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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

31 January - Blogs I'm Following - 3 of 3

10:00 pm MST

Merkels new Nazi generals and false flag fixers inflame Greek tensions

Jane Burgermeister at BIRDFLU666 WORDPRESS BLOG CONTINUES HERE - 17 hours ago
*Ekathimerini reports on the disgust in the Greek army and public at the way Alexis Tsipras, clearly acting as the fixer of Angela Merkel, who made a special visit to Athens, fired top officers and replaced them with NWO lackeys. * *http://www.ekathimerini.com/237149/article/ekathimerini/comment/playing-games-with-the-armed-forces* *It's like watching Adolf Hitler coming to Athens, purging the Greek army of all the Greeks and appointing Nazi German generals in their place through his proxy Gauleiter.* *The Greeks wake up overnight to find they have the equivalent of Keitel, Jodl, Wa... more »

Heilung Genauer Definiert von M.N Hopkins

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 17 hours ago
*Damit eine Heilung wahrhaftig und kraftvoll ist, genügt es nicht, nur den Körper zu behandeln. Man muss der Person auch helfen, eine Veränderung ihrer Emotionen und ihres Denkens auszulösen. Sobald dies geschehen ist, wird sich auch das Verhalten ändern. Denn die Außenwelt ist nichts anderes als ein Spiegelbild dessen, was tief im Körper jedes Menschen liegt. Denn wenn es viel Dunkelheit in den Geweben des Körpers gibt, wird es viel Dunkelheit in den äußeren Erscheinungsformen des Lebens einer Person geben - viele Probleme, Krankheiten, viel emotionale Schmerzen, etc. Als Heiler ... more »

Legalized murder

Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man - 17 hours ago
I note with horror that left-wing/liberal/progressive voices have been celebrating - yes, *celebrating* - the latest abortion legislation in New York state. It's clearly designed to preempt any threat to the Roe v. Wade decision by a newly conservative Supreme Court. However, in doing so, it goes to lengths never before seen from - and certainly never before tolerated by - any legislature in this country. “Today we are taking a giant step forward in the hard-fought battle to ensure a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her own personal health, including the ability to a... more »

The new Congress likely won't impeach Trump and remove him from office – here's why

Jacob Neiheisel, Assistant Professor in Political Science, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York at Politics + Society – The Conversation - 17 hours ago
Democrats control the House and could impeach Trump if they wanted. But removing the president from office is in the hands of the Senate -- which is still dominated by Republicans.

Macron's last bastion falls. His wife appears to have begun to share the loathing of the rest of the French for the liar and brutal technocrat

Jane Burgermeister at BIRDFLU666 WORDPRESS BLOG CONTINUES HERE - 18 hours ago
*Like Tsipras, Emmanual Macron is another Globalist technocrat clinging to power using brutal repression and without any political base left.* *Disaffection with the former Rothschild banker's austerity and lies may even have reached his wife, Brigitt Macron, who refused to take his hand at an official event.* *https://www.bunte.de/stars/stars-die-liebe/brigitte-macron-aerger-im-paradies-als-emmanuel-ihre-hand-nehmen-will-tut-sie-das.html* *If Brigitte Macron has decompartmentalized and understood the incredible damage done by the Globalist NWO and the private system of money creatio... more »

Don’t Expect The EU To Cave On May’s Brexit Deal Until The Very Last Minute

Tyler Durden at The Duran - 18 hours ago
Theresa May now has to convince the EU to reopen negotiations on the withdrawal agreement, something EU officials have insisted will not happen. The post Don’t Expect The EU To Cave On May’s Brexit Deal Until The Very Last Minute appeared first on The Duran.

British Deep State of Canada Caught Steering Venezuelan Coup

Matthew Ehret at The Duran - 18 hours ago
A major focus of Belt and Road Investments from Chinese and Russians alike has been Latin America and the Caribbean. The post British Deep State of Canada Caught Steering Venezuelan Coup appeared first on The Duran.

No, China's J-16 Isn't a Stealth Fighter

David Axe at Test Feed Using Fields - 18 hours ago
*David Axe* *Security, Asia* State media exaggerates the fighter's radar-evading qualities Chinese air force J-16 fighters are getting a new paint job that can reduce the type's radar signature. The state-run *Global Times* newspaper *wrongly characterized* the newly-painted J-16s as "near stealth." That's inaccurate. Radar-absorbing paint can shrink a plane's signature, but not nearly enough to qualify the plane as stealthy. The U.S. Air Force, the world's leading operator of stealth warplanes, acknowledges this fact. The USAF for decades has applied increasingly radar-absorbin... more »

Here's What China Thinks of Russia's Su-57 Stealth Fighter

David Axe at Test Feed Using Fields - 18 hours ago
*David Axe* *Security, Asia* Chinese assessment overlooks the importance of a gun. One Chinese expert holds a mixed view of Russia's Su-57 stealth fighter, Beijing's state media reported. For all its faults, the Su-57 is "unique," Wang Yongqing concluded, *according to* *Global Times*. Wang is the chief designer at the Shenyang Aircraft Design Institute, which is developing the J-31 stealth fighter. The Chinese navy reportedly is considering adding the type to future carrier air wings. But in studying the troubled Russian plane, Wang seems to have overlooked potentially the most... more »

Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten could be released early from prison

Just In - 18 hours ago
The youngest of Charles Manson's murderous "family" of followers is serving a life sentence for her role in the cult's 1969 killing spree, but could be released after being recommended for parole.

US Senator tackled by angry neighbour over grass clippings

Just In - 18 hours ago
Rand Paul has been awarded $US580,000 after his neighbour broke six of his ribs during a furious attack brought on by a disagreement about garden waste.

Beijing opens maritime rescue base in South China Sea

Just In - 18 hours ago
Beijing opens a maritime rescue centre on a reef in the hotly contested South China Sea as it seeks to continue building up its presence in the region.

'We need to hear both sides of the story': Principal filmed dragging student by the arm

Just In - 18 hours ago
More than 2,000 people sign a petition in support of a school principal in Melbourne's west who was stood down after footage emerged of him dragging a student across the playground.

BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto back Uluru Statement as politician questions interest in Indigenous lands

Emilia Terzon at Just In - 18 hours ago
Almost two years after the statement calling for a constitutionally enshrined Aboriginal voice in Federal Parliament was made, two mining giants announce they support it. But an Alice Springs politician questions whether that support is for access to Indigenous lands and resources.

