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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

30 April - Blogs I'm Following - 5 of 5

10 pm MDT

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 21 hours ago
*Moscow Mitch by Chip Proser* *by Noah* It's not enough for a sociopathic traitor like Moscow Mitch McConnell to follow the lead of Donnie Psycho and strive to get as many Americans as possible infected with a plague. No, rather than delivering enough federal money to help states like New York and Illinois that are financially straining due to the coronavirus, Moscow Mitch smirks the smirk of a psycho and suggests that such states should just declare bankruptcy. Mr. Moscow also made a point of oh so cutely calling the bailouts of democratic states "Blue State Bailouts." So clever, ... more »

Did you know that more than 1,300 CEOs resigned between January and late October 2019?

Pam Vernon at Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch - 21 hours ago
January through to the end of October 2019. Remember it was October that Bill Gates, John Hopkins & the World Economic Forum had their pre plandemic preparedness Event 201. Smacks of foreknowledge doesn’t it? That saying about rats & sinking ships springs to mind. But then, that is the nature of corporations and their spawn … Continue reading Did you know that more than 1,300 CEOs resigned between January and late October 2019? →

‘Contact tracing’ – they are repackaging Big Brother

Pam Vernon at Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch - 21 hours ago
They are really good at repackaging aka rebranding. You need to be to sell an unpleasant truth. They did this with NZ’s Rogernomics, calling ‘wrecking your country’ ‘restructuring’. They did it with 1080 poison, rebranding it with a nicer fancier name. Or alternatively remember the old song about a spoonful of sugar making the medicine … Continue reading ‘Contact tracing’ – they are repackaging Big Brother →

Bill Gates’ interesting links to both eugenics & the Rockefellers

Pam Vernon at Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch - 21 hours ago
King Yahawadah Macabbees 144 House of David 1.1K subscribers

Wireless Industry Confesses: “No Studies Show 5G is Safe”

Pam Vernon at Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch - 21 hours ago
From takebackyourpower.net In 2019 Senator Richard Blumenthal grilled wireless industry representatives, who admitted the industry has done ZERO health & safety studies on 5G technology. Meanwhile, dozens of independent studies indicates that 5G is a risk to all biological life. Watch the video below. [WASHINGTON, DC]— During today’s Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee hearing … Continue reading Wireless Industry Confesses: “No Studies Show 5G is Safe” →

Covid-19 And The Red Dawn Emails

Thierry MEYSSAN at OrientalReview.org - 21 hours ago
The Covid-19 outbreak has so far killed more than 200,000 people and frightened billions more into panic. A panic that deprives most of them of any critical sense and pushes them to make or approve stupid political decisions. A group of personalities, Red Dawn, managed to impose an apocalyptic ideology.

The War on Humanity: Mad Dogs and Englishmen? Empty "field hospital for 4,000 covid sufferers has only 51 patients"...and Neil Ferguson....the abject failure behind the Global Lockdown

greencrow at Greencrow As The Crow Flies - 21 hours ago
*Built by the army amid a propaganda frenzy NHS Nightingale lies empty* *News that the makeshift Nightingale hospital in London has only treated 51 COVID-19 patients in its first three weeks of operation has cast serious doubts about the nature and objectives of the military planning behind it.* I don't know about my readers but I find these two linked stories absolutely hilarious. But, then my favourite all time movie is "*Dr. Strangelove*". I enjoy "black" humour. First we have this latest zinger by Jon Rappaport which lays bare the "brains" [sic] behind the *global Covid-19 s... more »

Happy Birthday… to me!

reitanotsuka at Asian Straight Shooter - 21 hours ago
So on April 25th 2020, I spent another year : Hitting the… Continue reading “Happy Birthday… to me!”… The post Happy Birthday… to me! appeared first on Asian Straight Shooter .

Collective Layoffs Have Repercussions For Companies

News Staff at Science 2.0 blogs - 21 hours ago
Collective layoffs of large groups of workers have been common during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. A new paper might inform possible impacts because it analyzed 556 collective layoffs announced between December 2018 and November 2019 across different industries that involved more than 250,000 employees. They wanted to see what collective layoff decisions had on the firms that initiated them. The termination of employment, particularly of large numbers of people, typically evokes negative connotations. While the effect on individuals is obvious they found that layoff announce... more »

Australian Daily Wind Power Generation Data – Wednesday 29th April 2020

TonyfromOz at PA Pundits – International - 22 hours ago
By Anton Lang ~ This Post details the daily wind power generation data for the AEMO coverage area in Australia. For the background information, refer to the Introductory Post at this link. Each image is shown here at a smaller size to fit on the page alongside the data for that day. If you click […]

