets in Saudi Arabia has become a regular occurrence. Announcements about interceptions by Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 fighter jets, as well as Patriot surface-to-air missiles, very costly responses to these relative...
Ministry Of Truth? Gates/Soros-Funded Org Starts Leftist ‘Information Disorder’ Commission
PA Pundits - International, PA Pundits – International - 1 day ago
By Joseph Vazquez ~ An organization backed with millions of dollars from liberal billionaires Bill Gates and George Soros has launched a commission led by radical liberals to fight “mis- and disinformation.” The commission, dubbed the Aspen Institute Commission on Information Disorder, is co-chaired by leftist Katie Couric Media founder Katie Couric. Couric recently suggested […]
Alternative model for bird flu containment gets court review
Dan Flynn, Food Safety News - 1 day ago
“Oh give me land, lots of lands, and the starry skies above. Don’t fence me in…” The Humane Society of the United States, Mercy for Animals, and Farm Sanctuary are getting the U.S. District Court for Central California to review their plan for combatting bird flu. It involves lots of land. The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service... Continue Reading
Extinction Distortion
PA Pundits - International, PA Pundits – International - 1 day ago
By Dr. Jay Lehr ~ This is one of the shorter articles I have written each week at CFACT. The reason is that the fraudulent distortion of species extinction has so little data behind it for me to dissect, actually none. So there is little to write about. Patrick Moore did write about it in […]
Washington Should Steer Clear Of Tax On Vehicle Miles Traveled
PA Pundits - International, PA Pundits – International - 1 day ago
By David Ditch ~ One of the most frequent claims from Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign was that he would only seek tax increases on those earning more than $400,000 per year. That was always a dubious promise, given his expensive big-government agenda, and now we’re seeing examples of how a tax-and-spend approach can hit […]
1936 : The Most Extreme Year
tonyheller, Real Climate Science - 1 day ago
Climate alarmists want people to believe that the weather was better when CO2 levels were lower, but history shows the exact opposite.
New Video : The American Dream
tonyheller, Real Climate Science - 1 day ago
Millions of people are risking everything to come to an America which Democrats are doing everything they can to destroy. Then they get locked in cages at the border.
What's objectionable is shutting down free speech
Peter Cresswell, Not PC - 7 hours ago
*"Injurious to the public good"? "Objectionable content"? Do you want to give the grey ones power to declare what is isn't "objectionable"? To determine which of your internet contributions are "injurious to the public good"? Then you're almost too late to object to a proposed Bill cementing in this attack on free speech: *submissions* close tomorrow **on the grey ones's Bill to censor the internet.* * “This Bill is part of a wider government programme to address violent extremism,” said the moron Minister who introduced the Bill. “This is about protecting New Zealanders from har...
Picture Of The Day
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 1 day ago
Sunny, a 325th Security Forces Squadron military working dog, poses next to a Quad-legged Unmanned Ground Vehicle at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, March 24, 2021. © PHOTO US AIR FORCE / AIRMAN 1ST CLASS ANABEL DEL VALLE *WNU Editor:* The above picture is from this link .... *US Air Force Base Takes Delivery of Black Mirror-Style Semi-Autonomous ‘Robot Dogs’ – Photos* (Sputnik).
March 31st – 2021 Presidential Politics – Resistance Day 71
Sundance, The Last Refuge - 1 day ago
In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the JoeBama Administration and Presidency. “This is no small thing, to restore a republic after it has fallen into corruption. […] The post March 31st – 2021 Presidential Politics – Resistance Day 71 appeared first on The Last Refuge.
Wednesday March 31st – Open Thread
Sundance, The Last Refuge - 1 day ago
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL. […] The post Wednesday March 31st – Open Thread appeared first on The Last Refuge.