'God wanted Trump to be US president', Sanders tells religious broadcaster

Just In - 18 hours ago
The White House press secretary tells the Christian Broadcasting Network that Donald Trump is the most conservative president in US history, and says calling the border wall with Mexico immoral is "ridiculous".

More than 1,000 cattle expected to die on Pilbara property

Michelle Stanley, Eliza Borrello, Kendall O'Connor And Tyne Logan at Just In - 18 hours ago
It is expected more than 1,000 cattle from Yandeyarra will perish, following a 'catastrophic failure of management' in harsh summer conditions.

Canada withdraws half its embassy staff from Cuba after another mystery illness

Just In - 18 hours ago
A Canadian diplomat who moved to Havana six months ago becomes the 14th staff member at the embassy to experience mysterious symptoms since 2017, but Cuba's Government says it does not know what is causing the illnesses.

Serial con man facing deportation after defrauding students

Steve Cannane at Just In - 18 hours ago
A serial scam artist who defrauded vulnerable international students out of tens of thousands of dollars is facing deportation to New Zealand.

Bankers brace for criminal charges and shareholders may foot the bill

Peter Ryan at Just In - 18 hours ago
Australian Banking Association boss Anna Bligh says the banks expect Kenneth Hayne's final report to be a "sobering read" but would not rule out shareholders having to foot the bill if bank executives face charges.

Greece In The Mediterranean Security System

Vladislav B. SOTIROVIĆ at OrientalReview.org - 18 hours ago
With respect to Greece’s role in the Mediterranean security system, the multilateralist formula applied to the region including the Balkans as well as is the orienting principle for the Greek foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. Since 1994, the opportunities for NATO’s and EU’s initiatives were more […] The post Greece In The Mediterranean Security System appeared first on OrientalReview.org.

Marie Colvin, Homs And Media Falsehoods About Syria

Rick STERLING at OrientalReview.org - 18 hours ago
The deaths of Marie Colvin and Remi Olchik sparked many tributes and widespread publicity. Largely unknown in the West, hundreds of Syrian journalists have also died in the conflict. In a sense, they are all victims of the proxy war on Syria. In another sense, the equivalence is not fair. The war has been encouraged by some and imposed on others. The post Marie Colvin, Homs And Media Falsehoods About Syria appeared first on OrientalReview.org.

Arctic sea ice volume is increasing

drinkingwateradvisor at The Drinking Water Advisor - 18 hours ago
“Arctic sea ice volume gain from January 1-23 has been second highest in the Danish Meteorological Institute record, just behind 2008.” click here and here

CHINA POISED FOR GLOBAL POLITICAL POWER? Globalist UK Minister suddenly says Brexit may be delayed. Woken up to the fact China and its military will be supreme?

Jane Burgermeister at BIRDFLU666 WORDPRESS BLOG CONTINUES HERE - 18 hours ago

PCA’s victims learn the next stop for Mary Wilkerson is a Macon, GA half-way house

Dan Flynn at Food Safety News - 18 hours ago
Mary Wilkerson, the unlucky 45-year old former Peanut Corporation of America quality manager for control is getting out of the federal prison in Tallahassee, FL. Wilkerson is serving five years for a jury conviction of obstruction of justice. She is not eligible for parole. Her release date is March 10, 2020. But the federal Department... Continue Reading

Raw pet food company Hare Today alleges FDA mishandling of samples; FDA responds

Phyllis Entis at Food Safety News - 18 hours ago
For the second time in less than a month, a raw pet food company has accused a government agency of mishandling product samples and has refused to recall a contaminated product. On Jan. 23, 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautioned pet owners not to feed one lot of Hare Today Gone Tomorrow... Continue Reading

US military intervention in Venezuela will be worse than Vietnam: Maduro

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on the people in the US to deter the Trump administration from putting boots on the ground in Venezuela, warning that any intervention would backfire leading to new Vietnam-like disaster. In his first direct message to the American people, the Venezuelan leader urged them to stop the US government from […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

Russia claims jihadists are preparing new chemical weapons provocation in Idlib

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
Tahrir al-Sham (formerly al-Nusra Front outlawed in Russia) terrorists, who are lording over Syria’s Idlib, are not giving up on staging false flag attacks using chemical weapons against civilians, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters on Thursday. “Tensions around the Idlib de-escalation zone are not on the decline,” Zakharova pointed out. “The militants […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

Breaking: Military choppers seen along Venezuelan-Colombian border (video)

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:00 A.M.) – Several military helicopters were spotted in the Colombian skies this morning, prompting some observers to suspect that these were U.S. choppers. According to the reports, the military choppers were spotted above the Colombian city of Cucuta, which is located near the Venezuelan border. Dozens of military helicopters flying over the […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

Syrian Army kills several jihadist rebels in northwest Hama

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:45 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) carried out a heavy attack against the jihadist rebels in the northern countryside of the Hama Governorate this morning. Led by their missile teams, the Syrian Arab Army unleashed a heavy barrage of projectiles on the jihadist rebel positions near the key town of Qala’at […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

Map of Yemen Civil War – January 2019

Leith Aboufadel at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:20 A.M.) – The Yemen Civil War is entering its fourth year and the country still remains divided both politically and militarily. Despite a ceasefire in the Hodeidah Governorate, Yemen witnessed heavy clashes throughout the month, with both the Houthi forces and pro-government troops trading attacks along the Yemeni-Saudi border. In particular, the […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

Russia not opposed to safe zone in northern Syria: Turkish FM

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:00 P.M.) – The Russian Federation does not reject the proposed safe zone that Ankara wants to implement in northern Syria, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told Hurriyet Daily News on January 30th. “Russians have no opposition to the safe zone. We have seen this at the meeting in Moscow,” he stated. He […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

All of Syria must be under state control to restore stability: Russian envoy

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:00 A.M.) – The only way to restore stability in Syria is to bring all of the areas under state control, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Vassily Nebenzya, said on Wednesday. During a session at the Security Council on Wednesday, Nebenzya called for supporting the process of rebuilding what has been destroyed […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

Press TV reporter Hashemi back home after US detention (video)

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
PressTV journalist Marzieh Hashemi was welcomed home by cheering crowds at Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport on Wednesday, after spending 10 days in detention at a Washington DC federal prison. Adorned with flowers and surrounded by friends and colleagues Hashemi said that what “happened is a sign showing how important the Islamic Republic is and […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

