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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

30 Sept - RSS SnapShot!

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( While a fine source of topical articles, Project Censored has seemed more like a static display than a daily news source. Feel free to monitor it...I'm done. )

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Domestic Fuel
- Sep 30, 2009
- 2 hours ago
Backers of weaning the US off of non-renewable, foreign petroleum are giving mixed reviews to the latest climate bill introduced today in the US Senate. ...
- Sep 30, 2009
- 14 hours ago
Renewable energy sources are still in the future? Solar energy is already a multi-billion dollar global industry that's been growing at a clip of about 30% ...
- Sep 30, 2009
- 13 hours ago
The state will also receive $24.6 million in additional funding under the State Energy Program for a range of state-level energy efficiency and renewable ...
- Sep 30, 2009
- 10 hours ago
Military contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. has received an $8.1 million Navy contract to develop technology to produce renewable power from ocean thermal ...
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Human Habitat

Seattle Post Intelligencer
- Sep 29, 2009
- Sep 29, 2009
The Washington Ecology Department is warning residents near Lake Spokane to keep children and animals away from the water because of blooms of toxic ...
Metromode Media
- Sep 30, 2009
- 1 hour ago
Since 2006, the Ann Arbor-based Ecology Center has compiled information about toxic chemicals hidden in infant car seats and toys as well as vehicles. ...
Water World
- Sep 30, 2009
- 13 hours ago
30, 2009 -- The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) today issued a renewed discharge permit that includes some more-stringent requirements for ...
Yale Alumni Magazine
- Sep 30, 2009
- 5 hours ago
Yale's Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology announced its recruitment of two renowned University of Arizona scientists. ...
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Water Power

Los Angeles Times
- Sep 30, 2009
- 2 hours ago
Obama administration seeks the review in response to Central Valley farmers' complaints about measures that protect fish and cut water deliveries for ...
New York Times
- Sep 30, 2009
- 3 hours ago
Wells drilled within a 1000-foot corridor of underground tunnels that carry drinking water to New York City would require special approval, ...
San Francisco Chronicle
- Sep 30, 2009
- 2 hours ago
These pillars of water policy are ripe for reappraisal. For the Klamath dams, stretching across the California and Oregon border, the issue is plummeting ...
New York Times
- Sep 30, 2009
- 9 hours ago
As I write in an article in Wednesday's Times, a water war is breaking out in the desert Southwest over the dozens of large-scale solar power plants planned ...
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