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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Monday, May 31, 2021

31 May - Blogs I'm Following - 5 of 5

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10:26 pm MDT

Why the next stage of capitalism is coming
The whole purpose of capitalism is to take a pool of cash and credit and to invest it in such a cway as to actually grow. No more and no less. all other considerations are by products of this human effort. for that reason we tend to be very stingy regarding who we trust with that cash and credit. The historic problem has been the decission tree for granting credit and that still remains true. It is much easier to use credit to buy a proven enterprise than to create such an enterprise anew. The only change that has taken place has been the advent of micro credit though even the... read more
Harvesting Air Conditioning Condensation Could Replace Cities’ Potable Water Use
We live in wonderfully engineered spaces that can now be plunked down anywhere we please. Because it is essentialld a sealed container with controled access for the external environment, it should also be possible to also engineer the environmental contents and of c ourse we can. It does take real engineering innovation and effort. In short it is not easy even when obvious. It also needs to be done. We can also see that. A great example is that in the middle of the desert, such a space occupied by humans will sustain a high humidity level while it is 15% outside. Just re... read more
The bubblegum misogyny of 2000s pop culture
Can we have a conversation? We have allowed individuals with agendas to massively warp our culture without any public debate or even second thoughts. The core culture must properly accomadate human sexuality to accomadate the human biolgical mandate as a natural priority as we can hardly by pass that, but also to accomadate mutual humam pleasure while also suppressing or better preventing obsessive behavior leading to real mental issues and imbalances. We do not know how much homosexuality is driven by misplaced sexuality linked to our automatic nervous system. We do not k... read more
Heart Inflammation After COVID-19 Vaccination Seen Across US
This is likely a high treshold phenomena that that should be staying below the radar. wha..tever is happening, a biological agent has landed in the heart muscle and has triggered a strong enough inflamation to produce the visible symptoms. once again we are demonstrating a real danger from injecting foreign chems into the blood stream. I do think that the best explantion to date is a failure to suppress paracytes in our vaccines. Bamiosis in particular is an excellent known candidate which is why our two treatments ac tually work. suppress malaria and you also suppress bamiosi... read more
Why isn't nitrogen used as a method of execution?
There has been plenty wrong regarding execution and slaughter house protocols. Using nitrogen for execution could be done with a simple breathing mask. Switching over to nitrogen can go unnoticed and the individual will simply pass out and then soon pass on as blood oxygen collapses. The mechanics will be more challenging for animals, but the principle remains the same and starts with the animal passing out and likely then goes directly to blood letting. what is key is that distress can be eliminated. Central is that nitrogen is better than CO2 and most alternative chemicals... read more
Dances With Bears22 hours ago
By John Helmer, Moscow @bears_with Inside a university on the upper west side of Manhattan island sits Timothy Frye (lead image, right), a professor who still likes to talk of the good times he had in the Soviet Union when he was a young agent in a propaganda touring show for the US Information Agency; and […] read more
Michael West22 hours ago
Australia/UK Free Trade Agreement: What’s the Scam?