Complete map of Syrian War – January 2019

Leith Aboufadel at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:00 A.M.) – The Syrian Conflict is nearing its eighth year and the country still remains in a political deadlock despite significant territorial losses for the opposition and Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) forces. In the month of January, the majority of the fighting in Syria took place inside the Aleppo, Idlib, and Deir Ezzor […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

The Daily Brief 2019-01-30

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
This is a summary of 27 AMN articles on the following subjects: Hama, Idlib, Russia, Syria, ISIS, Iraq, Hajin, Kurds, Iran, Caracas, Venezuela, Saudi, Yemen, Afrin, Turkey, Houthi, US, Damascus, East Ghouta, Colombia, Maduro, Israel, 16 Year Old, East Jerusalem, Israeli Soldiers, Palestinian, Libya, Gaza, Palestine, Daraa. We have changed our format from posting full […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

Electricity supply to Daraa to be fully restored by 2023

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
Electricity supply in the Syrian province of Daraa will be fully restored by 2023 after distribution substations are repaired, head of the provincial government’s electricity department Hasan Zamel told reporters on Thursday. “The ministry of electricity in Damascus has developed a plan for full restoration of electricity in Daraa by 2023. Restoration will take so […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

Syria and Iran agree to ditch dollar in order to fight sanctions

News Desk at AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - 19 hours ago
Iran and Syria have agreed on measures that will allow bank transactions in their local currencies and non-dollar foreign currencies as the two countries have decided to deepen trade and investment relations. Damascus and Tehran signed 11 agreements, including a “long-term strategic economic cooperation deal”, which spans industry, trade and agriculture, on Monday. According to Iranian Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri, who […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source


Jane Burgermeister at BIRDFLU666 WORDPRESS BLOG CONTINUES HERE - 19 hours ago
*George Soros' coup over the Greek parliament and people is continuing with his fixer Alexis Tsipras now planning to absorb lawmakers involved in a brazen cash for favour scam into his party to ensure a majority.* *P**arty discipline applied to the ANEL core of this group of lawmakers who refused to resign their minister positions when their chief Panos Kammenos left the government two weeks ago, but instead voted to keep Tsipras in power.* *http://www.ekathimerini.com/237201/article/ekathimerini/news/tsipras-mulls-taking-independent-mps-into-syriza-fold* *And now here they are, the ... more »

Merkel & Macron Apply Sticking Plaster on Fracturing Europe

Finian Cunningham at The Duran - 20 hours ago
While Macron poured tea for Merkel and shared niceties in Aachen, both their countries are reeling from social unrest over economic grievances and uncontrolled immigration. The post Merkel & Macron Apply Sticking Plaster on Fracturing Europe appeared first on The Duran.

Maduro to Americans: You are bigger than Trump, don’t let him start ‘Vietnam’ war against Venezuela

RT at The Duran - 20 hours ago
In his first direct message to the American people, Maduro urged them to stop the US government from entangling the nation in a doomed military adventure. The post Maduro to Americans: You are bigger than Trump, don’t let him start ‘Vietnam’ war against Venezuela appeared first on The Duran.

Who Will Guard Us from the Guardians? YouTube ‘Protects’ Users by Hiding ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Robert Bridge at The Duran - 20 hours ago
When will corporations be forced to live up to the law of the land, especially considering they have in many cases become an actual arm of the government? The post Who Will Guard Us from the Guardians? YouTube ‘Protects’ Users by Hiding ‘Conspiracy Theories’ appeared first on The Duran.

Demos Hate the Effectiveness of Border Barriers

Patriots, I am out with national board obligations this week. Standing in is Byron York, with a great piece on “barrier deniers.” Additionally, every day we jury the best of the web’s conservative columnists. Don’t miss them on The Patriot Post’s Right Opinion page — and as always, without being assaulted by advertising clutter. Semper Vigilans Fortis Paratus […]

Australian Daily Electrical Power Generation Data – Wednesday 30th January 2019

By Anton Lang ~ This Post details the daily power consumption data for the AEMO coverage area in Australia. For the background information, refer to the Introductory Post at this link. Each image is shown here at a smaller size to fit on the page alongside the data for that day. If you click on […]

Carbon Tax Ignorance

By Craig Rucker ~ There’s a new push on to institute a carbon tax in America. This is folly. Bi-partisan folly. The carbon tax folks have compiled a large list of economists and past public office-holders in support, with some pretty impressive names on board. The names include such heavy-hitters as Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Janet Yellen, […]

Climate Change Australia – Liberal Party Pays For Saying Me Too On Warming

By Andrew Bolt ~ The last two Liberal environment ministers pushed global warming and now reap what they helped to sow. Both are being challenged by warming crusaders – Greg Hunt by Liberal deserter Julia Banks, and Josh Frydenberg by Oliver Yates. Lesson: the Liberals can never outflank the Left on warming, and should have […]


Editor at Dances With Bears - 20 hours ago
By John Helmer, Moscow A bad smell is emitted by those who go about their business claiming to be more virtuous than others when they are not. Take Keith (Konstantin) Gessen’s (lead image) newly published autobiography cum novel about his time in Moscow. The word for the book is a cross between the noun fart […]


cefrith@hotmail.com at Charles Frith - 20 hours ago
The movie Vice commences with the big lie. It's a lie so big that it's a back handed compliment to conspiracy researchers. Most people wont know that on 9/11 Cheney didn't instruct the military to... Although no trees were harmed during the creation of this post, a large number of electrons were greatly inconvenienced

'More important than ever' to teach students the history of the Holocaust

Candice Prosser at Just In - 20 hours ago
As Jewish groups warn about a rising tide of anti-Semitism in Australia and around the globe, a Holocaust education program is being trialled in Adelaide to remind students about one of history's darkest times.

SA Government 'capitulated' to upstream states on Murray-Darling Basin Plan, commission finds

Nick Harmsen at Just In - 20 hours ago
The Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission accuses Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs of breaching his state's ministerial code of conduct over a deal with the Federal Government on environmental flows.

'Don't roll your eyes at me': Lady Gaga fires up in defence of Kesha over her sex assault claims

Just In - 20 hours ago
Lady Gaga is being applauded for her strong show of solidarity with sexual abuse survivors after a transcript of her deposition in a case involving pop star Kesha was made public.