Contending With Defeat: 5 Losses the Navy Had to Learn From
James Holmes, The National Interest - 1 day ago
*James Holmes* *U.S. Navy, Americas* [image: U.S. Navy] Bitter defeats are terrible things, but they can help provide real-world lessons that help a fleet adapt to fight another day. *Key point: *Defeat can kill, but so can hubris. Arrogance is dangerous, but focusing on past failures can help put off such attitudes and ensure any military branch fares better in future battles. It’s crucial to remember and learn from defeat. People and the institutions they comprise commonly tout past triumphs while soft pedaling setbacks. That’s natural, isn’t it? Winning is the hallmark of a su...
The Death of a Japanese Pilot Put The F-35 Stealth Jet Under A Microscope
Charlie Gao, The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Charlie Gao* *F-35, * Mechanical failure or human error? At the time of the last “Knock it off” transmission, the pilot’s voice was calm and not strained, and the aircraft didn’t diverge significantly from a straight path following that transmission. *Here's What You Need to Remember: *A report recommends additional training and simulator time for pilots. The fatal crash of a Japanese Air Self Defense Forces (JASDF) F-35A in April 2019 lead to much discussion about the future of the program. Tons of speculation as to whether the crash was due to aircraft error, pilot error, or...
How Europe's Aster Missile Defense Stacks Up Against the Patriot Missile
Sebastien Roblin, The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Sebastien Roblin* *Missiles, Europe* The Aster system is similar to the Patriot missile battery. *Here's What You Need to Know: *In around a half-dozen tests, Asters have shot down a diverse spectrum of targets including supersonic sea-skimming cruise missiles. Ballistic missiles are making a comeback in the twenty-first century because they give countries like China, Iran, North Korea and Russia the ability to strike targets hundreds or thousands of miles away without having to expose vulnerable warplanes to interception. The precision allowed by modern guidance systems allows...
The U.S. Military Has Little to Fear From Iranian Arms Purchases
Michael Peck, The National Interest - 1 day ago
*Michael Peck* *Security, * Iran’s military is switching from unconventional warfare to more conventional weapons. *Here's What You Need to Remember: *While Iran’s rulers have no aspirations to be a superpower, they do seem to covet being a regional hegemon as the Persian Empire was. So far, Iran has waged war on the cheap by using proxies rather than massive troop commitments as the U.S. did in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. But as Hezbollah has discovered when its Iranian subsidies were slashed, even war on the cheap can be expensive. Iran’s military is switching from unconven...
Location Matters: What the Navy Learned From the Guadalcanal Campaign
James Holmes, The National Interest - 1 day ago
*James Holmes* *World War II History, Americas* [image: World War II History] Sometimes a certain island or piece of real estate is worth fighting over even if it is not where you would rather put your forces. *Key point: *Certain strategic ground is vital to hold because it gives the holder an advantage. That means not only fighting for certain locations, but also ensuring such areas do not fall to your enemy. This year marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. The battle is one of seven naval engagements that—together with hard-ground fightin...
Why Respecting China’s Navy Is the Key to Being Able to Deter and Defeat It
James Holmes, The National Interest - 1 day ago
*James Holmes* *U.S. Navy, Asia* [image: U.S. Navy] Hubris and contempt have led to the downfall of many great empires and many powerful Navies. *Key point: *Reality is reality and looking down on a rival fleet is one way to blind yourself to what they are capable of. Wise leaders in the U.S. Navy would do well to study and respect the Chinese Navy for the dangerous threat it really is. Admirals say the darnedest things. Over at the U.S. Naval Institute’s *Proceedings *magazine, retired U.S. Pacific Command Intelligence Chief Capt. Jim Fanell takes PACOM kahunas, past and presen...
Will Biden’s Central American Plan Slow Migration (or Speed It Up)?
Yves Smith, naked capitalism - 1 day ago
Biden''s Central America plan includes US funding of domestic security forces to keep citizens put and support foreign economic exploitation.