[image: what's the scam, ISDS] The British Trade Minister has confirmed that corporations are likely to have the right to sue the Australian and UK governments if governments make laws which hit their profits. What's the scam? read more
The Rio Times22 hours ago
Derivatives on the rise signal search for protection against Brazilian volatility
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - The market has handled almost R$1 billion (US$190 million) in the Stock Exchange since 2017. Robots increased options access to individual investors. The average volume of daily transactions involving stock options broke a new record in the first quarter of this year in B3 since 2017. Since the second quarter […] The post Derivatives on the rise signal search for protection against Brazilian volatility appeared first on The Rio Times. read more
Need To Know22 hours ago
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Blocking Big Tech From Deplatforming Conservatives
The historic law will hold tech companies accountable and Floridians will be able to sue them if they are deplatformed. The new law will levy hefty fines, as much as $250,000 per day, on social media companies that deplatform political candidates. Other states are considering similar legislation. read more
Activist heads explode as USFWS says oil activities pose minimal risk to polar bears in AK
Originally posted on polarbearscience: Apparently, the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) under Joe Biden agrees with my conclusion that oil company activities in Alaska pose minimal risk to polar bears (Crockford 2019, 2020, 2021). Although this ruling is not yet final, they have proposed that oil exploration and extraction activities on the North Slope… read more
The Rio Times22 hours ago
Brazil to have new aircraft manufacturer in MG and Portugal: Desaer
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Brazil will add another airplane manufacturer. Desaer (Desenvolvimento Aeronáutico [Aeronautical Development]) plans to build its plant in Araxá (MG) to produce the ATL-100 twin-engine aircraft (light transport aircraft). The works are expected to begin in the second half of the year. The company was founded by engineer Evandro Fernandes Fileno, […] The post Brazil to have new aircraft manufacturer in MG and Portugal: Desaer appeared first on The Rio Times. read more
Whistleblowers Set To Reveal COVID 19 Was Deliberately Released — Mark of The Beast Mind Control Technology
 Genetically engineered ‘Magneto’ protein remotely controls brain and behaviour by Mo Costandi, 24 March 2016, https://www.theguardian.com/ “Badass” new method uses a magnetised protein to activate brain cells rapidly, reversibly, and non-invasively – Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviours, using genetic … read more
Bernard Shaw goes to Samoa
I’ve been lucky enough to have worked as an extra on the latest fantasy series, and this means I have finally had the time and the freedom from digital poisoning to read some of the books I have wanted to finish.Like Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus. A Thomas Mann book is long and its characters and ideas only really come into focus in the second half. But when they do, wow. Hitler – what were the Germans thinking? Mann describes not the rise of the Nazis but the fall of reason and cults of irrationality that preceded it. And which could precede any form of extreme collectivism anywhere... read more
The Navy’s Newest Block V Tomahawk Cruise Missile Is a Real Killer
*David Axe* *Navy, Americas* The Navy plans to buy 1,800 SM-6s through 2026 at a total cost of $6.4 billion. *Here's What You Need to Remember: *There's just one mission an SM-6 cannot perform without radical modification. Missiles' seekers work differently in the air than they do in the vacuum of space. Air friction requires designers to add a cover atop the seeker of a missile that's supposed to function within the atmosphere. The U.S. Navy in late January 2019 confirmed the designation of its newest cruise missile, in the process clarifying its long-term plan for arming its ... read more
Cairns News21 hours ago
Mexican border wide open to the world
Acting President of the corporation Creepy Joe Biden has thrown open the border with no checks on who is entering America. This undercover video shows how aliens enter without any impediment by US officials. read more
Gaza Must Prepare for Israel’s Next War
*Jamal Kanj* *Gaza, Middle East* Absent of addressing the tinderbox makes it so that, not if, but when a new spark alights, it will mean yet another larger war. Eleven days of another asymmetrical Palestine/Israel confrontation. America’s most sophisticated technology left behind a trail of devastation, including the life of more than sixty children, and a generation born under years of Israeli blockade with little hope for a future. In Gaza, the mothers that perished under rubble with their children are called the lucky ones. They don’t live to grieve the loss of their progeny. ... read more
Cairns News22 hours ago
Dumbed-down Melburnians should stop drinking fluoridated water. VB won’t help, its full of fluoride too
Letter to the Editor Perfect explanation for Victoria:This post should make most people think but why do most simply comply?This is the dumb stuff people believe…Melbourne peeps if you’re complaining about lock down read this: This is what has happened in Melbourne and why we are in lock down.A guy walks in to a Melbourne […] read more
The Duran22 hours ago
Syrians reject the US ‘regime change’ and re-elect President Assad
https://www.mideastdiscourse.com/2021/05/28/syrians-reject-the-us-regime-change-and-re-elect-president-assad/ Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was re-elected to a fourth term in office, his second term under the 2012 constitution, with 95.1% of the votes, according to Hamouda Sabbagh, the head of parliament. Sabbagh announced the results in a news conference on Thursday, saying voter turnout was around 78%, […] read more
OrientalReview.org22 hours ago
Laying The Bear Trap: Orbán Visits No 10 Downing Street
His comments would not have fallen on deaf ears. While metropolitan London would have been aghast at his pedigree and remarks, a Brexit-audience in the rustbelts and areas of deprivation, would have felt a twang of appreciation. For them, migration has not been a boon and glory. For Hungary’s Viktor […] read more
The Duran22 hours ago
The Mind Sports Olympiad 2021
The Mind Sports Olympiad was first held in 1997, from August 18-24 at London’s Royal Festival Hall, and although it struggled between 2002 and 2007, it has been held annually since its inception. If you asked who could enter, the answer was everyone in the world. In practice, that meant anyone who lived within easy […] read more
Is the Iranian Navy a Threat? Your History Book Is Laughing.