Former Anglican Archbishop of Perth faces being defrocked after abuse royal commission

Alisha O'Flaherty at Just In - 20 hours ago
More than two years after his appearance at the royal commission into child sexual abuse, an internal church investigation is launched to examine complaints about the conduct of Roger Herft when he was bishop of Newcastle.

'Nothing bad happened': Jason Costigan considers suing over harassment claim and LNP suspension

Josh Bavas at Just In - 20 hours ago
The LNP Whitsunday MP says he has done nothing wrong and is considering suing for defamation in the wake of the party's move to suspend him over a harassment allegation.

Horses trained by Darren Weir could be barred from racing in Golden Slipper

Jack Kerr And Daniel Miles at Just In - 20 hours ago
NSW racing authorities demand Melbourne Cup-winning trainer Darren Weir show cause why horses trained by him should be allowed to race in the state, after police said they seized electric shock devices in raids on his Victorian stables.

Disaster declared in Townsville as monsoonal weather persists

Melanie Vujkovic And Sally Rafferty at Just In - 20 hours ago
The Queensland Premier declares a disaster in Townsville, where persistent heavy rain has caused a landslip near several properties, prompting police to evacuate residents.

AI, Algorithms and the Post Human Future of Governance

Ethical Technology - 20 hours ago
IEET’s J. Hughes speaks with Nir Eiskovitz, director of the Center for Applied Ethics at University of Massachusetts Boston, about the impacts of algorithms on governance. How will the rise of AI change state and federal bureaucracies? Are AI mediated politics more democratic? More fair? What does post human governance look like?

Las Vegas Review Published Racist Cartoon -- by Western Shoshone Ian Zabarte

Brenda Norrell at CENSORED NEWS - 20 hours ago
Letter from Western Shoshone Ian Zabarte to Las Vegas Review Journal Dear Mr. Ramirez, Mr. Ian Zabarte P.O. Box 46301 Las Vegas, NV 89114 January 29, 2019 The Las Vegas Review Journal P.O Box 70 Las Vegas, NV 89125 Regarding: Racism and accessory to genocide. Yesterday, January 18, 2019, the Las Vegas Review Journal published a propaganda cartoon in

The “MAGA Hat Kids” Are The Real Victims Of Racism

Andrew KORYBKO at OrientalReview.org - 20 hours ago
America was left bitterly divided after a decontextualized video went viral last weekend portraying a group of MAGA-hat-wearing Catholic high school students as unabashed racists having the time of their lives mocking a drum-beating Native American in front of the Lincoln Memorial, but the truth turned out to be very […] The post The “MAGA Hat Kids” Are The Real Victims Of Racism appeared first on OrientalReview.org.

A Venezuelan Coup Could Challenge OPEC+ And Build “Fortress America”

Andrew KORYBKO at OrientalReview.org - 20 hours ago
The Bolivarian Republic is experiencing an unprecedented crisis after the US and many of its Latin American allies from the so-called “Lima Group” recognized Juan Guaidó as the country’s “interim president”. The 35-year-old head of the National Assembly seemingly came out of nowhere in his meteoric rise to power and […] The post A Venezuelan Coup Could Challenge OPEC+ And Build “Fortress America” appeared first on OrientalReview.org.

France & Germany: "We Are Committed To The Emergence Of A European Army"

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
It is a start. Or a start in working out all the emotional issues. The need is real though for a lot of good reasons. We face a future that is not the same as the past. War itself is economically obsolete, but preparation investment is never obsolete as both a standing deterrent and a training ground for young people that itself needs to be optimized. It is also the backbone of any form of so called national identity. A European Identity needs a European army.Strategically we also need a united front to deal actively in what is best described as the Great Confrontation betwee... more »

Railguns Stabiliize ITER Nuclear Fusion Plasma Three Times Faster than Gas Guns

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
This should allow sustainable stability in the larger Tokamaks. Yet i never had much faith in the whole design concept and it is a money pig that has gone on for fifty years. At least now a wide range of alternatives are been funded as well. Unfortunately they all seem to get close, but never a tomato. My own work is way to soon to address all this easily. Yet our knowledge of the additional states available in elements is powerfully suggestive of resonance solutions been possible... *Railguns Stabiliize ITER Nuclear Fusion Plasma Three Times Faster than Gas Guns* *Brian Wa... more »

The Shale Industry Collapse Will Start in the Spring, and Take the Rest of the US Down With It?

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
The problem with doom and gloom is that it all misses the main point in financial matters. A massive collapse of the shale oil industry looks bad on paper but it has still sustained itself for two decades and somewhere enough oil was sold to pay back all those loans. Besides all that, look at that chart of breakeven price. That is why the USA is self sufficent and why our reserves are also ample. Recall that there is zero exploration risk here. Yet if we wrote it all off tomorrow, little changes because the money itself has long since been spent. We would need a new economic... more »

Tuning Graphene Superconductivity

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
Interesting piece. This idea can obviously be extended to other materials and much larger angles and then manipulated to perform. Plenty of work to do, but we may also be surprised. We have been tracking graphene from discovery through the present. It is central to working with single layer material engineering needed for a large expansion of our manufacturing ability to match the obvious capability of observed UFOs. all good. . *Tuning Graphene Superconductivity * *Brian Wang | January 24, 2019 * * https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2019/01/tuning-graphene-superconducti... more »

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 21 hours ago
*by Noah* Yeah, I know it'll be hard to unsee this, but, really, would it surprise you if Roger Stone, the Republican Party's newest icon had more than just that Nixon tattoo? We need to be very, very specific when we ask Republicans to reveal all. I bet that backside tattoo of his is standard issue for all Republicans now. It certainly seems so. Now, ask yourself this: Is this some sort of secret Republican body art fashion thing that's been going on right in front of us? Trump has the orange face and those weird white eye rings. We've already seen Stephen Miller painting his he... more »

Concern for Socialist Dictator Maduro of Venezuela is an Indicator of the True Intentions of Democrat Socialists in the USA

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. at An Objectivist Individualist - 21 hours ago
The Venezuelan National Assembly was duly elected, while the embattled dictator Nicolas Maduro was the winner of a "sham election under absurdly rigged conditions" according to Democrat Senator Dick Durbin, though he himself is hardly a supporter of the many and broad rights of the individual. The National Assembly of Venezuela appointed Juan Guaido its interim president, which it is empowered to do by the Constitution of Venezuela. According to many American Democrat Socialists, the U.S. anointed Juan Guaido and has no business meddling in Venezuelan affairs, though what the U.S.... more »

Sardines recalled due to botulinum toxin risk

News Desk at Food Safety News - 21 hours ago
Grupo Día, which has 7,400 stores, has recalled a batch of canned sardines in olive oil in Spain and Portugal because of botulinum toxin. The product comes from Portugal and was distributed in Spain. No illnesses have been reported. Foodborne botulism, caused by eating food that was improperly processed or held at improper temperatures, is... Continue Reading

Microbiological survey to check for pathogens in ground beef

News Desk at Food Safety News - 21 hours ago
Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has commissioned a project to provide data on microorganisms in raw minced (ground) beef on retail sale across the country. The survey will run from January to December 2019 and results are expected by summer 2020. Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and partners with Public Analysis laboratories will survey the microbiological pathogens... Continue Reading

Were 15 Homeless People Found Frozen to Death in Chicago?