Mondelez CEO shares challenges of dealing with COVID-19
Joe Whitworth, Food Safety News - 1 day ago
The CEO of Mondelēz has described how the company is handling the many challenges faced during the coronavirus pandemic. Dirk Van de Put, chairman and CEO of Mondelēz International, said the biggest issue at the start of the crisis was uncertainty. “If you are dealing with a food safety crisis, lets say a Salmonella infection... Continue Reading
Frozen spinach linked to as many as 100 illnesses in Slovakia; recall underway
News Desk, Food Safety News - 1 day ago
Deep frozen spinach puree has been linked to a foodborne outbreak in Slovakia. Authorities have not said how many people were affected by tropane alkaloid poisoning but figures in local media vary from a dozen to up to 100 with some needing hospital treatment. The State Veterinary and Food Administration of the Slovak Republic (SVPS)... Continue Reading
North Carolina’s Joe Reardon named as NASDA’s food safety director
News Desk, Food Safety News - 1 day ago
The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture has named Joe Reardon as director of food safety programs. Reardon will lead NASDA’s cooperative agreements and activities with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, working to ensure consumers in the United States continue to enjoy the safest and healthiest food supply in the world. Reardon brings... Continue Reading
Twenty-Seven National Organizations Urge President Biden To Halt His 'Reckless' Rhetoric Against Russian President Putin
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 1 day ago
*The Hill:* *Organizations urge Biden to halt 'reckless' rhetoric with Putin * Twenty-seven organizations, including a number of left-leaning groups, issued a statement on Tuesday urging President Biden to halt the use of “reckless” rhetoric with Russian President Vladimir Putin and instead conduct “constructive bilateral talks.” “As national organizations that advocate for diplomacy, arms control, disarmament and peace, we are deeply alarmed by the recent negative exchanges between leaders of the two countries with more than 90 percent of the world’s nuclear warheads in their ...
Media Preparing for Disappointment as Most Capitol Hill Rioters Will Likely Face Trespassing Misdemeanors
Sundance, The Last Refuge - 1 day ago
For the past two weeks several media outlets have been reporting on the lack of DOJ evidence to support the claims of “sedition” and a grand conspiracy around the January 6th DC protests. Today Politico takes the walk-back reports one step further by warning the leftist ideologues that most of those arrested and/or accused will […] The post Media Preparing for Disappointment as Most Capitol Hill Rioters Will Likely Face Trespassing Misdemeanors appeared first on The Last Refuge.
NATO Says It Intercepted Russian Warplanes '10 Times In One Day'
War News Updates Editor, War News Updates - 1 day ago
An Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon escorting a group of Russian military aircraft in international airspace over the Baltic Sea off the Lithuanian Coast during an intercept on March 29, 2021. (Image credit: Italian Air Force via NATO). *RFE:* *NATO Warplanes Scrambled Amid 'Unusual Peak' In Russian Air Activity* NATO says it scrambled fighter jets 10 times amid what it called an unusual level of Russian air activity over Europe. Alliance warplanes were scrambled on March 29 "to shadow Russian bombers and fighters during an unusual peak of flights over the North Atlantic, ...
Tuesday Night Cat Blogging
Unknown, Accidental Deliberations - 1 day ago
Connected cats.
“The Past Is Not Dead. It's Not Even past”
Unknown, The Conservative Socrates - 1 day ago
In his line, “The past is not dead. It's not even past,” William Faulkner is referring to the paradox of time. We live in the past, the present exists in our mind as an abstraction, and the future never arrives. The moment you say, “right now”—that moment is gone; it is past; it is history. You can reminisce the past, you may try to understand it, but you no longer live in it. By paraphrasing Faulkner, a philosophical point might be made: “The past philosophies are not dead. They aren’t even past.” Philosophical ideas never die. On wings of new arguments, they keep coming back in age...
Iceland volcano STILL pumping out huge amounts of lava – Live feed
Robert, Ice Age Now - 1 day ago
The long-dormant Iceland Fagradalsfjall volcano may not look very impressive during daytime hours, but at night, you can see that its still going strong. Fagradalsfjall volcano near Reykjavik began erupting on March 20, its first eruption in 800 years. Now picture such an eruption underwater, and imagine how much heat would pour into the ocean. ... Read more The post Iceland volcano STILL pumping out huge amounts of lava – Live feed appeared first on Ice Age Now.