*David Axe* *Iran, Middle East* Tensions have escalated in the Persian Gulf region in the aftermath of U.S. president Donald Trump’s decision unilaterally to withdraw the United States from the agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear program. *Here's What You Need to Remember: *While the U.S. ships fought off Iranian air attacks, Tehran’s 1960s-vintage destroyers joined the battle. *Sahand *and *Sabalan *both fired without effect at A-6s overhead. The A-6s shot back with Harpoons and laser-guided bombs, sinking *Sahand *and badly damaging *Sabalan*. Tensions have escalated in the Pers... read more
Boeing F-15EX Will Be Ready for the Future of Warfare in the Sky
*Peter Suciu* *military, Americas* This plan could keep the F-15 flying for decades to come. *Here’s What You Need to Remember: *The F-15EX is a two-seat fighter that will feature capabilities that are completely unique to the Air Force's version. It will offer fly-by-wire flight controls, new weapons stations, a new electronic warfare suite, advanced radar and computer, conformal fuel tanks and a strengthened airframe Even as the United States Air Force continues to acquire the fifth-generation Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter jet, the service will also be receiving th... read more
How Hitler’s Plans for a Fleet of Aircraft Carriers and Battleships Suddenly Sank
*Robert Farley* *World War II, Aircraft Carriers, Europe* If fully undertaken, Plan Z would have given Germany a world-class navy by the late 1940s. *Here's What You Need to Know*: When the war began, Germany canceled or delayed almost all of the major surface construction programs, completing only *Bismarck *and *Tirpitz*. The Kriegsmarine decided, almost certainly correctly, that U-boats represented a more effective threat to Allied commerce than squadrons of capital ships. In the mid-1930s, the Nazi government began to plan in detail for the reconstruction of German naval pow... read more
Cairns News22 hours ago
Facebook relies on FactCheck funded by former CDC director
Letter to the Editor https://www.theblaze.com/op-ed/horowitz-facebooks-independent-fact-checker-on-vaccines-is-funded-by–you-guessed-it Accurate information about the vaccines and other vital COVID-related topics hinges upon the ability to disseminate the facts on major social media platforms like Facebook. In turn, Facebook relies on FactCheck.org, among other shady organizations, to rule on what information is admissible. FactCheck.org is funded by a grant from an […] read more
The Rio Times22 hours ago
Brazil’s trans city councilors endure prejudice, threats and violence
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - In the 2020 elections, Brazil elected 28 trans city councilors. All report having suffered some kind of violence during the exercise of their mandate. In the last elections, in 2020, Brazil elected 28 trans city councilors. These are women who had significant votes at the ballot box, but routinely face […] The post Brazil’s trans city councilors endure prejudice, threats and violence appeared first on The Rio Times. read more
The Rio Times22 hours ago
Brazil to test combination of Oxford and Clover vaccines
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Brazil will host an unprecedented study to assess the efficacy of combining the Oxford-AstraZeneca and Clover vaccines to prevent Covid-19. About 600 people are expected to participate in phases 1 and 2 of the clinical trials, led by Sue Ann Clemens, head of phase 3 trials of the Oxford and […] The post Brazil to test combination of Oxford and Clover vaccines appeared first on The Rio Times. read more
Australian Daily Wind Power Generation Data – Sunday 30 May 2021
By Anton Lang ~ This Post details the daily wind power generation data for the AEMO coverage area in Australia. For the background information, refer to the Introductory Post at this link. Each image is shown here at a smaller size to fit on the page alongside the data for that day. If you click […] read more
Washington Post ‘Fact Checker’ Headline LIES On Biden’s Coal-Miner Ancestor LIE
By Tim Graham ~ Fact-checkers came running to President Biden’s defense again. In Sunday’s Washington Post, “Fact Checker” Glenn Kessler wrote an article headlined “Biden’s claim that his ‘great grand-pop’ was a coal miner mostly pans out.” But if you read the actual article…it doesn’t pan out. Kessler admits that Biden’s great grandfather Edward Blewitt was a […] read more