Arturo Garcia at Snopes.com - 22 hours ago
A picture of a Canadian man was repurposed online to prod social media users to think about how "blessed" they are.

Stoinis misses out as Australia takes unchanged team to Canberra Test

Just In - 22 hours ago
Australia opts for continuity in naming the same XI for the second Test that thoroughly dismantled Sri Lanka in the first, meaning Marcus Stoinis's Test debut will have to wait.

Notorious paedophile Bradley Pen Dragon accessed child porn two days after prison release

Nicolas Perpitch at Just In - 22 hours ago
A repeat paedophile offender is sentenced to more than four years behind bars after he downloaded child pornography at a backpacker hostel after being released from prison for attacking a woman.

Rattled snake rescued after getting its head caught in a drink can

Georgie Burgess at Just In - 22 hours ago
Reptile rescuer Chris Daly has already saved three snakes from cans this year, a reminder, he says, about the dangers of littering.

Underwater microphones suggest different resting place for MH370

Anne Barker at Just In - 22 hours ago
A study of underwater sound waves recorded on the day the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared suggests a different route and a possible crash site north-east of Madagascar.

'I said goodbye': Woman who fled bushfire knew house wouldn't survive

Ros Lehman at Just In - 22 hours ago
A Tasmanian woman whose home was one of three destroyed by bushfires in the Huon Valley this week says she had a "terrible feeling" when the fires first sparked up that her property would not survive the summer.

Claremont serial killer prosecutors call for new analysis of fibres found in car

Joanna Menagh at Just In - 22 hours ago
Lawyers have ordered further testing of fibres from the car alleged to have been driven by accused serial killer Bradley Edwards, along with clothing worn by victim Ciara Glennon when her body was found.

Murray-Darling report lays bare that 'the system is sick', say the people it affects

Adam Connors, Sally Bryant, Sowaibah Hanifie, Cara Jeffery And Moyra Shields at Just In - 22 hours ago
The report has accused the body responsible for implementing the Murray-Darling Basin Plan of negligence, so how has rural Australia reacted?

'Like a mini cyclone': Trees, powerlines down as Top End lashed by storm cell

Robert Baird at Just In - 22 hours ago
An intense storm cell batters parts of the Top End, with strong winds knocking down trees and powerlines from Katherine to Darwin.

Bank shareholders brace for brunt of royal commission fallout, but should we care?

Andrew Robertson at Just In - 22 hours ago
As bankers face their royal commission D-Day, should we spare a thought for the shareholders who have collectively seen tens of billions erased from the value of their investments, including most of us through our superannuation, writes Andrew Robertson.

Residents evacuated as landslip threatens Townsville properties

Melanie Vujkovic And Sally Rafferty at Just In - 22 hours ago
A landslip near a unit complex in central Townsville prompts police to evacuate several properties, and residents of the nearby town of Giru are urged to leave home and seek higher ground, as north Queensland's flood emergency continues.

January 31st – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #742

sundance at The Last Refuge - 22 hours ago
In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and … Continue reading →

Thursday January 31st – Open Thread

sundance at The Last Refuge - 22 hours ago
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those … Continue reading →

Wilkerson: ‘Cheney Was Evil. We Tortured, Murdered and Lied.’

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 22 hours ago
RT America Published on Jan 30, 2019 Rick Sanchez and others who lived through the lead-up to the US invasion of Iraq find today’s sabre rattling at Iran all-too-familiar. He has a harrowing discussion with former White House official Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, who saw the neocon machinations leading to the invasion of Iraq first-hand. He discusses […]

All-Time Record Lows for Illinois

Robert at Ice Age Now - 22 hours ago
Thursday will likely start with some all-time record cold temperatures, warns the National Weather Service. Lows early Thursday morning will be in the -20s to -30sF across the area. Some isolated readings of around -40°F (-40C) are possible west of the Fox Valley in Illinois. Wind chills will not be as low as this morning, ... Read moreAll-Time Record Lows for Illinois The post All-Time Record Lows for Illinois appeared first on Ice Age Now.

Thousands of Minnesotans endure coldest night in a generation without power

Robert at Ice Age Now - 22 hours ago
Temperatures dropped into the minus-20s Fahrenheit throughout the state Tuesday night, but it felt 30- to 40-degrees colder. Wind chills ranged between 55 below zero and 65 below zero overnight. Xcel Energy says equipment failures on power poles is leading to outages all over the metro Tuesday evening, which started at about 5:40 p.m. Air ... Read moreThousands of Minnesotans endure coldest night in a generation without power The post Thousands of Minnesotans endure coldest night in a generation without power appeared first on Ice Age Now.

Minnesota Utility Urges Customers to Lower Thermostats to Prevent Gas Shortage

Robert at Ice Age Now - 22 hours ago
The extreme cold is causing “significant” strain. The largest utility company in Minnesota is urging customers to lower their thermostats to prevent natural gas shortages as a deadly arctic deep freeze envelopes the Midwest. In a Wednesday statement, Xcel Energy spokesperson Matt Lindstrom said extremely cold weather is causing “significant” strain on the utility giant’s ... Read moreMinnesota Utility Urges Customers to Lower Thermostats to Prevent Gas Shortage The post Minnesota Utility Urges Customers to Lower Thermostats to Prevent Gas Shortage appeared first on Ice Age Now.