Senator Ted Cruz To Introduce Legislation To Punish Hollywood/Chinese Alliance

PA Pundits - International at PA Pundits – International - 22 hours ago
By Gabriel Hays ~ Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has proposed a way to discourage Hollywood from profiting off of Communist Chinese propaganda. It’s not news that Hollywood production companies edit and censor their films according to the dictates of the Chinese government. The Asian superpower is home to a massive box office that generates billions […]

Wind And Solar Industries Crushed By COVID-19

PA Pundits - International at PA Pundits – International - 22 hours ago
By Ronald Stein ~ The only good news about the COVID-19 social change impacts on our lifestyles is that the travel bans, and lockdowns have cleaned the globe, flushing the murk from Venice’s canals, and we have seen cleaner air worldwide. Seeking to cash in on America’s response to the coronavirus crisis its wind and […]

What To Expect As 12 States Begin To Reopen After COVID-19 Shutdown

PA Pundits - International at PA Pundits – International - 22 hours ago
By Fred Lucas ~ Come Friday in Texas, the nation’s second-largest economy, businesses such as restaurants and retail stores will be open again, but at a 25% occupancy rate. After that, public health officials will reevaluate the data and decide whether to allow a 50% occupancy rate. The Lone Star State is among nine states […]

Quote of the Day

vonMesser at 'Nox & Friends - 22 hours ago

Flynn’s FBI documents unsealed by court — will he finally be vindicated

Uriel at 'Nox & Friends - 22 hours ago
Unsealed documents include handwritten notes from FBI interview with Michael Flynn . . CBS NEWS April 29, 2020 Documents related to the prosecution of former national security adviser Michael Flynn were unsealed Wednesday. They include handwritten notes from his 2017 interview with the FBI. CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge joins CBSN’s Tanya Rivero with more. –##– Listed on Court Listener the TIMELINE and LEGAL DOCUMENTS can be followed HERE. . . –##– Will CBS and ALL Mainstream Media have to finally eat their words against General Flynn and be forced t... more »

A norovirus vaccine would save hundreds of lives and millions of dollars

News Desk at Food Safety News - 22 hours ago
A norovirus vaccine could save 900 lives a year and prevent 109,000 hospital admissions, 465,000 emergency room visits and 2.27 million urgent care visits, Oxford University Press reports for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. Health care cost savings from a norovirus vaccine would run between $430 and $740 million annually, according to the study... Continue Reading

Slovenian study reveals low levels of C. difficile in food

Joe Whitworth at Food Safety News - 22 hours ago
Researchers in Slovenia have described results from long-term, national Clostridioides difficile food surveillance project. Positive results were found in meat, fresh produce and poultry. The three-year period of testing revealed a low proportion of Clostridioides — formerly Clostridium — difficile contaminated food and high genotype variability. As the risk of infection associated with Clostridioides difficile... Continue Reading

Trump’s order to keep meat plants open gives big business a loophole

Center for Science in the Public Interest at Food Safety News - 22 hours ago
Opinion President Trump’s executive order keeping meat plants open during the COVID-19 pandemic is a further threat to the health of the women and men who produce our food. The order would gut any incentive that companies do the right thing to protect the workforce, and instead push risks onto workers. By invoking the Defense Production... Continue Reading

FASFC: Checks continue despite Coronavirus control measures

News Desk at Food Safety News - 22 hours ago
Almost 4,500 kilograms of food has been confiscated by the Belgian food safety agency. The agency stressed it has continued efforts to protect public health since control measures for coronavirus were put in place in mid-March. Vehicle inspections by a unit of the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) have led... Continue Reading

Pathogens, misbranding, undeclared colors, etc. spur alert modifications

News Desk at Food Safety News - 22 hours ago
The Food and Drug Administration uses import alerts to enforce U.S. food safety regulations for food from foreign countries. The agency updates and modifies the alerts as needed. Recent modifications to FDA’s import alerts, as posted by the agency, are listed below. Click on the links to view the full alerts. Import Alert Description URL... Continue Reading

The Dish is Dead: 5 Reasons People Keep Dumping DirecTV

Ethen Kim Lieser at The National Interest - 22 hours ago
*Ethen Kim Lieser* *Technology, * Is the dish doomed thanks to streaming? It really has been a sinking ship ever since AT&T forked over $49 billion to purchase DirecTV in 2015, as the satellite TV provider has continued to suffer from massive subscriber losses quarter after quarter. The company’s most recent earnings report failed miserably to reverse that downward trend. All told, AT&T shed 897,000 premium TV subscribers, which mostly includes its DirecTV users and a small number of U-Verse customers. The company, which also saw its CEO Randall Stephenson step down, said it wo... more »

Which Group of People Are at Risk of Being Undercounted in the 2020 Census?