An Orphan’s Medal of Honor
Mark Alexander ~ From humble beginnings to heroic service and ultimate sacrifice. ~ “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” —John 15:12-14 In recent weeks, I have written about the loss of two friends, T/Sgt. Charles Coolidge and Lt. Col. Chuck Hagemeister. They were members of, and […] read more
Memorial Day Vow: ‘Never Again Will One Generation Of Veterans Abandon Another’
By Robert Wilkie ~ There have been times when America has forgotten why we sent Americans overseas—and the duty we have to care for those who carry this nation’s freedom on their backs. After Vietnam, there were no “welcome home” parades. As a youth, I saw senior officers in America’s most decorated combat division refused […] read more
France’s New Nuclear Attack Submarines Are Killers
*Caleb Larson* *Submarines, Europe* Though smaller than some other countries’ attack subs, the Barracuda-class are armed with some of the newest and most advanced weapons currently available. *Here's What You Need to Know*: Barracuda-class submarines are veritable arsenals. The latest French attack submarines are smaller than some other countries’ attack subs, but are armed with some of the newest and most advanced torpedoes and anti-ship missiles currently available. *Barracuda-class* The Barracuda-class, or Suffren-class as it is known in France, is the newest series of nuc... read more
War News Updates22 hours ago
Tweets Of The Day
VIDEO: In India the coronavirus has killed 160,000 in eight weeks, overwhelmed hospitals and shut many businesses. Experts warn that another crisis is looming, with rising levels of hunger among poor Indians already reeling from a first lockdown last year. pic.twitter.com/1hlHY8oYrQ — AFP News Agency (@AFP) May 30, 2021 183 countries have mass-vaccination programmes underway, and about 1.8bn doses have been administered so far. Our global covid-19 data tracker is updated around the clock with the latest figures https://t.co/lOMZDty1Hl — The Economist (@TheEconomist) May 31, 2021 La... read more
The Rio Times23 hours ago
Five keys to a very polarized Peruvian electoral campaign
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - With more clumsiness on the candidates than strategic successes, the polarized Peruvian electoral campaign is coming to an end, and more than 25 million citizens will choose next Sunday between two opposed visions for the future president of the country. In the midst of the onslaught of the pandemic, Pedro […] The post Five keys to a very polarized Peruvian electoral campaign appeared first on The Rio Times. read more
Remove the Dark Lenses and Let in Some Light
ED Noor: This has been my 24/7 problem since Operation Cast Lead really opened my eyes in 2008. The depression can be almost overwhelming until balance is found. In the case of post Cast Lead, I was forced to come to understand compassion and action, but to compartmentalize. Knowing ugly truths whilst surrounded by those who prefer the beauty of naivete is a challenge. In some cases the struggle to protect their innocence has won. Perhaps that was enabling, I don't know. Isolation can be difficult when your tolerance for fools is zero ~ although you make exceptions for those yo... read more
The Rio Times23 hours ago
A white tide takes to the streets of Colombia in protest against the protests
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - A white tide of thousands of people took to the streets of several Colombian cities on Sunday in protest against the protests that have been taking place in the country since April 28 and against the road blockades and violence that have resulted from the demonstrations. "We don't agree with […] The post A white tide takes to the streets of Colombia in protest against the protests appeared first on The Rio Times. read more
The Last Refuge23 hours ago
We Remember, We Honor, We Celebrate
Today we honor and give thanks for all Americans who died while serving and protecting Americans, wherever far away and however brutal that task became. We celebrate the lives and sacrifice of our fallen. I hope that we Americans are indeed offering up our prayers for those who have served and their families. I hope […] The post We Remember, We Honor, We Celebrate appeared first on The Last Refuge. read more