Historic snowfall in Hamilton, Ontario

Robert at Ice Age Now - 22 hours ago
The event, which lasted 23 hours, dumped more than 20 cm of snow on Hamiliton, said Environment Canada. “It was the snowiest January 28 in Hamilton history,” he said. The previous record was set in 2009 when 11.6 cm fell. Toronto, about 68 miles northeast of Hamilton, appears to be hit the hardest with 31 ... Read moreHistoric snowfall in Hamilton, Ontario The post Historic snowfall in Hamilton, Ontario appeared first on Ice Age Now.

Temperatures 50 degrees below average

Robert at Ice Age Now - 22 hours ago
Some parts of Minnesota and the Dakotas are facing temperatures 50 degrees below average for this time of year. We’re talking about life-threatening cold – in a supposedly warming world. The National Weather Service’s Chicago office reported windchill temperatures in the range of minus 45F to minus 55F on Wednesday morning. Even worse, windchill temperatures ... Read moreTemperatures 50 degrees below average The post Temperatures 50 degrees below average appeared first on Ice Age Now .

About 212 million Americans to endure below-freezing temps

Robert at Ice Age Now - 22 hours ago
However, more than 83 million Americans will suffer subzero temps (lower than minus 18.8C) between Weds and Monday. 30 Jan 2019 – With at least nine deaths so far this week, authorities are urging people to bundle up, stay inside and check on the elderly and vulnerable. About 212 million people — or 72% of the ... Read moreAbout 212 million Americans to endure below-freezing temps The post About 212 million Americans to endure below-freezing temps appeared first on Ice Age Now.

Tweets For Today

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 22 hours ago
Venezuela opposition 'has met military', says Juan Guaidó https://t.co/5584G5IKiu — BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) January 31, 2019 Drug war is over, says Mexican president. Capture of cartel kingpins is 'no longer a priority', says Obrador, instead "the main purpose of the government is to guarantee public safety..." https://t.co/0jYJ900WxZ pic.twitter.com/wKkOPKYMXT — AFP news agency (@AFP) January 31, 2019 I simply can't process these numbers. "-43" is not a temperature that should exist on Planet Earth, let alone within these United States. #polarvortex pic.twitter.com/UiKItOK... more »

Musical Interlude: 2002, “Sea of Dreams”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 22 hours ago
2002, “Sea of Dreams” - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn5SjXaxc74&feature=g-vrec

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 22 hours ago
“Delicate in appearance, these filaments of shocked, glowing gas, draped in planet Earth's sky toward the constellation of Cygnus, make up the Veil Nebula. The nebula is a large supernova remnant, an expanding cloud born of the death explosion of a massive star. Light from the original supernova explosion likely reached Earth over 5,000 years ago. * Click image for larger size.* Also known as the Cygnus Loop, the Veil Nebula now spans nearly 3 degrees or about 6 times the diameter of the full Moon. That translates to over 70 light-years at its estimated distance of 1,500 light-years.... more »

Picture Of The Day

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido takes part in a protest against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government in Caracas, Venezuela. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins *WNU Editor:* The above picture came from this photo-gallery ....* Editors Choice Pictures* (Reuters).

BWorld 289, Growth by elections and FDIs by PSA liberalization

Nonoy Oplas at Government and Taxes - 23 hours ago
* This is my column in BusinessWorld last Tuesday, January 29, 2019. At the UP School of Economics Alumni Association (UPSEAA) sponsored “Economic Briefing” on Jan. 25, the speakers were DBM Secretary Benjamin Diokno and NEDA Secretary Ernesto Pernia. My former teacher in undergrad and graduate economics, Sir Ben Diokno said in his presentation that with high GDP growth in 2017 and 2018, “Duterte hit the ground running.” During the open forum, I said that with growth of 6.9%, 6.7% and 6.2% for 2016 to 2018 respectively, it should be called “Duterte hit the ground screeching and dec... more »

"Other People’s Agendas: Appreciating Suggestions"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 23 hours ago
*"Other People’s Agendas: Appreciating Suggestions"* by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM "When other people are always offering suggestions on how we should live our life, there is often a void in their own life. As children, our parents had dreams for us. They wanted us to do well in school, and to do whatever was necessary to reach our highest potential. Later in life, friends may try to set us up with their idea of the perfect partner or the perfect job. Spouses may have agendas for us, too. People close to us may have ideas about how we should live our lives, ideas that usually come ... more »

NATO To Increase Defense Spending By $100 Billion

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
*Army Technology:* *NATO to increase defence spending by $100bn amid US criticism* Non-US members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will invest a further $100bn in defence spending, according to secretary general Jens Stoltenberg. A NATO official told Army Technology: “At the Wales Summit in 2014, all NATO allies agreed to stop cutting defence budgets, increase defence expenditures as GDP grows, and aim to move towards spending 2% of their GDP on defence within a decade. “In the last years, allies have made steady progress and from 2016, European allies and Canada... more »

“They Live, We Sleep: A Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 23 hours ago
*“They Live, We Sleep: A Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy”* by John W. Whitehead “All is not as it seems. In this week's vodcast, John W. Whitehead looks back on John Carpenter's iconic film 'They Live' and examines the striking parallels between Carpenter's nightmarish vision of reality with the current, perilous state of America.” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mog7sIipans

Relax, 2002 NT7 Will NOT Hit Earth On 1st February - Millions Of Kilometers Away And Flying Further Every Day

Robert Walker at Science 2.0 blogs - 23 hours ago
I am getting many panicked PM’s and posts about this harmless asteroid. And can you blame people when they see this sort of thing in Google News if they search for “2002 NT7”? (See screenshot below). Science 2.0 posts often go to the top of the search results briefly so I hope to reach a few scared people this way. This asteroid is nothing to worry about, it flew past on the 13th January and is currently moving up North out of the plane of the ecliptic and away from us. This shows where it is right now as of 30th January 2019: read more

Coldest Afternoon On Record At Aurora, Illinois

tonyheller at The Deplorable Climate Science Blog - 23 hours ago
Climate Reanalyzer As I have been predicting, today was the coldest afternoon on record at Aurora, Illinois. The maximum temperature today was -15F, beating their previous coldest day by three degrees. Aurora has had forty-four days since 1895 which never … Continue reading →

U.S. Navy to Honor First Female Fighter Pilot With Female-Piloted Flyover at Funeral