Aviva Rutkin, Emily Costello at The National Interest - 22 hours ago
*Aviva Rutkin, Emily Costello* *Politics, Americas* [image: Reuters] A few groups are at particular risk of being undercounted. The census aims to count everyone in the U.S. Of course, that’s not so easy. Overall, the 2010 census was accurate, with a net overcount of just 0.01%. Still, some 16 million people were likely omitted from the final count. The data that the Census Bureau gathers is used to make important decisions about congressional apportionment and federal funding. So, if one county is undercounted more than another, that may mean that they are less well represented ... more »

Coronavirus Can Affect the Heart of Those Without a Heart Disease

David C Gaze at The National Interest - 22 hours ago
*David C Gaze* *Health, World* [image: Reuters] People with existing heart disease are worse affected by COVID-19, but the virus can also affect the heart in people without heart disease. People with the most severe forms of COVID-19 are often older and have existing health problems. About 10% of COVID-19 patients have heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Yet surprisingly, people with lung disease, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) account for only 6% of severe COVID-19 cases. These statistics are similar in patient reports from China, I... more »

What Can the U.S. Military Do to Help Fight Coronavirus?

Birthe Anders, Vincenzo Bollettino at The National Interest - 22 hours ago
*Birthe Anders, Vincenzo Bollettino* *Public Health, Americas* [image: Reuters] There is plenty the military could do to help protect public health. As China and some European countries slowly begin to reopen schools and shops that were closed because of the pandemic, the situation across the U.S. is still dire. Governors are seeking medical equipment and supplies from all corners – including private assistance and other countries. As many as 10,000 National Guard members have also been activated by governors to help state efforts against the coronavirus pandemic. As scholars of... more »

Is There a Federal Right to a Basic Education in the U.S.?

Kristine Bowman at The National Interest - 22 hours ago
*Kristine Bowman* *Education, Americas* [image: Reuters] A federal appeals court has found that children have a constitutional right to basic education. A federal appeals court has found that children have a constitutional right to an opportunity to learn how to read. The decision on April 23 in a case involving the Detroit public school system finally answers a question the Supreme Court has avoided for nearly four decades: Is there a federal right to a basic education in the United States? Although state constitutions each contain a right to education, state courts interpret ... more »

April 30th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1197

sundance at The Last Refuge - 23 hours ago
In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and … Continue reading →

Thursday April 30th – Open Thread

sundance at The Last Refuge - 23 hours ago
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those … Continue reading →

Sidney Powell Discusses the Latest FBI Documents in The Flynn Case…

sundance at The Last Refuge - 23 hours ago
Michael Flynn’s defense attorney appears for a brief interview with Sean Hannity to discuss the recently unsealed documents showing FBI strategic planning to target Lt. Gen Flynn prior to their interview on January 24, 2017. WATCH: . A few notes … Continue reading →

'Unacceptable' gas fracking in Channel Country should stop, leaked department report told Queensland Government

George Roberts at Just In - 23 hours ago
A leaked expert report shows the Queensland Government was advised to stop further gas fracking in the state's sensitive Channel Country, but a separate department already extended gas exploration until 2030.

Restaurants and cafes recognise benefits of single-use plastics amid pandemic

Isabel Dayman at Just In - 23 hours ago
A ban on single-use plastics including cutlery and straws will be pushed back in SA to allow restaurants and cafes to reopen "sooner rather than later" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

'We need to party': Can the Gold Coast be trusted with eased restrictions?

Dominic Cansdale at Just In - 23 hours ago
Queensland authorities question if the coastal city could return to its usual way of life too soon, after allowing beaches to open and people to picnic.

'Publisher' Google ordered to pay $40k in damages for defaming Melbourne lawyer

Karen Percy at Just In - 23 hours ago
Internet search giant Google is ordered to pay $40,000 in damages to Melbourne lawyer George Defteros after a Supreme Court of Victoria ruling found the internet giant was a publisher, and had defamed the man.

Picture Of The Day

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
Michael Neel, funeral director of All Veterans Funeral and Cremation, wearing full PPE, looks at the U.S. flag on the casket of George Trefren, a 90-year-old Korean War veteran who died of the coronavirus disease in a nursing home, in Denver, Colorado, April 23. REUTERS/Rick Wilking *WNU Editor:* The above picture came from this photo-gallery .... *World races to contain coronavirus pandemic* (Reuters).