War News Updates23 hours ago
The Royal Navy’s Most Powerful Warships Have Spent Most Of Their Time In Port Due To Serious Maintenance Issues
HMS Portland had not left harbour since 2018 and has only been at sea for 41 days in the last four yearsCredit: PA:Press Association *The SUN:* HIGH & DRY Royal Navy’s most powerful warships spend year stuck in port with maintenance problems TWO of the Royal Navy’s most powerful warships have spent the past year stuck in port with maintenance problems, defence chiefs have admitted. The £1billion Type 45 destroyers have been docked in Portsmouth while Russia steps up its hostile presence around British waters. HMS Daring has not spent a single day at sea since 2017, when it sa... read more
AltHealthWorks.com23 hours ago
Canadian Man Overcame 3 Deadly Diseases Naturally, Including Heart Disease and Cancer —Here’s How He Did It
Heart disease and cancer are the top two killers of Americans among disease conditions according to the CDC, and both are preventable by making the correct diet and lifestyle choices. Despite this, hundreds of thousands continue to die from heart disease and cancer each year, and rates of chronic disease remain astronomical — 6 in 10 Americans now have a chronic disease, also according to the CDC, and 4 in 10 adults have at least two chronic diseases. As the old saying goes, “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society,” but that’s exactly what seems ... read more
The Rio Times23 hours ago
Argentina faces deadline to pay the Paris Club without an agreement yet
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Argentina is facing the end of the deadline to pay off all its US$2.4 billion debt with the Paris Club without having reached a refinancing agreement yet, but the Government of Alberto Fernández is confident that it will move forward with the negotiations to avoid a default. The deadline expires […] The post Argentina faces deadline to pay the Paris Club without an agreement yet appeared first on The Rio Times. read more
The Rio Times23 hours ago
Argentina follows Colombia’s lead as CONMEBOL seeks venue for Copa América
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) is looking for a new venue for the 47th edition of Copa America before accepting the extreme fact of canceling its celebration, at least for the second consecutive year. An emergency meeting of the Council of the South American Football Confederation has been called […] The post Argentina follows Colombia’s lead as CONMEBOL seeks venue for Copa América appeared first on The Rio Times. read more
Need To Know1 day ago
Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Sued by Judicial Watch for Denying Reporter Interview for Being White
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was sued by Judicial Watch on behalf of The Daily Caller after she denied reporter Thomas Catenacci an interview because he was white. Lightfoot declared she will openly discriminate against white reporters and will only allow “black and brown” reporters one-on-one interviews. read more
May 31st – 2021 Presidential Politics – Resistance Day 132
In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the JoeBama Administration and Presidency. “This is no small thing, to restore a republic after it has fallen into corruption. […] The post May 31st – 2021 Presidential Politics – Resistance Day 132 appeared first on The Last Refuge. read more
The Rio Times1 day ago
Brazil records 874 deaths and 43,520 new cases of Covid-19 in 24h (May 30)
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Brazil registered, between Saturday, 29, and Sunday, 30, 874 deaths caused by covid-19, according to data from the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass) released earlier. With these latest figures, 461,931 lives were lost to the disease. The Conass survey, which compiles data from the Health Secretariats of the 26 […] The post Brazil records 874 deaths and 43,520 new cases of Covid-19 in 24h (May 30) appeared first on The Rio Times. read more
Need To Know1 day ago
117 Employees Sue Hospital in Houston over Vaccine Mandate: You’re Forcing Us to Be ‘Human Guinea Pigs’