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia Beach, Virginia – ENS Rosemary Conatser (later Mariner) at the controls of a fleet composite Squadron Two, VC-2, S-2 Tracker Antisubmarine Aircraft. January 9, 1975. Via U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command. *USNI News:* *Navy to Honor First Female Fighter Pilot with Female-Piloted Flyover at Funeral* The Navy will say goodbye to its first female fighter pilot with its first all-female flyover, the service told USNI News on Wednesday. Retired Capt. Rosemary Mariner, who served in the Navy from 1973 to 1997, had a career full of firsts: she wa... more »

Free Download: George Orwell, "1984"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 23 hours ago
"From the moment when the machine first made its appearance it was clear to all thinking people that the need for human drudgery, and therefore to a great extent for human inequality, had disappeared. If the machine were used deliberately for that end, hunger, overwork, dirt, illiteracy and disease could be eliminated within a few generations. But it was also clear that an all-round increase in wealth threatened the destruction - indeed, in some sense was the destruction - of a hierarchical society. The most obvious and perhaps the most important form of inequality would already ha... more »


noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 23 hours ago
“There's a lot of things great about life. But I think tomorrow is the most important thing. Comes in to us at midnight very clean, ya know. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learned something from yesterday.” - John Wayne

Nothing Can be Reduced to a Single Cause & Effect be it Markets or Nature

Martin Armstrong at Global Warming – Armstrong Economics - 23 hours ago
QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, Thanks for the Socrates forecast. Just a question. What will possibly happen to existing Tropic Belt countries like my region South East Asia when the world is turning into global cooling? Any forecast? Regards, SS ANSWER: I am awaiting their data to run it through and see what comes out. This is […]

The Most Dysfunctional Chaotic White House In History Is A National Security Threat

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
Probably everyone has read about Cliff Sim's new book, *Team of Vipers* by now, thanks in great part to the villain of the book screaming about it so loudly. Trump is sure to help lift Sims' first book into the annals of #1 best-sellerdom. I'm betting it will be made into a film or TV series as well. I wonder how many book sales a Trumpanzee Tweet is worth. I'm sure a law suit is worth many more book sales. And the *Washington Examiner* reported that Trump is about to sue over the violation of one of Trump's laughable nondisclosure agreements, reverting to a pre-presidential b... more »

Armenia plans to purchase Russia’s Su-30SM fighter aircraft — defense ministry

The Armenian Defense Ministry continues to consider the issue of purchasing Russian Su-30SM multirole fighter aircraft, spokesperson for the ministry Artsrun Ovannisyan was quoted by Armenpress news agency as saying. “Yes, we are working on purchasing these fighter aircraft,” Ovannisyan said but refused to elaborate. In December 2018 Armenia’s Acting Defense Minister David Tonoyan said […] Source: AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز - The Arab Source

NYC Reception with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Lynne Arnold at Children's Health Defense - 1 day ago
Friday, March 22, 2019 6:30-8:30 p.m. Roosevelt Island, New York City Many of you attended an event with Bobby in April 2018; it’s time for an update! He and World Mercury Project have re-launched as Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and the organization needs our support now more than ever before. CHD addresses all environmental exposures […] The post NYC Reception with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. appeared first on Children's Health Defense.

'Don't let everybody down': Islamic Bonnie and Clyde eligible for parole

Kathleen Calderwood at Just In - 1 day ago
A NSW Supreme Court Justice warns a young Sydney couple who dubbed themselves an "Islamic Bonnie and Clyde" they should not "let everybody down" as he sentences them for planning a terrorist attack.

Hope for 'dramatic comeback in the country' as graziers rejoice at deluge in drought-ravaged Qld

Kelly Butterworth at Just In - 1 day ago
Rain finally falls in western Queensland, with drought-stricken graziers grateful for the reprieve from the dry conditions as heavy but patchy rain falls across the west.

Doctor's wife confirmed as second person found dead in central Queensland home

Rachel McGhee at Just In - 1 day ago
Mother of three Julie Rush — wife of Rockhampton anaesthetist Andrew Carll — is confirmed as the second person found dead inside the couple's home on Monday night.

'Coward' jailed for 10 years over Victorian street-brawl death

Erin Somerville at Just In - 1 day ago
Jacob Allan's family members cry as he is sentenced for a crime the judge described as "yet another example of mindless street violence".

Napoleon Perdis blames 'enormous costs' and economic downturn for makeup shop woes

Stephanie Chalmers at Just In - 1 day ago
Hundreds of employees across 56 stores face an uncertain future as Napoleon Perdis calls in administrators to restructure or sell the business.

Bourke Street killer James Gargasoulas says 'government oppression' caused deaths

Emma Younger at Just In - 1 day ago
During a rambling statement, the driver who killed six people in Melbourne's CBD makes a qualified apology to his victims and their families, claiming that "government oppression" caused the deaths of their loved ones.

Complaint against Qld MP forwarded to police, Frecklington says

Josh Bavas at Just In - 1 day ago
Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington says a complaint against her north Queensland MP Jason Costigan has been forwarded to police.

'It's painful to even be outside': Here's what -50 degrees Celsius feels like

Lucia Stein at Just In - 1 day ago
It's bitterly cold in some parts of the United States as a polar vortex forces temperatures to plunge much further south in North America than normal. But at -50C, this is a new level of cold.

Police exonerate 76yo man over alleged hit-and-run in northern Victoria

Rhiannon Tuffield And Mahalia Dobson at Just In - 1 day ago
Police are appealing for information after a man's body was found in the middle of a country road in north-east Victoria. Investigators believe the man was making his way to his home at a local caravan park when he was struck.

Clementine Ford quits Nine, says she was almost fired over a tweet about the Prime Minister

Just In - 1 day ago
In a series of posts on Twitter, Ford says she was told a tweet about Scott Morrison did not square with a policy of not disrespecting the office of the Prime Minister.

ACT Speaker went behind minister's back to set up school awards

Jake Evans at Just In - 1 day ago
Canberra's former education minister is caught presenting her own awards to primary school students behind the back of her successor, despite being told they are "potentially problematic".

Jacinta Price says her ex-politician mother considering Senate tilt

Matt Garrick at Just In - 1 day ago
Northern Territory voters are facing the prospect of a mother-daughter combination on their ballot papers with Bess Price considering a tilt for the Senate alongside her daughter Jacinta for the House of Representatives.