Analyzing the Emerging World Order

Geopolitics101 at Covert Geopolitics - 23 hours ago
The global community today is clearly in a state of flux. This is not an aberration – we are in the midst of a normal and periodic global reordering. We shall briefly take a “big picture” look at this phenomenon and attempt to glean an understanding as to the direction that we are heading as … Continue reading Analyzing the Emerging World Order →

How to Think Post-Planet Lockdown

Geopolitics101 at Covert Geopolitics - 23 hours ago
Between unaccountability of elites and total fragmentation of civil society, Covid-19 as a circuit breaker is showing how the king – systemic design – is naked. We are being sucked into a danse macabre of multiple complex systems “colliding into one another,” producing all kinds of mostly negative feedback loops. What we already know for sure, as … Continue reading How to Think Post-Planet Lockdown →

India on US patent watch list

bilaterals.org - 23 hours ago
30-Apr-2020 The US on Wednesday placed India on the “Priority Watch List” for the lack of sufficient measurable improvements to its intellectual property framework

Coronavirus stricken China losing grips on RCEP: should India give second thought to join? – analysis

bilaterals.org - 23 hours ago
30-Apr-2020 Given China's influence gradually ebbing as a major supply chain hub in the region and Japan and Japan asking its investors to withdraw from China, new opportunities emerge for India to woo investment from these nations.

Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans

Viv at The Carbon Sense Coalition - 23 hours ago
Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans – a Documentary directed by Jeff Gibbs. This presentation is a bit long but is one of the few I have found worth every minute. It is a devastating exposé of the Green Energy story. Even if you do not listen yourself please spread this link around. Viv […]

Just in Case: Trump to Prep for Transition in Case He Loses

AP News at Snopes.com - 23 hours ago
President Donald Trump is still all-in on getting reelected, but he’s also set to take the first steps to formally prepare someone else to take over if he loses on Nov. 3.

Apparent Paradoxes in the relationship of Climate ‘Concerns, Skepticism, Activism, and Priority’, explained by Religiosity

Hifast at Climate Collections - 23 hours ago
Originally posted on Climate Etc.: by Andy West Explores the contrast between Allied and Core belief in the culture of climate catastrophe, and the relationships of these plus religiosity to Climate Change Activism (XR and Children’s Strikes for Climate). Post 2 of 3. Introduction The opening post of this series demonstrated a strong correlation across…

'It's been quite a journey': Canberran's coronavirus recovery means there are no active cases in the ACT

Just In - 23 hours ago
Jan Stoop is the last person to recover from coronavirus in the ACT, making the Territory the first Australian jurisdiction to be free of all known cases of COVID-19.

Six countries, six curves: how nations that moved fast against COVID-19 avoided disaster

Just In - 23 hours ago
The way the virus has spread in different countries, and even in particular states or regions within them, has been quite varied but there is a common thread, writes Hassan Vally.

'Excess deaths' paint a picture of the true impact of coronavirus

Casey Briggs at Just In - 23 hours ago
With hospitals straining under the weight of coronavirus, the number of deaths in the UK is well above where it normally would be at this time of year, and not all of those deaths are being included in the official COVID-19 death toll. Casey Briggs explains why.

Aussie book about an outback fairy exposed on YouTube to be made into a feature film

Courtney Howe at Just In - 23 hours ago
Bunnaloo is a long way from Tinsletown, but Nullaboo Hullabaloo — a children's book based around life in this small NSW town, written by former police officer Fleur Ferris — will be getting the movie studio treatment soon enough.

‘You feel like you're writing history': ABC journalist Richard Willingham on covering coronavirus

Richard Willingham at Just In - 23 hours ago
Victoria's state political reporter Richard Willingham tells of a dramatic week during the COVID-19 pandemic when everything changed, and the particular challenges of reporting a story unlike any other he's covered.

Usman Khawaja misses out on Cricket Australia contract for 2020/21 season

Just In - 23 hours ago
The experienced Test batsman is left without a Cricket Australia men's contract, while Tahlia McGrath is added to the women's list following a lengthy absence from the national team.

45 Years Ago The U.S. Evacuated Saigon

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
*American Military News:* *US Marines release video for 45th anniversary of Saigon evacuation * On April 29, 1975, the U.S. military launched Operation Frequent Wind, where the last U.S. forces were airlifted out of Vietnam. In recognition of the 45 anniversary, the U.S. Marine Corps posted a video on Wednesday documenting the evacuation mission in the last days of the Vietnam War. The evacuation mission saw the last U.S. personnel and at-risk Vietnamese citizens carried out of South Vietnam amid the fall of Saigon. The evacuation lasted from April 29 through April 30, 1975, as U.... more »

Update To Yesterday's Look At The Republican Crooks Looting The Paycheck Protection Program

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
*Totally In Control by Nancy Ohanian* I didn't know a lot of very rich people until I started working for them in the '90s when I moved to Los Angeles to work for Time-Warner. One of the first things I learned is that, generally-- and yes there are exceptions-- the richer the person, the greedier and more unscrupulous the person. That's how they got rich or maintained their wealth. There's no more recognizable example than Señor Trumpanzee and his personal corruption is reflected by his stinking, swampy regime and the officials he's appointed to run it. As we discussed yesterday, h... more »