117 Methodist Hospital employees have filed a lawsuit against the hospital for mandating the COVID-19 vaccine. The lawsuit alleges that the mandate violates both the Nuremberg Code and US statutes that allow Americans to refuse “unapproved” medical treatments. read more
Holiday leftovers — making it last
The extended holiday weekend means family, friends and food. And possibly more food than can be consumed. This means leftovers need to be stored so they can be enjoyed for a couple of days. To ensure that your holiday spread remains safe to eat, follow these guidelines: Two-Hour Rule: All perishable items should be refrigerated... Continue Reading read more
2021 Food Safety Summit sessions available on demand
If you missed any of the sessions at this year’s Summit, you’re in luck. The 2021 Food Safety Summit will have all sessions available on demand for a year. All sessions remain available in a virtual portal for up to one year so you can review anything you didn’t catch live. The virtual event, held... Continue Reading read more
May 31, 2021: Reader Tips
This evening we enjoy the best moments from NASCAR in 2020. Your best moments from the news in the past 24 hours would be much appreciated! read more
Honey, I Finished The Internet
Simon’s Pie Charts (h/t Stan) read more
She Puts an Organic Apple and a Conventional Apple in Boiling Water. What Happens Next Just Might Surprise You
In recent years, many videos have popped up online showing strange coating coming off produce such as apples, with everyone questioning: what is it? While it would be impossible to know what covers specific samples without testing them, there are many coatings that can be found on fruits and vegetables, some are natural, some are man-made and potentially harmful to human health. The man-made coatings are unfortunately becoming more popular, so chances are, if you have never bought a coated vegetable or fruit (even organic!) you might soon. Recently, one woman compared both organ... read more
Time bomb ticking for Christian Porter goes off on Wednesday as suppression orders are due to be lifted if the law is enforced
Christian Porter is in deep trouble with his defamation case against the ABC and journalist Louise Milligan with suppression orders due to be lifted on Wednesday (2/6/21), exposing evidence he has been […] read more
War News Updates23 hours ago
Picture Of The Day
Sunlit Transit The Coast Guard cutters Maui and Robert Goldman travel in the Persian Gulf, May 24, 2021. read more
Altering Data To Match Theory
As part of one of the largest racketeering frauds in history, NOAA alters US temperatures almost precisely to match the increase in CO2. The data doesn’t support their greenhouse warming theory, so they tamper with the data. read more
Canada Agrees With Bloomberg, Asks ‘When Do We Round Up’ The Vaccine-Hesitant?
Canada Agrees With Bloomberg, Asks ‘When Do We Round Up’ The Vaccine-Hesitant? by SkyWatch Editor, https://www.skywatchtv.com/ Until now, the biggest challenge limiting vaccination rates has been supply and rollout. Soon, it could be the hesitant and reluctant. While Canada appears to be riding a wave of vaccine confidence, with millions falling over themselves trying to … read more
Silver Price Could Explode Higher | Chris Vermeulen
Liberty and Finance Chris Vermeulen says silver has explosive upside potential. A massive cup and handle technical sign shows silver could rise fast above $50 per ounce. Find Chris online: http://TheTechnicalTraders.com *** THIS WEEK’S SPECIALS *** Silver Krugerrands: $5.25 over spot per ounce 2 oz Silver Australian Platypus coins: $5.75 over spot per ounce *** … read more
IDF Brags of Waging ‘First AI War,’ Lending Credence to View that Gaza Serves as Testing Ground for Israel’s Fighting Techniques
IDF Brags of Waging ‘First AI War,’ Lending Credence to View that Gaza Serves as Testing Ground for Israel’s Fighting Techniques by https://www.rt.com/ The 11-day flare-up between Israel and Hamas was dubbed the “first AI war” by Israel’s military, which bragged about using advanced computing technologies to sift through the staggering amount of intelligence it … read more
Physical Silver and Bitcoin to SKYROCKET from Mining Regulations