Why Don't the Yellow Vests Declare Jerome Rodrigues the President of France???!!!

greencrow at Greencrow As The Crow Flies - 1 day ago
*Yellow Vest Street Painting* According to the latest news from the Sign of The Times blog, The Yellow Vest leadership in France has declared a "state of emergency"... and has called for *MORE* major uprisings throughout France after one of their main organizers/leaders was shot by police. The solution to this longstanding and steadily escalating crisis in France seems simple to me. * Why doesn't the leader who was shot by police, Jerome Rodrigues, declare himself the President of France?* Given the dire straits of the country of France and the genuine grievances of the Yellow Ve... more »

Update on Tesla from The Conference Call Today

admin at Coyote Blog - 1 day ago
Today after the market closed was Tesla's analyst conference call to review fourth quarter earnings. TL:DR It was as weird as ever, maybe weirder. Even before the call, Elon Musk said that the numbers released today would be un-audited, and the call ended by saying -- in a sort of "oh by the way" over […]

Extreme Cold Breaks Records Across Illinois

Robert at Ice Age Now - 1 day ago
Illinois is “about as dangerously cold as it can be,” the National Weather Service announced. Wind chills as low as 56F below zero. Daily low temperature records fell in Chicago, Rockford, Peoria, Bloomington-Normal, and Champaign-Urbana. The temperature Wednesday dropped to minus 26F in Rochelle, about 25 miles south of Rockford. Weather service meteorologist Todd Kluber Chicago ... Read moreExtreme Cold Breaks Records Across Illinois The post Extreme Cold Breaks Records Across Illinois appeared first on Ice Age Now.

The Disaster of Howard Schultz

Robert Reich - 1 day ago
There are 3 big reasons why Howard Schultz’s self-proclaimed candidacy is troubling: 1. He could be... more »

The Single Stupidest Argument In The Entire Stupid Salad Of Russiagate

Caitlin Johnstone at Caitlin Johnstone - 1 day ago
The other day Hawaii congresswoman and Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard came out with what remains the strongest rejection of the Trump administration’s regime change interventionism in Venezuela out of anyone likely to run for the presidency in 2020. “The United States needs to stay […]

Foxconn Not Only a Crony Capitalist but an Unreliable One To Boot

admin at Coyote Blog - 1 day ago
Who says that professional sports have nothing to teach businesses? Pro sports team owners have perfected the art of promising the world to local citizens to get taxpayers to pay for their billion dollar stadiums (which in the case of NFL teams are used approximately 30 hours a year). The Miami Marlins in particular have […]

West Virginia Legislator Proposes Eliminating ALL Taxation on Gold and Silver

Activist Post at Activist Post - 1 day ago
By Jp Cortez Charleston, West Virginia (January 29, 2019) — West Virginia legislator Delegate Pat McGeehan (R-01) has introduced the West Virginia Sound Money Act, House... more »

The Orwellian World Of The Left

tonyheller at The Deplorable Climate Science Blog - 1 day ago
So much of left wing thought is a kind of playing with fire, by people who don’t even know that fre is hot. George Orwell Beth refuses to reduce her fossil fuel usage in an emergency, while simultaneously complaining that … Continue reading →

Elephant seals knock down fence and move into car park at California beach

Just In - 1 day ago
A colony of elephant seals that took over a popular tourist beach in a Californian national park during the recent US government shutdown have given birth to a whole lot of pups and have no plans to move on.

'This is not rocket science': Historian's challenge to billionaires at Davos goes viral

Just In - 1 day ago
A Dutch historian's comments on fixing inequality strike a nerve on social media, after he argues the rich should be taxed more, calling out billionaire attendees of an economic forum focused on climate change for arriving via private jets.

'Misguided' police interview involving imaginary friend sees father walk free over baby's death

Joanna Menagh at Just In - 1 day ago
Prosecutors drop a manslaughter case against a Perth man who missed his seven-month-old son's funeral while on remand in prison over the infant's death, after a police interview with him is deemed unfair.

Smog shuts hundreds of schools in Bangkok amid health fears

Just In - 1 day ago
More than 400 schools in Thailand's capital are closed for the week due to increasing concerns over dangerous air pollution.

Trying to quit? Vaping almost twice as effective as nicotine patches and gum, study finds

Olivia Willis at Just In - 1 day ago
After a one-year trial, nearly 20 per cent of people using e-cigarettes containing nicotine were still smoke-free. But with long-term effects unknown, Australia is yet to legalise them.

Indigenous cultural burning to return to Victoria after 170 years

Just In - 1 day ago
The practice of Indigenous cultural burning will be reintroduced in central Victoria for the first time in almost 200 years in collaboration with Forest Fire Management Victoria.

Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission slams authority for 'maladministration'

Marty McCarthy And Kath Sullivan at Just In - 1 day ago
The Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission finds Commonwealth officials committed gross maladministration, negligence and unlawful actions in drawing up the multi-billion-dollar deal to save Australia's largest river system.

Power restored to Sydney's eastern suburbs after 90 minutes of chaos

Just In - 1 day ago
An underground cable fault is blamed for a mass power outage in Sydney's eastern suburbs which left 45,000 homes and businesses without electricity, trapped people in lifts and stopped traffic lights from operating.

AFLW to kick off as temps soar, but when is it too hot for football?

Malcolm Sutton at Just In - 1 day ago
The AFLW kicks off this weekend, but with temperatures forecast to reach 37 degrees in some football cities, players will be doing all they can to avoid heat stress.

Nurse acted 'unethically' after giving the wrong patient morphine

Meagan Dillon at Just In - 1 day ago
An Adelaide nurse is banned from practising for nine months after giving a dangerous drug to the wrong patient at Flinders Medical Centre in 2015.

Chief Minister takes business portfolios from deputy during ministry reshuffle

Emily JB Smith at Just In - 1 day ago
A former union representative is appointed the new face of the Territory's Resources portfolio, during changes to the Government's ministry.

'No evidence' to suggest widespread use of shock devices, Racing Victoria says

Jack Kerr And Daniel Miles at Just In - 1 day ago
The head of Racing Victoria denies that electric shock devices are commonly used by horse trainers, after police allegedly found "jiggers" during raids on the stables of Melbourne Cup-winning trainer Darren Weir.

Bankers brace for criminal charges and shareholders may foot the bill

Peter Ryan at Just In - 1 day ago
Australian Banking Association boss Anna Bligh says the banks expect Kenneth Hayne's final report to be a "sobering read" but would not rule out shareholders having to foot the bill if bank executives face charges.