Rob Soltan Bitcoin recently crashed from bad press on energy pollution from mining operations news and recent rumors of regulations coming. Could regulations be good news for bitcoin and focus on renewable energy good news for silver? What do these regulations mean for the cryptocurrency market and how could it effect the price of physical … read more
The Truth About UFOs to be Exposed in US Government Report | 7NEWS
7NEWS Australia Nick Pope, one of the world’s leading experts on UFOs, joined Sunrise to discuss recent developments surrounding UFO secrets, and the unclassified report set to be released in US Congress next month. end read more
Virologists Say Genetic “Fingerprints” Prove COVID-19 Man-Made, ‘No Credible Natural Ancestor’
Virologists Say Genetic “Fingerprints” Prove COVID-19 Man-Made, ‘No Credible Natural Ancestor’ by Tyler Durden, https://www.zerohedge.com/ Two notable virologists claim to have found “unique fingerprints” on COVID-19 samples that only could have arisen from laboratory manipulation, according to an explosive 22-page paper obtained by the Daily Mail. – British professor Angus Dalgleish – best known for creating … read more
Mike Maloney On FIAT Value, FED, Government B/S, MMT, Banking Crisis, Dollar, Great Reset (RCS 112)
More George Gammon Interview original date: November 24, 2020 Topics- FIAT currencies’ value is given by our belief that they have value. Base money creation, FED, taxes, mortgages, MBS. Government balance sheet: assets and liabilities, student loans, government insolvency, MMT, GDP, debt. Banking crisis, death of the global dollar standard/shift in world monetary system, the … read more
Liberty and Finance This is a special news alert with President of Miles Franklin Andy Schectman. The U.S. Mint announced: “The global silver shortage has driven demand for many of our bullion and numismatic products to record heights.” Andy says gold and silver products are becoming harder and harder to get. – Mints are running … read more
Fed’s “Favorite” Inflation Indicator Explodes At Fastest Rate Since 1992 As Incomes Crash By Record
Fed’s “Favorite” Inflation Indicator Explodes At Fastest Rate Since 1992 As Incomes Crash By Record by Tyler Durden, https://www.zerohedge.com/ While Americans’ income and spending is normally the headline-making data, this morning’s release will focus all eyes on The Fed’s favorite inflation indicator – the PCE Deflator. The headline PCE Deflator rose 3.6% YoY, the fastest … read more
‘Benefits Outweigh The Risks’? Fauci Accused of ‘Ramming Through’ Dangerous Virus Research Funding Without Telling White House
BOMBSHELL! Dr Fauci in 2012 wrote that “gain of function” research to juice up bat viruses was worth risking a pandemic: “the benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks. It is more likely that a pandemic would occur in nature” @SharriMarkson scoop https://t.co/S7ILuzgnNw pic.twitter.com/iwyPCPctId — Miranda Devine (@mirandadevine) May 28, 2021 … read more
Forget Gold!! Something HISTORIC Is Happening with SILVER | Prepare Yourself – Steve Penny
I LOVE PROSPERITY Sign Up To Steve’s Free Newsletter ➡ http://bit.ly/SilverChartist Forget Gold!! Something HISTORIC Is Happening with Silver | Prepare Yourself. In today’s video, Steve Penny breaks down Silver, the historic nature of the Silver bull market, what is coming next for the US economy, and how to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually. Forget … read more
Dollar Index Is Pointing to a Major Move Higher in Gold and Commodities.
maneco64 Today we will look at the long-term cycles in the dollar index and the commodities market including gold and silver. Ron Rosen Market Timing Letter Archives: http://www.321gold.com/archives/archi… end read more
G. Edward Griffin: Will The BIS & Basel III Unleash Hell On June 28th?
As Good As Gold Australia In this extraordinary interview with the one and only G. Edward Griffin, author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island” and founder of Freedom Force International, and The Red Pill University, Darryl and Brian Panes from AGAGA ask the following: What was the motivation behind writing your book? What was the … read more
US Mint Claims Silver Shortage – Andy Schectman Explains
Wall Street Silver The US Mint Admitted to a Global Silver Shortage caused by massive demand. This was announced via email and Facebook to their customers. Andy Schectman joins us to discuss. end read more